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    1. Tuesday, July 23

      by , 08-03-2019 at 05:57 PM
      I have stopped into work on what feels like my day off. It doesnít really look like work - it has more of a warehouse feel. I feel like I am on the second level when I see a man stashing a ton of Levis. He sees me looking at him, which seems to make him nervous. He has a pile stashed in a fitting room; I wait until he walks out and then lock and close the door to the stall so he canít get to them and so I can put them in as a recovery later. Now, I think there is a woman that is with him. They are gone a moment later, and it looks like some of the Levis are missing. If they got them, they got a ton, because the stash was a huge stack or two. Iím now in what feels like the menís department, the only difference being that the entire floor is empty. There arenít even shelves. The floor looks like concrete, and the walls are either concrete or drywall. I think there are a few associates here, and they seem to notice the state of the place, at least somewhat. It seems like they donít care much or are accustomed to it.
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    2. Empty - 0.3

      by , 09-10-2015 at 06:41 PM (Dimension X)
      I was too tired to get up and write down the dreams I had this morning.

      I know that I did have 2, but I currently can't remember what they were.

      It's better to write something here than nothing... and maybe I'll remember them later.
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    3. Empty - 0.1

      by , 09-06-2015 at 03:22 PM (Dimension X)
      Tried to WILD last night with no success; too much on my mind.

      No other dreams currently remembered... damn it.

      I'll have to try harder tonight.
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    4. 7.14.14

      by , 07-18-2014 at 02:10 AM
      I'm walking into a school with a group of kids. It was raining outside, and a guy is talking about how Jesus made it happen. I get irritated and say loudly "the water cycle!"'
      We all sit down.
      An old friend, S , is here; she sits at the desk by me.
      We now get separated into 2 groups for a game. The groups are the 'bible believers' and the 'nonbelievers'. As a surprise to me, and everyone else, I end up in the believers group. I think that it won't be bad, since I probably know just as much as the believers. An ex's brother is my group. I tell him he knows a lot about the bible and he laughs.
      We are now at a dark baseball diamond, sitting against the cage, playing the same game.
      The group goes somewhere - into town.
      I, and 2-3 others, veer off from the group, down a little alley with shops on the sides. We enter a building. The building is dimly lit, quiet, empty, and impeccably clean. Shelves, boxes, and containers of candy, any candy you can imagine, fill up the walls and counters of both rooms. It's set up like a buffet, but with sweets.
      I admire the candy, but tell the Asian woman behind the counter that I don't need any. She tells us to have a nice day and we leave.
      Outside, I find myself alone and at a river. I try to cross the river, holding my shirt above my head while I swim with only my feet. The current catches me, but I grab ahold of a rock.
      I see a figure under the water with his hand outstretched. I grab him and pull him up; it is my old friend, K. We get out and start walking along an empty road towards a lone building. There is a urinal built into the outside of the building. We talk about that.
    5. 1/23/14 - My Tiger and Me

      by , 01-24-2014 at 07:46 AM
      I'm walking slowly through a really crappy, almost deserted carnival. It's really quiet and unsettling. As I walk I keep looking into empty cages, wondering why they are empty. I stop walking and decide to turn around and go back. I turn around and behind me is a huge, full grown tiger. It startles me a bit but it has a calm look on it's face so I don't feel afraid. It's really beautiful and bigger than normal. I go to walk around it, but it turns around as well and begins to follow me. I continue walking and place my hand on it's head when it catches up to my side. While walking, the scenery changes and we are walking on a sidewalk next to the stater bros in my town. Again the area is pretty quiet and empty. It suddenly gets insanely hot and the tiger and I start panting and walking slower. I get horribly worried about it and stop walking. I kneel down beside him and stroke his face, talking to him and telling him we are almost home. He looks sad and he collapses, his head resting on my lap. I start to panic and yell for someone to get me some water. Suddenly I look up and my Grandma and my little sister are there next to me. I tell them to please buy me some water because my tiger is sick. They agree and start walking to the store. Half way there my sister yells that this is stupid and she leaves. I start crying and murmuring to my tiger, telling him that everything will be okay. I look up again and my grandma hands me a big bottle of cold water and a red bowl to pour it in. I sigh with relief and pour the water into the bowl. The tiger lifts it's head and drinks it all. I scratch it's head the whole time. After he is done, we get up and start walking again. I keep my hand on his head, petting it lightly and he purrs happily. We our on our way home.
    6. I dance with strangers in my basement

      by , 01-26-2013 at 09:18 PM
      Iím in my basement at home. I go down the stairs. All the furniture is gone and the whole thing is just empty. There are a bunch of people there Ö people I donít know from real life. We all start dancing in a circle. It kind of dimly occurs to me that Iím dreaming, but I think at that point I wake up. Thatís all I can remember.
    7. Nothing

      by , 04-13-2012 at 04:54 AM
      I don't remember anything. I'm beginning to lose hope in all of this. Beginning to lazy out a bit too. Maybe I need a break.
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      side notes
    8. subway speech

      by , 01-14-2012 at 03:01 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was lost in "New York City." I was in some part of town full of vacant lots and stout, warehouse-like buildings. It was late afternoon, kind of dim and grey-blue. There were a decent amount of people around.

      I wandered in some general direction, maybe following a group of people who seemed to know where they were going. But I think I was beginning to question whether I was even in New York at all.

      Eventually I rounded some corner and found a subway stop. The sign of the subway station said something like "Riche St." I knew this stop. It was near Wall St., and it was on the line that ran near my apartment in Brooklyn. (IWL, there is no "Riche St." stop, as far as I know.)

      I went down the stairs and into the subway station. The station was completely hollowed out. There were a bunch of mothers and children (probably mostly Latina) in the empty space. Something about the whole environment felt tan or brown, like there was brownish concrete for the floors and walls.

      The environment also felt somewhat like a community meeting space, or some kind of preschool place. This may just been because of the mothers and children all gathered together. But it may also have felt a little like an almost revolutionary meeting, kind of like the Communist meeting in Vittorio de Sica's The Bicycle Thief.

      A woman started speaking. A loose, random crowd of women and children had gathered around her. Some of the people may possibly have been sitting on the floor. I sat on the floor near the back of the crowd.

      I had a good view of the woman, even sitting on the floor. I think the woman was Asian, kind of round-faced, with pale skin and shortish hair. The woman may actually have been giving a speech about anime. But the speech was intended to give the women and children a sense of empowerment, as well.
    9. 1st Shared Dreaming Experiment - BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 01-01-2012 at 04:33 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      (Sorry for the late post, busy day today.)

      I was roaming my school doing some sort of shenanigans with a friend of mine, and the school was empty. We weren't supposed to be wandering around. It reminds me of the the newer Harry Potter films, when students are often found wandering around corridors and have a distinct lack of classes. I couldn't tell if class was in session or if the school was just deserted; but there were no staff or students around. The only other person I met in the dream was an old man, perhaps fifty years of age, and of African decent, on a single empty school bus. He didn't seem to care my friend and I were snooping all over the place, and eventually he transported us to a foresty neighborhood. There was some more to the dream, I remember standing on a flat, white roof and feeling overall impressive.

      I had another dream in the early morning, I was part of some sort of group of people around my age, give or take a couple years, probably a range of around 13-16. It was at night in a pine forest, I think.
    10. Got cheated on? Drown yourself in McDonald's!

      by , 07-17-2010 at 11:22 AM
      So this dream attaches to the previous one about the frozen lake. But I consider them to be two different dreams since I see no segway. Why am I having so many dreams about cheating and stuff?

      I am here in my girlfriend's room cuddling and what not. Everything seems peaceful until she gets a text message. I pick my head up and acknowledge that the phone chimed. But she seemed suspicious. She didn't let me see and she tried to hide her texting way too hard. So I kindly asked,
      "Who is it babe?" and she replied,
      "None of your business!" I grew extremely jealous at this point. So I took her phone and looked through it. She didn't even try to take it away. It seemed like she wanted to show me something but couldn't muster up the courage to say so. I look at her face and her eyes tear up a bit. I then look at her phone. It's a Samsung Behold. Anyone who has owned this phone knows what the messaging looks like. So I see the message she got and it's from a person who she entitled on her phone "Brace " His message read,
      "Well, I got to go." and her response to that was,
      "Ok. Te amo." "Te Amo" means "I Love You" in Spanish. And my heart sank to my feet. I didn't want to jump to conclusions so I asked her, in a very loud voice, if she was cheating on me. She never looked up at me and didn't say a thing. I knew then she was. I couldn't believe what had happened to me. I got cheated on. Man, worst feeling in the world! I was depressed and just didn't care about a thing anymore. So I magically arrived at this seaside McDonald's on the shore of the frozen ocean. The place looked futuristic. I walk forward and a big glass wall gave the people an amazing view of the ocean and their nearby pool. (Why?) Yes, they had a pool. But this pool was steaming, and I could here my parents walk through the doors and saw them head to the pool. I turned around to the register and ordered some food. Only thing was I ordered one of everything on the menu! After a few minutes, I took my tower of food to a seat in the corner where no one would see me in my sorrow. Magically, I finished everything in only a couple of seconds. Yet, I felt empty inside. The End.

      Wow, I need to work on my conclusions haha...