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    1. 28 Apr: Purge inspired chase, potential shared LD with mom and escaping talibans

      by , 04-28-2021 at 10:16 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Had been watching one of the Purge movies, so I had a long dream inspired on it. Don't remember all of it, but at some point I was seeking refuge with some people I know, in some modern building, who have a sort of secret attic accessible through a trap door inside some storage room. But we can't make any noise while hiding in there, which isn't at all easy. Our chasers don't find us at first, but somehow come back later knowing where we are. Since they are looking for me and a couple friends specifically, we decide to leave to avoid them hurting the others. We manage to get to ground floor to escape the building, but the doors are all locked. My friends get hurt, not shot but frozen somehow. They are stiff on the floor, like ice rocks and I carry them to near the door and hug and massage them to try to revive them. I don't have to face our chasers anymore for some reason, but there is someone at the reception who is controlling the entrance of the building and I have a confrontation with her. She says we won't go anywhere, but I manage to open the doors and then she calls back our attackers to chase us down again. We run outside through narrow streets as fast as we can. We arrive at a big park and we spread out to confuse our stalkers, but we have a rendez-vous point at the top of the park. I have to cross a swimming pool and fastest way is swimming, so I jump in and when I get out on the other side, I am wearing a red bikini and there are people swimming there at night and some guys start flirting with me but I push them away, have no time to deal with it. I meet my friends at a small flight of stairs leading to an old palace on top of a hill. But instead of taking the normal path towards the palace, I see some stairs to the right going through a small tunnel and I chose those instead. It leads us to a small stone house that seems frozen in time. There is a man living there and he is not pleased to see us, but he doesn't kick us out, he just tries to ignore us and sits at his wood stove carved on a rock wall, cooking his lunch or something. We look around for a while admiring how medieval this place is and then he opens up and says this house has been passed down for generations of caretakers of the palace. He also claims we are safe in there, if we are hiding from something. There is an animal, maybe a donkey, at a corner in the middle of a pile of hay.

      I had some longer half-lucid or lucid dream but forgot about it. But I was going around admiring places and buildings and deciding what to explore. At some point I see a modern building with glass walls built in the style of a pagoda and I want to see it inside. I enter the surrounding yard, which as I go around the building, leads to a panoramic terrace with a view to a gorgeous city, very much like Paris in all its splendor. I see beautiful palaces and avenues with trimmed gardens and people promenading. My mom is with me and she says she doesn't see what I see, that she is not able to observe such details, just that we are at an indistinct building and sort of a void around it. it's as if she is sharing a lucid dream with me but unable to be as aware of its intricacies. I am telling her about how to boost and keep awareness, but the dream fades and I wake up for a few seconds before going back to the dream.

      Back in front of the same building, I go inside and find a basket on the floor with some small animal in it. First I think it may be a puppy, but I pick it up and it is a baby elephant, newborn, still covered in gunk. He gets scared and jumps to the ground and runs away but I catch him again with a blanket. He calms down as I clean him and he imprints on me. H starts seeing me as his mommy.
      I forgot part of the dream, but he grows up a little bit and I take him to some place in the countryside. It is some kind of farm. I am away from the house, near the entrance gate, where there is a vegetable garden in raised beds. Some of the vegetables will feed the elephant and others will feed people living there. All is well and I am admiring the road leading to the property, which is sided by a rammed-earth wall on both sides. it catches my attention that part of the wall is covered in old faded beige tiles. Then I hear a loud noise and I look back to see shots fired from the end of the path hitting the wall and coming closer and closer towards me. I run forward but on the other side I also see shots coming towards me. I feel trapped. Then I see a group of women running in front of a group of Talibans in front of me and and some men running away the shots from behind me. I feel confused about where to run to. The men behind me jump over the wall to the other side but they are still under fire somehow. I just freeze against the wall, unable to decide what to do and the women and their chasers just pass by me and ignore me. Apparently I am not a priority to them, but I still don't feel safe. I think they execute the other women. I run down the path and arrive at a road going upwards to the mountains. I run up for my dear life. Soon after the men who had jumped the wall behind me cross paths with me and instead of going up the road as I do, they go in a perpendicular direction towards the mountain. But doesn't take long until they appear again running down the road. They warn me about more Talibans coming. We go down the mountain again and they take me to a village, to the house of a western agent they know, who is actually Nighthawk. We stay in his place and everyone is nervous, not knowing what is going to happen next. They fear it is only a matter of time until the terrorists find this place and that we're hiding there. Some other guy hands Nighthawk a chip and tells him to hide it where it can't be found and he says he will, but then just puts it in a pocket in his pants.
    2. Saturday, March 20

      by , 04-02-2021 at 06:25 AM
      I am in some building. It seems to mold around the surrounding terrain and/or go below it. The architecture is minimalistic but sleek, dark wood and darker walls. Everything seems angular as well. I am looking for a restroom and find one, an opening, at an angle, in a wall. I enter and follow it, a longer hallway. It seems both open and private, and I love this effect and its subtle opulence. I think before I fully get into the restroom I arrive at a corner that opens into a larger space. Off to the left the building is open to the terrain, a rock grade with a small trickle of water. In front of me is the main opening, a vault type space, the far side of which is a wall coming out of the terrain, with a large, high window. Through the window I see some tables and two old men sitting at them. I take a picture of the scene and when I look back at it, the men look ominous and familiar. (They look like Ken Rose and the old customer at work with a ponytail and pebble mask). I think I take a turn and end up making it to the actual restroom.

      I am in a car with Vladimir Nabokov, him in the driver’s seat and me in the passenger’s. He has a piece of paper, on which there is a line of symbols that I think repeat. I’m not sure the objective here, if there is any, but he’s found a clever way to pencil in a few to perfectly look like the outline of a house (he gets two or three on the larger sheet). I think this somehow correlates to his last name.
    3. Tuesday, September 29

      by , 12-13-2020 at 06:16 AM
      I am in class with Kreg. The room is fairly large and open, with maybe 10 students (no one is wearing a mask - Covid doesn’t seem to exist in this dream). We are making models, I think for a house. I’ve finished mine - before anyone else? and Kreg looks at it. I have a vertical plain façade with a small, perpendicular plain protruding a foot or so over on the left and a sweeping, curvilinear roof. It is honestly somewhat impressive, a sentiment that Kreg shares. I tell him I imagined it going in above the Truckee River near downtown. Now, we are at the site? and this model has been put in/built life size, though looking different. It’s at an angle, and the roof is a different curvilinear shape. There are two bands of color, light and darker blue, and I tell Kreg I like how they’re complimenting the sky behind. It is modern looking.

      I am inside somewhere with Sage and her old boyfriend Ryan. He has downloaded an app that makes him weightless and/or able to fly. There is an open threshold to the outside (a small jumble of rocks, I think at the top of the cliff), through which he steps and begins the transition to flying. I watch as for a moment he seems to sink into this other ‘side’ - there’s a slight and slow ripple through his body. He then easily steps off a rock and floats through the air. Sage goes next, with some enthusiasm, jogging to and leaping off the rock. Now she and Ryan are back, and she’s showing me how to get the app. I fill out its small questionnaire, but it returns as declined. Apparently I answered something similar to ‘I am feeling exasperated with life.’ I make a joke concerning suicide and see in Ryan’s eyes that it gets to him. I think that his brother? committed suicide some time ago. I think I was cognizant of this but didn’t think it should stop me from making a joke. I’m now looking at a screen showing who is ‘logged in’ to this other ‘side’. I notice an ‘Rshort” but know it’s Ryan’s brother, as he has the same name.
    4. Sunday, 14th of the 6th, 2020

      by , 06-14-2020 at 08:02 PM
      Dream 1: Driving
      I was supposed to get to Rosamond, I think to meet Dad for something. I pulled up the map, and accidentally tapped the wrong town, whose name started with a “B,” that was right next to my destination. The map was completely fictional – The land mass I was on was a large island, and the surrounding towns were all in their own little sections of the map. Rosamond was to the southeast of me, and the GPS had me taking a highway that went south and then out east to the town. I set my destination and started driving.
      The freeways were crazy – they all had ridiculous hills and steep, sharp drops. I felt myself going too fast at times, but when I went to slow down the freeway would smooth out and I’d be back to going 70-75 mph as I usually do. At one point I took the wrong exit; instead of the one that was labelled for my path to the left, I took the exit to the right labelled “Superman,” and took an almost 90-degree drop. My car started to flip over, but the scene switched into a third-person perspective, and I was able to right my angle to land all four wheels before the road started to flatten.
      The dream scene changed as I made it to my destination. It was a big city, reminiscent of Chicago, but it was supposed to be San Diego. The freeway had one more giant hill and drop, but there was too much traffic to get up to it. It was easier just to take the elevator up to the top of the building the freeway connected to, then drive one of the rental cars off the top. So, I got out, met a friend of mine, then we waited in line. The scene changed and ended before I got up to the top.

      Dream 2: Dinner
      Before this begins, I am now not too sure of myself – is this a separate dream, or just a change of scenery?
      I met my family at an Italian restaurant called Rigatony’s, in San Diego. It was rather small and busy inside. This was the kind of place that the locals would eat at. The walls were decorated with these façades of Italian buildings, so it was supposed to feel like we were eating in an alleyway, or in the middle of the street. There was a family a few tables across from us, who had a baby that wouldn’t stop crying. My Dad said this was a pretty popular place, and I asked him how that could be if it was so small. He pointed to one of the doors of the façade, a screen door with frosted glass, and I noticed there were some lights behind it. He told me that door opened up to a whole ‘nother section of the restaurant just like the one we were in. the dream faded out as R2-D2 from star wars was trying to scoot past our table.


      Here I would like to describe the feeling of the decoration in this restaurant. I would describe it as an indoor space trying to seem like an outdoor one. It gives me a strange, otherworldly feeling – like it is completely fake, and I can see that I’m inside if I look closely enough. But if I decide to ignore the details, then I can be immersed and feel like I am outside. Once place in waking life that gives me this feeling is the Venetian in Las Vegas. Look up some pictures of the inside and you’ll see what I mean. The ceiling is painted and lighted to look like the sky, with clouds and sunlight, and if you don’t look closely enough you may be fooled.
    5. Virtual Hedonism (NSFW)

      by , 10-09-2016 at 09:54 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My dream transitioned to a virtual reality version of Second Life. There were many people around. My virtual house was in the middle of a grassy plain. It was mostly made out of wood, and had a look that won't be out of place in a magazine for architecture. I was a buxom woman with a male's part. I just finished having my time with a black-haired, slim man, and is trying to convince a jovial, muscular, white-haired, soldier-looking man to let me top him. We were all naked. I did not recall actually sleeping with the black-haired man.

      Later, I was myself again, but I was still trying to sleep with the soldier. There were people going around my hosue and I was trying to convince them to leave. One of them kicked all of us out of the house despite not being the owner, teleporting us all out.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Super Car, drug deal, architects office

      by , 03-21-2014 at 09:08 PM
      (Watched true detective before bed)

      I negotiated a huge drug deal because my neighbor was too afraid.

      My girlfriend inherited a weird blue GTA V style super car. On close inspection Its skin was a very flimsy shiny plastic that seemed melted and falling apart in spots. Wires and electronics were left exposed in spots. It appeared to have action figures build into hood air intake and some kind of stereo system build into its spoiler. Never drove it.

      I'm in some ultra modern Dutch style architectural office I guess. It is two story's tall and very narrow. The building has no floors. All the desks and drafting tables and other clutter is accessible on one narrow two story vertical surface. The architects are suspended in normal looking office chairs that have some practical apparatus that moves them around verticals office. Furthermore, there are large glass windows but suspended freely about 6 feet behind the architects seats. The window panels have huge open gaps leaving the office mostly open to the elements which is odd because it the environment was like an overcast Aspen CO winter. Naturally it was not cold.

      In the office I'm balancing very high waiting for one of these jerks for some reason. I'm holding an easel with a large gold picture frame. It's coverd in cloth and smells like turpentine. I know it has something to do with some event my girlfriend has planned for us. I remember feeling disinterested in the event.
    7. 3 Dreams

      by , 06-15-2013 at 03:26 PM
      Last night, 6/15

      Non-lucid, don't remember much, but setting was derived from middle school in Thief River Falls, but was different. Short, one-story, small, empty, square concrete school building with an outdoor pool on one side. Two poles with a human slingshot between on the other side to launch people into the pool. Gray in color, matching the cloudy skies. Skies are always cloudy in my dreams. Group of people (Kristi from Peru included) were using the slingshot. I was hesitant, as it looked as though it would fling me into the school building, but eventually I decided to do it. When I was flung out of it, I slowed down past the corner of the building in case I would hit it, but I didn't. (Moment of dream control? I think so.) Lazily flipped as speed returned past the building, landed in the pool. As in dream from two nights ago, while I was underwater I tried breathing in to increase buoyancy (had some cognitive dissonance about that as I was underwater but did it anyway.) Then panicked as I realized I just inhaled water, then was fine when I realized that I was asleep and breathing air. For a moment, I sat on the bottom of the pool, looking around breathing and then the dream stopped with my awareness of it.

      Two nights ago, 6/14

      Don't remember much, but was another flying dream. There are two types of flying dreams I have, but I only count one as a true flying dream. One is a "video game" flight dream, where I move freely through the air using WASD-and-mouse controls. This is usually just an extension of a dream taking place in a video game or something of the like, and the reality of the dream itself is suspended. Other type is actual flying, which involves effort of motion on my part, and usually takes the form of some sort of swimming motion or undulation to propel myself. Also, this type of flying frequently requires me to learn to become more agile. Initially I fly with great effort and slow speed, and then become more accustomed to my powers of flight and can bank and swoop with more ease. This dream was of the second sort.

      Three nights ago, 6/13

      Odd dream with a large wooden structure setting in the middle of a blue sunny ocean. Wooden structure seemed to be modeled after Minister's Treehouse stylings, which is where my dreams usually tend to go architecturally. Modern, rough wood forms with very open structure outside. Was video-game-flying in this one to work on aspects of the structure, Minecraft-style. Perhaps will call it Minecraft-flying. Was searching for things, playing a computer game with a spider character which was actually quite fun, but was only able to play for short bits at a time before plot kept pulling me away. Also, Usher song was played for me by someone, and I really liked it and was searching for a way to play it to listen to it. All that in accordance with the theme in my dreams of getting almost close enough to touch something but never quite there in a very Le Grand Meaulnes sense.
    8. dream fragments

      by , 11-02-2012 at 07:38 PM (Adventures in Dreamland)
      I put an alarm 4 hours i went to bed to do a WILD technique, I have just started attempting to have a normal sleep schedule again so all my dreams are hazy and only seem only a few seconds long. I have one dream where i just see a text of my friend caitlyn that i haven't talked to in years and she just texted hey, whatsup? I was kind of dissapointed to wake up and check my phone that I had no such text message lol. I had a few other dreams where I was with my cousins in this weird building with bright colors and the walls inside the building were made of glass and we were playing some sort of bowling game on the first floor. I also had another dream where My family and I were staying in this very large haunted house with old furniture. The rooms were very big. I should take notice as a recurring element in all my dreams is the weird architecture.
    9. The Sleekest Awesome City...

      by , 07-27-2012 at 02:54 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      Friday, 27th of July 2012

      Man, I've been out of contact for a while. This is just a little entry despite the fact that I had approximately 1 billion dreams last night.

      I was in an amazing Japanese city where every building was the same style. They were completely made of glass, with some panels of frosted glass creating a stylized design. It was as if the city had been completely built by one company (probably Apple, judging by how it looked and the fact that there was an Apple store there) from scratch.
      The buildings were all sleek and curved at the front and the streets were completely empty. I was just jumping around talking about how it was the coolest place ever. EVER.

      Then I went to a shop and bought some squid which was rotten.
      Then I went on a trip to some scary drug dealers house.
      Then I was at Nooks' house and some bad guys kidnapped us and killed us.
      Then we were going on a trek but there was mud and water everywhere.
      Then there were helicopters.

      It was crazy.
    10. The Early Night Awesome Adventure...

      by , 06-04-2012 at 03:32 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      4th of June, 2012

      I think it's worth noting that I woke up and recorded these at 1:30am on my phone, so this was all within the first hour and a half of being asleep.
      All the fragments, while changing with ADHD-like frequency, were part of some greater overarching storyline about some conspiracy, which I think was that I was actually asleep and some force was trying to keep me from realising it. This time, they won.

      I was in an office building of some kind doing research for the conspiracy. We joked about how the boss probably didn't even know we existed and wondered if he'd ever even been down to our floor. I quickly discovered that Justin Timberlake was the boss and was coming to visit that day. I selected all my Facebook friends to let them know then realised that was probably a bad idea. The dream jumped to him signing like 40million "religious slogans" coz he was obliged to as our boss.

      There was something in between but the next main part was that I was outside and this girl who I got the vibe had psychic powers was looking at the sky. I looked up and there were birds making a strange pattern so I climbed a ladder up a building to get a better look. At the top of the ladder it was really windy and I became trapped on the side of the building. It got a bit terrifying there and nightmare feelings began to creep in and I think it kind of looped for a while with me being stuck. I woke up a bit after that and while going back to sleep began to feel myself riding a motorbike. I knew I was about to enter a lucid and felt my dream body become more real than my physical body. Unfortunately I didn't get in and later found myself telling someone about my ladder nightmare back in the office at nighttime.

      For some reason we then needed to take one of our Chinese employees captive and hide from view beneath a large office window overlooking a river. I peeked out and could see this very postmodernist sort of imposing hotel across the water with an alarm going off. This all had to do with the conspiracy but didn't really have a cohesive plotline. When I looked closer the river was actually a swimming pool and this group of about 5 girls and a couple of guys started having a pool party. They asked me to join and I found myself outside with them but declined.

      We began talking about my engagement and I said that we were thinking of going to Greece or Thailand. One of the girls said that Greece was awesome for sea kayaking and all at once Nooks and I were in the middle of a Mediterranean-type sea on kayaks and surrounded by sharks. I was freaking out a bit because in order to paddle you had to use the oar as well as your feet and I was pretty certain my legs were going to get bitten off. The girl who told us to go there was guiding us and said that we should surf on the shark’s wake; which we did and ended up in a public bathroom. The stalls had little buttons that you pushed that made people decide go into them, so we used them as shark bait to escape.

      It all gets a bit hazy until I was at a futuristic jail that was being broken out of. The same alarm that was at the postmodern hotel was going off and there were orange flashing lights and sirens. I was on the side of the guards and jumped in a tank just as a small force of alien/enemy fighters were approaching. For some reason we decided not to attack them (maybe we were outnumbered) and the captain came up and told me some deep, important secret but I woke up at that moment and completely lost what it was.

      All up it was a pretty intense experience considering I’d been asleep maybe an hour or so and I missed about 6 dream clues!
      Aw well.

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    11. The rise and fall of a labour camp

      by , 04-06-2012 at 04:03 PM (The Dreams of a Trapped Mind)
      Ok, this was a massive dream and I only really remember bits here and there (which is good cuz I wouldn't want to type it ALL out anyway).
      So we're in Manhattan, and I'm helping on a construction project for a huge new building. I don't mean grunt work helping, I mean architectural design helping. Somewhere along the lines I start to notice what we're building, and try to escape... We've secretly been building a labour/death camp in the middle of the city! I get away but don't go far, a few blocks away I rally some people and we storm the site, hoping to take it over. We win (kind of). You see, it was more of a treaty than anything. We killed some people, no biggy, and destroyed some things, but the architectural design was still too amazing to just tear down. So we kept it, but got rid of the guy. I don't know if we banished or killed him, but he's gone.

    12. Building a House! And Failed WILD Attempt. Non Lucid 7/11/11

      by , 07-11-2011 at 01:41 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I had been thinking about the Sims since people had been talking about it on chat, and I dreamt about it haha!

      I was creating a house in the Sims 3. I wasn't on the computer but I was actually looking down from the sky like I was in the game. I was designing a good looking house and kept getting annoyed when paper boys kept throwing papers at my house! Eventually, the news papers stacked up until they filled up my whole lot!
      Failed WILD

      I got up around 4 AM to do KingYoshi's WILD technique, but my allergies were terrible! I tried to lay still for about 30 minutes but everything was itching and so uncomfortable I gave up and took an allergy pill. I'm going to try again tonight, hopefully with no allergies!
    13. Breaking The Masquerade [Night of June 18-19]

      by , 07-09-2011 at 06:08 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up post. This dream is from the night of June 18-19, and it's one of the most fascinating lucids I've had yet.]

      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm shopping at the old Toys 'R Us that we used to go to when I was a kid. [In real life, it's been closed for several years.] I've driven up there all the way from my current town, by myself, and I told my parents where I was going before I left. I've come there just to get the purple hippo stuffed animal that I saw advertised. I find it, go to a checkout stand, swipe my credit card through the card reader sitting on the floor near one of the checkouts, and then walk to the other side of the line of checkouts and get in line to check out. There's quite a long line, but it's moving fairly quickly because there are a lot of checkouts open, and all the checkers are calling people over from that one line. The line is in a rectangular, dark, warehouse-like space in the front of the store, separated from the store proper by high, dark gray metal shelf racks that reach all the way to the high ceiling. When it comes my turn to check out, the checker waves me through when I show her my toy and the receipt that was printed out of the credit card reader.

      I exit the store and get into my car
      [our current, brown Honda]. I examine my purple hippo. It's smaller and narrower than the teddy bear I already have [in real life], and therefore not as good a shape for use as an arm pillow, but still, it's kinda cute. I can feel that it has a plastic cup built into its nose, so that its nose holds its conical shape. I set it down on the floor of the passenger seat, start the car up, and drive out of the parking lot via the ramp behind and to the right of the store.

      This ramp forces me to turn right, putting me onto a one-way street. “This is why my parents never went out this way,” I say to myself. I end up driving through a neat, clean, inviting-looking urban downtown area, with lots of modern, glass buildings, concrete parking structures, and trees on the sidewalks.

      [The dream shifts.] I'm walking the darkened halls of a big, old apartment building whose halls form a continuous square. Stuff involving Muppets, a bird named Gloria, and an alarm clock happens. [This was another elaborate and plotty dream, but I don't really remember the details anymore. I don't particularly care, though, because the next part is the really awesome part.]

      [The dream shifts again.] I'm out on the town, in the same cool, modern downtown I was driving around earlier, only now I'm on foot. While walking across a plaza, I see several of my friends from [$SocialClub] [an organization I belong to in real life]. I recognize that I've been in this downtown before, and am very happy to be here. Somewhere around this point, I become lucid. [As usual, I don't remember precisely at what moment I did so. It may have been that recognition that I'd been there before that triggered lucidity, but I'm not sure.] I also pass by my friends from [$Class], who are on their way to class. I think of going with them, but choose to go off by myself and explore instead.

      I end up on a particular street corner where there is a restaurant with a live band playing inside. I enter the restaurant to listen to the band. The restaurant is named “Café Debussy.”
      [ :gape: Whoa. That is so awesome. That's the name of the cafe where Cobb gives Ariadne her first lesson in shared dreaming in Inception. That is just so cool that I have my own version of it. I may have realized the significance of this name at that moment, or it may not have been until after I woke up, I'm not sure.]

      While I'm in the restaurant, I meet and get into a conversation with a female dream character, who asks me who I am. I say the same kinds of things I would say when meeting someone for the first time in real life: that I live and work nearby, what I do, that I'm a member of [$SocialClub]. When I finish, she looks at me with an expression that shows that she's disappointed in me, and that she can see right through the baloney I'm giving her. “Who are you, really?” she asks.

      I sigh and start telling her the truth.

      “I'm from another world, that's not like yours,” I say. “I only come to visit here when I'm dreaming.” I stop myself short of saying that I'm dreaming all this that's around us.

      As I speak, we start rising up off the ground. I'm either flying us up or causing a tower to grow up from the ground under us.
      [I'm not exactly sure, but I think it was more likely the latter, because] I'm making the buildings all around us grow taller or shorter, or change shape, just by thinking about it. I'm doing this because I want to show my companion the city from up high.

      “Because I'm dreaming, I can control the situation, like this,” I say. “It's fun.”
      [I say a bit more that I don't remember now, and then] I end by sighing again, then saying, “So, here I am, your dreamer.” I extend my hand to shake hands with her.

      She takes it.
      [Surprisingly,] The female DC reacts to what I've just told her with happiness and excitement. She leads me purposefully off in a direction across the city, apparently intending to tell others about what she has learned and introduce them to me. As we go, I realize that in all the time we've been talking, I haven't told her my name, so I say to her, “My name is [$RealFirstName].” I deliberately use the nickname by which I'm known to family and friends in real life, rather than my official, legal name, because I don't want the Fae to know my true name, because that will give them power over me. [Seriously, that's what I thought during the dream. I would never set any store by such an idea in real life.] She doesn't reply, though.

      [She didn't introduce me to anyone, though. The next thing I remember,] The female DC and I have walked out to a metal, industrial-looking bridge, from which we're watching the sunset over the cityscape. I ask her, “What's your name?”

      “Darla,” she says.

      I shake my head and correct her: “No, that's the name of my friend who looks like you. What's your name?” Although she looks like one of my real-life friends, I'm interested in her identity as a separate individual.

      From the way she hesitates for at least 15 seconds, going “Hmmmm...” several times while looking all around her at our surroundings, it's clear that she's never thought of herself as having an individual name separate from that of her real-life counterpart before. Finally, she looks over at the setting sun and says, “Umbra.”
      [She pronounces it “OOM-brah;” it means “shadow” in Latin. Hmmm. Very interesting.]

      [Fragment.] Something involving roller coasters that look like snakes.

      [False awakening.] I'm comparing notes with my mom about whether or not we just had the same dream about snakes.

      [Different dream.] I'm on a ride that has foam seats with over-the-shoulder restraints. The seats are suspended high up in the air from an overhead track in a large building. I've somehow managed to board the ride so that I'm perched in between two seats, rather than fully seated in one of them. While the train of seats I'm on is moving to its destination, I manage to maneuver myself into one of the seats and get the restraints into place.

      My train of seats arrives at its destination: directly above a gigantic aquarium tank. That's when I realize what the purpose of this ride is: to allow visitors a chance to be submerged in the tank for several minutes on end. I realize that I was supposed to bring a snorkel or scuba gear with me on this ride, but I didn't, and there's no way to get out of the restraints before I get dunked in the tank. I'm only mildly concerned about this, though.

      I hold my breath and the seats descend, submerging me and everyone else several feet underwater. As soon as the seats have stopped descending, I start swimming upward, taking my seat and my restraints with me
      [I think; I'm not sure]. The moment I break the surface of the water, I found myself awake. I immediately kicked myself for not realizing that I was dreaming and subsequently recalling that I can breathe underwater in dreams.

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    14. Helping someone to face her nightmares

      , 04-05-2011 at 12:21 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      My dreams start getting more vivid again, even though I'm still quite stressed and I don't have enough time to sleep properly.
      I didn't believe that my dream recall would improve before I have more free time, but I am very happy that it seems to do so.

      I am walking through the city. I become lucid for no apparent reason, I just know that I am dreaming.
      For some reason I feel the urge to use some form of dream control.
      I look up into the sky, there isn't a single cloud. It is a very nice day.

      I point my right hand at the sky and command it to rain with my mind.
      It starts raining, even though there are no clouds.
      The DC's around me realize what I have done and become pissed.
      I don't really care about them and just start dancing in the rain whilst creating background music for the dream.

      I am quite impressed how easily I can control the dream, it is so stable.
      Some DC's approach me with an angry look on their faces.
      What do they want?

      "Go away."

      All DC's around me cease to exist. This is an intriguingly good feeling.
      I should probably do something more productive though, even though this is a lot of fun.

      "Excuse me."

      What the hell?
      I turn around. There is a women standing in the rain. Didn't I just remove all DC's?

      "Hello friend, what brings you into my dreams?"

      (I have no idea why I feel the urge to talk like this, but it is not the first time this has happened.)

      "I'm sorry, I do not mean to intrude."
      "It's quite alright."
      "I need your help."

      I look at her closely. I'd guess that she's in her late 20's, maybe early 30's.
      She has natural curly red hair and very dark eyes.
      I approach her with confidence.

      "What is it you need help with?"
      "There is darkness within me, darkness which I cannot face alone."
      "I need help Hyu, I need help facing this darkness."

      "Do we know each other?"
      "You do not know me, but I have read many things about you."

      I feel the sudden urge for an adventure.

      "Lead the way, friend."

      She opens a portal, using the hand flicking trick I have used before.
      I find it somewhat impressive, then again, why would she not know?
      I form an energy shield around myself and follow her through the portal.
      Somehow I just understood that using a shield can prevent some of the portal trouble I have encountered before.

      We are in a very big room. It looks absolutely amazing.
      The architecture is absolutely blowing my mind, everything is so detailed.
      It is a blend of old japenese, victorian but also futuristic design.
      The neon-stripe lighting and the heavy usage of glass gives it a bit of a Tron-look but for some reason it blends very well with the older elements.
      The windows are very colorful, like in Christian churches, except the drawings are clearly not religious.

      I realize I'm getting distracted. I follow this women over a marble path.
      There are doors to the left and right of the path, but they don't lead anywhere.
      There are no walls or anything, just doors.
      I get the impression that I am in the dreams of this women and that she created all of this.

      "This is highly impressive!"
      "Do you like it?"
      "Absolutely. Have you created all of this?"
      "I have indeed. I'm an architect, I have let my inspiration run wild for a few weeks, and this is what I ended up creating."
      "Wow, this is really impressive, so you can create persistent scenes?"
      "Yes. If I want to keep a scene I save it behind one of these doors."
      "Wow... I'm speechless."

      She seems to be very experienced with dreaming.
      She laughs.

      "Says the guy who can step through the fabric of space."
      "I'm an architect, this is what I do, it's not really that hard for me."

      "I see..."

      The marble path ends before another door, but this one is very different.
      All other doors were white stone with beautiful carvings, this one is pitch black.
      There are many Japanese seals attached to the door.
      I've seen them in manga before.
      Some of them look very recent, others slightly older. All the older ones are destroyed.

      "This is where I have sealed my nightmares... the darkness."

      She sealed them away? I didn't know anything like that was possible.

      "I can no longer contain them, I need to face them and destroy them."
      "I have no doubt that I will manage to destroy them, but I am too afraid to face them alone."

      I was wondering how I could possibly be of help to someone who can do all of this.
      But I suppose this makes sense.
      I power up and draw a protective energy bubble around us using my phoenix wings.

      "Let's do it."

      With a wave of her hand all the seals disappear and the door opens.
      There is nothing visible inside, it's just darkness.
      But even though I cannot see it, I can feel it, VERY clearly.
      Fear emits from this room, just pure fear.
      The women starts shaking.
      I grab her hand.

      "You can do this."
      "Yes... SHOW YOURSELF!"

      The yelling was unexpected.
      A ball of pure darkness comes out of the room and hovers in front of us.
      She grabs my hand strongly and I reinforce the protective bubble even further.


      Her voice is very powerful, I can feel it resonating in my body.
      She then speaks some sort of incantation in Japanese which I cannot understand.
      The darkness catches on purple fire and disintegrates before my eyes.
      As the last bit of it disappears, the Door that was housing it turns into ashes.
      How impressive!

      The women drops to her knees.

      "Are you alright?"
      "Yes, now that the darkness is gone, I truly am."
      "Thank you for you support young dreamer."
      "You're welcome."

      She summons a small engraved stick of wood and hands it over to me.
      It is immensely detailed and very beautiful.

      "A gift for your troubles."
      "Thank you!"
      "I am very sorry, but you must leave now."
      "I don't usually let others into my dreams, please understand."
      "Of course."

      To be honest, I don't, but it would be disrespectful to say otherwise.
      If these are truly her dreams than she deserves privacy whenever she so desires.
      I draw my phoenix wings and prepare to teleport to Teraluna.
      I feel that I am no longer welcome in this world, I will not be able to visit it again once I teleport away.

      "Goodbye friend."

      I step through the fabric of space and the dream ends.
    15. My Visit to Fallingwater (Night of December 9-10)

      by , 12-12-2010 at 01:32 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid dream, [Commentary made while awake]

      [This is a catch-up post from two nights ago, which was the night before an examination. As I was going to bed, I tried to concentrate on the ideas that were going to be on the exam, hoping that I would dream about them. It worked... but not in the way I'd hoped. My commentary on the dream will include explanations of what parts of it relate to the exam.]

      [Dream #1] I'm making a scrapbook. I'm brushing clear, rubber-cement-like glue onto the bristles of another kind of brush, to glue it onto something flat. The handle of the brush I'm using to apply the glue breaks, so I have to apply it by holding on to the outer part of the bottle instead. Satoshi and other characters from the Pokémon anime series are there. [I can see why I was dreaming about scrapbooking: it's a method of committing things to memory, which is what I had been doing all day to prepare for the exam.]

      [Dream #2] I'm visiting Fallingwater.

      Picture #1

      Picture #2

      As I approach the entrance, I feel absolute awe at the beauty of this place, and it shows on my face. There's a big, dramatic, semi-enclosed entryway with dark brown walls; the main doors are on the left as you're walking through the channel that the entryway forms, and directly across from them is a low patio coffee table and some patio chairs, facing onto the walkway. Several of my professors from college are sitting in those chairs, including the one who taught the art history class focusing on architecture in which I first learned about this building [in real life]. I stop and chat with him about how wonderful it is to be there. He remembers me, and says that he's there to work. I say that I'm there on vacation.

      I enter the building through the entryway. Inside, there's a child-care room, full of older kids and teens who would be bored by the tour of the place. There is a silent radio in the room to announce when kids who are in there are being kicked out of it for bad behavior and released back to their parents. It says things like, “(Kid's name) is now under the direct guardianship of her mother.” I watch from a third-person perspective as one of the teenage girls in the room offers to have sex with one of the teenage boys. There follows a non-graphic, narrative description thereof, without any visuals.

      The child-care room is located just off of a large, open entry hallway, also dark brown and clearly built after the fact, especially for the tourists. There is a sign that says “Photographers will be shot,” as in, with a sniper rifle.
      [I know it's a famous landmark and all that, but that's awfully harsh!] [The exam was on the subject of data network architecture, so of course, it makes sense that I would dream about one of the most famous works of architecture ever built. Even though it didn't help me with the exam, I thought this was a pretty awesome dream. I'd love to visit the real Fallingwater someday.]

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