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    1. #24: Porn / Struggling lucidity

      by , 10-30-2015 at 09:48 AM

      Last night I woke up in between dreams a few times. Since I was attempting to DEILD I didn't take any notes in between dreams. Hence more fragments and less complete dreams.

      I'm with a group of my Dutch friends whom I met in Indonesia. We are having a lot of fun together. There's something with us renting mopeds. This dream felt quite awesome and I definitely would have recalled it all had I taken notes immediately.

      My blond female housemate is in my room. There's something food related. We have some delicious.. bread(?) with bacon or something alike. We're going to bed. I have a highsleeper (is that the correct English word? ), but there is a mattress on the floor which we're gonna sleep on together. It feels really normal though and not in the slightest way sexual.

      I'm living in an old school building. There's something about the internet. Since it used to be a school, adult content is filtered. There's an orange cord and device on the (kitchen) counter. It looks like a separate modem, probably used when people want to look up adult content.

      Dream 1: Porn
      I'm on the sofa with my girlfriend. She is asleep, with her head on the right side and her legs towards the middle. I'm sitting to her left with my laptop on my lap. At one point I decide to turn 90 to the right, so that she can't see my screen should she wake up. I have a shitload of porn on my laptop. I could read the names of the folders. It's tucked away in a folder, in a folder, in a... you get the idea. Except that it's not exactly hidden. I disable the sound and play one of the movies. Sound, moaning. Shit! I try to disable the sound again. Nothing happens. Turn down the sound. EXIT VIDEO! My girlfriend wakes up slightly and asks what I'm doing. I'm not sure what I told her. Then I have a mild panic moment. All this porn is inside the folder of a uni course. I think I copied this folder for my Indonesian classmate (the same classmate as in the next dream). I start to think real hard. Did I copy the porn to my classmate?

      I blame this dream on you, werty52!

      Dream 2: Struggling lucidity
      I'm outside during the day. I believe I'm talking to my Indonesian classmate, though a different one than the one I often dream about. This is the first time I recall seeing this particular classmate in a dream. We walk in to a building. It gives the impression of a university building: big, spacious. At this point I don't really recall the interior, except for one particular part, which is hard to describe. (Note for myself: it's like the computer 'cubes' at the 2nd floor of the uni library, except the wooden dividers are like a black metal mesh.) Desks are arranged in an inward facing square, with a computer screen hanging from the metal mesh. The kind of stereotypical hacker's desk in a movie. There is a woman behind one of the computers. I'm not sure what she's doing. The screen is quite dark in terms of the colours which are displayed and it's quite monotone (like working in Word: the majority of your screen stays the same). There's a fairly big digital counter near the top right which displays a certain time, though I don't remember what that time is. Also a small one in the very upper right I believe, with a different time. I'm supposed to meet my student councillor at.. 15:00 I think it was. The big displayed time leads me to believe that there is still plenty of time. At one point I take my iPhone out of my right pocket and see that the time on the screen is far behind. I'm late. Damn. I don't have time to properly say bye to my cllassmate. The student councillor is a woman who is sitting in the middle of the square, nearly boxed in. There's a girl sitting on a comfy chair just outside of it. I feel like she is waiting for her appointment with the student councillor. I explain to the student councillor what happened. I stumble with my words a bit, forgetting that I have to switch to English now (which makes no sense, a student councillor here would speak Dutch and I would already be talking in English after talking with my Indonesian classmate). In the end I still talk in Dutch, as does she. I need her help in getting a declaration for a government institute. She helps me out. She wants to walk to a quiet place. Somewhere where people won't be asking questions once I tell my personal story to her. We walk around the big open room and I see some chairs and desks. She decides to sit down together in the middle of a lecture, in the midst of a group of students. She tells me that I need to ask this lecturer for the help I need. What the.. now? I feel quite embarrassed. Also I'm not quite sure what to ask. I fiddle with a hideous scar/wound that I have on my hand (thankfully that one ain't real ). I remember seeing a logo either on a screen or on a piece of paper, quite big as well. It's a purple square or cube and there's also a green one. It reminds me of the logo's for Excel and OneNote. Once the lecturer is near the student councillor asks him something, though I don't remember what. After that she asks me some personal questions. I reply to them all and am a bit annoyed. We start walking. All the questions she's asking and all the effort she's putting into it may ruin everything. Just draw up the statement already. There are two low walls inside the building, sort of decorative. Perfect parkour opportunity. The left one is flat, the right is like "\", but not nearly as extreme (I couldn't think of the proper English word ). The low point is on the far end of me. Both walls are just a few metres long. I jump to the left wall and onto the right one. I perform a sideflip of the right wall onto the ground. Just as I'm about to push off for the sideflip I think to myself how foolish it is to do a sideflip. I've practiced it maybe 3 times. I'm bound to rotate in a weird and unpredictable way. I do it perfectly though. Then I remember that I said to myself that I would perform a RC if something parkour related happens. I realise this must be a dream as there is no way that I'm able to nail that sideflip in reality. I sit on the ground and close my eyes. I try to solidify this idea of it being a dream. I place my hands on the ground and feel it. It's cold and hard. I feel the specs of sand that people have dragged in here with their shoes. I move my hand to the left, to the end of the floor so I can feel the plinth. Dirty from a lot of dust. Ielw. I realise that this is not helping, as in reality I'm in the same place and thus I could also be feeling this with my real body (I'm an idiot ). I start to think about which year it is this dream is occurring in, maybe that will differentiate it from reality for me. Damn, this dream is in 2015, just like reality. That didn't help. I perform the 'finger through palm' and 'breathing through a closed nose' techniques. Both fail me. Come on! This is a dream, right?

      I was a bit hesitant to label this a lucid, because I didn't really have any control, plus I was still struggling to fully solidify the 'this is a dream' mentality.
    2. Killing Foxes, Call of Duty Style

      by , 01-04-2013 at 02:37 AM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Shooting Foxes From The Window (Non-lucid)


      My vividness is already showing signs of improvement from coming back to DV, and this dream was slightly more interesting than the last. As far as I can remember these are two parts of the same dream, though they seem pretty unrelated.

      I'm in the garden of a random uni house with some guys that used to be in the school year above me, though I have no idea why. I immediately remember potentially having uni work to do for the next day, and start to panic.

      I run inside, but head straight for the Xbox, on which I play some kind of RPG, under the impression I need to get a certain amount of story finished before I can do anything else with my day. I let me my dog join me on the sofa, which is normally strictly forbidden at home.

      I unlock a bonus scene in the game, and people come in wanting to watch it. I finally decide I don't have the time, knowing watching it will only lead to more things to captivate me into playing longer.

      Luckily, I realise tomorrow is Sunday and I wake up briefly.

      I'm later defending the house from foxes, in a similar fashion to Call of Duty's zombie mode (which I recently played for the first time with my cousin).

      I pick up a double-barrelled rifle and kill one instantly from a window, at a pretty respectable distance.

      I head to the next window, slightly more complacent now, but miss a fair few times from not aiming properly.

      The third window overlooks a darkened room, and before I have time to aim, the fox inside jumps up at me, forcing me to kill it with my knife.

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      Tags: uni, video game
    3. Touched Up In A Club

      by , 05-14-2012 at 05:25 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Touched Up In A Club (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a converted church which has been turned into a club (similar to one we have at uni). I'm on a platform getting with a drunken friend of mine, in clear view of everyone.

      She proceeds to put her hand on my crotch and I recoil briefly as I realise this once-innocent kiss is getting a bit out of hand! People laugh and cheers me on, however, so I let it continue.

      Unfortunately, she soon realises everyone is watching, including our friends, and gets embarrassed. To save my skin I tell her I had no idea.

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      Tags: going out, sex, uni
    4. Saints Row Driving, General Flirting and the Unanswerable Maths Question

      by , 04-16-2012 at 04:22 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      My first night after trying out vitamin B6, though I think I took it at the wrong time, at about 8pm, at least 5 hours before I actually went to bed. Seems like it worked pretty well though, as I remembered 3 dreams pretty clearly. The first was exceptionally vivid.


      VITAMIN B6

      I'm sitting in someone's uni kitchen, with a large group of friends, all with covers watching a film and talking. A girl a few flats from me comes in, and I offer her the space next to me on the sofa, as I've started to like her quite a bit.

      Within minutes, she starts to touch my leg at exactly the same time as I start to touch hers. She starts to talk about seeing people she 'likes' in dreams, though whispering the majority to me. For some reason, I tell her I don't see people I like in my dreams because they intimidate me...


      I'm playing Saints Row 2 in first person, driving relatively safely with a flatmate of mine, on the way to a mission. He mocks my driving to which I reply

      "Just in case we get a driving level, I like this car"
      "Do you?" he asks

      In the heat of the discussion, I accidentally drive into an activity activator
      [which fans of the game will know stops the car dead]. Unlikely in the game, however, this causes me to shoot through the windscreen. Unharmed, but disgruntled, I get back in the car, shouting

      "Why the fuck does it do that?!"

      As part of the activity, we gain one star of police notoriety, and helicopters arrive. I can't be bothered with this right now, so I exit the activity from a drop-down menu that appears in front of me.

      We set off, now driving a Bear, but a bug causes a rogue police car to chase and shoot a nearby innocent driver. More cars get involved, and we all drive through a rocky tunnel to a dead end. I get out, letting the police and innocent drivers sort it out between themselves.

      I proceed to slip through a crack in the wall to the starts of the mission, where I find a gangster with a shit-load of futuristic equipment. A woman asks me if I've just come from Guildford
      [a town near where I live] like most of the other people here, for a girls birthday. A girl named Georgie C. My blood boils at hearing that name, and it takes all the strength I have to ask the woman how she knows her [checking they're not related or friends] before I describe how much I loathe that girl. She's a bitch basically, and gave my sister a really hard time a few years ago.


      I'm given a few questions on paper, which turn into a huge maths problem. I start to write out all the information given so that I can try to solve it, but it soon begins to seem like it's unanswerable.

      "Fuck that!" I think, and turn over in bed, ending the dream.
    5. The Train Fiasco

      by , 04-10-2012 at 06:28 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Remembered a relatively decent chunk of dream after a few nights of rubbish. I have a feeling these two parts are connected, as the story fits, though I remembered the second part before the first.



      I arrive at a uni accommodation similar to a friend's in Bristol that I stayed in recently, as if it was my own. I walk past a kitchen window where I can hear a large group of people and music. I pick out a certain girl's voice [or should I say, her insanely thick Scouse accent] and wonder if her fit friend is with her.

      Without bothering to check, I go across the garden to 'my' room to pack, to go home for the holidays
      [which I'm on now]. I do something with the iPod speakers on the windowsill, looking out the window to the party kitchen as I do so. I catch the gaze of a girl amongst the other people, and she suddenly appears next to me, as if by magic. We talk for a few minutes, while I try and make out if I think she's hot or not.


      My mum tells me over the phone that I have a train to catch soon, so I should get a move on. Me and a friend of mine decide instead to get a bus instead to Bournemouth [a place not even remotely close to where either of us live]. We take ages searching for the bus depot, however, so decide to ring the helpline. We get through to a strange man who's screaming along to a metal track in the background, stopping a few times briefly to give us help. We find out the next bus isn't til 7pm, which is not acceptable.

      I decide to get the train after all, but realise I've left my tickets at home (home-home, not uni-home)! I see a DC that lives near my house and approach him to ask for some sort of lift home, but he cycles away before I can get close.

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      Tags: holidays, travel, uni
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Not much to report

      by , 04-07-2012 at 08:03 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Shitty recall again the last few nights - I swear it gets better then gets worse, never steady. I tried drinking about a pint of apple juice (despite my dislike for it) not only to wake me up after an REM cycle, but also to see if it gave me a more vivid dream. To my recollection, it did not, but here's what I remembered:



      I'm talking to a girl I've met once or twice in her room at uni, proposing we 'get down to it', so to speak. She says not now, but we both agree it will happen eventually by the end of term [sweet].

      Later on, I'm still talking to her, but with someone else. She tells me about her boyfriend
      [where did he come from?!] and how she has to get up at 4am the following morning for a job interview. In an unrelated and uninteresting end to my dream, I take a few things out of a washing machine, noticing they're already pretty much dry.


      I'm at a funeral (or just outside one) in a park I used to have rugby training in [which I recently revisited for a memorial match for a friend's late dad] and I'm play-fighting with a friend. Later, a woman roughly 300 metres away, on the other side of the ceremony, gives my mum a horrendously evil stare. I must have had eagle vision to see it.

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      Tags: fight, funeral, sex, uni
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Jazz Skanking and Flirting About Cheese

      by , 04-03-2012 at 05:56 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      On holiday for a few days with the fam, with pretty shoddy recall apart from this first night, where I remembered two:



      I'm going to a rave, but make a stop at my mate's house [though it looked nothing like it]. Once inside the club, I see various friends, old and new, and begin to get drunk. By the end of the night, I'm dancing with a girl I used to know [but in no way find attractive] but in an old fashioned, no-touching way. Any sudden advances I make are quickly parred away, as if it were the 1940s, so I stay back and skank unnecessarily to the jazz music being played. I'm wearing sunglasses at this point, looking like a complete fool, and it doesn't come as a surprise when I think I hear people laughing at me.

      It's nearly the end of the night and I'm getting frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement I've been getting, so I spin the girl round to face me in an attempt to bring her in closer. This doesn't work, and instead I get lightly told off. Conceding, I peck her on the lips and leave the club - but not before someone from my old school walks past me with wearing no underwear.

      All my friends have left at his point, and the night is coming to an end. I can't remember any of the night, despite not being that drunk, and I realise my mistake at not finding something to drop. I return to my mate's house, but it's empty. I ring my friends to no avail, so go to bed. Suddenly, one of the friends I tried to ring is in the bed next to mine, and starts talking.

      What's really interesting is that the room was the same as the one I was staying in that night (on holiday) and on waking up in the morning, I still believed my friend was in the next bed for at least 2 to 3 minutes. A reverse false awakening of sorts.


      I'm in a kitchen of a flat in my uni accommodation with a friend of mine and several random metalheads. We're eating pizza, but not just ANY pizza, this pizza's musical. Each slice corresponds to a section of the song that's playing in the background, and you're restricted to eating only the corresponding slice when it's played.

      When everyone leaves, I begin to flirt with a girl I've never met about cheese. I'd love to know what I said specifically, but whatever it was, she was loving it. I go back to her room briefly, and put her block of cheese on her windowsill
      [no, that's not a euphemism], still flirting strong.

      Once I've left, I walk up some stairs to the main part of uni, past a huge crowd of people returning from a football match. My old head of sixth form begins to give a speech on a stage in the middle of the crowd, which soon gets overrun by students in a flash mob. Almost spontaneously, however, some pick up guitars and begin to play together.

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    8. Pretending to Be a Boyfriend

      by , 03-27-2012 at 06:09 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      I kept waking up during the night, every time after a dream that I'd been to the toilet - but every time falling asleep before I could actually get up to go...
      I remember a dream featuring a book of really bad riddles and tongue-twisters, as well as listening to A Tribe Called Quest in my room, but there's one fragment that really stands out:



      Outside her room, my flatmate asks if, as a favour, I could pose as her boyfriend in front of her bitchy old school friend [to get back at her, or save face, or something]. I agree to help her out and sit on her bed with her opposite her old friend, flirting as convincingly as I can without being too obvious. It works pretty well, even the fake kiss, as we both see her friend get increasingly agitated. However, shortly afterwards, a girl I'm current having a 'thing' with walks past the door and I panic a little.

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      Tags: uni
    9. Balloon Joint

      by , 03-25-2012 at 05:56 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Only a small fragment again, but it was pretty vivid.



      In my uni flats, everyone is filing out on their way to the headmaster [as if back in school] for disciplinary action. Nothing to do with me, I pretend to be involved to fit in and head towards the exit with everyone else. However, I remember a baking tray that urgently needs to be returned to my room, and turn back.

      In my room, I find three guys, one of which I know, smoking. In reaction to my confusion, they tell me it's my fault for leaving my door unlocked. I agree, and join them. I light something balloon shaped, which is almost as big as my head, before putting it back down on a huge pile of tobacco.

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      Tags: drugs, uni
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Saving Folders from Flooding Beaches (and other such activities)

      by , 02-13-2012 at 01:05 AM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Woke up for my lecture this morning, wrote down my dream, fell asleep, woke up again with another dream in mind, realised I had missed most of my lecture, got some more sleep and finally woke up with a third dream - which is a great result compared to my usual 1 per night. My second and third were particularly memorable, so I'm glad I gave myself a lie in
      I'm home from my lifeguarding job [which I was fired from a long time ago] and my house is busy with dozens of random people. I look for my boss's wife to give her something [curry, I think it was]. Later, as I play with my dog, Reggie, he nibbles along my arm, leaving some sort of yellow dye [which I, for some reason, dismiss as normal] . I go to the living room of my house, where my dad and sister watch a rugby match, which a strange man proceeds to parachute onto.
      I'm on a beach in a film, and some guys nearby are annoyingly throwing sand. As I approach them, and the hole they're standing in, they leave. In the hole is a folder full of papers, which I throw away. However, a phone nearby rings and tells me to retrieve the folder, as well as to destroy the hole. Without question I do what I'm told, yet the tide begins to come in fast.

      Soon the water is neck-height, and I search around for the folders (of which there are now two) with the help of my mum and sister. As we struggle against the waves we lose a lot of pages, before finally reaching the back wall of the beach. It's then that I realise all of my stuff is underwater, much to my frustration.

      At uni, me and several friends run for a bus to take us to a gig. Once on, everyone takes ages sorting out payment for the bus, making the driver wait, due to high levels of intoxication. Chemical Fires by Tides of Man comes on the bus's speakers [which would be great in real life] and I began to sing along. Very loudly.
      Everyone seems to enjoy watching me drunkenly sing, and sometimes shout, to the rest of the public on the bus. As the chorus is in a 3/4 time signature, a girl begins to waltz with me. At the end of the song I scream the final words and, suddenly worried I'll be kicked off the bus, return to my seat.

      Two friends (one from uni, one from school) provide the follow up act: one beatboxes a strange mixture of banjos and club house, while the other dances frantically (and almost dangerously). This act of extreme inebriation is enjoyed immensely by everyone on the bus, until the two performers collapse on top of each other and throw up everywhere

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      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Burning Clothes

      by , 02-11-2012 at 06:54 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      I am in a tattoo shop, about to get my second tattoo [which I plan on getting soon IRL]: the words 'Start Something', potentially on my chest. [This is a nice motto I have about being proactive and doing something productive instead of just thinking about it, as well as the name of the first album I ever bought, which I listened to everyday for 2 years walking to and from school during a not-so-good time of my life]

      I'm at the edge of a lecture theatre, watching a hot DC lecturer give a talk while lying down. Later, at home, I find some sort of oral hygiene kit behind a sofa, which unfortunately has a dog excrement on. This then means we have to either give up or put down the dog, who is sometimes an old man.
      I am then in the perspective of Modern Family's Phil as he explains how he burned all his not-so-masculine clothes
      [his femininity/childishness being a recurring theme in the show] in order to impress his father-in-law. Like previous dreams, telling the story transports me into it, and the clothes become mine. I manage to salvage some of my favourite clothes but the rest are incinerated.

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    12. Farting at Pub Staff

      by , 02-01-2012 at 09:22 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Nice lie in this morning, so dream recall was pretty good.
      I'm in a pub with my flat for one of my flatmate's birthday, drinking. For some reason the pub suddenly gets locked down - no one can enter or leave - and Diana Skouris from The 4400 [a Heroes-esque TV show I've been watching recently]leads the investigation. In the commotion I realise I need the toilet, and proceed downstairs with an unidentified mate on my shoulders [though I have no idea who, or more importantly, why].

      While queuing, two arrogant girls cut in, to which all the guys around me react with a flash mob, me included. I'm quickly exiled from the toilets (which doubles as some sort of clothes shop) as I still have someone sitting on my shoulders. In reply, I turn around and fart in the bouncer's general direction. Quick to anger, he immediately grabs me and abrasively escorts me to the security office.

      As I wait in the office, I manage to hire two DCs to have a food fight, and another to watch
      [for my amusement?] and eventually I join in. I am later released back into the pub to join my flatmates once more. However, we have to wait to be picked up by the birthday girl's parents and taken home.

      At home
      [my house, rather than my uni flat] the parents ignore my apologies and leave. I tell my flatmates about my night in the security office, and about the food fight. I am then transported back to that scene [as if telling a very vivid story] but with different characters (this time people I know). This time, the food fight ends in making a Christmas tree out of the food, in a similar fashion to Epic Meal Time. It looked incredible.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. First Recall In A Long Time - Playing Rugby On Treadmills

      by , 01-28-2012 at 09:44 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Dream recall has been woeful over the last few days, and I've had nothing to write in here, but finally I remembered a bit of last night's dream (though there wasn't much significant about it).
      [This night was following a big clubbing night out, which explains the first half.] I am in my uni flat with the girls that I usually go out with and we've just got back from a club, discussing going out the following night as well. Over time, everyone in the nearby blocks of flats pulls out for various reasons. I see one girl I know quite well tucking the rest of her flat into bed, and saying that they're 'not allowed' to go out Saturday [I always saw her as a bit of a mother-figure].

      Later, I'm in a computer room back at school, and I've just finished my work. I am reluctantly convinced by my old rugby coach to go to the lunchtime training session, which involves the whole team running on treadmills in a line, passing the ball to each other, which seemed a lot more normal in my dream than it does looking back at it.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. 34 shared dreaming attempt- whiterains dream

      by , 09-19-2011 at 12:42 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      whiterains dream

      yet another restarting uni dream. there are lots of old mates from uni, but also school and loads of randoms too. i go on a hall crawl with an old school mate. i find russ in hall 4 and this arab looking guy who lives next to him with his wife. his wife is pretty hot and she takes a bit of a shine to me.

      we are all pretty hammered and siting around in this common room type thing. im sat on this sunken sofa, dead comfy in between these 2 girls. chris is there, but even after wondering why we are starting again, i dont get lucid. there is a weird zip line type thing outside. there is no way to attach to it though, so in the end i kind of attach it with barbs to my skin on my chest and swing along. no pain but weird...

      i see a massive crowd milling around some station on the way to london. i see an old mate TJ who i havent seen in years. this finally gets me lucid but i dont think of chichen itza. i just say to him that i will comealong with them for a bit. i follow them around while stabilising, but eventually it jumps back to another dream.

      the common room has turned into a bus. im chatting to alana as we watch the world go by. i remember everyone going wild when another coach comes past and i remark at how odd it seems when we are already on a bus full of hot girls.

      there is another bit with the arab couple. somehow we get involved in some kind of 3 way. the dude seems cool with it at first, but then later on he pops back up in the dream with a gun. at first i think to flee but there seems no point so i just stand my ground and face whatever is coming. he fires off one shot but as he gets closer he seems to want to talk rather than just shoot. im relieved and seem to be talking my way out of it when it fades.

      also remember smoking with vas in manc, and just being at a party in the same little bar as ever..
      Tags: alan, arab, bus, gun, russ, t-j, uni, vas, wife, zipline
    15. 23rd shared dreaming attempt - whiterains dream

      by , 08-27-2011 at 03:13 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Whiterains dream

      pretty interesting long dream last night that brought together quite a few different locations into the same dream. the whole feel of it was like being at some kind of summer camp and it contained parts of my local park, lake and river, and also parts of my old schools and university.

      i remember people swimming and diving in the river which was alot deeper than normal. there was also this central pool which was similar to the one i have in about 90% of dreams these days. sometimes it seeme to be a portal, others it just seems like a central focus for the dream and often dreams will end with me heading there for a swim.

      the earliest school part i remember is just being in some kind of concert. for some reason i was in charge of the organ although i had no clue what to do. it seemed no one else knew what they were doing either which made it easy to just fuck it off and say something like i dont know what you expected me to do anyway?

      after this there was some kind of demonstration/exhibition being put on outside my old village hall/football club. some how i got in trouble for having weed or something and kind of got semi arrested. i sort of talked my way out of it somehow but still remained kind of a fugitive for the rest of the dream.

      there were a couple of moments of lucidity but the dream plot was so strong that for the most part i just went along with it. i remember being in a pub and there were lads round who seemed to think i owed them something as if they had helped me to escape the police or something. there was a vague threat of chopping fingers off but i never felt at risk at all in any part of the dream.

      this old school assistant mrs carter was there and she was kind of trying to act like she had not grassed on my grass. also there were some football commentators who were like 'well its only a bit of weed i dont really se the big deal'. it was nice to have a dream where basically most people are on your side against the police for once.

      the rest of the dream was mostly about going round the school/uni/camp thing looking for girls. i remember going into this toilet cubicle with 2 girls but instantly getting caught because the cubicles were tiny. one of the last things i remember was being back near these same cubicles later and about to go off with one girl when another one says 'why dont you kiss me first' so i do and i think this is where i wake up.

      just remembered that i was visualising previous local dream locations before going to sleep so dream incubation has really worked this time. was really great to go between so many variations of real places
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