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    1. March 13, 2018 Frags

      by , 03-14-2018 at 08:15 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I really don't have much to say about these dreams. IRL I ate cheese before bed because cheese dreams.

      IRL I saw someone doing a handstand in the gym and he never fell, at some point in the dream he fell.

      Another point I woke up and this guy who had apparently worn a red headband and green outfit came and visited me.

      It's weird but I had dreams which were very vivid and important but they are the ones I remember the least.
    2. Dream - Cemetery Confusion & Family Holiday Capers

      by , 07-27-2017 at 11:56 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 15 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 154 - Separated Sections

      Dream 154 A - Cemetery Confusion
      I forgot how the dream started but I do remember that my brother and I were supposed to find our way from Springvale to some far away suburb. I thought the quickest way to get to the other side was to go through Springvale Cemetery. I thought we were on the right path but just shortly near the entrance, we came across a dead end and couldn't go any further. I said to my brother that we should go back out before we get lost.

      Back at outside the main gate on Princes Highway, we looked a map of the cemetery and tried to point out all the exits. I then told my brother that if we ever did get lost in there, I could call my “Dream Guide to come and show us the way”. For the rest of the dream, I didn't have to call Dreamy WB as we didn't get lost yet. I don't remember what happened next.

      Dream 154 B - Family Holiday Capers
      The whole family was on a holiday at the Grampians, I forgot where the specific tourist place was though. When we got back to our accommodation grounds, I heard that there was a good café on site and so I went by myself to check it out. I went in and spoke to the lady who told me that I apparently needed a membership card. The dream quickly showed snippets of some other girl who already had a full membership with the café and so was able to get all the luxuries. I pulled the card out of my pocket with a few math sums on it and the lady said that it was the right one... She said that I now had access to all the red cakes. The lady put 6 cakes on a plate for me, 2 large and 4 small.

      Mum then came in and she goes for the 2 large cakes, I have to shoo her off before she could take more. Then we left the café and started talking outside, telling me that she needed to go to Waverley Gardens to buy groceries. I asked if I could come with her but she said that she didn't want me with the adults but rather for me, my brother and his friend to stay back and do something like read. Because Waverley Gardens was really far away, I asked her if she at least wanted to take one of my planes and she said yes. I protested due to the fact that I couldn't go but she just kept saying no. Eventually, I thought to myself that I could smuggle myself into the boot which was basically a sheet of swiss cheese. I then woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    3. [09-10-2016]

      by , 10-09-2016 at 09:30 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a sunny summer day. I was standing outside my house, talking with younger sister. Then an older sister appeared, gave me some cheese and a grate and told me to grate the cheese. I went to a bench and table we have outside and started grating the cheese with younger sister. When we done it, I took a metal bar out of my pocket and said "We need to grate that too!" And started grating it, filings of iron falling on the cheese. We took that inside the house and gave that to sister. She was mad for that metal and told me to clean it out of the cheese.
    4. #237 - Snakes in the water

      by , 04-30-2016 at 09:19 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember being on a platform with some people, a few of which I was friends with I think. I can't recall how we ended up there, but we weren't supposed to be on it. It was like it was heaven or something.. There was this huge demon guy who we were hiding from, but it was impossible to hide up there, I was just crouched down in the cloudy/misty floor with nothing to hide behind. There's also something about snakes being in the centre of the platform though I didn't see any. He discovered me and my friends (we were split up at the time I think) and picked us up. Oh shit.. He starts walking to the edge of the platform and we know he's going to throw us off. It's hard to explain this next part, but while I was being carried there was.. a pair of socks with me, which I think represented my friends? And there was a bird fluttering around, I was in third person, but I couldn't see myself. The bird was trying to save me, so it put a block of cheese on top of the sock, but its plan failed (see? That doesn't make any sense O_O). We get dropped off the edge, you can't see anything below because there's only a thick mist. We're plummeting down, the bird tries to remove the cheese from the sock and I have to get inside the sock. We splash into water, it's kind of green and murky. There's snakes swimming in the water, I climb up on the side of the platforms support structure but there's like fuck all to hold onto. I see them slithering beneath the surface, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. There's a huge variation in size and colour, red, green, brown, blue, some look like they'd be 20 metres long while others are <10 inches. My friends have gone somewhere, one of them is Daniel. They do something and all the water drains away. It should have been really deep water but the ground is right beneath me.. It's all mudflat, I'm super nervous about stepping onto it because there's burrow holes which can only be where all the small snakes went. Where are the big snakes? They must have follow where the water went... My friend Daniel is here now, on the mudflat, there's something about a small snake nearly biting him I think? I can see an exit not far away which we decide to head towards. I walk across the mudflat and there's this one snake that I keep trying to avoid but it never gets further away because of dream reasons.

      Dream fragment
      This was pretty vivid, I remember being in my bed and everything in my room seemed normal. But then I felt my cat jump on my bed... I only felt it, I didn't turn to look since I was just lying with my head in my pillow. Now I KNOW this was a dream, because earlier in the night I had put her out of my room. At the time I was like "Oh, that'll be Peaches" (my cats name, she's ginger ). I felt her walk around my body and towards my head. I then thought "Wait, didn't I put her out? Hmm but she's clearly here... I guess she got back in somehow?". I absolutely want to kick myself for not realizing this was a dream, I was aware enough to question it but the setting was just SO mundane and consistent with reality that the thought never even crossed my mind.
    5. Festival frolics and cheese

      by , 11-05-2015 at 07:33 PM
      Dl1 - Driving past a long university building on a dark and dreary day. I need to get to the office the other side to collect some planks of wood and a gigantic semi-circle of blue cheese (you know how it is when ya get the muchies).
      Dl2 - At a wooden table with a friend. Talking to someone looking into their eyes, they are looking intently at me (ds). They have long brown hair and blue eyes with long-ish lashes, little make-up, they are smiling. I lean forward and we kiss, it is warm and pleasurable. We repeat the process, many times. I smile and we are both happy. Their eyes sparkle. The other person at the table tells them I have a partner and I inwardly freeze. I leave.
      - It is a festival and the sun is out. People are gathered milling about in a large area in front of a manor house, a company owned building. Mr B is there and I have to fix something. I go over to the steps near the main doors and fiddle with something near the door bell.
      Mr Tyler now apparently wants me and I head off round the side of the building to a larger modern warehouse behind the main structure.
      I enter and find my cheese behind a section of wall to ceiling shelving. Adults are sat at banks of computers, they eye me suspiciously. It is a strange feeling being treated like I am not staff. I ignore them and move on. I am told that if I find someone kind and ask nicely they will cut my planks for me. I head along the main aisle to the DT department at the back. They're are people in white coats and protective glasses., they're are lots of lathes and other machinery. Someone cuts my planks into small squarish sections. I am told they may use the circular saw to cut my large cheese, I ponder thinking it will make a mess of the machinery.
    6. The Death of My Brother (7.6.15)

      by , 06-07-2015 at 12:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Death of My Brother
      I am with my Dad, sitting in a car. He shows me a text from my brother, which says something like ''In car wreck''. Dad goes on to say he's dead, the car is wrapped around a pole and went up in flames. I didn't believe him at first, but soon after the shock set in that he was probably telling the truth. I begin to think that I'll be the only one alive in my bloodline in the future. I start to think about the responsibilities that will be left for me as they pass, and feel it will be too much for me. The scene shifts to where an ambulance is. I see my brother on a trolley bed. There's a clear sheet over him. I have a slight feeling that he is OK, but soon realize that he had passed away. He looks a little disfigured which disturbed me. I only had a quick glance at him, so I wouldn't be too upset. Dad reassures that my brother is dead, by saying ''That's dead for ya''.

      I'm now in a car with my Russ. He is in the backseat and I'm in the front. I ease into the news about my brother. I ask him if he heard the news about my brother. He says he didn't know a thing. I try telling him about it, without getting emotional. We both well up a bit as I tell him. He starts to make a list of people on his phone, to who he needs to contact about the news of my brother. I take his phone and check the list. There's quite a few people, some of who I don't know well, or at all. I step up and tell him that I will do the calling for him. I feel quite nervous about doing it.

      I'm at a house playing cricket. I am the bowler, and I'm using a small bit of sliced cheese, that I have rolled up as the ball. I think I see or hear my brother in a garage. I see him and have a sigh of relief that he isn't dead. A guy that's with him was the donor that saved his life. My Dad is with me and he sprays some kind of smoke on to himself, due to the man that saved my brothers life must have been sensitive to the environment. The man was overweight.

      I come running out of the garage, naked, running around the corner where I was bowling from earlier. I try and put my underwear on, and end up putting them on, inside out. I do this with the pants also.
      There's guy in his 20's that's near me. I have to decide to vote for him or Redfoo to be on the next show of XFactor. I tell the man that I will vote for him. The scene changes but the scenario is the same. I'm now at my house and I'm unsure on who I want to vote for. I think I tell Redfoo that I will vote for him also. I tell everyone that I'm voting. So I raise my hand and sway them back and forth towards the guys I'm needing to vote for/against. The man is giving Redfoo props on how good of a person etc he is. I believe it's a tactic to make him come across as a genuine nice person, which would lead for people to vote for him. Redfoo isn't too confident at this point and decides to walk into my room. I end up voting for Redfoo.
      I run outside into the backyard to tell the other judges what the end voting was. I tell them that Redfoo won, which is a lie. I see Ronan Keating, and he doesn't believe me.

      Side Notes
      I woke up from this dream feeling pretty emotional. I was second guessing if something was going to happen to my brother, due to some of my dreams coming true in the passed. I do a bit of EFT to take the edge off.
    7. Wine and Cheese + Navriela (DILD + DEILD + FA)

      by , 04-17-2015 at 08:29 PM
      Ritual: WTB 2:30am, woke 7:15. I was stressed over something and felt too awake to go back to sleep right away, so I got up and put some time into a project for work. Returned to bed at 8:45am, no techniques, though I wondered if the WBTB would make lucidity more likely (happily it did) and woke again at 10am. Recall: 6/10.

      DILD, "Wine and Cheese": I'm walking down a footpath outdoors, carrying a cat in the hem of my dress. That is, I've folded up my hem to make a kind of pocket with the cat in it. She is an orange tabby short-hair that doesn't resemble any cat I've known in WL. I think she'll probably want to look around, so I try to arrange the "pocket" in such a way that she can rest her paws on the edge of the hem that I am holding and peek her head out. This works for a while, but then I notice that my black inner dress feels too tight around my legs, hampering my movements, and I think I must have accidentally caught it up together with the hem of the outer dress (which is a sheer light brown fabric). In trying to rearrange it so I can walk unimpeded, the cat falls back down into the "pocket," but I figure this isn't so bad, since the outer dress is translucent, maybe she can still enjoy the view.

      However, the cat is getting restless, and I remember something I read the other day on the forums: that if you just keep walking or wandering in a particular direction, the dream will destabilize. Well, such a thing has never happened to me before, despite numerous opportunities, but now I've caught a touch of schema infection from reading about it. [I agree with FryingMan that as a community we should try to be more conscientious about making claims that might infect other people's schemas!] So of course now that I'm anxious about it I start to feel destabilization coming on—I need to do something, quick! I notice that I am walking past a little wine-and-cheese shop, so I decide to duck in for a snack.

      Almost immediately I start to wonder if this was a bad idea... sitting down for a whole meal seems like a very drab and tedious way to spend my precious dream time. I decide to keep it short and just taste a few things; there's no need to finish after all. So I order some white wine and a cheese plate. The lady running the shop insists that we also try a certain specialty of theirs, which turns out to be a kind of spread that you put over toast. I see that all of these menu options are also listed on a small chalkboard hung over the doorway to the kitchen, though she prepares everything from behind a counter that is in the dining room. She serves us two types of their specialty spread, together with wedges of three kinds of cheese. It looks like very high-quality cheese, and I'm surprised (and a bit dismayed) to see how big the pieces are.

      The only seating in the place, which is very small, is a long communal table. I sit down and don't find it odd that I have a dining companion who sits to my right, though I didn't notice her before and my impressions are so vague that all I can really specify (uncertainly) is her gender. The orange cat I was carrying before is on the floor at my feet, and I hope the proprietor won't mind if she sees me feeding the cat little pieces of cheese. I take a sip of wine and a bite of some cheese and I am pleasantly surprised. Normally in dreams my sense of taste is dull and muted, but the taste and texture of this cheese is identical to the real thing. It is a sharp, tangy cheese with a firm, slightly crumbly texture like certain Spanish or French cheeses made from ewe's milk. I feel more enthusiastic about being here now, since I can enjoy a delightful snack without worrying about any extra calories! But on my second bite of cheese, as I concentrate on enjoying it, my perceptions accidentally shift to my real mouth—which of course is completely empty and tastes like night saliva. The dream fades and I very nearly wake up.

      DEILD, "Navriela": Luckily I realize that I am not fully awake but just below the threshold, so I think I can probably DEILD. Initially I try to DEILD back into the dream I just left, but it has fragmented beyond retrieval. So I just focus on getting the dreamstate back. Visuals kick in first: I see what looks like the vantage of a movie camera tracking steadily from left to right over something that resembles a grim, minimalist palace interior, perhaps an empty throne room. Everything is smooth and metallic grey and vertical. Probably because I start to wonder what was supporting the camera for this shot, which is too smooth and gravity-defying for a human cameraman, I now hear a male voice off-screen saying, "It is difficult to make a movie like this." I listen and continue to hear voices conversing about the film, so with both sight and sound back in play, I know that dream is kicking in.

      The camera has moved right through a doorway into the upper landing of a stairwell, and now I see a slender woman dressed all in silver begin to descend the stairs. To stabilize my senses I study her outfit, and I'm impressed how clearly I can perceive its details. She is wearing a kind of short jacket over a lower garment that reaches to her mid-thigh. It is not shorts or a skirt, however, and as I study it closely I observe a series of folds that suggest the garment consists of a single piece of cloth that was tucked between and through her legs to form something resembling short pants. I recognize this style of clothing—it looks like jongkraben, a kind of lower garment worn by both men and women in nineteenth-century Siam—but I'm surprised to see it in such an unusual context as this medieval/futuristic palace, worn by a pale, lithe, elf-like woman with white-blonde hair. I think I see some tassles dangling from the front, so I circle my perspective (still disembodied) around the woman to confirm what her outfit looks like from the front, and then continue to follow her down two flights of stairs.

      At the bottom of the stairs she encounters an elderly but vigorous old man with a long white beard who resembles Gandalf. He starts talking to her and at one point asks, "What is your name?" I'm pleased that he has asked the question I was wondering. There is something so youthful yet elvishly ancient about the woman that she strongly reminds me of Galadriel in LOTR, even resembling Cate Blanchett a little bit, and I half-expect her to say that "Galadriel" is her name, especially now that I'm thinking it. But the dream surprises me, and she answers with something that sounds equally elvish, but a name I don't think I've ever heard before: "Navriela."

      I start to think I should embody myself in this dream and work on some task. Had I been a little more on the ball I might have thought to accompany Navriela to a nearby forest to make another attempt my lucid dare, but I am too distracted by my growing attraction to her. I reflect that if I was one of the guys I would surely go "caveman" on her, and this gives me an idea for an experiment: what if I try to become a man? I sometimes identify as male characters in NLDs, but I hadn't attempted this before in an LD.

      I imagined myself as a guy and approached Navriela with romantic intentions. She was compliant as I took her into my arms, and we fell together on a bed that was conveniently placed in an adjoining room. I started trying to make love to her as a man, although it was all rather vague and hasty (I don't even think we took our clothes off) and I didn't notice any differences in my anatomy. Nevertheless, there was something very arousing about it and I quickly orgasmed. "It's always so much easier for men," I thought wryly—overlooking the fact that it is always easier in dreams anyway.

      FA: I woke up and immediately went to my computer to start writing my report, but I was having trouble accessing my word file. First I tried under "Open Recent," in Word since it's usually somewhere in that list, and when I didn't see it I tried typing the name of the file in the search box, but that didn't work either. I resorted to my back-up plan, dropping to desktop and clicking to the alias of my dream journal that I'd placed there, but even that failed for some reason. Since I actually do often have trouble accessing the file when I'm half-awake and hastening not to lose precious seconds of dream recall, it never occurred to me that my technical difficulties this time were evidence of an FA—even after discovering that my computer was in the middle of doing a full scan of some kind, and that my files were all locked until the scan was complete. Instead, I rationalized this by "remembering" that I had updated the OS just before I went to bed, and that concluded a mass file update was part of the process. Fortunately the progress bar was already at 56% and resolving quickly, so I waited it out. The OS shifted over to the new version, and now a new icon appeared on the top of all my window frames. It was a cartoon-like graphic of a noble male face haloed in a bright burst of sunlight, resembling a demigod or superhero. I figured this was the logo of the new OS, the name of which I knew at the time, but I wasn't paying much attention because finally I was able to open my dream journal file and start taking notes. Initially I started jotting down a lot of keywords and short phrases so I wouldn't lose any key events: "Navriela," and "four kittens" and "wine and cheese shop," and then started filling in the details.

      Eventually I woke up again and realized the last sequence had been an FA. Unfortunately my overall recall was now somewhat eroded the delay in waking up properly, especially of earlier sequences before I became aware that I was dreaming. I don't think there was ever a clear boundary or "aha" moment when I got lucid; it just seemed to naturally dawn upon me while I was walking down the path carrying the cat.

      NLD: I can partly recall an even earlier scene, non-lucid, where I was in a store, looking through horse halters. I was surprised to find horse supplies for sale at a mainstream store like this—it resembled a budget department store like a Target. I compared several halters but didn't like their quality or appearance. One that I rejected was covered with pale pink fake fur; another incorporated a fly mask but I wasn't sure if the eye holes would fit properly. I ended up rejecting them all and walking away. As I left, I noticed that the halters were on display in the children's section of the store, which annoyed me: why is horseback riding so often pigeonholed as an activity for young children? Certainly it helps to start young, but it takes years of practice to get any good at it. I think it was after walking out of the store that I was carrying the cat in my dress, where my dream report started, but the transition is unclear. I also now have no idea what the keywords "four kittens" was referring to, among all the notes I had recorded in my dreamed dream journal—so there is probably at least one lost scene.

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    8. 11-22-14 Ziplocked witch

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:40 PM
      My family lived in a really neat antique shop next to a vibrant brook in a weird lonely gnarly forest. The brook flooded one day in the spring and flowed into the store. One lady's display was ruined. I went to go see her. Everything was destroyed by the water, except for a very neat old professional film camera. She gave it to me. I went up to a different floor of the building and found my friend lounging on a balcony. I wanted to test out the camera so I filmed him. Then I rewound the tape and watched the playback. For a bit, we saw my footage, but then it abruptly cut off. Apparently there was different footage underneath mine on the tape. The image cut to two young women laying on a bed in their underwear, touching and fingering each other. I instantly turned off the camera and yelled, "I didn't film that!!"

      In another house in those same woods there lived an extremely ugly old witch. Her daughter, (yes, her daughter!) was protesting against her mother's overweening desire to cover her daughter in shredded cheddar cheese. They argued back and forth heatedly for a long time. The witch stated that when she was her daughter's age, she too was covered in cheese by her mother. With that, she shrunk her daughter, scooped her up and stuffed her into a ziplock bag filled with cheese. She rolled her around in there for a bit and then let her out and put her back to normal size. Then a narrator-sort-of voice on a voice-over deadpanned, "no one could ever mistake the old lady for a normal human being".

      I could jump really high and effortlessly but only if I constantly gave a thumbs up with both my hands.
    9. That Darn Cabbage

      by , 06-04-2014 at 01:50 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 12, 2013

      I had moved with my family into a new house, and I was clearing out my old room to move everything to my new room. When I got to the new room and was deciding where to put everything, I stopped for a moment to look around the room; it was an attic-style room, with sloped ceilings and a window-seat, but it was very bright. The walls were off-white and the floor was a light colored wood, though I'm not sure what kind of wood it was (I wouldn't have known in the waking world, either).

      My mom called me downstairs, since we were having a house-warming picnic type thing in the back yard, with our new neighbors and old friends. For some reason, Kristin's (my roommate) mom was there, too. She had a severe allergic reaction to something, and I had to get her medicine right away; so I got into my car, drove to the nearest pharmacy, and got medicine. I went back to the house, but someone had already helped her.

      Then, for some reason, people started asking me a bunch of favours; most of them involved driving places. It was as if I was the only one who had a car. One of the people asked me to drive them to their cousin's house to get something. Not wanting to disappoint people, I agreed to help them. When we got to her cousin's house, she went inside it and came back out with a large head of cabbage. She came up to the rolled down passenger window and handed me the cabbage, asking me to bring it back tothe picnic for her, since she had to stay at her cousin's place to help her do something.

      By the time I got back to the picnic, everyone had left, but my roommate's mom was still there. She frantically told me that the police had come looking for me, and that I should run away. I didn't ask any more questions and got back in my car and left. I still had the cabbage.

      Then, I watched a scene in another town or something; a 13-ish year old boy was in an old grown-over courtyard type area. There were broken-down statues in a circle surrounding a bird-bath type thing in the center. I think there were 12 statues in the circle, but am not totally sure, as I didn't count them. The boy was with his grandfather, and they looked like they were either searching for something or getting ready to leave the place.

      The boy was inspecting the fountain, and said, "I know what this place is..." and stood up straight to look at all the statues. He smiled and waved his hand, and a golden light filled the area as the statues were restored. The biggest one was a beautiful woman, and it started moving and floated in the air. I knew she was the boy's mother, and the boy's father was also in the circle, as well as his old friends and partners.

      It's hard to describe this because it was a feeling rather than a fact, but I'll give it a try: The woman and the rest of the things in the area were constructs of the boy's mind. He was projecting things he knew onto the statues; they weren't actually statues of his family and friends. He was manipulating the energy of the courtyard to be whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was to see his deceased friends and family, especially his mother.

      It all vanished when his grandfather warned him not to get lost in the fantasy. The boy nodded, and walked into one of the buildings around the courtyard. They were all abandoned. He dug a hole in the ground, since the floor had been stripped away from the building.

      Then I was back in my own body, but this dream sort of blended into a new dream; I had turned into a 12-ish year old girl, who was still on the run from the cops and still had a head of cabbage. Basically the only thing that changed was that I was no longer "Me."

      I was running bare-foot, through an abandoned area of town, and knew that the cabbage I held was why the police were after me. So I had to get rid of it somehow. I went into the closest building, and saw a hole in the ground where the floor had been stripped away. Even though I had just witnessed the boy digging the hole, I was ignorant of that whole part of the dream. I put the cabbage in the hole and started to cover it up, but the boy came into the room and asked why I was using the hole he'd dug. I almost screamed, but the boy was really nice and took my hand, leading me to his grandfather. They took me in, and again the courtyard lit up, to all of our surprise. The same woman from before told us that the boy and I were part of a prophesy and that we should stay together no matter what happened.

      Fast forward a year or two, and the boy and his grandfather and I had gained some acquaintances, though I don't remember anything about any of them. They were side-characters. We had also gained enemies, and we were infiltrating a cheese factory to get information on them; but it turned out they were also there, and so the boy and I split off from the group because we couldn't all stay together; we were too conspicuous.

      I was hiding behind a corner and looked through the half-opened double doors leading into a large room. Inside it, there were maybe five people, one of whom was in a Cheese mascot costume. He was getting angry and took off the costume, throwing it to the ground and shouting that he quit. He stormed out of the room and the people in it spotted me, and forced me to take the guy's place inside the cheese costume, because there was an event going on RIGHT NOW. I looked around but couldn't see the Boy I was with, and so I figured it would be best to be inside the costume because then no one would recognize me.

      I put it on and was led to a room filled with grade-schoolers. My job was to ask them questions about Parliament and give them candy when they got the right answers. They also got to put hats on me when they answered right (don't ask me why). After about ten minutes of that, I was given a DVD to show them; It was a short video jingle-riddle type thing. It was in German and it was about Gummy Bears. It went something like:

      These yummy bears
      were made at the Homeland
      but then the evil Westerners
      stole them away!

      I had thought, Oh, it's about Gummy Bears!
      And then I woke up.

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    10. Spider and Scorpion

      by , 04-07-2014 at 05:46 PM (sparkley guy dream journal)
      Me and my friend Darius were in school. We saw our 2 french teachers and there was a lottery thing or whatever where you spin. And beside that was 58 trillion dollars. I spun the lottery thing and got 56 thousand dollars and I turned into a spider while my friend turned into a Scorpion and then the french teachers turned into mice and we start to chase them cuz they had cheese and we went in a sewer and it just got weird. Thats all I remember
    11. 25.06.2012 - Non lucid dreams and LUCID DREAM, plus FA???

      by , 06-26-2012 at 03:00 PM
      Date: 24/06/2012
      Place: Friend's sofa
      Time of getting into bed: 3.02am

      Dream 1 - Not sure weather lucid or not.....
      I am really unsure about this dream. Could anyone tell me weather it was lucid or not?

      In my dream, I am counting my fingers as a RC. I have 5 fingers so figure it must be real, however I don't trust it, and keep counting, over and over. Eventually, I stare at my hands and an extra finger appears. Thinking 'I must be lucid' I then plug my nose and can breathe. However unlike LDs I have had before, I don't think I fully comprehend that I am dreaming. I am in my old bedroom in my mums house, but I think that this is normal, and it is my current bedroom. I climb out of bed and my mum's dog runs into the room, happy to see me. He jumps and licks me, very excited! I fuss him a little bit, give him some cuddles then take him out the room because I am worried he will wake my partner who is sleeping. Outside, I get on my knees and rub the carpet, trying to stabilize myself. The carpet is mint green. The dream has no danger of fading, but that's because it doesn't feel real, it feels like a dream. I now stand and think for a moment, I am unsure what I want to do now I am lucid. I decide to fly, as everyone raves about how good it is. I leap out of the window bravely, which is my old hallway window in my childhood house (long since been bricked up) I plummet towards the concrete floor below, but shut my eyes and say 'I can fly' and I sweep back into the sky just in time. I fly a bit, singing to myself, then dive down a chimney to see what I will find. I enter a 'Xmas' type themed area, with Xmas trees, presents, etc etc. I tell myself that was obvious, of couse I will associate Xmas with chimneys cos that's where santa goes. I started singing again and find my voice is perfect, although the song is cheesy and lame. I wake up, because my partner is moving in the bed next to me. Once I am awake, my partner offers me some cheese. I tell him about my LD and he tells me it's because I ate cheese before bed. I eat some more (it's got breadcrumbs on it) and my best friend is also in bed with us. We laugh for a while about my LD, and then I wake up for real because my friend's cat jumps on my head. Was this a FA?

      I actually doubt weather I really knew I was dreaming, or if I was dreaming about myself being lucid, and didn't really know I was not there. If that makes sense. It felt like a regular dream.

      Dream 2 - Non Lucid dream

      My notes are rather bad. They basically say:

      ''Water gun fight - fighting someone in a dream... drive by car and squirt?''

      I don't remember anything.

      Dream 3 - Non Lucid dream

      I am robin from Batman and Robin. I am watching something, or someone. Either training or as part of a job. I go through some sort of test / task, and get put to sleep. I am not struggling, but letting them put me to sleep. The person doing it is an older man, nice to me, although I get the feeling he is going to do something to me while I am asleep that he shouldn't. Possibly sexual. Later on I have awoken, and I am in plain clothes on the london underground tube. I may be part of a secret operation.

      LUCID DREAM - I don't know??!!!
      HUGE Batman / Robin fan
    12. Jazz Skanking and Flirting About Cheese

      by , 04-03-2012 at 05:56 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      On holiday for a few days with the fam, with pretty shoddy recall apart from this first night, where I remembered two:



      I'm going to a rave, but make a stop at my mate's house [though it looked nothing like it]. Once inside the club, I see various friends, old and new, and begin to get drunk. By the end of the night, I'm dancing with a girl I used to know [but in no way find attractive] but in an old fashioned, no-touching way. Any sudden advances I make are quickly parred away, as if it were the 1940s, so I stay back and skank unnecessarily to the jazz music being played. I'm wearing sunglasses at this point, looking like a complete fool, and it doesn't come as a surprise when I think I hear people laughing at me.

      It's nearly the end of the night and I'm getting frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement I've been getting, so I spin the girl round to face me in an attempt to bring her in closer. This doesn't work, and instead I get lightly told off. Conceding, I peck her on the lips and leave the club - but not before someone from my old school walks past me with wearing no underwear.

      All my friends have left at his point, and the night is coming to an end. I can't remember any of the night, despite not being that drunk, and I realise my mistake at not finding something to drop. I return to my mate's house, but it's empty. I ring my friends to no avail, so go to bed. Suddenly, one of the friends I tried to ring is in the bed next to mine, and starts talking.

      What's really interesting is that the room was the same as the one I was staying in that night (on holiday) and on waking up in the morning, I still believed my friend was in the next bed for at least 2 to 3 minutes. A reverse false awakening of sorts.


      I'm in a kitchen of a flat in my uni accommodation with a friend of mine and several random metalheads. We're eating pizza, but not just ANY pizza, this pizza's musical. Each slice corresponds to a section of the song that's playing in the background, and you're restricted to eating only the corresponding slice when it's played.

      When everyone leaves, I begin to flirt with a girl I've never met about cheese. I'd love to know what I said specifically, but whatever it was, she was loving it. I go back to her room briefly, and put her block of cheese on her windowsill
      [no, that's not a euphemism], still flirting strong.

      Once I've left, I walk up some stairs to the main part of uni, past a huge crowd of people returning from a football match. My old head of sixth form begins to give a speech on a stage in the middle of the crowd, which soon gets overrun by students in a flash mob. Almost spontaneously, however, some pick up guitars and begin to play together.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. The Plasma Lightning Train Jail Experience...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 07:41 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      14th of January, 2012

      Finally, I'm up to date with my online journal! This was a pretty bizarre one, too.

      I don't remember how it started but my recollection comes in when I was going downstairs into this dingy little store to buy fried chicken.
      After I got it, me and two others went to commit some sort of crime. It basically involved being in this field and sneaking around but there were lights everywhere and we got caught pretty much straight away and were arrested. I’m not sure if we actually ever went to jail, but most of the dream we were on our way there in some form or another. Except for one part in the middle where I was in a jungle village with monster people. But I have no idea what that was about.

      Anyway, at one point my uncle was driving us to jail when I noticed lightning striking in a field nearby. It was really slow moving and kind of seeped from the sky into the ground. We went to check it out and where it had struck there were wispy streaks of plasma all over the ground. It looked totally awesome. My uncle got too close to the stuff and it jumped towards him and zapped him. Though you couldn’t really call it a ‘zap’; it was too mellow. Where it touched him, it was like when you put your finger over a torch and your skin glows red. In fact, come to think of it, the whole thing was like those Plasma Balls, slow moving and glowing where you touch it...but more wispy. So he slumped over and was all kinds of screwed up having just been electrocuted but I jumped in and revived him. I went over to check more closely this strange material and discovered that it was in fact coming out of camembert cheese!
      We jumped back into the car and did some burnouts through an outdoor kitchen and then settled down and continued on our way to jail.

      Somehow we ended up on a train that was filling with gas, so this guy gave me earphones to put on that played music that turned into oxygen. I told him that was stupid and couldn’t possibly work but then the train crashed down a mountainside anyway. Somehow we all survived (it was a Hell of a wreck) and wound up back on another, more Western style steam train where some dusty cowboy was trying to give people a baby.

      I’m sure more happened but I can’t remember the rest and frankly, don’t really want to.

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    14. The Healthy Mix

      by , 11-02-2011 at 11:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Spectrum office/At home in the living room, watching the computer/TV. The "show" on the computer/TV seems to be a boy who is chatting on a computer, and seems to be showing him from a computer camera on top of the computer screen.

      Then I was in a mall. Or a shoe store, with a weird exit/entrance. I was with mom/sis. Someone's about to buy a veeery weird shoe, which is very high, and has red, strawberry-like design.

      I was walking in the city. Late afternoon. I met a person who I haven't seen before. He's an old man who's also a Wiccan, and we talked. He walked to his store, and he commented how I look a lot better (healthier). I told him I have minimized my smoking, since I only smoke if I'm in the company of smokers, which isn't very often. I remember animals pass by as we talked about this, from our right to our left, mostly ducks and some dogs.

      Upon arriving, we continued talking, and then he set up a food mix. With two live fish, and I think two live shrimp (all are bigger than normal ones) inside a plastic. They're all still moving slightly. The fishes are catfish, I think. The shrimps are brownish. Then there are also a mix of fruits and other stuff. The rest are mixes of fruits. I can recall the colors red (reminded me of strawberry) and orange/yellow (reminded me of pineapple), inside transparent plastic bags filled with white stuff. The whole thing reminded me of a salad.

      And cheese. Me mentioned cheese several times, adding it here and there. There's a "glass" where he "insert" inside the plastic and squeeze, "mixing" the whole thing, and then "putting" them back in their particular container.

      Seeing that the fishes and shrimps are still moving, and partially tearing the plastic, I asked for a bigger bag to put everything in.

      I think all of them are for a recipe, and also has magickal significance. Not sure what. I just accepted it.

      When I was about to leave, I asked for his number, and I wanted to make sure that I got it correctly, since it is very difficult to catch him. I recall it started with 0906, and then had 34 and 0, but I couldn't remember it all.


      - Afternoon dream
      - Raining, cold
      - Listening to Brian Mercer & Robert Bruce MAP week 2 morning affirmation
      - Woke up aware of what I'm doing and successfully returned to dream several times
    15. Museum Gallery and Fragments for July 27 2011

      by , 07-29-2011 at 12:17 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I go to the Cincinnati Art Museum with L.H. and Clinton McK. We're there for a special gallery that I've already visited. It contains primarily works by Normal Rockwell, but there are also cases filled with intricate old clocks. The centerpiece is an installation called the "Wall of Memories," which is comprised of hundreds of small video screens. Sometimes they each show a different scene, but the most impressive moments are when all screens act in unison to create a larger picture. An idyllic country scene starts to play as we leave the gallery.

      Clinton stays behind as L.H. and I head out. Unexpectedly, she breaks out into a run, and I have to move very fast to catch her. My movement is like a gliding run, almost a skating motion, but I am only wearing shoes. When we reach obstacles and stairs I vault over them, eventually ending up in an auditorium like that from a previous dream about the Cincinnati Museum Center. I recognize this and go very semi-lucid; sensations are more real but I lack control. For whatever reason I start eating a delicious hunk of Cheddar cheese.

      2. I go with L.H. as my date, to a grade school reunion, which ends badly. I distinctly remember myself saying, "These people made me the neurotic wreck I am today," but little else.

      3. I'm watching ice hockey, and the goalie is making a series of incredible saves.
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