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    1. Lucid and Flew - September 9

      , 09-10-2018 at 07:39 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 9 2018

      I was walking through a large paved road which felt like a walkway through a large park. It was a sunny morning or afternoon. The lawns on either side were lined with large oaks with twisting branches. There were passerby walking in either direction. Suddenly I became lucid and started running! I looked back and saw a DC. I turned around fully again, expecting to see a coworker from one of my college jobs*, and she was there! I was running backwards at this point to let her catch up, but for some reason couldn't stop or change directions, and instead had to run backwards, slower. When I reached her I made some conversation about the fact that I was dreaming, and she seemed thrilled. I took her hand and we started running together. We passed a few trucks (possibly ice cream trucks or food trucks) and signs, and I was able to read them clearly. I asked her whether she had ever flown before, and she responded that she hadn't, all she had ever done was float. I told her that that was a good start and we lifted off.

      I can feel the wind on my face and body and we're still holding hands (platonically). We weren't doing superman poses or anything specifically to indicate that we were flying, just setting my intention on a direction and going there. It was a great sensation. The oaks stretched even farther up now, and I bobbed and weaved through the twisted outstretched branches. I had a few near misses but overall had pretty good control.

      I decided to go higher than the trees and went skyward. At which point I could see in the top of my field of vision three or four wooden planks arranged like ceiling blade fans. I passed above the planks and at that point there were flat planes rushing past us. I looked down at my hands and while still holding my coworker's hands, I pushed my finger through my palm -- I felt some resistance at first but asserted "I'm dreaming" and was able to do it. Then I felt the dream stabilize a bit.

      As I looked back up, I saw that it was approaching dusk with a sunset in front of us. Underneath was a large wooden building with multiple levels with wraparound balconies. It reminded me of the restaurant I worked at for a while. I approached it and landed on the roof (it may have just been me at this point). I saw a small shack/building on the roof. Upon further examination it looks similar to a dollhouse made of craft wood -- I can clearly see the seems and the semi-gloss finish on the wood. The dream
      fades quickly.

      Note: I woke up from this dream at 6am on my left side.

      Summary of other NLs:
      I'm in a kitchen by a white door with glass panes near the head and the foot. The house reminds me of a classmate from my high school band's house. There were multiple locks that were complicated and kind of hard to turn. Once I turned them, my anonymous DC sidekick switched some small levers which had clear writing on them in a row. There is a silhouette outlined in the door and I think what lies behind it is a dark garage. I have a serious talk with my DC sidekick. We open the door and go through, and pass through the dark garage (felt ominous, there were other silent DCs there).

      I'm in a garden/walkway with a girl. We look up and see bright flashing in the clouds above. It takes a triangluar shape and turns into a spaceship with clear writing on it (reminded me for some reason of the writing on a bus or van). We run over hill after hill and past trees to keep seeing it. Each time we get it back into our field of vision it's more detailed. Finally we see that there is a ledge on the back of it and there are giant women sitting there. They send down some smaller but still giant women who fire beams at us. We run in the opposite direction and become extremely cartoon-like in our actions. I fuse with her and our arms and chest start spinning; there are now two copies of me, one driving the process and one fused with her. We fire beams back at the giants chasing us as we run down a dirt path in the garden. This dream repeats twice or thrice featuring different versions (ages, genders, ethnicities, other factors changed) of both me and the girl. Very vivid and very surreal.

      I'm at a store getting various items (I remember some onion bread buns in a bag that I got IWL from Walmart). I get some impulse items that I know my fiancee will be mad at me about. It's a pretty long dream as I go down the aisles. Finally I go down the clearance/general/jam aisle, where I find a stack of fresh papers. Underneath the papers I find some that I've drawn on (during my visit or my past several visits). I try to consolidate them as they're spaced out between blank pages. Someone passes me in the aisle and notices one full-color one I've done, I look up and say it's nothing, then look back down and it's even more polished and is the cover to a small booklet or magazine (maybe a doujin). I consolidate them all and tuck them into the bottom for safe keeping.

      I'm in a large bathroom with long white counters and four or five sinks stretching out to the right and left, separated by double doors. I'm at the sink closest to the door on the right counter. The stalls are behind us. There are some middle-aged men holding bags and placing their miscellany on the counters, it looks like stuff you would get in those cap-balls from the 25 cent machines (where you turn the handle). Mixed in are brass gears and writing utensils.

      *With my ability to summon DCs, it seems like I pretty much pick them at random; I haven't thought about these people in years but for some reason my lucid mind thinks "Gee, I would love to see X random acquanitance." I suspect that as I get better about remembering dream goals and incorporating my awareness of waking life, I'll be able to make more logical/planned decisions within my lucids.
    2. 251115: The Junkyard, Hot Air Balloon Giant, The Room

      by , 11-25-2015 at 08:44 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a junkyard, it's small and has a few shipping containers, some junk around. The ground is moist and muddy. I walk through it and see the edge of the small woods to the end of it, sun trickles through the branches and I see a new round being built. A teacher of mine comes around, says hi and wonders what I'm doing here. (Was I looking for him, hoping to bump into him?) I lie and say I was just passing through, as not to creep him out.

      I see in the junk to my right a bunch of old X-Files DVD boxes and other merchandise, at least seasons 3 and 4, the best ones. I collect them up, what a find! I see clips of the upcoming season in my mind, I see agent Reyes. it's as if watching these is preparation for the new season. I see what look like promo clips. I try to find a website or a place to see the whole plot of the X-files game as well, haven't played the one for PS2.

      Grandparent's old house, I look into the cupboard by the door, see the X-files things there with the Christmas decorations, there is a finality to it, as if seeing it for the last time.

      I'm in the parking lot of my grandparent's old house, there is some kind of event, lots of people there and a stage. On stage there is a family, a husband and wife with two children performing. The husband is hitting his leg with a small drum stick with a fluffy head to make a beat, I follow suit.

      I look at the lawn, it's a summer day, and I see beyond the trees a giant woman, young, in her mid twenties in a red sweater. Her movements are like those of a hot air balloon, kind of has that appearance, otherworldy. Her giant boyfriend comes and hugs her and they lumber off walking over me as I look up.

      I pass some playing kids and begin to run into the dark forest on all fours, at first I think it's weird but it works really well, feels natural. I go amazingly fast.

      In a room, the light overhead is orangey and overbearing. It's like a children's room. I'm trapped in it with a man and a woman who are also prisoner. I wait for our captor to return. I lose all hope and somehow it gives me strength. Resolving that I will risk dying to escape, I prepare to rush my captor, in my mind I whisper "I am now free".
    3. Annoying Lab Member, Some Naughty Giants, and a Troublesome Lawnmower

      by , 01-31-2015 at 02:54 PM
      Night 5: A couple NL Dreams & WBTB

      Night 6: DILD
      I became lucid after an old lab group member tried to kick me. I caught his foot and lifted him up in the air by his ankles, then his torso turned into a pair of legs. So his body was composed of 4 legs that were whimsically dangling about. I thought that was strange, so I did a RC and realized I was dreaming. I dropped the legs and then excitedly ran to the door to get outside. I started to float upwards and tried to phase through the wall, but it was solid as fuck. I tried 4 times before I woke up.

      Night 7: WILD/DEILD:

      ~Dreamer~ whispered in my ear when I woke up that I should try to DEILD and I thought that was a great idea! The dream started with me talking to a giant that was about 30-50 feet tall. He said that he wanted to crush me but I was trying to convince him that we could be friends. He didn't want any of my friendship and he summoned a flaming boulder at his feet which he then proceeded to hurl at me. I ran away to try and avoid conflict. He threw several flaming boulders at me, they exploded into piles of ember and lava upon hitting the ground. I deftly dodged them while running away.

      I thought about running into a house to hide, but then I realized that I was powerful enough in dreams that I could totally kick this guy's ass. I noticed another giant that was standing outside of the house I was going to run into. I summoned a flaming boulder at his feet, lifted it into the air then made it explode into several smaller boulders. I then made all of the smaller boulders fly in the air and smash into his face simultaneously. I then turned around and saw the other giant still chasing at me. I lifted a flaming boulder that he was about to throw at me up into the air and made all of the fire get sucked out of it, then I made it form a fiery fist. I made the flame fist fly around in the air and then punch the giant square in the face. He recoiled a little bit.

      I tried to think about what else I wanted to do in the dream and I remembered that I love to eat stuff in dreams. I summoned a watermelon in the giant's hands which he then threw at me. It smashed on the ground into perfect slices. I got down on my hands and knees and started to eat the yummy red deliciousness with my face hole.

      I noticed that the dream was starting to end so I made time slow down until it was completely frozen. I imagined that I was pausing the dream scene so that I could return to it later to mess around with those naughty giants a little bit more.
      Woke up.


      I had been trying to WILD for awhile when I realized that I might just be dreaming of trying to WILD. I did a reality check and air went through my closed mouth.
      Still not entirely sure that I was really dreaming, I carefully got out of bed. Dreamer was clinging to my body really tightly and so I had trouble moving. She kind of fell out of bed with me, onto the ground. I decided that I would carry her with me while I go on adventures! I heard this strange lawnmower sound outside and tried to stay in the dream but I woke up.


      After trying to WILD again for a while, I felt my dream hands and legs start to move separately from my waking life hands and legs. I moved them around while focusing on them to bring myself more into the dream. I did an epiglottis block RC just to be sure and then I got out of bed when I no longer felt my waking life body. I then started to bring Dreamer's DC with me on a lucid adventure, when I heard that damn lawnmower sound outside again. Woke up once more

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    4. Fragments

      by , 01-19-2015 at 10:57 PM
      I'm looking at a man lying on the floor, bound in ropes, while a woman talks to me about him. He doesn't have a shirt and the ropes are cutting into his skin, I can smell blood, though he's otherwise unhurt. I can't see his face. The woman's saying, "We would walk a (something) of this guy. (Something long) lest he move-" I'm thinking that this situation reminds me of something I did under Charlemagne's rule.

      FK, catching up with Janette. She's shocked to learn I haven't turned anyone since we separated in 1683 - it's been a century or two since then. She finds it impossible to imagine spending all that time without your own kind.

      On the subject of writing, the man I'm speaking with is arguing that using a gateway to hell as a plot device is trite. The gateway to hell should be the book itself, not a device.

      Walking aimlessly down the halls of the McKittrick Hotel, I was considering passing the time at Hecate's replica bar - she'll be out for a while yet but it's always possible someone interesting will stop in. But I heard the beautiful sound of a piano coming from the room just beyond the bar's entrance, and followed it, and met a classical composer who I could not convince to give me his name.

      I'm trying to hold a conversation with a giant. He's holding an ax, the blade of which is currently buried in the roof of a building, and there are a few terrified people running away - they're being very loud and making it difficult for me to continue our conversation. But the giant's just thanked me for something, and I respond in disbelief, "You thanked a jinxed magician." That's something you shouldn't do, very bad luck.
    5. Two Types of Giants

      by , 10-17-2014 at 04:17 PM
      Morning of October 17, 2014. Friday.

      In my first dream, I start to go out the back door into the backyard of our present home. Before I get outside, I notice, to my right, a long row of watermelons growing on an oversized watermelon plant. They are each about twice the size of a real one and also longer than normal. At first I am in awe about the overgrowth and wonder why they have not yet been picked or used. I then start to think about how we could live on them for a long time. They look very healthy and nutritious.

      My above dream experience was seemingly triggered in a telepathic sense (for lack of a better term), as my wife saw a very large watermelon on a television show she had watched and not mentioned it to me at all. She said she had been wondering how they grew so big. This happens continuously from day to day though; that is - dreaming of something Zsuzsanna had been focused on but not told me about. There is, however, an interpretation at that level regardless of the other influences. It always relates to an interesting and complex very personal synchronicity.

      In another dream, there is a foundry that is somewhat rundown but still in operation in an unknown town. Two unknown males are working at the time. They seem to be in a cheerful mood. There are numerous giant antlions (both larva and adult flying form) that come in, seemingly endless in number. They (the larvae) are each about the size of a watermelon. Many of them (mostly the larvae) end up falling into a deep shaft or deep vertical pipeline where they are apparently incinerated. The multitude of these giant insects does not seem that threatening a situation even though they seem to be all over the world. Their being trapped like this seems to be some sort of coordinated effort to decrease their population.

      It is curious that both watermelons and antlions represent sensuality, the first in a positive life-enriching sense, the second in a negative sense regarding commitment (in fact, the main genus of antlion is Myrmeleon, an amusing but unintentional distorted play on ďmy melonĒ). Watermelons, with their round curves and pink flesh, are nourishing, while ants go so far and then are committed to their choice and cannot get away from their involvement no matter how much they tread ground. This is probably me contemplating how I see myself in contrast to society. I have had fulfilling sensuality most of my life, especially over the last twenty years, yet at some levels, see human society as an ďinfestationĒ, yet not without a ďfoundryĒ to reshape potential.

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    6. Magica

      by , 02-03-2014 at 06:07 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Magica (Non-lucid)


      Note: I have been watching "Puella Magi Madoka Magica," a magical girl anime with a ridiculously dark plot. My dream is based on this.

      An evil witch has trapped my friends and I in a large castle. Within the castle are metal giants that are systematically hunting us down. No matter where we hide, the giants always find us. One of my powers as a magical girl is increased intuition, which allows me to discover that the witch is somehow seeing through our eyes to alert the giants of our location.

      Squeezing my eyes shut so that I (and the witch) can no longer see where I am, I stumble blindly through the castle. I manage to avoid the giants and confront the witch.

      However, our leader Homura has been using the entire situation as a distraction so that she could get to Kyubey, the being who turned us into magical girls. She kills Kyubey, ensuring that no other innocent girls get pulled into this madness. Unfortunately, our own contracts are still active so we must continue our fight. The witch escapes in the aftermath.

      *time lapse*
      Some time passes. I have recieved a burst of intuition involving something known as the "Black Fox." I try to get in touch with Homura, but she is nowhere to be found. I have a terrible feeling that something big is about to happen.

      Currently, I'm visiting my dad on a farm that he seems to own. He is working on one of his cars and tells me that he needs a new brake system for it. "Would you call Advanced Auto and see what kind of system I need for this car?" he asks me.

      "You know more about it than I do, why can't you call them?" Before he can answer, someone pulls up nearby in a van. A silver-haired woman in a wheelchair rolls out to meet us. To my supreme irritation, I realize it is the most annoying reporter in the world (who I have actually dreamed about before, a long time ago). She is a retired magical girl, whose wish upon making her contract with Kyubey was to be a famous news reporter. She clearly wants an interview with me, for some reason.

      "I have nothing to say to you," I snap before she can speak.

      Ignoring me, she begins filming. Her camera is a laptop that she has set up on her wheelchair. "Woah, I did NOT give you permission to film me!" I exclaim. I don't need my enemies knowing anything about where I am. I immediately turn around and back into the camera, so she is filming nothing but my rear. She continues trying to question me, so I walk backwards, pushing her wheelchair as I go. She screams in protest the entire time until I finally push her off down a hill.

      Laughing triumphantly, I return to my dad. "I figured out what kind of brake system I need," he tells me. "Will you help me buy it online? It's called the Black Fox."

      I freeze at the name. The Black Fox? What could my father's brake system have to do with my vision? Deciding to find out, I tell him I'll help. He pulls the product up almost instantly on ebay, under a seller that is CLEARLY my roommate. "Um, I have to make a phone call."

      I leave the room to call Alex, asking her about the Black Fox. "I found the brake system in my house this morning," she tells me. "Whoever put it there must have also hacked into my Ebay account. I don't know, it sounds like something Homura might do. You should ask her."

      I call Homura, who finally answers. She only gives me really cryptic information that doesn't answer any of my questions.
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    7. 14th Nov 2013 Fragments, Dragons-warriors

      by , 11-14-2013 at 02:52 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      There was a story about three dragons-warriors which used massive weapons to fight whole enemy armies. Then they were back to base and were talking with each other and other dragons. Then they were called to meet the leader, which was even bigger and with even more massive weapon, he said that he will give them more power and told them to do something specific, but then discussion started and one of warriors borrowed leader's weapon temporarily, he said that he was ok with it. Then everyone started roaring collectively and dream ended into brief FA.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing star trek online and there was something weird about leveling.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was something about portals and different dimension in which giants lived. There was huge circus and bus going out, and in the bus in random mug little horse and a girl were hiding.
    8. Giants in the Antarctic

      by , 02-26-2013 at 08:19 PM (Ultra-Rad Dreamage Supreme)
      I had a dream last night that was kind of nightmarish. My coworkers Dan, Dustin, and I were all giants; like Gulliver's Travels size, so that as we waded through the ocean the waves lapped up against our knees. We were wading our way down towards Antarctica. Why? When you're that tall, why not?

      We got to the south pole, and from my perspective, the entirety of the Antarctic continent was about the size of an extra large pizza with a conical shaped mountain in the center. We stood around it, gawking and joking about how small it was in person. For some odd reason, I remember dipping my finger into the waters just offshore of the continent and schools of tuna would swarm around it. They would disperse and reconvene as I raised and dipped my finger, so I did it for a little bit out of amusement.

      I turned my attention back to the continent, and the was a yellow mamba snake coiled around the mountain wearing a yellow cloth hood (?). Dan and Dustin encouraged me to grab it and toss it, but I was so terrified I couldn't move (actually sleep paralysis). I tried to back away from the snake, worried it would turn around and strike, but I literally could not move because my body was still in sleep paralysis. Eventually my bod came to and in turn I awoke from the dream. Snake averted!
    9. Walkers and Giants

      by , 01-15-2013 at 05:33 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 14, 2012

      Review: The dream starts out with us hiding from walkers. We literally shrink and find the giants of suburbia scary.

      Walkers and Giants
      It feels like the walking dead. Civilization has collapsed but our community remains strong. We were all hunkered down on a farm, away from the danger. Though I never saw any zombies, as the days would pass more and more people would disappear. Among the community, there were whispers of the plague worsening and that this place isn't safe.

      As a group we made the decision to leave the farm and find a new place to hide in. We found a mansion. Naturally because we assumed we were the only survivors, we didn't think of it as breaking an entry. But that's when we heard the dogs.

      Looking down the hallway I can see the shadows of the mansions owners as they were pampering their dogs. The whole group got silent. Theres people living here! But that wasn't why we were suddenly quiet. It was the dogs. Based on the shadow, these dogs were gigantic. We would be rag dolls in their months! But the owner was proportionate to the dogs, meaning the owners were also abnormal giants.

      "What the fuck is going on?"

      "How can dogs be that big?"

      "Shutup or they'll hear us!"

      No one wanted to disturb the giants who seemed a lot scarier than zombies. So the whole group sneaks back downstairs. We had to get through a door before reaching the ground level. The knob was squeaky.

      "Did you hear that?" It was the owner talking to his dog. Based on the shadows, the owner opened his door and let his massive muts out. The group panics and now we have a mob of people trying to squish themselves through a door. "HURRY, OPEN THE DOOR!"

      "Not that way, not that way! Get away from the door" I knew the owner was going to head straight for the source of the noise, the door! When I heard the giant dogs coming I ran in the opposite direction instead. I quickly ran upstairs and locked myself in a bedroom. One dog followed me. He barks and barks and pushes on the door. I could barely keep it close.

      "Sweety, what are you barking at?" Its a girls voice, the daughter? He has a whole family here? As she opens the bedroom door, I just hang on for dears life on the other side. Hidden from view, she tells her mut "See? There's nothing here silly."

      She closes the door nice and shut. Yes! Go! Go! Shoo! But the dog insists on barking at me. "Hmm..on second thought, maybe I should thoroughly inspect the room."

      Fuck! I look around me frantically. Wait? A window? And its open! I leap out. I land in the backyard. Another giant dog chained up. But there's a normal sized horse. Another member of my group had the same idea. He mounts his stolen horse and rides away. I hop on my stolen horse and ride out in the same direction. On this rare occasion, riding a horse felt realistic.

      I magically knew that the new hideout was just on the other side of the street, passed the mansions private forest. The new hideout was a, cooler? I would have to shrink just to go inside, but sis is waiting for me. I enter the new "cooler" hideout.

      It was very cramped...."Is there space for me?"

      "Its about time you showed up, staying with us this time?"

      I couldn't make more than three steps without bumping into something. So I just chilled out by the door. I couldn't lay down, so I just slept leaning against the wall.

      The next morning we woke up hearing massive footsteps outside our cooler. Its the daughter, she retrieves her horse. I'm freaking out thinking 'She's seen our cooler? Whats next?'. The group abandons the cooler and everyone goes their separate ways.

      Now its just me and sis. Sis kept blabbing on and on and on and I kept telling her "shhhhh....the giants will hear us! Do you wanna be squished??" I decided to go ahead and scope out the private forest of the mansion. Maybe its large enough to hide in plain sight.

      But when I scoped it out I had a horrifying realization. What I thought was a huge forest property was nothing more but a regular front yard with some scattered bushes. It only looked like a forest because for some reason we were so much tinier. Not only that, but through their yard I could see the rest of suburbia!

      These folks aren't giants, they're regular sized people! We were the ones who were different. Being tiny people in suburbia seemed even scarier than giants or zombies! "We have to get out of here!"

      I lead sis through suburbia desperately looking for a safe place to stay for the night. We walked through an intersection with a gas stop and a car almost ran us over! The car comes to a screeching halt.

      "Woah, take a look at these cats. They're weird looking. They're hind legs are straight like people legs."

      "You're right! Are those really..cats?"

      What? I take a look at sis and realize - not only are we tiny, were not even human! "Come on" I lead my cat-monster-sis to some bushes that we can hide in for the rest of the night. The next day suburbia was all abuzz about these tiny monsters that have invaded town. The mansion owners released falcons to track us down. Revealing our location, the humans quickly came with their long sticks, nets and cages.

      I thought about the others. How could we ever reach them or hear from them again?

      Me and sis evaded the humans and ran into a real forest. We lived there for sometime, just the two of us. Then, some humans who were walking along our creek find us and threaten to skin us like animals. I get pissed off, tired of it all, and transform into a normal sized gargoyle. But before I could show those humans what a real monster looks like - I woke up.

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    10. NFL Match at a Market After School

      by , 07-17-2011 at 09:09 AM
      I was with 2 of my friends at school and we were just talking about NFL (I think) but then one of them said something about a match being played right now.

      So we got the bus and went to the market and strangely there was a NFL field in the market. While I was watching the match I was also playing it as it turned out to be Madden NFL 09 (probably becuase I stopped playing NFL games) I was playing as the Giants (my team) the ball was already in the red zone and it only took 3 plays to get a touchdown.

      After that I went to my friend and told him we won.

      Dream Fragment

      I was playing Saints Row 2 and there were loads of saved games when I usually save one.

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    11. Mini City in a Warehouse, Killer Marshmallow Men,and a Nazi Scientist's Experimental Dream Facility

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:42 PM
      This dream was insane, Iíve never dreamt anything like it. It started out with my friends and I inside of a city, that was inside of a warehouse. None of the buildings inside were real, nor were they the size of actual buildings, but they were still semi-large. The tallest building was probably about 10-15 feet tall. The warehouse was huge and divided into rooms, but I didnít discover this until later. The room I was currently inÖ Itís hard to say how big it was, if I were to talk around itís perimeter it would probably take about 10 minutes or so.

      I was walking around with my friend Kyle, and my cousin Trey maybe? Iím unsure of who I was with, but Iím pretty certain Kyle was one of them, and that most of my friends were there at some point. We were just walking around the city until we came to a guy, in front of whom was a cylindrical ash tray sort of thing, similar to the ones at my school. Inside of it were bunches of electronic cigarettes that contained THC-liquid instead of nicotine. We walked up and tried them, and the guy said it was ok to take as much as we want. I took a hit and then felt really weird, not high, but very different. The guy told me I could take another and I did.

      Thatís when people ran by, and then I saw a huge shadow on the ground. The guy selling the e-cigs told us to run and we did. There was a giant walking around that looked like the marshmallow giant from ghost busters, except he wasnít super huge, his size was proportionate to the smaller scale of the city height. I wasnít necessarily afraid, but I didnít want to find out what happened if the giant caught me. Eventually he passed by and then I leaped onto a building. It wasnít very big, it was about 10 feet tall and has a 5x5 perimeter. I looked around and I could see the giants shadows, there were three now, and one looked like the pilsbury doughboy. I think this is when I realized I was dreaming, because of the height I jumped and the odd scale of the city.

      I decided to ignore and forget about the giants and I leaped down. I was walking and I saw a group of people, I donít remember who all of them were, but I remember one was this girl I knew from high school and hadnít seen in a long time. I approached her and started undressing her, her naked body was kind of weird looking and not very sexually stimulating. At this point my dream collapsed. I was sitting in the darkness. It felt like my eyes were closed inside of my dream, so I attempted to open my dream eyes, but then it felt like I was opening my real eyes so I stopped and sat in darkness. I started thinking about the person I was just looking at and then poof. Dream reinstated!

      I reentered the same dream, but I entered it at an earlier point in the dream that had already passed. I had just gotten down from the building and was already halfway to the girl I knew. I walked up to her again and she was pissed about what I had done earlier. I just ignored her and decided to explore, Brandon was coming with me.

      We started walking around and we found a door. We entered it and it took us into a house almost. To my left was a hallway shaped like a T with a door in the center, and possibly doors at the ends of the horizontal hallway. To might right was a wall with a door on it. The doors were all wooden. In front of me was a living room, and to my back left was a little kitchen. I decided to try the door on my right first. I walked through it and found myself in this weird warehouse-type room. It wasnít as large as the warehouse in which the city was in. I could have walked around this one in a minute, easily a minute if I ran.

      There was a metal ramp that led up then switched back and went up higher to a control room looking sort of thing. There was also some type of machine in the room. I walked up the ramps and approached the controls to find that there were four or five key inputs. Prior to this I had thought I was in some type of Korean facility, but upon reading some papers I found at the control center I realized I was in a German facility. Thatís when it hit me somehow. I gained this belief, Iím not sure where it came from, but I was in some type of experimental dream facility. It had been created and abandoned long ago, I hypothesized it had been created by nazi scientists who were conducting dream-related experiments. This place was a product of their experiments and existed in the dream realm maybe? - is what I thought (remember the part of your brain responsible for logic is largely inactive while you are dreaming)

      Unfortunately I couldnít read German so I began examining the machine. I concluded that I need a key for each key insert to activate the machine. I decided I wanted to activate the machine because it must have been the reason I was there. I went back into the room with the living room and kitchen and tried the door in the middle of the T next. It took me into an office. Inside was a nice leather chair and nice office furniture. There were book shelves and other decorations about. I began opening the desk drawers and searching for a key.

      Up until this point my dream had collapsed at least three additional times. Every time I just waited in the darkness for it to come back, refusing to try to open my eyes. I sat there, or rather existed there, thinking about the dream I was having until Iíd reenter it. I began to suspect I was approaching the end of my REM-cycle and concluded it was the reason my dream kept cutting out; my body was trying to wake up, but I wasnít letting it. While searching for the key however, I unfortunately woke up. I tried going back to sleep, but I did not reenter that same dream. Instead I began having these extremely short nonsensical dreams that always began in a random place and didnít go anywhere. I woke up from these short dreams repeatedly.
    12. A lot of water and a white tiger.

      by , 12-02-2010 at 08:15 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am at a water front resort and there is a dark unseen presence pursuing me. I am scrambling over and through waterfront shops and bars to hide myself and often find that I am trying to hide myself in pools of water.

      I run out of hiding spots in the resort and run to the wharf where many yachts are tied up. All of the boats are the same size and shape but different colours. There is a wooden yacht just leaving the dock and I am able to sneak aboard and hope that I am out of the reach of my invisible pursuer.

      The yacht travels to the open ocean and has suddenly entered a different world where we are very small and sailing through a pool in what looks like a giant's shopping mall that has waterways and watersliders rather than floors and elevators.

      There are many giant humans lounging in the water while tiny tour boats like ours sail around them. The tour boat that I am on comes to a pool admist a giant's bar and bumps into a large orangish brown blob floating in a far side of the pool. The blob splits open and begins pouring a greenish black liquid into the water, which make any humans or fish who touch it, tiny or giant alike, very sick.

      The contamination spreads to all of the wate in the giant's mall but I am able to escape it by flying away from the boat and floating near the ceiling. This sudden flying ability seems to come from the black ball of yarn that I am suddenly carrying with me but comes at a price because I am now invisible and no one can see me.

      The dark presence that was pursuing me before suddenly finds me and appears as a giant gravity defying white tiger which can cling to and jump from wall to wall and thus continue chasing me without touching the contaiminated water.

      I am able to outrun the tiger for a while, but sudden find myself cornered in a dead end hallway at the far side of the giant's mall. I panic when the tiger draws near and drop the ball of black yarn that I had been carrying. The tiger lunges and snatches the yarn out of midair and takes off. Apparently it was after the yarn the whole time. After the tiger leaves the water suddenly clears up and is a beautiful fresh blue and everyone who was sick from the contamination suddenly recovers.

      I find myself suddenly back on the tour boat as it reenters the normal world and pulls into the wharf area of the water front resort where the dream began.

      The only thing I liked about this dream was that my favourite animal, the white tiger, appears in it. I have never had a dream with a tiger in it before.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. Stranger/Lover

      by , 11-16-2010 at 07:44 PM
      Details are a bit fuzzy today (sauvignon blanc), but I know the dreams were vivid, logical, and mundane enough that I couldnt tell I was dreaming (you'd be surpised what's mundane in my life).

      Something about a primitivist hippie commune/farm in the forest. Ive never been to this one, perhaps it's a composite of several farming and primitivist communities I've lived with. I remember saying that I felt more at ease there than at any other community Ive been to. The people there were very happy and jovial.

      Why are there arcade games in the forest? Ive seen much more bizarre things, I suppose. Its a driving game. I don't have any money, but I sit down in the chair and take the wheel. It works! Its very real. Now I'm in a real car... at least it seems real, like I'm really driving, but I know I'm still sitting in the chair, in front of a screen, in the middle of the forest. Wow, Im driving through a hilly countryside. Its very beautiful, sunny with little puffy clouds. Lots of twists and turns. Its making me sort of nauseous, so I get out of the chair.

      I'm in a strange house, on the top bunk of a large bed with a very sexy young man whom Ive never met, and yet were very intimate and comfortable together. Perhaps weve been lovers in some long forgotten dreams. Were cuddling (I don't often actually perform sex acts in dreams. Usually its just a lot of cuddling, kissing, petting , and rolling around), watching a movie. The movie keeps jumping out and becoming real. Satyrs, elves, fairys, minotaurs. Happy creatures with joy and slight mischief in their eyes. A huge grey cat that looks like none Ive ever seen before comes bounding up to the bed, intelligence, benevelolence, and obvious sentience dancing in her flickering eyes. I want to cuddle with the kitty, but I somehow know it's inapropriate.

      (This is the third or fourth dream in several weeks to feature magical creatures, btw. Last time it was giants, and we were working together, trying to save a race of dwarfs that lived at the base of a great plateau that I bounded, almost flew down, while the giants leaped from ledge to ledge, down and down to the base of the plateau)
    14. #88. Mr. Hyde

      by , 06-25-2010 at 07:24 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Wednesday, June 23, 2010

      I seem to have a thing for slamming people into walls. I blame Supernatural.

      My partner and I were subtly infiltrating a top-secret military prison. Unfortunately, it didn't go well, and I'm currently on my own, trying to stage a massive escape.

      You know you should watch out when getting in is way too easy.

      I'm rushing back to the entrance, a mob of angry prisoners behind me (though I'm more worried about the guards). I come across a control panel, key in random numbers and watch the door slide open, Star Wars-style. I'm through the door, looking at a massive warehouse. The only way out is straight through the exterior wall, a solid mass of cement blocks and brick.

      "Blast!" I command, letting kinetic energy tear its way from my hands. I barely even recognize that I'm saying the word. The far wall falls apart into a pile of rubble and dust, leaving only -

      Another wall is behind it. Pure cement.

      "Blast! Blast! Blast!" The walls keep falling down, replaced by more walls behind them. No way I'm getting out through here.

      "I was hoping you'd come this way," says a menacing voice.

      A giant steps out from behind the tall stacks of crates in the room. He looks like Hyde from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. He's several times taller than me, and can move freely in the gigantic warehouse.

      Huh. This is kind of like that rancor level in Jedi Academy, I think to myself. I visualize the layout of the game - lots of jumping and running away, that won't work. I have to dodge as Hyde throws a few crates at me.

      Now, how do I take him out? Fighting won't work, I'm too small.

      Stop. You're fighting a giant during a mass breakout from an underground prison. Wake up, you moron.

      I don't mean that literally.

      I'm lucid. I barely have to think about it as I grow several meters taller, causing the room to seem average rather than cavernous.

      Hyde is charging me. I stop his attack easily, spin him, send him flying into a wall. Chunks of mortar fall down around him.

      Not a second later I'm on him, pinning him down and delivering a punch to the jaw.

      Hyde has something of an inappropriate reaction to this.

      Mr. Hyde. Scare Factor: 3.