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    1. [18-02-2017: Battlefield]

      by , 02-18-2017 at 12:40 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was in some desert city. With brother and pals we were in special forces sent to capture enemy base. We sneaked through alleys and got to rooftops, from where we were shooting. Eventually we captured the base.
    2. [18-09-2016]

      by , 09-18-2016 at 10:05 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Fist dream

      With mother and sisters we were driving from city to our house after some shopping. I was looking at the sidewalk, trying to find someone amidst all the people, but as I was trying harder, the car speeded up to light speed.

      Second dream

      I was in my old school at PE lesson, with all people from my current school. There was a change - we had a new teacher, who was a really rude and quick to anger person. It was a tall, dark haired man. He shouted at everyone, when with few people we left sports hall he locked doors to it. We took a seat on a bench and waited until he'll come. Someone opened the door and escaped from him - the man went after him but we sneaked past the teacher and escaped.
    3. [31-08-2016]

      by , 08-31-2016 at 07:43 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in some classroom. I was holding an assault rifle, there was a shootout within students, and some kind of ranks on how much has been killed. I was sneaking around, some students at s lesson. When I was about to shoot, the door to classroom opened and my father appeared. He was wearing only trousers and in one hand holding a shirt, in other a loaf of bread.
    4. [29-03-2016]

      by , 03-29-2016 at 08:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was late afternoon. I was in a huge mansion, sneaking around the rooms. I held a pistol in my hands, it was silenced. I tried to sneak past cloaked figures and take something out of the mansion. I moved really carefully as I felt immense danger. I moved between rooms and floors, finally I found some book and jumped to the streets through a window. Suddenly all the robed people, police and soldiers appeared and started shooting at me. Someone called me from the other side of street. It was a black man, he said "Run bro! I'll keep them away!" and took a pistol, then ran to shoot at them. I ran away to a square, it was getting late. I saw two girls from my class park a small car. I stolen it to escape. I barely fit inside, I was driving in a small alley. A thought about lucid dreaming went through my mind. I looked closely at beams of light falling on the cobble road, then everything went black and I woke up.
    5. Thief!

      by , 11-06-2015 at 12:33 AM
      I managed to remember a dream I had the other night.

      In the dream, I was a guy. And I was working with my best friend (also a guy) on a particular job, although I don't completely remember what his part in it was.

      I was some kind of con man. I was trying to get into some sort of nobleman's quarters, for some reason. I remember he was kind of a shithead.

      The architecture of the place was very... Sorr of Tudor... With some fantasy elements thrown in.

      I got in... But he returned while I was there. I tried to go hide in another room, which was like a bathroom, but he knew I was there and sent guards after me.

      I jumped out the window, and managed to make my way down by jumping from stone window ledge to window ledge. But I got to a point where I couldn't, where it was just a sheer drop to the ground, and I was going to have to jump and hope I landed alright.

      I somehow made it, and I was in an area behind the mansion that wasn't quite a backyard. There was a sort of chicken wire fence and high grass. It kind of reminds me of the area behind an apartment complex where a friend used to live when I was little (I got into an argument with her there, in real life, about whether or not you can walk on rainbows. I was heavily in favor of "yes, you can". No rainbow in this dream, though, just me running away from guards.

      As for last night, I vaguely recall something about riding the bus. But that's it.
    6. 041015: New X-files episodes, running in slush, getting caught snooping.

      by , 10-04-2015 at 08:07 AM (The Dream Journal)
      A fragment: In some kind of large living room, grey daylight streaming in from windows to the left Talking about a menstruation article I read yesterday (IRL), I find the science very interesting and go into it in length. People look at me a bit dazed, I feel self-conscious. Is this a weird thing to talk about? I see my sister and her old friend. Is her friend floating about?

      I'm watching an episode of the new X-files. I see mixed shots of Mulder and Scully, they look noticeably older now. It cuts to a scene where an older Scully is sitting at the desk in the X-files office talking to a naval officer that looks like a younger version of herself to her left. It's as if she is giving her advice about how to investigate cases. The older Scully shows a odd, jellyfish-shaped type of foam thing behind her. It pulses softly like the way a jellyfish moves upward in the water. It is made of a white, porous cloth with small streaks of light green and red on it. She say if she gets stressed out she uses this machine to calm down.

      After a few vague blurry scenes, I suddenly get up from the TV, I'm in my family's old apartment. It's dark outside, a lamp glares brightly in a corner. I get up and start running. It's winter, the sun is right about to set, orange in the sky. The streets are covered in slush and snow as I run barefoot. I look down as I run, why isn't it cold? I then start thinking why I'm running in the first place, I'm going to miss the X-files episode! I turn back and run on a forested path. It's dark and gloomy there. It's like the sun has set.

      I pass a middle-aged guy on the narrow path, snow on either side, the path goes up and down along the terrain. I see that to the right the forest begins to thin out and there are buildings there, it reminds me of where my grandparents used to live. I see a large barn like structure with floodlights around it, there is some kind of tape around it to prevent people passing through it, I'm too curious and have to find out what's happening there. I sneak up by a ledge that runs to the left of the barn-like structure. I crawl trying to hide. Looking down I see some foreign construction workers talking. This place has a paranormal vibe, like something I'm not supposed to know is happening. I see two guys turn and walk up a path that goes up to the ledge I'm on, but they turn and walk away from the direction I'm in. I try to stay completely flat and still, maybe they won't turn around, my face is in the cold snow. As they are about to walk away the lights get brighter and one of them turns around and looks right at me. I stay completely still, petrified, perhaps he'll just turn and leave.

      He yells out what I'm doing here. The gig is up. I get up and go down the ramp to the construction area. They scold me, bot severely, just telling me I'm not supposed to be there. A teacher of mine comes up and tells me to follow him, I'm meant to be at the other side of the site. My teacher tells the construction crew that I'm from the other side of the site and tells them I can weld and machine. I nod in agreement, I tell them I can actually help them here, I need to know what's happening here. I begin doing chin-ups on a set of bunk beds. It's surprisingly easy. The rattling it causes gets the top bunk of the three to get slightly out of place. I push it back into place with two other people.

      In an industrial hall, grey daylight from the windows, I see the nice, old machining teacher sitting and talking to a student. The students are messing around after he leaves the table, it's aggravating.
    7. Smoking cola

      by , 04-02-2015 at 08:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a flat. I was at my family's house. I didn't knew where they have a toilet, so I opened the window and did my thing. I looked down. I was at a third storey, and there were people training down there. Suddenly I felt that I need to do it again. A cousin joined me, ut he was only looking at the people down there.

      Then his mother appeared, shouted at me and showed me where thay have toilet. It was occupied though. And then a priest came to visit the family. They were eating, while I waited for the toilet. I decided to go down to the basement, as I was sure there's another toilet that nobody uses.

      I was sneaking. It was dark down there, but I went on. One section of it was flooded a little, so I decided to check whats wrong. I went there, and saw that I'm not the only one in the basement. I saw cousin's brother going to meet someone. I tried to hide, but they spotted me and hidden.

      Suddenly landlord appeared. I tried to hide underwater, but he somehow spotted me. With the cousin and his friend we went to the landlord. He asked what we were doing here and I said Smoking cola! Surprised, he said that we can go away if I'd smoke all the cola in ten seconds.

      I took some parts and made a coca-cola smoking pipe. The landlord filled the reservoir with cola, and I smoked. I felt strong smell of cola in the air. I almost done it. I was late only a second.
    8. Oct. 24 Dream Journal: When people stop being polite, and people start getting real!

      by , 10-24-2013 at 08:16 PM
      Dream one has me in a snowy town, possibly medieval Europe. I think it's the same town as the one from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, even though I've never seen the movie straight through, so I'm not even sure there was a snowy town in the movie. Anyways, it's night time, and there is an uneasy vibe going around. I'm sneaking from building to building, trying to avoid as much attention as possible, but every single building here has giant glass panes for a wall, and the interiors are well-lit by fireplaces. I only get as far as I could because no one bothered to tilt their heads and look outside. I can't say for certain, but I think the townspeople are afraid of me and would form a mob if they knew I'm back.

      I finally duck into a wooden building, the only one where there aren't any giant windows. It is apparently the home of two sisters; they are both redheads in their early 20's, and they are dressed like extras from Fable. Dream Knowledge tells me one is evil, and the other is good. Evil sister pushes good sister towards me in a "take her, not me!" manner. Luckily (for her and my conscience), the dream fades before I can do anything horrible.

      I'm next in a two-story house with eight or nine other housemates. Hijinks ensue in vignette format, but I can't tell/remember which order they go in for the most part. But the following happens:

      -I accidentally hit an old hippy lady wearing dreads with a basketball while she is eating. She is annoyed, but not mad.
      -One of my housemates is named Raj, and I work for him on his website downstairs in my office area. He is probably a dream version of my old boss.
      -We cook some sort of a spaghetti dinner at a really long table together. The dinnerware are really colorful.

      What I do know is that in the last vignette, I spar with Craig, who resembles a cross between Craig Robinson and the guy who plays Tyrese in The Walking Dead. Either way, Craig loves to watch 70's MMA on TV (yes, yes, my brain knows it doesn't exist back then. It just did that to troll the bros), and I'm the only one in the bunch that's willing to practice with him.

      Sparring with Craig causes my dream to shift into a Battle Royale setting, and I'm one of the poor fools trapped inside a Japanese high school. Only, this school is built like a tower on an island, and is tall enough to reach into the sky (hey, not the most efficient architecture, guy who designed this school). There are apparently 999 levels, and my goal is to reach the very top. Fortunately, my dream posits me near the very top, though the dream fades before I could do anything.

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    9. Not so sneaky...

      by , 08-11-2013 at 10:23 AM
      I was in a military office complex. I was a spy who had entered there to steal some of their secrets.

      The problem is, getting out seemed to be harder then getting in...

      I was hiding in a office with big windows to the corridor, and when I peered though them I could see guards patrolling there. There was some kind of voice trying to give me successions on how to sneak past them. I tried but somehow I alerted the guards. But that proved to be a good thing, since they entered the office I was hiding in one by one, meaning I could shoot them as soon as they entered. This is a tactic I have used in many computer games :p At one point they were standing in line, kind of waiting to enter and be shot.

      With all the guards dead I was free to just walk out of there.

      It all felt like a computer game to be honest...
    10. Theif/Sex fragment

      by , 05-21-2013 at 11:42 PM
      I was in my brothers school and I like sneaked in and I was looking around on the shelves and I saw the game Age of Empires for PC. Then I was on the school bus and this girl wanted me to fuck her on the bus, I was really tempted in the dream to have sex with her but didn't in the end because she had a bad reputation and would of made me look extremely pathetic. Then I was back in the room I sneaked into and was watching some people play a game of tenis/football(can't remember which it was) on the court and was trying to stay out of sight.

      End of fragment.
    11. Nuke Building Infiltration

      by , 07-10-2012 at 04:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Nuke Building Infiltration (Non-lucid)


      This picture is from the Peace Walker game of Metal Gear Solid, but it's the only one that reminds me of the Nuke Building at the moment.

      I'm going to focus on the environment and people in the dream, because I honestly don't know why I'm back to infiltration again.

      I think I'm going to take Melanieb's advice on paying attention to your environments to make even the shortest dreams pretty long.

      I remember standing at an enclosed section, and it's basically an almost perfect replica of the first floor of the Nuke building in Metal Gear Solid 1.

      This means that in order for the environment to stay true to the original stage, I couldn't fire any weapons, otherwise the whole place explodes. Which explains why things were a little intense for me.

      I had to pay attention to a lot of the guards' movements, sometimes even having to wait it out several times to make sure they didn't have to alter their patrol route.

      And like the original stage, there were some floors that I had to be careful stepping on, because if I tried to run, it will make more noise than usual.

      Those same floors had some ventilation paddings on them, so they would make that loud "clank clank clank" sound if I were to go over them. I think I was controling Naked Snake, not Solid Snake, because the outfit I/he was wearing was from MGS3, so it couldn't have been Solid Snake.

      Hmm....I'm still having that doubt of whether or not I'm controlling someone in a video game, if it's me, or it's both me controlling and being that person simultaneously.

      It felt weird for him to have that kind of outfit suited for jungle sneaking in a nuke building. The atmosphere had a slight yellow hue to it, and it was so apparent, it's like I was inhaling and exhaling energy.

      The outfit was the generic one in MGS3, the same outfit used when Snake did the HALO jump

      The common behaviors for me in this dream were being fearful, because I couldn't let an enemy fire a gun in a nuke building, and the other is a surprise.....I was still calm. I felt a neutrality from my emotions of fear and cautious nature, and I could feel and hear myself breathing for once.

      It's just that all I focus on is sight and more specific sounds like gunfire, foot steps, or even people having a conversation, but never anything that I'm exhibiting like breathing, etc.

      After I figured out the guards' movements, I think things fast forward a little bit.......literally. It was like watching a video clip on some kind of survival stimulation, it was crazy, I was so close to one of the guard's backs, that the only reason I could do that is if I knew this area inside and out.

      I think this is why the dream itself fast forward like crazy.

      I think the reason I had this dream, was probably because of my desire to meet my eternal self, or just to go to the Akashic Records again.

      But what I don't understand is that if that were the case, and knowing that the Akashic Records can be acesses at any time, but because of the brain's mechanism of trying to define the "phenomenon" or "location," it seems it wants to make this information for me to obtain difficult than it should be.

      I honestly am not the type for these infiltration missions, I mean sure I like sneaking games and all that, but if it were actually me on the battlefield or in a building, I would definitely need a guide, or do the analyzing of guard movement to even stand a chance.

      Maybe it's not my subconscious' way of perceiving the confidentiality of the Akashic Records, maybe it's something my higher self/eternal self is trying to show me.

      I know I have a few things to take care of that can affect my future right now, but these are mostly short term things that must be resolved, but again, none of which that are deserving for this type of dream environment to be manifested before me.

      I could conclude that these dreams should teach me to not try to rush things that are dangerous and life-threatening such as the nuke building I was in. But even with something so obvious as that, there has to be more.....I can't just be in a nuke building, or whatever military building without some kind of reason.

      And if that reason turns out just to be for the thrill or adventure, then I guess I need to change how I get that need met in my dreams.

      I've also noticed something, but was too afraid to analyze. It's so obvious, but still, in my non-lucids, I'm usually always in some kind of infiltration.

      Actually, let me rephrase that, nearly all sneaking missions, gunfire, killing, military, infiltration, etc. are all non-lucid states.

      My lucid dreams are obviously geared towards real life environments like colleges, houses I've been to, etc., things related to the subconscious utilizing homologous variation to synch the piece together.

      I know that if I wanted a sneaking mission in a lucid state, it probably wouldn't work out because I'm not that creative as yet in the lucid state. I know I can use archetypes to easily manifest these types of dreams, but maybe I just don't want to do that in my lucids.

      It would probably just feel like a waste, and I would only do it if I was bored.

      Hm.....guess I should be aware of those differences.

      And if I end up having bad recall, I'll just be grateful for what I do remember, and recall as much detail as I can in that confined snippet, and remember more based on that.

      It's something I've done frequently, but it's just because I'm slacking off a bit because I'm being distracted in waking life a lot, at least in Canada.

      I guess that's a good thing, because I'm supposed to be doing things here in the first place, otherwise the money for the trip wouldn't have been worth it, right?

    12. Martial Law?

      by , 05-01-2012 at 06:06 PM (Meanwhile In My Dreams...)
      I look out the window at my cousins house and see troops running throughout the town and gunning people down with silenced weapons. I start to freak out and tell my cousin to run upstairs and look out the windows. When he does he starts freaking out too. Then we get ready to defend ourselves. I grab some knives and doug gets the gun he has stashed. He is waiting on the stairs and with his gun pointed down them and I am in the closet between the front door and the stairs. A two guys walk in with silenced sub machine guns and I let the first one walk past and get gunned down as he reaches the stairs, the second one steps up to the closet with his back against it. I then see a third one and break through the closet taking out the first with a knife to his neck and take the second one down by jumping on him and plunging the knife into his gut, grabbing his pistol out of his holster and aiming it at the door and gunning down a fourth that I didn't see.

      Laying on the couch, with two of my sisters and a couple of guys, holding a short petite woman. We own a really big couch. One of the guys seemed really jealous of me, over the woman. She seems super tiny in my arms, and we are both loving it for the time being, neither of us watching the T.V. Now we are getting ready to go to some community event, and I wait as the woman is taking a shower in my bathroom before taking a shower myself.

      We are at the little community get together, I'm not really sure what it is, it looks and is set up like a fundraiser dinner but feels like a funeral. Once we sit down at the table in the very back, I start flirting with the woman and making her laugh, and every time she does the whole crowd looks back and glares at us as we laugh. Pretty soon I have the whole table laughing around and the whole crowd is getting upset. Finally it is time to eat and as soon as we get up front I don't really recognise any of the food, So I decide to mess around some more. I grab one of the bigger spoons and then then as we walk down the rows of food I slowly put a little bit of each food on the spoon. The girl is behind me and is trying so hard to not laugh. The people are staring at me. As we get back to the table she is staring at me and I say "One bite meal" smile and eat it.
    13. sneaking into secret area

      by , 09-02-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was with a friend, near something like the security desk of some big building. My friend distracted the security guard, who may have been a tall, black man wearing a blue suit and hat. My friend distracted the guard by pretending that he was either sick or injured.

      While the guard was distracted I snuck along a wall. The wall was made of green glass, and it sloped slightly as it went up (pretty high) to the ceiling of the lobby. The wall at one point went behind another wall. The two walls formed a corridor which was a kind of secret passage to a hidden area.

      I snuck into this hidden area. The area was just a small room, like some kind of plain, old science laboratory. This room may have led to another room.

      At some point two people confronted me. I wasn't supposed to be here. One person was a man. The other was a woman. The man had long, scaggly, black hair, though he was balding on top. He also had a black beard. I can't remember how long it was. He wore eyeglasses and a white lab coat. I can't remember what the woman looked like.

      I fought the two people and either killed them or left them unconscious. I may then have gone to the next room.