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  1. A rant of sorts.
  2. The Signs of the Ends of times
  3. Why I created humanity!!!
  4. What is the TRUTH
  5. Prayer doesn't help in recovery for heart patients!
  6. Anyone have purely Christ/God dreams?
  7. 666 is coming!!!
  8. Christians here? a question.
  9. Question
  10. Oh my god bands are brainwashing children
  11. Evidence of Jesus
  12. Christ: He's Back. Matraiya. Ram Bomjan Palden Dorje
  13. What if we come in contact with aliens.
  14. your favourite spiritual text?
  15. Life is a game - These are the rules
  16. Religion both wrong and Good?
  17. "God cares about you..." Sure...
  18. Apostle Paul Discussion
  19. Actually Making it to Heaven
  20. Misquoting Jesus
  21. possessed
  22. God, Just "Who" is "He"
  23. Essence and the "Hole Theory"
  24. SuperGod
  25. Will jesus surive?
  26. The Mad Scientist Archetype
  27. Our Beloved Boris (aka Nirvana aka D.Jenkins) part deux
  28. Message...
  29. A question to the christians.
  30. Feelings...
  31. Pelagius and Insight Into Church Corruption
  32. Does Evil Exist?
  33. Does god care if you worship him?
  34. Heaven or Hell?
  35. Heaven or Hell?
  36. Heaven. Lucid Dreaming. Hmm.
  37. Christ Last Coming
  38. Christ Last Coming
  39. Christ Resurrection
  40. Spiritual Encouragement and Growth for the Normal Christian
  41. Sufism? The Diamond Approach?
  42. My son, your sins are forgiven
  43. Narcissistic Deity Disorder
  44. Children of Light
  45. Do you TRULY love your kids?
  46. Jesus the biggest lie ever?
  47. the mormon/lds topic
  48. A message for theists/atheists alike...
  49. Confronting Religious Error
  50. Is their free will in Heaven?
  51. Perhaps god is..
  52. Against Religious Tolerance
  53. Screaming Fat Christian Women are so awsome.
  54. People look at things diferntly.
  55. A note to the witnesses
  56. Jesus on Trial
  57. Self
  58. What does the devil look like?
  59. Shit Fight
  60. "Intelligent Design" not science: Vatican Paper
  61. The church as the true suppressor
  62. Speaking in Tongues.
  63. Official policy on religious discussion
  64. I use to be an athiest but just turned Ronald Mcdonaldist.
  65. Discordianism - The Original Snub
  66. Fatih = Assumption
  67. Editorial on 'Atheist Brainwashing'
  68. Where have all the theists gone?
  69. Faith
  70. New Concept to Reconcile God and Free Will
  71. Does God have free will?
  72. Merry Christmas
  73. childhood indoctrination
  74. Jesus looked more like osama you know.
  75. Santa is the same thing as Jesus
  76. God
  77. Question could a Human be a God?
  78. Will the state of man ever change to a higher level of being
  79. Intelligent Design of the Throat
  80. Christmas is a Scam.
  81. The Primer Set By The Holy Spirit
  82. The New Church
  83. Religion and Mental Health, What do you think?
  84. God = Satan.
  85. Something different!
  86. Faithless
  87. The scientific community should recall that most of the...
  88. Why a 'soul' is not likely.
  89. An observation
  90. thanks for making me think
  91. Trusting the bible
  92. Modern Miracles, Guadalupe, Fatima
  93. "God's worried about you"
  94. Brady and Leo: A Love Story
  95. Chronicles of Barbarism… Narnia
  96. Scientific Facts of the Bible...
  97. Behavioral Pathologies of past, and modern mind-sets
  98. Relegious Jew and Ethnic Jew
  99. Does god ever tire?
  100. What is it you believe??
  101. What a Christian is.
  102. LBC forums , its like being in hell but on the interweb
  103. Failed thread
  104. Smut for Smut
  105. Religion Beyond the Historical Jesus
  106. I really don't hate people, so I joined this forum.
  107. A strange experiance when trying out spirituality...
  109. The Smith
  110. Thanks
  111. Creationism video. (Bill Hicks)
  112. I Was Wrong ! Are You Happy Now ?
  113. religious debate assessment
  114. Nirvana and Heaven
  115. Western Religion a Pipe Dream?
  116. The purpose and power of Religion
  117. God is mocked!
  118. God is not mocked!
  119. Post Your Path !
  120. the location of God's penis
  121. Why is the Bible so important anyway?
  122. ‘Beware the fool’
  123. ‘Where are you in the order of creation?’
  124. A question for the Catholics......
  125. Is God Omnibenevolent?
  126. Sinning VS Repressing oneself
  127. How would intellegent design be taught?
  128. Where Do You Stand ?
  129. Let's spread the Word Atheist!
  130. Let's Pretend (an inspirational hymn)
  131. There is Final Judgment,
  132. Whats the point?
  133. Do you belive?
  134. Religion and faith
  135. Quote about God
  136. Religious Fanatacism
  137. Chaos magick anyone?
  138. pie
  139. Why I Converted to Catholicism
  140. Marianism and Messianic Judaism
  141. Black Sin, Red Sin
  142. A Universal Ecumenical Compromise
  143. Sex is Dirty
  144. Joseph Campbell and Goddess Worship
  145. Christ’s Three Warnings Against Paul
  146. Heaven's Only Revelation
  147. The Argument for Amorality
  148. Baptism of the Spirit
  149. Cool Dominic Miracle
  150. The Father Nacho Story... Miracles
  151. Religion and Civilization
  152. Will this work out?
  153. Marianism: The Last Living Religion
  154. Religion and Psychology
  155. The Jesus Suit
  156. Jesus Wuvs Me!
  157. The Great Debate (Poetic Form)
  158. 16 Reasons Why God Never Received Tenure at a University
  159. Women’s right to chose
  160. Threads initially moved here
  161. Some *suggested* general guidelines
  162. Dattaswami answers questions from a Christian devotee
  163. Jesus – Judas- Betrayal
  164. How many frogs do you know?
  165. Time beginning with the great flood
  166. Vatican: Faithful Should Listen to Science
  167. Could God create a universe without suffering?
  168. God -- the control freak.
  169. My assessment of Religion within the Church today
  170. Ouija Board Play or Peril ?
  171. Men, who will never die?
  172. Evolution is a Religion!
  173. The AntiChrist
  174. A new classification of creature on the Earth...
  175. The Law of the Spirit of Life
  176. Who are the 'Us' In let us make man in our image?
  177. Is God bound by any laws of reality?
  178. The Keys Of Death Hell And The Grave
  179. Another Huge GOD Bash
  180. Religion & Spirituality
  181. Only one God created this world
  182. How many of you grew up religious?...
  183. Yoga & God
  184. The Islamic universal science of visions
  185. Song of the 144,000
  186. (.tonC) tsixE doG seoD
  187. What r u feelings towards exorcisms?
  188. Identity of Jesus; Christ or Just brainwashed genius
  189. tsixE doG seoD
  190. No debate on no debate on foundations of Christianity
  191. Gospel of Thomas: The Buddhist Jesus?
  192. Debate on the foundations of Christianity
  193. Another View on Genesis
  194. A view on Genesis
  195. Is religion is one of the worst lows of civilization?
  196. How many Christians are on this site?
  197. God's Pee