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  1. For a Given Value of Real
  2. Evolution and Christianity/the other Abrahamic Religions
  3. Animism and Dreams
  4. Would Jesus support the Donald Trump campaign?
  5. The Three Days of Darkness - November 24-26, 2016 A.D.
  6. Mind affecting Body
  7. Do you believe in Hell?
  8. God is Absolute
  9. What is the reason of your existence?
  10. The mystics on dream like reality
  11. Atheist VS Believer
  12. Atheism is nonsense and atheists are irrational in their claims
  13. End of Days : Paradise Restored
  14. NPR and clairvoyance
  15. a mirical and a spiritual battle in the sky?
  16. Is anyone aware about upcoming Ascension/Harvest?
  17. Scientific Evidence in the Quran
  18. The Adventure Time religion?
  19. What is Darkness?
  20. What 'IF' Our After Life Is What We Make Of It?
  21. Disprove that I am not God
  22. The third eye?
  23. Graham Hancock | Interview on Ancient Mysteries
  24. The Work of Acharya S.
  25. Magical Egypt - Full Movie
  26. If people actually read the Bible or Quran
  27. The Beast Revelation
  28. DO YOU BELIEVE IN REINCARNATION? why or why not?
  29. Forum encouraging Ego
  30. Judgment Day - March 25, 2016 A.D.
  31. Brahman versus God.
  32. Every war since Napoleon caused by Zionist movements.
  33. Religion and New Speak
  34. "God speaks through dreams"
  35. The Bible: Both literally and figuratively
  36. Shamanic Joureying
  37. DDD (Demon Dog Discussion)
  38. What a nightmare for A & E. Man was never to eat of the tree of life.
  39. I dreamt that God had two colors. Love and hate. Mostly hate.
  40. Are you created in God’s image?
  41. Dreams of Jews loving Hitler as Christians love their genocidal God.
  42. Gnostic Christian Mystery School Secret Truth #1.
  43. Is rebellion good? Think Rosa Parks and Satan, our Lady and Mistress.
  44. New
  45. Why was Adam exempt from the transgression when the transgression was disobedience?
  46. Guilt
  47. Only man is fit to be God.
  48. Can you love on command?
  49. I Hate Evil
  50. Can "GOD" be manipulated?
  51. Afterlife
  52. Who or what is God to you?
  53. You know you are mindful when...
  54. "Channelling" - have you come across it before?
  55. Favourite quotes on spirituality/religion!
  56. Does enlightnement imply natural lucidity?
  57. Any Atheists Here..?
  58. The One True Religion...
  59. getting shivers when talking to god?
  60. The future of the world
  61. A story of forgiveness
  62. Excellent Debate on Existence of God: Richard Dawkins vs. John Lennox
  63. Any christians here?
  64. Spiritual Steps
  65. Atheists Win Court Case To Also Distribute Material To Schools
  66. Do you ever feel troubled, down or anxious? Join Scientology!
  67. Catholicism: A Force For Good? - Panel Convinces Hundreds Of The Opposite
  68. Noah And The Ark - Maybe There Is Hope For Still Believers
  69. The Illuminati's plan to wipe out Christianity is very close now
  70. I'm back from the dead.
  71. Disturbing daydream about mind
  72. Tantric psychology
  73. Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham
  74. Does a mental disabled person accumulate karma ?
  75. What is nonduality ?
  76. Non duality and Dreaming
  77. What is your personal deity and/or following?
  78. Satanic Temple Pushes for Baphomet Statue to be Put up at Oklahoma Statehouse
  79. Guides
  80. "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!"
  81. John was Nostradamus
  82. matrixism/the simulation theory
  83. Religious/Spiritual Ecstasy, Speaking In Tounges, and Being Drunk In Spirit
  84. The Karma of Mercy Killing
  85. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts-
  86. OBE and AP.. do you believe its real?
  87. The Islamic Attempt To Conquer The West In One Night
  88. Argument from Simulation: My Favorite Argument for the Existence of God
  89. Anselm's Ontological Argument for the Existence of God
  90. The Problem of Non-God Objects
  91. Transcending own beliefs
  92. A Day According to God
  93. Question for theists
  94. Religion is the simple answer for what we don't know.
  95. 'Agnostic' definition - aaaahhhhh!
  96. Short, not to be answered by atheists question.
  97. A Reasonable Voice
  98. Grand God
  99. Why God didn't create cute little robots.
  100. thoughts of why people hate Christians
  101. Expanding universe.
  102. Thoughts on the nature of God from an agnostic atheist
  103. Should atheists pull their punches in a debate with theists to spare them losing their faith?
  104. Split from: DV Christians Unite! (Christian Only Thread)
  105. DV Christians Unite! (Christian Only Thread) (Original Thread)
  106. Christianity wishes it could be mysticism and scientific
  107. remember reading
  108. What´s the most important question one can ask ?
  109. Evolution Vs Creationism
  110. Ask a monk
  111. God is the null hypothesis
  112. Music - a spiritual thing
  113. Do dreams and spirituality go hand in hand?
  114. Saving Athiests
  115. message to lucifers followers
  116. Who is the experiencer ?
  117. Dreamviews community belief?
  118. Beautifully read Gospel of John
  119. A Prayer for Boston and for Us All
  120. How should I deal with my religious mom?
  121. Does morality apply to dreams and if yes how?
  122. The Vatican's Next Top Pope
  123. Unconditional Love - How the Fuck?
  124. Catholic Faith
  125. Reincarnation
  126. Brian Weiss: Past-Life Regression Session
  127. What is an unforgivable sin?
  128. God of Savagery
  129. When people tell me to go to church is feels like they're peer pressuring me to try drugs
  130. Atheism and Lucid Dreaming
  131. Karate for Christ
  132. God Created the Stars in How Many Days?
  133. The Human Attraction to Lights
  134. The Orchestra and iIts conductor
  135. Experiences with the spirit sage: Salvia Divinorum?
  136. First Steps in Becoming a Buddhist?
  137. Should we tax churches?
  138. Celebrating Christmas
  139. Jesus' Sacrifice Summed Up in One Sentence
  140. Do you believe in anything supernatural?
  141. New Thought Church
  142. What Unifies Religion?
  143. Religion on other animals?
  144. Is Lucid Dreaming of Satan? -Chriatian
  145. Buddhism: All My Questions (so far!)
  146. The Egg (source at the bottom)
  147. Please accept my public apologies
  148. Theological question, primarily directed at catholics
  149. Heaven/Hell for eternity?
  150. "Ten Things I Wish the Church Knew About Homosexuality"
  151. A series that i found intresting
  152. The Greatest Theological Satirist on YouTube: DarkMatter2525
  153. The Power of Faith and the Need to "Know"
  154. God is not an external entity.(IMO)
  155. Can a Buddhist be aggresive in lucid dreams?
  156. Pastor arrested for holding home Bible study
  157. Is it possible that prayer is just a way to manifest our desires?
  158. To all Muslims on DreamViews (if there are any)
  159. Can I Just Pretend to be an Atheist and Still Go To Heaven
  160. A (moral) question for Atheists
  161. Thoughts on "The Presence of God"
  162. 60 Days in Jail Plus a $12,000 Fine for Home Bible Study
  163. 3 questions for Atheists
  164. Is the Abrahamic God really Satan?
  165. Tell me about Order Magick
  166. Christians or Biblicans?
  167. Satan or God?
  168. Pure Christianity.
  169. The order of the things.
  170. The Book of Genesis
  171. Do we have an eternal mind ?
  172. Nostradamus, The Bible and the Anti Christ
  173. Most Dangerous Extremist Movement?
  174. The Islamic Conquest of the Free West in One Night
  175. Nostradamus and the Victory of Christianity
  176. Nostradamus and 9-11, the verse they don't want you to know
  177. Positive thinking
  178. God is evil and good, otherwise he ain't God, Free will and why are we here ?
  179. What's Your Religion?
  180. The Christians in Mid-east
  181. Define Faith
  182. The Illuminati's plan to wipe out Christianity
  183. Define God
  184. Logical Proof for God #2
  185. Logical Proof for God #1
  186. What is Spirituality to You?
  187. The Maitreya Thread
  188. Atheist group tries to desecrate a Marine memorial.
  189. Sooooooo. . . What happens in Hell?
  190. Top 10 Creationist Arguments
  191. Your Deadly Sins
  192. Creation, Destruction, Transformation, Preservation, Evolution
  193. Ayahuasca
  194. The Holy Connection between Karma, Impulses and Desires
  195. Why do many teachers in the yogic tradition promote and support the theory of evolution?
  196. 200 Priests Suspected of Abuse Living in California
  197. Writing a review for, "Hinduism in America" by John Ankerberg and John Weldon - need some advice
  198. What was your Spiritual Journey?
  199. The idea of the Observer, nonduality, Advaitism - struggling with this - need some help please!
  200. What are your beliefs about God?
  201. Alan Watts - Kill Everything You Meet
  202. If God Were To Be Proved
  203. Why won't God heal amputees?
  204. I need help letting go of the idea of hell
  205. Religion/Science An Overview
  206. no virgins 4 u
  207. Omniscience or free will? -- Question for Christians
  208. Atheists: How many people know you are atheist?
  209. Boy Dies After Choosing Prayer Over Medicine
  210. Euthyphro's Dilemma
  211. Black Holes & Eyes of God Source
  212. Question to Christians
  213. All points of view are truth
  214. Predictions for the Dutch National Songfestival
  215. Question on Chemistry Mid-Term in University of Washington
  216. They have voices in their heads, psychic warriors !
  217. LaVeyan Satanism
  218. Favorite religion/belief system of which you are NOT a part?
  219. Forget about god can you see the movement?
  220. If you could ask god..
  221. Why can't all religions/lack thereof just get ALONG?!
  222. Christianity's impact on the environment
  223. Athiesm is a faith
  224. Heaven is not the afterlife
  225. Ideological Origins of a Nation
  226. The Gods
  227. Which type of Jew are you?
  228. how relevant is religion to your life outside of Dreamviews?
  229. How can Spirituality be studied Scientifically?
  230. Now a topic to really get the mind going...god.
  231. Differential Destiny
  232. THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS: Update from Kirael
  233. Buddhist/Hindu story about Astral Projection
  234. Post (anti) Religious quotes here
  235. Theism
  236. It's Buddhist, but the terms could be changed to whatever the mind desires...so doesn't have to be B
  237. Which Deity?
  238. Atheists Don't Have No Songs
  239. Scientific miracles of the Qur'an?
  240. Free wills destiny
  241. The Myth of Atheism
  242. What Kind of Atheist/Theist are You?
  243. A Personal Question/Is this normal outside of religious communities?
  244. A Question to all Atheists on Dreamviews
  245. Theological Noncognitivism
  246. 7th Heaven (moved thread)
  247. Anybody else been questioning their commitment to their religion?
  248. 7th Heaven
  249. I love Satan
  250. the golden phom