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    1. 15 Mar: Bus falling on a river and tiny people

      by , 03-15-2019 at 11:41 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With my grandpa on a bus that is on a road parallel to the Tagus river in Santarťm. The river is so dry, he feels disturbed. I notice the lack of sand under the pillars of the bridge that crosses the river and soon enough part of the bridge collapses, when we were just at the beginning of it. When we fall, the bus lands partially on a platform at the river bed, but dangerously dangling. I call people to our side of the bus to make it tilt and it stays balanced. Then we realize somehow we and the bus have been shrunk and we are now tiny people in a big world. We don't know what to do but we find other tiny people like us. At first they don't want to help us, but I manage to at least converse with them. They seem fine with being tiny.

      (A secret dream about my guru)
    2. Bathtubs and Guns, A New Life, Lucid Dream Within A Dream

      by , 03-15-2019 at 07:20 AM

      There is a bathtub in a hotel room, and we are throwing blankets (like the ones you get on Emirates planes) into it. The blankets are old and rotting, and when we throw them into the bathtub they slowly swell up. There are two people present; a boy and a girl. The boy points at the girl to get in the tub, and Iím sitting next to someone else who bursts out laughing, and she puts her hand on my shoulder. The girl shakes her head and points at something else. I start laughing as well.

      There is also a gun in the hotel room with one bullet in it. I shoot out the bullet. At this point, I think ďthis bullet was so quiet, it doesn't seem real.Ē But I donít realize that Iím dreaming at this point in time, and I fall asleep again.

      I have now bought my own apartment, and Iím trying to find a job. I go out to a diner with my family and we order glow in the dark drinks. The waitress mentions that they pay $10 for two hours of work over there, and I reply that it sounds great, and she says that she herself gets paid $50 for two hours of work. We take some of the glow in the dark soluble cubes or whatever and I put them in my mouth. They only glow in the dark in a certain orientation. I get a job at McDonalds and I take an elevator down. I am sort of travelling in this elevator which moves horizontally as well as vertically now.


      The next dream is absolutely insane. Essentially, I dream that Iím in the apartment in Bangalore, canít remember whether on my current bed (the really hard one) or the other soft bed (which I have images of from my dream), and that Iíve just done a wake-back-to-bed and Iím falling asleep. I now start slowly tapping my fingers as I fall asleep, and soon I begin to feel my body getting fuzzy, sort of like a mild version of paraesthesia. I lift my hand to my nose and pinch it shut, exhale, and confirm Iím in a dream. I enter my dream and rise in my bed, and the first thing I decide to do is change location. Now, this dream within my dream is different to my actual dream. Itís fuzzier and almost cozier. This ďfalseĒ dream is to my dream what the latter is to real life, for me. In the falsely lucid dream, I begin to try to manipulate my surroundings but I find a lack of organization or control in my thoughts. Then, promptly, after managing to change my location from that of my room to that of somewhere else (I canít remember where), I wake up in real life. I think I tried to spawn in someone but I recall that whatever I do in the dream was ineffective or it did not work as vividly as I wanted it to. I start thinking when I wake up how I need to be more planned as to what I want to explore in my lucid dreams, maybe I can spawn in some friends like JoJay (who would assumedly appear in the form of Darkbeast Paarl, not to mention in 30FPS) or try and visit older dreams (like the theme park ones, or the antique store tiger). It doesnít even occur to me that Iím still in a dream! I then switch open my laptop and voice chat online with JoJay, and I tell him about my lucid dreaming adventures. Heís finished watching Ghostbusters, and heís telling me about how he liked the Staypuft Marshmallow man scene, and that he went and watched a new Ghostbusters movie as well [which doesnít exist in real life].

      Then I wake up for real, now Iím in real life. I know itís real life, I can intuitively tell, but I decide to pinch my nose and try to exhale anyways. I canít do it; itís real life. I start thinking about how Iíve successfully induced my first lucid dream, but my celebration is short because as the dream starts to flow back into my memory, I begin to realize that what Iíve just experienced is uncharted territory, personally at least. I check my watch and the time is 2:09AM. I set my wake-back-to-bed alarm for 2:22AM. I then begin to realizeÖ Iíve just dreamed that I induced a lucid dream.

      See, I know all about false awakenings - when you wake up, go brush your teeth, and then halfway through your shower, you wake up for real. You just dreamed everything you normally do in the morning. Those usually follow another dream, and itís the brainís hypnopompic hallucinationsí answer to general routine. But never before have I coherently dreamed that I was lucid dreaming with an exposition, climax, and conclusive aftermath. I think Iíve only pulled off one or two successful FILD (finger tapping) attempts. One of them was last week, and it was on a weekday (which is bizarre for me) and the other was the other FILD-within-a-dream experience that I had. Thatís the one I had in Tanzania when I dreamed I was doing FILD and then consequently gained lucidity with a nose pinch reality check.

      The mind-blowing question, which pains me to think about in relation to the dream, is extremely simple; ďWas I lucid?Ē Usually whenever I see metalucidity in dreams mentioned, itís generally some sort of DILD (dream-induced lucid dream) or WILD (wake-induced lucid dream) which is succeeded by a false awakening, and the person in question incorrectly thinks that theyíve just had a dream-within-a-dream. For the purposes of general lucid dream theory, we can split one nightís dream content into several distinct dreams, usually divided not just by context and topic but also lucidity and REM cycle. In this case, the lucid dream and the false awakening are separate dreams. But in my case, my lucid dreaming attempt was one conclusive dream in which the happenings before and after the dream reflected the happenings within the false lucid dream. Whether or not my conscious was really controlling my surroundings is really hard to understand in this scenario. With dream incubation, you can successfully disprove the hypothesis that what happens in a lucid dream isnít controlled and the perceiver just thinks it is. Thatís because youíre able to decide during the day ďIím going to go to Disneyland in my dream,Ē and then go to Disneyland in your dream that night.