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    1. DJ Barrage - Pt. 9 Movie Set Runaway to Mexico - Recurring

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:59 PM
      Feb 9, 2019

      It starts out as hiding
      There's this river pond lake I always hide in,


      This is the road.

      They always look for me here, in my earlier dreams they'd find me... This time I was with another kid, a younger boy. But we did get found out. At one point I was under a red blanket and he was under the green blanket, the water wasn't deep enough to stay under it, so we didn't have to worry about holding our breaths, but we did certainly get found.
      But another guy came along before they decided to do anything about us. It was a native American guy (he's saved me multiple times from here, thank you ><)

      And we motioned "please, please, help us. They're going to kill us" that sort of thing, and he understood and motioned to run into the woods. I recognized the path cuz it:s the same path as always. Anyway we keep running, and the boy I'm with is super tired, but we're being chased still, so I pick him up in my arms. It's really hard and I'm so slow. But at some point the native American guy becomes Stephen, and we keep running.

      We all know what the goal is, to get to Mexico. (We're in a movie studio-like thing, like the hunger games.) And we all know which direction Mexico is. This always makes me suspicious at the time, but I didn't think on it cuz we were hurrying so fast. So we got through, a listing policemen and running around buildings.

      We get nearer the edge, and there are these highways..? Or something that we have to run across. We know it's part of their game, but we still need to get to the edge. It's like... They stop chasing us and just relax waiting for us to kill ourselves. Usually a lot of us die, sometimes I die and get replaced into someone else's body, but this time not many people died (at least in front of me). We get past the two highways and there are rows of boats. We didn't realize they were boats, until we jumped across the tops of all of them, thinking there was something more afterwards.

      But we get there and there's ocean. Tons of ocean. Mexico, which has become mixed with Egypt now, is far away, but we can see it still. The ocean is like lake Superior, but smaller. And they've started tipping the boats. I almost fell off, but didn't. It was really desperate, I thought at the time it was the studio people tipping the boats, but it might've actually been us runners. So we get our boats free, and we're actually free! We're so surprised. We start rowing towards Mexico, as they shoot at us from behind with cannons. It's hard to get there, because after the Ocean part there's shoals(? Is that the word? It's like too shallow to do our boat but dangerous with sharks and we can't get out and swim?). But I stead them through, and we get there.

      But it isn't Mexico, it's a beach place. Of course it's a beach place. We go up to the big mansion, and it's like a mall/cafe/restaurant inside. Everyone's in lines trying to get up to The Two Doors. As always, the left leads down the beach path, the right leads down the snow path. Usually I end up taking the snow path, and it's always the wrong choice. But yeah this time I forgot about that, and chose the snow path.

      We (the boy from earlier, he's been appearing and disappearing, Idk if I really decided if he was there or not, but rn he was) go down the snowy path. And it's a really short maze, we get out of the end of it, and there's just a beach by the ocean . Beyond the ocean, is the edge of the giant room our entire set, and world, is inside. The only things between the edge of the world and us is a border wall and building, keeping the shallow beach/water from the ocean, then a farther off building you can't really see well, cuz it's dark. But I go for it. And get over the wall, and no one tries to stop me. There's a dolphin on the other side, her skin feels like the unicorn's skin from the hatch-an-egg thing. She shows me over to the building, and I look inside, there's this girl in there, underwater inside the building. She isn't a mermaid, she can breathe the water, but it seems it hurts her. She motions to go back, worriedly because this place is worse than where I came from.
      And that's the end of the dream.
    2. DJ Barrage - Pt. 8 Ran Away from Home w Siblings

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:54 PM

      So dad remarried or something, similar to in Lucky's show, and Stephen decided to leave, I said I wanted to go with, and Monz decided to come too. We walked out the back into the woods, and we decided to fly away. We had to hurry, cuz they would catch us soon.... But anyway we went flying a long way, it was difficult, as I couldn't fly like normal, could only fly like in iFly, so I was going all over. Any way we passed over a giant ocean, and it turned out we um? We saw the earth, and it was meshed together into lots of other land (I apparently thought it was the land of Pokemon) so yeah , anyway we finally ended at an orphanage, and we were just waiting for the night, to move more later. In the next room, there was our new stepmother helping the kids... I was worried she'd see us, but Stephen assured us it was just a window to that place, and she wasn't actually near us. So we waited, but she came in and talked to us really kindly and stuff, so we went back home xD . Cutscene to like a documentary, and it was showing our house moving towards the ocean, a guy saying "most *Pokemon creature name* move only a bit each year, but that isn't the case for the *Pokemon* of the *our family name ig* 's cave." And it finally stopped like 20 feet from the edge of the cliff.
    3. DJ Barrage - Pt. 7 Chinese Hotel/Mr. Lampwick/Yae

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:53 PM
      November 3, 2018

      We were in this China place of some sort, in this giant rich hotel, tons of stairs, beautiful gigantic, polished wood, warm lights, nice smells, suuuuuuper tall/high. We had to hide (from someone?) in a closet to sleep and live there, but we were caught, we tried to hold the blanket curtain down with our toes when they tried to lift it up, but eventually it fell from the top instead and we were caught. But they thought we were pretty smart and told us to join their thing for smart kids, a group, so we did and we met these other kids anyway.

      A different dream where Dad and I are driving, there was a police guy (a mixture of mr. Lampwick and Mr Yae?) Who was unduly interested in me and it was kinda distressing, so Idk for some reason dad had to get into the passenger seat (I think he realized he didn't have his license) but I didn't either only had a permit, and the sunblocker was literally covering the whole view so I had to flip it up but it was okay, I only swerved a bit. But I told Dad I couldn't be driving, especially cuz that police guy was still following us, so dad took the seat back, we drove away from the guy, trying to, and found this place with rocks by the water kinda, it was a place I've been in another dream before, it was great like a rock park or something, and we found my bike, dad had to go steal a bike from someone else but we got them, but at some point he did catch us, I don't remember how though. Or did it go to dream #1? I don't remember which came first.
    4. DJ Barrage - Pt. 6 Graal Rogue Teddy Bear

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:46 PM
      October 8, 2018

      A dream in Graal, all good til
      Oh but how the train works. There's this thing like a flipped up table, to turn it on you flip a clip (a holding clip) with your left knee on the left side, then you flip something once that's open, the you swing with your arms on the handhold bars shaped like upside down L's with the connection pointing away from you, long side going into the ground platform of the equipment, and press your knees against the top of the equipment at chest height.

      Anway it was all good til a new admin declared a new game, he sent a rogue teddy bear/a new player Id just met, (equipped with a minigun but he didn't use it) at a random player, and it was supposed to be that as each player died it'd go on and on til someone killed it. Like a survivals thing. It came at me, and it was really scary being actually 3d or mostly 3d in it . At one point I was running around outside and trees somewhat 2d, and super scared when it damaged me, cuz I was desperately trying to "unstick me" and try to summon to my friends (Aiko-san was on the list) but you can't summon yourself, only someone else can summon you. So I was desperately running around, I ran from it up the stairs and around the gym/train station/mall until I finally found the train port/table, and did the unlocking and pressing to open the train, but it wouldn't work. I was super angry and really really angry at the admin, because they had shut down the trains so it'd be more "fun". And the blue bear was finding me. But then I realized wait a second, the admin sent this and it has less damage than I do. Also this is a game. So I went up and fought it, and tore it's top part (like a teddy bear, like Chrissy's blue teddy bear) from it's bottom part, which was like really long. Later I was home and telling Aiko-san about it I think, and my home was cool, my room was upstairs in an attic that was really long/large size and pretty open, and later I was showing Davey the teddy bear how I was so angry at the admin. But... It was super cute. So that's around how it ended. And my alarm woke me up.

      I really like the table/train.
    5. DJ Barrage - Pt. 5 Pet Store/Costco/Boyfriend

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:39 PM
      April 21, 2018

      A lucid dream!
      First time in months!

      We all lived in a retreat center connected to a warehouse-like pet store.
      I was dating one of my coworkers, and I don't remember who he was... But we were together most of the dream.
      At some point I was outside on something like a dropped off freeway. The clouds were incredible and the wind was cold but I wasn't cold. It was really awesome.
      It was only a semi-lucid though, because I think I forgot my objective and got caught up in the dream. Then I had a second dream before I woke up, so I barely remember it. It was much longer

      Hand check induced lucid dream

      My hand was normal, then I looked away and looked back and my pointer finger was stuck to my middle finger,
      Then I looked away and looked back and I had three fingers.
    6. DJ Barrage - Pt. 4 Japanese Hot Springs

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:35 PM
      April 16, 2018

      I met this girl in an old Japanese like hotel. I met her on the bus

      We were neighbors, and so she showed me a story book she had and really really liked. At one point we were sitting/sleeping in my bed reading it, and it was really fun.

      She was blonde, alot like an anime girl

      We also met on the bus, and her right eye was blank white. I tried not to look at it because she seemed self conscious about it

      Also, I was up until 4 am and Stephen and Davey zoomed by to go play a game. I joined them.
    7. DJ Barrage - Pt. 3 Firefly Courtyard

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:34 PM
      We were in this sort of park/playground/campus place(it looked like the sort of places in skateboarding games) and there was a kid (I know him in real life but forgot who) and he was trying to mess me up when I was playing with a truck or something, so later I left, and later it was nighttime and I was walking with Cooper or Winston and went into the courtyard middle area, where there was all this grass and beautiful fireflies everywhere, little glowing lights. Some of them were blue, and I walked up to a person who was also looking crouched down looking at a big blue firefly.

      Then later I was invited to Japanese club of a different "division" or something, and I went, but I let the dog go home on it's own, and when I got there it was really really cool but I was worried about the dog, anyway I called Mom and stuff. Then later I had a false awakening and was talking to Mom face to face about it, asking if she could bring me home and she was like "sure, yeah of course"

      And eh. It was a really really beautiful dream.
    8. DJ Barrage - Pt. 1

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:23 PM
      Playing Mario trying to find a new course to buy, there was one with us going through a goomba shaped tube, and as we went goombas would fly/be happened upon (by us) and we'd have to dodge them. One like a really cool roller coaster, lots of peach ones, one where it's just a coil that ends in a far-throwing sling into space. After there was a different dream, with neighbors. There was a neighbor who's black and had a daughter, she threw something small like half a carrot sized toy at another nieghbor's house, accidentally. The nieghbor's were furious and wanted to take up legal action/moral high ground/ it was farther back in time where everyone could have been enraged to hate this man. Mom/me tried to cool things down with them, inviting them or suggesting he invite them for dinner. There were other neighbors who were both of them were girls, but one of them was transgender---I need to go get ready for school.
    9. Other Side DILD

      by , 03-09-2019 at 10:18 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Dreams starts off with me having problems with my family. I felt something was off with myself as my head felt unusually active. And I felt unreasonably angry, I was arguing with my father and with my brother which escalated in to fight with him. As this happens I felt even more distraught and my head began to vibrate intensely. It got to the point that my entire body felt numb and weightless and I began to float upwards off the ground in a horizontal position about a few inches off the ground.

      I remember screaming and making random sounds that I could not control. I look at the wall and could only see words that were affiliated with the bible. It said something about God and saw many symbols of satan. I then feel body back on the floor, I was standing. Every word that came out of my mouth was unintelligible. I sounded distorted and focus my intention on my brother. I had pick him up and hang him outside attempting to murder him by throwing him outside the window. My father and some other person that I have no knowledge of yelled for me to stop. I somehow gain enough control to violently toss my brother back on the room floor. My family look at me in confusion and my brother began to speak by saying he would never forgive me. I couldn't completely tell what was going on but was then finding myself leaving the house away from them.

      I then eventually after the dream change began to show great signs of lucidity. I knew now that I had been dreaming but was still somewhat receptive to the feeling of fear. I went back to the old home I grew up in. I wanted to make sure that I had dreamt this and that it didn't happen in real life. I went to the old mirror and did the palm rc. Where my finger should go through my palm. I didn't several times while looking in the mirror but it wouldn't work. I began to feel sick to stomach. I knew that I was dreaming and that the dream must've not been working for the rc. I decided to wake up.
    10. Angry Relatives, The Flight, The Pedaling Zipline

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:15 AM
      Date: March/9/2019

      I woke up sensing negativity and discomfort in my last dream, but I couldn't remember it. It slowly came back to me, though, and I remembered how I was down in the ground floor (where the cars are) of the Bangalore apartment. There was a little M&M or something on the floor, and it got shattered or something. My relatives were there, I can't remember which ones though, (the fact that they were related to me was more important than whom they actually were). They were attacking me and criticizing me a lot. My neighbor's dog, Kuku, was also present.

      The next part of the dream, the flight, was when I was boarding a connecting flight in Vietnam. In the dream, I was hearing that there would be work experience opportunities in the next part of my dream, and that made me quite excited because it's more work experience which I can put on my university application. In any case, there were two lines. One line was for people who had a boarding pass, and the other was for people who had their passports. This makes no sense because obviously anybody needs a boarding pass to go on a plane (and a passport, a lot of the time, too) but I didn't have a boarding pass. Turns out I was standing in the wrong line, the line for the boarding pass people, but I had a passport. So I moved to the other line, and started standing there. Eventually, I got to the attendant, and he asked me where I wanted to sit. I said that I didn't really mind, but then I corrected myself and asked for a window seat. He then turned on his monitor and started explaining the different locations and areas and seating plans in the airplane, and asked me "Where do you think you'd get the best charging power?" I said I didn't care because all I was going to do was sleep. He said "alright." My English teacher was behind me, and he was listening to the conversation. Then, I went on the plane and fell asleep at seats next to my friends, which were near windows, but the seats were perpendicular to how they'd normally be. The back of the airplane had "first class", which included beds etc. Quite weird, and I think I was eating some sort of sandwich/burger thing on the plane [I had KFC with buns last night for dinner, so that might have been it, in my dream].

      The last dream was vivid enough. We were going to ride some sort of zipline kind of thing (it looked more like a ski lift), but you had to pedal. Everybody else got on it and went, but my friend and I were taking too long to get ready. They arrived after 45 minutes. I was trying to find money to pay them in, it was one dollar per person, I asked the Vietnamese guy for the conversion rate and he said 23,000 Dong for one dollar. Then, we got on, after everybody else arrived and the teachers said that other people could go or we could go again if we wanted. We were also reminded that we should not completely leave the "zipline" if we stopped by at any of the shops to "buy something" because the zipline thing (it was really a ski lift, like I've said) would continue on without us. We were immediately flung by the zipline thing (which we didn't even have to pedal or anything on) forward, and we were at the top of a mall or something. I took my phone out and started recording, and then put it back in. We swooped down near the people in the food court who were eating, and asked them if we could have some of their food. This one guy had beef jerky in a box, so I took some of it, and then continued. For the next part of the dream, I was down there (not on the zipline) for some reason. It was my grandma's birthday and everyone started singing "happy birthday" to her. I remember they didn't repeat "happy birthday" but they instead said something else very weird, I don't remember what, not her name though.