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    1. #70: Pink douchebag car

      by , 01-13-2016 at 09:28 AM
      I went to bed between 23:30 and 00:00 I think. I woke up around 08:00 and stayed in bed till 09:00.

      Pink douchebag car
      I'm at my physical therapist. I'm walking up the winding staircase. There's a girl standing at the top, preventing me from passing, though she doesn't seem to realise it. She's talking to a guy who seems kinda like a wannabe thug/pimp/playboy douchebag. I tap her backpack and say her name (Eve?) softly. She stands aside so that I can pass. She keeps her attention on the douchebag though. After a moment the douchebag comes up to me and asks me something like if I was talking to his girl, or something like that. I tell him that I only said her name so that I could pass. I ask him if he really thinks I could've said something meaningful that quickly. He walks back again.

      At some point the douchebag is driving his pink muscle or race car inside the room, around the table. The guy was supposed to bring the little brother of my best friend home, but apparently he's changed his mind. My friend asks him if he can at least bring her brother to the train station, cause else it's a 15 minute walk. I tell her it's only 5 minutes and that he'll be fine. I can clearly see the inside of the car. I can see that there are two seats and that one of them is empty. The guy really is a douche. He then drives it outside, through the door. I make a comment about the fact that the car is pink.

      My physical therapist walks outside. I assume it's to tell the guy not to bring his car inside. Once I'm outside as well the view is a bit obstructed because there are other people standing there as well, but it doesn't seem to be my physical therapist anymore who is standing there to talk to the guy. I think the person that has replaced my physical therapist is wearing a suit, though a bit shoddy. I start walking home. It's raining. On the other side of the road I see the little brother of another one of my friends. He keeps waving at me, hoping for me to acknowledge him. I wave back a few times, but I have to time it as if I were driving a bicycle. I'm annoyed with the rain. I think I've got my black hoodie on. At some point I look to my right, into a house. Is that my old classmate Daniëlle? She's standing just behind the window, making a coffee, using a big coffee machine. I consider the size of the machine for a moment. Then I look closer and think to myself that it must be her little sister and not Daniëlle.

      I don't know what's up with all the little brother's & sisters

      » I'm sitting on a couch, legs stretched out in front of me. Someone is sitting to my right. He jokingly punches me on my right leg, around the knee. He then moves to punch me on the left as well. I instantly tell him not to do that, cause I had knee surgery. He asks me what happened and I tell him that I tore my ligament.

      » I've got a whatsapp message from an old colleague I haven't spoken to forever. It appears on my lockscreen. I'm quite surprised by the fact that he'd message me.

      » I'm in my room at my mom's house. I look outside. It's daytime. On the other side of the road, next to the snackbar I see an old classmate. He seems to be waiting for someone I guess. I'm not too sure on what he's doing exactly. I think he can see me, so I try to move out of sight. I make the line of sight as small as possible so that I can peep in and out to keep tabs on him. Eventually he walks away.

      » Pretty sure I had another dream, but I can't remember what anymore

      » I'm not sure if it's me or someone else, but that person has to survive in a forest. I think it's snow covered. The person this dream focuses on is a woman I think, at least at some point. There are some militant-ish guys roaming the forest as well. She needs to watch out for them. At some point she wakes up because she had been drugged I believe. There are also some fennec foxes which she tries to play with, but which are a bit shy. Eventually she finds a cabin.
    2. #69: Presentations

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:25 AM
      Went to bed a bit before midnight. Really had issues falling asleep, took me at least until 01:00. I set the alarm for 06:45.

      I'm in a classroom. The presentations of our project groups are about to start. The lecturer asks me to present for our group. I tell him that someone else in our group has already prepared to present. The lecturer asks me to present anyway. My voice changes just a little bit, I guess it breaks a little. I ask him why. He backs off, seeming a bit intimidated. I go up to my group to tell them and we laugh about it a little. In my head I've got the joke ready that that's the advantage to being black: it's easy to scare white people. I don't make the joke.

      We're on the 2nd floor of a building. The walls on two sides have arched holes in them so you can look outside. There's some parkour going on. It looks like a live video. One guy falls from the 2nd floor. I take a look over the edge. The guy was lucky. He's still hanging on to an edge just a bit below, so he didn't tumble all the way down. A teacher for a different course then decides to stand on an object which was used in this particular parkour run, to prevent more people from doing it. It's presentation time again. The first teacher ends up buying us all food, but only some of us get to choose. He makes a girl take orders from all of us. Everyone is shouting and I suggest that she writes it down, cause she's not gonna remember that many orders. My friend is sitting next to me. He complains that it's unfair that some people get to choose their orders and others don't.

      I had another dream but I don't really have the time or energy right now to go into it. It involved my Indonesian classmates, a train station, drugs and being late for an appointment with my thesis supervisor. The dream sucked
    3. #67: Women... / Ass / Shy in class / Red scorpion / Telekinesis! Or not.

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:42 AM
      Not sure at what time I went to bed. I think it was a bit past midnight. I woke up around perhaps 5 or 6 and went to the toilet. Afterwards I had issues falling asleep again. The lucids were all after my wake up moment.

      It's dusk. I'm sitting in the back of my mom's car, on the left. My brother is sitting in the passenger's seat and my mom is behind the wheel. She's feeling tired and doses off a few times. Eventually she misses a curve in the road to the right and instead goes straight ahead. I feel like we're airborne for just a moment, passing over a ditch and land into a meadow. I don't recall it feeling violent or scary at all. There was a box where you'd normally have a console, though just a bit further to the back. I managed to exercise some control over the car by using it. Once we're in the meadow I get out. There's a police car parked here as well. I move towards it and notice that the two officers inside are sleeping. They wake up and join me outside. My mom starts walking over as well. I start explaining the situation to them and they tell me to walk along. We're kinda trying to diagnose my mom. I end up walking with the cops while holding a black granny bicycle. We end up at two houses placed in an L shape. The police want to raid the one on the left, but they're missing a flashlight. My mom walks over again, talking. The police need silence so that they won't lose the element of surprise. They decide to sneak into the building on the right, to get a flashlight over there for their raid on the building on the left. On their way out they are nearly caught, but they've managed. There are now two women, Nikki and Eva Mendez. Eva had something to do with sneaking the cops into the building on the right and is slightly upset by the fact that it was a close call. I'm standing somewhere with Nikki now, somewhere inside. We're in a sort of relationship and she made some promises, something along the lines of finding me a girlfriend just like her before she leaves. We're both undressed. I go to the toilet around the corner to pee. The force of me peeing makes it splash all the way up until my bare chest. I consider asking Nikki to arrange things for me with Eva. They're the same in the sense that they're both called Eva. I know that it's gonna upset Nikki a bit, but I know she won't be leaving and she should've told me.

      The brother of my friend David has posted something on FB. I think it was directed at me. It made me feel like the guy is a total ass, despite having never met him. Man, I'm pretty certain that David will bring his brother when he's coming over, but I sure as hell hope he doesn't.

      Shy in class
      I'm sitting in class, in a row in the back. The class is pretty much filled, though I remember only 1 classmate specifically. The teacher had been explaining something to us and asks me a question. It requires a long answer. I know that this is a lucid, but I don't wanna do it. I don't wanna mess up either, just in case this isn't a lucid. I think I might've pushed a finger through the desk at this point to be certain.

      Red scorpion

      I'm lying in my bed, having just 'woken up'. There's a small, red scorpion on the ceiling, quite close to me considering that I have a highrise bed. I panick a bit and make an effort to slap it away. I'm not sure if I got it. Now my ass is itching. No! Why now? Is it the scorpion?! Why am I so afraid of the scorpion anyway? It's all just a dream. I think I did something more after this, but I can't recall what.

      Telekinesis! Or not.
      It's daytime. I'm walking around some shopping streets. It's got a little bit of a cold season vibe if I remember correctly. There are quite some people about and I sort of evade a few streetsales people, or people who are collecting for charity or something alike. I don't really feel like talking to them. Two metres further I spot two people selling newspapers though. I spot them by the colour of their jackets, which was either red or white. One of them is a former colleague. They are facing away from me. I walk up to the guy on the right, the former colleague. I congratulate him on having been awarded the prize for best newspaper salesman. We chat a bit and he offers me a free newspaper sample. I pass on the opportunity, recognising it as a sales tactic. I move on.

      I'm walking around in a semi run-down building. I walk back and forth along the same route a few times. I can't recall what's in the section which is still in good condition. I remember I said bye to someone over there though, perhaps my former colleague. In the section that's in mediocre quality is my optician. A blonde, former classmate I had a crush on is there as well. She walks away to a different area. I don't really feel like going to my optician, so I walk the other way again. I make sure not to pass the person I just said bye to again, cause that's just awkward. I walk to a part where walls are already crumbling. I clearly recall passing a big, dark green sign with golden letters that was only half intact. Guessing from the letters that were still there, it used to say Bibliotheekzaal [library room in Dutch].
      I wonder what it is about this night that makes me become lucid so often. It probably has to do with the time of day. I'm having this thought as if I didn't just transition from non-lucid to lucid, but was in the same state all along. I walk a bit further and pass another crumbled wall, with a wooden plank put up against it. I'm standing in front of a door opening. The dark green door itself is swung to my side and to the left. The girl is there again. I decide not to pay attention to her. Instead I want to focus on the dream. I consider pushing my hand through the plank up against the wall, but it's not positioned very solidly. I might just end up pushing it away. Instead I decide to push my right hand through the door on my left. My fingertop rests for just a fraction of a second on the surface and then moves in. Sweet. I start thinking about how to describe this. It's like sticking your hand into a deep puddle of mud. Somewhere after passing my elbow the sensation becomes indescribable. I recall thinking exactly that: I have no clue how to describe this. I then pull out. There's a small wooden plank or a brick laying in front of me on a crumbled wall. I remember my lucid challenge with werty52. First person to perform telekinesis wins. My turn to finally win a bet! I aim both my hands at the plank/brick and attempt to make it levitate. I don't have full 100% confidence in it. There's some doubt in my mind that the object might remain there due to being cemented stuck. My vision starts to blur. I think the object is levitating, but I can't tell with 100% certainty. Fuck, come on! I try to stabilise again. I try to shout 'stabilise', but it's more like a soft shout, where you pretend to shout while actually whispering. I wonder if this is coming through to the real world. I shout 'stabilise' a few more times, but now in Dutch. In hindsight I was just doing it in the hope of it having an effect, rather than fully believing in the effect.

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    4. #65: Pool / Class

      by , 12-27-2015 at 10:21 AM
      I went to bed around 01:00. Not sure what time I woke up. It's now 10:00

      It's quite dark, though I can still see around me. I think I'm indoors, though I could also be outside. There's a private pool. I'm with 2 male friends [of them is my friend in reality, the other I don't know], one of them is Asian, the other is white. The Asian guy has drowned in the pool, but it still alive. We panick a bit and my white friend asks to borrow my phone to make a call. I give him my iPhone. He makes a call to New York. I can hear something about paying for extra charges. He's calling some of the world's best doctors on this area. Damn. I knew he was rich and spoiled, but this... In the mean time I look at a map on the wall. There's a number there of some local paramedics, who should be very close by. It feels like they are on the other side of this huge building which is my friend's house. I make my friend hang up and I call them instead, partially motivated by the costs of calling to NY. He tells me that those guys are worthless. I relent and he makes another call to NY. While the call is busy connecting, he tells me that I should put our friend laying on the ground, nose downwards. I do so, and he starts coughing up some water.

      I'm with some classmates. One of them was in an accident of some sorts and I was among those who saved him. He can't remember a thing from the ordeal. I tell him I'm not that surprised about it. I recall something about a picket white fence which I climb over to get to a seat. We're all seated for a special event that's going on today. It's a good thing I decided to dress the way I did, with the dark blue sweater that I'm wearing. At least I look presentable. I'm also wearing my All-Stars, but it looks quite decent.

      Sitting in the same area, we have a sort of training event. Two girls, Roos and Chayenne are acting out a scene. Roos is working from a caravan which has been converted into a bar. Chayenne comes by to order a coffee. Everything is quite chaotic. At the end my teacher (a woman wearing a hijab I believe) asks us what went wrong. Either she asks me directly or I volunteer to give an answer. I first consider pointing out a mistake of Roos, but I focus on Chayenne instead. I say that she was in a hurry. My teacher tells me something along the lines of me being wrong. I get annoyed by her reply and turn into a wiseass. I tell her that that's my perception of what is occurring here and add some more philosophical statements to it. She then tells me that Chayenne didn't listen to Roos. Yeah, I know, I was getting to that. Not listening in this instance was an extension of being in a hurry. My friend Jor is seated to the left of me. He tells me that if I hadn't argued with the teacher he could've backed me up by saying 'I think what he is trying to say...'. I tell him that I don't really care. I just didn't like the teacher's attitude.
    5. #62: 24

      by , 12-23-2015 at 10:28 AM
      I went to bed around 23:10 and spend 10 minutes reading. After that I did a DY exercise (focus on 1 thought, 6 minutes). I woke up around 05:00 I think, went to the toilet and didn't really fall asleep again until 07:00 or maybe even 08:00. It's now 10:00

      This dream had quite a number of repititions in it. I'm inside a building. Not sure if I'm bodily present or just a spectator. I'm in a sort of lobby with an escalator. I'm looking at the outer wall, which consists of glass panels with a black framework. I can clearly see that it's daytime. There are two white cops. One is a woman, the other a guy. There are also two freerunners. I think also one male, one female. I think the freerunners perform a bit at the insistence of the female cop. They are standing in the lobby. One of them runs to the exit a bit to the left and then once outside, runs all the way to the right, along the glass wall. The other one immediately runs right. I think this is one of the repeated moments which happens more than once. I think at some point one of the freerunners does a sideflip outside.

      My view is from outside the building now. The male cop brings the car around and the female cop joins him. They have been called in for an emergency.

      At this point it's Jack Bauer and I who are responding to the emergency. We're inside an office building. There's a group of white women who presumably work there. They were just about to leave, but we make them show us the way. At least one of them is clearly grandma age. Guns drawn, we move towards an elevator. It's not really an elevator though. It's more of a vertically moving platform. I look up and I can tell that there's nowhere to go as there is a ceiling right above us. Someone (Jack?) presses the 2 button and we move 2 floors down. One of the ladies (the grandma?) makes a flirty comment to me. I respond quite seriously to it and am not interested. Jack and I move along a hallway.

      Jack and I have taken cover behind a wall with a big glass window in it. We're laying on the floor so that the wall can conceal us. In front of us is a huge area, which is hard to describe. I think it's still inside, but there are sort of islands. I see things happening from another perspective (or maybe I saw this part earlier already). Rachel from Friends is laying on her back on the ground just behind a desk. There's a dude crouched close to her. His boss is telling him that he's fired and he loses it. He rips open one of the upperbody layers that Rachel is wearing. I see a nipslip moment. He then proceeds to place one hand on her breast and slides another into her pants. She is somewhat shocked and starts to scream for help. This part repeats as well and this time the dude holds one hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. There's another dude who takes advantage of the whole situation and starts talking to the rapey dude to further destabilise him and turn it into a whole hostage situation. That's why Jack and I are here.

      We're still behind the wall. The office ladies, mostly old women I think, are walking through the hallway in our direction. We try to motion them away, because they might draw the attention of the hostagetakers. They get the hint, but one of them makes a loud popping sound with her prosthetic whatever, which sounds like a gun reloading. The guy has heard it and moves in on us. This part also repeats, but this time there are young kids instead of office women. One time the guy walks up to the glass window and doesn't see us. Another time he sees us, but I'm busy reloading my gun softly, so I'm not prepared to shoot him. Another time he sees only Jack, who quickly passes me his gun before surrendering, as I don't have one of my own.

      The hostagetaker has murdered the 21 year old black president of an African country and an old white lady. A young girl is still alive. The dude comes up close to us (we're still behind the wall) and plays with some kind of toy factory with a tiny conveyor belt and mini pizza's or something alike. I'm tempted to do something with the conveyor belt (can't recall what), but I don't. It's all really weird. I think eventually Jack loses his shit over the dude killing the little girl, but I'm not too sure about that. A shoot out ensues, which I think also repeated itself. One time I had the 'weak' gun and another I had the 'strong' one, which is Jack's. Damn the strong one is awesome. I end up giving the hostagetaker an execution shot. Jack bulletsprays and some point, and nearly hits me. It's the weak gun though, so it's ok. I can see the path of the bullets he's fired.

      I'm standing on the island close to where Rachel was. I'm holding a yellow, plastic, flower handbag toy which is a boombox. Different beats come out of it if you twist some knobs. I'm with KRS-ONE and I make him do a freestyle.

      » I can't recall the scenery, but there's a guy who's using a showerhead to shower me (not sure if I had clothes on or not). He aims it at my head and I tell him not to make my hair wet.

      » I'm on a ship with a group of people. It's an old timey trade ship and we're out in the middle of the ocean. At some point I'm with at least one classmate. Polgara is also present at some point, as I send someone to go get her. I recall us being in a harbour at night and also that I dropped some glasswork on deck which needed cleaning. There's also another old ship in the harbour. I take the 'wheel' and I crash into a lot of stuff while reversing.
      It's too bad I didn't take notes for this one, cause it was definitely interesting.

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    6. #61: Parking / Fight / Jessica Nigri

      by , 12-22-2015 at 10:14 AM
      I went to bed around 23:10 and spend the next ±30 minutes reading. Woke up around 08:00 and went back to bed, but couldn't really sleep. It's now 10:00.

      It's daytime. I'm in the car with my aunt and my mom. My mom is the one who is driving. We're in a parking lot and she's about to park, but she keeps messing up. There are parking spaces close to the water. The only thing separating the parking spaces from the water is a sort of sidewalk which is elevated. Eventually I get out of the car and I have a look. No wonder my mom can't manage to park. She's been trying to park perpendicular to the sidewalk, but the parking spaces (marked by white lines) are parallel to the sidewalk. Though that's only in one specific area, because a bit further there are perpendicular spots as well. I tell my mom I'll park the car. I aim for the perpendicular parking spot. My mom tells me to back it up far, until my back wheels are on the sidewalk. Are you crazy?! No way I'm gonna do that. That's scary as shit. I might drive the car into the water.

      I'm in my mom's living. I'm with my little brother and his dad. My brother is laying in the corner of the big, black couch. His dad is standing on the couch, sort of hovering over him. He's either about to or he has already hit my little brother. I don't intent to let this happen. I consider my options. I can fight him now that I'm also an adult, but I might have to be careful with my knee. I consider the idea of getting a knife from the kitchen and just stabbing him instead.

      Jessica Nigri
      I'm in my room at my mom's house. I don't know where I see it exactly, but there's a picture of Jessica Nigri, with on her right a girl with a lot of tats. I'm whatsapping with one of my best friends and he comments that the tatted girl is only 14. I have a hard time believing it given her figure and the amount of tats she has. I think back to a joke someone once made. "If there's grass on the field, play ball". I'm not sure if I make that joke myself. The sight of Jessica induces a lust in me and I consider looking up some porn. No! I'm on this nofap challenge so I can't. Ah does it really matter?

      I've just arrived at the toilet in my mom's house. I pull down my grey boxershort and sit down. I can clearly see a few tiny holes in it while pulling it down. Damnit. I look into the toilet bowl while sitting down. I notice that I have cum. Without me even doing anything? Wow.

      » I have my iPhone in my hand. I want to use Google Translate, but it requires a lot of actions to get to the point where I can actually type the word I wanna translate. I assume this is because my classmate logged into his Google account on my phone.

      » I'm in a house with my housemate and a bunch of other people. Lipbalm is being passed around. We all gotta put it on as we're gonna share some glasses with each other and it would be dirty to do so without lipbalm. I hate lipbalm. I don't like the feeling of it. I think at some point I can feel it on my lips.
    7. #60: Pokémon / Football / Hebrew

      by , 12-21-2015 at 08:54 AM
      I went to bed around 23:30. I couldn't fall asleep for at least an hour, so I read a chapter in my book and then tried again. I woke up around 08:00. It's now 08:20.

      The way this dream looks is a bit like the Pokémon games on the GameBoy, so with a slightly angled top down view. I'm a Pokémon myself and I'm in Brazil. I'm walking around during daytime in a nature area. Lots of green and also some mountains / rocks. I've already fought quite a lot and I'm still being sort of chased by other creatures that want to fight me, though they don't really look like Pokémon. At some point I come close to a house. Two people are standing next to it. I can't enter, because there's a bush that needs to be cut first, but I don't know the move cut. One of the two people (Vegeta from DBZ?) offers me the move cut. Then both of them have to go inside because they have been called for dinner or something. I'm facing a dilemma. This Pokémon that I am has some awesome moves and I don't want to ruin it by teaching a lame move such as cut. I open the menu, which pops up the way it would with the older games. I go to my party and see a list of six Pokémon. I'm a level 43 Pokémon, though I don't know which one. At the bottom of the list is a level 42 Venasaur. The rest are really low level, because I'm doing all the fighting. I have an Exp. Share, so I'm considering who to give it to. It'll allow me to level someone up easily.

      I've fallen asleep on a cruiseship. I never actually see the cruiseship, I just know it has happened. When I wake up I wonder for a moment if I'm in Germany or in Brazil. Fuck, Germany. I wanna go back to Brazil. I suppose I could go back on the cruiseship again, but I won't just yet. From the looks of it I'm at a big brand clothing store, one with lots of wood. I exit, while simultaneously talking to my cousin. She sends me a message on FB Messenger, though it also feels like she was right next to me. She tells me she hasn't been accepted to Harvard. She doesn't look too bummed. Well duh... you're not smart enough. I'm standing outside now, exchanging messages with a classmate, also through FB Messenger. We're talking about where I'm gonna go. I tell her that I want to go back to Brazil. It's beautiful and I've already found an internship. Somewhere I feel a slight sense of incontinuity, but it's not strong enough to make me realise I'm dreaming. I end up with my mom in the car. We're talking about stuff, but I can't recall what.

      Somewhere in this dream I see a fullscreen view of a map of Java. It's oddly coloured, as if the nightmode is enabled and it's also shaped wrong. I zoom in on central / east Java. I've been told the part I'm looking at is east Java, but it looks more central to me. I'm looking at a few beautiful locations that I wanna visit. Amazing. All small but beautiful places. I'm not even there and I've got a wishlist already. Somehow Indonesia and Brazil are mixed in my mind a bit. Also somewhere in this dream I'm thinking about the idea of learning Portuguese before going back to Brazil, to enhance the experience.

      » Something about my mom's boyfriend. I think he was being a bit annoying.
      » There was another dream that involved my mom, but I can't remember what.
      » I think there also was a dream about my ex.

      I'm at a football match. It's the team of my student city vs.. dunno. At first I'm not bodily present it seems. I'm in a portable dug-out which is facing the wrong direction. The wall is facing the field, instead of facing the bleachers. I'm with two white guys in about their early twenties. Two white women of the same age come running up to the bleachers from the field. They have just played. The look of this dream is as I'm watching a bit of an older movie. A bit grainy. Also the colours are a bit off. The women seem to be the girlfriends of the guys. One of them takes her shirt of to change it for a clean one. She is wearing a black bra. The guy who is not her boyfriend stares at her in amazement for a moment. The other girl ends up going topless. I feel like everyone is a bit distracted now. At first the guys were talking about their keeper and complaining about him a bit, but someone has happened on the field that they haven't noticed. Now is the moment where I'm sure that I'm bodily present. I'm topless and I'm trying to put on a black pair of sweatpants. I'm trying to figure out how to do this by pulling them over my head. I kinda reach the conclusion that this is impossible, but I'm still not giving up.

      I'm again not really bodily present. The place looks like an old timey theatre. There's an older man and two women. All white. They're sitting at a small wooden table. One of the women asks the other to ask the man some questions, as he won't answer her questions. The other woman agrees and asks him in Hebrew to establish some trust [I wouldn't recognise Hebrew if a rabbi called me a dick]. I'm impressed by her. She also speaks Russian and some other important languages. That must be great. There's subtitling. The woman is asking about the time the man took 114 people into the city and a tragedy happened. In between shots a short but high stage with stairs on both sides has appeared next to the table and the other woman is standing on top of it.
    8. #48: Terrorist attack / Vega cow poop / Small model corner

      by , 12-04-2015 at 10:15 AM
      I went to bed around midnight. I shortly woke up around 5:00 and finally around 8:45. I'm starting this DJ at 9:10.
      I think it was the terrorist dream or the vega cow poop dream in which I was highly aware at some points.

      Terrorist attack
      I'm in the cinema where I used to work. I'm either in theatre number 9 or 10. There's just a small group of people there and I'm not sure we're actually watching a movie or if there is some discussion going on. The only thing I can recall with certainty is my classmate Tan being there. Star Wars is also on my mind, so maybe it had something to do with that.

      Now it feels like I'm working here again. I'm walking just in front of theatre 9. On the other side is theatre 14. I go over and open the door to have a peek. In reality it should open to a small corridor that leads to the seats, but right now it leads immediately to the last row. I assume the light to be disturbing for the person(s) on the last row, so I apologise and close the door again.

      I overhear some guys talking about shooting up the place. They go into theatre 14. Instead of warning someone, I first go into theatre 14 to check it out myself. I'm at the end of the corridor, at the top of the stairs which go down to all the rows of seats. Someone on the back row starts shooting. I immediately (and poorly) fall to the ground, pretending to have been hit. I hope they'll buy it and that they won't shoot me some more just to be safe. I hear someone talking about that the first round of bullets are just very tiny ones to open up some holes in your body. For the second round they'll use bigger bullets, which will tear through the small openings and actually kill you. I think I make a run for it.

      I'm on the 2nd floor now (theatre 14 is on the 3rd), running towards the corner where the elevator is, but also a personnel only area. I hesitate while running and head for the elevator, as the doors are already open and I can see Chantal [old colleague] standing. I shout out to her and join her.

      I'm on the ground level in the personnel only area. I'm standing there with the manager Ed and my classmate Kristen. I'm panicked and I try to tell what's happening. I keep it down to the very essence. I believe Ed sends the guards to duke it out.
      In this area and in this time frame a lot of things happen and I'm not sure about the right order:
      - I try to recollect my thoughts. I'll need to report to the police later about what I saw exactly. Fuck, I can't even recall a single detail of the attackers. I didn't see shit. I consider filming myself right now with my iPhone to get all the details straight. I know that the human memory isn't all that reliable.
      - I panick and I start sobbing. I'm not even aware of Ed and Kristen anymore. I'm on my hands and feet and I've assumed a position of total defeat. I can't believe that the terrorists have finally struck here. So many people must be dying. Though the description is short, I feel like I spend a lot of time feeling like this.
      - Ed opens the door from this hallway to the main area of the ground level. I don't recall there being any people about. Furniture wise it's nearly completely empty. There's a big metallic looking plate or something alike standing there and from the left side from one of the upper floors a lot of bullets are fired at it. You can see the travel path of the bullets and you can also see some of them ricochet of the plate. I tell Ed to close the door, in case one of the bullets ricochets this way. He closes the door. There's another opening through which we're able to have a peek. I carefully do so at least once.
      - I don't remember where he got it from, but Ed now has a thick and old looking book. He also has a seat , which is just big enough to sit on and just a few centimetres high. I'm calling it a seat because that is its purpose, but it's more like a cardboard box. I'm on the ground, looking through Ed's book. It seems like it's filled with biographies of people. I think I might've seen some drawings of characters from the book I'm reading in there. Ed wants Kristen to sit on the seat in a Seiza position [karate]. I don't recall him explaining what he wants to accomplish, but I think this was some kind of ritual to fill the book up more about today's events. Kristen refuses, telling him that she can't do it because of a bad knee. She says so in a slightly agitated way. I tell Ed I'll do it. Kristen asks me how I intend to do it with my messed up knee. There's just no way. I attempt to assume the position. Some people run by from behind me. One of them brushes my lower leg or steps on it really lightly. I show a sign of pain and Kristen says something along the lines of: see, you can't do it, it's already hurting. I tell her that it was because someone stepped on me.
      - I'm just outside of the cinema, at the side entrance. I did something on a ramp there, though I don't recall what.

      Though this definitely wasn't a pleasant dream, it was interesting due to the emotions which I felt so strongly. The bullet lines into the metal frame were also very vivid.

      Vega cow poop
      I'm on my bicycle in the city I study in. It's daytime and I'm cycling from the city centre towards my neighbourhood. At some point the infrastructure for the bicycle becomes quite crappy. There's no more bicycle lane, so at points I'm just driving on the car road. I keep cycling and am sometimes a bit confused by the road layout. Eventually I take a left towards my house. I notice that I'm on the roof of a house and that I need to jump down. Fuck it, I'll do that. I jump off like a BMX-er would, without a problem. I continue a bit, but then stop for a moment because I know there was a guy cycling behind me. I think I instruct him on what to do.

      I make it to the front garden of a house (my house?). I'm wearing skates. To stop myself from rolling past the house, I go about in a tiny circle, spinning twice along my own axis. One of my best friends just arrived as well, I think by car. We enter the house. I need some help getting in, cause I'm a bit clumsy on skates. It's been a while, considering my knee.

      The interior is like that of my ex girlfriend's house, though with furniture in different locations. We walk from the hallway into the living room. Another friend's mom is laying on the couch. His dad is standing. I either sit down on the ground or I fall into that position. I look at my feet and see that I'm wearing skates which I have managed to attach directly to my beat up Reebok shoes. I can remove the skates without taking off my shoes. My friend's mom mentions something about being sick for the 3rd time already, due to eating some vega cow... poop? Yuck

      Small model corner
      It's daytime and I'm at the physical therapist, though the setting looks entirely different from reality. I'm also not participating in this dream, just observing. There are 3 girls who seem to know each other in the 'small model corner', or something along that lines. It's a corner with exercises for girls who want to exercise but who want to stay petite instead of becoming muscular. I think they're standing next to a bar with weights on it. My physical therapist shows them how to do an exercise for your arms, which involves pulling on a pulley system. After that he's suddenly outside in his car and he's gonna drive off. One of the interns, a guy with red hair, is still inside. One of the girls comes up to him to ask him something about her file. He tells her he can't do anything about it. The moment he starts the program on his tablet, her file is loaded because it recognises that it's about her. She asks if the physical therapist that just left can do anything about it. The intern says he's not sure. The girl says optimistically something along the lines of: so there's a chance?

      » I think I may have dreamt something about my mom, though I can't recall anything. The idea is just stuck in my mind that I did.
      » There was a dream that had something to do with me being highly educated, but I can't recall a thing.
      » I'm with my two little cousins. I tell the girl that she should always kiss her brother on the cheek. It's inappropriate to kiss him on the mouth. She asks me why. She caught me by surprise. I don't know why. That's just the way it is.
      » I'm standing in my kitchen with my classmate Erwin [I have no clue what his name is. At some point I just decided that he looks like an Erwin ]. He asks me if I have any Vicks candy's. He tells me he has a sore throat. I have a bag in the kitchen, but I'm a bit reluctant to share. I don't want my entire bag to be empty when I finally want to have a Vicks. I end up sharing with him.
    9. #46: Japan / Heated bikes / Fashion / STD wings

      by , 12-02-2015 at 08:52 AM
      I'm in Japan, visiting my Indonesian classmates from last year. We're somewhere outside and it's already quite dark. I recall Tina being there, who for some reason is in a wheelchair. I also remember Re. Next to her is Kristen. Re, talking in English, invites me to join them somewhere, though I don't recall for what or where. I tell her that I can probably join, but in which city will it be? My classmates all live in different cities. Re doesn't really understand the question, even after repeating it. I explain the question to Kristen instead, hoping that she can explain it to Re in a way that she will understand. Nor is present now as well. Apparently she and Kristen don't get along anymore. They swear at each other a bit. Inside I'm cheerful about this. Those two together annoyed the hell out of me.

      Heated bikes
      I'm at a party/gathering, I believe with my family. One of my best friends is present as well. He says it's about time for him to go. I look at a regular looking analogue clock on the wall. It's around half past something. I've made up my mind to leave around a quarter to.. whatever time it is. 15ish minutes later. I tell my friend that I'll also leave soon. He leaves straight away. I see him out. I think it's peculiar/rude that he doesn't bother saying bye to the others. The place we're standing in is quite odd. It's a open space with bicycles stalled on the left side. I suppose I'm alone already, cause I check the bikes. *sigh* My little brother has left the heating open on some bikes. I turn the knobs to turn it off. I take a look at my mountainbike. There's some ducktape applied on the frame near the front wheel. No way. Did he fuck it up? And I bet he'll deny everything.

      » I don't recall where I am. I recall getting my red hoodie and examining it before putting it on. I end up doing the same thing you do when you're using a USB: 3rd time's a charm. After the first time turning my hoodie around I think it's odd that I'm still wearing it the wrong way. I just checked to make sure of it. Come on.

      » I think there was a scene which involved my mom, though I can't recall what.

      There's a kind of mini fashion show going on. There's only one guy who shows 1 outfit. It's more of a funny play than a fashion show. I was involved with the idea of the content of the 'play'. The guy puts on a sweater/hoodie, walks around a bit, then places himself in front of a mannequin and pretends that this mannequin is violating him. Then he walks back into the dressing room and takes the hoodie off. He comes out and announces to the people present [despite me not seeing a single other person, I know they are all colleagues] that there are more clothes up on my highrise bed which they can take with them for free. By the time I go up on my highrise all the clothes are gone already. Damnit. Hey! They also took one of my shirts, which happened to lay around here. I think about it for a moment and then decide that they've taken the blue shirt of Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The thinking process in my mind is a bit odd, though I don't realise that. I climb back down and think about how I'll announce to the others that I'm missing some clothing. The others are already gone though.

      STD wings
      There's a girl sleeping in a tent. I think she's sick and trying to recover. She has gotten wings, angel-like wings. I think a potion that I made had something to do with it. I'm standing/walking in front of the tent. It's daytime. The wings can be transferred through biting someone. I consider having her bite me, but I dismiss that thought as I might also get a STD that way. Talking about STDs, I should have myself checked out. A few metres away from me are some people chilling on the grass I believe. I think the cat from Digimon which can turn into an angel is also lounging there.
    10. #38: Whiteboard / Nasty drink / Uni hoodie

      by , 11-24-2015 at 10:02 AM
      I'm writing on my whiteboard with a whiteboard marker. There is not much consistency in the colour that I'm using. At some point I erase something I just wrote, which was written in blue. I also try to write something with my black marker, but it seems the ink has run out. It turns out that the marker I'm using is actually a red one and it won't work because I'm writing over some blue parts, which messes with the red tip. I thought it was red because the cap I pulled off it was red. Weird.. shouldn't the whole body of the red marker be red?

      » There's something with a submarine. I'm spectating I believe. Something has gone wrong with the submarine and some things have to be done to prevent people from drowning. It doesn't feel all too realistic. At some point it also seems more like it's a computer that needs fixing. I think about what a horrible way to go it would be to drown in a submarine. Like hell I'll ever get on one.

      » Not sure what we're doing. We're recording a video, but I can't recall for what purpose. I'm a bit conscious of the fact that I'm totally naked. Lets make sure the camera doesn't pan down any further than is necessary.

      Nasty drink
      I'm in Indonesia with a classmate. I decide to get us some food on the moped. I sort of see/know a very fast summary of a few seconds of me being at the foodplace and then I'm back with food. She tells me that the place I wanted to go to is quite far and the food must be cold. I told her that it's far for her, but not for me, since I have a moped. I think she asks me where I live. I live right around the corner of her place, but I don't wanna tell her since I don't really like her. I take a zip from a bottle. It's one of those bottles which you have to squirt if you really want to make something come out. The taste is a bit vile and I quickly realise that I'm drinking my lens fluid.

      Uni hoodie
      I'm walking outside on a slightly sunny day. I see my cousin with her two kids. I pass past some branches and they are just laying there on the sidewalk having some fun. I think I give my cousins a hug. They then start to move to the other side of the street, where my mom's car is parked. She is standing close to it. Because I was talking to their mom, it took both of us a moment to realise they were heading out to cross a street. I run after them. They are surprisingly fast. I catch up to them at a point where I couldn't have prevented anything. If there was a car, all I would have accomplished was that I would have gotten hit first. There is nothing. The 4 year old is wearing my grey hoodie from my university. It's all soaked and it's way too big for her, dragging over the ground. I ask what happened to it, as I'm attached to that hoodie. Her mom and my mom both tell me to not make a fuss about it as it can be cleaned. I'm not, I just wanna know what happened. I consider trading my crappy red hoodie for the uni hoodie, but what would I wear then? I'm not gonna wear the uni hoodie while it's wet.

      I'm at my mom's home, on the balcony. I throw my uni hoodie on a drying rack. I ask a question about it and my mom gives me this shitty answer that's not really an answer. Now I'm mad.

      I'm sitting in my room. I can hear my mom shout, asking to borrow €1,- for some reason. I ignore it. It turns into an argument. I'm not gonna borrow her the €1,-. She can't even answer a question but she wants to ask favours? No! I think about later tonight, when I'll need a ride to the train station. Fuck it. I'll figure something out on my own.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. #37: Moped/bicycle / Promotion / Zombie

      by , 11-23-2015 at 01:32 PM
      Wrote this several hours after waking up.

      » I don't know where I am. All I recall is that it's a sunny day and that I'm with Abby and Dom. I haven't spoken to them in a long time, especially Dom. I'm happy to see him. We talk for a while.

      » I had a dream that was really long, but I can't remember that much anymore. The scenery was somewhat spectacular. It felt sort of like a campus, except the building was designed really cool, with nature incorporated in it quite harmonically. I recall that I had a girlfriend of sorts, but also another girl who I was very friendly with. At one point I passed that girl on the hallway and we pretended we didn't know each other, so as not to arouse any suspicion. I think it was a brunette girl. And then there was also a blonde girl, but we seemed to mean less to each other. At some point I took an 'elevator' down, which was just a moving platform. Someone threw a syringe down at me which I would need, but the cap was off, so I was concerned it would hit me. I think there was also a festival somewhere in this dream.

      It's daytime and I'm driving to my campus. I alternative between a moped and a bicycle. I think about it: hmm, it does seem a bit odd to use a moped to go to campus. If I always use the moped, then why do I always feel like it takes so much effort to get to campus? I'm on a grey bicycle path seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I don't recall seeing anything else manmade. There are some people passing on bicycles from the opposite direction. I also recall overtaking someone. That person fell just a few moments later. I didn't stop to help, as other people already did. I pass through a hilly landscape. At some point while I'm driving the moped, my best friend is sitting on the back and I'm trying to ascend a steep hill. She has to get off, because the moped doesn't have the power to handle this.

      I'm at my job. Bart, who is one of my bosses, invites me upstairs. We pass through a sort of hallway and enter a bigger room. We have a conversation at a wooden table, facing one another. He tells me that if I want to get this promotion of sorts and be called in for the real modelling jobs, I should change my attire. My shoes are all messed up. I also need to cut my hair. What? No way man! He tells me that my dreads are just too messy. I show him that it's because I haven't taken care of them for a while and they have grown in the mean time, but they can be really neat. There's a girl sitting next to me who agrees with him. I feel like the situation is a bit hostile. At some point someone throws some old stuff out of the room. I think it might've been a mattress.

      The details are a bit vague. I'm outside with several of my classmates, including a German guy. There are zombies, but we have already beaten the outbreak. A new one appears though and we have to make sure it doesn't spread, since dealing with only 1 zombie is still doable.

      I'm in my highrise bed. My German classmate enters my room. I just know it's him somehow, or perhaps I heard him talking. Because I'm in my highrise, he doesn't spot me. He's scheming to turn me into a zombie. There's a grey towel hanging on the ladder to my highrise. He wipes something on it that's supposed to infect me.
      I'm just outside of my room and I confront my classmate. I push him down the stairs a couple of times. Clearly he's a threat as he wanted to turn me into a zombie.
    12. #31: Near puking

      by , 11-13-2015 at 09:01 AM
      Near puking
      I'm with a group of people. I recall seeing my classmate Chris and one of my best friends. We're sitting on a vehicle which consists of wooden benches lined up behind one another. I'm on the frontrow, though I feel like the vehicle is moving backwards, making it the backrow. About 4 people can fit on a bench. It's sort of like a freaky bicycle, but I don't remember how the vehicle was propelled or who did the driving. We're taking some sharp 180° turns. At the first turn the people on the bench I'm on all slide to one side and get squished together. I feel an urge to puke, as if the combination of this sudden movement with the amount of alcohol I've had is too much. Just before the next turn my friend makes a comment. I don't recall what he said, but it's something to do with him thinking it's funny that we're gonna get squished again. We don't slide on the next turn however, because we expect it and brace ourselves.

      We stop near a train station. A digital clock says it's 12 past something. I stand talking to my friend for a moment and I also check the train schedule on my phone. There's a special train leaving to our city. It has a weird symbol in the schedule and there was a story to it that I can't remember. It's leaving at 15 past something. Well we're too late for that one. We end deciding to take another train, which will take much longer, about an hour and a half. I feel like it could've been way faster, but this way we have to make a big detour, even though we're really close to our city.

      » Another friend of mine. We live together? There's something with him wanting to cook and also something about orange juice I believe. It's all very vague.

      » I know I dreamt about my mom, but I can't recall any of it.
    13. Through another realm, lost bag, sunken ship

      by , 11-12-2015 at 10:00 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school. I was entering a classroom, then I took a chair and sat down. I opened my bag and took a notebook. Suddenly I saw a rhombus appearing out of it. It was colourful at the borders and black in the middle. It was a portal to another realm. Pink, red and white were dominating there. First I had to jump on the right tiles to get to another side, then I had to avoid crushers, and next it was a corridor with electric tiles. I finally got near the exit - it was a room with three strange girls, wearing sci-fi like clothes. I had to dance to the rhythm to unlock the door. I did it right, and entered a control room. I had to choose right button to escape, otherwise I'll die a horrible death. I randomly chosen one, and a card appeared at the screen - it showed a jester.

      Suddenly I found myself in a bus, I had my bag with me. I was driving through a city, it was a cold autumn afternoon. I went out of the bus with a classmate - a muscular blond dude. I realised that I left my bag at the bus, and I told him about it. I decided to run after the bus, and quickly reached the bus station. I've spotted that bus, and saw that it's walls transformed into tilt. I made a huge leap, and jumped inside it. The driver - a bald man with dark complexion, wearing white shirt and jeans trousers - was horrified by this. I just took my bag and went out. I decided to skip the way, and used a teleport to the strange realm.

      Another journey through that realm, and I found myself inside a sunken ship. The room had ankle-depth water. There was my family inside. I decided to use the teleport again.
    14. #29: Mind your language / Running / Hotel / London

      by , 11-10-2015 at 09:12 AM
      Mind your language
      I'm at my grandma's house, in her living room. There's a salmon/light brown couch, which is standing somewhere where it doesn't belong in reality. I'm with my mom, aunt, girlfriend and 2 cousins of 1 y/o and 4 y/o. My mom and aunt are sitting on the couch, on the left side. It feels as if we all slept on the couch. My mom starts asking me questions about the way my girlfriend rested her head on the couch. I have a suspicion that my mom is asking because of a dent in the couch. I become annoyed, because she's purposefully asking the questions in Dutch so that my girlfriend won't understand, instead of asking my girlfriend directly in English. Because I don't know the answers to my mom's questions I ask my girlfriend in Indonesian. My 1 y/o cousin comes close to us. My girlfriend is an enormous fan of little kids and starts playing with my cousin. I think at one point he stood on the coffee table as well.

      I'm walking in a massive hall. The type you would find in a public building. I don't recall there being anyone else. I start going faster and faster and suddenly realise something is wrong with the gravity. I'm running by making very big steps and coming of the ground for a short moment during each step. With every consecutive step I stay airborne a bit longer. I instantly realise that I'm dreaming. By now I'm already flying. I remember that I told myself that I would look at my hands to stabilise, which I do. I raise my hands in front of my face and I can feel them going up. The sensation is so strong that it feels as if I'm raising my hands in reality as well.* I have my eyes closed, but at the same time I can see my hands moving into my field of vision.° I don't feel the dream becoming any more stable. I alternate between enjoying the fact that I'm flying and trying to stabilise, because I know the dream will be over soon. I make peace with the fact that it's going to destabilise.

      *My sense of touch is often lacking in dreams. I've even been electrocuted without feeling a thing.
      °I read an article a while back that said you are able to 'see' your hands, even if it is completely dark.

      This dream is not gonna make sense to anyone reading it. Sorry about that
      I'm outside during the day I believe, at a sort of tribune together with my girlfriend. I was far away enough from her that I seriously thought that it was weird that she managed to touch me with her foot. We were messing with each other a bit. Eventually I decide it's time for me to go take a shower.

      Now I'm in a big hotel. There are some massive open spaces about. The details aren't clear to me anymore. The hotel is quite dimly lit. It seems everyone is here for the same event, though the event doesn't become important until later. The only persons I distinctively recall are my 20 y/o male cousin and later on a German classmate.

      I find a shower somewhere that says it's mixed: men, women and transgenders. I go in and there are at least 2 shower cabines with glass doors, both unoccupied. I think I put something down and then walk out again because I didn't bring the stuff I needed. I walk out a glass door which has a T on it, I assume for transgender.

      I've been to some different places in this massive hotel. I think I might've seen a swimming pool as well. I cannot for the life of my find the shower again though. Only a women's shower. At some point I'm walking along a corridor and to the left of me I see what might be a shower. Nope.. just 3 Indonesian toilets. They're dirty as well. At some point I still haven't showered and check the time. I think this is almost around the same time as that I see my German classmate. I have an analogue watch on my wrist.* There's about 40 minutes left until it's 7 pm and the wedding starts. I need to be ready by then. But we also have an exam at 7 pm. Both are in the hotel. Damn, I'm never gonna make it. I still need to study as well.

      It's dark outside and I'm in the tram in the middle of the city. I'm trying to get back to the hotel. I believe I'm travelling with someone. We have no clue how to get back to the hotel. We can't even remember the name. We ask someone if that person knows how to get there and we start pondering on the name. Sounds like... no not that.. we think hard about it.

      *The last time I wore a watch was months ago.

      This dream feels so related (like a sequel) to the previous dream that I'm not sure this was a new dream or if it continued.
      I know that I'm in London, though I can't recall how I know this for sure. I'm outside during daytime. I don't believe I'm alone, though I don't know who I'm together with. I start negotiating with a man on the price for renting a moped. This feels very Indonesian to me. We're sitting on a tram while doing so. In the mean time I call one of my classmates. I ask him something about where he is and about our campus. This is somehow relevant to whether I want to rent this moped and how desperate I am. For a moment the scene switches and I'm able to see him talking on the phone to me, as well as the setting he is in. He is with at least 1 of our classmates, perhaps even more. The scene switches back. We're at my stop and I quickly need to get out. I have a big travel backpack with me, in which I've stowed another bag. There's another bag on the floor. I wonder if it's the moped guy's bag or mine. I exit the tram, together with a different German classmate I think. I haven't paid the fare.

      I enter a different tram. I feel guilty for not paying the fare and I want to. There's a PSA about paying fares and about being an ass if you don't pay it. I'm standing in the tram. I'm with 1 or 2 persons who are seated. I'm standing near the cabin of the conductor. I think there are two. One of them is a white woman who is about to start checking for tickets. I mess around my wallet looking for €2,-. I uncover a big amount of candy though and offer her some. We end up talking in a fencing kind of way. We make snappy comments and try to best each other, but it's a lot of fun.
    15. #27: Hammock porn / Anna's friend / Epic parkour / Mansion & registration

      by , 11-07-2015 at 10:15 AM
      Hammock porn
      I'm hanging in my hammock. My hammock is hanging diagonally in the room. This is supposed to be my room at my mom's house, but it feels more like I am in my brother's room, which is right next to mine. On the desk there is a tv, which I'm watching. It's playing the start of some porn. Still very innocent stuff. My little brother enters the room and I try to alt + tab to another window. The animation you're supposed to see when you hit alt + tab is there, but because I have no other screen open it's a failure. I do manage to pause the movie though. I think my little brother goes for a bit of a cheeky face like the "I see what you did there" meme. I try to convince him that this is in fact Game of Thrones. Sounds plausible with all the porn going on in there. He leaves again and closes the door behind him. In reality there's no door there. I get out of the hammock and grab the remote, so I can do something more effective next time.

      » I'm seeing three of my classmates without actually being there. It feels as if I'm spying on them remotely through something which allows me to see them from nearby. It's Kristen, Nick and Karl. They are all wearing a red blazer. Not bright red, but with a thin layer of black over it. I think they're in a mansion.

      » I'm in a mall I believe. A girl I met in Indonesia is being looked for by the police. I believe they also ask me if I know her whereabouts, which I don't. I later run into her or send her a message, asking what the deal is.

      Could've easily remembered more about the situation with the cops if I had written down more than 2 words.

      Anna's friend
      I'm in a shop that has at least two storeys. Because they have a inside 'balcony' type of thing going on, you can look from one storey to the next. I'm on the lower level. I believe a store employee asks me some questions as if to sell me something. I'm not really interested and he soon notices. I look up at the second storey. There are some interesting.. statues I believe. Quite a lot of them as well. I walk up the first couple of steps of the stairs.

      I'm on the second storey, sitting on a couch with my Indonesian friend Anna, a bit of an older woman I think and perhaps someone is sitting next to the older woman as well. Anna is upset because one of her foreign friends isn't replying to her messages anymore. They used to be really close and they got close really fast. She first looks at the woman for help, but she isn't really in the helping mood you can tell. The woman passes it off onto me. Ok.. what am I supposed to do then? Anna wants to text the girl using my phone, to see if she will reply, because the girl doesn't have my number, so she won't know Anna is behind it.

      » I'm sitting down somewhere with my girlfriend during the day. Somewhere in the vicinity of a bakery. I leave her for a moment and go to the bakery. Though at this point I become a bodyless observer. I'm inside the bakery and witness an inspection of sorts which shows me how dirty the place is. It's up for sale I believe.

      I only took the time to write down my girlfriend's name and nothing else.

      Epic parkour
      A few people are practising parkour. There's an apartment complex which is perhaps 3 storeys high. On the outside there are a lot of metal railings, sorta like when people have one of those minuscule balconies which are not much more than glorified windows. A group of guys, including a classmate called Len, is climbing them. They end up on the roof. In the middle of the apartment complex there's a 'hallway' to the other side. I walk through it to see how they get off the roof again. It doesn't seem nearly as high from this side. They are able to jump without even needing to roll afterwards, though there is also a ladder.

      Back to the other side, they do it once more. This time there are a couple of people with cameras who are filming them. I want to do it as well! This seems awesome. I'm kinda concerned about my knee though, so I know I won't be fast. Someone from the cameracrew wants to stop me at first, but I go anyway.

      Other side of the building again. It might look lame, but for my knee's sake I'm taking the ladder down.

      To the front side again. There's a blue barrel I believe filled with water, which some guys use. I guess to wash their faces. It's perhaps a metre to the left of the front door of a middle aged woman. Something tells me she is Moroccan. She comes out for a talk. My classmates Kristen and Nick are here as well. At one point a bat flies by. Ok, slightly scared. Who knows what kind of diseases it may have.

      » I'm playing a racing game on my laptop. I remember mostly stretches of straight road and a look at the map that shows me the route I'm taking. It's extremely dark. I put my face close to the keyboard so I can see some keys. I remember seeing the F12 key. I press a key to make everything a bit brighter. Now my laptop itself exhumes a vivid dark red light.

      Mansion & registration
      I'm walking along a bicycle path near my mom's house during the day. There are a few people, one of them my classmate Luke. Next to the road we pass a mobile shop. It looks kind of like a hotdog van. My classmate Nicky is there. She joins us. There's some kind of big bulldozer like machine behind us. It's not really fast, but it makes sure we keep on walking, because else we're a goner. It's not scary though.

      We end up at a fancy mansion. I guess we're here for dinner. A few of walk down the stairs. There's a dinner table (with white cloth?) and chairs in the middle of a room . There's nothing else in the room as far as I have seen, though I didn't look around. The table fits about 8 - 10 people. The idea of the colour red is very dominant, perhaps the carpet was red. I sit down at a chair but get up again to do something. (I think I went to the late registration). When I come back again Nicky is sitting on the chair next to mine and someone is sitting on my chair. Ah come on, I wanted to sit next to Nicky. At least I can get along with her.

      The building I'm in right now doesn't feel any different from the mansion, though it looks different. Much more modest. Just simple grey. There's a computer area and there's a woman standing next to the door with a list. Only people who are on the list are allowed to enter. It's because it's a late registration event. You had to sign up for the late registration so that you can now sign up for classes you didn't register for. I'm allowed to enter.

      To the left of the perhaps 10 or so computers there's a small lounge area with a couch. I'm chilling on it with Anna. We're sitting a bit tangled up. I have a clipboard in my hand. I'm trying to get something done but she keeps messing with me a bit. At one point I say something like "how about I fuck you right here". It's supposed to scare her off, but at the same time it sounds like a challenge, though I have no intention of actually doing anything. I'm also aware of the fact that she has a boyfriend. It feels like a few minutes later, when the moment of my comment has already passed that she teasingly leans in to kiss me. I put up the clipboard between our lips and say "girlfriend. girlfriend. I have a girlfriend". Ok time to register. I walk over to one of the computers. They're all unoccupied, but somehow I manage to take the one where a girl had already gotten up but wasn't completely finished yet. Her stuff is still here. She talks to me and is annoyed that I'm taking the computer. I tell her it'll just be 2 minutes. She's sitting on my left and takes some of her stuff which are still on the desk. To my right are 2 or 3 scissors and another item which also belong to her. She leans into me excessively to get her stuff. I'm quite annoyed by her.
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