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    1. 14 Jul: Harry Potter like invisibility secret mission

      by , 07-14-2019 at 09:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a mall, looking for elevator to go to -1 floor. Can't find it, but the stairs are full of people, so I climb down through the staircase center. I spot a very hot guy on the stairs and I catcall him.
      Then on -1 floor I meet some friends at the cinema entrance. But we are not going to the movies. We then head to some other staircase going down and we jump through its middle to enter a magical dimension and we keep on falling through many floors, until we land on a room where a secret meeting is happening. We are invisible and are there to spy. We make a little noise and a lady looking like Prof McGonagall slowly walks towards us to check what's up. But we have an insider who distracts her by storming the room from another direction. She also discreetly points us who tells us which corridor we should go through to continue our mission.
    2. 25 May: Private cinema and actress in a film

      by , 05-25-2019 at 10:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In Victorian times, I am spending some time at some kind of resort in the mountains. They have a kind of cinema complex but it is actually several small rooms, very cozy, with sofas, for very private screenings of only a half a dozen people. There is a table with tea and coffee for self-serving. Oh, and I am famous. I just had to run away with my friends to reach the room (nr 10) that we had booked, while being chased by curious fans.

      At the set of a movie. Something historic. Being filmed in a big building where the story actually happened in RL. It is the first day of shootings and the actors and dozens of extras are getting into their places for a rehearsal. But I have no clue about my character. I got an envelope with papers with that info but there is no time to read it. I go from room to room asking people to help me out, but the team of directors and other professionals are so busy they don't even care. I find a room which seems like a courtroom with people seated and decide to sit in the back and read the papers. They say my main character is Caribbean and my name is N'iogo Kagada. That makes no sense at all and I talk to someone in front of me who also finds it absurd. Then I read further and it says my actual name given by my parents is Karen Vans, but I adopted a new name and nationality later on. Still doesn't make much sense. I also don't have the script and don't know where to stand and what are my lines.
    3. #224: Cinema / Watching / Sharing

      by , 12-10-2016 at 03:23 AM
      I'm in the cinema in Amsterdam, together with my friend Alif and maybe some others. Alif has just recently moved to the Netherlands. My friend San is working as an employee at this particular cinema and perhaps Erik as well. We're standing by the ticketing machine, deciding on which movie to go to. We're still doubting between the latest Bond and Fantastic Beasts. San already wants to buy tickets for Bond, but I tell him to wait up for a moment. I ask Alif what she wants. I figure she may not like Bond. She's not wearing her hijab like normally. My reasoning is that in the Netherlands she doesn't feel like doing so. Her face looks different without it and her hair has been put up in a crazy hairstyle. I'm looking through the schedule, which only goes until 7pm. For some reason, everything after 7pm is regarded as the next day, so we need to load the schedule again. I ask San, or perhaps a different employee, for his paper version of the schedule, which is quicker. I think, though I'm not sure, that we eventually decide upon Bond. Not that we actually go there?

      I'm walking around outside with Alif. We're on the steps of a building now. I get a call through Messenger. It's my cousin, whom I haven't spoken to in many years. It's a very short conversation, as he asks me for drugs. I hang up. I tell Alif what happened.

      I'm watching from a first person view. What I assume to be a plane is flying through the clouds, leaving little sight. It flies just above a house. That was close! Shouldn't it be pulling up? It continues at the same altitude, avoiding another 1 or 2 houses. It turns out that what I'm watching is a guy who is lucid dreaming for the first time. He's enjoying it. Somehow he's made a connection to the waking world and he's telling a woman (his mom?) about it.

      I'm having a conversation with a woman. We're going to try to share a lucid dream and we're deciding on a location. First she thinks of Rome. Cool city, but I've never been there. Except for in Assassin's Creed that is. I would only know how to imagine the Colosseum. How about Paris though? I'm much more familiar with that city.
      Tags: cinema, friend
    4. #164: Broom

      by , 06-24-2016 at 03:09 AM
      Bed: ~23.15 (had to hunt a mosquito first)
      Wake up: ~08.30 (cause I was awake for a large part of the night, until I managed to off the mosquito at 4am)
      Now: 09.05

      I'm working in the cinema where I used to work as a teenager. The lay out of the building is the way it was before it was remodelled. I'm standing behind the counter. It's quite busy and it's disorganised. On our side, there is popcorn all over the floor. I attempt to clean up a few times, using a broom. The 2(?) times when I'm holding a broom, the dream is more detailed, as I'm really paying attention to the broom.
      Tags: cinema
    5. #3 - The Thinker's Club

      by , 06-19-2016 at 12:47 AM
      The Thinker's Club

      I don't quite remember the first part of the dream, but it ended with me in a cinema theatre ready to watch something. There must have been some form of social event or social club involved. I do remember a flash image of the outside of a building in the cold. Before it had completely ended, another film was scheduled to start; to see it, we'd have to usher ourselves out and into another theatre apparently popular with weed smokers. We were going to watch a second, cult classic film there. I don't remember actually seeing it.

      Instead I ended up somewhere I thought I knew from a photograph posted on an online forum. Perhaps conforming a geeky origin, each seat had a sticker with the nickname of a previous class member or else a character quirk poking fun at them (e.g. I think a few seats were labelled 'anime nerd'); notably, I recognised one of them (in the dream) as someone's user handle. I remember, as people milled around, someone commented that a guy's 'discussion quality' was high enough that he should have been accepted into the club, but alas have not yet been. This was a workshop of some sort for teaching purposes. I'd thought it was the one I'd seen an image of earlier on the internet, even maintaining this when asked what I was thinking, but changed my mind upon seeing the wholly wooden floor, since I also remembered a grey part.

      It turned out I was let into some sort of society's meeting. Like a debate club, but it was for polite discussion about light intellectual topics. Unusually, I was talking to people through the medium of speech and could actually hear my own voice, as opposed to using 'dream telepathy'. The speakers were a very varied group, and included Stuart Hameroff, the 'quantum brain microtubules' proponent. Some of the topics included ecology, evolution, the fate of the universe, 'haemoglobin-induced light hallucinations', and the amazing light contrast of either someone's laptop screen or the room in general (a lovely starscape on their desktop background!). The spotlight passed to me shockingly often, even when I didn't have much to say. Those latter two topics caused me to see images radiating brilliant, crystal-clear white light (e.g. white text on starscapes and nebulas) - incredibly vivid. Then the dream ended with a short debriefing, an image of a website giving a glowing review of my character and saying I was 'gatekeeped at Schmooze Island'.

      Note: I am pretty sure these places are physical representations of the internet itself; the dream may be commenting on how both random geeks and famous people have blogs on the internet, allowing everyone to interact. The 'Schmooze Island' stuff is probably a reference to the Pencilsword comic about privilege, which I'd seen passingly the day before. I don't recall any emotional content during or after the dream, despite more social dreams seeming to have more of that.

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      non-lucid , side notes
    6. #103: Fragments

      by , 03-04-2016 at 07:08 AM
      > I'm busy cleaning my room in my student home. I've gotten into an argument with my mom somehow. She enters my room but since I've got my back to her I pretend that I don't know that she's here. She pokes me in my sides. I respond annoyed. So does she. She then asks me something.

      > I'm reading something about how Surinam is related to Spanish and some other languages. I consider learning something of these languages so that Surinam will become easier for me. Then I realise that that's idiotic. I might as well just focus on Surinam immediately.

      > I'm at the cinema with a girl who has only recently become a girl. She is nice to me and offers to pay for the tickets. Well that's definitely a change from when she was still a guy. It feels like I went out with the girl behind the ticket desk once, cause she's acting quite jealous. She's saying stuff such as that I should update my relationship status. A bit early for that I think. We then sit together with a group of people, who start cracking terrible vagina jokes in Dutch.

      > I check in at a train station. I can clearly see the same at which the train is supposed to leave. There also is a train, but the sign which displays the destinations doesn't match up with where I want to go. It shows a lot of places I've never heard of. They don't even sound Dutch. I end up skipping this train.
    7. #101: Train fun / Ex / Cinema

      by , 03-02-2016 at 07:31 AM
      Train fun
      Spoiler for 18+ stuff :P :

      > I'm going around on a tropical island, together with other people. I think we had to complete some assignments, though I can't recall what.

      > I'm with a close friend and my housemate, though I'm not certain I'm with them at the same time. First I'm in a bus and later I'm in a school with my friend. We're looking for a classroom. I'm already late for class. Eventually we venture down a long hallway where a white woman is standing who I think is the teacher. She's waiting. She's talking to someone or multiple people... guards? The class I'm going to attend is a coffee brewing class I think. The other students and I form a huddle before we leave.

      Spoiler for Some more 18+ stuff :

      I'm in the cinema where I used to work with a friend of mine. Not sure if we've already gone to the movie or still want to go, but we figure we need to pee. We go to the toilets on the third floor, which aren't there in reality. Pretty much all occupied. Ow lets go to the second floor. There's another guy with us who doesn't quite get why. I tell him that that floor is always less crowded. It turns out that the second floor is totally under construction. There's not a single working toilet. Damn.

      In the main hall against the wall, there's an animation or a statue of a smurf holding a big platform. He's squatting with it and every time he pushes out, he goes up a bit, bringing the platform closer to the ceiling every time. That's quite fun.
    8. #48: Terrorist attack / Vega cow poop / Small model corner

      by , 12-04-2015 at 10:15 AM
      I went to bed around midnight. I shortly woke up around 5:00 and finally around 8:45. I'm starting this DJ at 9:10.
      I think it was the terrorist dream or the vega cow poop dream in which I was highly aware at some points.

      Terrorist attack
      I'm in the cinema where I used to work. I'm either in theatre number 9 or 10. There's just a small group of people there and I'm not sure we're actually watching a movie or if there is some discussion going on. The only thing I can recall with certainty is my classmate Tan being there. Star Wars is also on my mind, so maybe it had something to do with that.

      Now it feels like I'm working here again. I'm walking just in front of theatre 9. On the other side is theatre 14. I go over and open the door to have a peek. In reality it should open to a small corridor that leads to the seats, but right now it leads immediately to the last row. I assume the light to be disturbing for the person(s) on the last row, so I apologise and close the door again.

      I overhear some guys talking about shooting up the place. They go into theatre 14. Instead of warning someone, I first go into theatre 14 to check it out myself. I'm at the end of the corridor, at the top of the stairs which go down to all the rows of seats. Someone on the back row starts shooting. I immediately (and poorly) fall to the ground, pretending to have been hit. I hope they'll buy it and that they won't shoot me some more just to be safe. I hear someone talking about that the first round of bullets are just very tiny ones to open up some holes in your body. For the second round they'll use bigger bullets, which will tear through the small openings and actually kill you. I think I make a run for it.

      I'm on the 2nd floor now (theatre 14 is on the 3rd), running towards the corner where the elevator is, but also a personnel only area. I hesitate while running and head for the elevator, as the doors are already open and I can see Chantal [old colleague] standing. I shout out to her and join her.

      I'm on the ground level in the personnel only area. I'm standing there with the manager Ed and my classmate Kristen. I'm panicked and I try to tell what's happening. I keep it down to the very essence. I believe Ed sends the guards to duke it out.
      In this area and in this time frame a lot of things happen and I'm not sure about the right order:
      - I try to recollect my thoughts. I'll need to report to the police later about what I saw exactly. Fuck, I can't even recall a single detail of the attackers. I didn't see shit. I consider filming myself right now with my iPhone to get all the details straight. I know that the human memory isn't all that reliable.
      - I panick and I start sobbing. I'm not even aware of Ed and Kristen anymore. I'm on my hands and feet and I've assumed a position of total defeat. I can't believe that the terrorists have finally struck here. So many people must be dying. Though the description is short, I feel like I spend a lot of time feeling like this.
      - Ed opens the door from this hallway to the main area of the ground level. I don't recall there being any people about. Furniture wise it's nearly completely empty. There's a big metallic looking plate or something alike standing there and from the left side from one of the upper floors a lot of bullets are fired at it. You can see the travel path of the bullets and you can also see some of them ricochet of the plate. I tell Ed to close the door, in case one of the bullets ricochets this way. He closes the door. There's another opening through which we're able to have a peek. I carefully do so at least once.
      - I don't remember where he got it from, but Ed now has a thick and old looking book. He also has a seat , which is just big enough to sit on and just a few centimetres high. I'm calling it a seat because that is its purpose, but it's more like a cardboard box. I'm on the ground, looking through Ed's book. It seems like it's filled with biographies of people. I think I might've seen some drawings of characters from the book I'm reading in there. Ed wants Kristen to sit on the seat in a Seiza position [karate]. I don't recall him explaining what he wants to accomplish, but I think this was some kind of ritual to fill the book up more about today's events. Kristen refuses, telling him that she can't do it because of a bad knee. She says so in a slightly agitated way. I tell Ed I'll do it. Kristen asks me how I intend to do it with my messed up knee. There's just no way. I attempt to assume the position. Some people run by from behind me. One of them brushes my lower leg or steps on it really lightly. I show a sign of pain and Kristen says something along the lines of: see, you can't do it, it's already hurting. I tell her that it was because someone stepped on me.
      - I'm just outside of the cinema, at the side entrance. I did something on a ramp there, though I don't recall what.

      Though this definitely wasn't a pleasant dream, it was interesting due to the emotions which I felt so strongly. The bullet lines into the metal frame were also very vivid.

      Vega cow poop
      I'm on my bicycle in the city I study in. It's daytime and I'm cycling from the city centre towards my neighbourhood. At some point the infrastructure for the bicycle becomes quite crappy. There's no more bicycle lane, so at points I'm just driving on the car road. I keep cycling and am sometimes a bit confused by the road layout. Eventually I take a left towards my house. I notice that I'm on the roof of a house and that I need to jump down. Fuck it, I'll do that. I jump off like a BMX-er would, without a problem. I continue a bit, but then stop for a moment because I know there was a guy cycling behind me. I think I instruct him on what to do.

      I make it to the front garden of a house (my house?). I'm wearing skates. To stop myself from rolling past the house, I go about in a tiny circle, spinning twice along my own axis. One of my best friends just arrived as well, I think by car. We enter the house. I need some help getting in, cause I'm a bit clumsy on skates. It's been a while, considering my knee.

      The interior is like that of my ex girlfriend's house, though with furniture in different locations. We walk from the hallway into the living room. Another friend's mom is laying on the couch. His dad is standing. I either sit down on the ground or I fall into that position. I look at my feet and see that I'm wearing skates which I have managed to attach directly to my beat up Reebok shoes. I can remove the skates without taking off my shoes. My friend's mom mentions something about being sick for the 3rd time already, due to eating some vega cow... poop? Yuck

      Small model corner
      It's daytime and I'm at the physical therapist, though the setting looks entirely different from reality. I'm also not participating in this dream, just observing. There are 3 girls who seem to know each other in the 'small model corner', or something along that lines. It's a corner with exercises for girls who want to exercise but who want to stay petite instead of becoming muscular. I think they're standing next to a bar with weights on it. My physical therapist shows them how to do an exercise for your arms, which involves pulling on a pulley system. After that he's suddenly outside in his car and he's gonna drive off. One of the interns, a guy with red hair, is still inside. One of the girls comes up to him to ask him something about her file. He tells her he can't do anything about it. The moment he starts the program on his tablet, her file is loaded because it recognises that it's about her. She asks if the physical therapist that just left can do anything about it. The intern says he's not sure. The girl says optimistically something along the lines of: so there's a chance?

      I think I may have dreamt something about my mom, though I can't recall anything. The idea is just stuck in my mind that I did.
      There was a dream that had something to do with me being highly educated, but I can't recall a thing.
      I'm with my two little cousins. I tell the girl that she should always kiss her brother on the cheek. It's inappropriate to kiss him on the mouth. She asks me why. She caught me by surprise. I don't know why. That's just the way it is.
      I'm standing in my kitchen with my classmate Erwin [I have no clue what his name is. At some point I just decided that he looks like an Erwin ]. He asks me if I have any Vicks candy's. He tells me he has a sore throat. I have a bag in the kitchen, but I'm a bit reluctant to share. I don't want my entire bag to be empty when I finally want to have a Vicks. I end up sharing with him.
    9. #32: HIV / Grass mover / More cinema & drugs / Korfbal / Goodbye

      by , 11-17-2015 at 09:46 AM
      I've just entered a dark room. It's a cinema. There are not as many chairs as you would expect from the amount of space that's available, making the cinema aspect look small. There are a couple of people on pretty much every one of the rows. I enter a row and get to the middle, past 2 guys, the last one being Wes. I'm not sure if I inject myself with medication. Wes, who's sitting on my left injects himself with some drugs. I offer to help him with his needle because he doesn't seem to be handling the situation well. He spasms too much and the needle ends up stuck just below my right elbow. GODDAMNIT MAN! In this dream he has HIV. I walk out the room.

      It feels like I'm still in the same building. There's a counter which is shaped like a bar area. My mom and aunt are behind it. It looks more like I'm in a clinic. I tell them what happened and that I need a STD test. I'm just mildly stressed for someone who is nearly certain he now has HIV. I place the needle on the counter and ask my aunt for a cap so I can dispose of it.

      On FB a public discussion ensues with Tony [he has taken over the role of Wes]. We talk about the whole situation and others join the conversation. I think at one point the conversation turns Indonesian.

      Grass mower
      I'm at my mom's house. I'm looking outside and down to the grassfield behind the apartment. There's a muscular guy mowing it with an enormous electric cutter. His outfit is strange. He's barely wearing anything. At one point he walks into the water seemingly without thinking about it, to cut grass there as well. Man he is dedicated! I would never do that. Suddenly his outfit makes sense: less to get wet. I watch him go about for quite a while.

      I'm looking at pictures it seems. They appear 'fullscreen'. They are pictures of my Balinese classmate. She's in a public building, a restaurant of some sorts. On the wall behind her I think I see an address: Jalan Galante 60, if I remember correctly.

      I'm reading the 4th book of a series I'm reading. Man the quality is really going down. Barely anything has happened in this book and I'm already midway after a few hours.

      I'm walking in a public building. I think it's university related. I'm headed for the exit.

      I'm in a living room it seems. My friend's Indonesian girlfriend enters the room. Not sure what she was wearing on her upper body, but lower body was just a thong. Well this is new. I pretend to not notice and she doesn't seem to care. We say something to each other, possible in Indonesian. She walks up the stairs and I look after her for a moment. On a device which doesn't look like it's my phone I have a message from her, but I'm not sure anymore in which language. I want to reply with a witty remark, but I can't get it right. My 4 year old cousin messes with the device and sends something. Great, there goes my chance. Still in the same room, but to the other side and at a later time, I'm playing with my cousin(s).

      More cinema & drugs
      I've just entered the cinema. At least 2 Indonesian classmates are there. Not sure who else. The movie is about to start. I think I see everything fullscreen. It's a comedy. It starts with a guy in a chair talking about a pathetic wannabe drugdealer called Joey. We then see his lifestyle. He has a little bit of cash. He has 2 women sleeping in his bed with their bra's still on [it's implied that real dealers have women sleeping in their bed without bra]. Joey thinks he's the shit though. At one point we/I see through Joey's eyes. He's sitting at a table. He puts a round pinkish pill on the table, licks it up, holds his head back and swallows. Then he takes another one, places it on top of an open, green beer bottle (Heineken?) and shakes the bottle.

      At another point in the movie there's a scene with an elderly woman in Joey's swimming pool, trying to be seductive. At some point Joey has been replaced by an old woman as well and she slips, but really over the top. She lands on her back and then bounces to do a sort of backflip. I think to myself that it's very odd. There's a blond attractive woman in a tub who jumps out and performs a 360 rotation before landing. She does this because she is startled.

      I'm at the old korfbal [if you don't know what korfbal is, think basketball but different] field. I'm with 2 good friends / old teammates. We and maybe some others are looking around for Eve, another member of our team. She has to be our reserve keeper [there's no such thing in korfbal], in case I can't do it for the whole match. I already feel that I won't be able to physically. I have goalkeeper's gloves. We pass the club building, towards the parking lot. I'm pretty sure she's getting dressed in the club building, but it's best to make sure she doesn't leave before we tell her, so lets check the parking lot first. We jog along a narrow tiled path. I open the iron barred fence to the parking lot. The iron bars really stand out in terms of detail / attention that I give them.

      It's almost game time. I take off my clothes that I wear over my uniform. The ref, Robin, starts the game already. Crap, I don't have my shoes ready yet. Ah well. I know that I haven't played in a while and I can tell. I'm not as good as I used to be anymore. My knee is also a slight concern. The match goes on for a while in quite some detail with regard to what I do. I remember a number of moves really clearly.

      I'm at the uni, in a ceremonial hall. I think the room is mainly made out of wood, which gives it an old and classy feel. There's a goodbye ceremony for one of the teachers. First it's one teacher, then suddenly it turns into another one. There are some speeches and Leo, who is sitting in the audience with other students, starts to clap. Nobody joins in so after maybe 2 claps she stops, feeling slightly embarrassed. I think Frank and I make fun of her a little bit. For some reason I'm standing in front of all the students. Then it seems to turn into a graduation ceremony. Leo has graduated from the master that I'm doing. Huh? I used to be ahead of Leo by 1 year. I must've done something really wrong if Leo has graduated and I haven't yet.
    10. Festival continues

      by , 11-06-2015 at 07:16 PM
      Dl1- I still seem to be at last night s festival but there is no cheese :/
      I am in charge of one of the music stages in the large stage behind the manor house. It is a large grassed area with a raised wooden stage. Large amounts of people mill about. I am over on a bank at the end that dips down into ? There are ropes and wooded poles here. Mr B comes over to ask me what is happening with the stage and why no one is playing. I say there are no children who want to play. At the very end there is netting...
      Dl2 - Arranging to meet up with others at a cinema (cinema seems like in a dream I had years ago). But meet up times are to vague. We are to meet between 7pm and 11pm as say we will probably miss each other.
    11. For yesterday and this day

      by , 05-26-2015 at 06:57 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      [25-05-2015] Portal to a harbor city

      With mother and younger sister we went to a local cinema. Younger sister was wearing a costume of wonder woman, I had a trenchcoat and my mother was wearing casual clothes. We entered the Screen 1 room. It was a small room, with wooden benches and lights out. We sat down as the movie started to play.

      Suddenly I've got sucked inside the movie. The projection showed a short scene of me and my relatives coming back from a city. Brother asked me to park a car in the garage, which I've done quickly, maneuvering between dog and grandma. When I placed the car in the garage, I got sucked into another scene.

      I was a lone wanderer. I travelled from a small village into enormous cursed city, where I found a portal to another realm. I entered it quickly and found myself in medieval harbor city. I was standing on the edge of platform, looking at the sea lands.

      I walked the poor, empty streets of harbor city, going to an entrance. Then I saw warriors taking control over the place. Then I saw someone similar to one dude from my class, and said "What!? You've gave up!? People, you don't know what you did! This guy is a badass! He saved the world... and killed dragons!"

      Suddenly I changed into that person, and took a short sword into my hands. With quick moves I killed all the warriors and freed the city and myself. I went back to look at the sea land, and saw coral-like creatures jumping over the water.

      When they contacted the water, they changed into another forms. One changed from blue to red, and received a long leg. The other one was white, and turned into a statue. I ran to the place from where I come, to the entrance of a portal.

      I saw two monks and one of the coral-like creatures, but bigger and more humanoid. Monks when watching as he comes clouser said with amusement "Concalcius! You're back!" It had fingers of different colours, and looked at the whit one for a while, saying "I hold power... I hold life."


      I was walking with group of friends in high mountains, when suddenly a white griffin appeared and captured one of them.
    12. September 25th TOTM

      by , 11-03-2014 at 09:29 PM
      I'm at work and apparently I drove my car, which I now need to park somewhere and I'd rather like not to have to pay for parking, so I drive off south looking for somewhere I can park on the road. The road very rapidly starts feeling like an out of town road. I even consider parking in the entrance of a wheat field, but decide that I've driven too far from the office to walk back without being late for work, so I turn bank.

      As I head back toward the office, I get lost and the roads don't look familiar, so I check on the satnav feature of my phone and realise where I went wrong. I'm on a road called the T3. I retrace my path again and end up coming through a whole bunch of narrow pedestrianised areas that eventually become inside. At some point, my car has become a motorbike.

      At one point, my path seems to go over a very narrow footbridge - too narrow for me to go across without all the pedestrians getting out of my way. I consider going through the water underneath as it's very shallow, but am put off by a combination of the idea of driving a motorbike over what will probably be a very slippery surface, and the fact that the shallow water is teaming with tiny sharks!

      I turn around and am briefly sidelined by some confusion about whether I'm supposed to be pedaling or not and when I pay attention to navigation again, I'm indoors in something like the mailbox in Birmingham (a mostly indoor collection of shops, restaurants, flats, hotels...) So I get off the bike and push it through. As I head down some stairs there's a scuffle going on between two blokes and one of them kicks out at me so I take his shoe off and throw it over the banister.

      We argue a bit and I get bored of that and start looking for the way out. I end up in a cinema where the film is about to start but the adverts are still playing. I try to keep out of people's line of sight as I look for the exit.

      I see that a section of wall looks like a screen but I realise somehow is actually a holographic protection covering an exit from the cinema. I step into it and as I do I realise it's just the entrance into the toilets but this is too cool not to investigate!

      As I step through the screen, my view is replaced by a cartoon like facsimile of both myself and the scenery. I go down some stairs watching my cumbersome cartoonish feet on the steps and feeling how the view and the feeling are just fractionally out of synch because the cartoon view is drawn with slightly wobbly lines and not quite right angle corners. At the bottom of the stairs, I see a mirror in which I can see my cartoon self reflected. Apparently the system has decided to draw me like a rakishly thin Walter White, complete with the fedora like hat and sunglasses. I notice that I'm actually wearing a beanie hat and cardboard 3D glasses and am impressed that the system has identified what I'm wearing and created a cartoon replica that reflects that but not slavishly.

      I notice in the mirror that there a chap behind me to the left who I think is part of the behind the scenes functioning of the illusion but somehow my 3D glasses let me see him vaguely. We chat a little bit about how cool the illusion is and he asks if I've looked at my hands yet, saying they usually have six fingers but they're still working on the rendering of that part. I look at my left hand and it looks like two images of a hand superimposed, both hands have long fingers, one with then curved to the left, one with then curved to the right. The overall impression is of far more fingers than I'm used to!

      I switch to looking at my right hand. At first it looks fairly normal, though I notice I seem to have coloured felt tip pen markings. As I look a little harder, I realise that several of my fingers terminate with a further bifurcation into sub-fingers. I note that the sub fingers are made by duplicating my hand in miniature on the fingertips, though how complete the mini hand is varies from a couple of stubby blob like digits to a complete hand from the wrist up. I wiggle my fingers and delight in setting my teeny little subdigits doing their thing.

      I decide to wash my hands and note that the pen markings come off very easily - perhaps they were illusory? The chap also washes his hands and while he goes off to the other side of the room to dry them I'm smugly satisfied that my magic glasses allow me to see there's a hand drier directly under the sink.

      I head back up the stairs watching my goofy feet again, then turn a different way out of the cinema, ducking down to avoid blocking anyone's view again.

      At this point, I have a micro awakening and managed to almost pull off a DEILD but wasn't quite lucid when I reentered the dream.

      I'm in what looks like a dingy but dry basement or hidden storage area of an office building so I resume my mission to get to work on time having somehow sorted out the issue of parking. I realise that it's a long way up to the 25th floor where my office is but there's no lift in sight. I start on my way up a helix (*not* a spiral!) of platforms around the walls of the space. After about one storey of climbing, I come across some people working at desks spread out on the bare concrete floor. They give me disapproving looks as I climb over their desks and filling cabinets to get to to the next part of the building. As I climb off the top of a shelf full of boxes, I enter something much more like a house with large white gloss painted doors. Lots of corridors and small rooms give a general labyrinthine feel to the layout.

      I come into a room that feels like a living area in somebody's home. There's a chap sitting at a table and a couple of figures I don't really look at but I take to be his children sitting around on the floor and sofas.

      At this point, I GET LUCID! Though I have an of feeling that I more realised that I was already lucid (weird, huh?). I say to the guy at the table that if this is a dream then I should try to do my tasks, right? He looks a little confused but plays along. I remember that one of the TOTMs is to put shoes on and tie the laces. I ask the chap if I can borrow some shoes to do the task and he reaches around to get a shoebox from behind the table. Inside are an assortment of odd shoes from which I manage to pick out a pair of red baseball pumps. I fish out a black gym dap from inside the left shoe and put it on. I notice that the laces aren't looped into the eyes of the shoe properly and I don't fancy my chances of sorting that out in dreamland without cheating, but they are in place enough that I can try to tie a bow. I tie a bow in the left shoe laces with surprising ease and as I finish it off I realise that the laces are now correctly threaded through the eyes. Handy. I repeat the process (complete with removing another shoe from inside the one I'm trying to put on) and while I'm doing it, ask of the guy has any fortune cookies. He looks surprised again as if it's a huge coincidence that I want fortune cookies when he happens to have a bowl of them on the table! I explain that this is my deam so if I want fortune cookies, I get fortune cookies. He seems to be mostly satisfied with that but still looks a little unsure.

      I shove a cookie in my mouth, it tastes and feels like a stale prawn cracker. I try to pull the paper slip out of the cookie while I bite it and after a few false starts manage to get a bit of paper but it doesn't have anything intelligible written on it. I take another cookie and more carefully bite it open to get to the fortune. This time the fortune is a tea stain coloured mah jiang tile with a Chinese symbol I don't recognise on it. Frustrated at my second attempt being thwarted by a lack of language skills, I decide that I *do* know Chinese and have another look at the symbol. I realise that it means "Fortune" and figure that's good enough! :-)

      Next up, I want to try the toilet portal. I go through a couple of doors and find a large white porcelain appliance of a style in fitting with the late Victorian feel of the house. I pull the chain and jump into the bowl. Unfortunately, all that achieves is soggy feet. I try going in head first in a dive but chicken out because the porcelain feels intimidatingly solid!

      I give up on the toilet bowl (I should have thought to shrink myself but hey) and scan around for something else to do. I remember that Sensei's competition back in July had a task to transform a DC and decide to give that a go. I go back to the room with the table guy and children and look at a skinny girl who looks about twelve. I tell her to raise her arms sideways and grow some more arms. That seems to work quite well, she now has six arms, though the four extra ones coming out of her armpits are a little small and underformed. Inspired by the slightly odd appearance of the new arms, I decide to see if I can make one of them form into something more impressive.

      I will the fingers of one of the new arms to grow downward, which they obligingly do. The thumb of the hand also extends and becomes a head while the descending fingers become a body and legs. Eventually there are two girls looking like conjoined twins who share an arm. Shame I didn't manage that during the competition, eh?
    13. Most frustrating LD ever.. 27/04/2013

      by , 07-25-2013 at 12:21 AM


      I am with my younger brother watching a movie at the cinema. We decide to rip holes in the big screen just for fun and quickly leave the cinema. However, my brother has to take a poo so he goes back inside. I am waiting for him outside on the stairs in front of the entrance. Some security guard is putting up security lint to secure the area. He gives me a quick glance. At a certain moment I decide to leave the area without raising suspicion. This makes me very conspicious and I run into some bushes and climb a few fences. I end up very high in a tree. My branch breaks and I am down again.

      MILD + 5-7 DEILDS
      I am lying in bed in total darkness. I do a nose-plug RC and become lucid. I feel very heavy so I decide to jump out of bed with a lot of force, I have no idea if this worked.

      I am lying in bed without being able to see. I decide to spin around to change my dream. I am floating in bed and and started spinning horizontally. It didn't really work and I became a little dizzy.

      I got up out of bed but couldn't see anything because I was wearing a sleeping mask (I was also wearing a sleeping mask in real life that night). I tried to get it off, however, when I took one sleeping mask off, there were a few others underneath. I tried closing my eyes and not opening them untill I got my mask off, but it didn't work. I tried this a few times.

      I tried the above again.

      I am still unable to see. I feel around for some scissors and cut the elastic bands of several of my sleeping masks (I can feel that I am wearing multiple masks). Naturally, this didn't work. I was getting really annoyed now and decided to try some magic. I said: "Simsalabim" and tapped on my mask. No effect..

      I decided to force control because this dream didn't make any sense. I knew I wasn't wearing a mask in the dream world and visualised seeing my room in front of me. This started to work and after another DEILD I was able to see again.

      My next dreams took place at my university. I decided to do some lucid experiments. I read a letter that said something about a certain room number before turning to gibberish. I looked for the right room, which was a bit tricky because sometimes the rooms would skip a few numbers so I had to go back and forth. I found the room and took a seat. I drank some wine which tasted nice.

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    14. Abandoned cinema and other crap

      by , 01-19-2013 at 05:40 PM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      - An abandoned cinema, a bunch of my classmates. We went outdoors, there was a beautiful beach and it got dark fast. I took my watch and put it in my pocket, didn't want to get it wet, though I still went swimming fully clothed. Later, we returned to the cinema, we ate gummy bears and sat in the middle of everything, just chilling. For some reason, I really wanted to talk to a classmate but I didn't want everyone to hear what I had to say to him. (lol?)

      - I tried playing Brother John on guitar but it was very much out of tune and I kept pulling the wrong string. Then the bitchfriend of my bro came over there and we got in a fight about something, not quite sure what happened.

      - A supermarket, I was in a back room with someone and an annoying kid kept on trying to get in there. I had control over the music being played in the supermarket and I kept replaying some song. The kid turned into a little bunch of bananas and I put it back to the shelf of bananas, on the verge of tears as sad music played on the background.
      Then I went to take a look at the map of the whole place to find an electronics store, but there weren't any. Whoever I was with, showed me which stores we still had to go to, they were all located on the second floor.
      We sat down in a table with a woman and two guys, the woman took her pink iphone (pls.) and played a song from Avenged Sevenfold. They spoke in some unknown language, but it seemed like polish to me. The song was also in polish. I was not amused. My wallet was lying on the table and they were exploring it, I loudly asked what the fuck, got up and left. They said something else and I yelled something back at them.
      Change of scenery, just stepped in from the front door, see my brother and his gf in the living room. I was still pissed off that he had broken up with his previous girlfriend, because this one was a total bitch. Anyway, I was disappointed that the bitch was still here.

      Brother never left his current gf. Idk why'd I dream about something like that.
      inb4 i see da future
    15. The Itchy-Bitey-JerkBug...

      by , 06-19-2012 at 12:38 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      19th of June, 2012

      Just a couple o' fragments from last night:

      I ended up in an empty cinema somehow and me and my friends started playing Xbox on the screen, which was awesome except I couldn't get the games to work properly. The one I do remember was some Loony-Toons-esque game where you rode on an asteroid and had to do...something.


      I was at a party at a farmhouse of some sort and went after my brother, who had run to the fence to check if it was, as he suspected, the border of Mexico (it was!)
      While going after him, I felt a stinging sensation on my back and realised there was a bug biting me under my shirt. I ripped my shirt off and swatted at it, making it fly away. However, as I put my shirt back on, it flew back and down the front where I started biting me again. These were really painful bites, as well- like I was being stabbed. Each time it happened, I ripped it off my skin but it kept coming back. Eventually I was lying on the ground writhing in agony as this thing kept biting into me. Finally I just tore my shirt off my body and made my way back to the house. I could feel blood trickling down my back and front and, when I got inside, saw in a mirror that I was covered in blood. It was pretty yuck.

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