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    1. Dancing and Superbowl Commercials

      by , 10-04-2016 at 09:09 PM
      3 October 2016

      I will never be able to recollect how I came to be part of a dance troupe let alone how a felt about it. But here I was, getting ready to go on stage and perform with these guys in a dance competition. The Prize? Well I have no fucking idea. The whole thing was rather hazy. I have vague memories of a fictional character that I came up with a while ago. I don't want to share too much about her so for now, we'll just call her Courtney. Courtney was financially backing our dance troupe but I don't remember interacting with her or even talking with her.

      Later on in the dream I was observing a Superbowl commercial wherein a phone was being advertised. The phone could be used by leaders to keep a close eye on the working class and keep them in line. In the commercial I saw a coach using the phone to oversee his football team. The team's color was orange and the coach was dressed in nearly all orange. He was a huge asshole and he also owned a store. He was at this store instructing an employee in how to do something. The instruction he was giving was convoluted and overly complex. I do not remember the exact task but it was very simple and did not require such a deep briefing. As he was talking a display of CGI imagery starts to appear typical of that of a Superbowl commercial. Then the coach nonchalantly said "Got it?" before walking away. I do not remember anymore details other than the fact that the commercial took place at night.

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    2. #142: Dealing / Fragments / Physical / Magic

      by , 05-08-2016 at 08:05 AM
      Bed: 23.30
      Wake up: 08.20
      Now: 08.20

      I'm at some guy's apartment. He's a drugsdealer and apparently a tad dangerous. My girlfriend is there as well. At some point he calls her a bitch. Not for having done anything wrong; that's just how he refers to all women it seems. I don't like the way he disrespects her. I take one of my soup bowls; white with grey and black flowery decal. I hit him over the head with it and he goes down. I keep smashing him, not sure what with at this point, but I make sure he's dead or else he'll kill me for this.

      A bit later someone is at the door. A customer. I open up the door and I try to fake my way through it and start talking more roughly than I normally do. I throw in a 'motherfucker' every other sentence. I also start talking a lot of Surinam [a lot of Dutch slang comes from Surinam]. At some point the guy at the door starts talking about Sergio, an elementary school friend. I've seen him as an adult and he is quite a big guy. He's a few metres away and he's tiny and mentally disabled. I start asking the guy what happened to the motherfucker. He's got an "i know right" kinda attitude. It is something drugs related. I'm not sure what happened next, but shortly after there's another customer. I think at some point we're all in the house. Not sure what happened to the body though. I think I may have made up a horrible excuse. I remember that at the end of the dream the situation has evolved into a gun deal. Ok this is getting way out of hand.

      I watched Drugs Inc. on NatGeo about an hour before I went to bed.

      I don't remember my surroundings. All I remember is one of my teeth being wobbly. Eventually I break off a piece of it, cause it's annoying the hell out of me. I can already see (don't know how actually) that there's another tooth inside this tooth, like a Russian nesting doll. I consider just removing the whole tooth and be done with it. I'm slightly worried that it might not be a good idea.

      I've taken a train. I'm supposed to get to my mom's city, but I can't get there directly. Instead, I take a detour. I have 2 options and both of them will bring me 2 stops away from my mom's city. Somehow I feel like things are not going my way.

      I'm playing football at first. This changes into korfbal and later into basketball.

      I'm sitting at a round table with my friend's mom and 2 of my friends. We're eating (dinner?).

      I'm just about exiting a subway station. I'm going down an escalator and I see Milad going up the escalator to my left. I think we say hi. After that I'm distracted, I think by my phone. I've been walking for a bit, but not getting anywhere. This escalator is suddenly going up. Wasn't this one going down. Whatever. I hop down a few times and I'm down.

      I'm at what's supposed to be my physical therapist, but the building is vastly different. There's multiple storeys. I go into the basement to go to the toilet, which is way bigger than in reality. There's a row of at least 6 urinals and then there are stalls as well. There's an older man in one of the stalls. I take a urinal somewhere on the left. There's a glass wall so you can see into the garden it seems. There's an oddly shaped pool there. Makes sense I guess. Some people have injuries that require swimming. For some reason I decide to finish up at another urinal all the way to the right. I then have the issue of not knowing which urinals to flush. I decide to just flush em all and then make a run for it, before the older man comes out and identifies me.

      Still in the same building. There are signs to public transportation on every floor. So convenient that you can just take the public transport from inside this building. At some point my friend Wina goes down some stairs. A white dude about my age is following her, or perhaps she's already blacked out and he's helping her down the stairs. Either way I know exactly what's going on. I go down the stairs, damn near action hero style and beat the guy up for trying to rape my friend.

      Somewhere in this dream my physical therapist tells me I still have an appointment for next week. This confuses me, as I thought this was supposed to be our last session. I already moved out. Now I have to come back specially for this?

      This is a Harry Potter dream it seems. I am Harry, or I am myself and have taken over the importance of Harry. I'm in what seems like the University Library, somewhere near the top floor. I think Dumbledore is also there. He has given me command of a sort of army of students. They are all walking down the stairs. I'm having a bit of fun translocating even for the smallest distances. I'm not aware that I'm dreaming, but I'm aware that I can make anything happen that I want to happen cause I'm a wizard. I make a joke that I should go check out my army, as there are a lot of girls in it. At some point I allow myself to fall flat onto the floor, wanting to translocate at the last second. I fail to do so, but I do manage to float just above the floor so I don't hurt myself.

      Something else pops into my mind. I'm not sure if it's a thought. It seems more like a commercial. It's about Harry Potter or some other wizard and going on vacation. It's about him not having to go to the airport early, nor having to stand in line, as he just translocates there. Man that's stupid. Just translocate to your final destination.

      I'm outside. It's night out, nearly pitch dark with just about no lights. It looks as if I'm standing on a miniature island shaped exactly like Africa. There's a very dark skinned woman swimming west to east the whole time, despite there being land. She's doing so around the longitude of where Cameroon should be. I go to talk to her. She's swimming around a little buoy or something alike on both sides and then goes back. She's supposed to make this trip perhaps once every X minutes or hours, but she is doing it on an endless loop. Eventually she comes out of the water and walks somewhere. Woow. Quite a big woman. She has a bit of a weepy story. At some point I don't really feel like listening anymore and I somehow sort of delegate this task to the dude that's with me. While walking, I spot two girls in the distance. One is a black girl with glasses that I've met at a language cafe in reality. I can't see any defining traits of the other girl, but I assume that to be the friend who was with her. I look the other way. I'm not feeling conversations right now.

      I get a message on my phone. It seems like whatsapp. I'm tasked with babysitting the army right now and someone has gotten themselves into a situation. This person has sent a picture of what seems like 2 barrels near a beer place where they're trapped and there's fire or something like that. I ask the guy that's distracting the 'swimming woman' if he recognises this place. It's just down one of the side streets. That particular street is glowing with green light because there are several beer companies next to each other; at least Grolsch and Heineken. I go over and make a quick entry to the 2 barrels, which I immediately try to extinguish by conjuring up a big amount of water. There's no fire to be extinguished though and no water appears. Still I persist. I try to start with a droplet of water, which appears, and add more and more to it. I've got a little string of water going now.
      Suddenly it dawns onto me that I should try harder, cause things in dreams only happen if you believe in them. I'm now thinking about whether I should just continue the water or solidify the dream. I choose the latter and try to push my fingers through my hand because that will give me a sensation that the water won't. The RC fails. I know that I'm dreaming though. I just shouldn't let go of it. The dream slowly starts fading. I believe that my hearing starts being influenced by the real world, even though this is not true.

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    3. #124: Attack

      by , 04-11-2016 at 06:36 AM
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in a sort of park/playground. I'm with a few other adults. I remember one of them being a white woman. I myself alternate between being myself and being Sherlock Holmes it seems, the version from Elementary. There are houses built around the park in a U shape. In one of the houses, behind the window of the top floor (3rd?) is a man with quite a big camera. We consider it odd. I decide to go check it out. No one is willing to open the door at first, though at some point someone opens the door and then slams it closed into my face.

      There's a boy in his early teens who is scaling the wall to get to the 2nd or 3rd floor and enter the house from there. I tell the kid to come back, because it is dangerous. I myself consider using the same approach, but I'm afraid that the final part is just too dangerous and I might fall there. The boy makes it though and opens the front door for me. I enter and go to the 3rd floor.

      I encounter a white man. We end up in a conversation, though it's not a particularly friendly one. It's more like bad guy explaining his evil plans. This house used to be owned by his brother, who may or may not be dead. He's here with his camera to capture an image of his ghost. Supposedly. He's explaining that he's staging the whole thing for some reason. Meanwhile I'm holding a camera in my hands and the red light tells me that this whole conversation is being recorded.

      Eventually the man wants to give me a silver necklace as a present. I, as Sherlock Holmes, tell him I can't possibly accept. He insists. I take a hold of the necklace and he pushes my dreads out of the way. We then move to a mirror standing against a wall. I look into it while he is standing behind me and putting on the necklace. My face has rashes. I knew it, this thing is poisoned. I take it off and rub the thing all over his face. He ends up dead not too long after. I open the window and want to shout to Watson (Lucy Liu) but my throat is jammed. I instruct the kid through mumbling. He shouts 'Watson!' a couple of times and eventually she comes over.

      Watson is upstairs, the situation is sort of explained and it's decided that I need medical attention. At some point I wonder how I'm still alive, considering that this guy died really quickly.

      I'm downstairs with someone. A boy in his late teens. We want to leave this house and close the door behind us, but the frontdoor never locks. Eventually someone else tries to open the door. She can't. It turns out that the ghost of the guy who lived here did this. It's his way of telling the boy and I that we are always welcome here. Touching.

      I'm walking across a football (soccer) field now. There's some big event going on, international teams, the works. I'm now Wesley Sneijder. I still need medical attention and can't really talk. There's some ceremonious stuff. Then I jog off the field.

      I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a car. My mom is behind the wheel. We're in a dark parking lot. My old driving instructor approaches us in his car, which is far off from the car he has in reality. My mom think it's creepy and drives off. I explain to her who he is. He probably needed a favour. Poor dude. Didn't his wife leave him? We follow him over the parking lot for a moment, but decide to just leave. I still can't talk too well due to the attack in the previous dream.

      I'm sitting at a table, across my white, female teacher. She has to (re)evaluate my exam. I've written a part in pencil and am allowed to track it over with pen. It feels a bit weird. My hand seems not steady enough. Eventually I'm done and we end up talking a bit. She hands me a piece of torn paper and asks me to evaluate the lecturers of this course. I can't remember on what lecturers have to be assessed. Besides, shouldn't this be anonymous? I consider for a moment that I think that she's hot. A moment later I take a close look and notice it's my older lecturer. No, definitely not hot. Way too old! Didn't I already fill in the evaluation when I made the exam for the first time? I feel kinda stupid that I'm the only person in class who has to do a sort of resit. I'm not the only person who suffered through that attack, yet I'm the only person traumatised enough to mess up. Ow yeah.. I did shoot and kill someone with an assault rifle...

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    4. #93: Suits / Talking hamster / Haram

      by , 02-13-2016 at 09:11 AM
      Donna and Rachel from Suits are in a car together. Donna is the one who is driving. The steering wheel is on the left side. I think it's evening already. I see the whole scene developing from the front of the car, as if there's a camera on the dashboard. They're talking about how Rachel doesn't love Mike anymore. She is fiddling with her engagement/wedding ring. I think it's Donna who mentions that Mike also doesn't love her anymore. Rachel is relieved by this news. This will make the break up so much easier. Rachel and Donna kiss for a moment. I think to myself that that's a stupid idea as Donna is driving. They swerve and the car ends up running into a building.

      Talking hamster
      I'm not too sure about the details anymore. I'm in a house which is supposed to be my cousin Xen's house. She's got a hamster which is really small and I end up befriending it. It sits on my shoulder close to my left ear and I can feel it nibble sometimes. The hamster is able to talk. It talks to me in Indonesian! We talk back and forward a bit. My mom and I think also my cousin probably think that I'm crazy. I want my cousin to treat the hamster better now that I've befriended it. I want to prove to them that I'm not crazy and that he can really speak. I consider having him talk to them, but for some reason that's not what I do. I also consider putting on a blindfold and turning my back to my family. They can then raise a number of fingers and the hamster can tell me how many fingers they raised and I can tell them, which should provide proof. Then I consider the fact that the hamster doesn't know how to count. Ok I'll just raise a number of fingers as well and the hamster can tell me when my hand matches that of my family member.

      I'm sitting in class. It's pretty full. To the left of me is a group mate for an assignment. She is wearing her hijab and she slowly but increasingly starts arguing with the teacher, who is also wearing a hijab. The arguing gets worse and worse, with my group mate calling the teacher haram. The teacher manages to 'out argue' my group mate. Throughout the argument I think about how stupid it is to argue like that with the teacher, as she still has to grade us. Eventually the teacher says she'll solve the problem by not allowing her to join the class anymore. I ask another classmate if she can even do that. I'm also wondering if it's just her that's banned from the class or our entire group.
    5. #91: Mac & dread / Court

      by , 02-10-2016 at 08:34 AM
      Mac & dread
      I'm sitting on the couch in my room in my student home. I'm checking out my new Macbook. I'm trying to figure out what it is that's wrong about it. Then I realise that the bottom has been unscrewed. I have to put it back on. The bottom 'lid' has some of my hair stuck to it. I try to peel it off. I examine the lid and discover that it should just slide back on. It uses a pneumatic system to close and open the laptop. Along this dream I keep messing with my hair. First half a dread comes loose from my head. Then I slowly start to feel like I'm losing more hair. Fuuck.. well I suppose I could go with millimetred hair....

      Court *potential slight spoiler for the show Suits*
      There's a court decision coming up. Mike Ross from Suits is standing outside a court room I suppose with another white man. The court is gonna give a verdict soon about the legitimacy of a law that will have Mike convicted for being a fraud. They're probably gonna rule in his favour, but Mike wants to do something to prevent them from ruling like that because he wants to give someone else a chance to... I don't remember what. The man tells him that he's crazy. I don't remember the actual verdict.

      In what is probably the courtroom, but what looks a bit more like parliament, Mike is standing somewhere with I guess Rachel close to him. She takes a few steps back and bumps into the guy she cheated on Mike with. Next thing they bring their faces really close together, but at the last possible moment decide not to kiss.

      Mike and Rachel are at a train station. He's walking away from her and she is chasing after him, apologising. Somehow the tables get turned and suddenly he needs to apologise. Huh? What? No man, that's not right!
    6. #89: Mike / Test

      by , 02-08-2016 at 06:49 AM
      I vaguely recall Mike Ross from Suits. He's outside somewhere in the nature. The ground is semi-covered in snow and the ground is made up of rock. There's a somewhat older white guy approaching in some type of weird motorcycle with a gun attached to it. He is shooting at Mike. Mike falls to the ground and crawls away, somehow miraculously not being hit, despite this being a machine gun. At some point Mike has what looks like an assault rifle aimed at the guy, who is now defenceless. I think the guy might be on his knees. At least two soldiers start approaching. I think they're on Mike's side, but Mike throws away his gone anyway. Huh? A few seconds later he decides to reach for the gun. Huh again? Why would he first throw it away and then reach for it?

      Test [I don't feel like writing this dream out entirely. It felt like a long one and it was shitty.
      I'm taking a test. One of my uni lecturers is present in the classroom and she keeps wanting to have a conversation. I'm not doing too well on the exam, despite it being open book. I'm frustrated. At some point two male teachers from my high school are sitting in front of the classroom. I decide I need to take a moment and walk outside of the building and walk around it. I consider myself stupid for doing so, because I don't have that much time left. As I'm close to entering the classroom again I suddenly remember that we're not allowed to take bathroom breaks during exams. Fck fuck fuck. I enter the class and on my exam has been written that I used 1/5 bathroom breaks. I'm allowed to have 5? That seems excessive. Another lecturer from my high school enters the class and she informs the other teachers that bathroom breaks are no longer allowed. A classmate and I have to come with her immediately. Fuck. This drama stretches out for a while.
    7. #88: Birds / LEGO

      by , 02-07-2016 at 09:15 AM
      My recall for this night is quite crappy. I took way too long before finally writing anything down.

      There's something that has to do with Harvey from Suits.

      Someone is telling me something about birds. (S)he mentions birds, predator birds, superbirds and superpredators. While that person is talking I see a parrot hanging upside down from a tree. A parrot counts as a superbird. An eagle or hawk shows up to prey on the parrot. The eagle/hawk flies away shortly after, though I don't remember what happened to the parrot. I also had one eagle/hawk sitting on my hand for just a moment, but because I didn't have a glove, his talons scratched my right middle finger. I should've worn a glove..

      I vaguely remember something that starts out as or resembles the Avengers and then slowly moves towards LEGO. I'm just an observer in this dream it seems. They're hatching a plan that's supposedly quite insane. They have to retrieve/steal some object. At one point they're communicating through a laser beam that got reflected off several walls to finally reach someone somewhere else. Ok, way too convenient that that's possible.

      When the dream switches over to LEGO there's something to do with a king. He's going out in the hallway with a small army of guards. About half off them sneak off because they are part of the Avengers plan. Really? Half of them? Don't you think that's a little conspicuous? Do you really need 20ish people to get the job done? The king and the rest of his guard keep moving. Everyone else in the hallway seem to be regular people, so for the king and his guards they are insanely huge. They make a stop somewhere and there's a balloon or something that floats down onto the pikes of several of the guardsmen, making it burst. There's also something with a liquid that's apparently quite tasty.
    8. #84: Suits

      by , 02-03-2016 at 08:21 AM
      Mike from Suits is talking to Paul Solof [or however you spell it]. Solof asks him why he has turned down the junior partnership. Mike makes up an excuse that he is slacking through this job. It comes easy to him and he doesn't care much about it. He takes a lot of drugs and the mandatory drug testing for junior partners would end it, so he'd rather stay in his current position.

      Something to do with mayor Adam West from Family Guy
      According to a newspaper, in a small town of some 60 people, a lot of people casted their votes twice. There needs to be a recount. It's about the American elections.
    9. #83: Living together / Nina / Sorry

      by , 02-02-2016 at 08:45 AM
      Living together
      A dream about a classmate that I have talked to only once. In this dream I've been living with her ever since my 2nd month of our studies. We even sleep in the same room. It's supernice of her to let me stay. And I don't even have her as a friend on FB. She has a lot of stuff in her room which belongs to the government, but for which the government also doesn't have space, so they store it in people's homes. One of the things she's got is 3 treadmills right next to each other. I'm considering moving out of her place and getting my own, even though there are only 2 months left.

      I'm at a small party with a small group of my best male friends. It's kinda as if it's at someone's house. Nina, a girl from my previous school, is also present. We get to talking and we're having a fun, short conversation. She compliments me on my dreads.

      One of my friends and I are putting the dishes on the counter. I don't really feel like doing the dishes. Luckily he starts doing it and I start to drying them. We start talking about his girlfriend. I thought they were still dating, but apparently they broke up months ago, after only 20 days.

      I'm sitting on the ground, with my grandma behind me. We're talking about something, though I can't recall what. Nina, from a small distance, is listening to us talk and laughs at our conversation. At the end of the party I immediately tell my friend who organised it that I wanna have another party next week. He agrees to it and something about a bbq is mentioned. I really hope he'll send the invites through FB so that Nina will also be invited. Fuck, I suddenly realise I already have plans next weekend.

      Harvey and Jessica from suits are lying in a bed together. Jessica has got the white blanket covering her body, but it stops just around her nipples. I appreciate the view. She says sorry to Harvey and mentions that this normally never happens, similar to how guys say that to women in movies if they remain flacid.

      There's a long digital text which is written in Indonesian.

      I'm somewhere outside with my little brother. It's some kind of LARPing event with knights.
    10. #80: Wasting time

      by , 01-30-2016 at 09:11 AM
      Went to bed at perhaps 01:00 and woke up around 08:00.

      Wasting time
      It's daytime. I'm riding my messed up bicycle on a street somewhere in a neighbourhood. My mom is driving her car just behind me. From the opposite direction another car is approaching. It makes a strange maneuvre and blocks the way for my mom for a moment. I keep going. I come close to a flat and my cousin is calling out to me. I join him. I'm not sure what happened to my bike at this point. He tells me to be quiet because his ex-girlfriend is around here looking for him. We move around a bit and then I spot a girl I went out with twice. She has huge cleavage. I spot a girl I know from high school and there's a 3rd girl whom I can't remember. I think they are wearing badges of some sorts on their chest. They are with the ministry of foreign affairs and they're out here not doing anything important. I make a condescending remark about it, as if there's a bit of rivalry.

      My friend has offered his macbook for sale. When I come over to check it out, the upper right corner is totally bent, like a Dali clock. When I make a remark about it, my friend is really casual about it, as if it's no big deal. I don't think I'm still willing to buy the laptop from him.

      Something that had to do with Harvey from Suits
    11. #79: Suits

      by , 01-29-2016 at 09:21 AM
      The setting for this dream is Suits. I am using my phone to send messages back and forth to a coworker. We're talking about someone who needs to be fired. I'm visiting a concert and right up until the moment the concert starts I'm sending messages. I don't wanna be rude to the friend that I'm with, so I stop it once the concert starts.

      During the concert there is an extremely annoying blonde girl who makes multiple attempts to steal my notes, which are on the table in front of me. It's a notepad, with one paper torn off of it. A lawyer that's on her side says it's not illegal for her to take the single paper. I'm very fed up with this and eventually I walk down to a couch where there is another lawyer and I manage to get everyone fired.

      I'm with Harvey and I'm playing the role of Mike. We're at the office. Jessica mentions giving Harvey a different office and apologises in advance for the small size. It turns out he is getting the office which is in the garden, which is quite spacious and amidst greenery. Still, he doesn't seem very thrilled.

      We're walking along and through a glass wall I see some paintings hanging on a regular wall. I consider going off script, as if everything was already planned out, and I tell Harvey that so much is fake these days, referring to the fact that at least 4 of these paintings are forgeries. We laugh about it.

      We're inside a building now, which is very spacious. We walk past Stevie Wonder playing an instrument which isn't the piano. The annoying girl from before starts singing along with him. He tells her to stop, saying that she isn't a singer. I can't help but feel some amusement about it.
    12. #78: Arrow rain

      by , 01-26-2016 at 08:44 AM
      I think I went to bed around 23:30 last night. Woke up several times around 08:00 and it's now 08:30

      Arrow rain
      I'm outside during daytime. I think I'm out in the woods or something alike. There is a battle going on in which I'm involved. It's with old weapons, such as spears. My group is somewhat surounded by another group, but we're doing alright. I'm keeping guard on one side to make sure that no more hostile troops enter the area. In the distance I see a third party coming up. I warn a woman that is fighting along my side. It's a bunch of samurai. They unleash an enormous amount of arrows. I take cover. I'm lying on the ground somewhere, hands over my head and still not feeling safe. I take out my two swords, but that doesn't do me any good. It later turns out that the leader of the group of samurai is a guy that is on our side. He nearly got me killed though...

      I'm with the ex-girlfriend of my housemate. She's lying a bit balled up on a couch. We're talking and she tries to flirt with me and even make a move. I don't think I allow anything to happen though.

      I'm in the toilet at my mom's house. The tap is slanted towards the left. It just does that. It follows the gravity of the Earth, so in the morning it's slanted to the right and in the evening to the left.

      Harvey Spectre from the series Suits is giving an explanation about tar sands. He drops a few names in the Netherlands, but also one in Indonesia, despite these tar fields being right next to one another.

      I'm driving a car on a road outside an urban area. I pass two cars who seem to have gotten into an accident. The front one is a car2go.
    13. #76: Fragments

      by , 01-24-2016 at 09:05 AM
      Went to bed around 00:00 again, woke up somewhere between 08:00 and 08:30. It's now 09:00.
      I remember only 3 fragments.

      I'm searching for a video on Youtube. As far as I can recall, the screen is everything that I'm able to see. I enter the exact same search phrase as I always do, but I can't find the right video. It takes me a couple of tries and changes of search phrases before I find what I've been looking for. I notice that I'm not looking through Youtube in it's entirety, but through my watched videos. I play the video I was after, but it's not what I expected it to be. It's a different version.

      Louis and Sheila from the show Suits are together at a bar or a club or something alike. I think Sheila walks away a bit mad and Louis has someone bring her a phone so that they can talk. The phone is really old school. A big black thing.

      Harvey and Scotty are at the same place. They each sit down at a different table and take chairs that are facing away from each other, though they are very close to one another. They are also talking to each other. I can't see why they would do it like this.
    14. #63: Penisslip / Gym / Sales / Rainbow carpet

      by , 12-24-2015 at 09:38 AM
      I was quite tired yesterday. Went to bed earlier than normal and read a chapter in my book. The chapter was so long that I ended up really going to bed around the same time as normal (about 23:45). I woke up around 08:30. It's now 09:00

      I'm in my mom's living room. I can tell by the big, black couch. I'm with my friend Sel. I can't recall why, but she is making me take off my shirt. There's nothing really sexual going on between us. I also have to take off my pants. Before doing so I take a moment to look which boxer I'm wearing, as I don't wanna embarrass myself with a childish boxer. It's an ok one. I pull my pants down, but the tip of my penis sticks out of the top of my boxer. Ah crap. I tuck it away asap, but Sel starts laughing and tells me she's already seen it. At this point I'm also hoping that I won't get a boner, because having a bulge in my boxer would be really obvious now. I'm hoping she will take something off as well. She is hot after all. She tells me that she is still dating Lukas. Really? Lukas? He is such a nerdy dude. I can't see them being together, her being out of his league. Also the thought that he is still with Lea is vaguely in the back of my mind.

      Gym (this dream is full of gaps)
      We have to travel a long way to a gym for some physical education class or something alike. We actually have to take the train or bus. The person I'm with and I decide to take the bus I think.

      I recall talking to a white male who was somewhat important. We're in a big room and he's showing us around a bit. He might be the dad of the person I'm with. Eventually we have to leave to take the bus again. It's gonna be a long ride.

      We're in the dressing room, along with some other people. It's time to go back home. Again we can choose between the train and the bus. I have a shitload of stuff to carry with me. I consider leaving some behind and picking it up on the second round, but then I remember how far it is and I don't want to do that.

      We narrowly miss the train I believe, so we decide to take the bus instead. While we're driving I come to the conclusion that I've left some stuff behind. Fuck. I call someone, but he's already left the gym as well.

      At some point while I'm still in the bus I hit the stop button, but I do so too early. I can see the train station a bit further in the distance. I consider getting off anyway, because I'm a bit embarrassed. The bus makes a stop, but I then realise I still have to put on my jacket and get all my stuff together. In the mean time some people start getting off. More and more until finally everyone has left. The bus continues driving with me on it and someone makes a comment which I can't remember. The bus descends rapidly as if I'm on a rollercoaster. I can actually feel the sensation and the tingling in my stomach. Then it's over and we've reached our destination.

      Outside of the bus there's a girl to greet me for some reason. A kind of hostess/promo girl. We strike up a conversation as we walk inside together. She talks about the time she had to sing for a group of people.

      I'm looking at a fullscreen map of the Netherlands. It's all misshapen. Groningen [a city in the north-east] is in the south-west. The map shows some colouring that I don't understand around Groningen. It makes me wonder what it's supposed to represent.

      My cousin tells us about how she was on the tram just now. She was seated and on the seats behind her, she had put two boxes. One were the parts for a very expensive cargo bike. Another was filled with baby stuff. When she turned around they were gone. Someone must've stolen them. I feel bummed out for her, but at the same time I wonder why she didn't switch places with her stuff so that she could keep an eye on it.

      My friend Anthony has posted something on LinkedIn. I don't recall the exact message, but I recall thinking that this was more of a FB post. It's about being grateful or something and about a party. Next thing I'm walking in the park during daytime with my friend Jor. Anthony wants to join us, but apparently the two of them are having a fight. Anthony remains quite normal under it and gives me the gist of the story, whereas Jor definitely doesn't want to talk to him. This is a bit of a weird and uncomfortable situation. I pick out a spot in the park to put a blanket down and chill. At first I thought about getting myself involved, but they can figure it out for themselves.

      I'm the officemanager of a salescompany I used to work for. I'm surprised to find out myself, as I wasn't the best salesman. Even though I'm the manager, I don't know shit about shit and I feel like a fool. I get instructions rather than giving them. My people meet their targets though, which practically means free money for me.

      It's daytime and I'm in a public building where a kid is having his/her birthday party. We're out here to make some sales. I strike up a conversation with 1 or 2 people, but no success. Eventually we move outside, as there are more and more salespeople around this place, working for different charities. Outside are people from my office. It didn't occur to me, but suddenly I realise that I'm holding a BNN sign, which is a organisation that some of us are selling for. Not me though. I have a big laugh at this.

      Rainbow carpet
      Not sure if it's me or someone else, but someone is driving a car around and I'm in it. It's daytime and I can make out the street pattern quite well. At some point there is the consideration of where to park (as in, where is the free parking). I recall the places where you have to pay, so lets avoid those at least. We end up at a roundabout.

      The roundabout is a bit of a magical happy go lucky place. There's a fabric of some sorts which has been lain around the roundabout several times. It's rainbow coloured and quite soft and special. Polgara is also present. We are arranging the fabric again so that it's set properly. My little brother is there as well, sitting behind the computer. I tell him to come and help us. First he makes up the excuse that he's doing homework or something alike. Then he comes with a different excuse. And yet another. Dick.
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      by , 12-23-2015 at 10:28 AM
      I went to bed around 23:10 and spend 10 minutes reading. After that I did a DY exercise (focus on 1 thought, 6 minutes). I woke up around 05:00 I think, went to the toilet and didn't really fall asleep again until 07:00 or maybe even 08:00. It's now 10:00

      This dream had quite a number of repititions in it. I'm inside a building. Not sure if I'm bodily present or just a spectator. I'm in a sort of lobby with an escalator. I'm looking at the outer wall, which consists of glass panels with a black framework. I can clearly see that it's daytime. There are two white cops. One is a woman, the other a guy. There are also two freerunners. I think also one male, one female. I think the freerunners perform a bit at the insistence of the female cop. They are standing in the lobby. One of them runs to the exit a bit to the left and then once outside, runs all the way to the right, along the glass wall. The other one immediately runs right. I think this is one of the repeated moments which happens more than once. I think at some point one of the freerunners does a sideflip outside.

      My view is from outside the building now. The male cop brings the car around and the female cop joins him. They have been called in for an emergency.

      At this point it's Jack Bauer and I who are responding to the emergency. We're inside an office building. There's a group of white women who presumably work there. They were just about to leave, but we make them show us the way. At least one of them is clearly grandma age. Guns drawn, we move towards an elevator. It's not really an elevator though. It's more of a vertically moving platform. I look up and I can tell that there's nowhere to go as there is a ceiling right above us. Someone (Jack?) presses the 2 button and we move 2 floors down. One of the ladies (the grandma?) makes a flirty comment to me. I respond quite seriously to it and am not interested. Jack and I move along a hallway.

      Jack and I have taken cover behind a wall with a big glass window in it. We're laying on the floor so that the wall can conceal us. In front of us is a huge area, which is hard to describe. I think it's still inside, but there are sort of islands. I see things happening from another perspective (or maybe I saw this part earlier already). Rachel from Friends is laying on her back on the ground just behind a desk. There's a dude crouched close to her. His boss is telling him that he's fired and he loses it. He rips open one of the upperbody layers that Rachel is wearing. I see a nipslip moment. He then proceeds to place one hand on her breast and slides another into her pants. She is somewhat shocked and starts to scream for help. This part repeats as well and this time the dude holds one hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. There's another dude who takes advantage of the whole situation and starts talking to the rapey dude to further destabilise him and turn it into a whole hostage situation. That's why Jack and I are here.

      We're still behind the wall. The office ladies, mostly old women I think, are walking through the hallway in our direction. We try to motion them away, because they might draw the attention of the hostagetakers. They get the hint, but one of them makes a loud popping sound with her prosthetic whatever, which sounds like a gun reloading. The guy has heard it and moves in on us. This part also repeats, but this time there are young kids instead of office women. One time the guy walks up to the glass window and doesn't see us. Another time he sees us, but I'm busy reloading my gun softly, so I'm not prepared to shoot him. Another time he sees only Jack, who quickly passes me his gun before surrendering, as I don't have one of my own.

      The hostagetaker has murdered the 21 year old black president of an African country and an old white lady. A young girl is still alive. The dude comes up close to us (we're still behind the wall) and plays with some kind of toy factory with a tiny conveyor belt and mini pizza's or something alike. I'm tempted to do something with the conveyor belt (can't recall what), but I don't. It's all really weird. I think eventually Jack loses his shit over the dude killing the little girl, but I'm not too sure about that. A shoot out ensues, which I think also repeated itself. One time I had the 'weak' gun and another I had the 'strong' one, which is Jack's. Damn the strong one is awesome. I end up giving the hostagetaker an execution shot. Jack bulletsprays and some point, and nearly hits me. It's the weak gun though, so it's ok. I can see the path of the bullets he's fired.

      I'm standing on the island close to where Rachel was. I'm holding a yellow, plastic, flower handbag toy which is a boombox. Different beats come out of it if you twist some knobs. I'm with KRS-ONE and I make him do a freestyle.

      I can't recall the scenery, but there's a guy who's using a showerhead to shower me (not sure if I had clothes on or not). He aims it at my head and I tell him not to make my hair wet.

      I'm on a ship with a group of people. It's an old timey trade ship and we're out in the middle of the ocean. At some point I'm with at least one classmate. Polgara is also present at some point, as I send someone to go get her. I recall us being in a harbour at night and also that I dropped some glasswork on deck which needed cleaning. There's also another old ship in the harbour. I take the 'wheel' and I crash into a lot of stuff while reversing.
      It's too bad I didn't take notes for this one, cause it was definitely interesting.

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