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    1. Dinner with colleagues during childhood

      by , 01-07-2018 at 08:00 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      In this dream, I'm my early childhood self, and might be set during my childhood as well, but there were some moments where it seamlessly transitioned to my adult self today and then back.

      The dream starts off during childhood. I'm at my grandmother (dad's mom). I'm upstairs playing with legos. I make a very complex construction, a sort of house, but then I run out of lego blocks since it's so large and I get bored. I go downstairs and talk to my grandmother. She says "why don't you play outside? the weather is nice", and I go outside.

      I run around the neighborhood. The neighborhood has a sidewalk and a few bushes and grass patches, but as a child, I perceived it as being much larger and complex than it actually is, and that's the way I perceived it in the dream. Instead of just a linear sidewalk, it's a sort of square maze filled with sidewalks, bushes and grass, and with no street in sight. The weather is warm and it's all around a very serene experience.

      At some point during that, the dream seems to suddenly transition to the adult era, and I get a phone call on my android. It's an invitation from my colleagues to go dine somewhere in the evening at the expense of the company, and I agree to join. During dusk in the maze, I look for the exit to go to the restaurant. By the time the sun is down, I'm in the city and I find my colleagues sitting at a terrace table, waving at me to catch my attention. I join the table, and opposite of me sits my old colleague, who I worked closely together with, but left the company years ago.

      While we were waiting for the food, two colleagues were having an argument about something. At some point I get sick of it and I logically analyze their arguments bit by bit, trying to find the core essence of their disagreement. I point out a contradiction. One of them says, in a comically formal yet non-sarcastic tone, "thank you. I'm glad we were able to resolve that."

      The waiter comes to our table and asks us individually what sauce we want with our steak. I had pepper sauce in mind, but my colleague sitting opposite of me says "I'll take the azuré sauce". I never heard of that before. The waiter was now awaiting my response, and in a snap decision, I also went for the "azuré sauce". A bit later we were served our meal. On the plate was a steak lying in a pool of this mysterious azuré sauce. It didn't look very delicious. It was thick and looked like something brown with small pieces of carrot in it, whatever it was. Anyway, visually it was quite reminding of fecal matter. I smelled it, and it smelled very bad, like vinegar. I wasn't gonna like this, but I picked that sauce, so it'd be awkward to pretend that I don't want it now. Fortunately, there was only a thin layer of it on the steak, the bulk of it was beside it. I took the steak with my fork and moved it out of the sauce. This left a hole into the sauce because it was so thick. I ate the steak, trying to stomach the little bit of sauce that was on top of it. When we were done eating, I felt a little nauseated. I said to the colleague "well, that sauce was certainly interesting... what is it made of?". He laughed, and he said "well, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'll just say this: ever since you took that steak off of it, it's been trying to slowly crawl off your plate!". I looked at the sauce again and saw 2 fisheyes in it with 2 small tentacles between them. I lifted this sauce up with my fork and saw that underneath, there was the foot of a seaslug! Then obviously I felt even more nauseated. (I'm on antibiotics for my illness right now, and that's actually giving me a bit of nausea in real life, that probably explains that part of the dream)

      Anyway, after that highly unpleasant experience, we were drinking. I was drinking vodka. The location of the terrace seems to have changed a bit at this point, and we were now sitting by an alleyway. I was telling my colleagues about the warzone in Ukraine. I pointed out to them that actually, we sitting right near the border of Ukraine right now, and if you look carefully into the alleyway, you'll see some broken floor tiles, and that's because of all the bombing going on.

      I drink some more vodka and get a little drunk. Because I'm drunk, I accidentally push the bottle off the table as I tried to grab it. The bottle fell and shattered, and I saw a cop coming for me out of the alleyway. I said "oh shit" and ran away into the streets of the city. On the street was a random low brick pedestal. I stood on the pedestal and I pretended to be a street light. The cop was deceived, was guarding around for a little while, and then left. I got off the pedestal and thought "haha, what a dumbass!".

      I continued further down the city and I reached the pedestrian bridge. The world seems to have transitioned back to childhood mode at this point. When I was a child, I loved that pedestrian bridge, because much like the neighborhood sidewalk, it seemed much more mazelike to me than it really is. So again, I'm strolling around on a bridge-themed maze hanging over the Schelde river, trying to find the way to the other side.

      When I reached the other side, I was near my old school, and I saw a bulky guy there. He looked like a bully, but he was strangely friendly as I talked to him. I had a double feeling about him, though. At some point, he sighed "well, time to go back into my bunny suit, I guess... one more hint: try to get inside!" I didn't know what he meant by any of that. He walked away into a small garage. The gate closed, and opened again shortly after. Out came a monster, and he was like the bully, but he was a large evil cyborg rabbit. He bottom half was a mechanical contraption, like a robot or tank. But top half and the head was a very bulky bunny's. A boss theme from Metal Gear Solid 2 started to play. He went toward a place that contained 4 tablet pc's on pedestals. He took out a flamethrower and started to melt them down. I realized that I needed to protect these tablet pc's, so I took out an AK47 and shot him, but he was invulnerable. The tablets all broke and I saw a game over screen.

      I was frustrated and looked up a walkthrough on the internet. The walkthrough says that he's actually a puzzle boss and there's a secret way to beat him. Before he gets into the gate, you can throw your cap at him and he will be mind controlled. So that's what he meant with that hint! He was trying to help me in stopping him from destroying the tablets by proxy. So I tried that, threw my cap, garage gate closed and opened again. This time, I was in the bunny's first person view which had a terminator-like hud. I was now controlling his mind. However, I wasn't sure what to do to kill him. I couldn't use the flamethrower on myself. I looked around in a bunch of closets and found my mom's perfume closet. I saw a bottle of perfume in there, and I thought "if he drinks this, he's probably going to get very ill and die". I had him drink the perfume, became a bit nauseated again, but I realized that that wasn't enough to kill him. So I grabbed another bottle of vodka and chugged it down all at once. Then he became very drunk, and fell off into the depths. I beat the boss battle, and that's where the dream ended.
    2. 4/10/15 - Amazon House

      by , 04-10-2015 at 09:58 PM
      I'm on the sidelines of a basketball court outside. I'm watching GOT7 play basketball. I suddenly realize that this is a game and I'm controlling them. I really suck at this type of game and I get annoyed that I can't make them play well. I decide that enough is enough and I stop controlling them. When I stop, a door appears and a digital clock lights up above the door. It's a countdown set for 23 seconds. The door opens and a bright blue light is shining inside. The countdown starts. I immediately know that I need to get in there before the door closes so I run and go inside. The room is huge and filled with anything and everything you could imagine. It's also big enough to have a living space. I taking everything in and decide that I should hurry and take what I want. Jackson appears behind me and I tell him to hurry. I see a shelf of DVD box-sets and wonder if anyone will notice if I take them all. I face Jackson and we both get excited and start to gather stuff we want. Then the door closes and we're locked in. I realize that I have to survive so I start to collect everything I'll need. I gather clothes, makeup, bags, bathroom necessities, etc. I stop in front of a little white jewelery box and see a bunch of perfume bottles. I pick one up and I really like it. Then a girl walks up behind me and starts spraying me with perfume. She just keeps spraying and spraying and I get really angry and turn around quickly to look at her. I tell her to fuck off. I say that with perfume you only need 1 and a half to 2 spritz of perfume.
    3. Perfumes in the Mall

      by , 02-03-2015 at 12:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a mall with mom. I was trying out the perfumes. I put one on on my wrist and tried to smell it but can't. I asked mom to smell it and tell me what she thinks. It was too strong. I asked the guy in the perfume area to let me try another one. I put it on the back of my hand and tried to smell it again: nothing. I let mom smell it, and she said it's "okay" but nothing special. Those were original perfumes, too. I told her for some reason, I can't smell them. Must be my cold. We left the area without buying anything.

      We passed by a table that lets people sign up for colleges abroad. I forgot which colleges, but I thought of signing up. I thought that mom might not allow me to study abroad.


      - I very rarely dream about perfumes.
      - I tried focusing on my breathing as I fell asleep, hoping it will help me transition to lucid dreaming.
      - This dream happened as I was waking up already. I woke up a few times in the evening and failed to write my dreams.
    4. 10/10/11 Monday 4:00am-6:00am - Hockey Frustration

      by , 10-13-2011 at 05:06 AM

      I was at a shop on a cliff next to a beach. My hockey coach, Emma, and hockey manager, Kristina, was there. My close friend Amsie was with me. We were testing a certain dark brown perfume but we spilt it and had to go through this huge process of putting it back in the bottle by switching the liquid from lid to bottle. We lost much of the liquid down the drain of a bath that we were using for accidental spills. Everybody else had left the shop besides us and the coaches because we were so slow. Eventually we had to pay for the perfume, but we got a discount because there was not much left.

      I had bought a huge bowl of candy at the shop. I offered some of it to two old ladies when I sat down outside the shop, and they took some. I willed them not to take a specific piece of candy that I wanted, but they took it anyway. I hurried away because I had a hockey game. But when I got there I found I was dressed in my red stockings and sneakers. I ran down to the far end of the dark carpark outside the hockey place until I reached my parent’s car. They were there and listened patiently as I explained the situation. Luckily when I opened my school bag that was in the boot of the car, I found my yellow hockey socks.

      Time jumped. I was late for hockey again. This time I must have left my socks at the car and the car was no longer there. I decided to stick my bare feet in my shoes without socks.

      The scene changed. I was in a house and my friend D was there. He said he felt lonely. Strangely, I went in to kiss him, but he turned away.

      “I didn’t mean it. I know you’re gay,” I said hurriedly.

      Side notes: In real life, I only like D as a friend. He is certainly gay, and I only had feelings for him four years ago when I first met him and thought he was straight. So I am not going to make a big deal about the strange things I dream about. I had this dream/dreams after WBTB when I woke up at 4:00 am and went back to sleep. Haven’t achieved any lucids so far since joining, but I will keep trying :D
    5. 30th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Evolventity's Dream

      by , 09-12-2011 at 07:49 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Evolventity's Dream
      September 11, 2011

      (Regular Dream) Fell asleep by 10:30PM, woke up at 11PM.
      -I'm in my Aunt N*'s dining room next to the kitchen with cousin L*, sister J* and an unknown Asian woman in her 20's. Though we're in my Aunts dining room, we're also in a club. Multicolored lights and flashes sprinkle the dark scene. There seems to be a food bar behind us. The asian woman across the table from us says she wants something to eat but can't eat anything here because of her stomach problem. I think of my high school teacher M* who also has a stomach issue. She asks if J* and I want to go with her to buy food and we agree. We walk outside of the 'house' and sit in her car after walking to the other side of the road, I think it's a white VW bug. She drives forward. J* and I are sitting in the back seats. My legs are elevated upwards towards the black window. The woman passes a red stop sign without stoping. A white flash behind us occurs as we continue to drive. She passes two more stop signs without yeilding, two more flashes, and J* and I feel very unsafe. She appears to be drunk. We arrive behind Walmart and she drives slightly into some stock boxes. I hop out of the car window and grab J* from the other side. The chick is mad at us and wants us back. Before she can exit her car, I slide under a door made of net that leads to the entrance of Walmart. I tell J* to hurry under as well. A man runs towards us and I hold the net down so he can't come through. The only thing going through my mind is finding help. The man has a phone in his right hand. This somehow conveyed trust, along with his concerend face. I let him through while talking about the dumb bitch. (Skip) We're back inside, I have forgotton the problematic woman. I'm simply relaxing on a couch in a small room. A bar is at the end of me. I'm probably in an oriental resteraunt. My mom is with my sister A* at the counter. I said something in a loud voice, and J* said something in a loud voice. Then my mom says something with a loud voice directed at the chef. The man says calls her out for being loud. I feel guilty as well, though at least I wasn't negative like my mom. A* seems to agree with the chef and expresses her dissaproval by shoving and then hitting her. I try to find my shirt to put on so I can defend my mom. A* comes to me and tries to kiss. I hit and beat her so she gets the fuck off. (Skip) A middle aged bald white man sitting on the couch starts talking about flying wontons. I ass him if he's talking about Noble Vegetarian, S4 perhaps? "Yes" he replies. I comment on the texture being sort of grainy and how much expense they cost, to which he agrees.

      (Regular Dream, Fragmented) Fell asleep by 9AM, woke up at 2PM.
      -I become an air molecule, floating around by will. I'm in mid air in my kitchen and see a dog. He barks and tries to chomp me. I dodge his attempts. (Skip) I'm outside in an open area of land. I see the underside of a pink goat, as if I was laying on the groud from waking. A camel passes by. (Skip) I'm in my apartment bathroom with my cousin Ja* and I notice her perfume. It's the female version of the cologne that I have, like J* said she's seen at that beauty store ulta. I smell it and she was right about it not being a great scent. It's made of cheap plastic and the purple and pink stripes on the body of the bottle are made of a sticker. It's a cheap version probably bought from a dollar store. I walk into my bedroom to compare mine with hers. She definitely didn't pay $50-$80 for this.

      by , 03-29-2011 at 10:29 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      *A strange game similar to curling is being played at Zasada’s sky area. Some yellow barricades surround the area. I am confused about the game; in some moments it looks like mini golf too.
      **I am in a perfume shop and I am looking for a Givenchy perfume. Then I try some CK perfumes to. One of them has really nice bottle. I cannot decide which one to buy.
      Tags: perfume, zasada
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Mugged

      by , 03-01-2011 at 10:38 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      Non Dream

      I'm in a checkout line, trying to pay for my purchases, which consist of a bottle of expensive perfume, 3 packages of menthol cigarettes that I impulsively pick up, - Strange as I don't smoke, in fact I am very anti smoking - and something else of importance that I can't remember - I wish I could remember what this item was, I have a feeling it was important -. I have to split the tender, some cash and some on debit card. The man behind me is obviously irritated that it's taking so long for me to get it over with. After I am through the check out, the cashier pulls me aside and tells me in hushed tones that I should be wary of that man who was waiting to pay. She says that he was looking at my purchases in a certain way and she's fairly sure he will try to steal them.

      My man is waiting for me at the other side of the checkout and we leave, walking out of the store into this kind of desolate landscape. The only thing visible is an old barn up ahead. We look back and that man is following us. We try to hurry without looking like we're afraid. The man reaches the barn before us and comes out armed with some sort of weapon, a pitch fork I think. He demands we give him the items I bought. I hand them over, feeling very irritated.