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    1. Dinner with colleagues during childhood

      by , 01-07-2018 at 08:00 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      In this dream, I'm my early childhood self, and might be set during my childhood as well, but there were some moments where it seamlessly transitioned to my adult self today and then back.

      The dream starts off during childhood. I'm at my grandmother (dad's mom). I'm upstairs playing with legos. I make a very complex construction, a sort of house, but then I run out of lego blocks since it's so large and I get bored. I go downstairs and talk to my grandmother. She says "why don't you play outside? the weather is nice", and I go outside.

      I run around the neighborhood. The neighborhood has a sidewalk and a few bushes and grass patches, but as a child, I perceived it as being much larger and complex than it actually is, and that's the way I perceived it in the dream. Instead of just a linear sidewalk, it's a sort of square maze filled with sidewalks, bushes and grass, and with no street in sight. The weather is warm and it's all around a very serene experience.

      At some point during that, the dream seems to suddenly transition to the adult era, and I get a phone call on my android. It's an invitation from my colleagues to go dine somewhere in the evening at the expense of the company, and I agree to join. During dusk in the maze, I look for the exit to go to the restaurant. By the time the sun is down, I'm in the city and I find my colleagues sitting at a terrace table, waving at me to catch my attention. I join the table, and opposite of me sits my old colleague, who I worked closely together with, but left the company years ago.

      While we were waiting for the food, two colleagues were having an argument about something. At some point I get sick of it and I logically analyze their arguments bit by bit, trying to find the core essence of their disagreement. I point out a contradiction. One of them says, in a comically formal yet non-sarcastic tone, "thank you. I'm glad we were able to resolve that."

      The waiter comes to our table and asks us individually what sauce we want with our steak. I had pepper sauce in mind, but my colleague sitting opposite of me says "I'll take the azuré sauce". I never heard of that before. The waiter was now awaiting my response, and in a snap decision, I also went for the "azuré sauce". A bit later we were served our meal. On the plate was a steak lying in a pool of this mysterious azuré sauce. It didn't look very delicious. It was thick and looked like something brown with small pieces of carrot in it, whatever it was. Anyway, visually it was quite reminding of fecal matter. I smelled it, and it smelled very bad, like vinegar. I wasn't gonna like this, but I picked that sauce, so it'd be awkward to pretend that I don't want it now. Fortunately, there was only a thin layer of it on the steak, the bulk of it was beside it. I took the steak with my fork and moved it out of the sauce. This left a hole into the sauce because it was so thick. I ate the steak, trying to stomach the little bit of sauce that was on top of it. When we were done eating, I felt a little nauseated. I said to the colleague "well, that sauce was certainly interesting... what is it made of?". He laughed, and he said "well, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'll just say this: ever since you took that steak off of it, it's been trying to slowly crawl off your plate!". I looked at the sauce again and saw 2 fisheyes in it with 2 small tentacles between them. I lifted this sauce up with my fork and saw that underneath, there was the foot of a seaslug! Then obviously I felt even more nauseated. (I'm on antibiotics for my illness right now, and that's actually giving me a bit of nausea in real life, that probably explains that part of the dream)

      Anyway, after that highly unpleasant experience, we were drinking. I was drinking vodka. The location of the terrace seems to have changed a bit at this point, and we were now sitting by an alleyway. I was telling my colleagues about the warzone in Ukraine. I pointed out to them that actually, we sitting right near the border of Ukraine right now, and if you look carefully into the alleyway, you'll see some broken floor tiles, and that's because of all the bombing going on.

      I drink some more vodka and get a little drunk. Because I'm drunk, I accidentally push the bottle off the table as I tried to grab it. The bottle fell and shattered, and I saw a cop coming for me out of the alleyway. I said "oh shit" and ran away into the streets of the city. On the street was a random low brick pedestal. I stood on the pedestal and I pretended to be a street light. The cop was deceived, was guarding around for a little while, and then left. I got off the pedestal and thought "haha, what a dumbass!".

      I continued further down the city and I reached the pedestrian bridge. The world seems to have transitioned back to childhood mode at this point. When I was a child, I loved that pedestrian bridge, because much like the neighborhood sidewalk, it seemed much more mazelike to me than it really is. So again, I'm strolling around on a bridge-themed maze hanging over the Schelde river, trying to find the way to the other side.

      When I reached the other side, I was near my old school, and I saw a bulky guy there. He looked like a bully, but he was strangely friendly as I talked to him. I had a double feeling about him, though. At some point, he sighed "well, time to go back into my bunny suit, I guess... one more hint: try to get inside!" I didn't know what he meant by any of that. He walked away into a small garage. The gate closed, and opened again shortly after. Out came a monster, and he was like the bully, but he was a large evil cyborg rabbit. He bottom half was a mechanical contraption, like a robot or tank. But top half and the head was a very bulky bunny's. A boss theme from Metal Gear Solid 2 started to play. He went toward a place that contained 4 tablet pc's on pedestals. He took out a flamethrower and started to melt them down. I realized that I needed to protect these tablet pc's, so I took out an AK47 and shot him, but he was invulnerable. The tablets all broke and I saw a game over screen.

      I was frustrated and looked up a walkthrough on the internet. The walkthrough says that he's actually a puzzle boss and there's a secret way to beat him. Before he gets into the gate, you can throw your cap at him and he will be mind controlled. So that's what he meant with that hint! He was trying to help me in stopping him from destroying the tablets by proxy. So I tried that, threw my cap, garage gate closed and opened again. This time, I was in the bunny's first person view which had a terminator-like hud. I was now controlling his mind. However, I wasn't sure what to do to kill him. I couldn't use the flamethrower on myself. I looked around in a bunch of closets and found my mom's perfume closet. I saw a bottle of perfume in there, and I thought "if he drinks this, he's probably going to get very ill and die". I had him drink the perfume, became a bit nauseated again, but I realized that that wasn't enough to kill him. So I grabbed another bottle of vodka and chugged it down all at once. Then he became very drunk, and fell off into the depths. I beat the boss battle, and that's where the dream ended.
    2. To the bar

      by , 10-28-2015 at 06:20 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was cold winter morning. A blizzard was raging all around. I took some clothes and then someone parked his car on my front yard. I went outside, and saw that it was one of my classmates - a blonde haired, well built dude. He told me that we should drive to a bar. I agreed, but told him that with winning a wager with him, I'm not going to drink alcohol. He told me that he's going to drink, but needs a driver. We entered the bar - it was heavily crowded as there was a party inside, sat near one of the tables and he drank some vodka.
    3. Drunkards

      by , 06-26-2015 at 09:25 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was dark, cold evening. I was inside my home, working on my laptop. Suddenly I found myself outside, sitting on a bench in front of my house. Then two drunkards appeared, and told me that they want some self brewed vodka from my father. I told them to get lost, but they insisted on, tried to drag me inside the house. I resisted, and they went away.
      Tags: father, house, vodka
    4. Banishing a spirit and beating the god of wine to a drink contest

      by , 01-25-2015 at 12:28 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Banishing a spirit and beating the god of wine to a drink contest (DILD)


      I was called to check one home's paranormal activity because apparently, the people living there had a very hard time every day, hearing noises, feeling drained and very tired. As soon as I got into the house I could feel that the energy was pretty bad and pretty low. I also checked on the auras of the people living there and I could see they had several negative sentient beings to them.

      I toured around the house sensing the energy and to get started to perform a spirit banishing ritual. Since the tenants were in a negative energetic shape, I felt that I had no other choice but to banish whatever spirits were lurking in there. I told them to follow me as I was cleansing the house but just do not touch me nor look directly at me, just to gaze and follow my steps behind me.

      Everything was going fine ultil I entered into a room and sensed a very strong spirit who apparently was evil. He was at first showing like a being of light, as I saw white orbs around the room, but the energy emanated from these was awful.

      I closed the door behind me asking them to stay outside and I was getting ready to fight them with a behavior like, "Bring it on."
      (This is not done this way in waking life, but well, it was a non-lucid dream...) I started to channel white light directed to the different orbs and they would just vanish away, making the banishing ritual a success.

      The people of the house was very happy and they invited me to some sort of dancing event. At first I was watching the event, but then, I found myself dancing break dance and other weird modalities. However, the music was soft and classical and there was some sort of trainer/guy who was getting pissed at me and he told me, "I am tired of this, I quit!"

      I realized the nonsense of the whole dancing thing, so I realized I was in a dream. I did a couple reality checks to make sure I was indeed dreaming and to score points. I checked my hands, and I had a mising pinkie and my second reality check was a gravity test, which I floated for a few moments knowing that indeed I was in a dream.

      I took off flying, to make my dream stable. And took a nice flight
      (It was a nice smooth flying, so I will not count it as advance flying.)

      I considered if doing the ToTM or since this month I have been so busy with work and still did not do them, to go ahead and do a ToTY instead. I remembered one of them, where I had to challenge Baco/Dionisius to a drinking contest and win it. So i decided to land and pretend the god of wine was going to be there. As I was landing, I saw a table similar to alice in wonderland:

      And there was some guy with grapes on his head and he was huge. I told him if he was the god of wine. Upon saying yes, I told him to do a drinking contest. I saw a lot of different bottles of wine and different liquors. I recalled that I was going to do the basic ToTM as well, while I was at it. I also recalled someone did an anyone dare to drink a whole bottle of vodka down.

      I grabbed a bottle of wine and chucked it in one blow. It tasted similar to raspberry juice, but I felt nothing really going on. The same I did with the bottle of vodka, and this one tasted like water, but if like the water was extremely cold, almost frozen. I felt heat in my throat but nothing apparently seemed to happen here.

      The god of wine did not seem to be very thrilled with this, so I just kept drinking, one bottle after another. My dream stomach started to bother me for some reason, but the dream imaginary was the same (maybe a little blurry, but I blame dream quality to it.) Suddenly, the god of wine turned into an old teacher a had years ago, who I a vodka-only drinking contest. I saw how he was throwing a bottle of vodka away saying, "I can't, I am going to puke." I asked him if he was still the god of wine, to make sure, he said yes and that he felt pretty bad, that he was done.

      I was happy I got a few things done in this dream. I started to focus on more personal dares but I lost the dream and woke up abruptly.

    5. Explosion, devil and vodka

      by , 01-25-2015 at 10:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      With a pack of classmates we were in an industrial area. It was cold, early morning. It was cloudy and a bit dark, the fog was covering the horizon. The place was a bit devastated. Fence was in quite bad condition, there was rust on metal elements spread all around. There were also chemical cisterns, huge, almost the height of skyscrapers. We were a bomb squad, and someone planted explosives in the middle of the front yard. We were searching for it, but when we found the bomb, we were frightened. The timer had only a few seconds before explosion. I took a body of someone else, as this person was closer to the safe zone. I saw everything from third person perspective. I jumped down from the platform, and opened the gate. It was old and rusty, and squeaked when I was opening it. I finally opened it, and jumped away, while the explosion destroyed everything, and killed rest of the bomb squad.

      Second dream

      I was a dark lord, taking over each settlement on the world. I took them one by one, often without unnecessary slaughter. When I ruled the world, there was only one rival to me, Devil! The world coudn't withstand two dark lords at once, so I decided to fight with it. I used magical power to give my minions angelic wings and super powers. The battle raged over the end of the world, over a gigantic pit. It ended with me being victorious, and now I was the only dark lord, ruling both earth and hell.

      Third dream

      My brother came back home from work in switzerland. We made a party in our house, and drunk vodka mixed with other alcohols. I couldn't feel any effect of it.
    6. Drunk dream

      by , 01-18-2015 at 11:12 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my home. Brother came back from work in Switzerland, and made a party. We were drinking vodka and wine. Lots of them. There were many bottles spread across the whole house. Piles of bottles, each of them different. We were drinking and talking. When the last bottle was empty, we took a taxi cab to the local shop. They told the driver that we need to buy more vodka. I yelled And what about me!?? Driver replied They haven't forgot about you. and handed me a bottle of wine. We walked down the street from the shop, and went to my house by foot, to drink much more. My abilities to walk and see weren't impaired, but I felt stronger and stronger urge to drink.

      *I was completely drunk when I came back from my friends 18th birthday. It was a special occasion, so I broke my rules to never drink too much. That's the effect.*
    7. Plane Ride to Alaskan Bar

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:37 AM

      I am on a plane, looking down on the passing ground far below. The ground looks muddy, brown and boulder strewn. Either the sides and floor of the plane are transparent or I am able to see through the opaqueness. I am seated on the floor of the plane, not a seat. I have the feeling that my mom is on the plane with me, possibly in a seat behind me, however I am not sure as my recollection is spotty.

      As the plane begins to descend, a large hill, of the same consistency as the surrounding ground, suddenly appears. The plane skims over it and may have ever so slightly hit it (spotty recollection). Many of the passengers on the plane freak out as this happens. I myself am calm and serene while this happens. I know, somehow, that we wouldn't crash and that the danger was not real or immanent (slight lucidity?).

      The plane lands in what I vaguely think is a layover in Alaska. The passengers head to this bar-club-restaurant(?) owned by the pilot. There is an outside bar with an overhang connected to the main building surrounded by vague Alaskan forest (no snow as far as I can remember). The outside bar is moderately crowded, the inside looking more so.

      I am at the outside bar looking at their beer menu. The menu is a single page, white paper and laminated/plastic-covered. I think that it is a pretty decent selection with Abita, Palm and a few others that I don't recall, however nothing really interests me. An older women walks out of the inside portion of the building and strolls to the outside bar, directly next to me. She is holding a drink, possible two in her hand(s). She asks if I am getting the vodka, presumably what she is drinking, and tells me it is great. I then ask, either the bartender or women (poor recollection) if they had a *Moscow Mule. I remember nothing else.

      *I found out about the drink and tried making it at home a few days ago (real life).
    8. Underground pub

      by , 12-06-2011 at 06:43 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I want to show my friend Minda, where one underground bar is. We go through some basement. I remember maze of corridors and stairs. At one point I warn Minda to mind his head as the ceilings are tricky. He says "no worries" and as soon as he says that, he hits his head. He looks at a sign on the wall written on a piece of paper, warning about the ceiling, and wonders how come he did hit it anyway.Then we get to the actual bar. First there is a large room where some young people hang around. They seem like skingeads or so. Then the bar it is just one room, with a bar at the end. My friend Pavel O. is standing by the bar, already drunk as I can see and he is just pouring another big shot of clear, vodka like, alcohol in his mouth. I wave at him and he sees me and comes to me. We have a quick chat, as much as one can talk about with a drunk guy. Next, we are at the bar again and Pavel have some coins on the bar. I start counting the coins (not sure why). I can see 20p coins. I select them out and ad them all up in one pile. Then there are some £1 coins too... one or two actually. All in all it makes some £3 pounds or so. Then I ask how much is a beer and I am told, by the bartender that its £3.20. Pavel makes some gesture as if it doesn't matter, and orders another drink.

      Then it seems like I am in the bar again, but another occasion. I think I am there to observe aggressive behaviour and I am hoping that some fight will pick up. Suddenly I see some brown girl telling something to Pavel. He is well drunk now. It takes not time and he slaps her across her face. The slap is so hard that it turns the girl around. I am surprised as I didn't expect that. For some reason (as strange as it may be) I feel like no one can say anything as he didn't hit her, but just slapped her. I stand there expecting that people will react to this, but the buzz goes on as people mind their own business.... strange dream
    9. Vodka Again: Picking Up A Lady at the Bar

      by , 10-13-2011 at 07:32 PM

      I find myself in a bar almost identical to the college commons. I overhear two guys talking about how they'd like to get dates for the night. They're clearly nervous at the thought of talking to a woman, and I tactfully let them know as I pass by: "Sorry to tell you guys this but you're beta as fuck!"

      I give them a little peptalk and offer to show them how it's done. There's a lady in a blue and white dress standing somewhere nearby. I call out to the bartender to get a drink for her, and two for me. The bar suddenly appears populated, and the bartender (also a lady in a blue/white dress) brings me a tall glass, filling it in front of me. I thank her and join the others at the bar.

      When I sit myself down I find Chelsea is seated next to me with a drink of vodka, and she appears to be enjoying it/my company. I am surprised to find that my own drink tastes really good, and I find myself successful in showing the others how a gentleman handles himself.
      Her wonderful smile stays with me as I wake up from the dream, and put me in a great mood to start the day with.

      I don't know what it is with Chelsea and vodka, and she doesn't know either! XD BTW In case it wasn't clear, my dream-self didn't determine if the girl I'd bought the drink for was actually Chelsea, but it seems to make sense since she isn't a drinker and would be unlikely to have one in her hand had I not ordered it for her.

      I also recall having a short lucid dream earlier in the morning, but it is of an embarrassing nature, so I'll simply say it happened and leave it at that. To protect the innocent, shall we say.

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    10. Vodka Fries

      by , 10-13-2011 at 07:20 PM

      I'm on a field trip with Chelsea. We're at some outdoor event, like a carnival but with shops. Chelsea is sitting at a table much like an outdoor cafeteria and says she would like some vodka fries. Yes, vodka fries. I disappear from the group to peruse the shops and after several weird reactions from shop owners, I found a shop selling a bag of vodka fries. When I brough it back to her, I wouldn't let her have any, prompting her to chase me around before getting any.

      She didn't get any vodka fries before I woke up. =P

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    11. Getting back into dreams.

      by , 09-28-2011 at 08:47 PM
      Right, i've had enough of all this "off and on" dreaming - i'm getting back into it, NOW. My standard procedure when I want to get back into dreaming is to clear my mind of recent dreams. So, here are a few dream stems I remember...

      1) I was in a pick 'n' pix section of some sort of shop - I think it was Woolworths. It was in the top left corner of the building. Sweets were in the regular see through boxes lined against the far wall and in the middle of the section also. I was with a man and someone else, who I cannot remember. The man, presumably my dad, looked like a Cub Scout leader I used to help out. The room was well lit. I was digging out massive amount of sweets and piling them into the pick 'n' mix bag - one main item i remember included in the bag was a dark-green, large gummy worm at the tom of the bag. For some reason, I didn't think this would result in a very expensive sweet session - I thought it'd total at around £3. But when it was weighed, the scales told me it'd cost £13 and so many pennies. As I was weighing them, someone who I was with said "I'd be surprised if it costed anymore than £10". When I saw the real price, I returned to the boxes to put the green snake and other items back to get it back under £10.

      2) I was out and about with my girlfriend Amy. I think we were at some sort of party, but I really can't remember much at all.

      3) My friend Chloe, her boyfriend and myself were in a newsagents in a Northern state in America. It was very sunny outside and it was early evening - about 6pm, around sunset. We were about to go to a video shooting for a music video (this was genuinely happening IRL, but not in America ) and we decided to stock up on vodka and Milky Bars for the party atmosphere XD Me and Chloe aren't old enough to buy alcohol, so Laurence who has fake I.D was doing that. He went up to the counter whilst Chloe and I were hiding a couple of metres back in the chocolate section, pretending to look normal looking for milky bars. Once Laurence had successfully bought the booze, Chloe decided to leave as she was getting worried about the police catching us. However, I really wanted my milky bar (it was one of the large bars), so I placed it on the counter in a flustered hurry. I then got worried also and dropped my money on the stool that my chocolate had been taken for, leaving more money than the Milky Bar was worth. I got scared, left the chocolate and tried to pick the money up, but the money was made up of 50p coins that were hard to pick up off of the flat surface, so I ended up making a run for it
    12. The Video Store 30/09

      by , 10-02-2010 at 07:06 AM
      I didn't write anything down on the 29th. But on the 30th I have quite a lot written down. A lot happened and some of the events may not be written down in the order they happen.

      In the first part of my dream I remember being in a shop, I am unsure if it was the video store at this point or not. I briefly remember my friend Jonty being involved but I am unsure what he did. I then received a phone call from another friend Isaac to come and work at the video store with him later; I don't have a job but for some reason this proposal didn't seem strange to me, nonetheless I made up an excuse and got out of it.

      The next part definitely took place at the video store, even though I am not sure how I got there (possibly could have used that fact to get lucid), I had actually been at one the day before I had this dream though and they were pretty similar. I went to the basement, it kind of felt like Silent Hill (I had got a Silent Hill game from the video store that day and played it close to when I went to bed so this isn't much of a surprise) and I thought stuff was bound to jump out at me. This is part of the dream I didn't remember very well when I wrote it down but I feel as if it was crucial to the experience for some reason.

      When I was back above ground some strange things happened. What seemed like a few Pornstars from the covers of videos in the store's restricted section were having sex with the few people around at that time. I can't remember if any wooed me or not but I remember the whole thing feeling very out of place and me running around the store trying to work out what was going on (I never once thought it could be a dream).

      That stuff cleared up and then something else happened. I am unsure where it took place, it seems like it was in a place that was a cross between my actual house and the video store. I was with a girl called RzQU and watching wrestling, I am surprised I didn't realise I was dreaming at this point, girls watching wrestling? dream sign for sure. But it actually felt very real and I had no idea I was dreaming, but I was really happy. I don't remember anyone else being there.

      Soon after the dream started to get weird. Before that point I drunk some vodka; for some reason I took the vodka into a backroom and mixed it with coke (the drink) I didn't taste the vodka as I drunk it though, even though I put quite a lot in. Then a girl named Carolyn came into the backroom and took the vodka away without saying a word.

      And then Isaac shows up for work, along with a lot of other people. They start hanging out around the store, they appeared to be having a bit of a party. There were people making out, people fighting but I don't think anyone was interested in videos. Isaac didn't care though, he just stood at the counter or hung out with me. I remember going down to the basement again, it was a lot less freakier this time as there were people down there but a lot of them were scared for some reason. I remember coming across a shower and RzQU's sister CNz naked but I can't remember if anything happened with us or if she even saw me.

      I then remember finding my dad in the store and we had an important talk that I wish I could remember the content of but after this I remember dad, me and Isaac tried to get everyone to leave and we wanted to close the store. I don't remember much beyond this point but it was not an easy task. I wish I could remember more as it seems pretty exciting but oh well. This was one of the clearest dreams I've had. Interestingly it occurred in the morning after waking up for a few minutes but being to lazy to get up and falling asleep again.