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    1. April 29 and 30, 2018 Non-Lucids and Semi-Lucids

      by , 04-30-2018 at 03:49 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The 29th I was in my father's old house on a staircase. I walked down and saw some friends in the room. For some reason I just knew this was a dream and looked at someone and said "this is a dream" and they nodded and everything was vivid but I wasn't really controlling much just aware. I looked at the staircase and bahar came down and I told her it was a dream and she nodded like "duh" and then some other sexual things occurred.

      I had a dream about skydiving. I'm outside of my dad's old house clearing. There's a massive building where I think the planes are. The dream skipped around a lot. I think at some point we got up in the air.

      Part of a dream I was walking up this massive hill of some kind. On the left was a church and there was a funeral going on. It was strange because the funeral had the family of the deceased on stage facing the crowd. They were crying and hugging each other. Everyone was wearing black. I could see a few cars parked outside of the church. There was a massive tree shading everyone at the event. I kept walking up the stairs trying not to look at the funeral, up to the top.

      I was at a sporting event like a football game. I was very high up in the stands and was in fear of falling down the stands and getting hurt. My view went to several parts of the stands and I noticed that I would have fallen further at some points compared to others but I was in an okay spot. Someone was talking to me about the games like about who was playing but they kept getting confused because it would be two teams and then four and then different teams.

      I started floating down the stands while looking at the huge scoreboard thing in the middle. I was saying "this is a dream" and floating down gently to the middle. When I got to the bottom I realized I wasn't in a stadium anymore but a bedroom. A girl came walking down the hallway through an open door and to me. She was light skin and not wearing a lot of clothing. She had light brown hair that might've been curly, and freckles on her face. She had told me her name was something that started with a "C" like "Clarissa" but also told me another name as well that was like the name she goes by or something. We started to kiss but I kept my eyes open because I didn't want the dream to collapse. I could see her freckles very close to my face. We started to become intimate and we got into a rhythm. She finished and then asked me how that had happened. I remember looking at her and saying something like "wow I've been in this lucid dream forever. This has been my longest lucid dream." And it really did feel like a long time but the weirdest part was it felt like the most stable. It most of my lucids I'm thinking it's going to crash at any moment but this was just so calm and stable I didn't think it would end. We continued on in other positions. She asked me what her name was and I said "Clarissa" and she said it was another name and I said "no it's Clarissa I want to find you at some point when we get over into the real world." She simply nodded and the dream went back to non-lucid.

      The dream was now in this hotel space. Kids were lugging laundry bags to do their laundry. It was like a vacation place but also a dorm where young adults lived. We were a group that was going to leave the next morning very early so we started packing our things so that we could just get back and leave with our belongings. It felt like we were going to a cross between firefly music festival and kings dominion amusement park. We were packing up our stuff and weird objects were there on shelves. I can't remember what the objects were but they seemed to be associated with magic. At some point I walk into a room and there's my doctor there telling me I have some sort of sickness. He goes "yeah this is the rarest sickness of this type" but I don't feel threatened at all.

      I had a dream last week but I don't remember which day it was so I'll add it here.
      It felt like I was in another country that was either in the amazon or in asia. The scene was in between my schools though at the bus loop without buses. I could see tracks in between different places and buildings. Everything that wasn't a building or track or person or object was just this empty black color. I was swimming in this black stuff on a track and could see these massive bugs crawling next to me. It was really freaky. There was apparently a restaurant we were going to that had fish and chips. We ended up meeting people there and I was supposed to pay with my mom's credit card. The end of the dream was weird because I was standing in this black stuff in the middle of the bus loop and the idea was I was on mushrooms. I've never done them before so I didn't have an experience to base it off of. I was standing lower than the track and looking up I could see these people with spirals for eyes like Rezz looking at me. They were higher up than me but it seemed like they were tiny people. In my mind I'm thinking "here they are" or "oh hi nice to meet you finally." It felt utterly weird being in the presence of these things, they weren't like dream characters they were like actual beings that knew they were in some sort of dream with me separate from what my mind created. They seemed to just look at me.

      Another dream from that night was located at this restaurant place. The place was symmetrical and had all of these objects. Someone would hide an object and I'd have to find it. Someone hid a small sphere in the corner and I had to reach down further to get it. This place was brightly colored with reds oranges and yellows and seemed very clean and set up but in a cartoonish way. That eventually gave way to the idea that I was with a group of people downtown somewhere trying to go to a concert. We were at someone's house about to leave. Dana walks in with her friends and I awkwardly blurt of "how you are yeah?" and she walks further into the house towards the kitchen. I eventually go into the kitchen and grab some cookie dough out of the refrigerator and start to eat it.

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    2. November 7 2016, Semi-Lucid

      by , 11-07-2016 at 11:16 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Off and on sleep at around 11am, when I noticed my body was very sleepy and I knew I was about to go into either SP or a lucid. So, I thought to myself 'okay let's go lucid' as my body started to feel that numbing high feeling that comes with lucid sometimes. I needed to create a dream scene, so I decided on the skydiving example that I've used in the past. For a moment, I could see the open door of a plane and blue sky out of it, but then that faded quickly. I tried to imagine another scene. For some reason, a girls face appeared in front of my view. She was blue and had darker hair, I couldn't make out any of the details in her face but I've seen her before, probably in the same way as last time, coming into a lucid.

      The girl's face fades away, and now I appear in my room from Mechanicsville, except the bed is against my window looking at the wall. The first thing I notice is my hands. I flip them over a couple of times. I notice that the room is very dark, so I shout "illuminate!" but nothing happens. I can sort of tell that the dream is collapsing, so I tell myself "no" and start rubbing my hands together. I can feel friction, and the dream stabilizes. Next, I look up at the ceiling fan and shout "illuminate!" again, and this time the room flickers and then lights up. I celebrate to myself and then decide I was going to go look at myself in the mirror because the image is fucked up in dreams. So I walk into the hallway and into the bathroom. There, I see myself in the reflection, except it's like I'm in a carnival fun house or something where the mirrors distort how you're shaped. I get up close and see my face is all smooshed together and I laugh. Then, I remember that IRL I wrote an "A" on my left hand for the "awake" reality check. I looked down at my left hand and see that where there was an "A", there was just a semi-circle with some lines coming off of it. Then, I noticed under that symbol the words "A MOOSE OWWES" written in red pen. This confuses me one because I thought that people couldn't read in lucid dreams and two that sentence doesn't make any sense at all.

      After that, I walk downstairs but halfway through need to take a seat because the dream is collapsing. I rub my hands again and shout "illuminate." I can hear my mom yelling at me from the kitchen. She's telling me that I'm going to distract my sister who is sitting at our counter doing some sort of puzzle. I walk past them
      and then the dream collapsed.

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    3. #130 - skydiving / pool party

      by , 10-14-2015 at 10:14 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream fragment - Skydiving
      I remember jumping off from something in the sky (probably a plane but I don't know). It was so high up, when I jumped there was a plane in the air somewhere below me so I swooped down near it. I wasn't the only one jumping either, and it was more like I was flying than actually falling. I remember circling around the cockpit and looking inside, the pilots were stunned to see me. I then let myself fly near the wing, the suction from the turbine seemed to be pulling me in but I managed to push myself away from it with willpower. I think I skydived about 3 times?

      Dream - Pool Party
      I wake up in a building, it seems like some sort of residential hall or lodging. The floor is wooden and I think I was sleeping on it in a sleeping bag. I remember seeing my friend John, the time was about 8-9 so he decided to go ahead of me and head to class at uni because we didn't have karate practice today. Karate? I seem to have signed up for the karate club and now I know it's also supposed to be the first day of school. I look around and pack my bag, but I notice the instructor for the karate club actually getting ready for something so I realize there is club activities today.. And for some reason in the area that I originally woke up in? I walk over and stand on the yoga mat. Putting down my stuff and trying to shift my sleeping bag, bowl and 2 spoons out of the way for some space (apparently I had breakfast unknowingly). We start with some aerobics stuff which really disappoints me, I was really looking forward to sparring because in the dream I seem to be a skilled fighter . Some music turns on and the karate teacher starts moving around doing some dance that we all follow, I try to keep up but I have no clue what to do and end up doing everything slightly behind everyone else. I'm not wearing any shoes or socks and I feel like there's crumbs all over the damn ground too. I try to kick it away while dancing and end up shifting it onto another persons mat by accident. The dance thing kind of ends and some kind of poncy pool party happens. Yes, there is now a pool in my room O_O. We get complimentary omurice-pancakes, which are actually just normal pancakes that are really bland. I recognize some of the people as having similar faces to some old friends in high school, the girls are quite pretty and seem to have a really upper-class vibe. Most of them are in bikinis and board shorts. There's a lady from the karate club going around and offering these incredible looking melted chocolate balls. They look so good but you have to pay for them. I realize that there's no point wasting money on them so I just ignore them. I spot one of the characters from the Home and Away TV show cast (just googled it, his name is Luke Mitchell or 'Romeo Smith' on the show). He's encouraging people to dance to the music but I pat him on the back and politely excuse myself, I have to get to class. My class starts at 10 and it's nearly 9. I can't quite recall if it was part of this dream but I remember driving/being driven down a road in my home town (it felt like it happened earlier but the dream logic would mean it happened last?).
    4. #193. Objects of Faith

      by , 08-12-2015 at 04:21 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I drive a motorcycle across my hometown, and realize I forgot my helmet. Oh well. I'm also carrying a baked potato in my jacket pocket, and it's falling apart.


      A nest of vampires in an otherwise benign-looking place, like a post office or a government building. S has warned me, but I come back anyway.

      Vampires are repelled by objects of faith (Dresden Files), but unlike the stereotype, they don't need to be Christian symbols. The eldest vampire stalks towards me, and I have my pendant in my hand (the question: does the onyx within it represent me or the people I believe in, because I don't necessarily have faith in myself...) and I strike, pressing the pendant into the vampire's skin. It sizzles and burns, the vampire trying to get away, shrieking.

      It's cries draw the other vampires, and I draw back to swing a fist, my Celtic ring coming into contact another vampire.

      Later, I'll be asked if we can do an empirical test to determine whether the gold of the ring or the silver of the pendant was more effective against vampires.


      "Who's your commanding officer?" demands a formidable looking black man with a military bearing.

      "I don't know yet."

      "Good answer," he tells me. He is my commanding officer.

      When a small group comes to tell me I'll be joining them, I look back to him.

      "Sir?" I ask, and he instructs me to join the group.

      We board a plane. There are more than a dozen seats left when I come in, but one of my squadmates is arguing with a blond, thinner man who's already seated.

      "These are for the paratroopers," says the seated man. "We don't have any seats for you."

      I approach and tell him that we're assigned to this plane, and will be taking some of the seats. He is angry, but we end up seated, anyway.

      I'm sitting next to a superior officer who's played by an actor I can't remember the name of. He's a heavier-set black man and he asks roundabout questions about my place in -- and loyalty to -- our shadowy organization. I tell him I will do what needs to be done.

      The plane is in the air. I stand up and walk down the aisle. "It's time," I say to one of my squadmates as I walk past. She's a darker-skinned woman with long, curly hair.

      We're in the air now. The six members of the squad are gliding towards our destination using wingsuits, flying through the chilled air.

      "We can make it the whole way," the woman I was talking to says over the comms.

      "Negative," I say. "We're losing altitude. Chutes on my mark; aim to land at the planned point."

      I see a red plume of light indicating where we should land.

      "And... NOW!"

      We deploy our parachutes and land on the ice next to an island. Before I know it, we have skates on and are making our way towards the shore.

      A red pickup truck meets us. We put skate guards on our skates and a few of us climb into the cab, the rest getting into the back of the truck. I'm making plans with the driver.

      Scare factor: 5/10. Lots of fun and adventure, felt in control of the narrative the entire time, despite not being lucid.

      EDIT for new rating system (and formatting colour):

      Adventure: 8/10
      Control: 8/10
      Fear: 2/10

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    5. 2013, September 9 and 10

      by , 09-11-2013 at 04:45 AM
      September 9:

      I saw someone jumping out of an airplane to free fall after his parachute and then proceed to chase after food that he ate on the way down including a stick of butter.

      September 10:

      I went to bed at about 4 AM this time and had nightmares. I do recall picking up some change outside a building whcih was a car park (I had been thinking of Jeff Yeager's recommendations to pick up loose change prior to this)

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    6. Dive Bomber in Darkness

      by , 07-08-2013 at 06:07 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #116: Dive Bomber in Darkness

      I'm walking out of the lobby of a hospital, some important errand on my mind. When I head through the bank of automatic doors into the night, I'm confronted by a huge crowd of reporters and spectators that are hanging around like something important is about to happen. Is this a dream? Yes.

      Looking into the crowd, I see my high school physics teacher, "Mrs. C". I walk up to her. "[Mrs. C]! I know that you've been waiting, like, forever for me to go on Draw Something. Sorry about that. How have you been doing?"

      "Oh, that's all right!" she says. "My wife and I have been doing great." This is strange -- Mrs. C has a husband, not a wife. He even came by the school a couple of times.

      "Well it was good talking to you," I say, and I step back from the crowd a bit, thinking about my next move. I remember wanting to go to Angel Falls so I decide that'll be my goal for this dream.

      But just as I'm making my plans, I notice that one of the reporters standing nearby is extremely attractive. She's about 30, probably half-Asian, and lightly freckled. I start thinking very sexy thoughts before catching myself -- if I approach her, I know for sure that the dream will only head one way (and not to Angel Falls.) I back quickly away, my mind still going sexytime. The reporter stops speaking into her microphone, looks directly at me and says, "I think I love you."

      I put out my hands and kind of wave them around. "No! No, you don't! I'm sorry, that was my fault!" Immediately she returns to what she was doing, forgetting all about me.

      Okay, Angel Falls. I scan the horizon but there's nothing to really use. I could just start flying and try to work from there... As I'm planning, I start thinking about the good-looking reporter again. Okay, I really need to get out of here...

      I allow myself just a moment to imagine that the top of Angel Falls is right behind me. Then I fling myself backwards as if I'm jumping off of a cliff, imagining myself going over the falls. There's a weird moment where I'm stuck upside down, my head sort of embedded in the sidewalk. After a couple of awkward seconds like this, I wind up in the void.

      I rub my hands together, then imagine that I'm falling along the falls. Almost immediately I feel the spray of water against my face and arms. I point myself facefirst at the ground, arms tight to my sides. Air rushes past my skin as I gather speed. I feel myself going faster and faster, air filling my mouth. I keep "falling" like this for at least 30 seconds, and the sensation is so awesome that I don't even mind not having visuals.

      I feel amused that "Angel Falls" is so incredibly high that I can skydive like this from it. I wonder how long this can go on. Even though I'm enjoying myself immensely falling through the darkness like this, I know that I need visuals to complete the task. I try to focus on what this should all look like but the intensity of the rest of the experience has me a bit distracted.
      The dream ends before I can make it all come together.
    7. Skydiving

      by , 10-24-2012 at 07:24 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I'm pretty out of practice after my long lucid break, so I decided to post this one anyways even though I didn't even tried to recall it.

      I was on a plane, I think. But now that I think of it it would be more of an interceptor like in Saints Row the Third. It was on autopilot, and while the windshield is open I don't feel the wind nor freeze, dream logic I guess? I commented that it's fun to be on an aeroplane.

      Later I somehow talked to my dad in telepathy, I spoke aloud until someone asked me what I am doing, so I started trying to talk to my dad in my mind. My dad wasn't in sight, by the way. I told my dad about my fascination about skydiving, but he said that I can't drive them because I'd need a piloting permit, which I remembered just now, and went OK.

      I think directly after this I segued into some MS Paint adventure thing.

      then it skipped to my talking to my friend about how to defend yourself if you're lucid in the middle of a dream siege in a restaurant (FACEPALM) and another of my friend went kinda "I'm sorry, but your conversation is a bit... umm..."
      And I finished for him, "Retarded"
    8. #95. Perfectly Good Airplanes

      by , 06-30-2010 at 08:48 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Wednesday, June 30, 2010

      I wander a city, searching for my skydiving class.

      I'm in a plane about the size of a crop duster. My mom is piloting. We're angling to land on the top of a mountain, where there's a gas station.

      I'm trying to get to a weekend course on skydiving. We wonder if I have to jump out of this plane to get to the course.

      We land, avoiding the cars in the parking lot (on top of a mountain). I kick off of a maroon minivan in the parking lot, adjusting our course so we don't hit it.

      We talk to the people inside, but this isn't where the course is. We have to keep flying.

      Back on the plane, I wonder if we have enough of a runway to take off again. My mom shrugs and we go flying off the cliff. We stay in the air.

      It's a tight fit between two pillars of stone. I'm worried we might hit, but my mom effortlettly steers us through them. Wow. She's better at driving than she usually is in dreams. I mean, there was this other dream with the truck where she kept almost hitting other cars...

      (How did I miss that?)

      I check my backpack and find an oxygen mask and a parachute.

      We're back on the ground, in a car. I still have no idea where I'm supposed to go; there's no map in the brochure. Hours fly by. I was supposed to be there in the morning, and it's now 1:00PM on a Friday.

      We stop at a store. Ben says his friend lives above the shop. They're selling Halloween costumes.

      Perfectly Good Airplanes. Scare Factor: 1.