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    1. April 29 and 30, 2018 Non-Lucids and Semi-Lucids

      by , 04-30-2018 at 03:49 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The 29th I was in my father's old house on a staircase. I walked down and saw some friends in the room. For some reason I just knew this was a dream and looked at someone and said "this is a dream" and they nodded and everything was vivid but I wasn't really controlling much just aware. I looked at the staircase and bahar came down and I told her it was a dream and she nodded like "duh" and then some other sexual things occurred.

      I had a dream about skydiving. I'm outside of my dad's old house clearing. There's a massive building where I think the planes are. The dream skipped around a lot. I think at some point we got up in the air.

      Part of a dream I was walking up this massive hill of some kind. On the left was a church and there was a funeral going on. It was strange because the funeral had the family of the deceased on stage facing the crowd. They were crying and hugging each other. Everyone was wearing black. I could see a few cars parked outside of the church. There was a massive tree shading everyone at the event. I kept walking up the stairs trying not to look at the funeral, up to the top.

      I was at a sporting event like a football game. I was very high up in the stands and was in fear of falling down the stands and getting hurt. My view went to several parts of the stands and I noticed that I would have fallen further at some points compared to others but I was in an okay spot. Someone was talking to me about the games like about who was playing but they kept getting confused because it would be two teams and then four and then different teams.

      I started floating down the stands while looking at the huge scoreboard thing in the middle. I was saying "this is a dream" and floating down gently to the middle. When I got to the bottom I realized I wasn't in a stadium anymore but a bedroom. A girl came walking down the hallway through an open door and to me. She was light skin and not wearing a lot of clothing. She had light brown hair that might've been curly, and freckles on her face. She had told me her name was something that started with a "C" like "Clarissa" but also told me another name as well that was like the name she goes by or something. We started to kiss but I kept my eyes open because I didn't want the dream to collapse. I could see her freckles very close to my face. We started to become intimate and we got into a rhythm. She finished and then asked me how that had happened. I remember looking at her and saying something like "wow I've been in this lucid dream forever. This has been my longest lucid dream." And it really did feel like a long time but the weirdest part was it felt like the most stable. It most of my lucids I'm thinking it's going to crash at any moment but this was just so calm and stable I didn't think it would end. We continued on in other positions. She asked me what her name was and I said "Clarissa" and she said it was another name and I said "no it's Clarissa I want to find you at some point when we get over into the real world." She simply nodded and the dream went back to non-lucid.

      The dream was now in this hotel space. Kids were lugging laundry bags to do their laundry. It was like a vacation place but also a dorm where young adults lived. We were a group that was going to leave the next morning very early so we started packing our things so that we could just get back and leave with our belongings. It felt like we were going to a cross between firefly music festival and kings dominion amusement park. We were packing up our stuff and weird objects were there on shelves. I can't remember what the objects were but they seemed to be associated with magic. At some point I walk into a room and there's my doctor there telling me I have some sort of sickness. He goes "yeah this is the rarest sickness of this type" but I don't feel threatened at all.

      I had a dream last week but I don't remember which day it was so I'll add it here.
      It felt like I was in another country that was either in the amazon or in asia. The scene was in between my schools though at the bus loop without buses. I could see tracks in between different places and buildings. Everything that wasn't a building or track or person or object was just this empty black color. I was swimming in this black stuff on a track and could see these massive bugs crawling next to me. It was really freaky. There was apparently a restaurant we were going to that had fish and chips. We ended up meeting people there and I was supposed to pay with my mom's credit card. The end of the dream was weird because I was standing in this black stuff in the middle of the bus loop and the idea was I was on mushrooms. I've never done them before so I didn't have an experience to base it off of. I was standing lower than the track and looking up I could see these people with spirals for eyes like Rezz looking at me. They were higher up than me but it seemed like they were tiny people. In my mind I'm thinking "here they are" or "oh hi nice to meet you finally." It felt utterly weird being in the presence of these things, they weren't like dream characters they were like actual beings that knew they were in some sort of dream with me separate from what my mind created. They seemed to just look at me.

      Another dream from that night was located at this restaurant place. The place was symmetrical and had all of these objects. Someone would hide an object and I'd have to find it. Someone hid a small sphere in the corner and I had to reach down further to get it. This place was brightly colored with reds oranges and yellows and seemed very clean and set up but in a cartoonish way. That eventually gave way to the idea that I was with a group of people downtown somewhere trying to go to a concert. We were at someone's house about to leave. Dana walks in with her friends and I awkwardly blurt of "how you are yeah?" and she walks further into the house towards the kitchen. I eventually go into the kitchen and grab some cookie dough out of the refrigerator and start to eat it.

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    2. Smallpox??

      by , 11-14-2017 at 04:08 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt that I had a sickness similar to smallpox ,first it popped up on my hand then on my whole body.
      There were black\dark brownish blisters on my limbs , and little tiny reddish- brownish pimples around them , my skin was burning . It was really freaky . I went to the doctor, and I waited. But then I woke up.
    3. [05-01-2017: Bird sickness]

      by , 01-05-2017 at 05:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I entered my barn and saw some hens with little chickens lying on they hay. Most of them were dead or very weak. There was some strange sickness spreading around.
    4. Worry, worry worry...

      by , 10-02-2015 at 08:43 PM (Here be dragons)
      Had a long, confused dreams about a debilitating sickness slowly crippling me. Don't feel like writing about it here, but making the entry to keep both my private and public DJ consistent.
    5. The End Cave

      by , 06-02-2015 at 04:21 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I didn't meant to be gone for so long, but life hit me really hard toward the end of last summer and I was therefore already behind when school had started back up. I think things are finally at a point now where I can focus on dreaming again.

      The End Cave (Non-lucid)


      I'm in an incredibly large cave, though it does not look like one, camping with my mom, brother, and Cheyenne. There is a wide, rushing river cutting through the middle, with a forest on the side opposite from us. Near the forest is another family of campers. There is something terribly, terribly wrong with this cave.

      Cheyenne wakes up frantic in the middle of the night from a bad dream. In the dream, she saw Jesus standing on the other side of the river. He had no eyeballs and he was drowning little children in the river, one by one, like some perverse baptism.

      I decide that we need to leave this cave immediately. There is a terrible, heavy feeling in the air, practically suffocating in its intensity. We should not be here. We all run back outside through the small entrance. It feels so good to breathe outside air again! Outside, everything feels normal and calm once more. Unfortunately we've left all our belongings inside and my mom insists that we go back to get them.

      The sickening feeling returns at once upon our entrance. I feel physically ill, with an almost unbearable dread of some great unknown. I'm having to support Cheyenne to keep her from falling; she's barely conscious and not responsive. Just as we gather our things, a great howling comes to us from the other side of the river. A pack of coyotes emerge from the forest, though they appear as large as wolves.

      Half the pack surrounds the family on the other side of the river, the other half crosses over to us. We run, and despite my assurance that coyotes don't harm people, they begin to attack. I am bitten numerous times as I fight them back from the entrance while the others do everything they can to block it off. The entire time we can hear the other family's screams of agony as they are eaten alive by the pack.
    6. Dem runescape flashbacks

      by , 06-24-2014 at 10:43 PM
      I'm playing league as lee sin, and have set up my tent at toplane to shut down a ticked off vladimir. We repeatedly kill him, and he cusses up a storm in all chat every time I appear from the river. The dream shifts, and I'm playing runescape in the old wildy circa 2007, with ancients and a zammy book. I have diamond tipped rune bolts and a poisoned ddp in addition to sharks and other pots. I burst down a player in 5 hits, but as I'm collecting the loot get teleblocked. My inven button shifts to the music tab and I can't seem to find it as the mouse cursor won't follow my dream eyes. The pjer has an arma gs and takes me down before I can react. I then respawn in a small cell, with the pjer looking in on me, and crowing about he was the vlad from yesterday.
      I bump into one of my fellow soccer captains at the library, but he doesn't know me and he's HUGE (already tall in real life, but I barely reach his elbow in the dream). He pushes me back and the dream fades as we begin to fight.
      I have a 10 second lucid where I realize something is amiss and ask myself why? Almost reluctantly, as if the answer is obvious but I don't want to realize it, I respond and say "I'm dreaming." As comprehension dawns, I take control of my dream body and take a couple of steps forward, frantically searching for my hand so I can try and stabilize the dream. Unfortunately I get too excited, and the dream fades to black before I can get a glimpse of my surroundings. (So frustrating, I can get too excited and miss out on easy lucids just as often as I have opportunities for them, suggestions if anyone's reading?) I don't remember anything past this lucid snippet, so no way to reintroduce myself into the dream.
      I'm at my grandma's house and she's complaining about arthritis. I take her hand and she screams in a horrible voice.
      My dad has gotten cancer in a terminal stage, and there's much very real crying and emotion as we go together around a small plaza, saying goodbye to our friends and family
    7. 5.04.13 - Living with family was never so interesting

      by , 05-06-2013 at 04:14 AM
      [Home from work around 3pm. Sleep from 3:15pm to 9:15pm - deep sleep without dreams. Sleep again at 12:15am, alarm set 4am. Woke with no dream memory and back to sleep immediately. Woke around 6am.]

      Dream 1
      Finally, I get to take a nice hot bath and just relax for a bit. My tiny cat Harley is sitting in her usual spot on the side of the tub staring at the water. Suddenly, she overcomes her fear of water and just jumps in! She's so cute, swimming around in little circles but as she settles down and just sits in the water, I start to panic the water level might go over her nose and she would drown. I drain a bit of water from the tub and almost regret it as the chilly air hits my skin. She must have felt it too because she climbs up onto my chest and curls into a wet, furry ball. Perfect, I can get some more water back in here now.

      Dream 2
      I'm living in my grandmother's house again and my bedroom is downstairs. I just bought a futon and want it set in front of the TV, so the room needs a little rearranging. Time to take a break and get some homework done. There's a paper due in History in three days, so probably time to look at that. Looking at the assignment for the first time, the question follows a "what would you do if" kind of format but the scenario is incredibly vague. How close to this scenario do I have to stick? Can I change the plot? Characters? What we're doing? There's no way I can write it like this. [For the life of me I cannot remember what the question was, but I was having a lot of trouble!] Well, at least it only has to be three pages long. I'll just ask the instructor tomorrow and bang it out. Mouth falling open, I realize I've made a gross mistake. The paper isn't 3 pages long, it's 23 pages! Oh. My. God. NO way I can get this done in time. Panic sets in.

      Dream 3
      Finally given the opportunity to open my own business, I open a drive thru restaurant from my bedroom window. Aaron, my latest trainee from the manager program, is working with me as well. The night has been slow, business-wise, until about 5 minutes before closing. I would love to serve the guy, but he's driving a semi-truck and there is NO WAY that's fitting in the drive thru. After explaining that to the driver, he gets very irate and demands I bring out some coffee. To appease him, I ask Aaron to get him a cup.
      "But we ran out of coffee, remember?"

      Oh shit! He's right! "Then give him some food. Just something to get him out of here."

      "Bitch! I don't want any god damn food. I ASKED for coffee! You dumb or something?!"

      At this point I am tired and in no mood to deal with this guy. Starting to lose grip on my temper. "Sir, there is no need to be rude. I'm very sorry, I do not have any coffee right now. I am more than happy to get you something else but if you are going to continue yelling at me, you can leave. Thank you."

      I close the window, lock up, and turn the lights off. Hearing the guy peel out of the parking lot, I double check to make sure he's gone but now there is two more semi-trucks outside. What the fuck? Half hour later, now that everything is clean and we are ready to leave, the two trucks are still outside. Seeing me, the drivers get out and walk towards me. They look very similar - mid 20s, maybe 6 feet tall, shaggy brown hair, light skin, dark eyes - so I conclude they are brothers.

      One in a leather jacket starts hitting on me and dropping cheesy lines which his brother find hilarious. Thoroughly annoyed at his obnoxiousness, I curtly tell them, "We're closed and I'm going home. Night." The second brother threatens to do damage to the house or something if I do not serve them. Of course, I still refuse.

      Out of nowhere, leather jacket man starts throwing up and cannot stop. The brother, and then myself, start to panic.

      "Call 911! What's wrong with you?!" For whatever reason, he takes his time picking up the phone. In attempt to calm down Mr. Leather, I sit down and put his head in my lap. However, he then throws up on me and the smell is so ghastly I'm about to be sick.

      Fighting to keep it down, I yell again, "Did you call the fucking ambulance? Where is it?" A few minutes later it finally shows up.

      The EMT jumps out of the back and yells, "Does he have insurance?" Since when do EMTs ask for insurance?There's no answer so he asks again.

      "Yea, yea, of course he does. The card is in his wallet."

      He reaches into his brother's pocket but pulls out three wallets. "Wait, is that my wallet?! You guys are thieves! This is why you didn't want to call for help!"

      Then I see a small Latino boy by my front door. As the EMT calls the police on the thief, I walk over to the boy, but as I get closer I see he is terrified. "Como te llamas? Como estas?" "Estoy bien..."

      He switches over to English and I'm impressed with how intelligent he is and how he has almost no accent. He explains the guy stole something from him, a very fancy painting, and now that he's super sick, the boy is worried he might never get picture back.

      "Don't worry hon, I'll find it for you." The scene changes and now the thief is locked in jail. Well, he's not dying at least. I found the picture and gave it back to the young boy. He was so happy and his smile so brilliant with gratitude, I remember seeing sunshine in the background. Dream ends...

      After each dream, I remember retelling each one to someone. I don't know who and they didn't say anything. It seems this happens a lot in my dreams lately. Is this how I might be remembering them so vividly when I wake up? Hmm...
    8. Coughing up Roaches

      by , 03-28-2013 at 03:51 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Coughing up Roaches (DILD)


      I am in a classroom at my old high school with two annoying kids who were freshman back when I was a senior. I take a nap, and when I wake up the entire school has undergone some kind of demonic shift.

      My first sign that something is terribly wrong is when I begin coughing up roaches. I am coughing and hacking, with huge live roaches spilling out onto the floor. One of them crawls out of my mouth and scurries up my face to hide in my hair. I am disgusted, but not quite as disturbed as I should be.

      Some time passes and I am deep within the belly of the school, in a dungeon-like area filled with row upon row of drying racks. On the racks are the decaying corpses of goblins. I am travelling with a live goblin, and I feel sorry that he has to see all of this. The ceiling is very low, so we are walking hunched over.

      We make our way through the seemingly endless expanse of dead goblins, when the ceiling begins to collapse. We quickly evade the falling rubble until we come to an area where the ceiling is a bit higher. There are still rows and rows of drying racks in this area, but at least we don't have to hunch forward to walk anymore. Unfortunately, there are also Giants guarding this section. I imagine that they are on high alert due to the collapsing ceiling, so we flee the area as quickly and quietly as possible.

      Along the way, these red bamboo creatures called "Rod Foxes" begin chasing us. I lose my goblin companion, but I make it out of the drying rack area and hide from the Rod Foxes in a classroom. There are a few students in there who are former classmates of mine. One of them looks out the door and says that a teacher is coming. This is a problem, because all of the teachers have become demonized. My classmate says that if we just do as we're told, he won't hurt us.

      The teacher enters the room and tells us to sit in alphabetical order. We comply immediately. He then slams a putrid goblin head onto my desk and says that I must eat it, because it's "tea time."

      I refuse to eat the goblin head and end up slashing the teacher's throat with dual knives. (Not sure how I acquired these.)

      More time passes and my cockroach problem has gotten worse. I can't stop coughing, and the roaches are crawling out of me at an alarming rate.

      Somehow I manage to stop coughing. There is a painting of a castle on a nearby wall, and I
      become lucid while admiring it. I decide that I will go into the painting and explore the castle. I manage to get into the painting, but the night is so dark that I can barely see.

      I wake up shortly afterward.
    9. Double Death Tragedy

      by , 12-20-2012 at 04:38 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Double Death Tragedy (Non-lucid)


      Alex has come down with some horrible illness after we've locked ourselves in one of the buildings on campus. Her grandfather and (nonexistent) brother are with us. We can hear people in the hallway who aren't supposed to be there, but they don't come to bother us.

      Alex is having very violent spasms, yet she assures us that she'll be fine. Her grandfather pulls me aside and tells me that Alex is definitely going to die. I am shocked. In the short time I've known my roommate, she has become like a sister to me. I can't believe she is going to die.

      But she does. She dies right in front of me.

      I briefly wake up. I am relieved that it was only a dream. However, I have not moved or opened my eyes, and by the time I try to I am already stuck in sleep paralysis and then pulled back into the dream.

      I leave the room that we were in, thinking that Alex is still alive. I am going with her brother to investigate why people have been trying to break in. As soon as we walk into a large common room, a bee stings me on the neck, temporarily paralyzing and blinding me. When I am able to move again, her brother informs me that a ninja girl had broken in and done something. We are not sure what, but we know that she was working for our enemy.

      We split up to investigate. I come upon my mother, who is sitting with a large group of people. "Have you come for the final visitation?" she asks me in an eerie voice.

      I am thinking, "Visitation...? But... Alex didn't really die. That was just a dream. Right?" Confused, I go back to the room where she was to check on her. A horrifying sight greets me: Cheyenne is lying there, dead.

      I run from the room, crying, trying to find out what happened. Everyone present is too weird and crazy to answer my questions. An old man with horrible, blistering red flesh is dragging himself around the room, ranting crazily. His fingers and toes are all melded together, making his hands and feet look like flippers. He crawls in front of me and says I am too polite, just like my mother. (wtf?)

      I go find my mom again. She says I don't have to be here if I don't want to be, but I don't even know what is happening and I am so distraught that I can barely think straight. All I know is that my heart feels like it is torn to shreds and I can't believe I will never see her again.

      Finally I wake up, because my dream crying is making me breathe oddly in real life.

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    10. The Lost Tribe

      by , 11-29-2012 at 10:09 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      The Lost Tribe (Non-lucid)


      Note: Before going to bed, I was reading Tears of the Desert.

      I am living among a somewhat primitive tribe in unknown lands. One of the girls is dying of a horrible parasitic infection, and as per custom, her family is sitting in a tight circle around her, keeping her in a sitting position. The girl has large holes in various places on her body from which hundreds of disgusting white insects pour out. By being at such a close proximity, each of the family members risks infection. I watch as the girl slowly dies.

      A guide is explaining to me that the family will continue their vigil for about five more minutes, after which time the girl's body will briefly re-animate in some kind of post-death movement that is the mere memory of life. Sure enough, the girl soon raises her head and opens her white, clouded over eyes. The family rises and takes this cue to bury her.

      Later, I am talking to the deceased's mother, who is a friend of mine. She is barely able to contain her grief, and I cautiously give her a hug to try to comfort her, though the fear of infection is prevalent in my thoughts.

      Some sort of evil deity is cursing the village. I hold council with him, hoping to persuade him to look upon us more favorably. He laughs at me and says that if I want to save my friends I'd better act quickly. I realize he has caused some catastrophe back in the village, so I run as fast as I can to find out what has happened. There, I find several of my friends trapped in a pool of grey liquid that looks similar to concrete. They are struggling to stay afloat-- if any of the liquid gets on or in their face for even a moment, it forms a tight layer over their skin and suffocates them. I do my best to pull them out of the liquid, but some of them slip from my grasp and die.

      After all of the villagers are out of the pool, I have a talk with a girl who is like an older sister to me. I tell her which deity is to blame and we decide we MUST do something to stop him. He overhears and curses us both personally. He says he will be willing to leave the village alone if we find a way to stop him, but in order to do so we must reach a nearby city by sunset. If we do not accomplish this, I will be struck by lightning and my sister will suffer some similar horrible fate.
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    11. Alternate Ending

      by , 08-26-2012 at 02:00 AM (Dream Journal)
      Last night i had a very clear lucid level dream ( i had no control)
      I started when i had gotten ammonia a few years back but this time it was fatal my family and i all knew this.
      My parents decided to take me out to a ball game. We laughed at some racist guy who offered us his seats so he did sit by a woman (I'm not racist).I had a moment of coughing so they injected me with some medicine. I woke to laying my head in my mothers lap when she had been crying my dad was sleep in a chair and she gave me pill and i was off to sleep. Sadly i woke up alone in my bed calling my mom repeatably as i slowly died i woke up from this dream in a fade out straight to SP then allowing myself to wake up.
      i woke up however feeling gratitude for my parents(a little bit of loneliness)
    12. Zombies borne from the Antarctic - thank the chickens

      by , 08-05-2011 at 10:56 PM (Exploring the Unconscious - Bob's Dream Journal)
      First online entry.

      I had a very long dream, probably in the 30-45 minutes before I woke up, about a zombie-like illness that originated from Antarctic chickens. (Well, a facility that was doing lab testing on chickens in the Antarctic). I remember being bunkered down at my post. If memory serves - it may not - I was at the base of a frozen, craggy mountain to my Southeast. Across the frozen expanse to my North was another mountain, much farther away. I may have felt responsible for the tragedy. Directly or indirectly. I don't really remember that for certain, but I do remember a feeling of dread, incompleteness, moral or emotional sickness. Quiet personal turmoil. Not that the idea of zombie apocalypse wouldn't haunt me, but it was more than that. Very psychological and very dark.

      Towards the closing moments of the dream, there was a fragment involving my mother and I trying to contain the infestation/sickness. Mom was putting a disease-ridden chicken back into a coop after it had escaped. Wherever we were wasn't frozen, it was grassy, but sparsely and still cold - like a tundra. Mom was trying to maintain that trademark care-free zest of hers', and seeing her trying to maintain composure at the brink, or the midst of an apocalypse only troubled me further.

      I was happy to wake up from this one. And happy that I was able to shrug it off, but oh shit did I have a sour taste in my mouth that morning. Figuratively.

      5.5 hours of sleep
      Krill oil, 1 capsule
      Chamomile tea (strong)
      Watched Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura right before bed, the Plum Island Animal Disease Research Facility episode - was the source of inspiration for the dream, beyond a doubt.

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    13. Flying, and Sky TV

      by , 06-02-2011 at 12:58 AM (Byte's Adventures in Wherever Dreams Are.)
      First DJ entry! I've been ill, and so kinda delirious. Here's how last night went...

      Black = Dream
      Blue = Real Life
      Other colours are there for effect

      The dream started with me in school, in the middle of a maths lesson.
      (I didn't realize until afterwards that my lesson was in a French classroom) I then remembered that it was half-term, and thought to myself "What the balls?". Then everything started to fade to black,
      {Sudden realization of being in a dream}
      so I looked at my hands and yelled 'Clarity NOW!'. All of the DCs in the room just stared at me, and I thought "Well screw being in here", and decided I was gonna fly. I fell out of the window, and I just sorta flew, Mario 64-style.
      {Forgetting I'm dreaming}
      Gravity decides to be a B!+[# and sends me plummeting to my doom.
      Hit floor.
      Wake up in bed.

      I'm sick in the bathroom, and have diarrhea. I wash off and go back to sleep...

      I'm at a roundabout that I walk through almost every day. I somehow instantly know I'm dreaming, and wonder what to do next. The world starts to fade, so I focus on my hand again. It doesn't work, and I wake up.

      Back out of bed, into the bathroom. More sick, more poop.

      I'm back at the roundabout, but this time my cousin is with me. I still half-know i'm dreaming. Theres a giant floating panel of TV about 20m away, with the Sky TV guide up. (Like the advert with King Arthur) So we watch it. It turns out to be pr0nz, so we walk off. I wake up.

      I get up for my day normally. No sick!
    14. Chinese food induces spiritual visions

      by , 02-13-2011 at 08:02 PM
      For my tea last night I ate LOADS of chinese food. Much more than usual... I was feeling hungry
      I felt fine after but all that greasy food must have had a bad reaction....

      Anyway, I went to bed as usual that night and awoke midway through the night with the most terrible stomach ache, I thought I was going to be sick. I sat up in bed and my girlfriend said something to me (I asked her about it today and she said I just mumbled some incoherent reply)...
      I was definately awake, but at the same time when I closed my eyes I saw a bizarre vision.

      In my vision I was sitting encased in the centre of a mountain. My aching belly all bloated up like I was pregnant. The pain would shoot out of my belly and crack the rock around me. The cracks opened up into wide burrows through the mountain (I saw it as a cross-section from the side. Imagine a mountain shape with wide cracks opening up in a semicircle from my belly, like a cartoon sun with rays radiating outwards).

      One the surface of the mountain, where the cracks emerged I saw chinese dragons in a figure 8 shape. Upon looking at the dragons I was able to feel the rise and fall of many ancient civilisations.

      The whole vision was very engrossing. I was aware that I was awake, and that it was just a dream/vision, but it was as if I was right there when I closed my eyes. Like existing in 2 places at once.

      After a while the vision faded and I went back to sleep.

      Also, this was my first day trying Silene Capensis. I wasnt expecting any results from it this early so I am not sure what this was. Most likely it was something similar to a fever-dream brought on by my bad stomach and too much greasy food... but very strange!
    15. Displaced

      by , 01-27-2011 at 01:40 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I'm on a break from thinking too much about LDing. This has made my dreams easier to remember, perhaps because there is less pressure on my brain.

      Just like in real life, I am sick and laying down to rest on the bed. It's my same bed, but it's in the flat I had with my ex, near Berlin. Or at least, I recognize it as such, but this flat is actually much more beautiful and expensive looking.

      My ex is in the other room, with him are two of his friends, both of whom I know from when we lived in Vancouver. I get up to go out, passing through a room/hallway that has my ex's computer in it. It's on. I glance at the screen and see some form of Messenger running - though it's not MSN. On it are active conversations from other friends of his in Vancouver. They all appear to be congratulating him and the two friends that are visiting, wishing them all the best and lots of fun. It doesn't say so, but I gather that my ex and his two friends are going to move in together. I wonder to myself if it will be here in Germany, or in Ireland, where he is living in RL now. I briefly wonder why he is back in Germany again.

      I move to the next room. They are talking and laughing loudly, but go quiet when I enter. Awkward. I am looking for something healthy to eat, as I am not feeling well. All I can find is a big paper bag full of all kinds of junk food. They all freak out when I find it, and I tell them to relax, I don't want their stupid crap food. Not finding anything, I leave the room. My ex follows me.

      In the room with the computer again, my ex immediately notices that his screen has been scrolled. He looks worried and slightly angry, asking me if I read his conversation. I say "Why would I want to read your conversation?" and look away. He seems to believe me. I feel guilty for lying.

      Flash now to one of his friends questioning me - he's asking me if my ex and I are getting back together, or "kissing and making up" as he calls it. I look at him like he's nuts and tell him as much, saying that's the last thing I want. I can tell my ex's friend is just asking to make sure it's a safe bet to move in with him, but I'm not supposed to know so I stay quiet.

      Feelings: confusion, guilt, bitterness, alienation, a feeling of jealousy when looking around the nice flat

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