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    1. Magical Garage World DILD

      by , 03-05-2018 at 05:48 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I get out of bed and I didn't notice it but I am in my father room in the old apartment complex that I use to live in. I walk towards the bathroom and open the door. I check to see myself in the mirror and turned on the lights. What I see makes me panic and yet at the same time amazed with some odd confusion. My hair, the only physical aspect of me I care about is almost completely white. Except for 2 strands of hair that remain black.

      The hair was pure white and I look closer to mirror to see if I had age. But I did not, I come back out of the bathroom thinking something is wrong. But then I notice the entire room had become darker due to no longer having sun light shine through the window. I now see that it was dark like night, which didn't add up because I was only in the bathroom for 30 seconds. The idea that I must be dreaming surface in my mind.

      I look around and everything look intact and real. I felt real and everything I touch feels real. I decided to due an RC and attempt to breathe through my nose. It works and yet at the same time I wasn't sure if it was really working. So I decided if I keep this semi awareness and explore the world around me that I will eventually see something compelling enough to convince me it is a dream.

      I walk out of my father room and could hear someone running down the stairs. It was my brother and he was talking things I do not understand. He then had a huge smile and makes an attempt to jump at me like a bear. I use my right hand to knock him down to the ground. My face light up with a smile as I knew now I was dreaming. My vision increased and all my other sensations were heightened now.

      I could feel the neurons freely firing in my brain. I open the front door to see the outside world for it was my destiny. I open to see my old garage become as huge as the outside sky. I also notice everything was covered in Christmas decorations. It was amazing, such a beautiful site to witness. I walk to the outside and was greeted by a huge woman in a elf costume. She was around I'd say 8 feet to 9 feet tall. I use dream control mentally by shrinking her to a respective human height.

      But now I made her way too short, she appeared to be 2 feet if not 1. I then reverted her to around 5 foot 10. She treats like a royal guest and shows me to the find the greatest toy's Santa has built. I began thinking about my cousin as I know if she was here she would enjoy seeing all the toys and stuffed animals. I walk around and requested to meet my cousin. I then see her appear wearing a green sweater.

      I began showing her which toys she like's as the woman in the elf costume leaves with a robotic moving snowman. I soon after have a false awakening.
    2. Fragments

      by , 03-13-2015 at 04:31 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)

      1. Editing a series of books on Goodreads.

      Inspiration: Before falling asleep I wished that Iíd edited more stuff on Goodreads that day (Iím a librarian there).

      2. Signing up for Ragnarok Online. Four love interests were shown, two guys, two girls. Second woman looked like the mature type with a mix of light & dark grey hair.

      Inspiration: Saw it mentioned somewhere online.

      3. There was another character introduced, they were trans and had really long white hair.

      Inspiration: Sa-Ryun from Ability (webtoon), was editing pics of him that day and thinking of how some people thought he was a woman. I think lady from 2 inspired 3 which was inspired by Sa-Ryun.

      Notes: The last couple of nights when I wake up early with a dream, I find myself thinking about it until I fall asleep again because I donít want to forget it (even though Iím prioritizing sleep over recall). I noticed that those dreams sometimes end up effecting my later dreams.

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    3. Zombie Evolution

      by , 06-18-2012 at 07:45 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Some sort of zombie attack. We were in an old building. There were slow zombies. But they easily adapt to problems, until they became fast zombies, and even climbing zombies. Eventually, almost everyone were zombies, including some characters from D.Grayman.

      The rest of us tried to avoid them as much as we can. Until we reached a boat run by Japanese soldiers and scientists. It seems they have discovered that the zombies can't bend down from their waist, so they partially closed the upper part of the boat/jeep that we were going to ride.

      It's started to close for real, so we ran for it. My friends and I made it. We were able to escape to other places where there were none or at least fewer zombies.

      One day, I was walking and found a "zombie escape hatch." It's basically a huge pipe that can fit a human body, twisting all over inside and below a building, with enough handles to climb or hang on to.

      But they weren't made for climbing. They're elaborate traps against zombies, but only those who are acrobatic or athletic enough can pass through it. Zombies will basically get ripped to shreds trying to chase a person through it. I tried it out, and I "acrobated" my way into the inner area.

      While doing so, I heard the voice of an old lady, who I suspected was a zombie. I thought it's a good way to find out if this works. Then I saw her inside. She actually made it through that maze-pipe trap. But she wasn't able to jump off the last part. She said something like she can't survive the fall. Then a guy entered the scene. She called the old lady grandma, but he's a living human. He has long, white hair, reaching some way below the shoulders, and a light, silvery clothing. It's kinda anime-ish, but he looks "real," and a Caucasian.