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    1. May 14, 2018 Non-lucid

      by , 05-14-2018 at 07:50 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was in this massive building that served as a school but it also seemed like it was a getaway or vacation place for a group of students. One part of the dream was held in this auditorium where a teacher was lecturing and we were taking notes. The class ended and we walked down some stairs and through rooms. I went into a room that was like a study space with bookshelves but was a hangout spot too. In my head I remember that I had bought this space from the school for 300 or 400 dollars. The dream goes to other spots in the building. Back to the auditorium at some point but this time it's fairly empty except for a few people sitting in the back. I walked out of my place and saw a pool there. Someone was close by so I told them about the space that I bought.

      The other part of the dream was still near this giant building but in another section that had a giant ballroom with stairs that led outside to a beach area. It seemed to be nighttime and a lot of people were drinking. I was going between the ballroom and outside. I remember shelby and zoe were there. I had gone and talked to shelby a little bit about something. I went back to my space and then came back down to the ballroom. There were a lot of kids underage drinking on this trip. Abby b and someone else came up to me and said they had come very late to the party.
    2. #186. Amber

      by , 02-22-2011 at 06:07 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      "If I was perfect, I would date perfect."

      "Wait, this isn't just about the sex. You like his personality. You like that he's conniving."

      "Don't even..."

      "Oh my God. You're sleeping with me."

      Amber. Scare Factor: 1.
    3. #176. Flight

      by , 01-12-2011 at 10:54 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      I just found a Star Wars game for my phone. I decide to try it out, so I'm tilting it left and right, figuring out the controls. Spacebar is jump.

      I'm in the game. My surroundings are a dank green, covered in vines and rot. This was a school once. I try out the jump command, disappointed when I realize I have only first-level force jump. It doesn't matter; I'll be able to get around just fine.

      Obi-Wan's shade appears beside me to explain my mission. This is strange, because I'm pretty sure I'm a past version of him. The force ghost fizzles out and disappears, exploding into four green blobs of goo. They reform and immediately begin to scuttle about, taking shape as Gravelings, mischievous reptilian creatures that arrange the accidental deaths of the people around them.

      I strike with my single lightsaber, v-stepping in and twisting away after I cut through the torso of one of the gravelings. The creature goes still in shock, before it disintegrates in a flash of red sparks. With a sweep of my lightsaber, the others are scuttling away. I finish them off with force lightening.

      Later, alone in an empty room, I suddenly realize that I'm dreaming. It feels like waking up. I try to remember my goals, but I come up blank. Fine - I'll run. I love to run in dreams. I take a running start and leap from a four-foot ledge.

      In one reality, I can feel myself flying.
      I drift away, into the blue, blue sky, heedless of the ceiling that used to be there. Simultaneously I'm falling, landing. I can feel the remnants of the other reality until all four of my limbs slowly reach the floor. I lay my forehead onto the cold cement and just breathe.

      I see Zoe, walking away into a crowd of faceless people. I call out to her, chase after her. Her blonde hair swishes as she half turns, keeps walking.

      We're sitting side by side, looking at the massive crowd milling about through the mall. She's counting the cash in a till.

      "There's something you want to tell me," she says, flipping through a pile of five dollar bills.


      She scowls, but doesn't turn to look at me. "Well?" she asks, "What is it?"

      "You could say," I smile faintly, "That I have slightly more than platonic feelings for you."

      Her hands go still. "Oh."

      "But that doesn't matter," I say, leaning back.

      "And why is that?"

      "Because," I say, and I stretch my hands out in front of my face, "None of this is real."

      And the dream dissolves into static.

      Running. Scare Factor: 3.

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    4. #165. The Long Haul

      by , 10-31-2010 at 09:58 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      I finally got to move away from Saskatchewan, so I'm happy about that. Haven't really been concentrating on my dreams, though.

      Also, Halloween is the best holiday ever.


      An angel and I talk economics.

      "You gambled my soul away in a poker game?" Bobby growls, his voice growing louder with every syllable.

      Balthazar raises his hands in a peaceful gesture, as best he can while I have him held up by the collar of his two piece suit.


      "Look at that man over there," says Balthazar, pointing across the street. "What do you think would happen if you said to him, 'Give me your soul, and you can have anything you want in the world'?"

      The sun is shining down on us; the crisp autumn breeze brushes leaves through the gutters. The man pulls his overcoat more closely around himself, hurrying his steps towards the church on Eleventh.

      "He'll say no." I say in a low voice, my arms crossed over my chest.

      "He'll tell you to fuck off, is what he'll do. Pop culture's done more to harm the trade than religion ever did. He probably doesn't believe he has a soul, and he still won't sign it over." Balthazar takes a breath, grins. "Look, the trick is to ask for something smaller."

      The man is out of sight, now.

      The trick, apparently, is to plan for the long term. Get someone to agree to a small price, a small favour in exchange for their needful thing. These agreements, they're bound to the bloodline. If the man doesn't pay back the favour, rest assured that his children will.

      Chances are, we'll get our soul eventually.


      When Dean comes to, he's leaning against a concrete wall in an underground parking garage. He doesn't know exactly where he is or what he's doing there, but he knows it can't be good.

      Dean stumbles up the exit ramp, blinks a bit against the cool night air.

      Click. Look up.

      Sam's at the top of the ramp, pointing a gun directly at his brother.

      "Sammael," says Sam Winchester, his voice cold.

      Dean fades to black, and I smile up at Sam.


      In which I try to solve a puzzle involving time travel.

      Standing at the ticket counter, drumming my fingers impatiently against the arborite. The ticket-seller has my passport in her hand. She glances at the name, up at my face, at a poster I can't see behind the glass, and her face goes white. She hands me back the passport, slides two tickets under the glass, and tries not to meet my eyes. I smile and thank her, and I take my thinks and walk into the parking lot.

      I open the driver's seat door to an Oldsmobile, my parents' car when I was younger, and start the engine. Zoe is sitting in the passenger seat.

      "They're already onto us." I tell her. "Buses aren't running, cops'll be all over the place within an hour. We have to drive."


      And now it's real life, and I tell Zoe I'm leaving Calgary. It's two years into the future, and I've been in one place too long.


      "Where are we?" I demand. My voice is quiet, but the threat is there.

      Daniel smiles, suddenly nervous. "This is one of the last human settlements on Earth."

      "I'm waiting."

      "From your point of view," he says slowly, "I suppose this is the future."

      Zoe stands quietly behind me.


      I step through the sliding metal doors, out into an oasis of footpaths and greenery, quiet places for meditation and training. Above us is a dome, given away by the subtle waves in its surface, the way it refracts the light from the bright skies above. Beyond the dome is the endless desert that the earth has become.


      "When you say this is the future," I ask Daniel, "Exactly how far do you mean?"

      He hesitates. "Well, it's been at least... it's been tens of billions of years."

      He's expecting me to freak out, but I simply nod, having had my suspicions confirmed. "And physiologically, humans have remained the same for the last... tens of billions of years?"

      Daniel frowns, and looks at me, searching. "Physiologically? You mean evolution."

      "And there have been no significant changes." I state, daring him to contradict me. "You know what this means?"

      "Someone's been breeding us."

      Scare Factor: 2/10
    5. #163. Corona

      by , 10-17-2010 at 06:31 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      I'm sitting at a table in the library, across from a stern-looking woman my age.

      "So you want to start a writing group? You realize that you'll be in direct competition with our writing group."

      "Hey," I say incredulously, "I just sent out an email asking who was doing NaNo this year."

      There's a man sitting beside me with his arms crossed. He snorts.

      "Well," says the woman, "Be aware that you won't be able to use the library this week. It's full." She points behind me.

      I turn around, and see that the walls are covered, floor to ceiling, with boxes of Corona. I turn back to her.

      She sighs. "The Kiwanis club is renting the library for a Christian concert."

      Scare Factor: 1/10
    6. #153. Thai Food

      by , 09-23-2010 at 05:31 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      One gigantic funeral/conspiracy dream I don't remember. Moving on.

      I think I'd been dreaming about dolls. There was, of course, something entirely creepy about them. Also, dog trainers, road trips, and friends of Zoe.

      I'm walking down a short flight of carpeted steps, into the entrance hallway of a house somewhere. My foot hits the bottom step, and Oh, I think. I'm dreaming.

      Reality check. I need to get back into the habit. Finger count: six.

      I'mlucidI'mlucidI'mlucid, I repeat to myself, concentrating. What did I want to do, again?

      Oh yeah. "Do nothing."

      I sit down on the light grey carpet and place my hands palms up over my knees. I take a deep breath, and close my eyes briefly.

      Everything turns a swirly grey. Alarmed, thinking I'm going to lose the dream, I open my eyes and begin touching all the surfaces in the room. Carpet, wooden bench, painted walls.

      I feel that the dream is secured, and walk out through a screen door. The screen door pulls around me, warping, and I push through it.

      I find myself at the entrance to a meeting place. A gym, or something. Apparently, it's for members of Nomad's shared dreaming class.

      I introduce myself as "Sam", and chat with some of the other students. One girl's avatar or userpic was very pink. We ended up making out on a couch.

      I'm losing lucidity, and I don't notice. One of the students is an old friend of mine, who died a couple years ago. Elaine sits beside me and whispers something in my ear.

      I'm hungry. We're sitting in a cafeteria, and I have to get back to class soon. I want some vegetarian food, but the Thai place is closed, and the sushi place doesn't have anything without fish in it. Someone brings a Saskatoon Berry Pie from the restaurant next door.

      Scare Factor: 2/10
      Rating: 3/10
    7. #149. Chasing Zoe

      by , 09-19-2010 at 06:32 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Do you think this counts as anachronistic naming, or am I just getting lazy?

      WBTB after #148 (which was better), so I'm posting this one on its own.

      This may have almost been a WILD.


      When I come to, I'm lying on the floor. I'm also dreaming. I place my hands on the floor in front of me and run them through the grey shag carpet, trying to stabilize.

      I get up, and go to walk out the door. I notice the lights are off. I decide to test whether I can turn them on and off, since light levels often change during my dreams. I flick the switch, but nothing happens. Huh.

      I'm walking through the hallway, feeling the rolled on paint, trying to remember what I was supposed to do.

      I pop my head into a bedroom. There are people lying all over. There are a few on the bed, a few more lounging on the floor.

      "Hey," I ask my in-dream roommate, a girl on the bed who looks like Halle Berry. "Have you seen Zoe?"

      "She said she'd be at the party tonight."

      The dream fades into the party. I'm somewhat surprised; that's almost like teleportation.

      Lose recall.

      My parents drop me off at an apartment in downtown Calgary. I have two half-empty cardboard boxes with me. Both my mom and my dad are very disapproving about my decision to move to Calgary.

      We're driving through downtown, away from the skate park my brother wanted to go to. I see a couple of the people from the No Limits parkour group (I don't know them IWL), practicing as we drive by. I point them out to the other people in the car.

      Different dream.

      Zoe has a little brother, in this dream. I steal a set of Janitor's keys from him and he chases me through the building.

      Scare Factor: 2/10
      Rating: 3/10

      Everyone's dreaming about carpet.

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    8. #148. Lost

      by , 09-19-2010 at 05:57 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Some quick backstory, for context.

      Selina is a girl I knew in high school. She showed up once in a previous dream. The two of us never spent much time together, but we got along fine. From what I remember, Selina is a very nice person.

      Jesse, I also went to high school with. We didn't get along, and though we're distantly related (small towns, eh?), we really don't share any of the same viewpoints. At all.

      I met Zoe Killion a few years ago, at a fine arts-related event. We've been friends ever since. She has a younger sister, whose name is (not really) Ava.

      This dream relates to Nomad's RPG. Vaguely.


      The good of one, versus the good of many.

      We are in a forest, surrounded by tall, black-barked trees. The edges of the clearing are choked with thick underbrush, and the lilac leaves and tall grasses tickle against the back of my t-shirt. The sky is streaked with the orange of the setting sun, which is hidden by the trees ahead of me.

      The group is gathered in a large circle, sitting cross-legged on the ground and facing inwards. I look around the circle, cataloging each face. I know all of these people. All of them are my age, and they're from all over the world, these people I've met in waking life.

      We've been stranded here, I realize.

      "It'll be one of them," says Jesse, pointing at me and - Zoe, sitting to my left. "Look at you two! Your spots are right next to the forest! Anything could come by and grab you."

      I'm lucid, not even feeling the need for a reality check. I frown. I can feel the dark, wolf-like presence lurking in the shadows behind me. Wordlessly, effortlessly, I call up a wall of mirrors on the other side of the clearing, confident that I'll be able to see the creature coming.

      I recognize the mirrors as a part of Nomad's first task, and I decide to stay here to play out the rest of the game. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror: short blond hair, black clothes... everything gets a little fuzzy.

      Who cares about the many? I just don't want it to be -

      "- anyone," says Zoe, a bit sharply. "All we've been told is that one of us is going to die."

      "And if that happens," says Jesse, "Then the rest of us will be safe until tomorrow night!"

      Half of the table stands up at these words, shouting at each other. They're leaning across the round, stone table, ready to escalate into violence.

      The sunset is fading into darkness.

      Selina is standing up, ready to play the mediator. To get everyone to calm down, and work together, and I see my opportunity.

      I squeeze a hand into a fist under the table, and Selina collapses, dropping to the ground like a marrionette whose strings have been cut. Her internal organs have been liquefied, some of her bones have been ground into dust, and I'm pretending to panic along with the rest, pushing through the crowd as someone yells "WHAT HAPPENED!" and "Did you see?" and I'm pressing two fingers against her carotid artery, checking for a pulse that I know won't be there.

      "She's dead." I say quietly, and the faces around me reflect both horror and relief.

      The rules don't apply to monsters.

      I twist open the back door on a blue van, crawling in the back to reach for a case. It's orange, and the outside is covered in foam. My fingers sink into it as I lock it, latch it, make sure nothing is going to open it by accident.

      "Everyone's still trying to figure out what happened," says a voice from behind me.

      I crawl out of the van, resting the case upright on the bumper.

      "I mean, one second she was alive, you know?" says Ava, rubbing her left arm with her other hand. "Everyone thinks it was something supernatural, a new kind of monster from the forest."

      "It probably was." I say.

      "That's the briefcase." Ava nods at the orange case I'm holding. "The one that'll kill us if we go near it. So, it's safe now?" She makes a grab for it.

      "Don't touch that!" I snap, hitting her hands away. Idiot, of course it will still kill you! It's just that nothing is going to attack you outright - at least for now.

      I slam the door shut on the van, and walk away from the camp, still carrying the orange case so I can hand it over to my employer.

      I'm on no side but my own.

      "We're leaving!" says the Matron as she paces the inside of her ship, the flowing fabric of her dress trailing behind her. "Get the rest of the crew."

      "And the survivors?" I ask.

      The Matron growls. "I meant to capture all of them, but we're on a deadline."

      I nod, and turn to leave.

      "If you should happen across Miss Killion, of course," says the Matron coldly, "Bring her to me."

      I pass Ava as I leave the ship. She has her arms crossed, and is guarding the gangplank. She winks at me, and I allow myself a small smile.

      I'm certainly not on yours.

      I hit the drunk crewman over the back of the head with a bottle. It shatters over him and he collapses to the ground, dead weight. His equally drunk friend, who was about to attack me, looks from the unconscious man to the razor-sharp bottle neck in my hand. The man stumbles away, apologizing, and promising to go back to the ship.

      I sigh, and pick up the unconscious man, swinging him into a fireman's carry over my shoulders. I turn to Zoe and nod in the direction that the man just ran in. We start walking.

      "So let me get this straight," says Zoe. "We're working with the bad guys. Who want to kill me."

      "Because the Matron has the only transportation off the island."

      "Who wants to kill me."

      "She won't," I say, grinning.

      You really should have seen this coming.

      "You can't touch her." I say. I'm feeling gleeful, and I'm sure that I'm radiating an air of smugness that's setting the Matron on edge. Well, that and the fact that I stole away her first prize in manipulation.

      "You can't do this." She hisses.

      Except that I can. If I own Zoe's soul, the Matron can't touch her. I would be obliged, even within all of the complicated truces and agreements we have with one another, to pay back any harm threefold.

      I don't actually own Zoe's soul. But the Matron's not about to question my integrity. She has too much to lose.

      The Matron's sulking is so pronounced that I have to laugh. "I'm the devil!" I tell her, "Did you really think that I wasn't after anything for myself?"

      Scare Factor: 4/10
      Rating: 7/10

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