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    1. NSFW... Also what the freak

      by , 01-28-2019 at 09:42 PM
      in last nights dream, it was pretty much a blur but from what I can recall... warning semi NSFW

      I was at this place, and they were selling these potion doll things? now just a note, these things were popular but im not sure why exactly but i do remember they were, and i got one for speed then I left, I thin it was my daydream character again, but I went into his car.. with skydoesminecraft.

      So, skydoesminecraft was sitting at the back I was sitting in passenger, while this dude was driving they were talking and such, then we got home, the guy parked, skydoesminecraft left the car but still talked to him outside the window, then the guy kneeled down in his chair, rolled the window, put his pants down, put his genitals out... then skydoesminecraft kissed it then walked off.

      not joking, I literally dreamnt this wtf..

      anyways, I went into my house and saw my little brother on his laptop, but he was looking at porn?! at 7 years old?! i looked again and he was using bing search engine but he put so many viruses on it that the background was literally horrific BDSM and torture porn in the background and whenever you searched anything that's all taht came up.

      anyways heres togniths dream
    2. Being a raccoon for a day

      by , 08-01-2016 at 07:19 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was a raccoon and was wandering about in the forest. Suddenly I felt something hit me; someone was throing pine cones at me. I climbed a tree to get a better look. I saw my friend raccoon across from me on another tree. He was also being thrown pine cones at. We looked around and saw there was a squirrel on another tree throwing the pine cones. I thought I should go give the squirrel a lesson so I jumped on to her tree and started climbing up. I was fast but too loud. The suirrel was swift and jumped to an adjacent tree. She was lighter and could use the tiny branches I couldn't. I kept chasing her but she eventually lost her footing and fell from a very tall tree. I descended and saw her lying unconscious on the grass. I came closer and she opened her eyes but couldn't move. She had a huge open gash that went from her neck all the way to her coccyx and I could see her skeleton. I felt really bad and tried to comfort her as she died in my hands.

      I woke up confused AF

    3. Fleeting feelings

      by , 06-23-2016 at 12:38 AM
      The place I'm in is a mix of a house set by a lake, but there are no enclosed rooms. I'm with my uncle, and he is still mourning my aunt's passing. It's a Friday night. We're talking, and something happens. There's a spark. We have chemistry. We are enjoying what the other person is saying. I'm confused about my feelings, and he is too. I leave, promising to come back on Sunday.

      I tell my girlfriend about it, and she is very supportive. She sets up the meeting on Sunday. She wants us to get together.

      Sunday, I go to him. We lay in bed together. I am overpowered by how sick he smells, how old he is, and that he is my uncle. The chemistry I felt is gone, and there is only revulsion. Still, he strokes my face and kisses me. I try to kiss back, but I can't. The kiss is warm and wet and disgusting to me. I am so embarrassed. He senses it and pulls away. I close my eyes and whisper, "I'm sorry..."

      I leave and sleep on the couch. I wake up in the morning and walk around. I don't know how long I slept, but my uncle is nowhere to be found. I really wanted to explain to him that maybe, people had a short connection and then it disappeared, and it wasn't meant to be pursued. I saw that he had put his laundry in the wash. The television in front of the couch is on, but I don't register what's playing. I am only filled with guilt.

      I walk out of the house to find my girlfriend. She knows it went wrong, and she is angry with me. We are talking on the phone until I find her sitting at the water's edge of a lake. She looks sad and holds a guitar. I try to go to her as the water levels rise and consume her while she plays the guitar. And she doesn't care.

      I wake up from this deep dream and I'm shocked at waking life for a moment, so different from the emotions of moments before.
      Tags: incest, wtf
    4. For want of a nail

      by , 11-15-2015 at 11:39 PM (Here be dragons)
      Fragmented sleep, with very little REM. Only dream remembered was... interesting.

      Had a nail pounded into the... nail of my thumb. With blood spurting and everything. Didn't feel anything, wasn't even scared. Weird.
    5. Lucid fail

      by , 10-03-2015 at 06:28 PM
      Had a lucid dream, Tried to have sex
      but the dream always stopped when I tried
      I did no have many LD's nowadays
      I should start WILD ing again
      Tags: wtf
    6. Wednesday Gym and magician bats, Thursday flying bus, Friday night carnival

      by , 04-25-2015 at 05:20 PM
      I could not recall any dreams from Tuesday night

      Wednesday night I remember being in a huge version of my school gym, and a lot of people were playing basketball. I walked around and I vaguely remember talking to my friend andrew. There were a LOT of people in the gym, though.
      Then I had a dream about these two bats, one was a girl and the other a boy. I can only remember the ending where they become magician bats and there's the stage which is split into the bottom part and a top part. At the bottom left is a tiny doorway the girl comes out and some announcer introduces her as the assistant, then the other bat is at the top as the actual magician. Suddenly I'm in the dream and I'm the magician, and the two bats are now squirrels. I walk up to the top part of the stage (there's stairs) and I'm thinking to myself how I'm going to do this because I know nothing about magic. I wake up

      Thursday I dreamt I was on a flying bus. Just casually flying through above this road. There's actually two roads below us, and a huge median that's a hill. On the other sides is just a forest that goes on for a while. I'm riding on this flying bus just chilling and say to myself "I should reality check just in case". I plug my nose, breathe, it don't work. (WTF come on). Later I somehow get off the flying bus, it's flying away and I'm on the ground. I don't really distress, I just walk down the road and I remember there being some rundown wooden house on the median up the hill and I think the inside was actually pretty nice.

      Friday night I arrived at some carnival with my friend. My former crush was there and she greeted me with an extended hug. The carnival slightly resembled the mullet festival. We were kind of hanging around the ticket booth til we moved on. We accumulated a slightly larger group, but I don't know how. We ended up in some store-looking place. It was white and we were looking at the shelf for something. I thought to myself that I should reality check, which I did, and it failed. Then I woke up to the sound of the friggin blitzkrieg outside my house (thunderstorm).
      Then I went back to sleep when I realized it was saturday morning and had a dream I was driving around with my friend again, it was a pretty damn long dream but I only really remember being parked in a parking lot and talking to this dude Sam from the track team.
    7. 12/08/2014 - "Social Slug"

      by , 12-30-2014 at 03:32 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Social Slug"

      I was swimming in a lake or pond, and I could see a large, unfamiliar creature nearby. I couldn't get a good look, at first, but finally saw that it was a long-face creature that, aside from its exaggerated snout, looked like a big, green manatee with triangular, spinal protrusions on its back. It was very docile and social, swimming around idly and playing with everyone. Overall, it was about the size of a full-grown hippo; large enough to come from beneath someone and toss them in the air, playfull, and into the water. We were all having a great time with it. Over time, though, we could see it becoming more and more 'clingy'. It didn't want to let anyone swim away, or take their attention from it. It would follow as all relentlessly, until we managed to slip away.

      Later, still hanging out in a wooded / park area (it seemed like a campground or something), we did some level of research on this thing; on our phones, I believe, and saw that it was some kind of mutated sea slug or something. We eventually found another, smaller version of the slug. This one was much more lively, and running and from person to person and trying to get everyone to pet it. Then, even more surprisingly, the zippy little slug revealed that it had the ability to speak. I believed the thing to be alien (and I think, at one point, it told me it was, but I'm not sure on that one).

      We played with this little guy for a little while longer, and over the course of this time, the slug continued to talk about him and his kind - about how they grow to be such 'loving' creatures. I said the other slug was more "clingy" than "loving". This little one said that he was much different. And, for a moment, it seemed like he was. But..then it was time to leave.

      He began following us. We would look back and gesture and hint that it was time for us to be parting ways. He was having none of it, and would faithfully follow every step we took, continuing to banter on like our visit had just begun. Once we got to our canoe, though, his entire behavior change. He became manic and aggressive, demanding that was stay and starting to scamper around, enraged. By the time we got about a dozen feet from the dock, the slug shot into the air and then dive-bombed our canoe, bouncing around it like a ricocheting bullet and capsizing it, dumping us into the water.

      Finally, soaking wet and chest deep in this water, I realized that this was all a dream. Instead of swimming, I attempted to levitate myself out of the water, but the dream quickly unraveled, here, and I woke up.
    8. Getting Squashed

      by , 11-12-2014 at 04:16 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      November 09, 2014

      I was walking with Zukin along one of the streets by my house in my hometown. We passed the house of one of my highschool friends. His sister was out in the yard playing with their dog.

      When we got closer to the intersection with my street, we were both squished by a truck. But it was more like being sat on my something big and heavy, but squishy. We almost suffocated, but the driver realized and moved. We threatened to sue him, but he gave us both something to keep us from doing that. I can't remember what it was, and it probably wasn't anything all that great IWL, but to my dreamself it was the best shit ever apparently, because we left happy.

      We got to the intersection of that street with my street, and apparently Zukin was living in the house on that corner. We went inside, except I went inside first, unlocked a door on the second floor (it was a door at the end of a hallway, that opened to what looked like a place where they used to have a balcony, but didn't anymore, or something). Anyways, I unlocked and opened that door, and two people jumped up through that door.

      Zukin had mentioned something about a "ceremony" (she used the hand gestures). I assumed it was going to be drinking, or something, but when we got to her room, she takes out a pink anal vibrator, and was getting ready to use it in front of everyone who was there. My linguaistics professor was one of the people there, for God-Knows-What-Reason. I was basically like "WTF Zukin" and excused myself to get something from my own house. While I was walking up the hill to my house, I was looking at all the trees. There were small, and looked like they were for harvesting something or other. I knew what they were for apparently, and I could tell which ones were ready to be harvested, and which ones still needed growing.

      I went back to that house for an amazing dessert that was planned.
      Tags: home, wtf, zukin
    9. visiting my mom

      by , 01-22-2014 at 04:30 PM
      I got plane tickets to visit my mom for the weekend. so before i leave i rob a bank of about 10 million worth of gold bars. i remember when driving in my ream that the bars were actually weighing down my car. i got back to my hotel where me and my dad were staying and i hid the bars in this dumpster compartment where this gangster was hiding his gold bars. his gold went missing so i gave him one of mine. he later then came to my apartment door and called me out into the hallway explaining that he cant cash the bars in because the police knew they were stolen. he then pulled out a gun and screamed "your going to die mother fucker!" My dad then stepped in with his gun and said there were more in the house.
      The dream then went to a school that i wasnt enrolled in. i was walking around aimlessly. until it was lunch time. this girl asked me to sit down at this long table. the cafeteria wasnt much like a standard cafeteria at all more like a restaurant. so i sit down at this table with this girl and these preppy looking d-bags. The guy across from me criticized me for what i was wearing so i got angry and starting flipping out. I then walked around the table and started to beat the shit out of him, after i was done beating on him i took his pizza and left.
      Tags: robbery, wtf
    10. sea camel

      by , 08-15-2013 at 08:19 PM
      so in my dream i was at this huge river. it was an activity in the land where i was in my dream, an activity that involved riding an animal that seemed to be like a camel under water. i sat on the animal underwater like riding a horse, and the head of the animal popped up. the head looked like a cross between a deer and an ostrich and a camel, and it was the color of a camel. i rode it down a crowded river (there were other ppl riding and in boats and swimming so it was difficult to navigate at times). i finally got to the end where i was to pick up sierra. weirdly enough, i'm not sure i actually saw her in the dream but i know she absolutely loved the sea animal ride that i took her on.

      then i was in this huge frat house. it was a beautiful house like you would see in a magazine with a large backyard and pool, but there were bottles and random crap everywhere bc they had a lot of parties there. there were huge frat guys there that i apparently knew. one of them was wearing sunglasses in the house. throughout the house, there were dudes passed out randomly from partying.

      me and matt and kiely were on the floor in sleeping bags next to the couch where bryn was watching tv. it was some cartoon that was out of this world. it was like 3d and it was a mish-mash of crazy alien-like images set to techno music. kiely was freaking out bc she thought she was a slut bc of some story she told us about her past. apparently she went into the bathroom with some guy and he said you can have your pants on or off. she chose off. i told her she was just freaking out and shes fine. kiely went to the bathroom, and me and matt wanted to cuddle so we rolled next to the couch so bryn couldnt see. i remember pushing back from the couch so that she couldnt hear either. i remember this part vividly- looking up at the couch from the wood floor and pushing as hard as i could to slide us back. we didn't really get to do anything bc the dream switched or i just dont remember....

      i was outside by the pool. there was some huge hammock device. i was told to swing into the hole that the strings created and onto the large tree. i swang like a park swing a bunch of times, back and forth as hard as i could, and i remember yelling things like "i cant do this!! this is so hard!" and laughing.

      dream switched again. mom found my computer and freaked the fuck out bc she searched history and apparently i have something to hide. she was screaming and furious and i felt dread and fear. i grabbed the laptop from her, and then started to gather all my shit from the frat house. i had to babysit sierra and i only had 2 hours to get there. before leaving, i went to some drawer and found a bunch of stickers and things and went through them for about 15 min it felt like in order to find sierra some cute things. i picked out pumpkin halloween, barbie ish, stars, and other stickers. i remember their images completely clearly, each sheet of stickers was as real as anything.

      i got in my car and raced over to the hymans to see them and then pick up sierra from somewhere. it was the second time we were going to go sea animal riding. i went to the hymans residence, but it was a different house but i knew it was them still. they were nice, but for some reason i couldn't remember their last names and they asked me to find their phone number on my phone just in case of an emergency. for the life of me i couldnt remember their last names, or even first names, and i also couldn't navigate my phone bc it was a whole different interface. they were kind of weirded out by my inability to find them in my phone. they eventually called the sea riding off bc of it, and i felt rejected and tried to change their mind. they tried to distract me by showing me some cat that their friend had created from scratch? it wasn't a real cat it was made from a human. i told them i had heard about it. she said that it did a bunch of tricks. it was a creepy black cat like ricky and its fur was all mangled up like a shitty black haired barbie. it was all contorted and freaky looking. hillary told me she wanted him to do a trick with me. i uncomfortably agreed and the cat came towards me.

      idk what happened after that. i did enjoy the sea animal rides and the animal was so cute that i rode with its little head sticking out of the water so cutely.
      Tags: wtf
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. under it all

      by , 04-28-2013 at 01:28 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm pulling bugs out of my ears, and eventually I'm digging under my skin, and peeling it off. I remember feeling the muscles underneath.
      Tags: wtf
    12. Aliens

      by , 03-30-2013 at 06:13 AM
      So, been a really long time since I last posted here. I think a year in a couple days.

      So over the past year, my dreams have been about flying, murder basements, stairwells that never seemed to end, northern lights, empty pirate ships, space explosions, aliens, drowning in water, teeth falling out, sewers, and more teeth falling out. Of course, half of those are from stress and such. But the alien ones keep getting worse.

      The alien dreams all start out the same way. I stand up and look over the mini lake behind my backyard and in the distance, I see little northern lights in the sky. The colours range anywhere from bright greens to blues and reds. In these lights, there's always these small circular lights; one is red, one is blue, other one is yellow, and a big one in the middle is white. They're all laid out like this:

      As these lights get closer and closer, I realize it's aliens so I get everyone in the house to come together and we get everything we need to run or hide. So we get blankets, jackets, sweaters, whatever food we can take with us, water, bandaids, shit, etc... and then our home gets ripped apart.

      That's the intro that always happens. Now there are only three dreams I can somewhat remember but there have been a couple more. In the first one, there was a large circular ball of broken glass shards spinning in front of my house. These alien creatures were guarding and and checking around the front door of my house, breaking the windows, etc. I was stupid enough to walk to the front door and something these guys had paralyzed me and my body turned in something like this:
      But on the ground - lol at mammoth. That's where it ended.

      Second one I remember's super simple. We just got in the car and left but I was driving and no one was listening to me when I knew what to do and where to go. Next day, I had actually planned out on what to do if something like this happened in "real" life.

      In this last one, I picked up my family and we flew up into some ship but I fell down and was about to get eated by these alien doods but my bro had superman powers and got me (fuckinweirdshietm8)

      My dreams are ridiculous but because they all have the same intro, I'm a little wtf'd and wondering what the reason behind it might be.

      Oh, and I also dreamt about flying rocks and nets and weird but gorgeous places sometime this past year.
    13. Orc Vampire

      by , 03-28-2013 at 08:41 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Okay, there's a band playing, and I jump in on bass and finish the rest of the song with the guy on lead. After we're done, he daps me up and hands me his pick. We head elsewhere, where it looks like we're in Halloween Town. Children are sleeping in beds, and the guitar guy goes up to one, pulls out a key, and she starts hovering. All of a sudden her chest opens up, and a heart comes out of it. He ate it and became more powerful. I was pretty sure that the girl was evil anyway, so I did the same thing. My skin turned green, and some vampire dude came at me, and I did the same thing to him. I looked in the mirror, and saw that I was a huge orc with vampire fangs. Someone screamed out that people were out of of control so I headed out to see what was going on.

      When I got to the room, everyone was running away from Kevin Heart..apparently he got the powers from hearts too. I rushed at him, grabbed him, and jumped through the ceiling with him, and smashed back down through the roof into the hard wood floor. Then I got him in a choke hold, and his body just faded away....I really wanted to fight something else but the dream was over.
    14. white rabbit

      by , 03-27-2013 at 05:10 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Um...decent transition minus the fact that I'm wrestling with the demon HI that I was experiencing while trying to wild. I choked it out, walked out side and threw it across the street. And lost complete lucidity. I get back to the house, and notice trees have been moved, everything seems a bit out of place, but it doesn't trigger lucidity. I go into my room, and there's a girl who's been changed into a horse. I guess I have to take care of her or something. Finally she starts talking to me...recall is spotty so I don't know what we talked about....and then there's a transition.

      There's a cartoon about how this couple on a hot air balloon had to eat food, and the only thing the guy supplied was alcohol. Then it switches to them driving around every where in this snowy place drunk. Everyone is singing, and everyone else is drunk. Now I'm on a bus (and things look real again) and this girl starts singing:


      I joined in and she was smiling, everyone on the bus started singing. Some of the words were off, and someone said there are different versions of the song. Later on I'm at a club, and this girl I'm with is buying me drinks. She's one of those "obviously gay...has to dress more like a guy than me" types. Cat Williams was there, along with some other stars. We stayed there till it closed, and the scene faded.

      I woke up at D's house. B was there, and I think um....I can't even think of this chicks name....small petite, Puerto Rican....had her phone number, but just didn't get anywhere with her. Anyways, I spent a little time talking to both of them about last night, and how many drinks we had.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Mother and daughter action

      by , 03-11-2013 at 09:08 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm walking down the street with D pushing a grocery cart that has a baby in it. This drunk guy some up mumbling stuff and some people throw something at him. Some lady yelled at the kids and said the guy had leukemia. I told them if they would have hit my daughter I would have came after them. I looked again and noticed that wasn't my daughter. It looked like a brown version of Stitch.

      D said it was his kid and he was going to marry the mother and get a house. Well from that point on I knew I was dreaming but I wasn't super aware. I went into the building and there were people watching tv and whatnot, and this one older lady probably in her 40s.

      I stated making out with her. Her husband showed up, got mad and they left. And then her daughter came up to me and said she wanted to make her mother jealous. So we started going at it. Her mother comes back and ignores the situation, so the daughter decides to take it up to the next level. We head to the back of the room and she positions this chair under a desk and some kinda way wants us to have sex there. I didn't understand it Sh turned on a radio and some horrible song came on and her friend came over and they started eating snacks.
      Tags: dild, foreplay, wtf
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