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    1. Return from the Dead

      by , 09-25-2017 at 02:17 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I really want to get back into actively practicing lucid dreaming. I miss being on here and discussing dreams with you people! What follows are a few of the most interesting dreams I've had lately.

      Lonliness (Non-lucid)


      Something has occurred that causes Cheyenne and Jake to forget about me. It's something like a spell or an alternate timeline where we never met and became friends. All I really recall is a rainy night, incomprehensible lonliness, and finally speaking to Cheyenne again even though she does not remember me.

      Foolishness (DILD)


      Note: This was basically expected. I took one 4mg tablet of Galantamine before bed and another during WBTB at 3 am. That is always a recipe for intense sleep paralysis, which was my goal. I'm trying to use it as a gateway for astral projection, or at least a good lucid.

      I'm lucid, walking down the street where I grew up at night. Still affected by my previous dream, I summon Cheyenne to keep me company. I call out her name--- my usual method of summoning. A voice calls back from the darkness, but it's distorted and wrong. "YOU'RE not Cheyenne," I accuse the voice.

      "Yes I am." The voice is normal now. Cheyenne approaches me from a dark path out of the trees by the edge of the road. Foolishly, I assume the original distortion must have been an effect of the sound bouncing off the almost tunnel like grove of trees. I am too desperate for companionship after my previous dream to question it further. I figure, this is a dream, so it's not REALLY her anyway.

      Cheyenne walks with me back to my childhood home, where I lay down on a hammock around the side of the house. I am laying with my back to her, but it seems for a moment as though she has disappeared, much to my disappointment. If only that were the case...

      Because suddenly I hear a demonic voice shriek from behind me, "FOOLED YOU!!!!" as a creature latches onto my back, cackling madly, its arm coming around to dig its long claws painfully into my chest. It falls with me into the dark void of sleep paralysis, mocking me with its shrill, shrieking laughter all the while.

      My first thought is that I definitely had this coming to me. Despite my fear and pain, I remember telling myself NOT to try to wake up if I have SP tonight. I hold out for as long as I can, but eventually I give in to the fear and force myself awake.

      Final Destination (Non-lucid)


      The early part of the dream is a bit vague. I'm helping someone with computer stuff. There's also a girl I like with pretty blonde hair.

      It's as I'm leaving this place that things start to go downhill. My boss has gotten himself mixed up in some Deep Web murder club with an invamous serial killer/hacker named "Sabine." He's going to one of their meetings right now (apparently they meet in a physical place?) and I make the mistake of walking with him to his truck, which is parked outside the convention hall. He asks if I want to come with him and I almost do, but change my mind.

      Unfortunately, during this brief span of time, I've drawn the interest of Sabine. I have the option to join or die, and I refuse to do either. But Sabine is seemingly everywhere, with eyes in all forms of technology. I have no idea how to stay constantly vigilant agains a club of murderers who are determined to stalk and kill me. There is also a paranormal aspect to what is happening, but I fear the Murder Club humans much more.

      There is a person I'm trying to protect who is also being targeted. I think it's the pretty blonde girl from before. I remember holding her hand, and we might have kissed. Can't really remember this part too clearly. She is involved with the paranormal part of this--- she is a Star who has fallen to earth and needs to find her way home. She is missing a lot of her memory, though. In turn, I have "memories" of these events happening before, in alternate timelines.

      I have a conversation with who I think is one of the murderers about what's going on as he mocks me and prepares to kill me. I realize that he's not actually one of the human members of the club; instead, he is a Reaper. I laugh at him, saying I'm not afraid to die at the hands of a Reaper and that he can just go ahead and kill me. He swings his scythe at me mut it hits an invisible barrier. I laugh again. "Looks like you can't do it." I know I am protected against the likes of him, because I know how to use my spiritual energy to defend myself. He wonders out loud what could have caused this. To throw him off his game, I say something about "the Frenchman," apparently referring to the fallen angel Asher.
      (Asher was a character of mine back in high school. An annoying French angel. In the dream, however, we knew each other from one of the alternate timelines.)

      I end up in a bar with my Star friend. Asher bursts in the door, but he looks different than how I remember him. His famous blonde hair is dyed black. He also does not yet remember me from the other timelines, but I know that he will.

      I'm now with Asher outside my current residence. Evil vines come from the woods and try to strangle him, but I set them on fire. They scream like banshees as they burn.
    2. Interstellar: The Moon Cult

      by , 03-20-2017 at 10:56 PM
      16 March 2017

      The overseers had made a mistake. Leaving a bunch of inexperienced and overzealous 20 somethings alone in a room full of expensive space equipment was quite possibly the most dangerous thing that they could have done. Even more so since one of them had left one of the starships up and running. I don't remember what we were doing there nor do I have a clear idea as to whom exactly I was with I just remember that we were all young, we were all foolish, and that starship was calling out to us; daring us to try and resist temptation. Of course, we didn't resist. How could we? We entered into the ship, took our seats and, in no time at all, we were airborne. What happens next is rather fuzzy. I remember us being in space and flying past planets but I do not remember which ones nor do I remember who was flying. We eventually made it to a planet that was orbiting a star other than our own. I remember the planet was gray and covered in ridges. In spite of its appearance, we found that not only was it capable of sustaining life but it was inhabited but sapient beings. This was according to our readings. Obviously, we were curious and so, like the eager fools we were, we set a course to land on the planet without calling down to ask permission to land, without letting the locals know we were there, and without considering the consequences.

      We crash landed on the surface and realized something strange about the planet. The entire surface appeared to be made of metal. All of those ridges that we saw from above were deeper and more numerous than we realized. Also, they weren't just ridges, they were valleys and crevasses that were lined with houses, pipes, and wires. As a matter of fact, no one seemed to reside outside of these valleys. While there was air on the planet, there was no blue sky. There was no sky at all! As we explored, we began to realize that this was not a real planet. It was an artificial planet that had been built to sustain life. We eventually came to a radial valley in the center of which was a huge cylindrical tower that seemed to be home to several apartment residents. One of them met us and warned us to hide lest they find us. We didn't know what he was talking about but we went ahead and heeded his warning. I do not remember exactly what happened thereafter but I do have vague recollections of hiding from the guards, whom I noticed were dressed like skull kids from The Legend of Zelda**. I remember seeing our ship hidden within the cylindrical tower. Apparently, the residents had somehow managed to hide it in there. I remember it looking really beaten up from the crash and wondering how we were going to got off this planet.

      In time we learned about the planet's origin. The residents were human and were the descendants of pilgrims who had left earth to build this planet. We also learned that this planet was essentially home to one huge cult that worshiped the moon (I'm not sure which moon). At first, everyone there believed in the teachings of the cult but now the current leader was corrupted and the whole place was under the control of an oppressive regime. If they were to find us, we would be forced to join their cult and live here until the day we died. Obviously, we did not want this. The residents agreed to help us escape and go home.

      Over time we came to make friends with a young resident named 'Morty.' I don't remember much about him, I just remember that I really liked him, everyone did. One day, Morty mouthed off to one of the guards and he was killed. I remember how angry and sad everyone felt. Morty's death was a tragedy that stuck with us throughout the duration of our time on that planet. It was also enough to strike fear back into the hearts of the citizens as it reminded everyone what the regime was capable of.

      Finally, the time came for us to make our escape, the ship was fixed and we were ready to go back home. We were only hundreds of feet off the surface when we began to think about the people down below. We began to think about the friends we had made and about how they were trapped. But, most importantly, we began to think about Morty and what he had died for. He died doing what everyone wished they could do. He died standing up to the regime. We realized that it would be wrong to leave these people behind. We knew that the leader of the planetary cult would be at the tower that day. We turned around went back down and started shooting! We exited the ship, guns blazing, shouting, "Revenge for Morty! Revenge for Morty!" Everyone was emboldened by our display of rebellion and pretty soon, all of the residents began chanting along with us "Revenge for Morty! Revenge for Morty!" It was an all-out battle between us and the cult guards. Unfortunately, it was a battle that we lost. We were all captured and brought before the cult leader. He promised to allow us to live and "let" us join his "glorious movement." They were about to begin a ceremony that would welcome us into their cult and assure that we stay there forever. I couldn't take it anymore. I was absolutely fuming. Morty was dead, these people would remain under the thumb of the regime and now we were trapped there with them. Without thinking, I went and attacked the cult leader only to be inevitably stopped by the guards. The leader seemed amused by my feeble attempt and went on to boast about how glorious his planet was and about how it would prosper under the movement.

      I awoke in my bed, the cult leader's voice still echoing in the background. I could still hear him as though he were right there with me in my bedroom. Boasting about the glory of his broken cause.

      **The previous weekend I had been at an anime convention where I came across several skull kid cosplayers.
    3. Corruption of Thrones

      by , 03-19-2017 at 12:36 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm in the world of Game of Thrones. I'm a young girl with very long blonde hair. I follow Ned Stark. We are on an island and some weird cult is giving us a tour. There's a place of worship, some sort of crypt. We are not allowed to go underground into the crypt, since their goddess is buried there. We pray outside, or the cult people do. The group moves on, but I stay behind with Ned. Ned takes his sword and hits a small effigy. It violently bursts into flames when Ned's greatsword, Ice, strikes it. This confirms Ned's fears. His sword burns the unholy and corrupt. Ned gently touches the banners of the cult that are on the side of the path. They burn away too.

      We join the other group at a large building. We are led into a building. I'm starting to panic a bit. We have to get out of there somehow, and fast. The building is full of guards and we are ordered to strip and go into cages. I can barely fit into the cage. I feel extremely uncomfortable and I know I'm walking to my death, but there doesn't seem to be any way out at the moment.

      Scene changes. I'm in a city that reminds me of Aladdin. The cult's guards ambush me and my friends. They are massive dark blue constructs. Their entire bodies are metal, puppets of some necromancer maybe? They spin incredibly fast and hit us with their bodies. I barely avoid their attacks. My friends have no way to fight. A sword breaks against their armor. I want to fight and alter the dream to make it possible. Armor appears around me. I make it durable, but elastic so it can absorb hits from these guards. Small spikes appear on the armor. I think about the power fist in Fallout games and give my armor similar gas powered punches. Time to fight. I throw a punch and the armor works. It protects me, but the spinning construct doesn't seem hurt. More guards show up. These are just normal men, but they have lightning spears. I don't have time to adapt and they take me down.

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    4. [10-04-2016]

      by , 04-10-2016 at 11:39 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was sitting in a green coloured bus. It had only three seats for passengers. It was courising around the city, taking random passengers - only I stayed inside all the time. Once it took a fat and a bit ugly girl wearing dark blue hoodie and jeans trousers from a station. We were driving in silence, until I said "So... It's a nice bus." She replied "Yeah, it's quite good."

      Second dream

      I was a disembodied spectator. I've seen a dude enter his car and drive. On the crossroad he saw two pretty girls in their sports car and decided to follow them and get a date with one. They drove on. The road was surrounded by grassy hills with trees growing sparsely. There was a small, abandoned village nearby. They were speeding up greatly, suddenly they hit each other and I got into body of that dude. Seatbelts were too weak and I flewn out of the car - first hitting the front window with my head, then hitting the ground and skidding down.

      Somehow I survived and got closed in a cage by a strange cult that was just searching for sacrifices for their dark god. In another cage there was a strange cat-like creature. It's tail was ended with a mace. In another cage there was a raven-like monster with spruce alike needles protruding out of it's feathers.

      Suddenly I found myself in my house, in my own body. There was a long desk that took half of the kitchen's space. There was one computer with old RCT screen. I tried to write my DJ post, but for some reason strange words only appeared. There was one of my classmates sitting nearby. He asked if I'd want to summon someone. I tried, but for some reason it didn't worked.

      I decided to leave posting DJ entry for my classmate and entered a club. As soon as she saw me, a tall, long haired blonde woman wearing a white jacket, black blouse and black trousers decided to hit up with me. For some reason I couldn't see her face. We danced for a while - at first I was dancing badly, but after a while I did pretty good. Dancing with her was really turning me on, everything went black and I appeared in the middle of a street in my home town.
    5. 121215: Jumping Around the Suburbs, Getting Institutionalized, Infiltrate a Cult

      by , 12-12-2015 at 12:24 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a suburban area near my place, it's dusk and the summer. I'm lost and don't know where I am. I make it to the edge of a sports field. I'm balancing on large wooden planks, like bleachers or a workout stand. I jump to a table across from me, it's a massive pounce that surprises me. I make it to the wooden table. Jumping off of the wooden table I feel my left hip is stuck, I try to work it with my hands, did I hurt myself? I try to move it and it feels more and more uncomfortable. When I start to feel panic I wake up and see my hip was in a weird position.

      I enter a place that looks like a small daycare center by a play park. It's a mental institution and there are some people with clear problems there. I walk around and bump into a young student adviser from school. She says that I'm going to be institutionalized for a week. She says she'll pay for it with her insurance and this makes me feel grateful but this surprises me anyway and I'm a little upset. Why? She says I should know that this is for my own good and I know in my heart why I should be observed for a week. I shrug and agree with her. It does make sense. (Did I have a tearful breakdown before?) As I get hunched in a corner of a room and get comfortable my mom comes in. Is she being institutionalized as well? I talk to her and it seems that she is visiting me. The young student adviser teases me, is my mommy visiting me in the mental hospital? I feel a bit embarrassed but the sting goes away fast, she was just teasing in a friendly way. I get out after only a day (?) and leave. I'm in the center of a small town, walking around a large building in early afternoon sunlight.

      In my dream, I try to remember my dreams during the night (!) and draw a little man holding something. The thing is important.

      I'm learning how to use a new computerized milling machine that works with DOS. There is a lot of different icons to look at. I try to think of something nice to make and a teacher says that I should make a blade for a turning machine. This confuses me but I like the challenge. I work and mill a long piece of square metal with another guy. In the hallway outside, it is a grey day outside. The walls are white and square. I talk to an older guy. We are going to infiltrate a cult. I say I'd be good at it, I've seen a lot of spiritual circles and know how they work. I talk quite a bit and worry I'm annoying the guy. I go to a desk that has two bowls of fruit. I take an apple and start eating it as I wait for the guy. He appears and sounds angry. Was I allowed to take an apple? He then says people are allowed to take fruit, just take the ones on the bottom first since they are older. I feel relief.
    6. New Mommy and Cult-ish Next Level

      by , 04-27-2015 at 04:21 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 25, 2015

      My New Mommy
      I was in class with the kids but we were in this weird room. I sat in the corner with my computer, and I greeted the kids as they came in because the door was right in my corner. I remember that the room was made with light wooden floors and walls, and was very open to the outside; there were big windows. We all had on headphones with microphones that were all connected, so all we could hear was each other. I was checking kids' papers (we did research papers) and sources. M and T had the same source for their paper about women's suffrage. I walked around a little more and then sat down and turned on my headphones. K said "if i loose my mom and I'm all tragic will you be my new mommy Ms. Kestrel?" And I pretended I didn't hear it, because I wasn't sure what an appropriate response would be...

      I was with K, T and M later at recess or something and we walked around the back of the school. There were interesting stairs and weird structures so I climbed the stairs and came to a pretty hill overlooking an orchard of sorts with some forested areas surrounding it. It was sunset and very pretty. It reminded me a lot of the space Zukin and I found in Germany while biking one day.

      The Next Level Cult

      I was in some kind of survival game, or a spiritual/intuition test. A bunch of people were let into a big room with about 7 holes in the ceiling and ladders hanging down from them. We had to pick one of the ladders to go through. N (one of my students) was there but I don think I recognized anyone else. He was trying to reach one of the ladders but couldn't because he was too small. I lifted him up to it and then went to a spot where two ladders were in the far left corner. Almost everyone was choosing the ladder that had a platform to reach it, but something drew me to the other one. It wasn't a lot harder to get to or anything, so I didn't know why everyone was going up the other one. I had to fenangle just a little bit to reach it, and climbed up...

      I came up into another room with a really tall ceiling. There was also some ledges. It was as if the room before had a huge box over it, if that makes sense. There was a very short (maybe a foot tall) fence down the middle of the room, which was made of spaghetti, or something else that wasn't all that strong. There were about 15-20 people on my side and lots of people on the other side. There was a voice through a speaker somewhere. It told us that anyone who tried to cross the fence in the middle would be thrown off the edge, into something deadly... The voice also told everyone on the other side of the room to go back home. Then the guy in charge of this event came up the ladder on our side, and greeted us as people who had good intuition. The ladder test was to weed out the people whose intuition wasn't good enough for the following tests and trials.

      We all sat in a circle and he explained the point of this all to us. He said we would be feasting tonight... he was sitting between me and a guy I had met and been chatting to, and he seemed to be favoring us, like talking mostly to us, or at least looking at us more. Anyway, he said we'd be feasting and then looked right at me, ran his hand down my back to my waist. "Feasting," he repeated and I was just like "No." Very firmly.

      He seemed put off but in a good way, as if I had impressed him, and moved to the girl sitting next to me and said "feasting?" She said hesitantly no. He tried a few more girls and then said something about us "not liking vampires too, I guess." I rolled my eyes and we were all thinking, ugh, Twilight. The Master said, "well, I mean, I read the first books." I had to confess that I had as well in high school. Then he talked about Bella birthing Renesme and this is where it got even weirder... He got on the floor and spread his legs, pretending to be giving birth, scooting around on the floor on his butt and making weird faces. "You'd pay to see that, right?!" We were all a little disconcerted. "Right?!" He was a little crazed here, and then he zeroed in on me again which made me feel super uncomfortable. It was as if he was targeting me more now, and planned to get me pregnant, then keep everyone here for 9 months to watch me have his baby... That or like he knew I was already pregnant or something. I was starting to think this guy was an insane creep... But this test was somehow important to complete.

      We moved on to a new conversation though I can't remember the topic. I know that we broke off to do a series of tests but that whenever the Master stood up and held out his hands we were to create a linked circle. It got more and more cultish. Eventually we ended up at my house; we were competing in my driveway. One of us had a little chocolate-ish blob and the other was supposed to try to squish it. I was partnered with H (one of my students) who had just appeared there. H's blob started going down the driveway hill and I was able to pretty easily squish it, so I won and started up the driveway again. It had been all nice and warm and spring-like, but once I got to the top of the driveway, in front of the garage, there was snow on the ground. I was walking through it barefoot (we were all wearing barely anything by now; short shorts and tank tops with hair pulled up) and then the Master threw snow at me and it got in my left ear. He started throwing snow at all of us, and we weren't quite sure what to do about it. None of us were sure whether this guy was a mad creep or a genius.

      I went into the porch but noticed a circle gathering in the garage, so I dropped my stuff and went to join the circle. We were all standing. The Master was standing opposite me and said, "everyone sit down." But even though i heard him clearly, at the same time there was a crystal clear, loud, strong voice in my left ear that said "Don't. Move." So I stayed standing. 3 or 4 other people stayed standing and the rest were sitting. All the sitting people closed their eyes and seemed to be asleep. The Master looked at each of us (one of them was the guy I met at the beginning and had a slight crush on) and was about to give further instructions (I knew now that I had passed some sort of spiritual or other-worldly test... I had been chosen, but I don't know what for) but I woke up.

      It's strange, because I think I was in and out of waking throughout this whole dream. Like, I knew I was awake in bed even as I was in the dream. Two places at once, almost. It was strange.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Dirt Bike at Night

      by , 01-15-2015 at 02:31 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      With my friend's car, I drive around town. He needs it back soon, so I get on a motorcycle and start going really fast. It's awesome. I'm mostly looking for a pawn shop so I can get a guitar for cheap, but don't see any. I end up riding the whole night and as the sun comes up, I find my mom at the University welcome center. She's trying to get me to live on campus a year before I start taking classes. I explain that housing is way cheaper off campus, and ride up the hill through lots of tents as she follows me. Apparently there is a big cult that has set up camp at the university, and they're kind of threatening. All dressed in the Sam white clothing, and full of pride, they all stare at me blankly as I ride along their camp. I pass them quickly but reach a dead end. Not for me. I dive and slide under a barbed wire fence to freedom! I see a road in the distance and make my way back to the relative safety of society.

      Riding that dirt bike really stood out as a main part. Throwing it around, taking really sharp turns, power sliding all over, just an amazingly fun time.
    8. 10-25-14 Wes Anderson cultists

      by , 10-25-2014 at 10:24 PM
      There was a satanic cult that operated in a small rural community close to where I live. Their order of ceremonies insisted that at each service the members of the society must watch Wes Anderson's film "Fantastic Mr. Fox". It was a requirement. Not a single service went by without a screening of it. I remember thinking to myself, "This should make some awesome trivia on the movie's page on IMDb. Those cultists must know that movie inside and out! I wonder why it's so important to them."

      This blond-haired boy gymnast was hanging upside down by his feet in a gym. He was wearing some tight-fitting athletic garb that looked sort of like a speedo. Then this girl came up to him and started kissing him. She also kissed him in some of his more private places. It was embarrassing.

      Then I was sitting in possibly the coolest room I've ever been in in a dream. It had an extremely low ceiling, so that I had to bend over even when I was sitting cross legged on the floor. Everything was made of wood and painted black. The only light came from the ceiling which was covered in these glowing, multicolored geometric designs. They looked sort of like Indian henna art, and it covered the whole ceiling and sort of swirled around.

      Then that same girl that had kissed the blond boy came in through a trap door in the floor. She sort of started flirting with me. She mentioned that sweethearts like to lie on their backs together and watch the ceiling as the designs swirled around. She also mentioned several times that she just wanted to "eat me up".

      I was driving down a busy interstate at about 80 mph very late at night. I was going around a big turn in the road. I was passing people right and left, so I was having to swerve a lot. Nobody's tail lights seemed to be working, so I just had to guess at where they were. It was freaky.

      My family and I were shopping at Walmart. My mom forbade me to ever use DreamViews again. I protested that it helped me in learning how to lucid dream and I had a dream journal there. But she forbade it. So I left a notice on the site that I wouldn't be posting anymore, and deleted my account.

      Hagrid from Harry Potter was standing by what looked like a laundry or garbage shoot. He shouted, "All aboard for Hogwarts!" Then Professor McGonagall appeared carrying about five little kids in her arms. They all yelled in delight, "Yaaay!! YaaaaY!!! We're all going to HOGWARTS!!!" Then she shoved them down the shoot. She started laughing and said, "oh, they're so cute! Bless them! They wanted to go to Hogwarts, and we sent them there!"
    9. School Kids // Clumsy Kestrel

      by , 07-26-2014 at 10:11 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 26, 2014

      School Kids

      I was with some of my oldest school friends, and we had decided to watch a video one of our parents had taken on our first day of first grade. We hunkered down and started watching: there we all were, lined up in front of our first grade teacher's door... We all turned and waved at the camera, we were all smiling. I pointed at S and said, "look there you are! You were so cute, what happened?!"

      He laughed and pointed at two of our other friends, naming them. I looked more carefully, and noticed that two of my oldest friends... weren't there. Instead, there were two people I didn't recognize. But they were with me watching the movie. "Where's R? And M?" I asked.

      The others looked at me like, "who?" and I shook my head, dismissing my confusion as one of my usual misrememberings. I must not have met them until 2nd grade.

      The next time I looked at the screen, it froze, and the next thing I knew, I was in that 1st grade line. Time was stopped for a moment, but started again, and all us children kept giggling and smiling. The two people I didn't know were talking in S and K, and I leaned over in the line to look for M and R. I didn't see them, but there was a little boy who caught my eye: He was wearing a suit of iron- or rock. I couldn't tell. It was some kind of heavy, strong stuff. He smiled at me and called me over by name. I assumed he was just a friend I had long since forgotten about (and in truth, I was starting to forget about having been watching the movie years later as I walked over to him).

      "Kestrel, stay behind me, okay?" And he turned around, and I looked over his shoulder to see a group of children from a different school. They had devices of some sort, and I watched one of them lift a device and point it at my classmates and me. The boy in front of me lifted his arms and stood as a shield for me. I saw a bright flash and then wind and dust and debris flew past me. There was some kind of battle going on between my classmates and those other kids. The others were from a school nearby where they learned demonic cult magic.

      They attacked for about five minutes, but because the boy in armor was there as my shield, I wasn't harmed at all. When the other kids left with lots of smack talk, he turned to me and smiled cheerfully. He then turned away and walked toward that other school.

      The world froze again and started to blur. The boy was moving slightly, but everything faded, and a new scene appeared. I was at a new school. I had been transferred to the demonic cult school for some reason. It was all one large classroom in a cabin-like building. I set up a camera in the back corner because I was supposed to record my first day. I was terrified because of that attack, but I was also fairly oblivious about almost everything. I got into the classroom, and the teacher directed me to a seat in the back. I noticed with a start that the boy from before was sitting next to me. He smiled at me cheerfully as I sat down in my seat. To my left, there was a scary-looking boy. He was large and scowled at me; I recognized him from the attack. He kept messing with me, but the boy to my right threatened that if he kept messing with me, he would die a horrible death.

      I don't remember much about what we were learning, but there was a presentation by one of the students. It was disproving something I had seen in school the day before, back at my real school. He stated that Jesus was fake and therefore Peace and Love were also not real. It was a depressing and scary presentation, and I wondered why I was at this school. The boy to my right turned to me and asked me if I wanted to get away from this place with him. I nodded and during break, we escaped. He led me to a door around the back of the school, and when I went through it, I saw a scene where someone was skiing down a mountain on someone else. So, instead of skis, he was skiing on a person. The skier said, "Don't worry, we're almost there!" Then I woke up.

      (I didn't realize it until I woke up, but the boy was the Face, again. He was a kid so I didn't recognize him in my dream, but when I woke up I realized the metal/rock suit was the same one he wore in the very first dream with him in it)

      Clumsy Kestrel

      I was with a group of my older classmates again, and we were sneaking into a large building at night. We were spying on some people who were having a meeting in the building. We were all leaning over a ledge, and I fell over it into the room with the people in it. Luckily, they didn't see or hear me, so one of my group members had to go and get me.

      I woke up slightly, and when I fell back asleep, I dreamt that I was watching myself fall over the ledge. I may have even dreamed that I pushed myself.
    10. July 18-19 2014 (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-18-2014 at 11:43 PM
      I think I only had one whole sleep last night, when I woke up I almost forgot my dream but then I suddenly remembered it (thank god).

      The first thing I can remember was being in this enclosure type cage with some kind of dog and I was tired of "staying behind these walls and want to go to the outside world" (Attack on Titan reference?). I soon climbed over the cage fence and escaped.

      The next thing I remember was I was at some beach and there were heaps of masked people sort of lined up like this:

      Do u realy take the time to read others ppls dream journal?-61610-004-9fe5df71.jpg

      and they'd claimed the land and it was forbidden to go enter if you weren't apart of their cult. So I tried evading them by going a bit to the side where there was one and I thought maybe I could sneak past. As soon as I set foot on the sand, I was detected and I was attacked with bows and arrows, swords, so I flew up and got out of there.

      Next I was in some kind of hall with one of my friends and we were looking after kids that all acted like dogs. Then at some point I was shopping in a supermarket and soon after that I was in my school. Another one of my friends (she was in a previous dream "AVATAR - With Koalas?" and called her Jodie for the sake of the story) came back from her holiday from Africa and we introduced her to the new guy at our school, who we'll call Ethan and next thing you know, Jodie swears (brief history: She's really sensitive to swearing, hence why this was such a shock to me in the dream, I should've realized I was dreaming at this point because it was so unlikely aha).

      I don't remember what happened after that and I woke up
    11. Class psychos

      by , 04-13-2014 at 03:00 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      I make my classroom dark, and when the time comes to go outside, I know my eyes will hurt so much. I get on the bus to go home, and somebody gets ambushed with an explosion. It looked like the spiny shell explosions, if anybody has played mk before. And then I realize they want to hit me with one. No, I didn't think about being blinded from the blast. Cut and I am in some sort of fine building. I leave, because everyone here is in one of the dumbest cults ever.

      I run down the hall, if they wanted to chase me, which they did. I take a long route around the school I somehow entered while people talk about how they are all media characters and breaking the fourth wall, unlike myself when they straight out told me this wan't real., hm. So that's what being a video game character is like Anyways making for the exit, I come across my sister who believes the dumb gang. As I say "I'm not putting up with that", I leave. My sister screams in horror. I swear I heard her voice from thirty seconds of walking away begiing me to reconsider. She really thought I was committing suicide by not joining. Even my friends at least respect my decision and have hope. Oh, and my name was Rick Ash;ey for some reaon, either that or ryan.
    12. Worst Family Reunion Ever

      by , 11-15-2013 at 03:02 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Worst Family Reunion Ever (Non-lucid)


      It it snowing, and there is word that the largest blizzard ever is about to pass through our area. My dad and I rush out to get groceries. Unfortunately, he passes the grocery store and says he has to get his car washed first. I figure we should get food as quickly as possible and get off the road before things get even worse, but I hold my tongue.

      Along the way, we meet up with some old family friends (who don't exist IRL). One of them is telling me that her daughter is dying to hang out with me, even though we've only met one time many years ago. Somehow, my deceased Aunt Linda is with this group. She is smoking in a very ostentatious manner, blowing the smoke in my face as she talks. She accuses me of thinking that she is some kind of hobo.

      My dad and I leave, but instead of going to the grocery store, he ends up in some kind of insane work-out cult. He tells me to wait for him while he exercises with the trainer. I wait for an extremely long time until he finally comes back outside. He now looks like a freakish body-builder, and has shaved his hair except for a big greasy mohawk. He tells me that he has to continue working out here and that I need to wait for him. I get really mad and tell him that I'm leaving. He refuses to give me the keys to the car, so I decide to walk.

      For some reason, I decide to walk to my grandmother's house instead of my own. Big mistake. My Aunt Linda is there, along with one of my cousins and several rough-looking partying types. They're all drinking, and there seems to be a small orgy beginning. Completely disgusted, I decide to sneak around to the other side of the house so they won't notice me. I fly over their heads ((I'm not lucid, but I know about my dream powers somehow)) but Aunt Linda notices me. She says my dad has called with instructions to keep me here. They lock me in the house.

      A boy who lives nearby has seen my plight and is waiting in the house for me. He's supposed to be working with my captors, but he likes me and wants to help set me free. We both jump through a window and he keeps them away from me before joining me in the grand escape. We make it to my house, where I give him a huge hug for helping me. It is a really nice, warm hug--- better than any I've experienced IRL. Unfortunately, my feelings for him are only platonic while he seems to have fallen in love with me.
      Tags: cult, escape
    13. Dillon The Weird

      by , 03-07-2013 at 03:52 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Dillon the Weird (DILD)


      I am in a dark room that isn't entirely part of our normal dimension. A few other people are there with me, including a creepy kid named Dillon who I've apparently had some issues with in the past.

      I am leafing through a small notebook that I've stolen from Dillion. He is trying to take it back from me, so I'm distracted as I am both holding him back and reading the notebook. There is a strange globular thing on one of the pages that is similar to a small heart. I squeeze the little heart a few times to see if anything happens. At the bottom of the page, red writing appears that says "5 New Deaths."

      Dillon laughs at me. "You just killed five people!" he says.

      "What!?" I shriek. Another person in the room explains to me that this is Dillon's notebook of death. I decide to keep it away from him so that he can't kill anymore people with it.

      Later, I am back in the normal plane of existence, walking through a parking lot with my dad. I suddenly get the feeling that Dillon is nearby. "Better be on the look out," I tell my dad. "This creepy kid is going to try to attack me."

      I pull the notebook from my back pocket and try to put it in my jacket pocket. It gets caught on the material, though, and Dillon shows up just as I'm struggling with it. "Give me back my notebook!" he yells at me, lunging forward.

      My dad grabs him and begins shaking him violently around. Dillon goes invisible and manages to run off.

      "You should send more of your dream characters after me!" my dad laughs. "I'll kick their asses, no problem."

      I think that he wouldn't be so cocky if he ran into my dream guide. It would take a lot more than shaking him about to defeat *him.*

      Random lucid moment behind me, I continue into the store. I'm supposed to be looking for specific items that represent certain people that I know who are part of some kind of creepy cult conspiracy. On the highest shelf in the store, I see some My Little Pony cloaks (of all things.) I know that this is the item that is supposed to represent Bryan, leader of the cult and a hugy brony.

      I gracefully jump onto the shelf and sit there, examining the cloaks. Though I wouldn't call myself a brony, I have watched MLP as a kind of guilty pleasure. I absentmindedly sing the theme as I'm looking at the cloaks. Suddenly, I notice someone is singing along with me. It's Dillon.

      "You watch My Little Pony?" I ask him, surprised.

      "Yeah," he admits.

      This sparks a conversation, and I learn that he is not as evil as I had thought. He is actually really sweet and sensitive.
      Tags: cult
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Kidnapped by a Cult

      by , 02-25-2013 at 02:39 PM
      When the dream picks up I'm on a giant plane with a white haired man. He points down at a football field surrounded by a corn field. Even from here I can tell the football field is full of people. There's a designated spot for him to land, but he lands where the people are standing. They run out of the way, all the while cheering for his return.
      We're off the plane. He takes my arm and leads me forward, explaining his town to me. I'm not really listening, this place freaks me out. It's completely isolated, I remember my view from the plane and wonder where all these people live. He tells me that I'll be integrated into the community if God wills it. He has submitted my name to the marriage lottery and if I come up then, obviously, I'll marry the person God has chosen for me.
      All their activities are the Will of God, I think how perfect it must be for him. He could orchestrate everything and pretend it's the God's will. While I wasn't paying attention night has fallen. He leads me over to the ballot on the right side of the field where a wide wooden fence separates the playing area from the corn.
      "Let's take a look, see what God intends for you." He has his hand on the back of my neck. It's more of a threatening gesture than something that hurts. To everyone else it looks different, somehow that he's taking a fatherly interest in my future. There are scraps of paper with names on them beside a weathered slotted box. Someone has combined them on a list in black sharpie. I notice other people sitting around, they are a part of the community but also isolated. I recognize them as other captives, but they look dull eyed and complacent.
      I remember what the raid had been like. Our village of small wooden houses, how the mud felt underfoot as I tried to run, the creatures attacking us in the street. The buildings being on fire, all the smoke. Someone looming over me.
      The white haired man is talking to me about other towns he has taken, how many people he has integrated into his community.
      He pushes me forward to fence edge and makes me turn over the pages with names on them.
      I'm relieved to not see my name.
      "It seems God has other plans for you, my dear."
      I can't decide if the man has set it up this way, or if he truly submitted my name to the lottery and I was not chosen. I choose to see it as the latter. That Fate has saved me from the fell machinations of this man's faith.
      A woman comes up to us and tells him that THEY are here. He releases me and I move along the fence away from the creepy converts. Then I notice that 'they' are the press. They've set up cameras, all facing away from the converts/abducted and toward his community.
      I pretend I'm going to rejoin the others and run across the line of the cameras hoping that my family will see my face on the news and know that I didn't die in the raid.
      I return to the fence and nervously lean on it, hoping no one questions me. They don't. As I'm sitting there I lean back a little and it's like the corn was an illusion. I can see the wall of corn, but just beyond that is a city street. Almost like he wanted us to believe it was isolated so we wouldn't try to escape.

      There's a lapse in the dream and I'm driving. I've stolen a car. I know it won't be long before they discover I'm missing. There are very clear turn lanes and signs that are supposed to lead out of the town. I take the right hand turn, noticing the body of a man in the street that no one has bothered to move. He's clearly dead. I keep driving, taking the suggested turns. I find myself back on the street with the dead man.
      This obliterates my hope for escape, I realize I would just have to drive around until I found the way out, and I don't have the time.

      They've found me. They put me with the white haired man's son. He's meant to watch me. I don't know what they intend for me, but the man's son doesn't seem so bad. He doesn't crowd me, and the only rule is that I stay where he can see me and don't leave the apartment alone.
      "I'm sure you want to shower and change."
      I agree. He hands me a pile of clothing and a towel. It has a rainbow colored criss-crossing design.

      There's another lapse and I'm standing in a cool dark hallway in the apartment. From here I can see my the son, my watch dog. I look at a painting. It matches the towel.
      Except that it doesn't seem like a design choice. The repeated patterns makes me think there aren't any pattern -choices-, that is all there is. I think it's because this man decides who makes the art, it isn't about creativity anymore. The thought makes me sad.
      "Hey, you almost done?" The son asks me. I smile at him. I'm only wearing a red tank top and panties. They took my other clothes and didn't supply a pair of jeans.
      I ring my hair out and instead of drying my hand on the towel draped over my arm I go to the pile of towels by the sink and start to do it there. The son's face makes me stop, reminding me I have my own. He makes me feel...wasteful somehow.

      I've forgotten about escaping. I live in a house with the white haired man's son. When he's not looking I use a square post in the center of the living room to do some sort of arm exercise, it runs from ceiling to floor. I wrap my hands around the post and lift myself off the ground, knees to either side of the post. I think about how I'm not really the person I was when I was brought here.

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    15. Cult of Campus

      by , 11-23-2012 at 01:51 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      With this, I'm finally caught up.

      Night of 11/21/12

      I have stumbled upon a dark secret at school: several students are missing, and I suspect they are dead at the hands of a sinister cult that practices on campus. In my search for answers (as I vow to solve this mystery and expose the cult), I come across a student named Mary. She basically confirms my suspicions: "You'll become one of the bodies before you ever find them!" she taunts me.

      Angered, I manage to escape her before she kills me. I find my friend Jessica and tell her that I am closer than ever to finding out the cult's secret. "Have you heard of a girl called Mary?" I ask.

      "N-no. Why?" She seems kind of anxious and fidgety, asking if I'll go on a walk with her. I agree, until she starts to lead me into the forest. I suddenly become suspicious that she is going to kill me. I refuse to go any farther and head back alone, but I intend to secretly follow her to find out what she's up to. I am now almost certain that she is part of the cult.

      I stalk her further down the path to the forest, but she suddenly cuts back and heads to the graveyard instead. There is no good cover, so I head off to report my suspicions to Alex (my roommate).

      "I might just be really paranoid," I say, once back in our room, "but I'm pretty sure Jessica is part of the cult. And now they're all out to kill me."

      "That does sound pretty crazy," Alex agrees calmly, eating her Ramen. I pace the room, trying to think of a solution.

      Soon afterward, Mary sends us on a treacherous train ride (a strange train that is powered by a crank) in the hopes that we'll die along the way. Now Alex is more accepting of my "crazy" theories and tries to help me.

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