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    1. At the Airport

      by , 09-26-2018 at 08:41 PM
      I'm at an airport watching airplanes take off. So far, there have been smaller planes with strange wings, but now I overhear the pilot radio requesting takeoff for a Boeing 747. I head out to the balcony which is open to the outside to watch it take off. The airport itself seems relatively small with only a few runways with some trees surrounding it. I see the big plane at the end of the runway. It rolls out onto the takeoff stretch and begins to accelerate. I can hear the 4 engines from where I'm standing. It accelerates quite fast, and as it reaches the closest point to me, the sound is so deafening that I have to turn around and go back inside.
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    2. Playing with Perception

      by , 03-20-2018 at 11:17 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I seem to have got lucid early in the night somehow and have decided to experiment with something I’ve been meaning to try out: intentionally connecting with my dream environments on the more intimate level that I sometimes experience in my non-lucid dreams. That was the general plan, but now that I’m here, I know how I’ll carry it out: doing without my vision. It’s something I’ve done out of necessity before in dreams, but never on purpose.

      I’m in the basement of my old house in M---, or the basement plus, I might call it, since it’s the expanded version of itself it usually takes in dreams. This iteration of it is completely empty and has the usual weird tunnel leading off who-knows-where. But for the time being, I’ll be staying in this room. The place is a bit creepy, but just right for what I have in mind.

      I turn off my vision and feel for the influx of knowledge that I’m confident is there, latent in the dream - and find it. It’s difficult to describe - I'm not up for trying right now, but I think anyone who plays around with dreams much will have some experience to extrapolate from. I walk around for a while like that—I really don’t seem to have any trouble navigating this way. I turn my vision back on to confirm that it’s the same bare room. It is.

      But there’s something else I want to try, so I turn my vision off again. I want to see if I can actually navigate a dream using sound, which I’ve never done before. I walk around some more, this time paying close attention to the echoes of my footsteps, trying to model the shape of the room with them. The sound seems to take on a living quality somehow, as if using it in this way has really turned it into an extension of my consciousness. And I’m actually getting an impression of a room, though a very rough one, and it’s hard to be sure when I already know it pretty well by now.

      Vision back on. And with that done, I go off and have some non-lucid dreams until about 3:30 am, when I wake up and record the experience.

    3. #173: No Vaseline / Movie

      by , 07-09-2016 at 03:07 AM
      No Vaseline
      It's daytime. I'm somewhere outdoors in a hilly area. There's a survival camp type of activity going on. I'm with quite a group of people. Someone is instructing us on how to pass the course / do all the exercises. At one point there are pull ups or dips and the instructor can't decide for a moment in which way we'll do them. He decides on convict style [not sure if that's a real thing, but that's what he called it]. The instructor is a friend of mine, Frank. At some point Hillary Clinton is also present. I'm aware of the fact that we've all paid her IDR 50,000 to participate in this. I'm discussing a bit with my friends about whether she's making money off this or if she is breaking even. There is one dude who doesn't seem to get what to do, so he'll get more instructions later. We're standing near a railing, I think made out of wood, watching the events unfold a bit below us. In the meantime I'm rapping along with Ice Cube's No Vaseline, which I can hear from somewhere. There's one line that is incorrect, but I dismiss it. Then my favourite line in the song is incorrect, which makes me go like 'what the..' I start looking around to determine the source of the song. There's a group of guys chilling at a picknick table behind me, with a big speaker next to them. Motherf... My friend asks me what's up. I tell him that they have the shitty version. Somewhere along this dream I talk to Kristina, asking her whether she has learned to sing yet. There's another girl, though I don't know who, who is supposedly also my friend. She wants to learn to ride a motorcycle. I tell them to do some type of challenge to learn it within one year.

      I could actually hear the song, instead of just knowing the sound was there.

      It's Tuesday and I'm supposed to meet my project group for a movie. The dream is confusing a bit. The movie will be in another city. I've been negotiating with my mom for a bit, and for some reason I will pick her up at my grandma's place or in that city. At one point it seems like I will go to the movie with Jorn. That can't be right. I haven't talked to him in forever. Project group, right. The movie title was just one word, but I forgot what it was. I can't find the movie in the programme though. Hey.. but I already paid my classmate to buy the ticket. I ask a question about it in the whatsapp group. Ow yeah.. the movie got cancelled because there was not enough audience and we're getting a refund.
    4. Abstract Music

      by , 09-04-2015 at 07:10 AM
      Morning of September 4, 2015. Friday.

      My senses are not very clear in this sequence. Firstly, I am playing some sort of game with an unseen character (seemingly by proxy via some sort of radio broadcast but he may also be “present” though disembodied) though the plays and outcome are quite abstract and hard to describe and follow. The playing field is illogically on an otherwise featureless area of an electronic keyboard (where the voice settings and other features would otherwise be). There is something to do with placing very short lengths of “hair” (of only about one centimeter) into a pattern that seems to have no particular form. It seems difficult and annoying. We had apparently been playing awhile because the shape that is supposedly mine is like a large circular form, but it seems the other character is winning (though I am not sure why or even what the purpose or rules are). Eventually, as I do not seem to be the winner, I pick up my game result and it is somewhat like a furball though seemingly made of drawn lines that somehow are separated from the surface that they were originally drawn on.

      Later, I am on my side in a bed that is outside near an isolated intersection in a wooded area during the afternoon. I get a vague impression that there may be large dinosaurs (such as a tyrannosaurus) in the area. There is no fear or perceived threat of any kind, though. It is almost as if I am aware I can create any creature I want and have it run around by the intersection and along the perimeter of the forest. I absentmindedly choose not to focus more clearly to do this, though. Instead I am playing around with an electronic drum kit that also is like a digital sampler to capture at least an octave range of a particular sample.

      I press something (some sort of small rectangular button) and sample the ambiance of the area, which is barely audible. I try to play a melody on the pads, but the sample is not loud enough to hear. I try again and get some ambiance that is slightly louder, but mostly only wind through the trees, my breathing, and a distant (unknown) animal sound. From here, I am able to play a random melody with a rather odd sound (almost like a person saying “huh?”), though which eventually sounds more and more like an electric guitar. I remember that sound can be recorded from anywhere and turned into anything else.
    5. Odd Clock

      by , 09-01-2015 at 03:01 PM
      Morning of September 1, 2015. Tuesday.

      I seem to be focused on Loomis Street yet again. However, there are also emotions and realizations associated with our present bedroom on W Street (though it does not quite seem like a typical composite, and yet the setting is limited to the one room, though).

      My attention is mostly on an unusual “clock”. It does not apparently serve as a clock though, but some sort of answering machine (though I do not recall having this type of concept appearing in any previous dream).

      Only the hour hand is implemented but it does not serve as time-keeping in any way. There is seemingly no minute hand or second hand and the number six, in its proper location, is the only number on the face of the clock.

      I move the hour hand to the left (from where it was near the number six), to around where the number eight would be expected to be, and start to hear pleasant music. As I put it in different positions, I hear a lot of very nice music, a lot of it tribal, but with no voices at any point. The audio is very clear (though I do not become lucid).

      After spending seemingly at least fifteen minutes listening to very nice music (which apparently is related to being connected to our telephone and plays when we are not home to answer it), I move the hour hand over to the right around where the number four would be expected to be. From around where the number two would be expected to be to that location, there are recordings of my wife or me telling the caller to leave a message, and some of the messages are meant to be in-jokes. I listen to these recordings for a short time (much shorter than when I was enjoying the music) and my dream fades.
    6. Singing Chimneys

      by , 08-13-2015 at 05:47 PM
      Morning of August 13, 2015. Thursday.

      In my semi-lucidity, seemingly very late at night, I am aware that my dream environment is only half-rendered. Thus, without focusing that much, or sharpening my awareness with any intent, I do not really feel like getting up and walking into another part of the house, as I will probably just trip and fly forward and become half-awake, as in typical first-stage light sleep paralysis dreams from night to night. Still, for whatever reason, it does not dawn on me that this dream type does not usually render my present home in any discernible way and is usually an area in a city, outside, where I most often find myself walking down the sidewalk. So, already my critical thinking skills are not functioning.

      Not knowing what else to do (again, not being that focused), I continue to work on my computer. Still, I am somewhat suspicious of the technology being feasible in any dream state (where electronic devices sometimes explode into small smoking embers with amazing “realism”). In the back of my mind, I am somewhat aware that this “other world” has Gothic attributes. I feel a slight wariness. I am aware of a presence that is very different to me, like a feature of another world becoming known for the first time. It is very eerie, yet I also somehow sense love and joy at the same time; perhaps some orphan domain of Steampunk consciousness blended with something else.

      A strange sound occurs, increasing smoothly in volume. It is every chimney in the (fictional) neighborhood suddenly “singing” in some sort of low-pitched hollow reed-like frequency, somewhat like a sustained pipe-organ note, but layered (overdubbed) to an extreme. Is it wind somehow speedily and heavily flowing through every chimney in the region? It is almost like a ghostly human chorus. Again, the pitch is very low, but some of the layers are slightly off the pitch by enough cent variation to give it a barely noticeable flange effect. The volume of this chimney “chorus” increases until it is “filling the world” with some sort of intended beginning vigil, perhaps. I am not sure how to mentally respond or take note, assuming I should. It almost reminds me of a factory steam whistle slowed down exponentially and layered infinitely. I remain puzzled; I get the ambiguous association of rows of churches with factory steam whistles calling the public masses into uniformity. Then there is silence.

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    7. Various audio-related events

      by , 08-08-2014 at 02:08 PM
      Morning of August 8, 2014. Friday.

      The main plot of the dream oddly related to my grandfather George. For some reason, time (as well as location) is quite ambiguous (in fact, he was born in 1871 and died in 1945 - long before I was born), and he is alive and fairly healthy even though I am also aware my father had died, so there truly is some strange new ambiguity I have not had before in that I also do not recall having had George in any of my past dreams either. Even more unusual, he is a celebrity relative to music (particularly in the 1920s) prior to my father and had taught him guitar and such - which is all distortion - my father was the one who was more well-known. The location seems to be the southwest room of my sister’s old house on Loomis Street. Along the north wall (near where my mother’s refrigerator was at one point in the past) is some sort of odd composite of jukebox, radio, and cassette tape player, about chest-high. Sometimes the tape gets chewed by flowing out when the capstan gets jammed (recurring). I am aware that he is in the living room at one point.

      At one point, my daughter is in the room (and my two youngest sons for a time) - not sure which daughter (it seems to be my oldest but several years younger in-dream, though my youngest is not yet two). Somehow, a bit later, her head or only the right side is there but she is not. When looking at “her”, I am able to “remember” that the right side of her head is unusual in that her ear is not fully defined in that there is no lobe or any “other side” of any of it and her ear is actually only the three-dimensional outer shape itself over her skin, which seems regrettably unfortunate and which apparently was some sort of fictional birth defect. This clear but false memory is not a trigger for lucidity, either.

      There were several other random miscellaneous events I do not quite fully recall, a few relating to fictional (or “too advanced”) 1920s audio technology, I think. Odd hodgepodges of fictional “memories” being “relived” is not all that uncommon in dreams.
    8. Tune into Sound like Parabolic Dishes are Everywhere

      by , 07-13-2014 at 11:00 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Outside in a large grassland, up against some low, rocky mountains. Not much around in terms of vegetation, mostly thin grass. My family is with me, driving in a jeep not on any particular road, just randomly around in the area. I hear a narrator describe how life is easier and less hostile in the more lush parts of the environment where things grow better. I notice a particularly vibrant area just next to the mountains over a hill that we pass by. "Wait, stop! Let's go over there!" I suggest, but my dad wants to go to a more desolate area. I see green trees with lots of leaves, and more bushes and things disappear as we drive down the hill.

      Arriving at a really remote area, mostly sharp rocks and dirt, not even much grass, we all get out of the jeep and look around. It just feels more dangerous here, like any form of life has to be mean in order to survive in such a place.

      Ironically, I find a play ground, and notice there is one of those parabolic whisper dishes that some new playgrounds have these days. Where it uses the giant satellite looking dish to pass small sounds great distances, where it is similarly received. Pretty cool stuff! I tell my dad what I've found, excited by the discovery. Unimpressed he tells me, "The whole world is basically like that, you just have to listen..."

      I imagine the geometrical properties of the whole planet, and all the small parts of it, aligning in such a way that it is possible to hear anything from any distance if you can tune into it just right. Definitely much cooler than the limited dish I just found in the playground, even though it was operating with a distance of about 1km/ half mile between each receiver.
    9. 3/15/2014

      by , 03-15-2014 at 06:33 PM

      I was in a house in a rural area. We were making a big dinner and I went out. I found Darth Vader and invited him over. On my way back I noticed he had a lot of brass keys on a necklace. When I got back to the house, people were happy to see him but then they found out that he was with the dark side so they got upset. I knew something was gonna happen so I grabbed my P229 and put it on the small of my back. People started eating at the table and then started arguing. Suddenly a guy pulls out something and I know it's a part of a gun. Another person gets up and everyone starts fighting. I chase the guy that pulled out the part of the gun and beat him with my gun until he dies. This causes my gun to break. I can't pull the hammer down but then manage to fix it. I keep going but my gun breaks again. I start taking it apart and can't fix it to I tell myself to do something, either do a dream rewind or summon a new gun. My new gun has a blade under it and I test it out. I hear someone teleport behind me and I run. I go to the backyard where I see a pond, a campfire, and some dogs along with Ace around it. Ace had a broken leg. I decide to go back in the house and finish everything. I sneak through the front porch and the house is on fire. I see 2 guys and one of them starts attacking me. As he's coming towards me I realize I'm dreaming. He kicks me in the nuts and I close my eyes and say "When I open my eyes I will be in a small, dark room", remembering my objective for my next lucid dream. I open my eyes and I'm still in the same place. I do it again and nothing happens. Finally I decide to dream spin. I spin and spin and spin until I feel like I've done it. I stop and fall to the floor, dizzy and unable to stand up. As I'm on the ground, I know I'm in the same area I was before but later on in the night. I'm surrounded by cars. To my right is a white car, to my left is a red car that reminded me of my GF's car, and behind me is another vehicle which I think is a dark grey truck. I do reality checks. I push my finger to my hand but it doesn't go through but I can see a large indentation of where my finger is pushing on the other side of my hand. I pinch my nose but am unable to breathe. I notice my ears haven't popped and when I notice it, they do, like in the waking world. Everything feels so real. I look at my left hand and count fingers. 5 fingers and a thumb. I tell myself "That's all the proof I need" My objective for my next lucid dream was to sit down and learn to control and summon stuff in the environment. I single out a rock on the gravel and try to lift it with my mind. I hear a loud noise in the waking world and it transfers to my dream as a gunshot in the distance to my right. It distracts me and I notice my dream ending. I tell myself to dream spin but it's already to late. I lost lucidity and I wake up.

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    10. Om Symbol Hidden in Sound?

      by , 02-04-2014 at 10:05 PM
      Night of February 4, 2014. Tuesday.

      Being meticulous in my dream state at times, sometimes to the point of over-thinking in several layers at once, I verified something that caught me by surprise in a sort of sudden realization. While working on the foundation of a new track which I do plan on eventually finishing, I ended up confirming a dream concept to an extent, anyway. By chance, I used a filter that produces a supposed “swirly” effect - and in this case, I am not even sure if it uses the source audio when rendering, as it mostly sounds the same in every case for a particular setting regardless of the supposed source (then again, it depends on the perimeters or intent of the effect). I say this because some functions do use the source audio for certain - which can vary to quite an extreme - yet always sounds the same in each case, or at least hard to distinguish.

      In this case I was playing with an effects VST for no intended reasons other than to see the images that were produced by the frequency bands at different speeds and pitches and such, and by which I integrated the first 1.71 seconds of the audio of the hybrid dubstep foundation. What resulted verified my dream - that is, the image that almost looks like an om symbol repeating throughout. This is not a very good image of what actually comes out, though, I wanted to post a better image - but its difficult when being in lower formats. It is also true that an image of a word or symbol can be deliberately translated into sound, but such does not seem the case here, as the perimeters are far too extensive for me to have just coincidentally put in the perimeters that just happened to make the symbol appear - there are 362,880 variations relating to “shaping” forms in this particular way - as well as the functions being programmed rather than stored as audio information as with some VSTs. (This is true and can be verified by the fact that the editor is one hundred percent manual with no additional waveforms or audio information stored anywhere - therefore the om symbol was not intended at all by the original programmer who could not have possibly known all the thousands of potential variations in settings - unless he knew the actual functions for it and buried it among thousands of other potentials - which, frankly, seems unlikely and unrealistic, even a bit unreasonable and pointless, though not impossible).

      However, and it is a very big “however”, it seems that the function actually did use the source audio here upon realistic examination - and it is fairly obvious that it did from the visual details in some areas. In that case, there is no way the programmer could have known what would result in this instance. The missing bands in the larger image near the higher ranges are not my mistake, but it was like this in the original percussive track. I used an exciter to make it less problematic as well as having to additionally notch out more bands from horrid metallic “ringing” in the original audio that threw off the average dB (spike-wise) in a rather ridiculous way as I have seen a lot in tracks on the Internet.

      I do know of so-called producer packs with deliberate images in the sound (although it is fairly rare), but this was not the case as, again, it is an effect-only manifestation. Obviously, the majority of people would not even “hear” the om symbol image, as unless you are familiar with something like this, it might as well not even exist. This is obviously true even for dreams for millions of people, who remember nothing in many cases.

      I inset the actual om symbol for comparison - but as I said, this image is not all that precise or even very visible - as it is a lower resolution with a different rate and detail than the original event (which I did not try to duplicate until today - so probably “lost” a perimeter somewhere).
    11. 27th Apr 2013 Pigeon, Problems with speakers, Mini lucid moment

      by , 04-27-2013 at 08:58 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in my bed and i was outside and i was looking at some random pigeon.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was in my room and i was having some problem with cables and speakers, location of everything on the table was messed up, like one of the speakers was hanging on the lamp somehow(i don't even use speakers IWL), but i thought it was normal. After a while there was weird sound coming out of somewhere. I checked the speakers but sound was getting weaker. I decided to check the lamp, and sound apparently was there. I suddenly remember that this sound is very familiar, and sounds like binaural beats, but i don't have headphones on, which means i am dreaming. Dream fades out though before i can do much and i wake up.

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    12. LD: Using all Five Senses...and Unstable Clocks

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:35 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in this room with a friend. It looked like a bank. My friend went to stand in line. I walked to the back of the room to wait. On the way I slipped and fell on the floor. I sat there for a moment, then noticed that I was starting to spin. I found this strange and just let it happen.

      I then became lucid. I jumped up and flew over the line of waiting people. In the next room I tried to remember the tasks. I remembered two. One was to look at a clock. I looked around the room and saw a digital clock sitting on a cluttered shelf. It said 7:42...or was it 7:34...no, it was 7:47. I really tried to focus and stablize it, but the clock was a blur of numbers that changed everytime I tried to focus. I remembered people saying that time changed, but I hadn't realized that it was quite this unstable. I wondered why that was.

      I then remembered that I needed to use my five senses. I had already been seeing and hearing things, so I decided to focus on "touch". I reached out and felt the solidness of a rail in front of me.

      I then decided to find something to taste. But before I had gone anywhere I realized that I had already been eating. I had a bowl of macaroni and cheese. I could taste the cheesey flavor and feel the pieces of partly chewed noodles in my mouth.

      I decided to move on to smell.

      I flew around and saw Jeff. I told him that I needed to find something to smell. I couldn't see anything that would have a smell to it. I then looked at him and asked, "Have you been working out? Maybe you'll smell sweaty?" But as I leaned toward him and couldn't smell anything.

      I started flying out of the building. I then saw next to the door a styrofoam container of food that somone had brought back from a restaurant. I openind it and saw leftover green peppers. I knew that they would have a smell. I put my nose right to them and took a big whiff. I could smell a very faint pepper smell. I was disappointed that my dream nose wasn't better. As I pulled my nose back I realized that my nose had touched the peppers and that the peppers had little prickly thorns on them and some of the thorns had stuck in my nose. They were painful to pull out. Jeff thought it was funny that I had let that happen, as if I should have known better than to put my nose up to peppers.

      I followed Jeff into the parking lot. He got into a large white pickup truck. I started to get in too. Then I had an idea. I told him to just start driving and not to worry about what I was doing. I then rolled the window down and stood outside the truck and reached in and grabbed the handle above the window. As the truck started to move I was carried away, floating beside the truck. It was a wonderfully exhilerating feeling. I told myself that I would have to remember to try that again in future LD.

      Jeff stopped the truck too soon and started talking to someone. I got back in the truck and waited. I saw a baseball glove on the seat. I ran my fingers over the soft leather, then picked it up to smell it. It had a faint leathery smell. I then started touching other parts of the car so I could say that I really did the task thoroughly.

      My dream faded and I thought I had woken up. But then I forced myself to relax and drift back into the dream.

      I was now in a building with Marie. There was a bad guy we were having to get away from him. We locked outselves in a bathroom. I felt quite nervous. But then I told Marie that if it got too scary then I would just let myself wake up.
      And that's all I remember.
    13. Short LD, BBK, Kanye West

      by , 09-11-2012 at 04:34 PM (Covlad96's Road to Lucid Dreaming)

      Dream 1 (Lucid)

      I was straight away lucid and it was night time in the dream again. My last 3 lucids have been at night time. During my dream incubation recently I have been preforming with Boy Better Know. So I was standing on this field and I decided when I turn round there will be a place where Boy Better Know are preforming. I believed this and when I turned round there was indeed a nightclub. I was happy and decided to walk straight through the doors. But it wasn't letting me. It kinda turned into 3rd person however I couldn't see my body and every time I tried to walk through, it flashed black like a scene transition in a game/movie. It wasn't letting me through and I started losing lucidity. So I started spinning and I then it just faded. This dream was not a very vivid one, it was quite hazy.

      Dream 2 (Non Lucid)

      I can't remember this much. I remembered it fully in the morning though. I was at an airport toilet and I was scared of flying. I then remember going down steps and there was a women who was dressed as Kanye West and was pretending to be a wax model. I had a photo with this Kanye and I pulled this silly pose which was smiling stupid and pointing up at Kanye.

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    14. Intruder alert

      by , 08-01-2012 at 02:48 PM
      I wake up at 2:45 half in and half out of a dream...there's a strange are loud siren ringing in my ears, almost like an electrnic alarm but of massive scale...i realize i am in bed sleeping and must be dreaming. I try to wake myself up. as I become aware...eyes still shut...I cannot tell if the sound is real or not...until they start to fade. I have trouble figuring out where I am. I have to focus...my heart is racing and I can't remember where I live or anything about myself for a few moments. It starts to come back as I start to recognize shapes in the dark....the window, my guitar case. I am in a room...what room? Is it my room? Where am I. Where do I live? In nc. I live in nc...in a house? No. An apartment...I left my house, my wife, months ago. My memory starts to return....I start to relax...but as I do, the wailing sirens return, excrusiatingly loud. It's interesting, I think to myself. I wonder how loud it will go. As I try to return to sleep, the sirens always get loud enough to wake me to the silence. I concentrate and manage to relax and control the sound in my head..as I start to fall back to sleep...then...movement wakes me...at my back. Something rubs me...feels warm...something alive and big enough to be a cat, maybe a dog. I lay still...don't want to startle it. I reach my arm back slowly, expecting to feel fur...I feel skin...an arm. ITS A PERSON. I think to myself in my still confused half awake state...is it Jason? Then I feel an arm around my neck hard...I lunge to get away but the arm is strong and I am soon wrestling for my life. I manage to get my feet on the ground and turn toward the intruder. I see his face in the darkess, grimacing...he's a young man, taller than me...I am in a fight for my life. Then I feel another body grab me from behind. I am being choked. I can't breath...but I am choking the man in front of me too. I think to myself...if I kill this guy, I might survive. But as I choke him, I start to pass out. I can sense the end is coming. I fought a good fight, I am going to die well.....then...

      I hear a funny ringing sound, not a siren, this is different...I recognize it...it's my cell phone. I realize i am sleeping and someone is calling me but I can't answer it though because somehow I rolled in my sleep in such a way that my right arm was wrapped around my neck and my left arm was under my body....both were asleep and i was partially cutting off my own air supply. I did finally answer it...it was Steve from a company who I work for in NJ....there was a critical software failure at month's end and they needed my help. It was 3:00 sharp. The details of the dream are still fresh. I even remember the intruder's face...he had pale skin, blue eyes and short red curly hair. He was big and strong. The one behind me choking me, I could tell was smaller and had big forearms...like mine I guess. I remember that the imagery of the room was extremely accurate, the position of the bed, the guitar case, the dresser...the size of the room...even the ambient light coming from the window that lit up the man's face. Would love to hear comments about this, especially the siren. It was the only thing about this episode that concerns me, never had anything like it before. The way it filled my mind and went through me in chilling pulse waves...waves that I could almost control. And the overwhelming terrrified feeling and chills that I felt that came in waves in sync with the sound.
    15. Fire Alarm at School (Night of February 11-12, 2012)

      by , 05-09-2012 at 07:32 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up entry. This dream is from the night of February 11-12, 2012.]

      [I'm writing this down so long after the fact that I'm not 100% sure that I have the date right. It's within 1 day of the actual date, though. This is the only dream I remember having while on my first-ever cruise. I thought it was pretty cool, funny, and interesting.]

      I'm at my old high school, with my mom. [I went to the high school where my mom was a teacher, by the way.] The fire alarm goes off, emitting a continuous stream of high-pitched tones. We try to turn it off ourselves, but we can't. We go to the school administrative office and ask the principal to turn it off, because it's driving us crazy. He tells us that he can't turn it off, either.

      I wake up, and can still hear the high-pitched tones. I realize the following, in this order: That's not a fire alarm. That's the ventilation system whistling. Hey, that was a real sound that was occurring in the real world, and it came through into my dream! Awesome! Also, the speed and durations of the tones was exactly the same when I heard it in the dream as it is now, further demonstrating that time passes at the same rate in dreams as it does in reality.

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