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    1. Winning the Rave // Flips and Shit // SUPER CRAZY RAVE

      by , 09-15-2014 at 10:55 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 11, 2014

      Winning the Rave

      I was st the mall after a fight with Zukin, or something. I was with someone but I lost them at some point... I bought stuff from a couple of little kids and then there was this Romeo and Juliet race with epic music in the background. I was Juliet and I let everyone pass me so I won the rave (yes, the rave. It was the prize for being the coolest person in the race, apparently). I got hurt at some point so I was gonna drive myself to the hospital but I met M. and someone else from my Cohort out in the parking lot and they insisted on coming with me to make sure I was alright. they even put my bleeding self into their own car and drove me there.

      Flips and Shit

      I was in a Mini-Cooper with Zukin and we were hitting on guys as we passed by them. This one guy was gonna show us his secret spot, but we found it before he could show us and we were driving like madmen, doing flips and shit.

      I took a nap before an Open House we had to attend, and had this dream:

      I was at the Open-House night with the 6th graders I've been working with this semester. I had just finished the event and I got a text from my Field Instructor, letting me know we no longer had to go to the All-School Meeting the next morning. So I was super happy and free for the night!

      Got picked up by my older brother B. at night. It was raining and he was upset and complaining about having to drive in the rain.

      We kept driving and B. turned into Kels and we stopped at am intersection where we could see this weird looking woman. I realized it was a place Zukin and I had been to for a rave one time; it looked like a small utilities hut, but there were stairs to an underground dance club. I turned to Kels and asked if she wanted to go to a rave tonight, and we decided to rave and I tried to call Zukin but the phone wasn't working. Meanwhile, Kels and I had gotten lost and I somehow knew we were in my hometown, but nothing looked right and I had no idea where we were anymore. But I still kept trying to call Zukin so we could go to the Rave. I was excited and eager, because it had been so awesome the first time we'd gone.

      I woke up all disappointed because I knew it was going to be a super crazy awesome rave, and because I still had to do the Open House AND the thing the next morning. It was depressing to dream about being done with it and finding out you still have to do it.
    2. Perfect Party House!

      by , 09-01-2014 at 03:07 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 26, 2014

      I was with my parents at a fancy restaurant, and we were eating the appetizer course. But there was a very long wait until the main course, and so I left the restaurant for a bit to walk around the town. The restaurant was underground, sort of. I think it may have been in one of the malls I've dreamt about before. I went down a few streets and came up to a fairly steep hill lined with houses. I was walking along a street that ran along the hill, and saw one of my cohortmates. She was looking to buy one of the houses on that street, and offered to show it to me. I readily agreed!

      She took me to a curious house. It was maybe five floors tall, but fairly small ground-area-wise. Each floor had maybe two total small rooms?

      As she was taking me through the house (I think we were on the 3rd or 4th floor) I thought, Wow, this house would be PERFECT for parties...! There was a room with a sign on the door: "Drunk Room." I opened the door and the whole room was covered in beds and mattresses. Like every inch of floor space had a bad on it. The window was barred shut so nobody could accidentally fall out, and there were no sharp objects or anything in the room, and a trash can for puking by each bed.

      My friend told me there was an elevator to the roof from the top floor bathroom, and I was so excited to try using it. I got to the top floor bathroom, which was really large but also so damn compact in a way. Now that I think about it, the whole top floor of the building reminds me a lot of the suite Zukin lived in while we were in Germany... The bathroom had the same layout as that bathroom, but flipped, sorta. Anyways, the shower converted into an elevator, and I pushed a button, and it took me up. I stood on the roof, looking out over the city, when I heard my little brother calling my name from the road. He said it was time for the main course at dinner. I looked down at my phone, and realized I had missed two calls from my mom.
    3. Little Dragon // Held Up at Oma's // Mountains

      by , 07-30-2014 at 04:10 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 29, 2014

      Little Dragon

      I was helping very small children do an obstacle-course of some sort. For the part I was helping with, they were supposed to jump onto the back of a small concrete dragon, which would start flying. they were supposed to stay on the dragon for three minutes, with their little feet standing in two little divots on the dragon's neck.

      I was helping one little girl in particular, and she was terrified of the obstacle. She had been crying almost the whole time until the dragon, but now she was so terrified that she couldn't even move, let alone cry. I felt like my hand was going to fall off, she was gripping it so tight.

      I woke up to my alarm, and knew that I had remembered a dream in the middle of the night but not written it down, so I stayed still and closed my eyes to try to remember it. Instead, I fell into a new dream (possibly a continuation of the one I was trying to remember):

      Held Up at Oma's

      I had just gotten back from a trip with Zukin and my brothers. We had driven down the busier road near my Oma's house, until we reached a neighborhood I didn't know much about. We got out of the car and started exploring on foot, until we came to a woods on a hill. We wandered around a bit, and there was a slight buzzing sound, and then a holographic screen appeared in front of us. On it were details about a mission we had to complete; Zukin and I had to infiltrate a house at the bottom of the wooded hill through its back porch. We set off down the hill. I think there may have been an encounter with a warewolf or some other kind of fantastical forest beast, but I don't remember much about it. When we came around the back of the house we were targeting, we noticed a little girl playing in the back yard. Oh shit, that might make this more difficult.

      But, it actually made it easier. The little girl turned out to be one of the third graders I've been working with over the past month. She saw me, waved me over, and showed me something she was playing with in the back yard. So Zukin and I befriend her enough for her to let us onto the back porch, and there I find a huge tampon, which I then have to put in (it was weird). There was a dinging sound and a green check-mark appeared in front of me: Mission complete.

      Then, when we had gotten back to Oma's house, I had to get something from inside: in the back room, where the toys and books and games are. I can't remember what it was that I had to get, though. As I'm leaving the house, I notice that there are a bunch of new cars in the driveway, and we're blocked in. My whole extended family was there, for a celebration of my aunt M's birthday; but I had to get out of there. Zukin and my brothers were waiting for me in the car...! I said hi to Aunt M. and wished her a happy birthday, but told her I had to go because I had important business to take care of.

      I felt an itch on my arm, and looked down. I had a huge ringworm all over both my arms. I remember it so distinctly that I could trace it out on my arms right now.

      I moved to scratch the itch, and opened my eyes in my bed. I was so disoriented because I thought I still had a ringworm. And then I realized I'd fallen into a dream and found I only have 20 minutes to be ready for school. YAY. I loved that I got an extra dream out of it, but I don't like having to rush to get ready in the morning.

      This one is from the nap I took today:


      I was in the mountains. They reminded me of the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas. I was in a small hut at the edge of a valley, and across the valley slightly to my right, one of my cohort-mates was in a tent on the mountain. To my left, a road wound along the mountain, with a few houses lining it. I don't remember exactly why we were there (Zukin was there and also more of my cohort-mates), but we were yelling across the valley to communicate. It wasn't working so well, since I couldn't hear very well, and so we all slowly meandered to the center of the valley, which ended up turning into the Media Center (fancy words for Library) at the elementary school. We gathered and talked about the plans for the next few weeks, though I can't remember what those plans were.
    4. Busing // Birch Forest

      by , 07-23-2014 at 05:13 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 22, 2014


      I was at the Elementary school again, and it was time to get the kids on their buses at the end of the school day... except the kids were putting us on buses. One of the little girls in my class of rising 3rd graders for math was putting me on my bus, but I couldn't remember which bus I was supposed to get on. She didn't know either, and decided to just leave me all alone. It started raining really hard, and I ran underneath a structure on the playground. I found Q, A and E there, and asked them which bus I was supposed to get on. Well, more specifically, I asked "which bus does L get on? I'm on the same one."

      Q hid behind A and said something like "how am I supposed to know?"

      Then E said, "It's raining :D," and sat down on a bench under the structure. She crossed her legs, and said, "It's good because I'm left-footed."

      (Don't ask me how that's supposed to make sense...)

      (I screwed myself by taking a 4-hour nap today. It was so nice to sleep, but now it's past when I should be in bed, and I'm wide awake D: anyways, it was a mostly-dreamless sleep, except for this fragment)

      Birch Forest

      All I remember is being in a beautiful, sunny birch forest. I just stood there and looked. I may have sat down in the grass; there was something soft underneath me, I know that. It was so peaceful. I wouldn't mind going back there tonight.

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    5. What. A. Night.

      by , 07-21-2014 at 08:17 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 21, 2014

      Nature Park

      I was checking out at a convenience store or something, and the cashier was super friendly. She suggested a nature park for me to visit; it was about half an hour down the road from the store. I had nothing much to do, so I decided to visit. It was all on a mountain, and there were various themed paths up to the top. I passed a path that looked like it had been carved out of a rock-face. But it was closed for some reason; I assumed there was construction or something going on. I think it could have also been an avalanche. I went up the other way, and at the top was a courtyard and amphitheater-type-thing. There was also a beautiful view of the Big City.

      Nature Park Again

      (I woke up right after that dream, and checked the time; I still had a couple hours before my alarm would go off, so I smiled and fell back asleep while thinking about the dream I'd just had; When I fell asleep, I was abck in the nature park, but not lucid)

      I was in front of the blocked off portion of the nature park again. But now it was opened again, and I took that way. I climbed up the switchbacks carved into the rock, admiring intricate patterns carved into the walls. At the top of the cliff, I could see the amphitheater not far away, and headed for it, but there was an animal in the way. I forgot what it was, because the dream didn't last much longer. Now that I think about it, I may have been half-lucid. But I'm not really sure.

      Spirit of the Forest

      I was with Zukin again, and we were walking around a national park. We found a path into a forest, which led to a scenic lookout of a famous tree. It was apparently the oldest free in the state (or country? I don't know. Maybe it was the last surviving tree of its species? Either way, it was a special tree), and as we walked, the path forked in four different directions. We looked for signs, and only found one that said "to Lookout" pointing all the way to the right. But we wanted to know where these other paths went, so we searched a little more for other signs. Eventually, we found a sign hidden underneath a bush and vines that said "to Caves."

      That sounded fun. We took that path (it was the one furthest to the left) and after five minutes of walking, the path forked again, this time in five directions. There were no signs here, at least not at first. We figured there had to be a sign somewhere, so we looked hard again, and sure enough, there was another sign hidden under overgrown bushes and whatnot. We wondered how long it had been since anyone was on this path. Whereas the first main path to the lookout was well defined, this one was hard to see for the most part. We followed the path leading to "caves" and again came to a fork, this time with three choices. This time the sign was nowhere to be found, even after searching. We had to guess.

      We took the path in the middle of the three, and after about half an hour, we came out of the forest and into an open area with scattered small trees in a field to our left, and a cliff to our right. There was a wall (about hip-high) with vines overgrown all over it. Across a canyon we could see the people at the lookout. We ducked behind the wall, just in case we weren't really supposed to be here. The path continued along the wall, and at the end, we could see the famous tree. We crawled behind the wall until we reached the tree; but before we got there, the path sloped down steeply while the wall continued at the same height. We were able to stand again as we descended, and then the path wrapped around the trunk of the tree and went underground, into the root system and winding around them. It was all rather magical.

      But then we heard a rumbling, and I looked up. Dirt was falling from the ground above our heads, and we made our way out of the cave system below the tree. We hadn't gotten very far, so it was easy to get out. Once we were out, the rumbling stopped for a moment, but when I took another step away from the tree, it started again, and Zukin and I started running back up the path, away from the tree. It kept rumbling, louder and louder, and when we got around the winding path to the hill along the wall, we found that it was now almost perfectly vertical. There was no way to climb it...! But there was a vine.

      "Climb up the vine!" Zukin called to me. She was already grabbing it and making her way up. I was a little scared, but I climbed nonetheless. We inched our way up the vine as the rumbling grew louder. We were behind the wall, so I wasn't worried about people seeing us now that they could probably hear the rumbling. When we reached the top, we sat against the wall along the cliff, looking to our right at the tree as it tipped away from us, and then the ground shook a little as the roots came out of the ground, destroying that series of tunnels we'd been in moments before.

      "Oh SHIT..." I said. Now everyone would be looking over here, and we needed to get the fuck out of this place. We made our way along the wall, and about half-way to the forest, we met Harry Potter. He ran up to us and told us to run, because people were coming. He'd seen it all and wanted to help us escape. We ran behind him for a while, but then, around the corner where the wall turned, there was a Demonic Druid-type thing. It lunged after us, spitting toxic goo from it's eyes and mouth. Some of it hit Harry Potter, and he stumbled. Vines came out of the ground and wrapped around his legs and arms, pulling him all the way down to the ground.

      "Harry!" I called, starting to run after him.

      "Wait!" He yelled, and I stopped. Zukin ran up to me. "I can see it all now..." Harry continued. "They need a new guardian... that tree... it was the Forest's guardian, but now it's dead. It wasn't you, don't worry. It was just its time to go, and you happened to be there. They need a new guardian... I'll do it. I love this forest, so I'll be the new guardian. Soon a new tree will grow where I lay right now... It was be beautiful..." He had a warm smile on his face and his eyes were glossing over. We knew he was seeing something we never could. We nodded and bowed our heads, and the Demonic Druid thing stepped aside to let us pass.

      We ran to the main trail and joined the crowd leaving.

      Two years later, I was with Zukin in a bookstore, and we saw a new book about the "Tree Death and Harry Potter Disappearance" mystery. I chuckled a little and bought the book, and one for Zukin. We would have fun later reading all the conspiracy theories about the events of that day. I didn't know it then, but one of my classmates, T, was sitting in a corner of the bookstore, watching us. She was suspicious.

      The next day, I was listening to Zukin playing the piano when T came up to me and started asking questions. I evaded them, and left to go on a walk. T and her partner (I think they were private investigators or something, hired to find Harry Potter) followed me, and when I went down the path to the lookout, they confronted me again.

      "So you were there that day?" She said to me.

      "I don't know what you're talking about."

      "You know what happened to Harry, don't you?"

      I shrugged. She came over to me and got all close and in my space. I used my forearm to shove her gently away. "If you really want to know what happened that day, why not just try exploring a bit? That's what I did that day."

      I left, and they stood there. Now I was viewing the dream third person. I watched as T and her partner went down the same paths Zukin and I had gone down two years before. They came out of the forest and into the field with the wall and cliff to the right, and saw Harry Potter. His eyes were still in the same glossed-over position as they had been when Zukin and I left, but now they followed T and her partner as they approached. The vines which had pulled him down that day had grown thicker and woodier than they had been. They had fused together for the most part. All that was visible of Harry was his face and some of his left shoulder. He was pale blue.

      T started to run toward Harry, but vines came up and grabbed her foot. She looked to her partner for help, but he also had vines crawling up his leg. Suddenly, he started to move forward, speaking in a strange language. When T didn't respond, he spoke again, in English. "Leave now. Do not ever come back."

      T struggled to get free, but she couldn't. The Demonic Druid from before materialized from the ground, and spat goo at both T and her partner. Her partner was unaffected because he was under control, but T's skin started to burn, and she screamed.

      The Druid looked at her partner, tilted its head, and raised its hand. The man was released from the control, and he looked around. "Hey, it's Harry!" He called, smiling bright. "T, look, it's Harry!" He looked around, saw T, but didn't see anything else, because he was shot in the face with toxic goo. He screamed and slowly fell to the ground as well, and then all was silent. The Druid sank back into the ground.

      Sex On The Beach

      (I woke up to my alarm at 6:30, but had a migraine :( After emailing my professors and the people I usually drive to school, I got back in bed and tried to fall back asleep before the pain got too bad)

      I had a false awakening on a beach. I was on a beach towel, in my swimsuit. I sat up, looked around. The sky was blue, and the sand was warm underneath my towel. Behind me, grass-covered dunes rose along the shore. There wasn't a single person in sight, and I smiled, laying back down.

      Spoiler for NSFW:

      He looked back at me and grinned, said something in a singsong voice (I can't remember what it was; I was still a little dazed from the experience), and I realized: He was the Face, and that meant I must be dreaming. I looked down at my hands; two thumbs on my right hand. I was dreaming. I stared at the Face for a while, wondering what to ask him. I was oddly unshy about what had just happened, and neither was he. But I didn't expect he would be shy about something like that, considering he'd pretended to be about to rape me in another dream.

      (I drew the Face, btw... this is about what he looks like, anime-fied: The Face ... Ignore my wonky hand-drawing skillz)

      "You going to tell me your name yet?" I asked.

      "Not this time, either~" He said, and looked back out over the water.

      "So why are you here?" I stood up and walked to the water.

      "Just came to see you." He said, smirking over at me.

      "So sex but no answers for me?" I was a little annoyed. Not that I was complaining...

      "I never said I wouldn't answer any of your questions. Ask away."

      "Who are you?"

      He grinned as if he had known I would ask that first. "I am what you make of me."

      I rolled my eyes. "Why are you so unlike any of the other characters in my dreams?"

      He looked me right in the eyes this time. "Why do you think?" Was all he would say, and then I felt the dream destabilizing. I reaching out to touch his arm to stabilize myself, but he backed away, grinning as he vanished with the rest of the dream, and I
      woke up.

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    6. Lost 'Em // Took the FOOD // Boardwalk

      by , 07-21-2014 at 06:53 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 20, 2014

      On a random note, you know how sometimes you drift off to sleep and see random images... Zukin and I had spent the weekend camping, and just before falling asleep Saturday night, I had a vision of an ostrich doing a backflip. Except it was like a piece of paper with an ostrich drawn on it pinned to a board and spun around.

      I Lost Them

      Zukin was in my cohort, and in my teaching group. I was in the class with the students and teaching partners, and I had to go to the bathroom. When I got back to the classroom, everyone was gone, and I spent the rest of the dream searching the school, trying to find them.

      They Took the FOOD

      I got back to my apartment, and noticed that my sliding door was open. I went inside, and searched around, paranoid that something had been stolen. It seemed that everything was in order, and then I got hungry and went to the fridge to find something to eat. I opened the door.... It was completely empty. They stole all the food. And cleaned the fridge; it was all wiped down and spotless. But empty. I was so mad. I waited for M.M, a classmate of mine, to get home. She was apparently my roommate. So was a random Asian guy from Zukin's coop. I showed M.M. the fridge and we were all //jaw-drop THE FOOOODDDDD.

      We checked the cabinet as well, and most of it was there, but all of the "ready-made" meals were gone. M.M. turns to me and says, "They took all the easy things to make." With a deductive nod of her head. We shook our heads in disgust.


      I was with Zukin on a boardwalk of some sort. I had to go find my cohort-mates and ask about something, since we were on an assignment. When I got back to Zukin and the boardwalk, I walked under it, and Zukin said that my head was supporting it really well, and made the boardwalk stiff (she said it in an if you know what I mean sort of way, of course) Then we started lifting up all the boards and found three layers of graded papers underneath the wood. We collected the papers and walked to the car, which was parked a few meters away from the entrance of the boardwalk. We left the parking lot and then, as I was stopped at a light, Zukin got out of the car and started frolicking through the traffic.
    7. Test and Hot Dogs // Sex Tape // Scandal

      by , 07-18-2014 at 02:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 17, 2014

      Math Test and Hot Dogs

      I was taking a math test at the elementary school... I hadn't studied at all and had been dozing off too much in class, so I was completely unprepared. During the lesson, my back and neck were hurting, and so I was doing contortions, bending back in my chair so my forehead touched the ground, making my toes touch my head under the desk. One of my classmates and some random weird guy noticed and started staring at me. During the break just before the test, I went outside and started walking around. I saw one of my old friends with a girl, and they were holding hands. I followed them for a little bit, but then had to go back inside for the test; I almost got locked out because I didn't have my school ID to swipe at the lock (even though it wouldn't work IRL anyways lol). But there was someone going in right behind me, and they warned me to bring the card next time.

      As I reached my seat, my teacher, Tim, was saying something about how we were all a team, and so we couldn't start until everyone was there. At first I thought he was referring to me, but then I noticed a few other people were missing, too. They had gone outside, too. About five minutes later, they came in and apologized; they had gotten locked out, as well. It seemed like all of our student ID cards were out of date now, or had been turned off somehow.

      Tim passed out the test and we all took it. I don't remember actually taking it, but I remember turning it in and then going back outside. I walked around the school more, and saw the friend and his girl from before, and followed them some more. I called him over at some point, and talked to him for a bit, and then someone called the girl over, so they were split for a while. I took my friend and walked around with him because I had a crush on him. I almost kissed him, but decided not to, because he'd looked happy with that other girl. I told him to wait somewhere and went to find his girl, and told her where he was waiting for her.

      Suddenly it was very snowy. I think the dream was blending into a different one, because the location was different, but I saw a fire hydrant on a corner that I'd seen on the first walk-around, before the test. I went to inspect it, as it was now covered in snow, and realized it wasn't a fire hydrant anymore. It was a group of about 7 people all huddled under a tarp or burlap of some sort, which was piling up with snow, faster than would ever be natural. They all looked out at me, and I asked them why they were under the tarp. The main supporter of the tarp said they were experimenting with something, and I turned away.

      I was now on a pedestrian mall. The people under the tarp had walked away, leaving a bare spot of pavement which soon got completely covered with snow, as if they had never been there. The row of shops behind me all looked rather antique. I heard a honk, and looked up; my mom and dad were there to pick me up, and I waved and smiled, having expected them. I was now fully in the other dream. The snow fell and the wind howled. It was a blizzard.

      I got into the car, and shook off my hair, even though no snow had accumulated on me, oddly. I peered over at where I'd been standing, and saw an old, crotchety man come out of the building directly behind where I'd been. He wasn't wearing much, just pants and an undershirt, but he didn't seem to be cold, even through the blizzard. A passing man in a thick coat threw a pack of papers unceremoniously at the crotchety man's door; a delivery. The man grumbled and picked up the papers, walking up and down the street a bit and complaining to the wind and snow and buildings, anything that would listen.

      My dad started driving, and commented on how bad the weather was. I scoffed and said, "Oh, this is nothing."

      After a few more blocks, dad continued, "Oh, and we just bought a Fridge. A round fridge."
      "For the hot dog place." Mom said.
      "Again, what are you talking about...?"
      Dad explained: "We bought an old hot dog establishment. It was the original in a small local chain, but closed years and years ago. The location's perfect, though." So they were going to restart this hot dog place...

      We turned right, and as we drove, the weather gradually got more summery, and it also got slightly darker. We arrived at the Hot Dog Place and got out of the car to meet some family friends. By now, it was almost sunset and comfortably warm, but not too hot. The storefront was round, and the building was looking pretty neglected. Mom and dad had a lot of work to do here. The round fridge was neatly in a corner inside, all shiny and new amidst all the dilapidation.

      We all went on a walk, heading along a road parallel with the beach (did I forget to mention this was fairly close to a shore-line?). Not too far from the Hot Dog Place, I saw a huuuuuuge colorful sphere. It was a huge 3D trampoline-type thing with tunnels and whatnot. There were basically two spheres; and inner sphere and an outer sphere, and between the two spheres was a series of tunnels and obstacles. I wanted to play on it so fudging badly. I asked mom and dad if it was alright if I left them, and they thought it would be fine, since they weren't going much further anyways. I scrambled into the giant, rainbow sphere, and so did the daughter of my parents' family friends. She stays near the entrance, a little more tentative than I am; I am already climbing up to a tunnel entrance near the very top of the sphere. I notice that the walls are a bit elastic, and hold onto the wall while pushing off and up from it. I grab onto a handle at the very peak of the sphere, and start to bounce between the two spots I was holding onto. I looked down, and then let go of the wall, pushing off from the very top. I just barely reach the bottom of the sphere, and grab a handle there, as well. So now I am bouncing between the top and bottom of the sphere, and it's great fun, but I soon level out a little below the center of the sphere. I was a little scared to let go of the top because it was such a large sphere that I was fairly high up, but I also didn't want to let go of the bottom and be stuck at the very top, so I let go and bounced off the bottom a few times before settling. I asked the other girl if it was possible to rent one of these things for an event or something, and she said "maybe, but probably not one this big."

      Sex Tape

      I was with my aunt, in my Oma's basement; we were watching a youtube video on the TV downstairs. The video was basically a sex tape starring one of my friends from a class last year.


      I was with my cohort at a Botanical Garden/Water-Park/Hands On Museum for Adults (a place I've dreamed of before). They were having a special night for to-be-teachers, with a free open bar. So we were all drinking and such. Things got really... interesting. In my dream, D (the only guy in the cohort) brought his girlfriend, who was faceless, and I was so jealous of her. I kept hanging around D and getting him more drinks and such. At some point, he wanted me to take his camera and take a picture of him doing something or other. I thought I took three pictures, and told him, but he only saw two, and so we were sitting next to each other at a table, and he was leaning on me, showing me the camera and how there were only the two pictures. I was feeling very victorious, but then he got up and started hugging his girlfriend. I was going to try to hook up with him anyways. I was so bad.
    8. Night Gas Run // Pizza // Phone Theif // Elementary

      by , 07-17-2014 at 01:22 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 16, 2014

      Night Gas Run

      I was in my van, at a fairly sprawling gas station. The kind you'd find right off the highway, with at least 20 pumps and plenty of space between them. My car was parked in a large lot right next to the pumps, alongside the small store. I was with the people from my cohort again, and we were all driving out to some school. It was dark out; I think very early morning. My cousin was also there, as well as my brothers. I was sitting in the car with them, talking about something or other, and I had to move spots for some reason. As soon as I moved, things went all chaotic and it was difficult to find a new spot because people suddenly decided to all try moving at once.


      I was in a class, and the teacher had gotten us all pizza. There was tons of it, and lots of bottles of pop. I know for sure that Zukin and Stussy were there, and a few people from my cohort. When class was over, I was helping people collect the bottles from the pop, because I wanted to return them for the deposit. Stussy was helping me and talking about how much pizza he'd eaten, and I vaguely wondered why he was there, since I have never had a class with him before. But I didn't think it was odd enough to realize I was dreaming : /

      Fragment: Phone Thief

      I only know that just before waking up at 4 AM with a jolt, I had my phone in my left hand, and someone bumped into me, jolting my phone out of my hand. I think the person was trying to take my phone. I don't remember hat I was doing just before that.

      Fragment: Elementary

      I was at the school I intern at, helping the kids get off the buses in the morning and talking to them, though I don't remember what I talked to them about.
    9. Dump Truck Bed

      by , 07-15-2014 at 01:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 14, 2014

      During the night, I only have vague impressions that I had a clip-board. I have no idea why or even what the clip-board was like.

      Then I took a 1.5 hour nap at 4:00, after my yet-again-long day as a teaching intern, and had this dream:

      I was at the elementary school in which I am an intern for summer classes, and we were all in our class after the kids had left. Most of my actual cohort-mates were there, but a few of them were replaced with guys (IRL there's only one guy in the cohort). I was aiming for one of them, and hoping that another of them would end up with one of my friends (we'll call this other one George for now, since he comes in later).

      The day was done and I decided to take a nap before heading home; so I curled up in one of the empty classrooms and dreamed that I was a prostitute on my first night on the job. When I woke up, I was thinking that I needed some money, and being a prostitute wouldn't be all that bad, anyways. So I went down the street to the Prostitution Center (which doesn't exist IRL) and asked to fill out a form to apply for work.

      The secretary there didn't seem to like me; she noticed the hours I was logging in as "previous experience" and made some snide comment that I don't quite remember. She also noticed my class ring and rolled her eyes. Part of the job was that we had to lift three boxes of supplies per day, at the main building; they received shipments daily of things like condoms, kinky roleplay outfits, and silk and lace. Just before I was going to get taken on a tour of the facilities, I heard the beeping of a truck backing up, and then a few men came in with said boxes, placing them at the door. Two scantily clad women walked in on stilettos and each lifted a box, taking them beep inside the building. I saw those high heels and panicked for a moment.

      "I'm not going to have to wear those heels, am I? I'll die, or kill a client or something."
      The secretary shook her head, and led me to a door behind the counter. She opened it, and I followed her into a large factory-like room with concrete floors and tape lines to guide people and machinery. I didn't ask what they did in this room, but I assumed it was some fantasy- or fetish-room, for men who liked that sort of thing. The secretary pointed to another door on the opposite side and paused to inspect something or other. I went to the door, and opened it, holding it open and waiting for the secretary. I think she warmed up to me with that. She thanked me and we continued with the tour. The new room was an office-building; cubicles and photocopiers in dark corners and a whole row of boss's offices, doors shut and blinds pulled. Another fetish-room?

      We exited that room into the open. There was another building in the business, so we would take the company's advertizing vehicle there. It was a dump-truck. But the bed of the dump-truck was a huge mattress (I didn't realize how hilariously punny that was until I woke up and texted Zukin about it, HAHAHA). The secretary gestured for me to hop into the bed, while she got into the cockpit. I felt vulnerable and exposed on the mattress, and to my horror, we were going to pass the school to get to the other building. I tried to hide my face, especially when I saw that some of the kids were actually still there, waiting for parents or perhaps a late bus. One of the kids was one of my rising 3rd graders, and I prayed she wouldn't see me. It was then that I decided that I probably shouldn't be a prostitute, because I was going to be a teacher, and it wouldn't look good.

      As we approached the T-intersection where we'd turn right, I noticed a bit of a jam; the bus had gotten there, but the road was being blocked by a sudden accident, and the bus was having to get out of the jam by going around the left edge of the road, behind the trees which separated the road from a large drop (apparently we were on a high hill). I was impressed by this feat of maneuvering on the bus-driver's part, but I waved to the secretary and asked, "Sooo... What if I decided I don't really want to do this anymore?"

      She just smiled and turned right, as if heading to the other building, but turned around in the driveway of the school, and dropped me off at the main building again. "So can we just go back in there and shred this application? Those hours I logged were a dream, anyways." I asked, glad that she understood.

      "No problem. I'll do it for you even, so you don't have to go back in." I handed her the application, which I'd torn in half, and smiled.


      She honked goodbye and drove off into the industrial parking lot of the main building. Since I didn't have my car, I went to the nearest bus stop, and as I walked, the world slowly shifted into an anime-ish world. A few of my cohort-mates were sitting at the bus stop when I got there. Apparently they had also just decided not to be prostitutes. We all started gossiping about the guys in our class. "So, George, right? He should totally be with *insert name of freind (not sure which one it was haha)*, right?" I said, and the other two looked at me, incredulous.

      "Dude, no. He totally has a crush on you. It's pretty obvious." One of them said.

      "What? Noooo." I laughed and shook my head.

      "No, really. He watches you a lot, actually. You should tap that. He's got the looks AND the personality."

      I thought about George, and smiled a little. He was pretty handsome... I decided to switch my target to him, and hope that my friend got with my original target.

      Then I woke up because Zukin texted me (haha! It was right before my alarm was going to go off anyways, though)
    10. We Forgot Her // A Differnt Vacation // Temporary Tattoo Makeup // Dirty Watch

      by , 07-12-2014 at 04:21 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 11, 2014

      We Forgot Her!

      I was on a vacation with my family, but I can't remember where we went. I do know that my cousin was staying with my brothers and me in one house while the adults were in a different house. We'd rented two that were next to each other so we would have enough space for us all. I know I dreamed of things that were happening during the vacation but all I remember was being in a pedestrian mall, looking for a pizza place and the end;

      We were getting ready to leave, and I went into the house to make sure we had everything and because I hadn't seen my cousin in the car yet. I looked around and didn't see her, so I assumed she was in the car now. I went out, we all got in the car, and headed back home; but about ten minutes into the drive, I realized my cousin actually wasn't there, and I panicked because we had lost her.

      A Different Vacation

      I was in the car with my brothers, on the way back from a different vacation. I think we may have been visiting up north. But it was weird, because we picked up Kevin, my big brother's oldest friend who lives down the road from us, and another of his friends, and I got the feeling we were in my neighbor's driveway. But we were coming back to our house. So it was weird.

      We were on the road; I was sitting in the back of the car, in the seat behind the passenger's side front seat. We were driving, and as we passed some rolling hills with houses on them, and think pine forests, my little brother was pointing out the house our parents had just built. I asked if he was sure that was it, and he said "I'd know that plot anywhere!" I had the impression that it would be a long drive... But I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, we were already back in town; driving along the road we used to take to get to pre-school.

      (oh my goodness, I just remember like three really old dreams)

      Temporary Tattoo Makeup

      I was getting ready for a class in the morning, but I didn't have a mirror, so putting on my makeup was really difficult. I had decided on the purple sparkly eyeshadow I have for the day. I ended up having to do the makeup on a piece of paper, and then sticking it to my eyes to transfer it, like a temporary tattoo. But I still needed a mirror to make sure I didn't screw it up; so I went into one of the school buildings to try and find a bathroom. But I'm pretty shy about putting makeup on in front of most people, and so I was trying to find either an empty bathroom or a stall with a mirror in it. The first bathroom I went in had a man in it, for some reason (lol, I just remembered another dream where all the toilets in this huge bathroom were massage chairs; they were all out in the open though). The second bathroom didn't have a mirror in it at all, and the third had lots of people in it. I left all the bathrooms and ended up doing my makeup at a table in the room I had classes in, before anyone got there. When someone got there, I asked it my makeup was alright, but I woke up before I got an answer.

      Dirty Watch

      I was with my teaching cohort, and we were talking about some adorable little girl who lived on such-n-such street (there was a street name, but I don't remember it). We were all at my house for some reason. One of my classmates, M, was explaining something about the little girl and how she knew it. I remember looking down at my watch, but it had a stain on it and water inside the screen, so it wasn't working... Which puzzles me. It's usually my cue that something is off, making me do reality checks. What would it mean if my dream watch stopped working, I wonder...?
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    11. PBS Woes

      by , 07-09-2014 at 01:09 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 07, 2014

      I was with some of my cohort-mates and Zukin, and we were all going to a scholastic-or-PBS-or-something sale in a building that reminded me greatly of a train station (specifically Shining Time Station). There was a sale for teachers, but when we got there, we found out you only got that sale if you had a PBS account, which you could only have if you were also a parent of a child under the age of three. We were pissed and raised a fuss, but didn't end up getting the discount anyways D:

      On the way out of the market, there was a display with a whole bunch of Halloween masks and hats and accessories and shtuff. There were green and purple witch's fingers, and someone in the group said, "They look like a finger on top of another finger" because the nails were so long.

      On the way back, we talked about random things that I don't remember, but I do remember the walk itself and the landscape. We were walking along a path/road (it was at once narrow like a walk-way but wide like a road. Very surreal and variable) through slight hills. It was night time, but there were hardly any street-lights. I could see the lights of the city ahead of us, and mountains to our left. We walked down the valley path, and I noticed it split multiple times, and was very bridge-y. As in there were lots of random ups to make bridges that weren't needed.
    12. Swimteam Fireworks // Miss Michigans // Crowd Like Water

      by , 07-09-2014 at 01:01 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 06, 2014

      Swim Team Fireworks

      I was a little girl on a swim team, and I was really good friends with the coach's son. But his mother hated me, and manipulated her husband into not letting me do anything with the team. I got estranged from them. She hated me because her son was probably in love with me. I started to live on my own in a rectangular house. It was one big room instead of multiple smaller ones; Except that there was a small bathroom in the back, right in the middle. So I was living on my own in this big house (I don't know what had happened to my parents, but they weren't there any longer. I had been living with the best friend, but his mother had driven me out)

      While I was living on my own, I somehow got a huge wound in my side. I was bed-ridden for two weeks. I barely ate, and no one was there to take care of me. I was also bleeding a lot for those two weeks, so by the time someone found me, I was very weak. I forgot who it was that found me, but I get the feeling it was either another of the little boys on my swim team (we always argued and he made fun of me all the time) or a neighbor because they hadn't seen me leave the house at all in two weeks and wanted to check on me.

      I was in the hospital for a while, but I don't remember how long. After the hospital, child protective services put me up in the fanciest hotel in town, in the penthouse. When I was able to see the swim team again, just before 4th of July, I asked one of them if they had been worried about me while I was away, but they didn't seem to know what I was talking about... The mother of my best friend had cleaned my whole house and made it look like nothing had happened at all.

      On the day of the 4th, I knew that my friends in the swim team would be going to a certain spot to see the fireworks, like we had all done for years. I spent the night at my house instead of the hotel penthouse, and then walked to the spot where the team would meet up. I had to walk down my street (turning right out of the house) for a while, and then down a hill that spanned maybe 50-feet of elevation. There were steps along the road for people to walk on, and shrubs and trees and grass lining everything. The street leveled off, and then almost immediately I turned right on the main street, which was a boulevard and looked very Florida-like to me. The team was sitting a little ways away, and I went up to them to sit with them, but the mother glared at me as I approached, and so I instead turned right and climbed the hill a little ways, sitting behind and to the left of the team. I watched them having fun and wished I could join them... As the fireworks started, I moved closer and closer to the group until I was just on the edge of it.

      Then, there was an intermission in the fireworks, and the mother was taking a small group of them to the convenience store to get snacks. I snuck onto the back of the golf-cart they were taking, because the boy who always fought with me invited me to come with them. The mother didn't notice I was there until we'd already gotten to the store, and she couldn't just leave me there, so she grudgingly paid for my snack to make it look like she didn't hate me, so the other kids wouldn't hate her.

      We all went back to the golf cart and sat for a while before we drove back; I gave the boy who used to fight with me some gummy glasses, and told him "there's a swimmer's note on it!" (don't ask me what that means. It's gibberish to me...) He giggled, and the three other children (except my best friend, I think he was jealous) accused us of being all lovey-dovey and asked if we were a couple now. But he got all embarrassed and said we were just normal friends, then told me, "hands off the swim clothes!"

      I don't know what that meant either, but I think he said that sort of thing to me often. "Hands off the --- clothes!" Or something. I don't know.

      Miss Michigan

      I (and everyone in my cohort) were former Miss Michigans (yes even the one guy in my classes was a former Miss Michigan haha!)

      We had all organized a carpool system to all the competitions, and as we were entering one of them, one of us dropped something. I picked it up for her, and as I handed it to her, she told me under her breath that I should avoid something, though I can't remember what it was that I should avoid.

      Crowd like Water

      I was some sort of cat human (a little like a Felinetta) thing, and I was walking in an elaborate garden at night (there was a stone slab in the center, engraved, but I didn't catch what was written on it), when I met a sort of dog-human-thing. We sang a beautiful duet and acted out a dramatic love scene from a book we both loved. There was lots of moonlight and star-twinkles and I think some twittering, tweeting yellow birdies. Very Disney.

      Fast forward a lot of years, and I am the daughter of these two animal-people. I now had a baby brother who was just learning to walk. We had taken him to the garden where or parents had met and duet-ed, but we suddenly had to flee, because the secret police were trying to neutralize us. My parents say we must leave my little brother in the garden until it's safe to come back and get him (they knew that the police would never harm a baby, even the baby of someone they were after), but I refused to leave him, and picked him up. We ran, and as I passed the stone slab in the center, I suddenly could read it in a glance: It was a prophecy that stated that my parents being together would bring about the destruction of the world.

      As we ran, we slowly changed into full-humans. We ran up what looked like the stairs in my Oma's house, then through a wide alleyway, and then dad whips out my real dad's old white car (the one he had when I was a toddler. He got rid of that thing YEARS and YEARS ago! It was the one my parents always told us could fly haha)

      "Dad you still have this thing?!" I said as I got in, setting my brother down in the seat next to me.
      "Ohhh yeaaahhhh~"

      So we drive out of the alleyway, and as we're doing it, a brand new, shiny BMW is driving toward us. There's not enough room for both of us to be there, but the shiny BMW graciously slims up and pulls over to the side to let us pass. I realized this was weird, and looked down at my hands; Two thumbs again. This time it was my left hand, and the copy-thumb mirrored every movement of my real thumb.

      So, I was dreaming. A woman suddenly walked out in front of the car, and stopped there, in the middle of the street, and just kinda lazily looked around. I yelled at her to move, or else I would have dad run her over (I wanted to see her reaction). She wasn't all that impressed, but she did move, and we went on our way. We ALL (even the baby brother) flipped her off and called her a bitch. Suddenly, there were tons of people all around us. We'd come out of the alley and into a bazaar-type marketplace, and it was packed.

      We keep driving, and I watch as we quite literally plow through people. They didn't move out of the way at all as we moved by; instead, they rolled over the car and landed exactly where they'd been standing before. It was like water. They just flowed over and around us, without batting an eyelash. When we got through the crowd, everyone stopped whatever they had been doing and applauded us. "YOU MADE IT!" They were shouting.

      I got out of the car, and wanted to try taking off my clothes while they were all looking, but woke up before I could get anything off.

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    13. Exploding Lightning // Class Again

      by , 07-06-2014 at 04:04 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 05, 2014

      Exploding Lightning

      I was in a class, cutting up paper and taping them to note cards (this is funny, because I actually had to do that for one of my elementary education classes). The class was in a mountain; like, literally, there was a door in the side of a mountain that led to this classroom.

      It was time to change classes, and I had to go to math... It was in a room across the valley, so we all had to walk through said valley to get to the other door in the other mountain. I opened the door, and it was breathtaking.

      The lighting was surreal; There was a storm raging in the sky, but it was still fairly light in the valley; almost like day-time (or maybe more like dusk). I looked up at the sky; the lightning was more like fireworks. It was exploding. I know it was lightning though. It was distinctly lightning, and yet it wasn't behaving like it. Every bolt spread out in a starburst before striking. It looked amazing.

      Class Again

      In this fragment, I was also in a class, but it was a different one. I was in an outdoor amphitheater-type classroom. There was a big stage at the front, where the teacher(s; a man and a woman) were demonstrating the stuff we were learning. It may or may not have been dirty...

      Once class was over, I was waiting for my ride, and so I looked around; I was sitting in the top-left corner of the room. To my left, instead of a wall, was a steep (but not too steep to climb) grassy hill. There was a huge floor-to-ceiling window behind me, at the back of the room, but I didn't look out of it to see what was there.

      My ride showed up in the form of my younger cousin, who just graduated high school.