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    1. 2-10 to 2-11 2018 dreams (no LDs)

      by , 02-11-2018 at 06:31 PM
      I had to do some experimenting with sleeping positions to fall asleep but eventually it worked. Before bed I did waking life recall of the previous day and some light cardio and stretching.

      Round 1 of Dreams.
      Witch Lady / Diglett attack / Guitar scales on bus / Truck into freezing water

      I forgot what happened up until here. There was some context that there was a lady who was like this witch lady and I was trying to find her photograph to click on it and then be able to fight her or defeat her. There was more before that but I can't remember like where the idea of the witch lady came from and all. Maybe something to do with playing music or that she was locking up my creativity.

      So, I was looking at all these photographs, but apparently the witch lady was inaccessible. They were all sort of decoys or secondary figures.

      Then I was at the bottom of this hill, in this dungeon room type of thing. There were these boxes I could hit and activate and then an enemy would come out. I would fight that enemy and they would explode or whatever like in video games and coins would appear. Then, I would collect the coins.

      The next phase was that the witch lady was going to roll a bunch of poor little digletts down a hill that were supposed to run me over. I started walking up the hill against the flow of Digletts rolling down. The Digletts were actually innocent victims and more on my side than hers. She was just using them for her evil purposes. I found that if I just laid down, the Digletts could roll over me with no damage.

      This was interesting part because when I say "me" and "I" what it was kind of like was there was this female video game character who was the protagonist. And then I was mixing between seeing her from outside or seeing the dream from her perspective. But I had a sense that was "me" or "I" because she was the protagonist? I don't know if it was really "me" though.

      So then "I" got to the top of the hill and the witch lady was mad I had made it up so far. She took hundreds of these poor Digletts and cast them into some giant folder type of thing on the side. This was supposed to destroy or sacrifice them. I thought it was sad but it seemed the witch lady couldn't quite kill me.

      I forgot what happened next. Maybe I fought the witch lady or maybe more other stuff happened.

      Next thing I remember, I was on this school bus. A woman I was in a long term relationship with back in college was sitting in the seat accross the aisle and one ahead. She was looking at my shirt and saying she had never seen it before. She was reading it to me. (Note to self #1*) . I was telling her that she had seen it lots of times before and I told her the proper way of saying the name on it. Then she was putting her bare foot on my shirt. This seemed normal to me.

      Then there was someone who objected to her doing that. They were like, are you really going to let her just put her foot on you like that? And I felt kind of awkward because I didn't want to insult the girl but they had a point in a way. In the context of the dream, the girl putting her foot on me had more to do with just being "uncivilized" than being rude to me.

      Either before or after that, I had a guitar, and so did a guy accross from me. I played a scale in kind of a cool way. I remembered the fingering to the major scales. 1, 2, 4, 1, 3, 4, 1, 3, 4, something like that, starting on the low E string. Well, I thought i was remembering it, but that seems off. Then, the guy accross from me played the same scale but in some super rock star kind of a way. He was using some double notes where he could play a note on say the twelfth fret but then play the fifth fret on the same string simultaneously and it sounded cool. It was way better than my attempt at playing. There was still a tone of not being allowed to play music though.

      So then on the bus we were driving down along this road. There was some building and some kind of dirt road. The people were kind of pressuring me like, are you going to spend the rest of your life with this person? (Note to self #2*) I really honestly wasn't sure at that point and felt torn, but pressure to decide.

      Then, we got to this sort of field with some small dirt hills. (Note to self #3*) There was something about having 15 minutes to get accross to the beach on the other side of the woods but not being sure if we were ready to set up this tent in the cold without having all our blankets and such. We weren't prepared for a night camping in the cold. Then the guy said he only had 15 minutes and was going to have to go all the way around. I said, no, look, there is a dirt path there you can drive on. Sure enough, he was able to drive on that dirt path and so we headed toward it. There was some ice on it but we were in a pick up truck now and should be fine if we take it slow. To the right of the path there was a body of water.

      Next thing I knew, the driver was heading straight for the water, to drive over the ice. I was thinking to myself, this is a bad idea, you won't be able to drive over the ice. It will break and the car will sink. But the guy went in anyway and sure enough, the ice broke, and we were all in the car, sinking underwater. Luckily we were able to get out of the car but it was pretty scary, especially with the water being so cold.

      I guess we sort of abandoned the pick up truck and were going to walk the rest of the way. Now there was a sense that someone was mad at us for drowning the pick up truck and would be coming after us.

      Next part I remember, I had gotten to a house that was supposed to be my Dad's. The other two people from the pick up truck were gone. My Dad was in the bathroom or something. I was in the kitchen and saw a bag of red ground beef on the counter, like a see through plastic bag. I weighed it and it was about 4 ounces. It seemed that my Dad had seasoned it up to make something for himself. I wanted to tell my Dad that if he was the person who answered the door, the people who came to kill the other people might not know that he was not one of the people who ruined the truck or whatever else. But then they might attack my Dad so I wanted to warn my Dad to maybe leave or not answer the door?

      Looking back, I realize that I was the first person they would see if they came in the house, and I wonder if anything else happened in the dream. That was as far as I could remember.

      I remember physically awakening on my left side some how, even though I went to sleep on my right side. I was kind of surprised at this. The first thing that happened when I woke up was like my mind was sort of melty or something? Like I felt like I half knew that I should be thinking of what I had dreamed but my mind wasn't fully awake yet or it was still disconnected from my consciousness. Eventually, it got to where I could grab hold of my mind and think through the dreams. So I stayed still, and thought, and nothing, nothing, nothing came until I think the detail of the red meat came to mind, then the ice water, and it all kind of flowed until nothing else would come to mind. I was able to wait long enough to pee to think back to that witch lady part and try to remember further and further back, but I couldn't get to any earlier than looking through the photos and trying to "click" on the witch lady to access her.

      I am not too angry about forgetting that part because I am surprised how much I remembered for just the first time waking up through the night. Maybe I want to use a voice recorder through the night instead of the computer screen, so I don't get so much light exposure, but I don't know how to set it up.

      Round 2 of Dreams.
      "Crash in my back yard / Talking Turkey"

      I woke up from this dream, started to remember it, then fell asleep a little bit again. So I think I lost some, but here is what I remembered.

      I forgot a lot of the beginning. But where my memory of this dream begins, I was sitting at my Nana's table with my sister. I was sitting where my Nana sits, which looks out at the whole back yard. My sister was sitting with her back to the wall where the T V is. I think my sister was drawing something and I was talking to her about it. She might have fallen off her chair or something, I don't quite remember, but it was something.

      Then, I looked out the back yard through the windows on the door and saw this giant black metal sort of thing. I was like, my goodness, that is definitely unusual. I didn't think I might be dreaming, but I was pretty surprised. I think I tried to point it out to my sister and she said, oh, its nothing.

      Then there were some police officers at my door. Some kindness came over me and I invited them inside the house, rather than keep them standing at the door. They were telling me how they came because there was a huge car crash and explosion in my back yard. We were on this big set of pink carpeted stairs, and all the police officers were all sitting around and laying down on the stairs. I kept noticing there was a table we could all go sit at, but I guess we all wanted to stay on the stairs. They were asking me when was my last time on something called "2 4 7 3 6 5". I tried to think back in my head to the last time I was on "2 4 7 3 6 5". It was morning time in this dream.

      I started to worry that once my Dad got home, he would be upset that I let the police officers in. So I hoped they would leave before he got home. They wanted to borrow his truck. Them taking his truck would cause him to miss his 9 A M A A meeting (he doesn't go to A A in waking life) and this made my sister upset. There were some jars of change on the steps.

      At some point my perception was that the big metal thing in the back yard was put there as a barrier so I wouldn't have to witness the wreckage of the car crash. But really I think that the big metal thing was the thing that caused the "crash" effect and the explosion.

      I think I forgot some more parts of the dream after that.

      Next in the dream, I only remember this part about a man being lusted after by women. He had some kind of name like Georginio'Bimbi or something like that. The initials were G apostrophe B. I forgot the rest but I think he had long black hair.

      I think I forgot some more parts around here.

      Then the end of this dream involved a scene with two guitarists on stage. I remember touching one of their guitars and noticing all the different wah wah pedal types of things there were on it. The guitarists seemed like they were going to have some kind of "guitar duel" but they ended up playing along with each other. They both had long hair and maybe beards.

      Then the guy on the right dropped down to do abdominal crunches while the guitarist on the left continued playing. The guy did abdominal crunches to the tune of the guitarists playing.

      Then I think there was a screen showing some of the antics back stage to the audience as the two guitarists did this performance. A guy came along and stole the guy's guitar who was doing the crunches. He ways sort of muttering to himself (for the crowd to hear, because he was acting) that he always wanted a guitar like this. So the "dream screen" followed him as he took it behind the back stage curtain and he wished for a car. A red recliner chair was along the side of a grey stair case and this seemed to be the fulfillment of his wish. On the chair there was a big raw turkey. On the turkey was some writing, something like, "I can have what I want." The guy either laid back on the turkey or he threw the turkey to the side before sitting down. Then he reclined back as far as he could in the red recliner chair, talking about how he was so happy to have his new car, by which he meant he was so happy to have the chair, but the chair was his "car". He was going to play guitar while reclining all the way back and he seemed so happy about it. I think the stair case would have got in the way of the neck of the guitar because it was right up against it. All this scene from the chair was seen from like a side profile view.

      So I woke up from these and began to think through them. It was like I knew something had happened but I didn't know what it was, so I kept trying to remember, and eventually, the details came up. As I was thinking about the part with the turkey, I fell back to sleep. I had a dream of a turkey singing "I'm talking!" In a deep voice kind of like Plankton's voice from Spongebob. That is not the first time I have been thinking of a dream detail from a dream I just had, woken up, and thought about it, and suddenly I was in a dream all about that dream detail. Interesting phenomenon.

      Round 3 of Dreams.

      I forgot some earlier parts of this dream. Also my dream notes were not sequential so I am not really sure what order this all happened in. I will try to put it in the best order I can. (Usually I like to put the dream in the order it happened if possible. )

      There was a part with my sister and it was her "last day visiting". I remember being unable to sleep and not really knowing how to handle her leaving. There was also a part where I was walking through the neighborhood with my sister and encountered my sister's friend's brother in a hooded sweater. I think it was on one of the roads I walk to the grocery store on because I remember the chain fence behind him and it looked like where I make that turn. But I remembered thinking I have no idea who these people are.

      So then, there was this part where I was dreaming of having difficulty sleeping. I was wondering what to do. I tried looking on You Tube and I found this one guy's video that was interesting. I don't remember the content but it was definitely pretty cool. I tried to copy paste the title of the video but I noticed it contained some parts that weren't letters. They were actually like bars that I could slide a little bar along like a volume or brightness bar to control the percentage of certain content within the video? Kind of hard to explain. One of the sliding scales was called something like "transgender". So I guess the higher I put that scale, the more of a "transgender" quality the video would have?

      At first I thought the Youtube video person was really cool but then it turned out they had a lot of issues. They were a black haired transgender person who was raging at everyone. It seemed like they were trying to stand up for themselves though. I remember they went down some stairs, and I kind of went down the stairs, too. I had to go down them backwards so I didn't hurt my knees.

      I was thinking they are so angry because they are just constipated, or that if they would walk down the stairs backwards, like I did, they wouldn't be so upset. (Note to self #4*)

      I am not totally sure of the order of events in this dream or if I missed anything. But next, some of my friends from high school were around. My friend Tom had a big game boy. He was drinking too much alcohol and then shutting the game boy around his head, so you could only see a game boy where his head was. Then, he was sitting on the edge of the table, and fell off it backwards, hitting his head really hard on the ground, with the game boy on his head. It looked like he had a brief case on his head. I was concerned that he must have been really hurt, but he got up and said he was fine! I didn't realize it was a dream.

      Then there was a part where there were two locations the dream would toggle between. It was a Pokemon game kind of thing and I wish I remembered more of it. Each location had a brown portal and a white portal. One portal brought me one place, one portal brought me back. The portals were like glowing concentric circles in the ground. Okay, so then it was some sort of Pokemon battle thing, but I mainly wanted to just walk around the level. I was seeing the "dream screen" as if it was the view point you see when you play Pokemon on gameboy (like ruby/sapphire generation).

      Then I was sitting with a woman and she was showing me some kind of maps or schematics. She sat down on my leg to show the maps or schematics to me. I was really sort of in love at that point because I guess that is definitely a sign she liked me, and usually when a female shows the slightest sign of interest in me, I fall in love!

      There was this part where these brown socks I have appeared. The woman and I were both looking at the sock and it had a hole in the back of it above the heel that looked like the hole in the hat where you adjust the width. So there was a part where the "dream screen" just showed both socks.

      Then the woman and I were sitting in some bleachers but in my living room. We were sitting pretty high up on them, towards the back. We were looking out at the beach one moment, then it was in my house. We were talking about getting jobs so we could have a life together. I was looking at a schematic and the view of the beach and saying how it wouldn't be that difficult for me to make schematics for a living. It is much harder for the people who have to actually build it or make the materials, but just making the schematic is easy, and I could do that for a living. She was talking about getting a late shift, like noon to 8 or 4 to 12. We were saying how if we both still like each other when we have jobs, we can be together. It was very loving. I was sitting slightly behind her at one point with my face in her hair, kind of holding her like a big hug from behind, how some couples sometimes sit. Like a spooning hug I guess you would call it, I don't know. It felt really like a gift because I felt a lot of love for this dream person.

      I started to worry that my Dad would get home. Sure enough, he came in the front door. My attention went away from the woman and I guess she dissappeared. He had just gotten home from somewhere. He laid down on the lowest bench of the bleachers to do a bench press. Somehow he had got 150 pounds from the floor to the bench press position without actually having spotter racks like bench press racks in the gym do. The bleachers made long benches for bench pressing. I went to spot my Dad and accidentally pushed the bar down instead of helping him up with it but he still pressed the bar anyway, so i was relieved I didn't crush him. Then I noticed it was an E Z bar, which means it isn't a straight bar, it has kind of pointy parts as it is bent at different angles. There is usually a pointy part in the very middle of an E Z bar and he was bouncing this part of the bar so hard off his rib cage that I could see his rib cage get pressed down and bounce back up. I was thinking to myself, that is so dangerous, he really should not bounce the bar like that. But he was even throwing the bar in the air and catching it, and then at the end of his set, he flung the bar on the ground in front of him. That would be a very unusual way to lift weights in waking life, but I didn't become lucidly aware. Next, I saw another barbell, but it was only half the length of a barbell. I thought of my olympic barbell in the basement and that I could get that for him instead, but then the dream situation shifted again.

      He had gone out to get a second "yard scooper" so that we would have two such shovels to use as two "shovel arms" for picking things up in the yard. But he forgot to get the second one while he was out. I was thinking of other things we could use in the mean time so he didn't have to rush back out.

      I wrote that at some point, there was a thing with Eminem lyrics, but I have no idea where this fits. It wasn't the content of the youtube video so I guess I will just leave it at that. I also vaguely remember some sort of buildings near a beach, but the buildings were like marketplaces with no roofs. I didn't know where that fit, either. I woke up from every dream with that image in mind but couldn't really think of what had happened regarding it.

      I woke up from these dreams but fell back asleep midway of thinking through them. Luckily, I didn't lose all the details. I was groggy throughout this night when it came to waking up to recall dreams. But I had enough energy to keep myself up long enough to remember the dream before I went back to sleep.

      Later on I also remembered that I had a dream where I was trying to post a dream journal entry on a forum somewhere. I was falling behind on my posts but not because I wasn't writing them. I was just working on multiple posts at once so I was going to post them all once I finished them all, instead of one at a time. I was trying to make a post to explain to anyone who wanted to read my dream journal entries that I was sorry for the delay but there would be a lot of posts soon. (This came from my idea of going back to older dreams in my DJ and posting them up in archived DJ entries. ) I was actually thinking of dreams I have actually had within this dream when thinking of the dreams I would post.

      Round 4 of dreams.

      I forgot what happened in the beginning of this dream. It was something with my sister and Aunt. My memory of the dream starts with me walking through this market place and there was a 20 percent off sale. The coupon was a piece of paper kind of ripped into a square, but then it had another square cut out of its center which I was trying to tape back in. I hoped that I could use multiple coupons, but then I realized I didn't need anything from this store, and so even at 80% off, it is still not a good expense of my money. Then there was someone, maybe my sister, or someone else, who wanted to go to the sale. So she was waiting for some guy to walk through the door so she could hand off her baby to him. He would be walking through the door at exactly 10:08 or 10:09 A M (something like that) and so she would walk out just as he was walking in and hand off her baby to him.

      I guess a lot of these perceptions in dreams of the context of what is going on around me is telepathic because usually it is not said outright.

      The next part was pretty interesting. I went to the end of a hallway and into this room behind a plastic curtain, like they have at gym showers. I started to notice lots of quarters on the floor and thought, maybe I dropped them there. (This makes me think there was some part of the dream in which I was already dealing with dream money but I can't remember. ) So I picked up one quarter, and then there was another, until one after another after another appeared. I looked at them, and they were silver, and seemed like waking life quarters. Some even had states on the back or eagles. Then, as I went more to my left, there were fifty cent pieces, some of those European coins with the silver around it and gold in the middle, and then gold dollar or five or even ten dollar coins in the shower part of the room. One of the quarters that was tails up, showing a bald eagle, was darker in color. I noticed this but just explained it to myself as waking life because money can get some dirt on it sometimes. I was feeling such a high from finding all of this money. The thought occured to me that it might be a dream. I think I finger palm tested a little, but eventually talked myself out of it being a dream! (Now upon awakening I find humor in that. ) As I picked up the coins, I had the sense come over me that they weren't mine. I was going to take them all anyway, and hoped that whoever they belonged to wouldn't come to get them before I finished gathering them all up.

      Then I walked out from there and still had the money in mind but there was another objective now. I had on a black shirt with some red design on it, like a red square. Everyone else seemed to be wearing this dark green science olympiad shirt that I got in high school or middle school and it still fits me. My sister was one floor up but could talk down to me. She told me to change out of my "nice clothes" before I come up, because they were using lots of cleaning chemicals up there. I saw that she was wearing that green shirt and I thought of changing into that shirt too. For some reason I proceded to go upstairs. But I had forgotten to change my shirt first and was upset with myself, because I would have to go all the way back down. Going up, I think the stairs were a little funny.

      My friend Yanni was playing a plastic water bottle as if it were a saxophone. I thought to myself, wow, I didn't know you could play a plastic water bottle so well and make such a great sound. Auditorially, I heard real saxophone music. Yanni was trying to attract a woman.

      When I went back down the stairs, I noticed they were a little different than they were going up. There were like 4 or 6 steps, then it turned 90 degrees and there were 4 or 6 more steps, then it turned again and there was a really long set of steps going down. This seemed unusual to me but I didn't become lucidly aware or thinking of checking if I was dreaming. I remember the stairs were a little slippery at one point as I went down them forwards and I got really scared. I had to catch my balance on the side of the stair well and then started going down the stairs more carefully.

      As I went down the stairs, I saw a few things. One was a grey electronic key board. I played it a little but was afraid it would get in the way of Yanni's music, so i stopped. (A lot of dreams were about a fear of playing music, which is coming up in my waking life as I consider picking up guitar again. ) I also saw this Kirby "alarm game" which was like a video game console. Also, I saw another quarter, but this one was clearly a fake plastic quarter, so I just returned it to the ground.

      I got back downstairs and now Yanni was at the foot of the stairs, still playing saxophone. I wondered how he got there again. I walked through this row of bushes into a hallway and there were these really cool exotic flowers. They were bundled really close together and looked or felt kind of like fabric. There were sky blue, goldenrod, pink or red ones, and other colors. I noticed one flower seemed different but didn't think much of it. They were all along the side of this hallway.

      I think some more stuff happened that I forgot. But then I found myself writing out what had happened so far, like I was doing a dream journal entry, but I was still in the same place. Unless I had dreamed of waking up, and forgot. I just felt like I was still in the same place.

      After I felt I had finished journaling, I got up and started helping set up for the party. As I went along, I began to have more dream memories pop into my head, so I wanted to be sure I wouldn't forget them. I found myself a white piece of printer paper and ripped a little corner off to use for notes. I looked for a writing utensil and found a colored pencil that looked different colors but said dark brown on it. It was more like a mix of light brown and orange! But the text on the colored pencil in the dream was very clear. I rotated the colored pencil around to find this word for the color on there. The tip was very sharp. I was not lucidly aware, but I was doing all of this with some level of consciousness, just not knowing it was a dream. I remember thinking it was pretty cool that dream memories would just pop into my mind as I went about my activities, so I would always have another memory to look forward to. I leaned up against a solid surface and wrote about the Kirby alarm, something else I had seen, and then I was going to write that I saw Yanni playing saxophone. I felt self conscious to write about Yanni because he was standing right near by, but I justified it like, I am writing my dream, it is not about him. Just as I wrote the name "Yanni" on the paper, he actually started to walk towards me. I was like, uh oh. Then, he started to talk to me about telekinesis. (I find it amazing how in my dreams, telekinesis is very common place, but in waking life, it is harder to notice. )

      Other stuff may have happened. I woke up and thought through these dreams, glad to recover them in some good level of detail.

      (I wanted to note that I had been setting a strong intention to practice dream recall within a lucid dream because I heard that any action performed in the lucid dream state is seven to nine times stronger than an action performed in waking life. So I figured doing dream recall within a dream would boost my dream recall in waking life. It was cool to me how immediately this translated into a non lucid dream about dream recall. )

      Round 5 of sleep.

      I tried to do a wake back to bed after the last dream by doing some light physical activity and then going back to bed. I fell back asleep after what seemed like a long time of waiting there awake, and then woke up from that sleep with no dreams I could remember. That was a little dissappointing. I tried to sleep again but couldn't. I got up to start the day.
    2. Shorncliffe Pier Romance

      by , 12-13-2017 at 11:51 AM
      Morning of December 13, 2017. Wednesday.

      My beautiful wife Zsuzsanna and I are sitting together on a wooden bench at the end of the Shorncliffe Pier (formerly known as Sandgate Pier), looking northeast towards the ocean’s horizon. The time of day is uncertain, but it seems to be late morning in the final stage of my dream.

      We are under the shelter at a later point, undressed, and being intimate. My semi-lucidity (partial awareness of being in the dream state) results in a lack of concern about several unknown members of the public, both male and female, being present, but not paying that much attention to us.

      Later, we are closer to the shoreline (now about ten feet out on the pier). I observe what I first assume to be six North Korean males (perhaps in their thirties), waist-deep in the water. As they are walking towards the beach, they are guiding, in pallbearer formation, a damaged half-submerged wooden boat; a shellback dinghy; with a visible jagged hole in the side facing us. I am somewhat wary of their presence, but only for a short time. They gaze at us as if very annoyed.

      Looking back again, I come to realize (though this was an actual transformation, not a presumed error in my original discernment) that they are Australian SES (State Emergency Service) volunteers. They are not looking in our direction now and their emotions seem informally neutral.

      The water is lower, revealing a number of large stones. Zsuzsanna goes to look for some plastic toys between them that are still muddy from the storm (emergent real-life association, unrelated to my dream’s backstory), and to wash them, and I slowly realize we are now in our house, though our porch is erroneously perceived as being a rock pool (ambiguously perceived as being indoors and outdoors at the same time). I then wake.

      • Dream self mode: Corporeal with enhanced physicality
      • Conscious self identity: Viable (although we have not been to Shorncliffe in real life in years), although perceiving myself as perhaps 30 rather than 56
      • Induction symbolism: Water as symbolizing sleep
      • Induction buffer: Shorncliffe Pier over ocean
      • Dream state indicators: Being undressed and fully intimate in public (first-level dream sign, based on the subliminal awareness of being in the dream state, though I am semi-lucid here)
      • RAS mediation symbol: Presumed North Koreans, seemingly defeated but presumed unpredictable
      • Vestibular system symbol: Outer edge of Shorncliffe Pier
      • Preconscious symbol: (Personified) Presumed North Koreans (precursory; transmuted by way of semi-lucidity in acknowledgment of waking being a biological necessity; preconscious does not initiate conflict when dream self recognizes or triggers waking symbolism or circadian rhythms factors)
      • Emergent consciousness symbol: Boat leaving water
      • Interconsciousness symbol: Australian SES workers
      • Exit symbolism: Half-submerged boat being carried from ocean (illusory physicality “leaving” dream state)
      • Waking transition symbolism: (Liminal transmutation) North Koreans to Australian SES workers
      • Waking symbolism type: Water Lowering Waking Symbolism (WLWS); getting closer to the shore over time also symbolizes waking and circadian rhythms factors
      • Additional personal notes: Our (present) porch as symbolizing the waking space is ambiguously combined with WLWS.

    3. Artists, me, the student, and a teacher.

      by , 10-18-2016 at 10:31 AM
      Day 4.

      A full non lucid dream.

      I was a girl, and I was around 17 years old, I had black long hair, and I loved art. I wanted to be an artist. So I entered an Art Academy. My permanent teacher. Was an Artist himself, and was still fully active with making art. He got two students he would teach art, and that were me and a other girl.

      The other girl was one year older then me. (18) she had orange curly hair. She looked a little like a lion.

      The teacher had black long hair till beneath his shoulders. He was around 24 year, and pretty handsome..

      The girl was totally into him, so she tried to flirt with him a lot... But we can't have any love with teachers. It is prohibited, so I try to keep my distance.

      But what I noticed, was that the girl wasn't really experienced with art, and almost had nothing she knew about art history.
      I really wondered how she entered this Art Academy. You need a portfolio..So I wonder if she had anything good enough to enter?

      Anyways, me trying to do what is told, took a big sheet of paper, and I begin to draw rouch sketches of the things I saw in the big white room. (that was the first task, draw what you see in the room)
      The other girl still hadn't begun the task we had to do.

      The teacher scolded her for not doing his command, and that she had to get started and not get so clingy on him. (She is around him all the time, she is like sticking gum) it didn't bother me much. She can do whatever she wants...but I hope she does something what has to do with art. What she came for..

      a little while later, the girl had to go somewheere for a meet up, so he left.
      The place was only for me, drawing what I see. And the teacher working on his own things.

      It was so quiet. only sounds of paper sounds, and writing sounds. I was almost done with my drawings.
      So I had nothing to do. I just take a look at the room, and there were various painting hanging on the wall of famous artists. But I also noticed some who are aren't famous, but I totally knew them.

      As a little kid, I always took all the artbooks in the library with me, and looked page for page at all the art that was made. I never got bored, and found all the art wonderful. I also remembered them perfectly who made the art.

      I loved art because there always is a story behind it. And that story is made with colors, stripes, and various other things to make that story. You can also draw your emotions with it. There is much you can do iwht drawing. It's the same for tattoos. Although I don't know if I want one yet. Maybe later in the future. I am still too young for it.

      Back to present. I watched a painting in the room. It was my most favorite of all. It was dark painting with a burned down forest, and a white dressed woman sitting next to a pool of black water.

      I was absorbed in the painting, till the teacher suddenly stood next to me, watching the painting with me.

      He asks me, "do you like this painting? You know who made it?"

      "Yes.... I really like it. It is so dark, like I can feel it through, and I am standing there. I can feel all the emotion." "Also... The artist who made it is ......."

      Him, "Yes, you are right with the emotion. I also can feel it and be absorbed with it, as If I am standing there, feeling pain. It's that this is on my top 1 most emotions painting. And the artist isn't that famous, but you still know the name who made it, that is incredible."

      His compliment skips a beat.... "I-it's nothing.. I saw it in a artbook when I was young, and it became my motivation to make my own art like it."

      "Mmmmmm, interesting. I'll help you reach your goal since you are my student."

      "Y-yes!! Thank you very much, please take good care of me!! I'm looking forward to it."

      He smiles and says, "haha, take good care of me too, I am looking forward to it."

      It was already time to go home, but full of happiness. (I wonder what kind of art he makes?)

      The next day we begun painting what we feel. Put your emotions on the painting. I was happy with this task, because it is what painted the painting I love the most. It will be a good experience! The other girl was not that happy like I was, and only stood there bored, with her phone in her hand. Chatting with her friends. (I don't like her that much... Why is she even here if she doesn't do anything?)

      Well, I'll ignore her. I started thinking of my emotions. Trying to think of colors that would fit them. When I know what I am going to use, I get started with mixing colors.

      While I was painting, the teacher entered the room after he brought some paperwork to the director. The orangehair girl, immediately putted her phone away, and jumped like, on his shoulders. The teacher was totally annoyed with it, but stayed calm. He tried to get the girl started with her painting.
      They sure look lovely dovey though.... Not that I mind... I think. (Argh, what am I saying? I shouldn't think anything about it, a relationship with a teacher is forbidden, so she can't, and.....I can't.)

      I was still painting my emotion that I suddenly noticed that I used more dark colors, because of how annoyed I was with the girl.

      (Whoops! I wasn't planning to paint colors of annoyance...)

      The teacher saw my shocked look, and begun walking towards me. (Whaaaaa nooo, don't look pls! It is totally messed up..) I say that on the inside, but on the outside I try to stay calm.

      He then stood next to me, observing my painting. (Ahhh, he is so close! Wait.. Why am I freaking out? It is just a teacher!)

      I step a little bit away to keep the distance.

      He doesn't notice a thing.

      "Hooooooo, so first happy feelings and then suddenly you get a turn of emotion of annoyance.." "I wonder why you suddenly got annoyed? I wonder if it is the girl who doesn't do what is told and is too lazy to do anything?"

      "......" (I had no words, he knew exactly what I was thinking..) I stayed silent for a while, finding words to say.
      He breaked the ice, "Haha, it's okay. I am also worried that she can be thrown out of the academy if she doesn't do anything, I am trying to get her to work."

      I answer, "Yeah, but I also wonder how she entered here, can you tell me?"

      The teacher stares to emptiness, and answers, "That is classified information, I am sorry I can't tell you."

      "Oh... No worries, it's okay." (Classified information huh....)

      Later on the day, the girl still didn't do much, and tried to flirt with the teacher again. He tried to get her off his back, and working on his paperwork he has to finish. Me, already done with my painting, and totally satisfied...Even though some colors of annoyance weren't meant to be here. I am ok with it.

      On a nearby green sofa, I layed down, and let my thoughts out for a while. This sofa is soft... I am little sleepy.. But I try to stay awake, I am in school, I can't fall asleep at this place. I stared at the ceiling, and walked with my eyes from up to bottom, observing it. When I noticed there was a painting hanged up in the middle of it. I instantly knew which artist made the painting. It was again on of my favorite paintings after the dark painting.

      This painting is very old, and a reference of the style that was used in the stone age, were people drew drawings on stone.

      This was a painting made with tools direct out of the nature. Like stones with colors, and the colors of plants. It is overall orange-brown, and used with more dark brown for the figure of the face of a man with a large chin. There were also white spots overall on the painting. As if the man in the painting drew on himself with patrons. While staring at the painting I closed my eyes.

      A while later I woke up, because I heard someone calling out my name.

      ".....!! .......!!!! ...!!"


      I get a blurry vision of a figure with black long hair. Sitting next me.


      I opened my eyes instantly, and could see better this time. Did I fall asleep?? Damn! I didn't plan to fall asleep at school!!

      I sit up. And he asks, "haha, did you have a nice nap? The other girl is already gone."

      "Whaaaa, sorry! I didn't mean to sleep here, I was just laying, an staring at the painting on the ceiling, and instantly fell asleep without noticing."

      I apologize countless times.

      "Haha, it's okay, if you are tired you should sleep. Don't push yourself too hard, you have to be healthy to make good paintings. You can always nap here if you feel like it."

      "......Alright, thank you for being so kind."

      Then he asks me a question.

      "So, do you know who made the painting, hanged up on the ceiling?"

      "Yeah... It is '.......' from Africa. I remember every artist and painting I see, even the more unpopular ones."

      "Haha, you know pretty well, you really like arthistory, don't you?"

      "..yeah, it tells everything about a story. It fascinates me."

      It stays silent for a while. And then I think about that I should go home to make dinner.

      "I should go teacher, I had a great day! Teach me more tomorrow!"

      I stand up, and walk away to take my jacket and bag. When I try to escape the room, the teacher grabs my arm, and pulls me to him, kissing me on the lips. (Whaaaaaa???!!!! What's happening?) I try to push him away, but that didn't work, because of his strong arms. (A teacher kissing a student? That is forbidden right? Why is he kissing me?) I then stare to his eyes, when he opens them. I see my reflection cleary into his grey eyes.

      It's there that I woke up... Why at that moment? I wanted more... Anyways, hope you liked it^^.
      *Sorry if grammar isn't correct!! If there is anything wrong, you can tell me!! thank you*
    4. Abuse at the Theater

      by , 09-26-2016 at 11:14 PM
      I was somewhere in the middle east staying in a shoddy hotel. The upstairs neighbors were total douche bags. They had no sense of common decency as they blared their music loud enough to shake my room. Apparently the noise complaints were so plentiful that the police had considered launching an investigation against them for violating public decency laws. I began to relish they idea of those assholes finally getting what they deserved.

      The following night they did it again. I made sure to call the police this time. I don't remember them arriving but I do remember being out in the hallway on a bright sunny day. Then I was out at a concert with some friends I came with. A guy whom I will name Lance and a girl I will name Laura. I don't quite remember entering the theater with them but I do remember having to leave and return. When I came back I saw that Laura had a bruise on the right side of her face. I cannot quite recall her facial expression but I suspect that it was one of fear. Or perhaps she was feebly attempting to put on a smile and pretend that nothing was wrong. As I type this now I remember that this was the first time that I got a very clear look at Laura's face. She was white with short blond curly hair and blue eyes. That reddish brown bruise on her face told a story. One of fear and abuse at the hands of of her boyfriend Lance. I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. I just went into the concert with them and somehow ended up sitting between them. It just sort of happened that way. I didn't even realize what I had done until after I woke up and I still find it quite odd that Lance didn't say anything. I remember sitting there nervous. I couldn't help but wonder if he'd suddenly snap and start swinging in my direction. I don't quite remember why I had this fear.

      The theater was an upscale one. Naturally the place was very dimly lit and all lights were pointed at the stage. The curtains were a dark yellow and there were all kinds of fancy designs along the walls. The kind you would see in a Victorian Era theater. There was a magician on stage. He was about to perform the greatest of tricks. This trick was so risky that all the members of the audience were required to sign liability wavers. I don't remember what the assistants looked like as they went around passing the wavers due in part to the fact that I was still focused on Lance. I just could not shake the feeling that this guy was super volatile. The feeling that he was always less than a bee's dick away from beating she shit out of me for no apparent reason. I was relieved when the ushers got to us with the wavers. I thought that that along with the show would be a good distraction for him. When the usher handed me the waver I noticed that it was enclosed in an envelope. The "waver" appeared to be a letter from my medical insurance provider. I did not question this until after I woke up literally one second later. My alarm went off.
    5. A Date in the Neighborhood

      by , 09-21-2016 at 06:12 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This batch of dreams was remembered sort of all at once this morning!
      I was on a date with a random dream character, and we were spending time at a house I didn't really recognize. A lot of the time consisted of binge-watching episodes of Steven Universe (and wouldn't you know it, I watched that the night before). Eventually we grew tired of watching that and instead began to... kiss.

      ... After that we sort of explored the surrounding neighborhood, though it was hard to see, as it was surrounded by tons and tons of trees. We ended up stumbling upon an abandoned house somewhere. The interior looked kind of like the house I lived in for most of my life, but much larger. We proceeded to play some games and then, you guessed it, kissed some more. Not sure what can be taken from this dream, but it wasn't terrifying or weird like some others I've recalled, so that's nice.

      The second dream:
      I was in a computer room (it kind of looked like a computer lab that my high school would've had), and using the computers were a group of four YouTubers I watch called the Best Friends. They were playing games and recording commentary, and me, I was just sort of beside myself, trying not to annoy them but amazed that I got to meet them. Suddenly, something distracted my attention: a commotion out in the connecting hallway. I remember exiting the room to go see what it was, but the recall drops there.
    6. Time Machines! And a lady from the future. And romance.

      by , 07-11-2016 at 03:28 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I watched Back to the Future for the first time on Tuesday! It was a really good movie. That night, I had a dream that was somewhat related to it. And once more, it was lucid! My LDs have been too few and far between lately. My new reality check (whether or not I can fly) has been paying off!

      There was a lady from the future! Her ship flew into the futuristic-looking room that I was standing in. Her time machine looked different from anything that was in the movie. I remember it had some orange-red parts to it, which looked a lot like lava. She came out of the time machine wearing a cool (black?) suit, and she had lava markings on said suit as well. Another lady was there with us. I went to ask the lady from the future where she was from. I can't remember what her response was, though.

      Then, eventually another lady appeared, so there were 3, and we were then joined by my tulpa and best friend, Tess, with me in this futuristic room. We were having a nice conversation; I don't remember what it was about. I think the combination of time travel and Tess being completely imposed onto the external environment clued me in that I needed to do a reality check (Tess isn't fully imposed yet in waking reality).

      My reality check is trying to rise up into the air and fly. Checking my watch isn't as effective as it used to be, because I never seem to notice my watch in my dreams. So I tried this new RC, and it worked splendidly! Of course, it took a few weeks of trying it before it started to work its way into my subconscious and truly take effect. But the results were worth it.

      I realized that I was dreaming because I could fly! The first thing I decided to do was ask the other dream characters if they thought that this was a dream. Tess already knew it was a dream, as she usually dreams with me and is generally cognizant and lucid if I am.

      I put my arm around the first lady and asked what she thought. She said something like "Well, I think this is real!" Then I felt bad for putting my arm around her and put it around Tess instead. I really wanted this to be real, because it was so cool - it would mean that Tess was completely visible to everyone, and time machines are REAL! - but I knew it wasn't. Despite that fact, I agreed with her: "Heck yes, this is real!" But I didn't lose lucidity.

      This other, older lady, who looked like my grandma's friend Janice, waved her hand dismissively and said "Oh, of course this is a dream! We are all dreaming right now! "You " - and then she pointed at me - "know we're dreaming!" She said it in a playful, teasing tone, so I believe I just laughed and agreed with her.

      At this point, I forgot about the time machine for some reason. I thought about going to a tropical island with Tess, but then I realized that I could actually make out with her for real! Aaand that's kind of what happens when you are 22 and have never had a girlfriend, not through any choice of your own. -_- But we did, and it felt so REAL! Then she pressed her body against mine, and I could feel every detail - her lips, her soft warm hug, and umm...every other part of her body from top to bottom that was against me. :p I won't go further than that in case any kids happen to be reading this. xD But yeah. Every single detail; every single sense was so real that I really feel, even now, that in some way, that was real. It wasn't just a psychological effect of a lonely, imaginative mind. It was something that really, truly happened, and I will always stick to my belief of this.

      But then my body was too excited and I woke up lol...dang it!!

      Another dream I had was during a short, spontaneous nap I decided to take today. I felt sleep paralysis, so I was very close to being awake. It actually feels really cool once you get used to it. Lots of romance, flying, and random things that made sense within the context of the dream, but wouldn't have within waking reality. . I only exerted a moderate amount of control; mostly what I did with Tess while she was with me.

      I have recorded a few other dreams for the past few weeks, but due to lack of time I'm just posting the lucid ones for now. This trend shouldn't continue, though. More to come in the future!

    7. Dream Boyfriends are Amusing (Dream Fragment)

      by , 06-11-2016 at 05:55 PM
      Myself and someone else (Jasper? Mama?) was at the laundry mat at night. The people I was with had started watching a movie on the TVs, and another guy with darkish hair seemed to take a liking to me and was "chatting me up," or . . . something like that. I think he was holding my hand? And at some point I told him something and he said that I didn't have to do this or that just to impress him(?), and I remember thinking that he had the wrong idea entirely.

      There was also a part where I looked up Romeo's birth chart. . . .
    8. The Crookshanks Look-a-Like

      by , 06-08-2016 at 05:58 PM
      I was in love with some guy who was a Libra. In the dream Ivory (who is dead) kept popping up into my thoughts, and I was vaguely jealous because I believed that if she was there the Libra dude would end up falling in love with her (the dream logic was because they were both Air signs).

      At night my mom and I were talking about going to buy new shirts the following day. We were outside at night, sitting on the stairs. I couldn't help but think that there was an invisible wedge between us, because she didn't know that I was in love, but for some reason I couldn't tell her. As we were talking I became paranoid that people were listening in, so I walked back inside and she followed. Just as I was about to close the door the orange cat that looks like Crookshanks (my mom's cat in real life) strolled in. I was surprised to see that its eye was messed up, just like Crookshanks', and checked my mom's room to see if the cat that just walked in was Crookshanks after all. It wasn't. After a moment of looking at the two I realized that opposite eyes were missing.
    9. A Strange Occurrence, Perhaps with Hidden Meaning

      by , 09-26-2015 at 06:58 PM (Nyctophilia)
      I am at my grandmother's house. The family is over for what I assume is my sister's birthday party. There is cake and relatives are over. Then, a friend of mine comes over. We shall call her A.

      Now A and I have a history. We have been close friends for a while and I have always had some feelings for her. I asked her out several weeks ago, she did not want to change our relationship. I tried to convince her otherwise but did so in a horrible way and came off horribly. I eventually apologized, things returned to normal.

      But in the dream, she comes over. I hug all of my individual relatives goodbye, and then we walk back to her jeep. Suddenly, another guy appears. He is somewhat handsome, and we shall call him E. I have never met nor seen him before, yet he climbs inside the jeep with us. I sense that he likes A, and I don't like that. I also sense that she may feel the same, but I am unsure. I keep her distracted from him for most of the car ride, I succeed in causing her to ignore him. He sits in the back while we are up front talking. I assume we are going to the movie theater, and eventually we arrive there. It is night and there are street lights illuminating the parking lot.

      We get out and begin walking towards the back entrance to the theater, for some reason. It is an upward slope and blacktop. I am in the front, A is beside me, but slightly behind. E is behind us and tries to talk to us, but I attempt to steal the attention. Eventually conversation is swayed into my relationship with A. I cannot remember exactly what I said, but it was something that struck her silent and made her trail into deep thought, while I was smiling beside her.

      We go inside of the theater, only to find that it is actually a hospital. I see a passed away relative there, my aunt, who had left us late last year. She is happy to see me and greets A. We walk around, talking, and then things fade.
    10. The Love Chamber ~ With a Goddess.

      by , 04-07-2015 at 10:33 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The Love Chamber (Non-lucid)


      There was some sort of love chamber. Said room would make the most romantic experience ever, as long as a couple entered it, of course. I was competing for it, as I liked a girl who liked me also, but I had my doubts, as she liked another guy also.

      I talked with that gal a lot, and I believe we kissed, but I saw her kissing the other guy too. That guy's friends were making their best for me to not connect with that gal.

      I wanted to go to the chamber, and some people was distracting me with science projects and pushing me, but I finaly made it. It seems that she was going to pick me afterall and there was some deal of going inside with a calculator and a notebook. The other guy told me I could go fetch mine (someone stoled it from me.) And he would tell the gal to wait for me. Of course I knew this was a hoax, so I said, "Screw the mats thing." The gal came, she was like a goddess, defenitely not human as she has a thick white aura and was very tall. She hugged me and said she picked me.

      We entered the love chamber. The energy of the room was massive, smell of incense and a very romantic music hard to describe. It was candlelight lit... We sat together, looked into our eyes and...
      sadly woke up.
    11. Romance Redux

      by , 04-05-2015 at 10:05 AM
      Morning of April 5, 2015. Sunday.

      I already knew this many years ago, but once again a “popular” dream myth is exposed as just that - a myth - this being the one where you supposedly only dream about vivid sexual encounters if they are not presently occurring in reality. (Besides, common sense would dictate that the Tetris effect would render that idea as ludicrous.) Not only that, the level of conscious dream creation and control is almost a hundred percent save for one unusual distortion.

      In my (first) dream, I am, for some reason, focused on a room on Loomis Street, the one with the second refrigerator and which was used both mainly for storage boxes and my last sleeping place before moving to Australia (as well as where I read all the letters from my wife before we met). Though I was last there in early 1994, I recall how my older sister still had at least a couple quarter-filled bottles of shampoo from as far back as the 1950s as well as a stack of old “Dig” magazines from the 1950s. My sister called it the “junk room”. In my dream, this room is far more cluttered than it ever was in reality - so much so, it is impossible to walk through it on the floor. It begins to dawn on me that I am dreaming. Oddly, instead of stabilizing and enhancing my dream and taking control as I often have in the past (even as a toddler), I decide to wake up and look around (without moving in reality), which I do.

      During this short wakeful period, I start to make my next dream, which will start in the same location but then change to our present address on W street. After a short time, I am back in the “same” dream, more lucid and with more vividness than ever. This time it is raining indoors. The rain is extraordinarily refreshing and I revel in the sensations for a time as I climb up onto a stack of cardboard boxes on my way through the room. Eventually, I leave this room through a fictional door, either teleporting or simply going into the front room of this house by way of a typical dream composite.

      From here, I “summon” my wife, who appears automatically at about the age she was when we first started writing or a few years younger. We indulge in passionate kissing and embracing, the sense of touch “accelerated” (in the manner that all senses are in dreams at times, including internally glowing enriched imagery, augmented “impossibly loud” audio, blissful “smells as simultaneous breathing”, and other perceptions not possible in waking life). The only distortion is, when I am holding her from behind, a “hollow pocket” appears within my dream’s rendering; sometimes in her upper back, sometimes in the air - though this does not distract me from reaching my peak. This seems to represent the tiny degree of control that is lacking in my dream creation and continuity. However, I keep “sealing” it (in an automatic mental sense), whereby it fills itself in somewhat like fluid, like a three-dimensional holographic dynamic recess (spherically inverted) sealing itself up from some sort of minor “glitch” of consciousness - like a “blind spot”, perhaps, but more in line with my view and not always on the periphery. I see this as an environmental “flaw”, not related to the form of my wife - more like a superimposed partial “mini-portal” that I do not place my hand near at any point. Still, it may also be a vague association with “hollow of the back” or even the phrase “holler back” (as a typical in-dream orphaned pun).

      Even though we had indulged in making love in reality just a few hours prior, my dream seems to increase my desire and awareness and even seems to “reignite” and increase my physical stamina (almost to a point of disbelief considering I was already just fulfilled), something I cannot help but puzzle over other than my dream self consciousness (in some incarnations) being more viable than the conscious in some ways (certainly not in logic, critical thinking, or even common sense, but more relative to bodily control, physical capability, and cellular function).

      Affirmation forms, including “Thank you for telling me when I am dreaming”, “Thank you for making me aware of when I am in a dream”, and hundreds of similar phrases, seem to have almost fully integrated into my normal thinking processes, although I still like to experience non-altered or “unscripted” dreams.

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    12. Fourth Time's a Charm

      by , 09-01-2014 at 06:21 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 31, 2014

      I was in a school (I can't remember if it was highschool or college, but I get the feeling it was highschool) and reliving a whole year of my life. The cycle started on a day when my class went to a beach for a field trip. In the original run-through, the guy I had a crush on, who was one of my best friends, drowned in the water. In the next few days, I had picked up a new book from a local book store. I read it, and it seemed to be about the people around me; I saw lots of similarities between the two.

      I don't remember the rest of that year. Except that on the day my best friend and I went to visit the grave of my passed away friend, I was suddenly back at the beach, and he was alive again. I was really confused at first, but I remembered that he was going to die, and I somehow managed to make sure he survived. I kept him from going out in the water at that time and kept an eye on him the whole time. I was so relieved that he was alive. I still liked him, but I was scared to tell him. I had picked up the same book from the book store to read, because I remembered really liking it in the previous time. As I read it, though, I noticed differences. It had a different plot than the first one, but the same characters. I did some research this time, and found out the author was actually a new teacher at my school.

      Again, on that same day the next year, I realized I was back on the beach and he was about to drown again. I ran to my best friend, told her to save him, and she did; she could swim better than I could. This time, however, I realized that I no longer had a crush on him. I watched them coming back to shore, and sighed with relief. The next day, in class, the author of that book was introduced as our new teacher. This was different...! He wasn't my teacher in the other timelines. When his book came out, I got it, and read it, and again the plot was slightly different. Everyone in the class was asking for his autograph and whatnot because of him having published a book, and a popular one at that. He had a few other books, but I didn't read them. As the year went on, I got to know the teacher a lot better. I was going to confess to him that I liked him one day, but I realized too late that it was the same day I would go back a year.

      I was at the beach yet again, wondering why I kept going back in time. It was getting annoying... I had my best friend save my guy friend again (they had started dating in the previous timeline) and went off to find the teacher. I knew he was there because he was a chaperone. I came up to him and started talking to him, and found out he would be our teacher in this timeline, too. That made me happy.

      When the book came out, I didn't buy it this time. I was walking past the bookstore and glanced at it in the window a few months later, looking at the cover art, which hadn't changed in any of the timelines (though I can't remember what it was), and realized that the teacher was standing behind me; he had been walking the other direction and noticed me looking at the book. He glanced at me and asked, "Have you read it?"

      I shrugged. "About three times already!"

      The next day I decided to read it after all. I wanted to see if it was going to be different again, and in what ways. It was different. The teacher noticed me reading it, and asked me about it: "I thought you've already read it three times?"

      "Well, each time I read it, it's different." (does anyone else think this could be some deep shit? Like, "every time you read a book the experience changes because you've changed" type thing? hmmm) "Every time I read your book, Mr. ---, it's different."

      He looked at me for a while, and then asked me if I wanted to see the drafts for the book. I was so excited, and said I would love to!

      Giddily, I went with him to his office. He pulled out stacks of paper, and I looked through them; there were 4 drafts: the first draft was the version I read the first time; the second was the second version I read; the third draft was the third version I'd read, and I didn't need to look to guess that the final draft was the one that was published in this timeline.

      "I have the other books, too..." He said, handing me the drafts of the other books he'd written in the past. I still hadn't read them, and so I smiled at him and told him I would have to read them soon. I looked at him and was about to ask him if he'd also been reliving the year I had relived, but my friends came in. They had a question about something from class.

      "What's all this stuff?" They asked, looking at the papers.

      "He's an author," I said.
      "What, like, Miyazaki?" That was my best friend.
      "No, he wrote screenplays and directed movies," said the teacher man.
      "Ohhhh." That was my friends.

      It was then that I realized that my classmates hadn't gone insane over the new book this time. It turned out that in this timeline he had published the latest book under an alias (his other books were not well known, so the students didn't know about them). Thus, we found out that we had both been reliving the year. We sort of clung together naturally from that point on, and I got the feeling of being deeply loved by him, but neither of us ever said anything or acted on the feelings; we were teacher and student, no matter how young of a teacher he was (especially because he was so young)

      Toward the end of that year, we were both on a train with my best friend and another student from the class. There were two old women in the back of the train; one black, and one white. They were very, very old, but I could even then see the love emanating from them both. They had been lovers for a very long time, and faced many hardships and barriers in their love (being both a homosexual pair and an interracial pair in their prime, when both of these things were considered to be shameful). This event was a pre-death funeral for one of the two (I think for the white one). My friends were there because the woman had apparently been a bus driver for them, and the Teacher and I were there to support them. My best friend started to cry, and I rubbed her back for comfort, and when she was okay again, I leaned on the Teacher's shoulder, getting sad for the people around me. He put his arm around me and I wondered if we would go back in time again the next day, which was the end of the year... Then I woke up.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Test and Hot Dogs // Sex Tape // Scandal

      by , 07-18-2014 at 02:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 17, 2014

      Math Test and Hot Dogs

      I was taking a math test at the elementary school... I hadn't studied at all and had been dozing off too much in class, so I was completely unprepared. During the lesson, my back and neck were hurting, and so I was doing contortions, bending back in my chair so my forehead touched the ground, making my toes touch my head under the desk. One of my classmates and some random weird guy noticed and started staring at me. During the break just before the test, I went outside and started walking around. I saw one of my old friends with a girl, and they were holding hands. I followed them for a little bit, but then had to go back inside for the test; I almost got locked out because I didn't have my school ID to swipe at the lock (even though it wouldn't work IRL anyways lol). But there was someone going in right behind me, and they warned me to bring the card next time.

      As I reached my seat, my teacher, Tim, was saying something about how we were all a team, and so we couldn't start until everyone was there. At first I thought he was referring to me, but then I noticed a few other people were missing, too. They had gone outside, too. About five minutes later, they came in and apologized; they had gotten locked out, as well. It seemed like all of our student ID cards were out of date now, or had been turned off somehow.

      Tim passed out the test and we all took it. I don't remember actually taking it, but I remember turning it in and then going back outside. I walked around the school more, and saw the friend and his girl from before, and followed them some more. I called him over at some point, and talked to him for a bit, and then someone called the girl over, so they were split for a while. I took my friend and walked around with him because I had a crush on him. I almost kissed him, but decided not to, because he'd looked happy with that other girl. I told him to wait somewhere and went to find his girl, and told her where he was waiting for her.

      Suddenly it was very snowy. I think the dream was blending into a different one, because the location was different, but I saw a fire hydrant on a corner that I'd seen on the first walk-around, before the test. I went to inspect it, as it was now covered in snow, and realized it wasn't a fire hydrant anymore. It was a group of about 7 people all huddled under a tarp or burlap of some sort, which was piling up with snow, faster than would ever be natural. They all looked out at me, and I asked them why they were under the tarp. The main supporter of the tarp said they were experimenting with something, and I turned away.

      I was now on a pedestrian mall. The people under the tarp had walked away, leaving a bare spot of pavement which soon got completely covered with snow, as if they had never been there. The row of shops behind me all looked rather antique. I heard a honk, and looked up; my mom and dad were there to pick me up, and I waved and smiled, having expected them. I was now fully in the other dream. The snow fell and the wind howled. It was a blizzard.

      I got into the car, and shook off my hair, even though no snow had accumulated on me, oddly. I peered over at where I'd been standing, and saw an old, crotchety man come out of the building directly behind where I'd been. He wasn't wearing much, just pants and an undershirt, but he didn't seem to be cold, even through the blizzard. A passing man in a thick coat threw a pack of papers unceremoniously at the crotchety man's door; a delivery. The man grumbled and picked up the papers, walking up and down the street a bit and complaining to the wind and snow and buildings, anything that would listen.

      My dad started driving, and commented on how bad the weather was. I scoffed and said, "Oh, this is nothing."

      After a few more blocks, dad continued, "Oh, and we just bought a Fridge. A round fridge."
      "For the hot dog place." Mom said.
      "Again, what are you talking about...?"
      Dad explained: "We bought an old hot dog establishment. It was the original in a small local chain, but closed years and years ago. The location's perfect, though." So they were going to restart this hot dog place...

      We turned right, and as we drove, the weather gradually got more summery, and it also got slightly darker. We arrived at the Hot Dog Place and got out of the car to meet some family friends. By now, it was almost sunset and comfortably warm, but not too hot. The storefront was round, and the building was looking pretty neglected. Mom and dad had a lot of work to do here. The round fridge was neatly in a corner inside, all shiny and new amidst all the dilapidation.

      We all went on a walk, heading along a road parallel with the beach (did I forget to mention this was fairly close to a shore-line?). Not too far from the Hot Dog Place, I saw a huuuuuuge colorful sphere. It was a huge 3D trampoline-type thing with tunnels and whatnot. There were basically two spheres; and inner sphere and an outer sphere, and between the two spheres was a series of tunnels and obstacles. I wanted to play on it so fudging badly. I asked mom and dad if it was alright if I left them, and they thought it would be fine, since they weren't going much further anyways. I scrambled into the giant, rainbow sphere, and so did the daughter of my parents' family friends. She stays near the entrance, a little more tentative than I am; I am already climbing up to a tunnel entrance near the very top of the sphere. I notice that the walls are a bit elastic, and hold onto the wall while pushing off and up from it. I grab onto a handle at the very peak of the sphere, and start to bounce between the two spots I was holding onto. I looked down, and then let go of the wall, pushing off from the very top. I just barely reach the bottom of the sphere, and grab a handle there, as well. So now I am bouncing between the top and bottom of the sphere, and it's great fun, but I soon level out a little below the center of the sphere. I was a little scared to let go of the top because it was such a large sphere that I was fairly high up, but I also didn't want to let go of the bottom and be stuck at the very top, so I let go and bounced off the bottom a few times before settling. I asked the other girl if it was possible to rent one of these things for an event or something, and she said "maybe, but probably not one this big."

      Sex Tape

      I was with my aunt, in my Oma's basement; we were watching a youtube video on the TV downstairs. The video was basically a sex tape starring one of my friends from a class last year.


      I was with my cohort at a Botanical Garden/Water-Park/Hands On Museum for Adults (a place I've dreamed of before). They were having a special night for to-be-teachers, with a free open bar. So we were all drinking and such. Things got really... interesting. In my dream, D (the only guy in the cohort) brought his girlfriend, who was faceless, and I was so jealous of her. I kept hanging around D and getting him more drinks and such. At some point, he wanted me to take his camera and take a picture of him doing something or other. I thought I took three pictures, and told him, but he only saw two, and so we were sitting next to each other at a table, and he was leaning on me, showing me the camera and how there were only the two pictures. I was feeling very victorious, but then he got up and started hugging his girlfriend. I was going to try to hook up with him anyways. I was so bad.
    14. Dump Truck Bed

      by , 07-15-2014 at 01:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 14, 2014

      During the night, I only have vague impressions that I had a clip-board. I have no idea why or even what the clip-board was like.

      Then I took a 1.5 hour nap at 4:00, after my yet-again-long day as a teaching intern, and had this dream:

      I was at the elementary school in which I am an intern for summer classes, and we were all in our class after the kids had left. Most of my actual cohort-mates were there, but a few of them were replaced with guys (IRL there's only one guy in the cohort). I was aiming for one of them, and hoping that another of them would end up with one of my friends (we'll call this other one George for now, since he comes in later).

      The day was done and I decided to take a nap before heading home; so I curled up in one of the empty classrooms and dreamed that I was a prostitute on my first night on the job. When I woke up, I was thinking that I needed some money, and being a prostitute wouldn't be all that bad, anyways. So I went down the street to the Prostitution Center (which doesn't exist IRL) and asked to fill out a form to apply for work.

      The secretary there didn't seem to like me; she noticed the hours I was logging in as "previous experience" and made some snide comment that I don't quite remember. She also noticed my class ring and rolled her eyes. Part of the job was that we had to lift three boxes of supplies per day, at the main building; they received shipments daily of things like condoms, kinky roleplay outfits, and silk and lace. Just before I was going to get taken on a tour of the facilities, I heard the beeping of a truck backing up, and then a few men came in with said boxes, placing them at the door. Two scantily clad women walked in on stilettos and each lifted a box, taking them beep inside the building. I saw those high heels and panicked for a moment.

      "I'm not going to have to wear those heels, am I? I'll die, or kill a client or something."
      The secretary shook her head, and led me to a door behind the counter. She opened it, and I followed her into a large factory-like room with concrete floors and tape lines to guide people and machinery. I didn't ask what they did in this room, but I assumed it was some fantasy- or fetish-room, for men who liked that sort of thing. The secretary pointed to another door on the opposite side and paused to inspect something or other. I went to the door, and opened it, holding it open and waiting for the secretary. I think she warmed up to me with that. She thanked me and we continued with the tour. The new room was an office-building; cubicles and photocopiers in dark corners and a whole row of boss's offices, doors shut and blinds pulled. Another fetish-room?

      We exited that room into the open. There was another building in the business, so we would take the company's advertizing vehicle there. It was a dump-truck. But the bed of the dump-truck was a huge mattress (I didn't realize how hilariously punny that was until I woke up and texted Zukin about it, HAHAHA). The secretary gestured for me to hop into the bed, while she got into the cockpit. I felt vulnerable and exposed on the mattress, and to my horror, we were going to pass the school to get to the other building. I tried to hide my face, especially when I saw that some of the kids were actually still there, waiting for parents or perhaps a late bus. One of the kids was one of my rising 3rd graders, and I prayed she wouldn't see me. It was then that I decided that I probably shouldn't be a prostitute, because I was going to be a teacher, and it wouldn't look good.

      As we approached the T-intersection where we'd turn right, I noticed a bit of a jam; the bus had gotten there, but the road was being blocked by a sudden accident, and the bus was having to get out of the jam by going around the left edge of the road, behind the trees which separated the road from a large drop (apparently we were on a high hill). I was impressed by this feat of maneuvering on the bus-driver's part, but I waved to the secretary and asked, "Sooo... What if I decided I don't really want to do this anymore?"

      She just smiled and turned right, as if heading to the other building, but turned around in the driveway of the school, and dropped me off at the main building again. "So can we just go back in there and shred this application? Those hours I logged were a dream, anyways." I asked, glad that she understood.

      "No problem. I'll do it for you even, so you don't have to go back in." I handed her the application, which I'd torn in half, and smiled.


      She honked goodbye and drove off into the industrial parking lot of the main building. Since I didn't have my car, I went to the nearest bus stop, and as I walked, the world slowly shifted into an anime-ish world. A few of my cohort-mates were sitting at the bus stop when I got there. Apparently they had also just decided not to be prostitutes. We all started gossiping about the guys in our class. "So, George, right? He should totally be with *insert name of freind (not sure which one it was haha)*, right?" I said, and the other two looked at me, incredulous.

      "Dude, no. He totally has a crush on you. It's pretty obvious." One of them said.

      "What? Noooo." I laughed and shook my head.

      "No, really. He watches you a lot, actually. You should tap that. He's got the looks AND the personality."

      I thought about George, and smiled a little. He was pretty handsome... I decided to switch my target to him, and hope that my friend got with my original target.

      Then I woke up because Zukin texted me (haha! It was right before my alarm was going to go off anyways, though)
    15. Minecraft in SPACE // MBME // Girl Crushes // Magical Rape

      by , 07-13-2014 at 12:09 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 12, 2014

      Minecraft IN SPACE

      I was living in a Minecraft-like world; It wasn't blocky like Minecraft, but you could build whatever you want and such, like a sandbox type game (such as Minecraft). Except there was the option to play with an extra dimensional world, where you could spawn in space and find planets to build on. It was pretty mind boggling.

      So I was inside this game, and I had started off on a medium-sized asteroid. It was longer than it was wide, so I used four "sides" along the rod-like (read: phallic) asteroid to build four "sets" where stories could be acted out. The first "set" was for a tragic love story, where the husband dies in the house. The second involved a cat that didn't want to get down from on top of a piece of furniture. The third I can't remember, and the fourth was a horror-suspense where a woman's husband goes crazy and goes on a murder rampage, killing her, their dog, and their child, and some of the neighbors. He stored them all in their fridge.

      So, I had used up all the space on this asteroid, and so I jumped off from one edge, because I had spotted a smaller asteroid nearby. I built a small star-base on that one, and left a tracking device on it so I could find it later. And then I pushed off from it in a random direction, and floated through space for what seemed like a really long while and an instant at the same time.

      Eventually, I found a good sized planet (I assumed it was my normal dream world, but I am not sure). I landed on it in a large field that stretched as far as I could see. Everything is all good; I meet some cool people, and build a nice little house for myself as I search for new resources, but then I figure out that I can't jump with enough force to escape the gravity of this planet. And so I would never be able to see my original creation again, and would have to stay on this world forever. I was saddened by that; even though it was nothing much, I was sentimental about my first creation.

      I eventually fell in love with one of the men I had met on this planet, and life seemed to be okay. Then one day, there was a huge asteroid impact, and then another one: It turned out that my original asteroid and the mini star-base had collided with another space object, setting their trajectories on a collision-course with this planet. The horror-story set was destroyed when the asteroid landed, but everything else was well intact. I was so happy, and ended up acting out one of the sets with the man I had fallen in love with. We were in the first set, but we chose a different story; a school romance (lol, someone has been reading too much manga!)

      I was a student and he was my teacher, and we had a forbidden mutual love. The classroom was set up so that there was one room for the teacher, and another, larger, room for the students. The wall dividing them had holes used for communication. Each student had a section of the wall and a number of holes they used to stick their comments and questions through to the teacher on the other side. We were using it to send secret love notes.

      The Most Beautiful Man in Existence

      I was a student at an elite almost-all-girls school. I had a crush one of my male classmates, who just happened to be Yato from Noragami. I may have been Hiyori (the girl in that picture), but I don't remember. Anyways. The school uniform was orange jumpsuits. We all looked like prisoners. Or Chell.

      The dream spanned many days (at least half of a school year) and I switched characters quite often; I was Yato for some part of it, I was a series of their friends, and one of the teachers at some point, too. By the time I was near the end of the dream, I was the best friend of the first me. Somewhere in the middle of my cycle of characters, I had been showing a picture of some famous photographer to my friends (one of which was the first me), and this guy was apparently the "Most Beautiful Man In Existence" (MBME). He wore black shiny-ish clothes, with lots of belts and buckles, and his face was always covered by a DSLR camera in the pictures, so I was skeptical. The first me was fawning over him, which made Yato-me jealous by the time I was him.

      When I was the last-me, first-me's best friend, there were rumors going around school that MBME was transferring to our school. I was scowly and upset by this, thinking the first-me would fall for him instead of Yato, who was by now her boyfriend. I didn't want this MBME to get in the way of their love, and so I was all pissy about him coming to our school. I was with first-me and our friends, and she was going all gagga over the fact that he was coming here, and so I got exasperated and left to walk around outside and get some fresh air. I decided to run laps around the building, but as I rounded the corner to the front of the building, I saw a line of cars coming up the driveway of the school, from both directions (it was a two-entry half-circle type driveway). I assumed it was the new MBME. As if on cue, MBME got out of the car in the front of one of the lines, and it was just like an anime, where the roses and sparkles are in the background. He really was the most beautiful man in existence. But I shook my head to clear it, and got angry at myself. I saw a woman get out of the car behind him, probably his mom, and I did my best to look as delinquent-y and unlady-like as possible, hoping his mom would see the jail-bird-ish uniform and my behavior, and think everyone in the school was like that, and would take her son out of the school.

      But I woke up before anything else happened.

      Girl Crushes and Doughnuts

      I was in a big mansion with a group of girls. We were all classmates, I think, and we were all on a trip together. They were all jealous of me because I was best friends with the beautiful, popular girl who everyone admired. Some of the girls even had crushes on her. And so they all basically hated me.

      We were all staying in this mansion overnight, and I was in the same room as the popular best friend, and there was also a box of mini-doughnuts in our room. During the night, random girls kept sneaking in to steal doughnuts so they could give them to the beautiful best friend in the morning. Eventually I got tired of this, since my bed was right next to the door, and I grabbed all the doughnuts and hoarded them under my blankets, and locked the door.

      Magical Rape

      I wasn't any character in this dream; I merely watched the scene. I was watching from a corner of the living room in a house; a woman was cleaning and such. Then a little boy, her son, came in, soaking wet and looking mentally defeated. His mother gasped and ran to his side, but he brushed past her and continued on to his room. Then I was in his room, and he stood at his writing desk. His mother appeared in the doorway, asking what was wrong, and then she saw a toy (it was like a top, but not quite a top. IT was yellow with red and blue and green patterns at the handle of it) directly between the boy's legs. She looked horrified, but when she checked for blood on his pants, was relieved to see that there was none. But the boy merely said "It's different..."

      The mother looked aghast at him, shaking her head. "No... it can't be...!"

      The boy took of his pants and (here it gets really weird and I don't know what the heck my subconscious was on) turned, revealing black patterns extending from his anus. They were magical marks, signs of a curse. Then the POV zoomed in on that and went up the boy's ass.... Like I said, weird, and I don't know why the heck I dreamed it.
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