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    1. Terrifying sea creature, almost got raped again, battle royal

      by , 08-15-2018 at 03:27 PM (Exterminate)
      Alright I have had enough of these dreams where I almost get molested by creepy dudes. Is it a subconscious fear I have now? I wonder where the hell it came from because I want it gone.

      I was on a lake/ocean in a boat/vehicle. A family member was with me, but then they left for some reason. They said they'd be back soon, but as I was waiting I heard a very disturbing sound beneath me. It sounded like the growl of a large and ancient beast. It sounded similar to this one, with the reverberating breathing. It was loud and made me scared to my core. Anyway, just after I heard the sound the car bumped up a bit. And again it happened. Suddenly the vehicle capsizes. I had opened the window a bit earlier to try to see what had made that noise, but now that I was capsizing I tried to roll the window up but I didn't have enough time. I saw the water coming closer and I took a deep breath. I then fell into the water and dove as far as I could to try to avoid the beast from below. I was not fast enough, and it bit off my leg at the knee. It then circled back and swallowed the rest of me whole. I tried to grab hold of it's mouth just before it swallowed me just so I could know what it was that killed me. It had a long pointed snout and reminded me of a shark. I woke up likely in sleep paralysis. My whole body felt constricted and I thought I was actually dead for a second.

      There was more to this one, but basically me and brother were in the middle of nowhere with a semitruck. There was just desert all around. While he wasn't looking I threw gas on everything and then lit the truck and ran for my life. The thing went off like a nuclear bomb. I expected the mushroom cloud and the heat and stuff, but didn't anticipate the flying debris. I just kept running to avoid being chunked down by the flying pieces. It was truly a sight to behold.

      My brother driving me through a town I didn't recognize. It was a large city and reminded me of Vegas. It was at night and I saw several fireworks displays going off. As we drove down some winding highways at a decent speed I took in the sights of the various light shows and suddenly my brother tells me to hold on to something. I look forward at the road and it has a large gap with the street continuing after a few feet. We keep our speed and fall right through the hole and find ourselves doing some weird roller coaster of a track designed just for this. It takes the speed and weight of the vehicle and as long as you keep the pedal to the metal, then you will complete the track without injury. This thing was wild. It had loop-de-loops, jumps, falls, the works. I saw a smaller car that failed the loop and ended upside down and crashing to the ground. I felt very scared that our car may end up the same. I got mad at Kris for taking me here, and he said he brings many people here and that it is one of the best attractions in town.

      I was playing a battle royal sort of game, with gameplay like fistful of frags (Played the game for hours yesterday). Each game was 100 players. There were several weapons you could use and they were all pretty good. It was so satisfying getting 6+ kills in a row. I was able to escape large groups of people by floating above. I remembered this technique from my past as I could hold my breath and it allows me to fly higher. The group of 5 said I was cheating because they only had melee weapons and couldn't reach me. I said they were cheating for being in such a large group, and that there was no way I could beat all of them when they're grouped like that. I played a few rounds of this. Out of maybe 4 rounds I came in first twice. I recall the last time I played it the remaining 2 enemies besides me were Conan O'Brian and Stephen Colbert. Conan was weaponless and wasn't actually playing. I managed to get Stephen Colbert, but it wasn't easy. I had to attack his head and he kept using a hood to conceal where I could attack. I eventually pinned him to the ground and sliced open his neck. Brutal.

      I was at a hotel trying to mind my own business but the people behind and in front of me pressed so close against me they forced me to follow them. I wanted to just leave them alone, but it seemed they were doing this on purpose. I noted the guy behind me was wearing skin tight latex. Not the black kind, but it was red and white. They got me to a floor with nobody around and a guy tried to pull a gun on me while the latex guy advanced toward me and tried to sexually assault me. I fended them off and ran up the stairs as fast as I could. As I rounded a clearing the guy was rounding the clearing in the stairs just below. This continued for 2-3 floors until I stopped and waited for him to catch up. Just as he was about to come into view I swung around the corner and knocked him down the stairs and kept running until the dream ended.
    2. Mathematical Fireworks

      by , 05-01-2018 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of April 28, 2018. Saturday.

      I am in an unknown spacecraft in orbit around Earth, but the spacecraft is not implied to be alien.

      Fireworks are being shown far below, but eventually, it seems they are in view from the front window of the spacecraft, which is not logical as they would have to be too far up to be appreciated from ground level.

      Eventually, some of the small sparks strike the window, some seeming to create a “splash” effect, and I see they appear as glowing mathematics symbols, including pi. Each set fades as more “splash” onto the window. There is a curious sound like two sticks hitting together as well as sizzling. A few sparks come from the control panel as well, but there is no sense of threat or problematic events.

      This is autosymbolism for the usual vestibular system correlation and thinking skills correlation (which the subconscious self does not have while in the non-lucid dream state) to activate the return to consciousness, but unique as always.

    3. Sunflower Sun and Walking on Water

      by , 01-01-2018 at 07:01 AM
      Dream #NYMA54

      Morning of January 1, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 48 sec. Readability score: 63.

      The fireworks from last night have left vibrant colors remaining in the clouds at dawn, mostly orange and yellow “embers.” I am wondering how long these residual dynamics will last; perhaps another day.

      I approach the sun on the horizon. The “horizon” is suddenly in front of me. It is then not the sun. It is a big yellow sunflower. Its petals feel like the cloth of my pillowcase (lucid awareness of being asleep). (The color yellow correlates with the emerging consciousness process of the dream state. As a result, it can be deliberately used to induce or enhance lucidity.)

      I walk on water, of unknown depth, back to our bedroom to wake for the day. The surface of the water replaces the level of the ground in our backyard; there is no implication of a flood. (These two factors have occurred regularly in my dreams for over fifty years. They are a result of being in the dream state. There is no meaning other than reactive representation in the dream state.)

      It is a first-level “return to bed” dream that also includes the daybreak representation, yellow as emerging consciousness, and most of my conscious self identity with no emergent consciousness simulacrum.

    4. December 5, 2017 Non-Lucid

      by , 12-05-2017 at 07:51 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was at an amusement park called "Kings Dominion" with my mom dad sisters friends and a girl from my uni named Judy. I believe it may have been my birthday because they kept asking me what I wanted to do. At some point we all get separated and I'm back at the front of the park with my friend Moo. He tells me where each person is at and doing. My vision changes from location to location seeing my friends and family on these rides. I see my friends Grayson and Sam on this bouncy house thing that has water and a lot of dirt/straw. I walk around the park in the dream. I remember waiting in line for this really huge roller coaster.

      I'm at some pizza place with my family and friends on a vacation. Everyone has decided what they want but I can't make up my mind. I've already ordered a pepperoni slice with no sauce on it. My mom asks me if that's really what I want. My aunt Ameigh is raving on about some combo deal of chicken alfredo pizza. I ask the person waiting on us how much the chicken alfredo is and she says that it'll be $10,000 for a big pizza and $10.99 for a medium slice. I tell her to show me the back so we can negotiate a pizza deal. I jump behind the bar and follow her back to this massive warehouse full of uncooked pizzas with a bunch of people there. I'm looking around and I'm seeing people licking and touching on all of the pizzas which was disgusting. She walks me back towards the bar where I see an chicken alfredo pizza on the ground which she says is mine. I look at it and it has some sort of sex toy and other liquids on the pizza which makes me decide I won't accept the pizza. It was so bizarre and surprising.

      From the pizza place we travel very close to a beach. My aunt Heather is there with her family and there's a bunch of random strangers I don't recognize. There's particularly a bunch of kids around the age of 10-15 with us on this vacation. We're playing in the ocean, jumping through waves. I keep trying to tell my friend Moo the story about the pizza place but he kept interrupting me. At some point fireworks are shooting off in the distance and everyone's focusing on that. Out in the distance of the ocean is a boat that's playing James Taylor. Everyone was sitting down watching fireworks but once they heard the music they get up and start to dance. I remember thinking it was crazy how these kids are getting up and dancing to someone as old as James Taylor but it was nice, I was dancing too.
    5. Night 1 of Spring Comp

      by , 04-15-2017 at 07:21 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - Fireworks

      It's night and I'm out partying with school friends. My mental map tells me I'm around the area where my university is, but the buildings are different. The party is moving, people leave with bikes and cars. I just arrived from a gym and left my bike there. One of my old friends asks why I did that and calls me stupid. I don't mind, I start running to the bridge going across the lake. People with bikes and cars can't take this short cut, so I might even arrive before them. I notice I don't tire from running and I can run really fast. While running over the bridge I notice a massive explosion in the sky, like a meteor split into hundreds of orange shards that continued to fall in every direction. I stop to admire it. I look around to see if anyone was following me and saw this amazing display, but I'm alone. I look back up and see several more explosions and realize they are fireworks. Incredibly beautiful looking though, and massive. They light up the whole night sky.

      After a while I continue to the location where the party was supposed to continue. It's not a party at all, it's a mandatory church ceremony. (We used to have on at the beginning of every school year. Involves preaching, singing etc.) At the doors we are supposed to also donate some money. I have no cash on me and panic.

      Panic leads to waking up, so I WBTB.

      Dream 2 - Kids of the Slums

      I'm a DO and see slums next to an odd looking frozen river. The ice is light blue, but isn't reflective or transparent like it should. TotalBiscuit is looking after the boys of the slums. There's a radio playing music. One of the kids led TotalBiscuit to the river. There was a spot with some hardhats stuck in the ice and a few small rocks sticking out. The kid took TB to a dangerous spot on purpose. TB slips and hits his head into a rock. His skull cracked, he's dead. The kids go back. One of the boys goes to the group of girls that were playing in the slums and asks one of them to help with something. A girl in a green dress with flowers comes back with him. She asks what it's about. The boys don't say anything other than they need her help. The group starts walking somewhere and the dream ends.

      Dream 3 - I teach history?
      I'm in a school. Dumbledore is the headmaster and I teach history. Dumbledore tells me I'm going to speak in front of the whole school. We are in a big dining hall. I have nothing prepared and panic. Students arrive, I recognize a few of them. The students want to eat first. That buys me some time. I get the dessert, which is a piece of pie with some purple jam. I have a chat with one of the student I know from waking life. Pie tastes good. I start thinking about my lecture, while eating. Stuff of nightmares, this dream
    6. Fireworks and Christmas Dinners

      by , 08-23-2016 at 07:40 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Here's this morning's collection of dreams, which had a sort of holiday theme going on.
      I stood in a grassy field with a friend I vaguely know in real life. It was night time, and we were waiting for fireworks. All of a sudden, multiple fireworks shot up into the sky. They were abnormally huge, and all the more beautiful because of it, filling the sky with a multitude of wonderful colors. Before I could really get out a word about how great it all looked, this friend of mine kissed me. That's all I remember here. Pretty odd my friend was involved in this manner, as I don't know her all that well!
      I was swimming in a pool that looked a lot like the pool we used in P.E. class in high school. As me and a bunch of other swimmers were heading out and back to the locker room, one of them collapsed by the entrance, having a sort of seizure. A guy I know IRL, we'll call him D, who I don't like very much appeared out of no where and was suddenly giving the collapsed guy medical attention. D looked up at me and held out his hand, asking me to give him my phone. I hesitantly complied. Seems like there could be multiple ways to interpret this one. Hmmhmm hmmity hmm.
      I was at a Christmas party with a good portion of my family, as well as a couple of familiar coworkers and people I didn't know or recognize at all. It was a fairly nice party, with lots of tables, food, and nice music playing. We were all standing in line at a vending machine, but when it was my turn to pop in some change and pick my drink, I couldn't for the life of me figure the thing out. Standing directly behind me was an old coworker of mine, we'll call her W, who was starting to get quite angry at how long I was taking. She eventually slapped the change out of my fumbling hands, yelling about how I needed to get a move on and let everybody else go. My cousin, who was standing behind W, told her to take it easy. I slumped my head and walked over to the nearby fridge, which had a smaller selection of drinks.
      I saw one that caught my eye: Strawberry soda in a very fancy bottle. I picked it up and went back over to my cousin, who was now standing next to this girl I didn't recognize. They were both drinking bottles of beer, so when the girl saw me approach, she gave a cold look at my bottle of soda and rolled her eyes. Seems everyone just wasn't having it with me at this party! Her and my cousin sauntered away, talking about something incoherently.
      In real life, I actually have never had alcohol to this day, and I don't plan on it. If I were at a party like this, that's pretty much exactly how it would go. I'm happy with the amount of detail recalled~
    7. [20-01-2016]

      by , 01-20-2016 at 05:20 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school. The teacher and other students were talking about yew tree. I was chatting with my pal on my phone, we were sending photos of fireworks to ourselves.
    8. [16-01-2016] Short WILD

      by , 01-16-2016 at 09:55 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I found myself in my kitchen, it was dark. I knew it was a lucid dream. I wanted to summon an object of immense power, so I moved closer to open doors to hallway, put my hand behind a wall and grabbed something. It was a plate, but it was unusual. It could spawn any food you'd wish. I have summoned a Plate of Endless Dishes. I placed it on a table becuase I had no use for it right now.

      Then I thought that an object to control some aspects of my dreams easier, so I thought about a dream controller and put hand inside my pocket. I immediately grabbed something and took a tv controller out of it. It had basic functions like menu, pause, play and stuff. It might come in handy later so I put it back inside my pocket.

      When I was just about to go, I was stopped by my maths teacher - a woman in her early thirties. She had arms-lenght brown hair and she was wearing a gray blouse and black trousers. She caught my hand and took me to another room. She tried to persuade me to stay with her. I knew what she wanted to do and felt arousal, but I wanted to go out and explore this time. To scare her out, I altered gravity in the room. Everything was floating gently in the air - she didn't noticed. I thought that maybe it's because she is floating with it as well, so I brought back normal gravity and made that only I was levitating. Still no effect, she was insisting that I should stay with her. I got a better idea, took out dream controller and used pause.

      Everything except me stopped, so I moved back to kitchen. I thought that I should get some way of escaping the house. I looked at a ceiling and a rectangular hole straight to the sky (forget about attic!) opened. I used play function on the controller and jumped. I tried to fly away, but as always I had problems with it and hit the ground.

      It was dusk time and it was getting brighter. I saw that there was someone walking in my backyard, so I went there. It was one of my classmates - a dude wearing gray hoodie and jeans trousers. He had dark hair and somewhat square-like head (as in reality). I thought why should I need him in my dream, and tried throwing a fireball or lightning at him. It never worked for me, so nothing happened. He went closer and said "I know a beter trick!" He pointed his finger at one of the objects and a small spark slowly started fire.

      I could've blown him off with a fire hurricane, ignite him whole with much more effective gesture of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat or strike him with a meteorite (all of these I used in previous lucid dreams), but I haven't thought about that, and his finger pointing gave me an idea.

      I wanted to see what would happen when I'd point my fingers. Index finger worked same as his - starting small fires. Might be useful for lighting candles. Middle finger was a flashlight. Could be useful when I'd be too lazy to summon a better source of light. Suddenly fireworks started somewhere on the street and sky above my house exploded with many colours. I thought that it was effect of my little finger, but it had no effect. I haven't checked what ring finger would do.
      I looked some more at the sky, and then the dream faded away. I woke up.

      [EDIT] It seems that I finished an advanced ToTM task with gravity. It was unintended though.

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    9. #121 - Hero kind of dream

      by , 10-04-2015 at 01:05 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream - Hero kind of dream
      I seem to have entered a warehouse in the dark of the night. The place had some lighting from the moonlight outside. It was quite open and spacious with a ground floor and upper floor (not separated by a floor, more like iron bridges and railings). I felt like I was a batman-esque type character who had infiltrated the place to fight evil. There were 2 other characters there, one was sort of like the joker, his style was to plant fireworks as bombs in order to kill you. I don't remember much about the other person, only that I think it was a girl that resembled Catwoman. I run up the stairs as I enter the warehouse, I think I even spar with the joker a bit. He's laid down some traps at the top of the staircase which explode mercilessly. I survive pretty easily, almost like nothing even happened...
      The jokers weakness was that he couldn't do long drawn-out battles or close-combat effectively. So as soon as I cleared his fireworks and moved towards him I immediately had the upper hand. He was low on fireworks and started panicking. For some reason I think the warehouse was starting to collapse and we all had to make our escapes, I jumped back down to the ground floor and turned left to a tunnel underneath the staircase. I think I just remember running down the tunnel and then waking up.
    10. Back to Work (30.6.15)

      by , 06-29-2015 at 11:08 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Back to Work
      I'm working which is at the home town basketball center. I think it's hafele. I'm where the back of the old courts are, and there was an opening in the back left corner. Its coming to the end I think, cause there isn't much to do. I see a couple trolleys and collect them. The trolleys are miniature. A worker that's doing the same job jokes around and says "get ur own job". I leave the trolleys in his path to collect, but he says "well don't just leave them there, put em away". I put them into there bays. I try and put them in perfectly, but they move around. I check the other bay and notice that they are not neat either, so I just leave mine as is. I wanted it to be perfect for the worker as I wanted to do things right because I was new and nervous. I tell some of the workers about how I used to be on disability pension, and how it got cut due to getting 10 points instead of 20.
      I cranked some tunes off of my phone and left it on a ledge so people could hear it.

      Work must be over cause I'm in a car with people. In sitting in the back with a female, it's dark, so it's hard to tell who I'm with. I think it was Ashleigh Hunt. I soon realize that I have left my phone at work and tell them they have to turn back. I can tell some people are pissed off by the sighs. To my surprise, Ashleigh hands me my phone. It was near me the whole time. I think back and remember placing it next to me.

      I'm back at work, but it's changed to Bunnings Warehouse. I'm near the entrance to depot, looking at cloths. There's a lot of clothes. I think they're all donated clothing, because there isn't 2 of the same thing, and a lot of different sizes. I see a man near me browsing for clothes also. I mention about finding it hard to find the right size. He disagrees with me.
      I see something on the wall. Another worker shows me what it does. It has chicken inside it. He opens it and we start eating it. He told me Daryl paid for his. I'm holding a box with chicken in it. I grab some lemon and squeeze it on, over doing it in the process. I have a bite and its nice.
      I'm standing around and I see a guy that has a English accent. He calls a guy Joe Weller that passes him. It rings a bell that name. As Joe comes over, I recognize him. I say "I know you...."

      Dream Fragments
      I'm on the streets in a Arabian place. There's dirt roads, and Arabian people. I see a car that arrives with a man wanting to sell his fireworks. I imagine shooting a Firework into his car as he drives off, resulting in his death.

      I see a man with an erection. He's showing off his fat dick. The scene changes to him having some kind of strap around his dick. It looks like a bit of leather at the base of it, almost like a little collar.

      Side Notes: Day 1 of fast, felt OK. Bed early tomorrow. I RC upon awakening without reminding myself.

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    11. Continuing The UFO Crash Universe

      by , 02-16-2015 at 12:55 PM
      I fall asleep at around 4:30 PM. This dream series was very reminiscent of the Time Travel UFO dream I had a week or so ago. It involved the same universe throughout the entire thing. It all started in Preschool. I was in a weird preschool class for some reason. I must have been young. I do not remember much of the class, however when I got out, the same friend from the other dream was ready to drive me home in a bus. He then drives me to the same area as the last dream, where his house was still in the woods, and the playground (which I looked for, but could not find) was somewhere nestled in the forest. The dream ends in a mountainous or extremely hilly area. There is a large bridge with a huge swingset on the bridge that swings you over the mountain. I rode it, feeling free. I noticed a few family members popping up in the area, then fireworks going off. I then see that the entire area turns into some kind of festival, where thousands of people are sitting in bleachers facing the forest and the fireworks. I then decide to walk into the festival area and little did I know, my old algebra teacher from high school was there. She didn't seem overly excited to see me, however. I signed her visitor booklet because she had a pen for her animals there and was showing them off. It was a bit like a fair. I wake up for the first time of the night around 2:00AM. I then check the time and roll over and go back to sleep. This is when the dream becomes odd. The dream turns into a video game. It becomes a game similar to the game Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS. However, this is a very open world, it had to do with my home town of Bloomington, Indiana. The whole game was in this town. It was extremely realistic, and the person playing the game was streaming it to Twitch TV. Me and my friend become stuck on something in the middle of a road above a highway. The player then builds an island somewhere close to us. Finally my friend decides to get onto a bus. I snuggle close to him to keep warm, because it was cold and rainy. I do for the entire trip home, which in real life, from the bridge over the highway should not have been longer than 5-10 minutes. (I'll begin to refer to this friend as J.) I finally get off the bus in front of my house. The door of my house has massive amounts of graphiti, and I walk inside. I dont know why my dreams like to do this, but they like to switch the interior of my house to the other houses I've lived in. (This is all in the same world still. I'll explain later.) Now, I walk in and ask "why is there so much graphiti on the door?" She replies "that's just what the kids around here do. Can't help it." It had things like racial slurs, etc on it. Now the dream switches a little bit. Inside, the dream lays out my living room as the current living room I have, except the fish tanks I have have been moved to the other side of the room, and there's a dining table in the living room as well, right in front of a TV. The dream continues the video game theme, however. The fish tanks move around the house a lot, until the dream puts them outside. Of course, the exterior of my house, or the land I live on, is actually the woods I lived by at my previous apartment. I go up to my bedroom, where my mother is talking to a lady out the back window, who is on a very tall ladder (we lived on the second floor of the apartment building, and the back windows faced to the woods. This is not the same forest as J in the dream lives in.) My mom is talking to the lady when I jump on the bed and she falls partially out the window. The dogs also have been partially out the window as well for some strange reason. I pull them all back in so they don't plummet to their death. That's where this dreams ends and I wake up at about 4:00AM. I check the time and turn over, where I have some extreme hypnagogia for a few seconds, and I'm back out. The dream begins in the same world as the last. (I will illustrate this world, as it seems to become more and more solid of a world in my dreams for some reason.) I'm riding in the car with my father, who I'm trying to convince that we're both dreaming, and that we should become lucid. I show him my favorite reality check, which for some reason actually works the same way as it would have if I was awake instead of sleeping. I then take control, where I have the 3rd lucid dream of my life. I end up only taking full control for a few seconds, because I wanted to see how this dream would play out by itself. I end up very high in an airplane out of nowhere. Where I'm playing with altitudes like I'm playing Microsoft Flight Simulator. My mom is in the plane, and I tell her I'm going to land. I stick my head out the window and tell her that there is an airport below us called Isral airport (It was a misspelled version of "Israel.") I tell her I might try to land there or another larger airport to the right of it. I then switch to some odd game view where there's other planes in the sky with me and I press a button in the plane, then other planes begin to crash into each other in a very weird animation style. I find myself flying street level with other cars back in my hometown in front of my rival high school. I struggle with controlling the plane and my wing hits another car. Sliding off. The breeze then picks up the plane and throws it around everywhere, making the plane freak out, then suddenly we're back to my house. Only now, I'm in a strange, large, open room right beside my house. I can't remember what is happening in there, but I go to steal some aquarium equipment from a shelf in the room. Some guards see me and kicked me out. The small fish tank gets taken to the forest, and the large fish tank gets put in that large room. I walk into my house from the large room, and then I walk back into the open room, where a ride has just appeared, where all you do is hold on. There is no safety equipment. It throws you through a loop and goes through the loop multiple times until the ride is stopped. Then this is when everything becomes interesting. Out of nowhere, this guy named Samus comes out, who is the deity of the game. He controls everything. He flies around, making sure his game is working the way it should be. I'm not 100% sure if I'm lucid at this time in the dream, but I can assume that I am. I then tell him that I want my fish tanks back in my house, because I cannot view them outside. He then takes out a piece of paper, which he presses a button on that scrambles a few settings. Everything is made double its weight, so it's harder to pick up anything. I get my family to try, but everyone is in pain from it, and I let it go for now. I then begin to fly around the little creek in the woods behind my house. I see some black fish and some goldfish in the little creeks. I then decide to go for a tiny swim. This entire dream's weather has been the same. Rainy. I'm switching from swimming to flying in and over the creek until something falls in the water and transforms into a monster. Samus is heard speaking about this as a narrator, I keep flying higher and higher to avoid the monster, until I'm high enough to see the entire globe of this dream, which is an oddly shaped spheroid. The manmade things like the roller coaster thing by my house stick up, and on another island far away, you can see another building that showed up in the UFO dream. I then teleport back to the ground by my house and stare at the ground for a bit. I forget what happens next, so I'll skip to where I can remember. I then go to the pet store to buy a lightbulb for an aquarium that had a bulb go out. I get home, and the package ends up being these little fizzy circles that you put in the tank and it's apparently supposed to light it up. I put it in my mouth and it fizzes like one of those head ache tablets that you put in water. I spit it out into a toilet which appears in front of me out of nowhere. Somehow I get a real lightbulb and go through a lot more to put the bulb in the hood of the aquarium. The aquarium in the large room is put back in the house, but the aquarium in the woods still stays. I then begin to talk to Samus, which then takes us back into a car. Samus puts the level of difficulty on "exam," which is supposed to be a bit less harder than the difficulty it was on earlier. After a roundabout, we see a monster in the distance, which looks like a tall gray figure with a perfectly circular head and blocks for a body. We then begin to drive down the road opposite to the monster, and the sun comes out a bit. The little blessed palms my mom likes to keep in her car begin to catch fire on top of the dashboard. I begin to grab them to put them in a safe place under the dashboard but my mom gets mad and tells me to put them back. I spend the rest of the dream trying to keep the palms in the shaded parts of the dashboard, and that's when I wake up for the last time at 5:50AM. I then pick up my iPhone's word processor and write down this DJ entry, which I just now finished at 6:50AM on the dot. It took a whole hour to write this. Dang...
    12. Broken things

      by , 01-08-2015 at 10:31 PM
      Recent dreams included a brief appearance from Bai Suzhen, and some good scenery - a trek along a lake covered in snow, watching fireworks in an amusement park.


      Sometime in the 1700s. Two women talking, one sitting in a chair, the other kneeling in front of her and holding her hands. The walls seem covered in gold and mirrors, with double doors in glass and a row of large windows opening onto the hallway. The windows shatter when I walk down the hall towards the doors - I'd only meant for the doors themselves to break. A cautionary sign. The woman who'd been in the chair is standing when I walk through the space where the doors used to be, shielding the other woman. She calls me Conte.

      Two kids, a girl and a boy, are playing a video game. The boy's character has just hit something in the throat with a lead pipe, and the boy has an odd sensation of experiencing the same thing - not pain, more like a memory of someone hitting him just like that, in the throat and then in the side. As a disembodied observer, I'm thinking that's a pity - even after we finally managed to create a peaceful timeline, the deaths from the other timelines are still affecting them.
    13. Beach Fun

      by , 12-31-2014 at 09:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 30, 2015

      I've Gotten Soft

      I was a wolf, and was worried that I'd gotten soft, because I was hanging out with a bear and a beaver. But then some bad human was scheming something; he wanted to catch the animals where I lived by laying traps for them.

      I switched to being the beaver or some other small mammal, and warned the wolf that what the bad human brought to our home was going to seem like it was a good thing, but was actually going to destroy our world... But the wolf smelled some pot pies on an island across the river from where we stood. I think we had been on a railroad track, right next to the opening of a tunnel. When we got to the small island with the pot pies on it though, we started pulling weeds because we wanted the place to be beautiful. This somehow foiled the bad human's plans, and he was moaning and grieving back on the train tracks.

      I woke up from this random and short dream, but wasn't ready to get up yet, so I tried to fall back asleep. I usually have my best dreams at these moments... I wasn't disappointed. I had this dream next:

      Beach Fun

      I was on a beach with my family. My brothers and I were playing a sort of shooting game, where we had to see how close to shooting each other we could get without actually hitting each other. The guns suddenly turned into those nerf dart guns after a squabble where I apparently shot too fast consecutively. My little brother shot me and the dart stuck right to my chest. Then I shot my big brother three times; in the arm, the neck, and the hip.

      After our battle, we all wanted to go for a walk along the shore. But we had a lot of stuff out with us, so we had to go take it to the car so it would be safe. The car was all the way at the back of the parking lot though, so we had to walk a ways. Dad said he would bring the car around after the first load of stuff, so that we wouldn't have to walk so far next time. I spotted an open parking spot much closer to the beach, and suggested we just move the car there.

      On the way to the car, I looked into the woods to my left and noticed huge giraffe replicas. I'm talking like seven-story building tall giraffes. There were maybe 6 or 8 of them, all posed as if walking to the beach to our right. They looked just like real giraffes, just much bigger. To my right, there were some large pelican statues. One of them had its wings out as if beating them to scare enemies away. For some reason my big brother then hatched out of a giant egg near the pelican statues. I was a bit confused, but he seemed to think it was totally normal. We crossed a small pedestrian bridge that was more like a large log over the water, and the ground shook momentarily. I looked up and saw the neck of one of the large giraffes moving. I was scared that they were coming to life and were going to smoosh us, but they didn't. It looked at me, then moved back to its original position and everything stopped moving again...

      At this point, my consciousness was slightly shifted; I was The Doctor, but I was still me. If that makes sense. I looked in the woods to the left again, and saw about five Tardises. I blinked, and they were gone. I was very excited, because another Tardis meant there might be another Time Lord than me! My family all went back to the beach area, and I snuck back out to the woods to find the other Time Lords. It was dark now, and when I saw the 5 of them again, I was so exstatic. I wasn't alone! But as I drew nearer, they started morphing from blue Police Call boxes into red Phone Boothes, and I paniced. They all started randomly phasing in and out of Tardis, and never seemed to stay as a Tardis by the time I reached them.

      I finally managed to catch one of them as it was blue, but then Emma Stone walked out of it and the sound of flushing came to my mind. They were all just porta-potties, and I'd just been too excited. Emma was drunk as all get out, though. She was stumbling and looked like she was going to vomit again. I helped her get to her cabin, only about fifty feet from the potty. Her mom was inside, and they both thanked me so much and almost worshipped me for some reason. They invited me to a festival that was happening the next day, but I was already going with my family, so I declined.

      Flash forward to my family and I leaving the spot on the beach again. My mom and I are in Yukatas, and we are headed for the festival. The parking lot was lined with all sorts of stalls, and my mom wanted to take pictures of me all over the place. But I couldn't see any of the giant giraffes anymore. This made me suspect I was dreaming, so I looked down to my hands, and noticed I had an extra pinky finger on my right hand. I was dreaming!

      I wanted to set off a firework, which was perfect, because I was at a festival. There were usually fireworks at these things, right? I looked behind a few stalls, because that's where I thought they would have fireworks stored for later. After a few stalls, I found a stash. I grabbed some of the biggest ones, and stuffed them into the folds on my Yukata. Normally, they shouldn't have had any business fitting, but it was a dream. Yukatas are apparently like a Tardis; bigger on the inside.

      I decided to wander for a bit, and noticed something fishy about the trees all around me. I shuffled behind a bush, and inspected the bases of the trees. They turned out to be made of metal. The trunks were cut into strips at the bases, and then bent outwards slightly to create a slight fanning out. It was kind of beautiful, in a way. I appreciated the artistry and patience of whoever could have created a whole forest of metal trees that looked so real.

      I wanted to set off the fireworks now, but it was still light. I closed my eyes and willed it to get dark, envisioning the sun setting. When I opened my eyes, it was still light, but when I looked through the metal branches and leaves of the trees above me, I could see the sun moving fast through the sky. In about 20 seconds it was sunset. The sun slowed a bit, and the sunset lasted a few minutes, it was beautiful, but the trees blocked a lot of the colors. Soon, it was dark enough for fireworks.

      I hopped on over to the beach, flying through a small path in the woods that lead to the water. I stuck the fireworks in the sand near the water (but not close enough for them to get wet), and realized I had no matches. I could have tried sticking my hand in my pocket... But I wanted to try it Roy Mustang style. I went back to the tree-line, and snapped my finger a couple times, expecting there to be fire when I did. It took a few tries. When I was confident I could summon the flames this way, I aimed and snapped a bolt of fire at the fuses for the rockets. It worked, and this made me want to try other things with fire...

      (Backstory required here... When I was a kid, two of my friends and I would spend our time creating elaborate fantasy worlds in which we each controlled an element and ruled over a kingdom. I ruled over fire, and even made a whole story back this world. Anyways, I wanted to try some of the things "I" could do in this fantasy world of mine)

      I wanted to try making a disc of fire that I could stand on. I'd spent so long thinking about how these things worked while writing the story, so I just did what I had imagined many times already, and it worked pretty well. It was familiar and nostalgic. I held out my hands and there it was. I moved it up, down, side to side a bit before stepping onto it.

      But I remembered the fuses on the fireworks just as they went off. I also wanted to follow the firework so I could watch from the inside, so I shot off after it. I'm not sure if I was flying with the flame disc or if I'd just left it hovering there. I caught up to the firework, and then it went off, and it was so cool. It wasn't so much firework-looking as just flashes of color blinding everything else out of my vision. It lasted a lot longer than a normal firework. There was a sort of pinkish orangish background haze around me, and lots of lines of colors shooting out from where my feet were. Some shimmers and sparkles, too.

      When it was over, I just hovered in the air for a bit. I was a little dazed, and felt the dream destabilizing, so I tried rubbing my hands together. I've never tried that to keep a dream, so I wasn't sure how well it would work. I just then remembered a dare I'd seen for anyone. I wanted to get into those dares. The only one I could think of, which randomly popped into my head then, was to fall from a height without slowing down, or something like that. Something about hitting the ground at full speed.

      The dream was a little fuzzy, but the rubbing was helping a little bit, so I darted over a bit so I would be above the sand, and not the water like I was right then, and hovered for a bit. This took a lot of mental preparation for me; falling is maybe my biggest fear, and it's that way because of a dream I had when I was little... So even though it was a dream, I still felt scared and in danger. I had my hands balled into fists, so I decided that the signal to fall would be un-clenching my hands and spreading my fingers... but the dream destabilized again and I woke up.
    14. Stars in the sky blow up like fireworks (chain of false awakening and lucids)

      by , 12-12-2014 at 12:00 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Stars in the sky blow up like fireworks (chain of false awakening and lucids) (DILD)


      I had a False Awakening and I was about to write down my dream, when I felt very fuzzy and like everything was wavy. I was moving but I was falling alseep and having a chain of spit-second FAs. Until I had a more abrupt false awakening and I was altered and nervious so I did a reality check because I literally had no idea in what realm I was!

      I could not see, so I got off bed and jumped a couple times, gravity was not acting normal so I turned lucid. I also checked my hands (now vision was clear) and I had six fingers. I was going to exit the house until I faded out and I was back in bed.

      I knew I was still dreaming, checked my hands again and remained lucid. I existed the house and took of to fly. The sky was full of stars, but it had stars of many colors, like neon colors. I took a fly to make the dream stable and it went crystal clear. I then saw that the stars started to explote like if they were fireworks, but the colors were much more vivid than real fireworks and there was a like a chain reaction.

      I decided to do an easy dare, as I did not find my dream stability to be at its finest, so I decided to:

      Quote Originally Posted by anyone dare
      Put some flowers on the graves of a cemetery at night. (Box77)
      I started to fly looking for a graveyard, but once again, I faded out.

      I was back in bed, still knowing I was dreaming, I was starting to get annoyed with the false awakenings. I had a successive chain of 2-3 more false awakenings. Always knowing I was dreaming, they happened fast.

      During one of them, I managed to exit the house again, but I was in a void of nothingness for a few seconds until I faded out.

      One more False Awakening with reality check. I exited the house and started to fly. I saw a huge neon sign in the sky, made out of stars but also with many colors like neon. As I approached at them, they exploted again and made tons of colors. There were some x-mas trees and decorations. I got stuck with a x-mas ribbon
      (talk about dream coontrol on this one... meh... the whole dream was a mess anyone, probably REM was ending.) After a while, I managed to fly away from it. I felt I was waking up, tried to rub my hands and had another false awakening, where I was still rubbing my hands and I figured I woke up like that, but I did a reality check and I was still asleep. I did not bother anymore in getting out of bed, as the dream quality was awful and extremely unstable. A few seconds later, I woke up for real.

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      lucid , false awakening
    15. Silhouetted Beings.

      by , 08-15-2014 at 11:24 PM
      13 May 2014
      Method: WBTB with MILD

      Time: 07:00-08:55

      I awakened to the darkness of my bedroom.A flash of lucidity struck me, and as it did I immediately felt an invisible force which pinned me down in my bed at the shoulders and began to pull me toward my door.
      I sensed something or someone. In the room with me.A presence of another being,one I could not see clearly,a mere silhouette in the darkness.
      Was it the one in control of the force or was it merely observing my predicament?
      And why was i paralyzed,unable to fight this strange energetic field that held me stationary.

      There is a sudden scene change and I finds myself standing outside in my back garden,still lucid, gazing upon the stars that where shining unuasually bright.
      I notice that I cannot recognize any constellations.
      The next door neighbor lets off a firework that implodes making a loud and echoing bang although instead of the usual chaotic visual effect an organised pentagonic pattern radiated outward from the central point,made of white dots joind with beams of light.

      I find that if i begin to focus and concentrate my attention lay on the red strawberry,which lay on the table infront of me, I'm able to gain occular clarity.

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