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    1. Some Short dreams

      by , 10-22-2014 at 10:07 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1
      I am writing in my DJ and I reach my arm over a girl who is in my bed. I assume she is my wife. (I am definitely not married) I am watching it like it's a movie, so in third person kind of. She got annoyed because I never do that and it woke her up.

      Dream 2
      I found a game on YouTube that was called something Beach Island. It was rated 19 and up. I was looking for a game with some sexy ladies in it. In the game, you had to survive on the island and a side goal was to bang chicks along the way (which was totally different from surviving on an island ) I wanted to play it but my mom didn't want me to because she had heard it was REALLY bad. I ended up getting it and I hid that I was playing it from her. She walked in when I was playing and almost caught me.

      Dream 3
      I am in a restaurant/store and I am talking with a friend about the carnival we are at. I ask him when we have to go back to school and he says whenever we want. Apparently, you can miss school for the carnival. My friend said that obviously he was going to stay all day.

      Dream 4
      I am in the parking lot of a park with my Cross Country team.

      Dream 5
      I was watching a video and some girls in my grade were at a party having "fun"
    2. WBTB and couldn't get to sleep right away but it was worth it! (LD #12)

      by , 10-17-2014 at 04:06 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Before: I set my alarm for 3:30. When I wake, I remember 0 dreams. I stay up for a little too long and when I MILD, I can't sleep. I fall asleep an hour and a half later.

      Dream 1
      I have a dream about Cross Country where I have a race at my high school inside. I think that is weird because all our races are outside and it isn't supposed to be at my high school. I join the race right before it starts and everyone seems to be messing around. People are running backwards and doing crap but I still can't seem to catch up with the kids. I finally pass everyone and I'm in first. I keep running and I seem to take a wrong turn and am back at the starting line. I ask the dude if I can join the next race and he keeps saying it already started. I go to the basketball floor and look at the track above, which is a lot more expanded than IWL. I see Z on my team winning, and my friend W is right behind him. J is in a pack of kids and keeps sprinting, then jogging really slow. His strategy was working somehow. I am then in the library and my friend JD is there along with a bunch of other kids. He is a really good kid IWL and never gets into trouble but in this dream, he kept on getting told off for misunderstandings. I was telling everybody that I hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before, so that's why I did bad. (I couldn't fall asleep after doing a WBTB) JD goes over to a couch where his sister and her friends are and he hugs her. Her friends all join around and the librarian calls our XC Coach thinking JD is hugging random chicks. I say that she is his sister and the sister says that also but the librarian says that JD has gotten into enough trouble already so he deserves to be punished. The coach comes in and takes JD out. He has a tough time suppressing his tears and he says "one minute" to a random older kid. (He wouldn't of cried IWL. He isn't a baby) Everyone says "ooooohhhhh" and laughs a little. I leave the library and am in my cousin's house. I go into his computer room and lay down trying to sleep because I'm tired. I then think there is an evil in the house so I quickly leave and am back at the library. No one else is there so I decide its time for me to leave. I pack up some stuff and hope a car is outside so I an cover ground quicker.

      I wake up and am disappointing I didn't have an LD because if I'd had an LD at least it would be worth not being able to fall asleep right away.

      Dream 2
      I am leaving my garage and open my car door. I realize I'm dreaming. I sit down in my car seat and wonder if I'm actually not dreaming because everything seems pretty real. I do a nose plug RC to check and it works. I turn on the car and it turns on like it does IWL. I remember my goal to find my Dream Guide to teach me how to LD more and to teach me how to fly. (I'm going to use him/her to help me learn most things I can do in dreams) I start driving and my neighbor stops by me, so I stop too. He has one of my brother's friends with him. I get out of my car because they do and they have these large things used to chop tree branches. My neighbor throws it at me but I dodge it. I am kind of scared. There is a car between us. MY brother's friends throws his and I dodge that too. I pick one up and throw it bak and it hits my bros friend right in the chest. He looks surprised. My neighbor somehow has another one and I barely dodge it and it skims my head. That continued for a little bit and then I woke up.

      Dream 3
      I was at a basketball game and my (dad?) was trying to get me. I was sitting in some bleachers with friends. Then we are at a hotel and I go into another room with someone and our two companions are in the other room. We are on a quest, and my companions are like form Lord of the Rings. When we start heading back to the room, I somehow know they will be gone. We see that the room is crystallized with ice and they are indeed gone. There is a dark cabinet in the corner of the room now, and I know that that's the cause of their disappearance. I already for some reason know what it is before my companion explains it and says its bad news.
    3. Cross country bike race

      by , 10-07-2014 at 12:20 AM
      My dream started in a race. The road was at the beginning similar to which they use for motocross. We were competing in pairs, so i had a friend with me. I have never participated in such a race before but ok, lets give it a try. I was super fast, I just couldnt get tired, so i had no problem, i was in superb shape. But the problem was that there were many roads. And the race was somehow really badly marked. I could tell which way to go. And i had bad luck, so i always went the wrong way. Oddly enough other competitors had zero problem with that. All of them somehow knew where to go. So we turned alot with my friend to get back on the right track. And then we have reached a checkpoint. The checkpoint was all in yellow colour. The gates were yellow, the people were wearing yellow trash bags. And when I drove trough the checkpoint there was a man instead of a yellow tape. He was as well wearing a yellow trash bag and two persons were holding him in the air. I drove with great speed, so i could not brake, and i didnt even try. The man lifted both of his feet and kicked me in the belly. I didnt fall, i was sturdy as a rock. He just bounced away from me, and i drove forward. I again came to a crossroad, with 3 roads this time. I took the hardest one.. and when i came on the top of the hill I again realized that it was the wrong one, because i saw some other bikers driving on a road nearbye. But between the right road and mine.. was a trench. about 3 meters wide.And there was a wooden cabin next to the only place where i could jump over it. ANd i have decided that i will give it a shot. I had to walk on a very tiny space.. it was like 10cm just next to the cabin wall. And to make it a little harder, the windows were open, so I had to carry my bike, walk on a narrow pathway while closing the cabin windows. My balance was not right, but i somehow managed to get to the point i could jump over the trench. And when I was about to jump i woke up..
    4. 5/27/12 Running

      by , 05-27-2012 at 03:35 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)

      I was with my Cross Country team. I remember we had to go through these "checkpoints" while running. In those checkpoints we could use the bathroom, change clothes, etc. I'm not sure how much time we had during those checkpoints.

      I remember running out of the checkpoint, following after one of the guys on my team. It was nighttime; and it looked like we were running through downtown somewhere. There were people cheering all around; the finish line must be near.

      Somehow we made it to my mom's house. I was standing with some of my Cross Country team. We were waiting to get into the next checkpoint, which was in the backyard of my mom's house, and was underground. I was waiting on my mom to open it, but she kept going so slow. So I got impatient.

      That's all I remember.


      I remember pushing my conditioner and shampoo bottles aside while trying to get into the shower.
    5. Jan 22 an ego booster.

      by , 01-23-2011 at 10:43 PM
      It was a Cross Country race at Wheeling invite(it was raining). I get asked if I am the Dylan Roberts? Then I got complimented by three runners on running fenton sick and smiling the whole race. OD won the race and gets his name cheered at the end.
    6. Manga museum, sports camp

      by , 11-05-2010 at 11:57 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a bedroom with a woman who looked like the woman from the band Republica, but with a lot of red-dyed strands in her hair and copper-tan skin. The room was dim, as if lit only by a very small lamp. It was also bare, with only the bed for furniture. The bed had no blankets.

      The woman was naked and writhing around on the bed. I got on top of her and had sex with her. We had sex in a couple different positions (although I seem to have finished shamefully quickly).

      We lay on the bed. The woman looked at the walls of the room. They were filled with manga sketches that looked professionaly done. The woman either asked me why I liked manga or whether I thought manga was an art. I told her I definitely thought it was an art.

      I tried to express how I'd seen comic artists draw, and how that alone would have conviced me. But I was unable to bring out the words to say that. So I told the woman that I'd show her.

      We got up (the woman -- and I -- may have remained naked throughout the dream) and walked out of the room. We were in some basement. I knew this basement had been made into a manga museum. It was like the house of which this basement was a part was on a college campus. The house held rooms for students, like the room the woman and I had just been in. And the students had volunteered their rooms while they were away (on vacation) to be exhibit rooms for a temporary manga museum.

      The basement was very dark, lit only by a strange, dim, red light. There were four doors for "dorm rooms" on the wall to our left. The room we were in was like a big common area.

      I told the woman I'd find her some classic manga and show her why I thought it was art. We went into the door at the farthest end of the room. We went inside.

      The room was also dim, barely lit by a red light. The place smelled terrible! I looked around. It looked like a normal college boy's dorm, nothing out of the ordinary. But the smell drove me crazy. So I left. The woman stayed in there, looking through some manga on a thin, tall bookshelf.

      I walked a couple rooms down. I may have thought about switching on some lights in the place. But I didn't want anybody outside to know the woman and I were here. I figured if they knew we were here they'd all want to come in. Then the place would get crowded.

      I went into another room. This room was supposed to have manga from a very early period. For some reason I kept thinking about Golgo 13. I thought there was something in particular about the brushstrokes in manga that were just perfect. But you'd only know it deeply if you saw someone actually sketching things out (with a pencil?).

      I probably spent some time in this other room, looking at manga and individual pages of drawings.

      At some point, people started coming down into the manga museum. Morning light may also have started to fill the rooms.

      Dream #2

      I was with some group of kids at a sports camp or a summer training vacation. We had been out on a large, grassy field, doing some kind of fun training, possibly with a giant robot of some sort.

      We were now all in a bedroom, on a bunk bed. There were a lot of us boys on the top and bottom bunks. We probably weren't sleeping. We were probably just hanging out and goofing off before the next training thing we had to go to.

      I lay on the bottom bed. I was a little disappointed by this sports camp. It was all about football, and I was more interested in cross country.

      There was a black boy laying just at my head, sideways to me, like we'd form a T. Another black boy hung over the top bunk, talking to the boy on my bunk.

      The boy said, "When they got that new cross country coach, things really changed, right? He got some of those kids who were no good at football. Nobody thought football players could run long distance. But he sure showed them.

      "Man, it's too bad tou didn't see my last race! I was really proud of myself. When I started, I thought I was gonna get a lousy time. But I got my best time ever!"

      Somebody called all us boys out to take a bus to our next training event. So we were getting up. The boy on the top bunk climbed down and walked over to a dresser. I stood up and went to the dresser, too.

      I hoped nobody would ask me about my times in cross country. They'd been horrible. I didn't want to actually say my best time out loud and be laughed at. I kept thinking of the time 18:38 in my head, even though I knew that was a faster time than my fastest time.

      The boy from the top bunk and I stood before the dresser. I pulled open a drawer. I pulled out my wallet and something like a wadded up sock and a skinny, tall comb.

      I regretted that the boy saw me take my stuff out of the drawe. I didn't like people to know where I put my belongings. But I also didn't want people to know that. I wasn't suspicious of anybody. I didn't want them to think I was. But I just had a fear of people knowing where I put my belongings.