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    1. 16-07-23 Too Many Dreams

      by , 07-23-2016 at 03:43 PM
      Boy, so many dreams again. My recall has never been this good before.

      Number one. I was chasing a cop on a bicycle. The cop was in pursuit of a suspect. I saw a sign on the side of the road, saying Highway 7. The bad guy was riding a horse and carriage, the cop and me were on bicycles. The cop dropped his wallet. It was a Pulp Fiction "bad motherfucker" wallet, like mine in real life. I was determined to give the officer his wallet back, so I started chasing him. After a pretty long chase, I caught up to the cop (maybe he had caught his suspect?). I gave him the wallet. He seemed happy. Then he pointed out I had his phone too, somehow. And he was right. I remembered seeing an app on "my" phone I didn't recognize.

      After the last dream, I was stuck on a nearby construction site. I don't *how* I was stuck, exactly. Every time I tried to walk out, something happened or something got in the way, blocking my path. At some point I got into a big truck, and thought I had started driving. But then I saw there was another truck in front of me who was doing the steering (it was like my truck was being towed, or was a wagon being pulled by a train), and I wasn't really in control.

      Creepy view of a young woman or girl. She looked "plastic", and a tear rolled down her cheek. She did not move. I "knew" or heard a voice saying she was being turned into wood... Even her tear turned to wood before it fell.

      I was leading a group of people on their way to find Han Solo. We got into a fight with an unknown enemy. We won the fight, but one of the men insisted they leave their children behind, as it had gotten too dangerous. The kids, girls aged perhaps 10, had fought alongside us wielding big guns, and had actually done quite well. I felt sorry to lose them. Alone, I quickly backtracked a bit to collect some "health packs", but as I picked them up, a turret started shooting me and chipping away at my health. Annoyed, I rejoined the others. I quickly jumped onto a ledge, and realized we had to "bait" the Millennium Falcon. We did this somehow, and the Falcon crashed. We continued, and eventually saw Han and Chewie standing high on top of a ledge/cliff - waiting for us to explain ourselves.

      We were "interviewing" Han Solo. About what, I don't know. At some point I made a joking reference to Indiana Jones, but an older Asian man furiously yelled at me that I was not to mentioned other characters of the same actor to a fictional character, as this could cause a "reality collapse". I think I caught a glimpse of such a "collapse". I saw a major city literally collapse - skyscrapers crashing into the ground until all was dust and rubble.

      Air battle. I was flying a jet in a dogfight against a bunch of other planes. I saw an invisible jet (it was blurry like the Predator when he's cloaked, and my weapon systems would not lock on to it) but I could still see it with the naked eye. I knew it was a Russian experimental jet. I became fixated on taking it down. Targeting it purely on feeling was hard. I chased it up, using my afterburners to climb higher - but the experimental jet had far more thrust. We reached space, where I lost all thrust (no air), but the Russian kept going and escaped. I got a radio message from command, saying to let the Russian go. The ISS would take care of him from space. I turned around and flew back down into the atmosphere.

      In this fragment I caught a short glimpse of NYC from the air. I thought about how far it is from Europe, and how similar/different the climate and plant life are.

      I was at a family gathering. My grandpa (on father's side) walked in. I greeted him. He asked me where Kevin (my half-brother) is. I pointed to the other side of the room, where he was standing in plain sight. My grandpa's mind in deteriorating rapidly, so I didn't blame him for not seeing him/not remembering.

      I was with a group of people, navigating a strange place. Odd, large architecture, almost resembling ancient Egyptian. There was a section where we had to dive underwater and swim quite a distance. For a moment, the underwater corridors and rooms seemed to go on and on, and I worried I would drown. I saw an opening in the ceiling, kind of hidden away in a corner. I surfaced, and was somehow catapulted out of the water. I found myself in a large room. The ground had "pools" of shallow water in them. There was a group of girls lounging around, really cute Japanese girls. I think they were amused by the way I was launched out of the water. They were nice to me. I looked around, trying to find a way to get underwater. I checked every pool, looking for the one that wasn't shallow. I found it again, and did the most graceful swam dive I could manage. For a moment I worried I'd misjudged the jump and would hit the side of the pool. I didn't. I swam underwater, and suddenly I wasn't under water anymore. Puzzled, I backtracked a bit. Then I saw it: the water surface was vertical... all water on one side, none on the other. At this point things looked a bit "video gamey". The textures of the water surface... well, they looked like textures, not reality. I walked through, back into the water and saw a giant round boulder. I walked into it, and "lost health". At some point I realized my shenanigans had caused me to fall behind my allies, who were now pretty far ahead, and spread out throughout the "level".
    2. Heat and Smoke

      by , 12-19-2015 at 06:19 PM
      Morning of December 19, 2015. Saturday.

      In my very vivid dream, my family and I are back living on Barolin Street (the large house no longer there in reality, having been moved). It seems to be late at night and I am on our front porch with a young version of my brother Earl (deceased) and his last wife Cindy. I am nearest the front entrance, Cindy being to my right, and Earl being to her right. We are all seated on small kitchen chairs. My brother and his wife are facing an electronics setup though I am more to the side of it, what is seemingly a cassette deck to record their conversation and possibly singing. This cassette deck is sitting on a larger feature, which is some sort of computer. There is also apparently a radio. (This is probably associated with a recording which Earl and his first wife Beverly created at North Monroe Street in 1967 with a guitarist of the region, Don Keys, including their singing and his own double-tracked guitar parts on reel-to-reel, which was transferred to cassette copies.) This is where I had a setup in real life prior to our moving, though not exactly as in my dream.

      Over time, the face of the vertical-load cassette deck seems detached and loose and is out by about half an inch. I also notice that the front of the computer tower is slightly protruding with a gap. Eventually, I feel a bit of heat and smoke begins to come out.

      There is a temporary strange shifting of the situation, like an offset dream within a dream but oddly just as vivid (without a seeming consciousness shift, which is atypical of dreams within dreams). I am then on the far right of the setup and my oldest son, seeming only about twelve years old again, is to my left. I am telling him that he should sit back from the smoke as the smoke seems possibly toxic if too much is breathed in, though at this point, it seems a “normal” part of the recording process and to be expected of the electronic equipment (even though in the main scenario it is not considered as such at all).

      Then, I am shifted back into the previous scenario again, exactly the same as it was. I do not really pay any notice to my having shifted into the offset dream but continue trying to work out what is going on with the equipment. The smoke is not that thick but seems to annoy my brother and his wife and becomes more problematic. It mostly drifts northward through our porch.

      My brother Earl shows me his wife’s bracelet, which had been sitting atop the cassette deck. “Look,” he says to me, “it’s melted”. He seems slightly annoyed but not angry. His wife Cindy looks on without emotion.

      I then notice that my black wallet (of synthetic plastic) had also been atop the cassette deck and has partly melted. It has even come apart into two sections, all of the contents having been singed. I am only slightly concerned. I am not sure if we will continue to work in a session regarding what we had been doing (recording from the radio or Earl singing with his wife).

      Because a cassette deck has two cylindrical rotating features (and especially being a machine), it is obvious now that it is a subtle metaphorical form of the Merkaba. Frankly, I cannot imagine how I have missed this all this time - talk about being “slow”. (In fact, this setting reflects when I experienced it the strongest when wide awake, complete with the intense cilia-like imagery. This also means that I will be able to get additional clues out of a number of past dreams that I had not fully decoded yet.)

      The cassette deck being the (partnered) Merkaba is even more obvious with the additional elements which validate this likelihood. Firstly, the melted bracelet is that which symbolizes lack of bondage to something mundanely habitual; in other words, it augments spiritual freedom (or not being “chained” by society’s limited understanding and unrewarding material pursuits). (A melted bracelet equates a removed handcuff.) Secondly, the melted wallet means dynamic spiritual freedom in another way, in the sense of the melted identification card - that is, losing static and mundane associations with any previous presumed identity - or being free of non-dynamic restrictions caused by being “labelled” by either government or consensus or even a particular individual.

      In another way, it could also be a reminder of the ephemerality of the Merkaba. (Certainly, something melting does not always have this association. For example, I have two well-documented dreams of melted bicycles, both having been preceded by having a small amount of alcohol in real life. It is clear to me that, as a bicycle represents both cellular processes and the ability to define travel through “narrower paths” - as well as yet another form of the partnered Merkaba evidenced by the two rotating wheels - that alcohol interferes with cellular processes - “melting” or killing brain cells - and interferes with intended steering or desired direction as well as spiritual relationships.)

      Smoke often represents real-time communications with consensus consciousness and (potential) changes of thinking in the dreamer (or the “burning” or dissolving of previous ideas or circumstances). In this case, aspects may be “toxic” because of the limiting nature of some levels of collective consciousness; that is, people who refuse to move on by holding labels over a person or circumstance; they are mentally “stuck” on one time period (or fixed memory) and one illusory facade without the ability to understand transience or natural change, as even rocks are transitory.

      Why was my brother Earl rendered in this situation? Since childhood, I always referred to him as the “doubting Thomas” of my family, so at one level, he is the “skeptic” within my consciousness.

      Some people have the idea that “being free of restraint” (melted bracelet) and “losing invariable identification” (melted wallet) can only be of negative implications, when that depends on the circumstances. My experiences with the Merkaba tell me that something outside of myself is needed to balance my place in the universe (in other words, my soulmate). My wife Zsuzsanna and I had also made cassettes of our singing together, mostly when we lived on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. There are sometimes many layers to consider in a particular dream, depending on its type. This one seems to have more actual meaning than usual (though not just because it was vivid and non-lucid).

      Tags: porch, smoke, wallet
    3. 071115:Wallet Full of Cash, Teacher Giving Rides

      by , 11-07-2015 at 02:21 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Finding a Wallet in the Trash
      In my old room from childhood, but lots of the details are different. Grey day outside, a bit dark. It's really messy, something that caused a lot of anxiety in me as a teenager. I see a cardboard box with a little trash in it, it has a picture of a goth girl smoking in it. As I turn away, I suddenly want to take another look at the picture. The box now has a black trash bag in it.

      I open it and it has a sleeping bag in it. It has drugs in it. A guy's friend had thrown it out to keep his friend sober. The sleeping bag also has a wallet in it and it is full of cash. I feel excited about it but I know I should return the wallet, cash and all.

      Outside it is a sunny day in the center of a city, there is a used book store. Outside a car parks, the guy comes out with the friend who threw out his drugs and wallet and the friend's girlfriend. The guy is angry at his friend for throwing out the wallet, although I get the impression that the guy knows his friend's intentions were good. I know why he is so angry since I saw all the cash in the wallet. I struggle, should I give it back?

      Back in my room, I see a teacher of mine. He is looking for his wallet. I give it back to him, cash and all, and he is really relived. I feel good that I did the right thing.

      Motorcycle Ride
      Outside a store near where I live, my teacher is giving people rides on his motorcycle through the grey day on the winding road, trees on either side. I feel myself lean as we make the bends, he stands on the stirrups of the bike to get balance, he isn't worried about crashing. Back outside the store there is a hotdog stand where people are going to get a greasy snack to eat.
    4. (#229) Midget Captian, My own Fan Club(s)?

      by , 07-25-2015 at 06:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      All of this actually took place in a Wake Back To Bed. I had another non-lucid dream before this, but all of its content is lost to me now. I only vaguely remember something having to do with Marcus saying something about math. I recall waking up at around 6:30. I woke up from this dream at 8:00 so I guess that was my last sleep cycle.

      I was at a country resturant, eating out with an old guy in a ship captain outfit. He was really short with this big beard and all of these curls coming out of it. I remember thinking, even as I was talking to him that he reminded me of the captian crunch mascot. He even had the big hat.

      I remember he had this monocle or sighter device over one eye, kind of like an eye-patch with three lenses that would rotate depending upon what distance whatever he was looking at was.

      I can't remembered what we had ordered/were eating. The food was fairly good though.

      I held the expectation that he would be an unpleasant character, but he was actually extremely nice and had interesting stories to tell involving giant space monsters and the likes. (Yeah, giant space monsters. Turned out he wasn't a boat captian, but rather he had a spaceship that looked like a boat like the ships from Treasure Planet.) He had his quirks though. I told him some of my stories too.

      I remember I told him I had to leave because I had to go to my taekwondo class. I walked out of the restaurant and found I was in the hardware store near my friend S's house. But the one big hardware store had been replaced with several smaller stores. One of them being the country restaurant.

      I went to the taekwondo studio that turned out to be in a grocery store. We decided to practice by the freezer section since there was a lot of open space, and the freezers would help to keep us cool if we got too hot and sweaty.

      Everyone lined up. Right before my taekwondo master started class, he decided instead that I should teach. (Something that happens quite often in real life). He then told me that when I taught I had to remember something:

      "When is a number just a number, and when does it mean more? What does the number 9 mean to you? Also, try the fried chicken. It's good."

      I had a false memory of him saying this before and it being some kind of trick question. I tried to remember what the correct answer was.

      He then opened the freezer door and walked into a big pile of boxes of frozen fried chicken and disappeared. I tried to follow him in. I thought I found him but all I found was his disembodied floating head. He smiled at me then receded behind some boxes.


      I had finished teaching class without anything interesting or memorable happening. I had to head home. It was a beautiful summer night. I started to walk toward my friend S's house. In the dream, I was living in his house because my house had met with some kind of disaster.

      I walked a good distance and remembered that I had left my wallet at the country restaurant. I turned and started to walk back. I walked into a flickering streetlight and saw something move. I wished I'd had my hidden blade gauntlets because I thought it might be a criminal or something.
      I then looked at my wrists and realized I DID. Knowing it was a dream, I locked the blades out and advanced on the threat ready for a fight.

      It came into the picture. It was just a small, skinny, feral black cat. It hissed at me. I locked the blades back in and realized it was no threat. The cat calmed down and walked into the light, where it proceeded to begin rolling on the concrete and purring loudly. I gently petted the cat for a minute then
      (partial lucidity talking here.) realized I still needed to go back and get my wallet.

      I headed back into the hardware store. I opened the door to the country restaurant and...

      Spoiler for NSFW:

      I tried to go back outside but instead find myself in another room. The entire room looks like a large square sauna with mats all along the edges. There are four big square pots filled with bamboo in each corner. There is a step or terrace all along the wall with mats layed out it. There is a back door that is well hidden in the motif of the wall, but I can see it there.

      Three more girls approach me in the same kind of formation, but they're actually wearing clothes this time. What they are wearing actually looked like a version of Manei's tribe outfit, only white with blue details. Or at least two of them were. She too had blonde hair and blue eyes and looked like a younger version of the girl who's boobs I had removed a minute ago.

      The one on the right was very short and had buzz-cut hair. She couldn't have been more than 13 or 14. The one on the left was short, but she looked much different. She had black hair and green eyes.

      "Hi, we're your fan club. I'm the president." Said the tall one.

      "What are all those other people out there?"

      "They're your other fan club. We are better because we celebrate you for your philosophy and beliefs. They only celebrate you for... well... other reasons. "

      The black haired girl got cheery and said she wanted to show me something. She pulled out these paintings she had made of me on parchment. They were really good. All of them had chinese/japanese/koren characters on them. I asked myself for a moment why dreams seem to associate me so closely with oriental culture.

      I then rememeber while we were along the back wall someone opened the not-so-secret door. It was another blonde haired blue eyed girl. She had some black hair in her hand.

      "I have some of your hair." *giggles*

      She slowly receded back into the shadowy room that lay beyond and slowly closed the door.

      "Okay, you're not creepy at all..."

      The short haired girl came over to me and started tugging on my arm. She was much shorter than me, to the point where I had to get down on my knee to look her in the face.

      "If eyes are windows into the soul, then what do I see in yours?" She asked.

      I was about to say something back and I woke up.

      Spoiler for Long Side Notes:
    5. [12-05-2015]

      by , 05-12-2015 at 05:52 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall going out of a car, and entering my house. I went to the living room, and took my wallet out of a pocket. I counted money. My wallet was full of coins, and when I finally finished counting them, I went outside and gave them to my sister.
      Tags: money, sibling, wallet
    6. [29-04-2015]

      by , 04-29-2015 at 09:09 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Stolen wallet

      I was on a school trip to a huge metropoly. On the spot, I saw that it was only one shopping mall surrounded by wilderness. I could see huge mosquitos flying all around, and there were other animals too. With group of classmates from previous school, we went out of a bus, and headed for the shopping mall.

      I went there with my friend. We took some baggages, as this was a trip for a week. We entered the shopping mall, which was relatively small place. We walked the stairway, it was really crowded. Suddenly I felt that something is not right. I put my hand into the pocket and saw that I have no wallet.

      I told my friend about it, but he told me that I surely have it somewhere in the baggages. We went to the meeting spot. We waited for someone to tell us what to do next. I looked at the classmates, they were watching us and laughing for no reason.

      I went outside, and saw my wallet lying in a little valley. I took it, and checked if something was taken from it. There was a picture of an ugly woman inside, and all the documents too. I checked if I still have my money, and someone took it. Suddenly two of the classmates appeared, and told me who did it. Angered I went on a rampage against the thief.


      It was during some kind of a holiday. Everyone was celebrating. I went to the kitchen and saw some pies and bottle of wine standing on a table. There were also some fruits. I took a melon with a hexagonal shape, and went to the living room. I sat on a couch, and ate it while friend of my brother was preparing to go. He looked a bit different, and was wearing black suit.
    7. # 63

      by , 06-03-2013 at 05:44 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      There was a large gathering of people. My wife was there. I was trying to look at an attractive girl who was nude and rolled backwards putting her legs behind her head. I got a peak at her vag. I wanted to stare at it but I didn't want my wife to get mad.

      Throughout the dream, this same girl had a crush on me, and I certainly liked her. She had long, wavy dark hair. I tried to sit by her the whole dream.

      I ended up in a large circle with a hundred people I guess. We were all looking at a wallet and some change on the floor. The wallet represented business, and we were discussing the negative effects of business, or of business on society, and how if someone picked up the wallet, those effects would come to fruition.

      The crowd then started walking/floating around the wallet, and I closed in and grabbed the wallet and the change. I gave a "gold" dollar coin to the guy next to me since I got the wallet, just to be nice.

      I then started dreaming of Breaking Bad when the guy got some kind of mercury and blew up Tuco's office.

      I thought what I had thought the night before while watching a marathon of the show, that he should have thrown that stuff around and blown up more stuff.

      I was dreaming him walking down the stairs, but then it was me. Once outside, I still had the mercury in my hands, and thought, I'm dreaming! I decided to fly to get away instead of blowing stuff up. I jumped up and started flying. I was on a hill and saw trees very clearly, but as I started waking up, I got heavy. I started coming down and woke up.

      * A couple nights ago I went to a party. At this part I talked to a girl about lucid dreaming. She was very receptive to the information for different reasons. This was a possible reason for tonight's short lucid.

      * I woke up to use the restroom last night. When I went back to bed I decided to SSILD cycle for the first time in a long time. This may have spurred my short lucid.

      My great start to 2013 I feel was due to logging so many dreams and learning SSILD. I have recently stopped logging regular dreams and have not been cycling. It's time to start cycling regularly, and I may need to start logging my dreams again.
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. February 11th 2013 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-11-2013 at 06:12 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Where I was before seems to be out of my reach, but what I can remember it starts as me being late to school. In real life I can walk to and from school through this neighborhood and then a forest. In the dream I know I'm late to school so I start riding this bike in the same forest in real life. I ride up onto this hill that looks down over a small creek that separates me from the path up to school. To the right of me I see some person who I can't remember riding a small pony who is also late like me. I laugh and tell them that they are going to be late. I'm concerned about riding my bike to school because I don't have a lock so it could get stolen. At the top of the hill are maybe 6 bikes laying on the ground, so I assume there are students who don't have locks so they hide their bikes in the forest for safety. Somehow I end up outside my school at the back with this small black scooter thing that's really a bent piece of metal. I send a text to someone in my first period class of math which irl I took last year. My friend Austin has his truck in the parking lot behind the school so I jump into the bed of it but then realize I have to go somewhere else.

      I appear at my Dad's house with my mom apparently looking to buy the house. We are upstairs and as we start to walk down the stairs we hear something else and my mom and I presume it's a ghost. Some girl walks out from a basement door which doesn't exist irl and we sigh because there really isn't a ghost. After seeing that girl I look back upstairs for a ghost not finding anything but having this spooked feeling. We go downstairs and then I say I can't find my wallet so I assume I dropped it when I jumped into my friend's truck. I end up there looking around and then I'm at some random house wanting to go back to school. I look at my mom and tell her that I'm going back for second period to be in show choir. I don't really remember, but I think I ended up at school.

      The last dream I had was in this restaurant I go to a lot IRL except the outside of the place was an old house in a downtown neighborhood. This group of like 5 people walk in, all being guys except for one girl. The cashier hands me the receipt to sign and put a tip on it, so I write "1.69$" as I looked at this girl. I sit down at a booth and for some reason the girl ends up seeing that I wrote "69" and now she wants to get with me. The group of guys and this girl walk by me and the girl stares at me reluctantly as they all walk through the exit door. Somehow I'm suddenly in the game World of Warcraft talking to one of the guys from the group asking if I could have the girl's number.
    9. My Wallet!

      by , 01-30-2013 at 03:43 PM
      I had many dreams but I only remember the last one, me and two other anonymous people were on a road trip and we stopped by a fast food station. The overall theme of the restaurant was mostly white with like blue and brown cushions on the seats. Usually my dreams have extremely weird architecture so this dream was rare because it was a normal set up. We sat in one booth and we all left temporarily at the same time, probably to a bathroom? the dream was really fuzzy at this point. At that point I realize I left my wallet on the table. I feel like someone is stealing my money because we are in a fast food restaurant. I go back to the table and theres three guys with one guy "exchanging money" and theres less money but he says he was just trading my 20 for his change. In the dream somehow this is something thats technically ok to do for some reason. I start getting angry and ask for my wallet back, they throw it at me and I catch it but my hand hits a guy behind me. The guy behind me starts saying like wtf why did you do that, i said its cause these three retards threw it and I would have beat them up or called the police or something but that's when my dream ended.
    10. Bald Eagle Strike

      by , 08-22-2012 at 10:06 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      I'm driving circuits around CW's house in my own car. Eventually I get bored and decide to go grocery shopping, and enter the store with a huge cart. Shortly afterward, however, I realize I've forgotten my wallet, and I curse and make a big scene. On my way out of the store, I get attacked by a bald eagle that someone from the zoo has been showing off. I distract it by throwing it another bald eagle corpse I happen to have on my person and get into my car with seconds to spare. I see there's a peacock feather and a bald eagle feather on my floorboards, and I don't remember putting them there. As I leave, I run into the person parked next to me and then back my wheels over a nearby cliff. I have to call AAA, and the dream ends.
    11. Marble skateboard. Ok......

      by , 01-07-2012 at 08:32 PM
      With Tara, Grandma and I outside some fancy natural gym which was just literally just around the corner from Grammar.
      Tara gave me a large rectangular piece or wood, about the same size as me, with thin slabs of marble glued to the side. She said it was a skateboard.
      I tried to slide on the grass using it as a body board, but I didn't get very far. I scooted around the field on it for a bit.
      I was in the middle of the field and this kid was coming toward me. I hurried forward on my marble slab and saw a wallet on the ground. I picked it up, and went to a playground in the corner of the field and hid it in the bushes. Then Grayson found me and said he was looking for his dad's wallet. I ran him around for a bit before telling him it was in the bushes.
    12. 4wheeler and mums pic (Archalous)

      by , 12-04-2011 at 10:29 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am in some house, maybe friends house and we decide to go riding on 4wheelers. First we go on a road up hill, that concoct to the main road. There are some cars on the road. We just cross the road and continue on the road that goes up hill. After a while we get to some city. There is a mosque, but it is abandoned or just empty. We wonder about it and want to have a look inside, but for some reason I think it will be attacked. Then we get back to that house. There is my mum and she is doing something with her wallet. I just ask her our of curiosity, whether she still keeps all her pin codes in the wallet written on a piece of paper. She laughs and says "yes". I get annoyed, because she is just setting herself for a trouble. I then want to call O2 and chance her tariff so that it is paid automatically. Some man pick up the phone and I start asking him. He is very slow and hesitant. He goes quiet. I start to get angry... asking ... is this O2? Why wasn't my mum offered direct debit... and so on. He is scared and goes quiet. So I hang up. I tell my mum about this and then I remember that it was my friend Archalous, who opened the account for my mum. I am laughing as he got scared.

      Then some girl and I go on those 4wheelers again. This time its raining. I ride fast up that road again and cannot stop fast enough so I run on the main road... luckily there is no car coming.
    13. contact lenses and bike; mugged in an aqueduct; girlfriend in diaper

      by , 10-22-2011 at 03:52 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in an eye doctor's office, probably with my mom. The office kind of looked like a house. We were in a front room, and I was right on the threshold to a back room.

      The eye doctor, an older, kind of pretty woman wearing a white labcoat and eyeglasses, was telling me about contact lenses. I told the woman that I've always been afraid of contacts. My body is always so sensitive to contact with stuff that I've always thought that if I wore contacts, my eyes would get all infected.

      The eye doctor told me these contacts were new. They were disposable. So sensitive skin was far less likely to be infected by them.

      I looked down at a paper on the counter. The paper advertised the contact lenses. The paper actually reminded me of the Heimlich maneuver posters seen in restaurants. I wasn't very assured by it.

      I was now riding down the street on a bike. I was heading back home. It was a really sunny, clear day, and I was riding on an open road, with open fields on either side of me. It was really easy for me to bike -- I was just coating along, but going really fast.

      Eventually I came to more populated parts of town. I was riding alongside some cars. I stopped with the cars at an intersection stoplight. I thought I must almost be home by now. I was surprised. I was almost home. I had never taken this way home before. But it was really quick. I'd have to take it from now on.

      At the intersection, a maroon-colored van with "my family" in it pulled up to my right. A dad, kind of fat, with shaggy, curly, dark hair and a bit of shadow of stubble was driving. Somehow I was now "inside" the van -- even though I was still outside, on my bike. But now that I was "inside" the van, the van would control where I went.

      I was disappointed. I really didn't like this father and I really didn't want to be in the van with him. Besides, I'd been going my own way and doing well. Why did I suddenly need this father to control where I was going?

      Dream #2

      I was out walking along the street in something like a residential neighborhood. It was a clear, sunny day. I was walking on the right side of the street. To my right was probably an open field. The street, on my left, was pretty wide.

      There were blocks of houses on the other side of the street. The block forked off a bit farther up, so that one of the streets wound off and drifted off to the left, while another of the streets went kind of straight and up a slope.

      There were two people walking along the street parallel with me. There were another two people walking down the slope, coming in the opposite direction from me. I needed to cross the street.

      I began to cross the street. But when I saw the two people walking parallel with me, I thought they looked a little weird. I was about to cross back over to the right side. But I just decided I'd cross all the way over to the left side, figuring I didn't want the two people to think I was afraid of them.

      The two people were a man and a woman. The man was tall, pale white, slightly muscly, with a mustache and pale, blue eyes. He may have been wearing a pale, yellow hoodie. The woman was shorter than me, pale, with brownish hair. She wore a black, leather jacket, a white shirt, and blue jeans.

      The guy, as I passed him, said, "Hey! Hey, you!" as if he needed my help with something. I looked over at him. But then he looked up ahead and saw the other two guys approaching. He told me, "Oh, nevermind."

      I kept walking, and the two guys passed me. They were both probably black. One wore a brown hoodie and brown pants. The hoodie may have had some orange lettering on it.

      The sloped street was now something like an aqueduct -- a little concrete channel like an empty, man-made river -- instead of a street. Some of its sides may have been grafitti'd. It was already walking up it.

      I could hear the man and the woman hurrying up at me now. I thought I should turn around and go a different way, so I wouldn't be walking up the aqueduct with these two people following me. But I didn't.

      Right as I got into the part of the aqueduct that sloped up and a bit to the left, the man pushed me down to the ground. He had me pressed with my back to the ground. I don't know if he was kneeling on me, but he wasn't bent down very much. He wasn't holding me down very hard, but I didn't struggle, becaused I couldn't tell if he had a weapon.

      The woman darted her hand into my right pocket and pulled out my wallet. She stood back up. She began going through my wallet, saying, "I got your wallet from you faster than an illegal immigrant going through customs."

      I didn't know why the woman would make her remark. I figured she was trying to insult me, as if I were somehow an illegal immigrant.

      I really didn't want the woman to go through my wallet. I didn't have much money as it was, and if she managed to screw around with my cards, I wouldn't have anything.

      The guy wasn't holding me down that hard at all. So I figured I'd struggle to break free. Then I'd head at the woman. If I had to fight the man after I broke free of him, that would be fine.

      Dream #3

      I was walking out onto a beach from some kind of residential neighborhood. A lot of people were out on the beach, all looking out at the ocean, as if some kind of special event were going on. But the beach wasn't really crowded, and everybody was pretty evenly spaced.

      Near the back of the crowd was a woman on a bike. She half-stood and half-sat on her bike, with probably only her right foot touching the sand. She wore a red and white helmet and a blue one-piece shorts and blouse outfit, the leggings of which looked a little too short.

      The woman was attractive, and I was looking at her bottom. But I noticed her bottom had a weird kind of puffed out shape to it instead of a panty line, like she was wearing a diaper. So I walked up to her and touched her bottom. She was wearing a diaper.

      For some reason this really turned me on. So I whispered in the woman's ear, "I could tell you're wearing a diaper. I love girls who wear diapers. And I love wearing diapers, too. Take me home, and we can wear diapers together."

      The girl got turned on by me, and we went back to her house. The girl had two or three female roommates. Time seemed to pass, at least a night, but maybe a few days.

      The roommates were all talking to somebody, another girl, they'd brought to the house. They said, "Yeah, it was just really lucky for her. He just walked up to her and said he liked girls like her. And they've been together ever since."

      The woman and I now had to go out somewhere. We were probably going to be gone for a couple days. We were getting ready to go. We were about to head out, when I told the girl, "Wait. Shouldn't we bring diapers?"

      The woman was now lying on the bed. I threw a diaper onto her stomach. I may also have set a whole pack of Pampers diapers on some counter somewhere.
    14. A club,a overweight african american lady,my wallet,a prostitute,a toureg car,long roads,ice cream

      by , 10-05-2011 at 01:05 PM
      Ok. So last night was another failed attempt for LD. I tried the D.I.L.D method of putting my everyday cares and problems aside and thinking of a scenario over and over before going to sleep and repeating " I will have a lucid dream" It didnt work again. Anyways, ı remember being in this club with a my brother and ordering ice cream. LOTS of ice cream. There was an overweight african american waiter there that ı was kind of friends with. We had small chats in the dream i dont really remember but there was indeed dialog with her. As i was eating more and more ice cream i got a phone call from my uncle that he had found a engineer that can put a portable tv into my car for 10 dolars. So i left the club in a hurry and got in my car. But i soon realized i had forgotten my wallet in the club somewhere so i got out of my car and went back to the club. This time a bouncer questioned me and wouldnt let me get in the club because i wasnt with my brother for some reason. Then finally i said something and without qestion he let me in. It was a short fight but i got into the club and saw me diesel wallet on the counter. ( the same wallet i have in real life ). But as i was leaving the club the african american waiter stopped me and asked me where i was going. I said i was going out of town to deal with my car. ( At this point i have no idea why i want a tv in my car so badly and going a long distance to get it done) Before she said good bye she asked me if we would ever see each other again. I said that we would. ( why is this like a ending of a film ? i dont even know this girl). So i finally leave the club and get into the car. As ı am driving off a prostitute jumps on the car and begs to get in. I am going about 50 now and she is dangling on the back of the car with her legs hitting the floor while im driving. I stop the car and let her in. Then i wake up.

      The funny thing is i wasnt thinking about any of this before i went to sleep and this is what i got. I guess i have to be more patient.
    15. Money

      by , 07-27-2011 at 02:08 PM (Beyond the Horizon)
      Just a fragment

      I got enough money ready for school to get a hot drink (chai latte) and to pay somebody back who I owed.

      I didn't realise until I got to school in REAL LIFE that it was just a dream and I had NO money in my wallet :'(

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