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    1. Psych fragment | [23.08.2020]

      by , 08-23-2020 at 10:14 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Psych fragment
      At some point it's about Gus and Shawn at an airport working on a case. Then it's Jules being maybe shot and dead, but a few seconds later shows that she fell on yellow gems which were apparently zirconium which heals you, so she survived and Gus and Shawn came to help.

      I should really really reality check to the series I watch, shouldn't I?
    2. Historical Gems

      by , 12-10-2017 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2017. Sunday.

      Dream Series: The Experience of Prescience, the Inexplicable Dream State Phenomenon. Part 8

      I find myself in an unknown setting, apparently participating in some sort of treasure hunt, though relating to the backstory, we are already in the area where the treasure is. Curiously, my mother-in-law is present without any association with conflict. Zsuzsanna and our children are also present as well as at least one unknown male.

      There is some sort of movie, though more like a slideshow, shown near one of the areas where treasure is stored. It is apparently of Vasco da Gama, though there are several other explorers and natives in very unusual outfits, each unique. One native has some sort of fancy oval and horizontally-striped shield over the front of his body, yet the imagery is rather sketchy and surreal.

      Over time, I marvel at the beauty of the various stones we find. They are divided into particular kinds, piled into kitchen cabinets, both at floor level and three-tiers from the ceiling. I do not yet see this as odd even though it is implied to be some sort of cave that has not been known of or explored since the 1500s.

      The cabinets are along two walls that meet. I find a group of blue and white stones that are presumably called “ice”. I find a bag on a shelf above these stones that reads “ice”. I am somewhat puzzled by the name, though only with a vague recall of ice being frozen water.

      At this point, I finally start to realize the error of my dream’s implications. I tell the others that this place could not have existed in the 1500s as the cabinets all look new and the design is modern. I find an unknown plastic object in the cabinet where the transparent bag that says “ice” on it is found. I say, “This could not be from the 1500s”. It is circular, possibly a piece of a sieve. I then say, “These are like kitchen cabinets. They could not have been made that long ago.”

      It seems more like the large kitchen of an unfamiliar house.

      I do not really see the point, but this dream turned out to be precisely precognitive as many dreams are relating to a specific thread with too much visual detail to be coincidence. Zsuzsanna’s sister had brought a bag of ice around today, identical to that of my dream (of a kind I had never seen before otherwise), and with no way of either of us expecting this. In fact, the very idea of this would have been otherwise absurd, especially as our freezer is nearly too full to even hold it. Some precognition is more so because of telepathy (for lack of a better word), but I have wondered since childhood about the specific nature and patterns that are more likely to be “sent”. Still, it is the most unusual and unlikely events that have more of a precognitive presence in my dreams.

    3. The Reluctant Dragon (DILD)

      by , 02-25-2016 at 09:43 PM
      Ritual: Set vibrating alarm for 40m at 6:20am. I don't remember it going off, but I began dreaming that I was trying to fall asleep, until it gradually dawned on me that I was already dreaming. It was 7:19 when I awoke, so given that the dream must have manifested at some point after the signal went off at 7am (since it was not interrupted by it), it could have lasted up to 19m. I'm classifying this as DILD and not EILD since lucidity was not initiated by recognition of the device signal.

      DILD: Initially I am on a beach, lying on a sort of cot, trying to fall asleep. There are other people all around me, and their activity and noise is keeping me awake. I mention aloud to someone nearby that I seem to be entering REM state even while awake, as I notice crisp and colorful visuals superimposing themselves over my visual field. Even though the new scene is layered over the old one, it is distinct enough that I can make out details: I am at the edge of a river running through a futuristic city. Some sort of V-shaped flying craft is flying in tripartite geometrical formations up above, the crafts each giving off light colored red, white, or blue, each grouped into a separate section. Is this meant to be a patriotic display?

      I do not change position, but the cot I'm lying on becomes a sort of couch as the environment around me resolves into a room full of kids. Someone plays a video on a TV monitor, which annoys me because I am trying to fall asleep and the music is distracting. But then they mention that the video features Jonathan Tweet, and the name sounds familiar. When I remember it is one of my favorite game developers, I take more interest in the video and sit up.

      Something makes me think this is a kind of school where the kids are learning lucid dream abilities. One boy, bald, sits to the left of me on my couch and he's trying to test his powers against me. He takes my hand in his, which begins to glow blue, and I realize that he's trying to "crystal" me, that is, harm me with the pale blue light he is creating. I counter it easily, however. This frustrates him and he begins trying to bite me. He opens a disturbingly wide mouth and tries to chomp down on my hand, but I counter him by softening both his flesh and his resolve, so that mouth sags toothlessly and he never completes the bite. We go through this cycle three or four times before I tire of the game and get up.

      By now I'm aware that I am already dreaming, and I walk into the next room, recalling my personal goals. [I accomplish a personal task, finding a certain fictional character, then suggest that we become dragons to fulfill one of the TOTYs.]

      I lead the way to a window and lift it open. We're about four storeys up, but I jump out without hesitation and spread my arms, letting the air catch me. As I fly off to the left, I focus on trying to develop the "feel" of a dragon body: four legs, wings, tail, scaly skin. I haven't tried this before and the results are so-so, a fluctuating hybrid between the new bodymap and my usual one. I am flying over what strikes me as a mid-twentieth-century city. There are no skyscrapers, just a mixture of low commercial and residential buildings that cover a wide expanse. I recall that the task requires me to destroy a village, but the city below seems too urban to qualify. Would a neighborhood count as a "village"? But my moral qualms kick in, and I hesitate to bring wrath upon an innocent residential neighborhood.

      I fly further on, toward the edge of the city, looking for a more remote target, preferably one with few occupants. After exploring the land for a while, I find a spot that, while a stretch to call it a "village," at least satisfies my ethical preoccupations: it is a cluster of buildings around a large industrial apparatus, evidently a manufacturing concern of some kind. I don't notice any people wandering around, so hopefully there are not many on site to be harmed. I can't imagine I'll find a better target (at least in relation to my own concerns, rather than the specifications of the task), so I begin circling over the site, breaking the buildings and bashing them down. Meanwhile I focus on maintaining my dragon form; this takes constant vigilence because it is so unfamiliar, and too easily slips into sensations more congruent with human limbs.

      What color dragon am I? I recall that D&D dragons can take many different colors, with corresponding breath weapons. On the ruins of the factory, I test acid and frost breath in turn, trying to decide which feels more natural. I like the effects of frost—after freezing metal walls solid they shatter in a satisfying way—but then I remember that the task specifies leaving flaming ruins in my wake, so I switch to fire. There isn't much in the way of visuals; rather than great gouts of flame, my fire breath is more of an intense heat that makes metal glow red. But I dutifully knock down and burn the factory into rubble.

      Afterwards, I hover anxiously over the destroyed site to see if anyone was harmed by my stunt. (I know, I know, I make a terrible dragon.) I do spot someone—something?—running around frantically, but as I peer closer, it does not look human at all. Curiously, it appears to be a small white gem that I take to be a cubic zirconia, attached to a tiny wire loop that looks like it must have once been the pendant of an earring. The sense of scale has been skewing dramatically as I have been peering closer, and now I feel back to my normal human size and form, kneeling over ruined buildings the size of an architectural model. I look carefully and spot two more little gems running around. Unless there are more I don't see, three victims isn't too bad, and at least they're still alive, even if they're looking understandably anxious. (How do gems even look anxious? It was something in the way they moved.)

      [I've been concentrating on my task and realize I have lost track of my friend. I look for him and we are briefly re-united before I wake up.]
    4. The real Sphinx

      by , 10-29-2013 at 01:44 AM
      Entry 2/2

      I stay still for DEILD, although my leg feels uncomfortable.

      DEILD: The very first moments are a bit vague, but the next thing I know, I am in what looks like the desert (I don't fully realize this yet, just acknowledge I am in). There are a number of DCs randomly walking around and I take some time to feel comfortable in the scene. I notice a jade colored large crystal in the sand, pick it up and remark how beautiful it is. There are more crystals now and in the midst of them I find the most amazing piece (fist size) I have ever seen. It has a variety of bright colors and really interesting structure.

      The sun is shining brightly and the whole scene is super vivid too. As I keep staring at the crystal I get the feeling that it is about to change, so move my eyes away. There is a DC guy nearby and I comment on the beauty of the crystal, then look at my hand again. I am now holding several pieces of smaller gemstones, deep colors of blue and green. I address the DC and ask him for advice. I really wish I could take those gemstones with me, can he tell me how to do that. I clasp my fist as tightly as possible to hold on to the crystals.

      I look around and examine the surroundings. I remember I wanted to do TOTY and briefly wonder if there might be something suitable here. The sky is deep blue, the sun is shining and there is sand in every direction. Finally, it dawns on me that the Egypt task could fit here (although I haven't reviewed it in a while). I think about the pyramids and get the pyramids plus sphinx complex but very far in the distance. It's more like a single clearly distinguishable pyramid and the sphinx in front of it. Anyways, I think it's too far so decide to get another sphinx somewhere nearby. I do my looking for object subcon summon - look from left to right with a bit less focus, scanning the surroundings and expecting to spot the desired object (quite similar to looking for something lost at home).

      My mind begins to make the scene more Egyptian now. A few palms appear in the distance, (I only notice them vaguely), Egyptian statues and a number of small sphinx-like statues. One catches my attention (it's one of those winged sphinxes) and I decide that will be it. Part of it is missing. I briefly remember about the nose. Then I see a light beige to albino lion, very beautiful but kind of scary. I am thinking it looks less friendlier than tigers. I try to ignore it and get on the sphinx statue which is about the size of a pony. In the meantime, I notice that I am still holding my fist tight and continue to do so. The lion comes closer and I try to start the sphinx statue to move (forgetting about the nose), but instead it only rocks back and forth like those spring rockers for a while, then the dream fades.

      I try to DEILD once again, but the same leg position is terribly uncomfortable now. My fist is tightly clenched and I slowly open it, with the childish hope that I was able to bring those beautiful crystals back with me.

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    5. Wednesday 21st November 2012

      by , 11-30-2012 at 02:30 AM
      Last Nights Lucid Dream

      I wake up in bed and feel vibrations so I keep my eyes closed and will myself out of my body. My dream body rises, still in the lying down position and then I tilt so my feet are now facing the floor. I lower down gently to the floor and I'm now in a standing position.
      I look around and my vision is blurry and my eyes feel funny so I call out "clarity now!" and rub my hands together. My vision is very crisp and clear now, even better than in real life, which is usually the way it is. I think "hmmm, what shall I do?" I now call out "I want to see my Nan Futrill".
      I now end up at another place, my surroundings have changed. I'm at a place which, well all I can describe it as is a massive building with big tree roots there. There are about 3 to 4 levels to this building and I'm now on level 3 I think.
      There is another woman with me, she's about my age and I feel a connection to her, like I know her already.
      I'm now calling out "Nan Futrill" but I don't see her so I keep calling and she now comes. Nan looks so happy and I feel so much emotion for her, I'm so happy that I've found her. We don't really talk, it's more of a telepathy kind of talking and strong emotions. I remember that my Nan was wearing a light blue apron. Nan now fades away as she walks out through a door. I shout "NO!" and the woman who's with me now comes to me from the other room. She says "she has to go now but you will see her again" and she hugs me. I start to cry now and she says "don't cry, you will see her again, but just not yet".
      I'm now wondering around this level and I'm shouting "NAN, NAN PLEASE COME BACK!" I now see my Cousin Richard ((who died when he was 6)) he cuddles me and holds my hand. Me and Richard fly around for a while just enjoying each others company.
      Richard now tells me that he has to go back to Nan, but says they will both come back to see me. He hugs me and then goes through a door. I go through the same door but I don't recognise the place, so I go back to the area that I'm very familiar with.
      I'm crying so much now because I want my Nan back. I keep shouting her, hoping ill get her back again, I'm absolutely blarting my eyes out.
      I'm now flying about and then I feel myself back in bed. I will myself back to the same place and suddenly I'm back there. I see a young baby boy lying on the floor and he's wrapped up in a white shawl. He's also wearing a white babygrow. As I float past him he wakes up, I think "he can't be comfortable there" so I pick him up and cuddle him , he calms down so I take him to his cot. He looks very much like me and has lovely dark brown eyes. I put him into his cot and say "there...is that better now?" He nods and goes back to sleep. ((He's about 2 and a half or 3)). I now gently tuck his shawl round him so he's not cold.
      I now wake up again, so I keep my eyes closed and keep still and will myself out again. I do get out and am now in my dream body and standing in my room. My vision is blurry so again I call out "clarity now!" and rub my hands together to stabilise my dream. My vision is now crystal clear.
      I see knitting on my floor, I can see every detail, this always amazes me, it's like having HD eyes lol! and my voice no longer echoes. I will myself back to the place I was at and I'm now back there.
      I'm now on the bottom level by a desk, it's like a meeting up area. People are sitting around chatting to each other. A group of men now stand near to me. 1 man is looking at me, as they pass they whistle at me, which makes me chuckle. I now go more into the socialising area with the woman who's with me. 1 woman I met there was called Anita. I say "ill remember that because my friend is called Anita". We are both sitting on the root of an old tree. It's a big root and they're all over the place in here. Me and the other woman I'm with now go into the room next door and meet the old man in there. I feel some kind of connection to this man and feel that this man is very high here in authority, if not the highest.
      I am floating near floor level and taking in my surroundings. Suddenly I spot the most beautiful item I have ever seen. It's a glass box which is pyramid shaped but a bit longer, like its been stretched slightly. The edges of it and such, apart from the glass, is made out of silver. The silver is shaped in the shape of a rope. Inside the pyramid are beautiful gems. There is a gorgeous gem which is green in colour, it really caught my eye!. I can honestly say I have never seen anything as beautiful as this pyramid in all my living life!!!! This box is sealed with silver, no one can get into it because its so special and precious.
      I ask the elderly man if I can fly up and take a better look, he says "of course". He flys up to it and turns it around slowly so I can have a good look at it. This man explained everything about it to me. I now depart and have a good fly around just enjoying the feeling of being free and then I wake up.
    6. 01/09/12: The Lost Books

      by , 01-09-2012 at 11:58 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Hidden Realms
      I am with a couple of other people in some kind of an archaeological dig site, we are looking for an old diary that contains a lot of information about the people who used to live there. The dig site looks more like a mine than a typical archaeological dig site, and I am down in a tunnel digging around for any sign of artifacts. I find a few pieces of a clear crystalline substance and put one piece in my pocket. Someone there with me, a woman, says not to do that… if they catch me stealing that gem I will be put to death. I decide it isn't worth the risk and I drop the crystal back on the ground.

      I continue looking. I don't find a book, but I find a large chunk of the crystal. It is the size of a small brick. No one is around me now, and I think maybe I can jack this one… it is sure to be valuable. I hide it in the bottom of a backpack I am wearing, under a lot of clothes and stuff. I'm not sure why I had all that with me, but I did.

      I exit the mines with the backpack and tell the people outside I really need a short break. They say I can have 10 minutes… and a drink of water, and a small snack… then back to work. I agree to that and head over to the tent where we take breaks. I hide the backpack out behind the tent in a thick cluster of bushes then I go inside. I take a drink of water and eat a cheese sandwich. I am thinking it is about time to go back to work. I wonder if the backpack will be safe from discovery. I figure it should be, and if it is gone, at least it can't be connected to me!

      Tower Heist
      I am with a partner and we are breaking into a tall building to steal something from the penthouse. The target of our theft is an old book, I'm not sure what is so important about the book. My partner is a big black guy, he is large as in he is tall, muscular, and a bit on the overweight side. Getting in to the bottom levels of the building isn't a problem. It is publicly accessible. Getting higher up is a bit more of a problem. We end up climbing through the hatch on the roof of the elevator and scaling up a maintenance ladder in the elevator. That isn't too difficult… and we get to the penthouse rather easily. This is going easier than I had expected. We get in the penthouse and look around for a while, my partner finds the book we're looking for.

      Then someone comes into the penthouse… we need to get out… but the exit is blocked. We go to the window and out onto an outside deck. It is a long way down… My partner has a rope with him and a roll of tape that looks like electrical tape. He says it will hold any weight, and I have no doubt of it. He tapes the rope to the edge and lowers himself over, climbing slowly down and cursing that he hates heights. I lower myself down after him after slipping the book we were after into the waist band of my jeans. We lower ourselves down quite a way and then run out of rope. My partner tapes the other end of the rope to the building and then somehow releases the upper end with a shake of the rope. It doesn't occur to me that this could happen by accident… Now we are able to lower ourselves the rest of the way at which point my partner retrieves the rope and we are able to make our escape.
    7. This is not an Esthetics Boutique

      by , 05-29-2011 at 06:48 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      In another haunted house, but I'm there with a baby girl. The address said that this place was an esthetics boutique. At first the ghosts are subtle and almost gentle, touching my hair lightly. Upstairs we are submitted to various attacks, from gentle to violent. One bathroom has a lot of "loot" in it, so I collect some large gems, hiding them in my clothes.

      There are some old journals that the ghosts have written, so we read some of them and look at some of the old pictures in them. We talk with some of the ghosts and try to console them. One of the ghosts is interested in machines and he tries to "cen" my baby (I have no idea what that means), but I don't allow it.

      As we are on our way out of the house, one of the ghosts tries to push me down the stairs. I get a sudden sense that that is what happened to her, how she died, and I feel sorry for her even though she tried to kill me. I notice a raven that is sitting quietly in the room observing us.
    8. Best Buy scam delivery

      by , 05-23-2011 at 06:07 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Best Buy scam delivery (Non-lucid)


      I was with a friend, and this friend owned a huge store. The employees wore a red vest. For some reason I was going to work with him.

      We got a to a big room where he pulled out some crystals and gems. He had some odd board that looked like a model of a huge city. He placed a lot of cash inside (bills of all sizes, even $10,000 ones) We had to do something with the stones in order to win some cash.

      I threw some stones but ended up wining nothing. I was going to get started to work with him. I had to clean a lot of stuff, and wondered why I got such a crappy job if I did not needed.

      Suddenly, some guy knocked in a door. I ran to the door but other employee was there. A guy whose chest hairs could be seen had some sort of certicated envelope. This guy wore a Best Buy shirt. He had some weird document and he needed it signed. It was some sort of scam to make $180.

      We rejected to sign it. There was a hot co-worker who was next to me. This best buy guy asked her, "Wanna be my girlfriend?" She laughed and told him no. We all laughed and we started to talk about old friends.