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    1. I transformed into a friend

      by , 08-09-2019 at 03:57 PM
      For this dream I tried to transform into a female friend of mine.

      I was in a house that was not familiar. It was almost like a log cabin. Something ticked in my brain and I did a reality check. I made my way to the bathroom, and saw myself in the mirror. I thought of my lucid goal then went for it. I reached for the sink put some water in my hand then proclaimed "this magic potion will transform me into x". I saw and felt myself shrink down into her. It was a fairly fast process, that felt like a tingling. I shrank 10 inches in height, and lost 70 pounds. My clothing shifted into her black t-shirt and black jeans. I was my friend clothing and all in the mirror. I felt the weight of the long black shoulder blade length hair on my head. I felt the weight of having breasts on my chest. I then said to myself "whoah I am x"! Then I kept saying stuff in her voice which amused me. I decided I would walk around a bit, It felt so bizarre I had her hip sway and wiggle. I also had the the distinct feeling of having a really tight pair of panties on that cupped my crotch and undercarriage in a way that I never thought possible. It was almost like phantom limb between my legs. I walked around the house a bit then went outside, it was really bright and sunny. I walked down a sidewalk for a bit then woke up.
    2. Lucid and Flew - September 9

      , 09-10-2018 at 07:39 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 9 2018

      I was walking through a large paved road which felt like a walkway through a large park. It was a sunny morning or afternoon. The lawns on either side were lined with large oaks with twisting branches. There were passerby walking in either direction. Suddenly I became lucid and started running! I looked back and saw a DC. I turned around fully again, expecting to see a coworker from one of my college jobs*, and she was there! I was running backwards at this point to let her catch up, but for some reason couldn't stop or change directions, and instead had to run backwards, slower. When I reached her I made some conversation about the fact that I was dreaming, and she seemed thrilled. I took her hand and we started running together. We passed a few trucks (possibly ice cream trucks or food trucks) and signs, and I was able to read them clearly. I asked her whether she had ever flown before, and she responded that she hadn't, all she had ever done was float. I told her that that was a good start and we lifted off.

      I can feel the wind on my face and body and we're still holding hands (platonically). We weren't doing superman poses or anything specifically to indicate that we were flying, just setting my intention on a direction and going there. It was a great sensation. The oaks stretched even farther up now, and I bobbed and weaved through the twisted outstretched branches. I had a few near misses but overall had pretty good control.

      I decided to go higher than the trees and went skyward. At which point I could see in the top of my field of vision three or four wooden planks arranged like ceiling blade fans. I passed above the planks and at that point there were flat planes rushing past us. I looked down at my hands and while still holding my coworker's hands, I pushed my finger through my palm -- I felt some resistance at first but asserted "I'm dreaming" and was able to do it. Then I felt the dream stabilize a bit.

      As I looked back up, I saw that it was approaching dusk with a sunset in front of us. Underneath was a large wooden building with multiple levels with wraparound balconies. It reminded me of the restaurant I worked at for a while. I approached it and landed on the roof (it may have just been me at this point). I saw a small shack/building on the roof. Upon further examination it looks similar to a dollhouse made of craft wood -- I can clearly see the seems and the semi-gloss finish on the wood. The dream
      fades quickly.

      Note: I woke up from this dream at 6am on my left side.

      Summary of other NLs:
      I'm in a kitchen by a white door with glass panes near the head and the foot. The house reminds me of a classmate from my high school band's house. There were multiple locks that were complicated and kind of hard to turn. Once I turned them, my anonymous DC sidekick switched some small levers which had clear writing on them in a row. There is a silhouette outlined in the door and I think what lies behind it is a dark garage. I have a serious talk with my DC sidekick. We open the door and go through, and pass through the dark garage (felt ominous, there were other silent DCs there).

      I'm in a garden/walkway with a girl. We look up and see bright flashing in the clouds above. It takes a triangluar shape and turns into a spaceship with clear writing on it (reminded me for some reason of the writing on a bus or van). We run over hill after hill and past trees to keep seeing it. Each time we get it back into our field of vision it's more detailed. Finally we see that there is a ledge on the back of it and there are giant women sitting there. They send down some smaller but still giant women who fire beams at us. We run in the opposite direction and become extremely cartoon-like in our actions. I fuse with her and our arms and chest start spinning; there are now two copies of me, one driving the process and one fused with her. We fire beams back at the giants chasing us as we run down a dirt path in the garden. This dream repeats twice or thrice featuring different versions (ages, genders, ethnicities, other factors changed) of both me and the girl. Very vivid and very surreal.

      I'm at a store getting various items (I remember some onion bread buns in a bag that I got IWL from Walmart). I get some impulse items that I know my fiancee will be mad at me about. It's a pretty long dream as I go down the aisles. Finally I go down the clearance/general/jam aisle, where I find a stack of fresh papers. Underneath the papers I find some that I've drawn on (during my visit or my past several visits). I try to consolidate them as they're spaced out between blank pages. Someone passes me in the aisle and notices one full-color one I've done, I look up and say it's nothing, then look back down and it's even more polished and is the cover to a small booklet or magazine (maybe a doujin). I consolidate them all and tuck them into the bottom for safe keeping.

      I'm in a large bathroom with long white counters and four or five sinks stretching out to the right and left, separated by double doors. I'm at the sink closest to the door on the right counter. The stalls are behind us. There are some middle-aged men holding bags and placing their miscellany on the counters, it looks like stuff you would get in those cap-balls from the 25 cent machines (where you turn the handle). Mixed in are brass gears and writing utensils.

      *With my ability to summon DCs, it seems like I pretty much pick them at random; I haven't thought about these people in years but for some reason my lucid mind thinks "Gee, I would love to see X random acquanitance." I suspect that as I get better about remembering dream goals and incorporating my awareness of waking life, I'll be able to make more logical/planned decisions within my lucids.
    3. Lucid Again, and a Realistic Nightmare FA - September 3

      , 09-03-2018 at 09:21 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 3 2018

      Woke 3:35. In a fight with parents and grandpa about cooking or setting up something (possibly speed-reading). Daylight outside, long tables (possibly crawfish boil).

      Woke 5:05. Long fragment in a stadium, receiving some sort of business presentation from coworker. After it's over, I'm picking up my laptop bag and I stand out of the way for a coworker and an unnamed DC, who say that they have a "merge request in the morning". The presenter (another coworker) is kicking us out.

      Awoke directly from FA nightmare. My dog barked and I could tell instantly that it was serious, not just him barking at another dog. The door to the bedroom is thrown open and the midget from Twin Peaks season 3 entered with a small gun. He approached the bed, not looking directly at me or anyone, just at the wall behind us. He said something vague and I tried to lean up in bed asking something to the extent of "What do you want?". As I tried to move, and in some sense solve the problem, my vision blurred and the dream started to fade. He was wearing a blue shirt with the pattern of "I (heart) N Y" but the letters were "? (eye symbol) T Y" in white. The room's layout was completely realistic and accurate unlike other false awakenings. I woke up and said "holy shit" aloud. Very scary experience, but very vivid -- would have been invaluable if I could have gotten lucid and converted it.

      Before that, I was in my childhood home, on the phone with my manager about something that needed to get done. The screen was black with red nubmbers and dial-screen graphics, and an orbiting globe outline. The call got dropped. I was worrying about this with my parents but they seemed to think it would all work out (it was nighttime). My sister was in my room on my computer, looking for the first book in a series my fiance is currently reading. I suggested that she can just read my fiance's copy rather than buy it herself. I end up also giving her a japanese manga volume and another poorly translated japanese book, I remember the engrish being hilarious in-dream. After this, I went to the kitchen (all of the lights were out). I was trying to write down my dreams in ink on the wood floors. In the back of my mind I knew this was a terrible idea and that my dad would be furious, but in the moment I wasn't worried about it. There were some drops of water on the floor and it was smearing the ink, so I started wiping it up, making the smearing even worse. I was also worried about cockroaches.

      After the ink, I found myself in a distinct dream scene. I was on the ground looking up at the side of a cliff maybe 4 or 5 stories high. There was a good bit of dirt caked on and I thought to myself how nice it would look if I could get the dirt off. I grabbed a wedge-shaped piece of reddish slate and scraped as much dirt as I could off and stepped back, and noticed how nice the geometric patterns were. I remember the thought-phrase "cliff face". When I looked again, one of the rock formations sort of looked like a nose, and the one below looked like a mouth! When I started examining the rest of the cliff, the whole thing was taken up by face structures (abstract and Easter Islandish). The ground went from being solid dirt and rock, to having some cracks in which curved red boards were shoved and prying the cracks apart. In the cracks were green cylindrical vegetables (I thought of okra or fat asparagus stalks). As I moved forward towards the cliff, I noticed a mesh oyster bag of sea urchins, which were moving around each other in the bag, sort of like you expect spike balls to in a metroidvania or platformer. This was a really vivid and overall nice and creative dream that's simple but feels profoundly peaceful, the kind of nonlucid you generally want to have. So of course this scene transitioned directly to the nightmare FA.

      I woke again at 8:59. My fiance was in trouble. We were in some sort of college sign-up, car buying, or other related scenario. There were DCs everywhere, and specifically several DCs with deep blue eyes and short hair meant her harm in an insidious way (they were outwardly friendly). I became more and more adversarial over the course of the dream, eventually hitting them and throwing things at them. We moved from the student union/indoor car lot into a side hallway which transitions to a long house with lots of corridors and small rooms arranged in pretty much a straight-shot, but almost labyrinthine at the same time. I was thinking somehow they were hypnotizing her, and she was getting more and more bruises on her arms and abdomen. Eventually I get in exaggerated physical fights with them and I somehow manage to get 2-4 of them to defect to my side as allies and stow her away under a sliding hole in the kitchen (sort of a drain hole in the floor, like you see in restaurant kitchens). She escaped succesfully.

      I'm unknowingly in an FA but think I'm fully awake. I am having the "transparent eyelids" effect, and I'm looking around my bedroom at the closet door, but it's the wooden closet door from my childhood home. I'm etching a human face in it with my mind.

      After this, I'm in my childhood home and members of my family as well as random DCs are dressed in "starship troopers armor" -- white and blue, and white and red. It was a long and in-depth dream, but I don't remember much of it. I finally escaped the fray and sat back on my bed, but then my father entered my room with his gun held high, and I remember thinking "oh good, you'll just be my bodyguard". When I thought this (non-lucidly), he changed his course of action from running forward to attack me to climbing in bed next to me with his rifle held out (think Fullmetal Jacket "This is my rifle"). I got up from bed* and started walking towards the hallway. Almost instantly I became lucid! I didn't say "I'm dreaming!" or do any RCs or stabilization unfortunately. I walked down the hallway towards the bathroom, and it was daylight outside, maybe early morning. I walked into the bathroom and looked at the mirror, seeing a girl in a dress instead of myself. In this moment, I started to think of the "bad guys" in the starship troopers armor and then banished the thought from my mind, knowing that if I thought of them I would encounter or summon them. So instead I took advantage of the situation -- although I was seeing the girl in the mirror, I felt my dream body as my own physical body. So I turned away from the mirror and decided that I would become the girl in the mirror. I turned back around and I was!
      Spoiler for nudity:
      inspected my face further in the mirror -- my face was sort of ugly and homely**, and as mirrors in dreams usually do, my face shifted quite a bit. I leaned in further to inspect myself and kissed the mirror (it was cold). I then leaned back out and decided to try my "Clear sight. Clear sound. Clear touch. Grounded. Calm, confident. I can stay here as long as I want." stabilization phrase. However, as soon as touched my thumb and forefinger, I accidentally said "Clear mind" first!
      It rejected me from the dream instantly. As I began to feel my waking body, I realized my thumb and forefinger were touching here too; maybe this triggered the waking?

      I laid awake for quite a while after that, as I had already slept more than usual for the night, and for the whole weekend basically. I was also still excited about the lucid and hoping to drop back into it. Eventually I went back to sleep and had some more non lucids. In the first, I was with my fiance in a rest area/cabin in the woods. In the next, I felt as though I dropped into the dream as a visualization from waking, but it's possible I was only visualizing from an FA. I was imagining tall waves, and how my body bobbed up and down in them. It felt incredibly nice and peaceful. I was at a beach, and my sister was standing on a board of some kind zipping up a life jacket. I think my fiance was bobbing up and down in the water too. When I looked at the shore, I couldn't quite see the sand but I could see tall buildings above the waves, which I identified to be my apartment buildings from WL. A distinct black shape was swimming towards me, and I thought it might be a shoe or a fish (I thought it could be a dangerous fish but dismissed the thought instantly). After another waking, I had a final dream of being in a wood panneled shop with an old woman who was offering the shop to me (inheritance?). Her wares were laid out on a long wooden table, which after looking away and looking back turned out to be a giant Knorr pasta packet. I believe this all happened in 3rd person.

      *I think getting out of beds in nonlucids is a lucidity/awareness trigger -- will have to investigate how to encourage this).
      **This is actually the second time I've transformed my body into a woman's in a mirror while lucid, but for some reason I always turn into butterfaces. Also not sure why I keep doing this. Why, lucid mind, why?

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    4. xxvii.

      by , 08-21-2018 at 11:13 AM
      Non-dream stuff - this has been the pattern for the last few days. I woke up at 8:30 but somehow fell asleep again despite not wanting to, waking up two hours later. Been having long non-lucid dreams on the first waking but usually forget too many details by the second waking.

      Dream part 1:
      I was playing a game like the new Monster Hunter, I even remember thinking "this game is too similar to Monster Hunter, feels a bit like a rip-off". It was day time but dim. I was playing a male hunter, walking around some marshland and there was an old ruin/structure, and there was an inscription on top. For some reason I changed character to a female hunter, and then used the grappling hook to get on top of the old structure. I was a bit clumsy about it but I stood close to the inscription and read it.

      I can't remember what it said, but it was 3 sentences and was cryptic.

      Details are missing here between the next part.

      Dream part 2:
      I remember I was hunting a large creature in the marshland with other hunters but then at some point there is a transition and I become a giant creature myself. I seem to remember the form I took was of a female reptilian biped, with creamy/dirty white scales. I then went around the world and met other creatures and either changed the type I was or simply got bigger.

      Eventually I remember seeing a (in the dream context) god-like creature, which was so big it's difficult to describe with words; only the foot was under the clouds and even though I was a giant too my size was only of this creature's toes.

      I climbed up the furry leg, which I seem to remember being brown or orange fur, getting past the clouds and seeing the sun; it had a skirt and I came to the conclusion it was female and kept climbing up her leg until eventually I reached her shoulder.

      I can't remember what happened next other than I had a brief discussion with her; her father had made her upset for some reason.

      • This is the very rare dream type I typically enjoy quite a lot even if it's non-lucid. Unfortunately I did not think to RC at any point, despite the "massive" cues.
      • The last dream I had of a similar sort was a couple of years ago, but it wasn't half as detailed nor was it of the same scale.
      • I think I'm still doing poorly in regards to setting intentions about dreaming lately.
      • The "goddess" creature reminds me now of a character I've seen an artist portray, so I'm thinking that's where her visual appearance stemmed from.
      • From the first part to the second part, the feeling of being in a game was gradually reduced, until it felt more "real", especially with the climbing. Maybe because of the physical "effort"?
    5. x.

      by , 07-28-2018 at 10:22 AM
      A few non-lucid dream sequences/fragments. My dreams felt very long and the places I was in felt vast.

      Sequence 1:

      One of the last sequences; I remember being driven by my partner to a small white building. It was the lobby for some sort of research complex. I went in and it was decorated with white and black inside, and there was a receptionist, a slim black-haired woman with her hair tied in a knot and she was wearing a black suit with skirt and a pair of glasses. She was speaking to someone else, both of them were standing up, though her desk was at a normal sitting height. She was explaining something to this other guy. She noticed me as I approached and I said I wanted a job there or something, she asked me what relevant skills I had; I answered truthfully (in waking life context), that I had not had many formal jobs. I also said something else random like I was good at blasting things or something.

      She then said "let's see what you got then". And then I simply remember being in another area that looked like an old or ruined town, and what looked like trenches or canals. She was there and in a different outfit, with a sword; I had a sword and a shield and I could see myself in third-person now (so it had become like a game), wearing a similar roman-era battle outfit. She got a few blows in first but I bashed her with the shield and she fell on the floor and I struck her with the sword in long swipes; sword swipes left a glowing trail behind them.

      There's something missing in my memory of the sequence here; next I am at what feels like an underground facility, the research complex. I am in a cylindrical room, on its upper half, which was separated from the bottom by thick glass and metal beams that made an aesthetically pleasing pattern. There were researchers here on upper half and on the bottom half I saw a test subject (which in my dream-mind I knew was a volunteer, like I was for the project) walk in through a doorway, to the centre of the room, where there was a raised platform. A researcher was in front of the subject on a control panel and adjust some things and the subject transformed into a 50ft/15metre creature; as a creature, it was pink and white-ish and with flowing appendages, not quite like tentacles. It also looked semi-translucent in parts. I have a dream-memory of seeing several transformations, each with very different resulting creatures, but all large.

      At some point before this entire sequence I remember seeing a similar giant creature like the one that, before I "knew" about the research complex, and it had been in some sort of combat situation. It may have been in the previous sequence.

      I remember watching more of these transformations and wondering if they would do me at some point. My memory of this dream sequence ends here.

      Edit: Made this 3D image of how I generally remember the transformations room. I didn't add a lot of detail simply because I don't remember it anymore. The grain is just because it's a quick render (6minutes).

      Fragment 2:

      This came before Sequence 1, and was just as long, though I only remember fractioned details.

      I remember being in a different ruined city area, which I got to by going down some steps under a mountain or something. I remember seeing some sort of interface for my health points and equipment, and my health was very low. I had no top on either, and for some reason in the dream context that made me extremely vulnerable. There were rats and other pests around, and I remember I got to a place where there was some sort of faction's base, where they were defending from another faction. One of the guys there wanted me to train first, and he had me lie down on a table of some kind where they either injected me with something or attached something; either way, something like an exoskeleton formed and my fear of being vulnerable went away. They explained something about the process, how a sodium injection was required but wasn't the only key to this. I remember there was a training room in the downstairs of the base.

      Fragment 3:

      In the same region as before, I remember being on a stereotypical Asian looking rooftop, and looking around and seeing the mountain where I came from, with the steps under an overhang. It was day, but the sun wasn't very high and there was cloud cover, though it didn't quite cover the sun. There were a lot of shadows. Looking around more there were other mountains to the left and then further left were plains and forests, back up to the point of seeing the steps mountain again. On the rooftop was someone else. A boy or a girl or a young-ish person anyway. They told me something about the winds that were coming and that we had to do something. I could see large, fast, clouds coming very low from the mountains. I don't remember much else other than seeing this character before in an alleyway.

      Some notes:
      • The sparring match with the receptionist went on for quite a while and I remember that even though my sword would cut her to chunks, she would "respawn" and we'd fight again. The combat reminds me now of Warframe and Shadow Warrior (both of which have strong Asian themes).
      • The first time I saw the giant creatures outside of the research complex I was not aware that they were human test subjects, so when I saw the transformation process I felt bad for having participated in a combat with one, especially given that I felt I'd rather be on the creature's side anyway.
      • Watching the creature transformation process I remember feeling a bit envious. In the context of waking life, I know that transformations of even the smallest degree are impossible, but a part of my subconscious still desires them, which attracts me to creative content that represents those themes. The transformation theme in general is a clear dream-sign, but one that I must remember to set an intention to make notice of, due to its prominence in games, and therefore the fact that it's so well embedded into a part of my reactions and behaviours towards it.
      • It is a little rare that transformation themes are so present in at least a couple of dream sequences. They were clear dream-signs and I should have done a RC.
      • The researchers at the complex wore no special clothes or outfits, they were dressed casually or with suits, so a potential dream-sign did not manifest there.
      • The "exoskeleton" wasn't so much an exoskeleton as it was making me "buff", I seem to remember.
      • Being at the rooftop especially should have made me RC due to a fear of heights, especially taking note that being a stereotypical rooftop, it was sloped.
    6. Three Vials (NLD)

      by , 10-22-2016 at 04:16 PM
      Ritual: Ongoing dry spell. I'm not sure what caused my focus and motivation to diminish so drastically, but neither has been sufficient in months to deliberately achieve lucidity. Even when I thought I've been motivated, I haven't been able to concentrate properly, or pay sufficient attention to the stages of sleep. Less attention to dreaming in general means that even my NLDs have become intolerably drab and dull for the most part, and since I've been journaling less my ability to remember dreams has also dwindled. However, this morning I woke up with a dream that I found interesting enough to write down, and I'm posting it here to try to help get my head back in the game.

      NLD, "Three Vials": The container in my hand consisted of three conjoined steel vials closed with screwcaps. Each one held a different substance that would change me in some way. I was in a militarized compound full of soldiers and agents of some secretive organization; I was their experiment. Evidently one of their high level people, an old man with grey shoulder-length hair, had decided that it was time for my transformation. I began unscrewing the top of one of the vials while remembering the prophecy:

      His breath is the wind.

      The method of ingestion seemed straightforward. Breath? Wind? I held the end of the vial to my mouth and inhaled. It did feel like a great wind coursing into me. When the turmoil had settled and I spoke, my voice was changed. It was no longer a human voice, but impossibly deep and resonant.

      There were things going on around me but I don't remember the details. I saw a news briefing of some sort; apparently the nation was in a state of emergency. I was being transformed so that I could go do battle, perhaps with another creature similar to what I was becoming. I decided to use the second vial. I had a vague anxiety that I should consume all three vials before someone stopped me: the old man had wanted to go through with the procedure, but I could tell that a lot of the others did not think this was a good idea. I should finish the transformation before someone decided to organize the opposition and restrain me. I recalled another line of the prophecy:

      Sunlight fills his heart.

      I opened the second vial. At first I habitually started bringing the container to my mouth, but the prophecy suggested that it contained light, so I diverted it to my eyes instead. White light filled them, blinding me. When I could see again, I went to look at myself in a mirror. My eyes were white now, but not an undifferentiated white. The pupils were tiny little pinpricks at the center, literally no larger than if the tip of a pin pricked a hole in a piece of paper. I thought that made sense, given that pupils contract in the light, and they had just been exposed to more light than ever before. The irises were still differentiated, but they were an ivory white and glowed as if with inner light around the inside of their circular rims. The whites of my eyes were now pure white.

      I also noticed that my skin had turned white, but not smoothly or evenly, instead it left a mottled appearance, prompting me to comment wryly: "I hope the last vial contains a pore cleanser." No one laughed at my joke. The dream ended before I ever found out what was actually in the final vial.

      Notes: There are some straightforward influences, though the dream transformed them into an original scenario. But the concept of putting things to my eyes and mouth clearly derives from the Vive VR game "Accounting," which I played last night. (It was brief and hilarious, I totally recommend it!) Then before bed I was playing Witcher II and noticed how cool Geralt's eyes looked. (I recently finished Witcher I, since I wanted to play all three in order, and just started on II. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the first one.) Having the Witcher series fresh in mind probably also contributed to the concept of drinking potions to achieve transformational mutations.

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    7. Witch, possessed

      by , 09-05-2016 at 04:01 PM
      A young woman's walking quickly through the woods just before dawn - the trees are sparse and thin, lots of fallen leaves from past seasons covering the ground; she's wearing simple dark clothing and a white cap, from maybe around the 1500s. She's very nervous. I follow her as she steals a black hen - she's thinking about some dog as she does it - and makes her way to a well.

      But just as she reaches the well, an older woman grabs her and shouts, "Witch! Possessed!" This woman's familiar to me. Painfully thin, red hair so short and strangely cut that I suspect it's growing out after being shaved off completely, wearing a nightdress as if she'd just seen my witch and jumped out of bed to stop her, but I don't believe it's a coincidence that she's here; I believe hunting witches is something she's done before.

      The scene changes. Three men - two middle-aged, one older, all still looking like it's the 1500s - are discussing the woman who'd been caught as a witch, and her mother. Her mother had been the same, accused of "magical transformations," but she'd died years and years ago, and the daughter had been raised by another since she was a child, changed her family name. The last these men had heard of her, she was to be married to some knight. They frame this marriage as a very good thing, that she had a good life that she's thrown away; but I hear them say this and I think indeed she was married to him, and that had gone very badly for her, and that's why she summoned me.

      Later. Different scene entirely, my IRL home, a pair of men attempted to break in and I turned them into cats. Cat burglars. They made for very angry cats but I was pleased with myself for the joke, and my sister had been wanting a white cat anyway.

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    8. Spellbee Comp Night 8

      by , 08-07-2016 at 11:32 PM
      10 pts- first wild of the night
      10 pts- first dild
      10 pts- 2 subsequent dilds
      2 pts- wbtb
      2 pts- chaining
      5 pts- Ask for advice
      2 pts- chain a lucid
      1 pt- reality check/stablization
      2 pts- interact with dream character
      5 pts- Use an electonic device (Toll booth/debit card machine,
      but had to end up using cash)
      5 pts- Super Strength (I am pulling myself up along the ledges of each freeway)
      5 pts- Gain Invulnerability (Jumped from building onto freeway)
      5 pts- Summoned money for toll booth
      5- DC Manipulation / Mind Control
      5 pts- Unspecified dream control (super jumping capabilities)
      5 pts- Super fast speed
      10 pts- Advanced flying
      20 pts- climb side of building like spiderman (scaled building after freeways)(before midnight)
      5 pts- Advanced summoning- 10 pts (summoned a man in front of me)
      10 pts- Time control (I stop time to look at the man I summoned)
      10 pts- Unsummoning/Banishing (I banished him from my sight)
      10 pts- Full transformation (I'm not me anymore, I'm something made of angry
      & hurt energy!
      Night total= 144 pts

      Your welcome team, I got my A/C fixed. I can sleep better now!

      Three Step Goals:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      New Dream goal: Go to the moon
      Old Dream goal: Go to my dream house

      D1:Non-lucid: I was at a carnival but not a traditional carnival. It was pretty
      abstract & nothing eventful of importance.

      Did a wbtb. Got my first wild. And so the chaining begins! I had an
      exceptional night due in part to my damn a/c being finally back on. Amen.

      D2: wild from the start. Full blown lucids from here on so I don't have to
      repeat it. I was with my husband and we were out walking around. I realized I
      was dreaming when we saw a skunk & Freeways & buildings were everywhere. I did
      a reality check & fucked w/ my husband a little because I think this may be my
      first comp w/ him so presently in a lucid dream. I started super jumping up these
      freeways & he told me to stop, that I couldn't do that because it was dangerous.
      This was amazingly comical because I knew I was dreaming & he was just a character
      so he was really freaked out, lol. I laughed a lot because he couldn't do these
      crazy things I could but he managed to follow me for the most part by way of these
      strange hills & what looked like spill ways (I'm not real sure what they are called)
      they are those long concrete things under overpasses & freeways). They were laying
      all weird & he mananged pretty well. Anyway, I went up really fast, making impossible
      jumps up from freeway to freeway ledges & using super human strength with my hands to
      go across them (thank you american ninja warrior for this helpful idea, lol) as they
      were getting higher & higher & over & over.
      It was really exhillerating! I've never had a
      dream quite like this one. So I was gratful I had studied at this point just for
      this moment. I scaled a building like spider man which was cool but I lost my husband
      in all of this. I then chained into the next dream.

      D3: Lucid- Mike was back with me & we were driving through this city that looked like ours
      merged w/ the big kind of city I had just left behind in the last dream. There was a
      woman in a car w/ 2 kids w/ no seat belts on & she was obviously fleeing someone. Mike
      wouldn't follow her to help her like I wanted. We were stopped at a parking garage/toll
      booth. I got mad & told him I was getting out. He was basically hindering my chances
      of completing more tasks in my opinion. I have a way of wanting to keep my moral fiber
      even in my lucid dreams. Sorry people but that's just how I roll. He was yelling at me
      and I told him to give me money. I first tried to operate the debit part of the machine
      for using an electronic device for points. It didn't work so I summoned money from my
      pocket to use instead. He finally gave me money after that because I wanted more to
      help the woman with for diapers etc. Hence i finally got the money due to dc manipulation/
      mind control because he's fucking stubborn. He was still yelling as I ran away. I ran
      superfast around all of these damn buildings that I eventually left the ground for super
      speed flying which is much easier. But hell looking back I got some major ass points
      for that! Fuck yes! Anyway I landed on a street corner which is where I started to
      transition/chain into my 4th & final dream.

      D4: Lucid- So now I'm on this street corner where I find the black lady who is talking
      to people about the woman I saw in the car w/ the kids in her car basically fleeing
      for her life. So I start asking her about the man she is referring to that she is fleeing
      from. He is someone I know but haven't seen in a long time. I'm asking her a shit load
      of questions about him now because it's all really weird. He just seemed to fall off
      the face of the earth in my real life but I'm pretty sure he moved away closer to one
      of his children. I'm asking advice which are points, yeah. She tells me the woman in
      the car has his 2 kids & they are fighting but she's in such a tizzy she's not sure
      of the details. I'm overwhelmed by the man being mentioned so I summon him to appear
      in front of me. I freeze time & him to look at him. I'm very angry with him so I just
      hold him there. Then I banish him from my sight. Then I'm not even me anymore. It was a full
      transformation. My anger turned me into some kind of
      angry energy & hurt. I can't describe this. I've never done this or felt this before.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Teal
    9. [19-05-2016]

      by , 05-19-2016 at 09:47 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was evening, there was a reddish glow on clouds and the sky, beams of light were falling down towards my house. I was in my backyard and I was some kind of a transformation magician - I could change any object into another one, altering it completely. I was attacked by some evil warlock and used my powers against him. I had a strange feeling all the time, it felt like I was about to wake up or realise something. Gesturing my hands I heard a *kapow* sound and my enemy turned into different kind of animals. We were strafing to the right, I could see buildings on my backyard and my barn as we were moving. Whenever I turned him into a big animal, he smiled and when I turned him to small one, he was sad. In the end I turned him into a mouse and thrown down a well. I turned back, there were two scared people. I toled them "This is just a work of illusion placed upon your mind by evil magician. Please go away."
    10. Bluescreen, double smartphone and taking a stroll through the snow in underwear

      by , 03-16-2016 at 12:20 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in my current home, mostly correctly rebuild in my dream as well. One of the most notable differences was the fact my apartment was on the wrong side of the house. In the beginning my wife and my best friend were there, we were in the staircase I think. We talked about something I guess but I don't remember well.
      The point from which I remember the dream well was when I was lying on my bed, looking at the screen of my PC across the room. It suddenly had a blue screen and then a really weird boot screen, like it would be possible and even reasonable for a boot screen to look like that, but I know none that actually does.
      I kind of had a sync of the blue screen on my smartphone too, there I saw something that didn't fit in there. Oddly enough I can't seem to chronologically order these events correctly either.
      Also I suddenly had a perfect copy of my smartphone, on in each hand. I swiped in my complicated unlock pattern, but I didn't copy it correctly, rather I mirrored it. Both phones unlocked.

      At this point I had a smile as the fact I was dreaming had undeniably dawned on me. A nose-pinch RC confirmed that.
      I didn't pay any attention to the fact I was apparently only wearing underwear and went outside (that whole getting lucid in a dream and going outside thing seems to become a thing in my dreams nowadays), it snowed and it was pretty cold. I, walking around with hardly any clothes, felt that cold in a somewhat realistic, however not unpleasant manner. After some time I got used to it and didn't really feel any cold anymore either.
      I spent most of the time walking around my neighborhood, which also was mostly correctly, all the while looking at my hands and turning them into lizard type hands, scales and stuff. It worked out pretty well too. The last thing I remember that sometime in between I shouted something out into the dream which seemed to help stabilize it.

      Eventually I woke up, or rather I had a false awakening. It seemed like I was in the same home that this dream had build, or mostly similar anyway, and my wife was beside me too.
      I shouted the same thing and startled her, and stupidly didn't realize I was still dreaming. Had I realized it I probably could've gone on a bit, but alas I woke up shortly after.

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    11. The Reluctant Dragon (DILD)

      by , 02-25-2016 at 09:43 PM
      Ritual: Set vibrating alarm for 40m at 6:20am. I don't remember it going off, but I began dreaming that I was trying to fall asleep, until it gradually dawned on me that I was already dreaming. It was 7:19 when I awoke, so given that the dream must have manifested at some point after the signal went off at 7am (since it was not interrupted by it), it could have lasted up to 19m. I'm classifying this as DILD and not EILD since lucidity was not initiated by recognition of the device signal.

      DILD: Initially I am on a beach, lying on a sort of cot, trying to fall asleep. There are other people all around me, and their activity and noise is keeping me awake. I mention aloud to someone nearby that I seem to be entering REM state even while awake, as I notice crisp and colorful visuals superimposing themselves over my visual field. Even though the new scene is layered over the old one, it is distinct enough that I can make out details: I am at the edge of a river running through a futuristic city. Some sort of V-shaped flying craft is flying in tripartite geometrical formations up above, the crafts each giving off light colored red, white, or blue, each grouped into a separate section. Is this meant to be a patriotic display?

      I do not change position, but the cot I'm lying on becomes a sort of couch as the environment around me resolves into a room full of kids. Someone plays a video on a TV monitor, which annoys me because I am trying to fall asleep and the music is distracting. But then they mention that the video features Jonathan Tweet, and the name sounds familiar. When I remember it is one of my favorite game developers, I take more interest in the video and sit up.

      Something makes me think this is a kind of school where the kids are learning lucid dream abilities. One boy, bald, sits to the left of me on my couch and he's trying to test his powers against me. He takes my hand in his, which begins to glow blue, and I realize that he's trying to "crystal" me, that is, harm me with the pale blue light he is creating. I counter it easily, however. This frustrates him and he begins trying to bite me. He opens a disturbingly wide mouth and tries to chomp down on my hand, but I counter him by softening both his flesh and his resolve, so that mouth sags toothlessly and he never completes the bite. We go through this cycle three or four times before I tire of the game and get up.

      By now I'm aware that I am already dreaming, and I walk into the next room, recalling my personal goals. [I accomplish a personal task, finding a certain fictional character, then suggest that we become dragons to fulfill one of the TOTYs.]

      I lead the way to a window and lift it open. We're about four storeys up, but I jump out without hesitation and spread my arms, letting the air catch me. As I fly off to the left, I focus on trying to develop the "feel" of a dragon body: four legs, wings, tail, scaly skin. I haven't tried this before and the results are so-so, a fluctuating hybrid between the new bodymap and my usual one. I am flying over what strikes me as a mid-twentieth-century city. There are no skyscrapers, just a mixture of low commercial and residential buildings that cover a wide expanse. I recall that the task requires me to destroy a village, but the city below seems too urban to qualify. Would a neighborhood count as a "village"? But my moral qualms kick in, and I hesitate to bring wrath upon an innocent residential neighborhood.

      I fly further on, toward the edge of the city, looking for a more remote target, preferably one with few occupants. After exploring the land for a while, I find a spot that, while a stretch to call it a "village," at least satisfies my ethical preoccupations: it is a cluster of buildings around a large industrial apparatus, evidently a manufacturing concern of some kind. I don't notice any people wandering around, so hopefully there are not many on site to be harmed. I can't imagine I'll find a better target (at least in relation to my own concerns, rather than the specifications of the task), so I begin circling over the site, breaking the buildings and bashing them down. Meanwhile I focus on maintaining my dragon form; this takes constant vigilence because it is so unfamiliar, and too easily slips into sensations more congruent with human limbs.

      What color dragon am I? I recall that D&D dragons can take many different colors, with corresponding breath weapons. On the ruins of the factory, I test acid and frost breath in turn, trying to decide which feels more natural. I like the effects of frost—after freezing metal walls solid they shatter in a satisfying way—but then I remember that the task specifies leaving flaming ruins in my wake, so I switch to fire. There isn't much in the way of visuals; rather than great gouts of flame, my fire breath is more of an intense heat that makes metal glow red. But I dutifully knock down and burn the factory into rubble.

      Afterwards, I hover anxiously over the destroyed site to see if anyone was harmed by my stunt. (I know, I know, I make a terrible dragon.) I do spot someone—something?—running around frantically, but as I peer closer, it does not look human at all. Curiously, it appears to be a small white gem that I take to be a cubic zirconia, attached to a tiny wire loop that looks like it must have once been the pendant of an earring. The sense of scale has been skewing dramatically as I have been peering closer, and now I feel back to my normal human size and form, kneeling over ruined buildings the size of an architectural model. I look carefully and spot two more little gems running around. Unless there are more I don't see, three victims isn't too bad, and at least they're still alive, even if they're looking understandably anxious. (How do gems even look anxious? It was something in the way they moved.)

      [I've been concentrating on my task and realize I have lost track of my friend. I look for him and we are briefly re-united before I wake up.]
    12. [12-02-2016]

      by , 02-12-2016 at 02:44 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in some kind of temple mixed with a museum. There were cauldrons with blood -' six in a row. I didn't knew it was blood at first and drank from 5 of these cauldrons. I moved to last one, and a dude waiting there asked me if I really want to drink tainted blood. I dropped mug with blood that I took from previous cauldron inside the one I was standing close to. Dude shouted "What have you done! Now it's even more tainted!"

      Second dream

      With parents I was in the backyard oh my house. I found a mirror, and did something strange. I took out my penis, looked at it's reflection in the mirror and thought about body shifting. I had a weird, but somehow good feeling that my balls were sucked inside my body. I took pants off and saw that I have a vagina now. Parents just freaked out. I fingered it to check if that's a dream. Everything turned black, and just before waking up, I had a feeling that my balls just shoot out from within my body.
    13. Flying and Wolfing

      by , 01-04-2016 at 05:30 PM
      Bed early at 8.30 or so - was feeling unwell but after laying in bed soon started feeling better and drifted off to sleep early which was good.

      Woke up at 3am wrote down dream and decided to do wbtb until 4am

      Lay on back for wild at 4 and relaxed till looked at my watch at 6am - relaxed well and had a NL - good try - went on to side at 6 knowing I have to be up at 6.45am

      Got lucid twice - Attempted the Bonus and accomplished one of the Advanced Tasks 🌠

      I am running down a steep sandy mountainside and a boat is going by in a river just opposite - I have been challenged to make it on to the large boat as it passed my strip of land so I have to move with a Flash ⚡️⚡️⚡️and I did. The boat slowly became a car and we moved along the sea/street - as we moved I realised I am dreaming and this is my dream 🙃😀
      I say to the DC " This is a dream! Lets make this boat/car fly - 🛳🚘⛴ come on lets make it fly!'

      The car takes off and we fly evenly into the big sky - its then that I remember about trying the Bonus task of going into the void - I announced I am going into the void and every thing went black pretty soon ...I then remembered I had to create a new place/world but things didn't exactly go to plan 😬😉 I will try again soon
      - Maybe after reading BlairBros during my wbtb ...anyway - I was Lucid again and running up the side of a building after changing into a wolf/fox (this happened as a very spontaneouse thought within the dream ... like a natural progression but it is something I have been incubating a bit since having a few NL about Wolves 🐕 ) and along the top of the building I looked over at the building next to me and saw a load of people walking behind a wall and looking at me in a curiouse way So ..

      I shouted over to them that this is a dream and gravity doesn't work the same in dreams so anything can happen ... They might even start floating up into the air ..So in just a moment some of them started loosing their grip and starting to lift up into the air their faces looking a little perplexed

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    14. #220. Elemental Championships

      by , 09-17-2015 at 04:01 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm at some sort of retreat, and I'm on a break outdoors, spending some time by myself. A van with a logo painted on the side stops at the side of the road, and I walk up to ask what's wrong. The driver says that he's making a delivery to the local Co-op, but he can't find it. I look over the hill in a couple of directions, and, as it's a dream, the Co-op appears on the horizon. I point it out to him and he moves on.

      In a hall made of stone from the floor to the ceiling, Dumbledore gives instructions about the tournament. At the beginning of each round, we pick an element, and then we have to use that element in a free-for-all to tag the other players. If you're tagged, you're out of the round.

      I start the first round with a more difficult element that I'm used to (air, I think). I'm mostly focusing on complicated defensive uses of the power, and I'm out of the round fairly quickly. Irritated, I prepare for the second round, bringing up a wall of flame.

      I'm visiting the IT department, and I realize that they actually have a desk for me there. I tell them that I've had a desk upstairs for some time, and that I'm actually leaving the company in a week (in 2013), so they can probably give the desk to someone else. The desk has years-old mail that's been waiting for me, so I start going through it.

      There's a certain type of fight that exists in fiction just to show off how overpowered the major players of a setting are, compared to the main character. This is one of those fights: Maleficent versus Dumbledore. Only... Dumbledore hasn't shown up, and I'm the only one standing in her way. I drop my hands to the side, palms up, and burn with power, until suddenly I'm Maleficent as well. (I have a moment where I go through: wand, wandless, crook staff, staff with bobble on the end—perfect.) I bang the staff into the concrete, sending up a shockwave at my opponent, and twirl the staff around into a ready pose, lime-green light streaming from the tip. Bring it.

      My brother talks me into following him to a pool, but it turns out that once you've entered the pool area, you can never leave. I walk calmly over to one of the glass windows, face it squarely, and punch it. A crack appears in the safety glass. I punch it again, and again, until we're running over the roof of a park canteen/cafeteria to get away.

      I realize that I forgot to post in the class discussion forums this week to get my participation mark (even though the class is over...)

      I've left my glasses somewhere, but I know that searching for them the traditional way in a dream is a lost cause. "Accio, glasses," I say, and they fly into my hand from wherever they were hiding.
    15. Transformations and more Rick & Morty Portals

      by , 09-11-2015 at 06:42 AM
      Dream 1:

      I was at a party that was being held at an underground restaurant. I’m not sure what was initially being celebrated, but several of my old childhood friends were there, as well as a few family members. Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately greeted by an overly enthusiastic Tom Cruise Waiter. I started to realize it was a dream at this point. He showed me to my table then threw down a big plate filled with fries. MMMmm I was really excited and I started to just devour them. Each time they would disappear, some waiters would immediately give me another plate. I kept eating until I started to genuinely get tired of eating fries, which is weird for me since I love them. I looked around and saw that there were some people that had fried chicken sandwiches. I asked the waiters for one of those but they flat out refused to give me one! They brought me this delicious cake-like desert. I had to remind myself that all dream food is animal and cruelty free, then I started dig into the cake with my bare hands. I felt like a ravenous animal.

      I looked around while eating and it was apparently my birthday party now, and I was the king of these lands. There were also a lot of teen girls dancing in a circle in the center of the room while flashing their boobs.

      The party eventually started to die down, guests started to leave, and I was getting bored with eating dream food, so I jumped on top of a table and rode it out of the room as though it were a hoverboard while yelling, “I’m king bitch, I’m king!!!”

      I had to fly through a tiny hole in the ground in order to get to the surface, it made me feel a bit claustrophobic but it wasn’t too bad.

      When I got above ground I appeared in a beautiful, lush, vivid green field with trees that were covered in so many leaves that I couldn’t even see a speck of bark. I tried to teleport Rick & Morty style by pointing an invisible portal gun at a hedged bush. A transparent green and purple blob shot out of the gun and made a transparent green and purple portal. It was pretty tiny so I tried to run into it head first, but instead of going through a portal I ended up smashing my face into a solid hedge that felt like it was made out of bricks. I rarely feel pain in my lucid dreams but running into that brick bush gave me an awful, splitting headache.

      I lost vision and appeared in a new field. There was tall, golden wheat grass all around me and a few oak trees off in the distance. I flew around to try to find a group of people to unleash my wind upon. I found a small encampment of criminals after exploring for a few minutes. I landed in the middle of them and then I almost immediately saw a group of maybe 20 little 10 year old kids marching towards me in a line. They surrounded me in a circle and I began trying to fart. One of them kept punching me in the stomach and pushing me around while the others cheered.

      The fart wasn’t happening and I felt like maybe I was going to shit my dream pants instead. So I imagined hearing and feeling a fart instead of trying to force one out, then immediately a massive noise erupted from my butt. The kids froze and became dead silent while they stared at me in absolute horror.

      I opened my mouth and said, “It was Meeeeee!!!” but another kid said it at the exact same time. Then the rest of the kids joined in and said that it was them while they laughed hysterically. They started pushing me around, punching me, and throwing rocks at me. Not exactly the reaction I was expecting.
      I ran away and then got down on all fours and tried to turn into a dragon. I could feel my back sprout wings and I could feel claws grow from my hands but then I woke up.

      Dream 2:

      Short lucid dream fragment – I was asking Dreamer to transform me into a dragon. A violent transformation started to happen and parts of my body were bubbling and randomly growing very large or very tiny. I started to grow claws and to get scaly but I woke up pretty quickly.

      Dream 3:

      I was in a simulator with Dreamer. This simulator was supposed to be a previous memory that belonged to someone from my old high school’s football team. I don’t know what kind of strange technology we were using to explore this memory but I was fascinated at how powerful it was.

      The memory, however, was quite sad in content. There were a few cheerleaders that had gotten very drunk with a couple of football players and their coaches. The girls were all stark naked. I admired the details of the simulation and felt my way around the room, amazed at the realism of the experiences.
      I found one of my old, male best friends sitting on the floor, submissive, and sucking on an unknown person’s dick that was poking through a wall.
      The coaches started to get aggressive, and against the girls’ wishes. They started to walk up behind the girls and rub their dicks against their bums and between their legs. The cheerleaders would push them away, but the coaches would just come back and they started to penetrate the girls. They took them into other rooms and had sex with them.

      We could explore the memory and witness things but we couldn’t interact with or influence the memory.
      I was showing Dreamer and a couple other DCs that we weren’t actually using our real bodies either by doing a nose plug RC.
      I suddenly realized that this wasn’t a simulation, but that I was actually dreaming. The simulation started to end and everything began to get dark. I repeated to myself, “I am lucid, I am lucid, I am lucid…” over and over again until the dream re-formed because I was afraid of having a FA and losing lucidity.

      I appeared on a gorgeous, white beach. I remembered that I wanted to try some tasks and that I wanted to try to use a mirror to transform. I walked around, looking for a mirror. I saw an old, sand-covered, full-length mirror with a golden-brown, wooden frame. I walked up to it and looked at my reflection. I then imagined my body becoming globe-like and I slowly transformed into a floating, purple planet. I was amazed at how well that worked, so I tried to turn into a dragon after that. While still looking in the mirror, I imagined my body turning into a dragon. I turned green and grew a long tail and wings and looked like a beautiful green dragon! I woke up into a FA before I got to do anything cool.

      Dreamer was sitting up in bed next to me typing something on her laptop. I began to write my dreams down, and then I remembered that this is a prime time for losing lucidity. I did a reality check and then I knew! O_O

      I stared lovingly at Dreamer and she stared back at me with her adorable green eyes. I ripped off her clothes and her eyes suddenly grew dark, she looked quite grumpy! I tried to focus on the feeling of her personality and her energy, and then I tried to infuse it with the dream character, but it would only work for a second at a time. So I left the grumpy DC alone, closed my eyes, and imagined feeling her presence with me until the dream ended.

      I thought I had woken up and that I had been trying to fall back asleep for quite some time. I eventually did a reality check to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming, but I was.

      I got out of bed and appeared in a white tiled bathroom. I stared in the mirror and imagined a Rick & Morty portal gun appearing in my hands. Just such a gun grew in my hand from a small point! I pointed it at a wall and pulled the trigger. What came out was the most vivid and non-transparent green blob yet! I was super excited and happy about just how well the Rick & Morty teleportation method had worked this time, but I woke up before I could go through the portal.
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