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    1. viii.

      by , 07-26-2018 at 10:18 AM
      Non-dream stuff: Woke up at 8 but fell asleep again somehow, and the non-lucid dream fragment that follows was after I woke up suddenly at 9:40; I tried to not recall the dream too hard, with positive result:


      Was going up a small 1-lane ramp at what reminds me now of a school I've been to in waking life. It was day and as I went up the ramp I was fiddling with a box cutter (specifically a black and yellow one I have in waking life) and there was a boy, maybe 10 or 12 in front of me walking the same direction. The light was suddenly changing as I caught up to him and it became night; there were trees and fences to the right and at the immediate left some short buildings; I could see where the road would intersect ahead;

      I said something like "hey, wait up", at first wondering if the sounds of the box cutter scared him, but he didn't seem phased by that. I remember he looked at me and smiled and I asked him "where's your brother? do you know?". The boy said "no, I don't know", and I kept walking along with him and we talked about something; we were getting to an intersection with a town road and suddenly he had a dog on a lead, I'm not sure what kind, but not small and with brown/light brown fur.

      When we got to the intersection, the dog started tugging harder and went to the left and then suddenly it was like they were gone and I walked in the same direction as they'd vanished; I seem to remember that now I had the dog for a few minutes and it was very playful and tugging all the time on the lead (reminds me of my own dog in waking life, though it didn't feel like my dog) and I remember thinking something about the dog playing with a policeman but then the dog was gone again and as I went down the road, over a bend, I saw that some 3 story apartment buildings were damaged;

      I started walking toward them instead and then I remember one of them was quite damaged, like from an explosion, but it almost looked like they were made of very large Lego. I went into a building and the first and second floor were on fire and I kept walking through, up some stairs and then saw like an "interface" notification at the top of my field of view; I mentally clicked it, and the fires nearest me simply got put out; I repeated this a few times before the dream ended. (I was woken up by the already present garbage truck coming closer and getting just slightly louder, and my partner getting up to check on his car)

      Some notes:
      • The area was reminiscent of my native country. This should have been dream-sign especially considering the absence of normal context, like the absence of my partner and my aimless wandering. I was the age I am now.
      • Other than me, the boy, the dog and the "imagined" policeman, there was nobody else in the entire dream sequence.
      • I was walking the whole time. At first this may not seem notable and though I did not feel frightened by anything at any point (such as by the fires, I was indifferent to the situation). And even if I had been afraid, it's not likely I would have run, but instead would have walked faster. This is reminiscent of real-life behaviour where I very rarely run if I'm in a public place, as it makes me feel self-conscious and observed, though the notion was not "consciously" present in my mind at the time in the dream.
      • I have the idea the dog may have been a golden retriever, but I have no clear picture in my mind.
      • I don't know who the boy really was, I think dream-generated, especially as I'm struggling to think of what his face was like and instead remembering the face of a boy in a game I've recently played.
      • I think that before the ramp the fragment starts with me going up, there was water and a pier or something, but I know it was related to the dream sequence that came before.
    2. 3/24/18 (L)x5 | Traffic, Buildings, Samus

      by , 03-24-2018 at 02:14 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-This LD lasted less than 10 seconds and took place at my old house.
      -2-The next LD in this group happened after a lengthy scene of odd questioning in a hyper-realistic mesh between my old house and another house. Even the shower was near perfect. Later, I finally did realize I was dreaming. Samus appeared in a turquoise drag racer while her Sm4sh victory theme played. I lost lucidity shortly after. The scene was a busy-ish road with trees and small buildings. There was an intersection to the north.
      -3-I regained lucidity for a while as I jumped on top of trucks and buildings.
      -4-(DEILD) I spawned on the northbound side of the same road, looking west. I tried to take over a large, red thing that resembled a semi truck, but I couldn't open the door. Seconds later, I approached the intersection from the southbound side, and was immediately surrounded by cops. On one side were Americans, and on the other were Chinese.
      "The Chinese are quick to secure their target." --a text in a book

      -5-(DEILD) I spawned in a tall building east of the parking lot, which was north of the intersection by a half-block. I look to my right and see a room with FNAF characters in it.
      "Oh, look at that," I said, slightly annoyed. I was not a fan in the slightest. As I continued east inside, one of the characters followed me and acted like a hyperactive child with ADHD. Looking up, I saw that the ceiling of this wide, concrete-floored hallway was about 5 stories high. The character then turned into Pinkie Pie, so I shoved her off a convenient ledge.

      Lucid Time: 4m5s--6m25s
    3. August 3, 2015 | Japan, Gameboy logo, Store, Furball Creature

      by , 01-12-2018 at 03:48 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      A scene in in my home town with very frequent, close lightning.
      [New Scene]
      Suddenly, I was in Japan, except the buildings were covered in only English words. Mom was driving, and we passed a building with the Gameboy logo on it. (There was not only a small building that was contiguous to adjacent buildings, but also a tall, rectangular tower with the Gameboy logo near the top.) Next, I found a sign that listed stores from top to bottom based on popularity. Walmart was at the top. It was nighttime when we parked in the lot. I requested something while trying to think of it, and it failed. Mom acted like she heard one, so she left into the store. We parked in an apparent southeast direction, while the front of Walmart faced west. There was short |skip| between seeing the sign and parking. Time change was included. Also, there weren’t very many other cars in the parking lot.
      [New Scene]
      Still in Japan, I was in a house with a magic ability that allows anyone who is inside to find anything they wanted. The house, viewed from outside, had the look of a business with a large waiting room for a 1st floor. From inside, it looked like a normal one-story house with 2 living rooms, a kitchen, and the usual hallway, [separated by a 6-inch wall] but anything in the hall was unknown. The outside walls I saw were the west and south walls. The interior lights had a warm glow. There was a much taller building adjacent and to the right of the house. There was this tribble-shaped, weird creature (with blue fur and a large, round nose) that was seeking an escape from a spider-like creature 15x his size. He got his wish granted and ran outside. However, the “spider” was still in the magic house. He wanted to find the furball to eat it, so he did. I stood nearby and watched. I thought that was interesting. Outside were some trees and some clearing. The trees were sparse at first, with most of them to the right of me. It was also night. Wanting to became a wolf again, I started acting like one, and ran on all fours toward whatever was in the woods. As time went on, I felt more and more wolf-like, but I still felt too human. Something wasn't right here.
    4. Paris, The Beach, Or Something Simple? & Others

      by , 12-27-2017 at 02:31 PM
      Walking around some fancy big house decorated nicely. Sitting down and seeing my boyfriends ex-boss come in and sit sort of close to me. He asks me what I want for my birthday, and I keep saying 'I don't know'. He pulls out a plastic tube thing that can expand itself and there's a girl across the room and it stretches one end from her to me. He wanted me to tell her what I wanted. I imagined myself what it would be like to be on plane to Paris and in Paris. Then imagined myself on a beach in the sand,
      alone. The weather dreary with dark-ish clouds yet sunlight shining through. A bit chilly wind. The contrast of the image of it was beautiful. I was in a white sun like dress/beach dress. I finally said through the tin-can talk like device "Mani Pedi and a bottle of wine"

      TAUP E W Letters
      Dreaming of some kind of game where I had to choose a name and I chose "TAU P" or "TAUP E" and someone getting angry cuz the game wouldnt start because I had their name? I didn't care and kept trying to have "TAUP E"

      So I haven't been around in years. Gonna update some dreams I've had in the last few weeks right now, below.


      Went to my boyfriend best friends dads house and was in flip flops walking in muddy water. Was packing my stuff up from us staying there, and stealing Now and Laters and Suckers from a candy drawer to take with me. Something about my BFFE; possibly BF related.

      12/23/17 Fragments
      -My sister bought Vanilla ice cream, and was carrying it in a plastic bag up the steps to my porch.
      -Me in a towel at boyfriends best friends dads house, in front of lots of 'football' type guys/men I keep trying to make sure I'm covered by pulling my towel up.


      so my dream was we were all in NC.. we were at Gma's and there was a secret huge room in her house collecting old stuff over the years of ours. I wanted to go in there. Switches to everybody being there and i see Lil D with cigarette in her hand. I find out C slept with S and i stabbed her then burnt the house down but tried saving the kids. I got outside to the road and saw the fire through the window (silhouette) and then i ran back to try to get the kid who was going back inside but when i walked inside everything was fine/.alive no fire and all talking and what not. I thought I was going crazy again, and told C what happened.
      you can stop reading here.
      coded for myself:
      Switch to us being in a hotel room ( a nice one) and C has dinab weird tv.. music choice station 805 ? LOMF- smiles. i see dinab & ask; yes; chsbkapeirwu me frus. mad.

      i opened the front door and there was some guy sitting on the porch (i didn't see him though but his legs out my eye corner) and he was saying something but i couldnt make out what he was saying. i quickly shu the door and dead bolted and locked it. grabbed L and there was another guy in the house.. ran into our room and locked the door told C and me and L went in my closet and locked the door. C went and killed them with a knife. i somehow felt one of the bad guys knives and i was superly amazed at how sharp it was. dream over. (i seem to have woken up directly after this one)

      dream two:
      first of all-- L for real got tropical starbursts on halloween so ive seen them lately.. a two pack.. red and yellow)
      dream-- on halloween i gave some tropical starbursts ( a few) and she liked them. on christmas i gave her a huge bag and she was really happy.
      then something like... being in your van mom?? i think.. but anyway.. i was talking about how this tiny cup/glass still had melted ice and a tiny amount of water in it. was amazed the ice was still there.

      also some weird dream where i was walking through some weird camp like buildings that were really small and everyone door being open and i could see what each person was doing. then i had to walked back up through them all inside them.. cuz i guess there was doors connected them. i was on my way to my room i think??? i stopped by a room with 3 women who were in a women's club and were staying camping at the place. for some reason one of them was getting a mammogram done/preparing for it.]

      12/25/2017 - Fragment
      Dream about some kind of fire. Don't know.

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    5. The Reluctant Dragon (DILD)

      by , 02-25-2016 at 09:43 PM
      Ritual: Set vibrating alarm for 40m at 6:20am. I don't remember it going off, but I began dreaming that I was trying to fall asleep, until it gradually dawned on me that I was already dreaming. It was 7:19 when I awoke, so given that the dream must have manifested at some point after the signal went off at 7am (since it was not interrupted by it), it could have lasted up to 19m. I'm classifying this as DILD and not EILD since lucidity was not initiated by recognition of the device signal.

      DILD: Initially I am on a beach, lying on a sort of cot, trying to fall asleep. There are other people all around me, and their activity and noise is keeping me awake. I mention aloud to someone nearby that I seem to be entering REM state even while awake, as I notice crisp and colorful visuals superimposing themselves over my visual field. Even though the new scene is layered over the old one, it is distinct enough that I can make out details: I am at the edge of a river running through a futuristic city. Some sort of V-shaped flying craft is flying in tripartite geometrical formations up above, the crafts each giving off light colored red, white, or blue, each grouped into a separate section. Is this meant to be a patriotic display?

      I do not change position, but the cot I'm lying on becomes a sort of couch as the environment around me resolves into a room full of kids. Someone plays a video on a TV monitor, which annoys me because I am trying to fall asleep and the music is distracting. But then they mention that the video features Jonathan Tweet, and the name sounds familiar. When I remember it is one of my favorite game developers, I take more interest in the video and sit up.

      Something makes me think this is a kind of school where the kids are learning lucid dream abilities. One boy, bald, sits to the left of me on my couch and he's trying to test his powers against me. He takes my hand in his, which begins to glow blue, and I realize that he's trying to "crystal" me, that is, harm me with the pale blue light he is creating. I counter it easily, however. This frustrates him and he begins trying to bite me. He opens a disturbingly wide mouth and tries to chomp down on my hand, but I counter him by softening both his flesh and his resolve, so that mouth sags toothlessly and he never completes the bite. We go through this cycle three or four times before I tire of the game and get up.

      By now I'm aware that I am already dreaming, and I walk into the next room, recalling my personal goals. [I accomplish a personal task, finding a certain fictional character, then suggest that we become dragons to fulfill one of the TOTYs.]

      I lead the way to a window and lift it open. We're about four storeys up, but I jump out without hesitation and spread my arms, letting the air catch me. As I fly off to the left, I focus on trying to develop the "feel" of a dragon body: four legs, wings, tail, scaly skin. I haven't tried this before and the results are so-so, a fluctuating hybrid between the new bodymap and my usual one. I am flying over what strikes me as a mid-twentieth-century city. There are no skyscrapers, just a mixture of low commercial and residential buildings that cover a wide expanse. I recall that the task requires me to destroy a village, but the city below seems too urban to qualify. Would a neighborhood count as a "village"? But my moral qualms kick in, and I hesitate to bring wrath upon an innocent residential neighborhood.

      I fly further on, toward the edge of the city, looking for a more remote target, preferably one with few occupants. After exploring the land for a while, I find a spot that, while a stretch to call it a "village," at least satisfies my ethical preoccupations: it is a cluster of buildings around a large industrial apparatus, evidently a manufacturing concern of some kind. I don't notice any people wandering around, so hopefully there are not many on site to be harmed. I can't imagine I'll find a better target (at least in relation to my own concerns, rather than the specifications of the task), so I begin circling over the site, breaking the buildings and bashing them down. Meanwhile I focus on maintaining my dragon form; this takes constant vigilence because it is so unfamiliar, and too easily slips into sensations more congruent with human limbs.

      What color dragon am I? I recall that D&D dragons can take many different colors, with corresponding breath weapons. On the ruins of the factory, I test acid and frost breath in turn, trying to decide which feels more natural. I like the effects of frost—after freezing metal walls solid they shatter in a satisfying way—but then I remember that the task specifies leaving flaming ruins in my wake, so I switch to fire. There isn't much in the way of visuals; rather than great gouts of flame, my fire breath is more of an intense heat that makes metal glow red. But I dutifully knock down and burn the factory into rubble.

      Afterwards, I hover anxiously over the destroyed site to see if anyone was harmed by my stunt. (I know, I know, I make a terrible dragon.) I do spot someone—something?—running around frantically, but as I peer closer, it does not look human at all. Curiously, it appears to be a small white gem that I take to be a cubic zirconia, attached to a tiny wire loop that looks like it must have once been the pendant of an earring. The sense of scale has been skewing dramatically as I have been peering closer, and now I feel back to my normal human size and form, kneeling over ruined buildings the size of an architectural model. I look carefully and spot two more little gems running around. Unless there are more I don't see, three victims isn't too bad, and at least they're still alive, even if they're looking understandably anxious. (How do gems even look anxious? It was something in the way they moved.)

      [I've been concentrating on my task and realize I have lost track of my friend. I look for him and we are briefly re-united before I wake up.]
    6. Photographs that Won't Last (DILD)

      by , 01-20-2016 at 08:53 AM
      Train—open—more and more crowded—trying to stay secure.

      Earlier, plane—everyone had kissed the screen, identical lip print.

      Bangkok—know the route from having taken many times.

      Scenery from the train amazing, began photographing—tall earthy brown cliffs on the right; later on the left forest, enormous trees, figures of other beings like bas-relief in bark, then we were zooming through a city on the water, buildings alternating from Renaissance to modern faux-vernacular shopping plaza style.

      Reminded myself to actually look at the photos after I took them, because when I woke up, they would be unlikely to still be on the camera. Some were amazing, and I was sorry they wouldn't last. Others not so great—we were moving fast, and I couldn't always capture the best angle.

      "This is the clearest dream I've had in a long time." Happy because for a while dreams have been distant and dim, frustrating. How did I accomplish this? All I could think was that I had finally wanted it enough. But how did I get lucid? Thought back and tried to remember the moment—this actually destabilized the dream and began waking process, but it was gradual enough that I could think back a bit first—realized there was no "aha!" moment, the lucidity had dawned gradually, probably because it was right before I'd been planning to get up anyway—only genuinely lucid for those last few moments when I started thinking critically about the pictures and the dream itself. At the time, though, I felt not an alteration of circumstance, but a sense of continuity with what had gone before. To be aware that you are dreaming is not unusual; to be aware that you are aware that you are dreaming is to be lucid.

      Was the lucidity that which allowed me to appreciate and experience the clarity of the dream? But an appreciation must have preceded lucidity because that's what prompted me to start taking the pictures, before I realized they wouldn't last. And even after I knew they would not persist—I couldn't help hoping that this time would be different from all the others, this time they might cross over, through some miracle.
    7. I finally HAD A LUCID DREAM! And then the anticlimactic day that followed.

      by , 08-24-2015 at 06:21 AM (Awake to take in the view...)

      So it's been years - seriously - since I've had a lucid dream that lasted for more than a second or two. Until two nights ago.

      I discovered lucid dreaming on my own, and it was incredible. Mine were never super vivid - like they always felt hazy - but they did happen quite often, and I could always fly. My sleep cycle as a kid and teenager was really screwed up, mainly because OCD and insomnia kept me up late into the night, and I had to wake up early for school and such.

      But then I started taking melatonin nightly, and lived a more regular albeit hectic schedule. On one hand, this was awesome, because I slept and felt better. But I also slept deeply. To the point where my dreams became less vivid, and in the rare event I would become conscious, I would be so exhausted that I'd just let myself become unconscious again. When you only have 4 or 5 hours to sleep...suffice it to say that isn't very good for lucid dreaming.

      I have been fighting to get back to where I used to be, and I want my dreams to be more vivid, too! My efforts have finally been paying off.

      So, the dreams from two nights ago! This night was the first effective MILD I've done. I basically told myself "I'm dreaming" until I fell asleep.

      The lucid one! : I was standing amongst mountains, in a pine forest. It looked like I was on a lower part of a mountain, but a mountain indeed. There were a lot of people around, and a parking lot - seemed like a national park of some sort - and there were lots of tall mountains around me. We seemed to be on a cliff as well. I managed to realize I was lucid pretty quickly. I think it was because I realized I could fly! I was with my brother, and I yelled in excitement something along the lines of "WE'RE DREAMING!" I did upside-down pull-ups on the railing and all sorts of things, and I felt weightless. It was fantastic, and more vivid than I'm used to, too.

      It was also foggy. Very foggy. I could see around me, but off the side of the cliff everything was mostly obscured by fog.

      I decided to explore this building which seemed to be built into the mountain. Inside the building, there were towels everywhere, and a bunch of secret passageways. My brother came along with me. I happened to stumble upon a bathroom, and as I entered, I heard this gasp and saw a blurry reflection of a girl through some glass. All skin, maybe a shower cap? I don't remember! She must've just finished taking a shower or something. It looked like someone else was in there, too, but I couldn't tell. I figure the reason she gasped was because I accidentally walked in on her!

      Aaaaaaand then I woke up. -_- But hey! I had a lucid dream for the first time in YEARS! Hard work pays off. I know this now. I hope this can continue into the school year. I don't want nights where I only sleep 3 or 4 hours anymore. I never liked those. I will do my best to improve on my time management so I won't have to (hopefully). I will do everything that I can.

      Note to self: the reality check of whether or not I can fly is seeming to be more effective than checking my watch or my phone. But we will see.

      Other, non-lucid dreams...

      - For some reason, I had to move in with the parents of a friend of mine who lives in Nevada. I felt really lonely, even though they were really nice and friendly.
      - Another friend of mine (who ironically knows the first friend) was with me in this glass house that overlooked the city below. There were a bunch of paintings kids had done, and they were sitting and drying on the floor. The floor was glass so you could see down below. We were probably just a few stories into the air. The city lights below were actually quite beautiful. If only I had become lucid during this one. That city would've been fascinating to explore.
      - Apparently, some girl, younger than me, kissed me on the neck. I have essentially zero recollection of this one, but that's what it says in my dream journal. I actually do think she may have been blonde with blue eyes. But I don't remember any kissing...
      - Another friend (yep, another! who happens to know the first two, I think!) was riding in this car or carriage or something. He was really famous, but he stopped to say hi. I was in a really crowded street, if I recall correctly.

      But then the next night, I experienced zero lucidity, and I think I fell asleep when I was trying to write down a dream. Thus, the only notes I have are "Stormy and rain outside - some papers wet."

      Very anticlimactic to the previous night beforehand, which was a shame because the prior night had been so captivating. Oh well. I tried sleeping in since I had nothing going on until church in the afternoon, but I couldn't sleep. I just laid there and felt wide awake. So I just watched We Bare Bears on YouTube instead. Wham!
    8. September 18th TOTM - patronum

      by , 11-03-2014 at 11:14 AM
      I attempt a WBTB WILD. I'm pretty sure there was a gap in consciousness, but as the dream scene forms around me, I know it's a dream.

      In front of me is a box/cage formed from metal bands. I decide to phase my way into the cage and back out again. The bands of metal bend with me a bit before flopping back into place like rubber bands. I remember that one of the tasks in the dream competition was to phase through something solid with eyes open so I look around for a suitable target.

      I'm in an abandoned building, bits of it feel like a multistory car park, but some bits feel like they used to be an office building. I see a wooden door and go to phase through it, I almost forget to keep my eyes open, but remember as I get to the door. The inside of the wood is a interesting combination of woody and transparent, the dark bands of the grain still visible and the light bands feel like air. As I come through the far side of the door, some of the grain bands stick to me for a bit before falling back into place like a bead curtain.

      My recall is a bit vague about the next transition of scene, as I didn't bother to write anything down until the morning (bad boy!)

      I'm at some kind of conference centre eager to get out and do some lucid dream tasks. I'm in an area outside the main auditorium room with hordes of people on their way in. I spot Jo McCaffery who's exited because she's going to be doing a presentation as part of the session and wants me to be there for moral support and feedback. I'm torn because I really want to do that for her but I also don't want to miss out on my lucid dream time. I'm just starting to follow the flow of delegates when I realise it's not actually her, but a DC, so it really doesn't matter! Lucid dreaming tasks it is!

      I walk along a road for a bit, chatting with a couple of DCs. I see a door and the word "door" triggers my TOTM mnemonic, based as usual on the Tony Buzan rhyming numbers thing.

      1 - bun. A bun opens just like a fortune cookie.
      2 - shoe. Put some shoes on and don't forget to tie them
      3 - tree. Laying a log in the toilet.
      4 - door. I bet my Patronum is just behind that door!

      I think the door is the back door of a childhood home, inside the conservatory.

      I open the door and there on the quarry tiled floor, snuggled into a nest of blanket, are two crochet stuffed toy bunnies with pig-like snouts (they actually look somewhat like the clangers, but they were definitely bunnies) they look sleepy but seem to like a bit of petting. They're soft and warm and really cute!

      I share my excitement with the random DCs, but it's too much excitement and I wake up with a "squee!"

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    9. 7.14.14

      by , 07-18-2014 at 02:10 AM
      I'm walking into a school with a group of kids. It was raining outside, and a guy is talking about how Jesus made it happen. I get irritated and say loudly "the water cycle!"'
      We all sit down.
      An old friend, S , is here; she sits at the desk by me.
      We now get separated into 2 groups for a game. The groups are the 'bible believers' and the 'nonbelievers'. As a surprise to me, and everyone else, I end up in the believers group. I think that it won't be bad, since I probably know just as much as the believers. An ex's brother is my group. I tell him he knows a lot about the bible and he laughs.
      We are now at a dark baseball diamond, sitting against the cage, playing the same game.
      The group goes somewhere - into town.
      I, and 2-3 others, veer off from the group, down a little alley with shops on the sides. We enter a building. The building is dimly lit, quiet, empty, and impeccably clean. Shelves, boxes, and containers of candy, any candy you can imagine, fill up the walls and counters of both rooms. It's set up like a buffet, but with sweets.
      I admire the candy, but tell the Asian woman behind the counter that I don't need any. She tells us to have a nice day and we leave.
      Outside, I find myself alone and at a river. I try to cross the river, holding my shirt above my head while I swim with only my feet. The current catches me, but I grab ahold of a rock.
      I see a figure under the water with his hand outstretched. I grab him and pull him up; it is my old friend, K. We get out and start walking along an empty road towards a lone building. There is a urinal built into the outside of the building. We talk about that.
    10. 6/18/14 - junk in the window

      by , 06-19-2014 at 01:15 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment:I was standing outside and I knew my sister was waiting for me in the building next to the building that I was staring at the window. The window is full of useless crap, but I see this thing that I feel I owned before, not that specific one. It was some stupid toy of pool or baseball or something, and I considered buying it again with $20, but then my sister called me from the door of the building next door, so I went with her into the building.
    11. #7. Flying Superspeed Superhero

      by , 06-06-2014 at 08:03 PM

      In bed: 11:50 PM - 7:05 AM

      #7. I. 6:20 AM
      I am playing in a platformer type game. It is a co-op, and it is 3D. We are in a giant room/world that is bottomless with just darkness below us. I've just made a jump to a platform, but it was far so I didn't make it easily but am hanging on the side. I have to pull myself up and onto it.

      I am with a bunch of other people. We are gathering a top these buildings. There is one building top up here that is higher than the rest. That is where whatever is going on is taking place. As we are waiting for everyone to get here, I am missing. I think about some superhero that my brother has mentioned that is like a bird of sorts, but he can also use magic to create drafts of wind and such to speed himself up. The superhero almost seems to view this as cheating though and doesn't do this much. I am down at the bottom of some buildings and imagine using it and do which allows me to nearly teleport up to the top by flying super fast.
      Up towards the top, I start looking around at all of the birds flying around looking for an eagle in specific. I watch this one small group of larger birds that I think might be eagles, but it turns out to be some smaller bird. I go back to where others are gathering. I climb up this tower that is of the same height of the top of that building. I watch from there a bit. I sit some trash or something down in front of me on the tower that I was holding just so I don't have to hold for now, and I'd get it later. But it falls eventually when I am adjusting myself, and KP who is on the side of the building climbs down and picks it up before I can get down. I get mad as a result, as I would have gotten myself and didn’t want her to go through the trouble for something so dumb anyway.
      The event is that BP and TM are getting married. Lots of emails have been sent out about it, and I see them sending out a few more before it starts. I am sort of annoyed with the whole thing, mostly because in addition to them getting married, some girl that I like is also involved somehow in the wedding. I know that it’s not that she’s getting married as I would know if there was a guy, but she seems to be establishing that she is getting prepared for the future or something.

      I am with a few other people, as we are approaching a village. There is an RPG-feel to things and the village. Outside the village, we encounter a wolf who charges at us and starts attacking us. We eventually manage to get in. Later, I have exited the village from another side for some purpose, then head back having transformed into a wolf somehow. I end up wrapping around and coming to enter the village again from the side we first came in. I sneak up on the wolf that we encountered before and scare it from behind making it run away in fear with its tail between its legs. Because I am wolf, I cannot open the gate to get back inside, so I decide to jump over the fence. I use a bench that is on the outside of the fence to help me jump over.
      Back to a human form in the village, I am now going to pick up groceries for my mom. I have a self-driving car. I have already gotten the groceries which are in the car with me. I watch and wait as the car parks in the parking lot. I am very skeptical of whether it will actually be able to park successfully. After it does park, I just sit and wait in the car for awhile for some reason. The car is really large with the back of it having an interior like the size of a room in a house. At a certain point, the windows fog up a lot, and I cannot see out of it very well. Not long after that, it starts to snow and rain at the same time, the rain causing the windows to unfog as if the fogginess was on the outside. Everyone outside is surprised by the weather.

      I am hanging out in a dorm with two girls and a guy. The guy and one of the girls seems to be together, and the other girl, who looks like J, is more so my friend than the other two for me. My friend goes to the bathroom, and while I am occupied in my room with something, they start pulling together on the doorknob of the bathroom so that the girl cannot open the door to leave. I watch from my doorway as they work together pulling, the other girl climbing on the shoulders of the guy to have better leverage on the door. Eventually, they let her out, laughing.

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    12. 5/9/14 - wanted to revisit a place from a past dream

      by , 05-09-2014 at 05:25 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment: I'm at this school like info show with booths everywhere giving out pamphlets. Me and my friend from high school walk off away from other people we were hanging out with on the edge of the auditorium stage and walk to this building next door. I suddenly remember this place we went to from another dream and I remember how much I like that place and ask her if we could walk down the street to that building again, and she says naw. (It actually was a place from a past dream that I remembered in this dream, that happens a lot to me for some reason) I beg with her that we won't get caught leaving and how the escalators at that place was fun but she just stands and stairs with a disinterested look on her face.
    13. Persuading a God while He Tries to Kill Me, Balloon Giraffe, Green Squares of Death

      by , 03-31-2014 at 05:41 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Persuading a God while He Tries to Kill Me, Balloon Giraffe, Green Squares of Death (DILD)


      I’m inside of an educational facility, and apparently, there’s a news station crew that broadcast that it’s dangerous to try and enter a certain room because criminals are inside of it. I had the intention of going into the office way before this announcement, but now, whatever plans I had were delayed.

      The “criminals” come out, and there’s an outbreak. People are screaming, panicking, and running for their lives. I can’t really see the criminals that well, because everything felt like a rushed blur, but the dream shifts to where I eventually get outside.

      There’s a balloon giraffe that’s probably 300-500 in the air, and as for the actual height, at least 50 feet or so.

      It apparently has the ability to summon large light green squares, and can mentally break them apart into smaller cubes, and they’re all being directed to me. This ends up being a dream where I just run for my life, trying to use whatever I can in the environment while gradually developing an escape plan, other than to wake up.

      I can feel my back tingling constantly in this dream, and even though it gets annoying, along with the head pressures, it helps a lot with avoiding the green cubes. I already know I’m at a major disadvantage since the floating giraffe can move about anywhere, and can get a quick aerial view of where I could be at. I couldn’t cover large distances, so my general tactic was to hide in buildings while peeking to see if the giraffe is off looking at me in the other direction.

      But it seems that as long as the giraffe can locate me, the green squares’ composition can be manipulated to fit into the tightest corners, and then swoop in to try and inflict damage to me. Speaking for damage, I’m pretty sure I was attacked several times, but I didn’t really feel any pain.

      The adrenaline, and other surging tendencies prevented me from noticing this. Maybe I knew it wouldn’t be something as dangerous, but it’s hard to know if I would be aware of that in the circumstance I was in. The giraffe’s composition was nagging, and this made me realize why this giraffe may exist within the dream.

      I felt as if I was having to deal with a projection of how I conceptualized someone’s over-inflated ego. And because the visage of the giraffe was stationary, correlating its attacks at me, while it portrays no emotion whatsoever, since it’s a balloon, makes things pretty intimidating.

      I speculated on whether or not the same individual I engaged in discussion with in waking life was either a Sociopath to remain calm, and yet still be so aggressive at the same time without even knowing that they’re being so in the first place. Building after building, and crashing into so many random items and resources, I finally get some breathing time.

      I took that time to speculate why I haven’t woken up as yet, especially when all the rushed surging of adrenaline was so overwhelming. I guess what helped sustained me within this dream was that I was fluctuating between going into a dream body, and then just viewing what was happening if things were too overwhelming. It’s hard to describe, it’s almost as if I wanted to see how this dream would turn out, despite of its nonsensical nature.

      After a while, it seems the giraffe isn’t going to win this hunt, so it decides to turn into what seems to be a godly entity. And I swear he looks exactly like the Advice God meme:

      He has a built chest, and is wearing white robes that seem to move around like smoke. He continues to use the green squares, keeping his distance away from me. I continue to play this game of chase and run, realizing that he’s obviously not here to kill me, but rather to intimidate me, and wanting me to respond to his random queries.

      But then again, I don’t think it would’ve been wise to stop someone that turns into a giraffe to hunt you down in the first place. I’m now in a building, and I reach the top floor, and it almost feels as if it’s some kind of public school in New York, or some kind of area where there’s mostly dull colored buildings.

      The flooring consists of a checkered tiling with dark gold and dark brown, and there’s all sorts of papers and fliers. The entity starts creating winds to swoosh into the area, and now he’s augmented his size so much that I can see his whole eye extend probably up to 20 feet just from me looking at the window. He asks me at some point,

      “Why don’t you believe?”

      I get confused, trying to strip away the obvious reasons why he would ask me this. After this, I believe I woke up at some point. After going back to sleep, I’m now in a building, except it seems like a mix of a laboratory, and a disco dance floor, exceptt with white tile flooring and walls, and no disco ball. There’s an entity wearing a fancy suit, and had a body composition similar to what you would see in Team Fortress 2’s Spy (never played the game by the way).

      Except his suit is black, and he just has an expression, despite wearing a mask, that makes me feel really bad for this guy. I don’t know what it is in particular, but something irks me about him.

      I think I was going to declare generalizations on nihilism to him. But what would be the point of telling a spy that his objectives have no inherent meaning?

      Get it? Get it? Geeeeeet it? Okay, enough cracking existential nihilism jokes.

      After avoiding conversation with the guy, it seems I’m headed for an elevator nearby, and it’s really an open elevator where you can see some of the gears and metal bindings. OH, there was another dream shift before this I think where I'm Roxas, and I'm trying to run away from the giraffe, or the godly entity, can't remember who.

      After that, I can’t remember what happens next.
    14. [WILD] A Series of Unparalleled Events

      by , 01-12-2014 at 11:34 PM
      Date: 1-13-14
      Time: 1:52 A.M. - 5:03 A.M.
      Technique(s) Used: N/A
      Non-Dream | Dream | Lucid
      This is the longest WILD I've had - in fact, the longest lucid dream, as well, so excuse the length

      The dream began with me waking up from my bed. From the moment I got up, I alread knew that I was dreaming.

      The house was dark, not many lights on. I ran my hand across walls to stabilize, and went to the living room.

      The lights were dimmed, but not so dim that I couldn't see. Everything was in its rightful place - nothing out of the ordinary.

      A few knocks echo from within. I go to the door, and see that it is a friend of mine. I open the door and let him inside, but take note that his eyes seemed awfully black.

      He comes inside, and immediately takes a swing at me. I had to fight him. Though I was dreaming, I did not have any great fighting moves - I simply tripped him up and hammered him with punches.

      In an effort to get away, he suddenly transformed into an action figure. He shot his limbs at me, to try and deter me from his escape. Unphased, I picked it up, tore off the head, and threw it outside. The moment I did, the sun rose, and brightened up the day.

      I stood outside, and looked to my left. There were several groups of other teenagers that seemed to be congregating some general thought. I began thinking of things I could do in the dream.

      The tasks of the month were the first to penetrate my thoughts. I turned to ask my mother, who was at the screen door, what her new years resolution was. She held a nore of 'umm' for a bit, then dodged it by asking me what mine was. I shoo the question away, and go in search of a better answer.

      I was swallowed by the group, and began asking around, seeing if anybody had a resolution. None did - their answers just the same as my mothers, only a lot more 'I don't knows'.

      I was going to go somewhere else to ask a different character, when all of a sudden a good friend of mine stood out within the crowd, donning many winder clothes. I ran to her, and asked her what her resolution was. All she said was 'Disney' - I assumed she meant to watch more.

      As we sit on the grass, I decided to try out the other basic task - I said to her, "Hey, it's night time."

      She responded with, "It's not night time - IT'S PRIME TIME!"

      I look to my left, and see that all of the teens are sitting as well - why? Looking to my right, I see a large skyscraper, with a huge TV attatched to it. It was playing a movie.

      Unable to remember any other tasks of the month, I decided to try and look them up while in the dream. I got up and turned to go inide, only to notice that my house had been replaced by a massive complex.

      I ran up the stairs, desperate to find a door. I suddenly stop, and say to myself, "Hey, I'm dreaming! Why am I trying to find a door?" I fall face first through the roof I am on.

      Down through darkness I descend, until a computer monitor begins to hum. I look at the screen, and see that it is on Dream Views. It was stuck on one thread - I cannot remember the name.

      Disappointed, I left, and emerge in a small housing area. There were train tracks that led through the area, but no station. Near the tracks, two girls, donning black, waited. I knew one, but not the other. Next to the tracks was a building that had no doors - just a hole.

      I went in and observed the space. There were games and stores all around. I assumed it was a sort of mall, and went back outside.

      When I went back outside, the girls were gone. I paid no further heed to this, and proceeded to climb a building. I made it up effortlessly.

      On top, I saw a bird. It flew away, and gave me the thought: Why don't I play a little god work? I began to recreate the bird, but in my own image - it was cold and metallic. I look to my left, and see if fly towards me. I catch it, observe my handiwork, and let it take flight once again.

      Climbing down, I hear several conversations going on. One guy said, "How could she like him over such a fabulous guy like me?" After I heard this, I was handed a notebook by a character. I found it odd that he handed it to me so absentmindedly - as if it were just automatic.

      I take it, and look inside. Written it is was this: '7:00. Don't be late.' I thought of the girls waiting for the train, and ran back inside the mall.

      I asked tons of people if anybody knew where the 7:00 train was headed. Nobody knew. One vendor, in broken English, told me to go down a different corridor - someone down there knew. I thanked him and ran down there.

      I go down a green hallway, and reach a nursing office. I asked the woman inside if she knew where the 7:00 train was going. She said that it was going to a village on the border of Korea. I thought of a way to get there.

      I walked up to a pale wall and ran my finger down it. This caused it to crack. I stuck my fingers in the crack, and opened it. It made a portal to a mirrored copy of a nursing office in Korea. I thank the woman, and step inside. Shutting the rift, I run my thumb on it, sealing the crack.

      Walking outside, I was confronted by a group. Whether they were just thugs or Korean police, I didn't know - but I knew I couldn't stay there. Jumping in a flying car, I drove away. However, they followed in their own cars.

      I was gunned down, but a large aircraft took hold of me and carried me to safety. I blacked out,and when I awoke, I was back in my bed, still in a dream.

      I went into the bright living room, and saw that my mother had made peppermint fudge, as indicated by the small candy canes on top. I went to the door, and looked out the window. I saw the sithouette of the aircraft that had saved me, and
      woke up.
    15. Nov 23, 24 Dream Journal: So Meta!

      by , 11-25-2013 at 05:47 AM
      Nov 23

      Can't recall too much of my dreams, and didn't write any down. I do recall eating some sort of colorful thing, like candy? Berries? Snozzberries? Either way, I slept well, and woke up feeling content.

      Nov. 24

      I was wandering around a series of buildings, like in a office compound or something. But at some point, my brain decided office buildings suck, and I'm now walking around the campus of Greendale Community College.

      It was a bit Truman Show-esque, since a part of me is aware that GCC is supposed to be on the set of Community, but at the same time I'm also aware I'm also an "actual" student. The dream didn't go anywhere though before I woke up; no GCC flag, no Luis Guzman statue, no Gang of Seven.
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