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    1. lxv.

      by , 11-04-2018 at 12:16 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at 8:20 or so with my alarm, waking up from a non-lucid, sweating. Slept some more and woke up again around 2 hours later with one or two non-lucids.

      Dream 1:
      I was living in a house with my partner (H); I remember it had a ground floor and a first floor. It was day time, and sunny. One of our neighbours was a couple, a man and a woman, who had two kids, two boys I think.

      One of those boys started to "accuse" me of looking at him, when I hadn't been; this went on for a while in the dream and the parents themselves didn't seem that interested... Later on, this boy, the younger of the two I think, started messing around and eventually he tried to get into our house for some reason or something. I decided we should catch him and make him calm down and explain his problems.

      I waited for him to be on top of our wall or fence or something and then when he couldn't see me I'd grabbed him by the legs and took him in and told him to calm down, as he was obviously upset now. I asked him why he was being left here when his parents were gone and he wasn't sure; and he said that sometimes when his parents were at home he wasn't allowed in and he could hear "pumping" noises? I understood the implied meaning of this in the dream to be his parents having sex.

      I remember as soon as he calmed down and started to explain his problems I was a lot less tense too, as I hadn't wanted him to get away without an explanation for his previous behaviour at the very least.

      Seems I can't remember any more detail for this dream.

      Dream 2:
      In a square-ish L shape room. The negative shape of the L (so, a smaller square area) was a vertical section of some sort. This looked it was all part of some sort of facility. There was a glass sliding door that would lead into a corridor. Next to the door were many armed guards, standing in a formation, they looked like stormtroopers but some with no helmets on.

      By the glass around the inner part of the L, facing into the vertical section, was a woman. I can't remember what she looked like exactly but I remember something about her breasts being inflated, but then not. She was the DNA source for those clone troopers or something? But I was too or something.

      I remember suggesting an idea to her that perhaps we could change her DNA a bit further, as it was ironic that the troopers were infertile and they couldn't procreate with her. Then I remember saying or thinking something about the fact that she could give birth to our genetically modified humans as a surrogate, rather than them being grown in wherever they were grown.

      There was a lot more detail to this dream, but I've forgotten it.

      Dream 3:
      The last dream, like the rest was quite long but I only remember the last portion... I remember being in a shop, then outside at a pier... I was in Australia or something? I needed to take a boat to Europe or the Middle-East. I remember seeing a world map, but oddly Africa seemed to be missing.

      The boat and some other things looked a bit cartoony somehow. The captain was the owner and they were struggling financially or something so I bought the boat really cheap off him and then I had to get some things ready and then someone else was captain of the boat and I bought it off them again as for some reason it was sinking and buying it stopped it...

      Eventually I got on and there was some sort of transition. I remember seeing the map again.

      The next place, in someone's house. It was like a holiday house that was let to people. I looked around for others but couldn't find anyone. It was day and I could see sunlight come through windows, but the windows themselves looked too bright (nothing but white past them).

      I found some food and drinks, all prepared, for guests like myself, but I didn't take any. I looked around more for someone else and eventually entered this darker, tiny, kitchen. There was a door to the outside and it didn't look so sunny but it was still day. The door was open and there was a woman standing there with a slightly grumpy look on her face. In the kitchen was a man, about my age. He started talking to me and commenting about the house or something, and then all of a sudden he said "oh you've got a bit of a zapper there" or something like that, referring to the fact that he could see my junk poking in my pants, which incidentally were my sweatpants.

      I apologised and said that this just sometimes happened and I couldn't control it (and in fact I expected him to understand since he was a man), but I got the feeling he brought it up more to antagonise his wife or girlfriend standing outside. I took a pair of my compression gloves out of my left pocket and said to him "look, maybe these were also contributing", as my gloves felt quite bulgy inside the pocket previously. Oddly, I can't remember what happened to the gloves, and it's the first time they've appeared in a dream since I've had them.

      Then some transition.

      I was outdoors with this guy. In some city in the US. There was nobody else here initially. I had an interface overlay in my vision, reminded me of the game Boundless and the flooring looked like a specific block-type from the game and I was inspecting it. The floor looked like limestone cobbles. Then he went in a direction and I followed him; he was saying something to me when we got to the top of a slope/stairs bit though I don't remember what. I saw a church and then to its left there was a castle. There were more people here. I remember a couple of cars and a bald man with sunglasses on, inspecting someone's papers.

      The castle bit looked newer, and I asked about it and the guy said they had no old pictures or plans of it so it was rebuilt from imagination or whatever. There was an older castle/church part that had a big glass pane, and inside was a British flag like the one found on planes (the circle with 3 colours). I thought of asking the guy about it but then ended up not and just thought it was interesting.

      Rest of details lost.

      Some notes:
      • The dream with the boy reminds me now a bit of a type of novel that I hear sometimes where someone express their troubles by causing troubles, sometimes at someone else's dear expense.
      • In waking life one neighbour on the other side of the street does sometimes leave their two boys outside, when they're going out, which I don't think is good, and I think this first dream was related to this.
      • I was happy that the boy confessed his troubles as in the dream I then felt like I could do something about it. I think I remember getting on the phone with the police actually, I think when I first grabbed the boy, because I was concerned that his parents were neglecting him.
      • In the second dream there was some residual context from STRAFE, mostly with the layout and stuff like that.
      • The woman wasn't anyone I know in particular nor did she look like anyone I've seen really, but I think she had a ponytail.
      • In the third dream, the guy's presence felt a bit odd all the way throughout. It felt like there was a sinister subtext, although he did seem friendly enough...
      • I might do a bonus image for the second dream, for the layout.

      + Previous score: 65.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 8.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream * 3: 3.0
      ++ Help someone in need: 1.0 (the boy; although my tactic was a bit too aggressive, it seemed to get him talking which I think was very important)
      ++ Buy something * 2: 2.0 (the boat, twice...)
      ++ Invent something that's never been heard of before: 2.0 (the DNA altered surrogacy procedure thing)

      = Total score thus far: 73.5
    2. Miranda Gloves

      by , 11-04-2014 at 08:29 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #253: Miranda Gloves

      Wife and I are sitting next to each other on the patio of a restaurant, chilling out and enjoying the nice weather. I think that we’re near Disney World. Another couple enters the patio area and Wife asks them how they liked Disney World, but they look irritable and don’t respond. Wife gets annoyed at first, but then says something like, “Never mind, they’re having a problem right now.”

      Wife gets up and walks through a nearby door, signalling that I should follow her. Now we’re in a carpeted area that looks sort of like our master bathroom. She locks eyes with me while explaining what this woman is going through. I feel this big swell of lovey-dovey and amorous feelings and think to “look for the dream”,
      becoming lucid as I do this. Wife continues talking, explaining that the woman is frustrated by her life and is eager to disappear into virtual reality. I get a vision of the woman wearing a pair of haptic gloves that Wife calls “Miranda Gloves”. There’s something terribly sad about her life, but she feels real hope at the idea of her escape into VR.

      As the story concludes, I’m incredibly drawn to be physical with Wife. I say some silly line that I can’t remember (but I remember even then thinking it was really cheesy, ) and Wife looks unimpressed. I shut up for a bit, though, and now she’s interested too and we start making out. Things proceed quickly and we go to the floor for sexytime.

      I'm leaving out most of the details because this got quite graphic, but one part in particular was very striking.

      Spoiler for Explicit:

      As we continue this, a woman dressed like a food vendor at a baseball game wanders by. The box of items she’s wearing contains haptic gloves instead of food! She notices what Wife and I are doing and looks interested, beginning to take off her box of gloves so she can join us. Wife waves her away, though, and she wanders off.

      A window to the left catches my eye and Wife and I somehow flow from what we’re doing to standing beside it, dressed again. We’re looking over a city skyline set against a reddish sky. Wife is surrounded by a faint red halo, too, and she looks stunning. I place my arms around her waist and lean in to be as close to her as I can.

      The building nearest to us towers above the rest. As I look at it, the other buildings fade into the red sky. This building has a large sign on top of it that reads: “Miranda Gloves”. After a moment of looking at this
      , I wake up.
    3. Vehicle Fire

      by , 04-06-2013 at 02:12 PM
      I took a pass at Advanced Task of the Month (turn a lump of coal into a diamond) but was running into all kinds of cognitive and dream control problems. My brain seemed to be a little zonked. This was my first lucid where I'd taken Valerian Root for sleep, so it's something to consider. Still, a nice long dream, even just counting the lucid part! If I'd managed to get lucid earlier I might have even had more time (and avoided that chaotic freeway scene.)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #84: Vehicle Fire

      Everything in the house is breaking at once. The plumbing is leaking all over the place, the dogs have destroyed a bunch of stuff, and I hear some kind of weird crunching noise from outside. To top it off, we're late picking up the kids from something.

      I head outside to find my brother-in-law Muppet swinging around like a monkey on one of the external brick columns that supports our house. Each time he swings around, a couple of bricks fall off of the house and land nearby. Plus, the pillar is actually moving a little bit each time he goes around it. "What the hell are you doing?" I say to him. "You're gonna break our house!" I perform some half-assed reality check and it succeeds.

      "What did you do just now?" asks Muppet.

      "That was a reality check," I explain. "Everything is such a mess that I hoped I was just dreaming."

      "Ah," he says, not especially interested. He points at our roof. Three objects that look like wooden shipping pallets are sticking out of it. "Hey, what are those?" asks Muppet. I grimace, thinking that they must have fallen out of a plane or something and wound up embedded in our roof. Muppet gets distracted, makes some remark about the flowers on the banana plants in our back yard, and then hops away over the top of our house. (Yes, over the top of our two-story house.)

      Wife and I get in the car to go pick up the kids. We drive around the city for a long time but every road seems to be closed. Finally we take a tollway but traffic suddenly gets really heavy. I lightly bump some car as I'm driving around but nobody makes a big deal about it. Looking up ahead, we see the reason for the delay: ahead of us a disabled car is engulfed in flames. Black smoke billows up to the sky.

      "We've gotta get off this road," I tell Wife, and steer the car toward a left exit. Just as I do that, though, a fire engine comes racing toward me, going the wrong way up the exit. I throw the car in reverse to try to get out of the way. I have to bump a lot of cars to clear a path, but I figure that's okay.

      Finally, our car gets totally stuck, so I hop out and start pushing it sideways, kind of lifting it each time. I realize that I'm way too strong and
      become lucid. Wife has vanished, which is probably for the best -- the scene has grown totally chaotic, with cars driving around everywhere bumping into each other and the siren from the fire truck wailing in my ear. I pick up the car over my head and throw it across the road. In mid-air it changes from an SUV into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Then it becomes just the front half of a VW Beetle.

      The license plate looks like a bar of soap with words carved into it in cartoony handwriting. I get closer so that I can study it. There are four words, but I only remember "ship" and "check".

      Now I remember Task of the Month -- turn a lump of coal into a diamond. Unfortunately, I start trying to conjure a diamond at first. I'm very aware of my hands for some reason, and even when I put them behind my back I can't seem to make myself buy into the conjuration. I bring my hands back to the front of my body and see that now I'm wearing these black, rather lady-like leather driving gloves. Annoyed, I take them off and pitch them away. I try the conjuration again -- again, more lady-gloves. Then I remember that I wasn't even supposed to be conjuring a diamond in the first place but a lump of coal. I start working on that, wind up with lady-gloves again, and start getting frustrated. A car clips me as it goes by, I start getting agitated, and darkness comes over me, pitching me into the void.

      I feel relaxed, and start probing at my dream body. It's only a few seconds before I find myself standing in my own bedroom, walking toward the door. I say something encouraging to myself like, "Hell yeah, sexy new dream body!" For a moment I contemplate turning around to see whether Wife is in bed and might be down for doing something sexy but I get scared that approaching the bed I'm actually occupying IWL would be destabilizing.

      I head to the top of the stairs. The baby gate's blocking me but I just power through it and it sort of snaps open. I get nearly to the bottom of the stairs when everything stretches way, way out and takes on that stereotypical "endless hallway" look. I keep moving but no matter how far I go everything seems to stay in the same place. Then the entire room suddenly rotates 90 degrees, floor becoming wall, and I slide down the rest of the way to the first floor.

      Our coat closet has been replaced with what looks like a giant iPhone. The screen is displaying a game with a 5x5 array of tiles. When you touch various tiles, you receive prizes in the form of troops for Clash of Clans. I earn 4 Minions and a Hog Rider just pushing tiles at random, but now I'm interested in learning what the rules of the game are. I'm trying to figure this out when
      the dream ends.

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    4. Lucid Scientist; Lucid Make-out; At School;

      by , 09-03-2012 at 01:34 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lucid Scientist

      A woman scientist was talking about a hairy ball. It was some kind of an animal, and more ovular, but there were no legs or head or anything. She ended up saying it was pork. Then she compared it to some kind of hairy stick. She went into some detail about the stick.

      I'd been listening intently, but I somehow missed exactly what she said, but it sounded interesting, so I asked her what she'd just said. She didn't understand my question.

      I asked her what she'd said about the stick. She looked dumbfounded. I posed my question very clearly, stating that she had just made a comparison between the ball of hair and the hairy stick, and I wondered what she had said about the stick. At this point, I became lucid.

      I was going to ask her again, but realized that would be pointless, and I was so pissed at this stupid bitch, I decided to punch her in the face. I tried, but I couldn't move my arms.
      This is either because I was very tired, or simply very poor control. I have a theory that being very tired hurts dream control, though I have found this not to be true at all times. Just a thought.

      I either woke up, or had a false awakening at this point. I think I woke up.

      Lucid Make-out

      A girl was on a bicycle. She wasn't a little girl, but she was younger than I am. Anyway, I started making out with her. She seemed into it. Eventually I tried to do more, but I woke up, again, possibly an FA.

      At School

      There were several projects hanging on a wall. One was lit. It had a crescent moon. The light turned off just as I looked at it. I was very interested and I liked the picture. I tried to see if the plug had come out, but there were easels in front of all the pictures, and some kind of wires between them. I tried to go around them all, but I had a coat on and couldn't squeeze through the easel on the end and the wall. I said never mind.

      Then I was on the floor taking gloves off. I had 4 pairs of gloves on my left hand. Every time I pulled a glove off, there was another one underneath it. I thought that was very strange, and so did this other person who was watching me.

      I organized the gloves. I had my driving gloves, I had my winter gloves, I had another pair of driving gloves which must have been a gift, and a single glove without a match.

      Then a girl came in, gave me a muffin, and left. I was grateful and thanked her, though I was a little late. Then I tried to tell her I'd pay her back some time. Someone in the room was trying to sleep and she told me that I thanked her too many times.

      Then I was trying to sleep. The portion of the room by the door had at least 4 medium to large parrots in cages. I thought I should be comfortable with them as I've had birds in my life. One looked like my old Blue Front Amazon, but I thought the birds were a bit excessive, and they were kind of blocking the door in and out.

      Then I had to go to the bathroom. It was very public. The urinal was a bucket, and someone was standing on it to pee. It was to keep clean the way people don't sit on a toilet.

      Then that person was gone and someone was in the adjacent stall. I thought I would wait even though the urinal was free. Someone else came up and was going to go ahead of me, and they said they would be a few minutes, so I should go. I decided to go.

      When I got up to the urinal, it had a bunch of dishes or trash or something in it, so I said fuck it and walked out.
    5. Porcupine, Yellowstone, OCC crew

      by , 02-14-2011 at 09:13 PM
      A few dreams that I liked from the last few days

      2/12-13. 130. 8. Somewhere camping? Have an RV. There’s a group of us. Then a porcupine comes out and is following me because it likes me, but I’m trying to keep away from it so it doesn’t stick me. Try to get onto the RV, but another guy is trying to do the same

      2/11-12. 1030. Going to Yellowstone but it’s in Alaska. Coastline looks like Unalakleek, AK coastline (see it as we fly in, but looks like I see it from space). Go to a National Park and it has a huge crystal blue lake, very round. Visitor center is a tall building that is a mile high. Sean is there. We’re talking to the information desk person and I lean on the glass window to look outside and realize I’m afraid of heights, become anxious. I buy a glove for some reason, but it’s just one. Later (in a darker room a few floors below the information desk floor) I try to buy a set of gloves but they cost $65. Mom is there and tell her the price

      2/10-11. 1130. 410. Riding bikes. Almost out of gas, but have enough to get home. On the freeway, then bike cuts out so I pull over where there’s an onramp. Sitting in the area between the the onramp and freeway. Vinny and Paulie from OCC are with me. “It’s riding funny.” Vinny is kind of mad. My bike has ape hangers. I’m able to loosen the bars by twisting the screw that tightens them. Paulie jokes and calls his friend to help out. Vinny shows me a shop he bought called Lipps ‘Lectric (or ‘Lectrical). A little rundown looking and in what looked like an older part of the town. Was like The Showcase at some point, and then I’m in it and there’s some girl talking about the best played here and kids would get punched in the head. Punk scene. Area was familiar from another dream
    6. The Army Tank Event on Loomis Street

      by , 12-01-1990 at 06:01 PM
      Morning of December 1, 1990. Saturday.

      In real life, I had been sleeping on the couch in the Loomis Street living room. My black vinyl-covered winter gloves with cloth cuffs were on the coffee table to my left. I was sleeping on my left side (facing north). The sun was already up and daylight was coming through the window on my right as well as the east window.

      In my vivid dream, which came after I had been awake for a short time and fallen asleep again, I was watching a battle scene with army tanks and running soldiers. There is some sort of distortion where the battle scene seems to become miniaturized and occurring on the coffee table. I woke from this very clear dream imagery to be somewhat disoriented by still seeing the moving tank treads. There was a very light dizziness and an atypically sustained waking transition.

      I had been gazing, open-eyed, before fully awake, at the open end of one of my winter gloves. The effect was a flawless transformation of what I had thought I was watching in my dream. The black cuff of my glove, the open cuff directly facing me, was still moving like a tank tread, and it took several seconds before the hypnopompic illusion faded.

      I found this waking illusion fascinating. Apparently, my reticular activating system was slower than usual this time (and I was colder as well), as I do not usually have sustained hypnopompic hallucinations (which are always caused by incorrectly perceiving a feature in my environment with open eyes yet while still sleeping and dreaming). (When I have watched vivid hypnagogia for typically an hour or more during the first part of every sleeping period since early childhood, it is never integrated into any real aspect of my environment and I always know what it is, using it to deliberately “step into” a dream setting of my choice. The first hour of hypnagogia is usually fully lucid whereas hypnopompia is not and rarely lasts more than a few seconds, with only some exceptions, such as this one, in my lifetime.)