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    1. 27 May: Police raid, my grandparents house, touring with the sangha

      by , 05-27-2019 at 11:32 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A police raid in a pub. I am with them, but I guarantee they'll find nothing besides a couple old people having some drinks. Once the cops are gone, I stay behind and the owners of the place take me to their underground bar / grocery store that provides food for illegal immigrants and is also a meeting point for marginals.

      Me, dad, cousin Cris, my aunt and late uncle, we are offered a weekend at my late grandparents house, which now has new owner, for a final goodbye. I enjoy every detail of it, look in detail to the old furniture still there, I go to the end of the hallway covered in spider webs, the back door plus the table and sofa and other small trinkets that my grandma kept there.
      Dad asks me for a favor, that I go outside and check something. Instead I go to the bathroom and have a psycho episode, grab a scissor and start cutting my hair. But I stop almost immediately and realizing a huge chunk of hair laying on the ground, I start crying with regret. I do not understand what led me to do it. I ask my cousin to see if it is too bad and she thinks not. Then at the kitchen my aunt tells me to eat something before I go. I start preparing breakfast but she tempts me with candies and a pudding. I go to the fridge to get whipped cream to put on top of it, but instead I put mayo and mustard on it. Then realize what I did and I can't explain it either. I start freaking out with my out of control mind.

      Followed by a reporter as I go with some Dharma brothers and sisters on some tour. One early morning we arrive at some location, get out of the car, everyone is exhausted and laying down on the ground. For some reason they start criticizing a girl who's wearing the same dress and shoes from another occasion. I don't understand what's their problem and tell them it's their minds getting tired and bored, because there is nothing wrong with the girls outfit, plus she looks gorgeous. The reporter is taking notes frantically with a smile.
    2. July 22 and 23, 2018

      by , 07-23-2018 at 07:54 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in what looked like Lucky Landing from Fortnite. I walked behind a tree or lamp post where a man was standing. As he walked by me, I grabbed him and stabbed him the back. He fell to the ground bleeding. I walked a bit away and then turned back, feeling extremely guilty. I picked him up and walked over to this guy dressed in an army outfit. Then, I took him to another place where he was finally healed. He got up and became very friendly with me. He was very happy to be alive and was thanking me for saving him. He didn't know it was I who had stabbed him. I felt guilty and nervous that he would find out. His girlfriend came along and thanked me as well.

      The dream shifted as we were now in front of my house but it felt like it was located where Owen's old house stands. The idea was that we were setting up this large corporate head into an illegal scam that would prove he was a bad guy and put him away. He looked like that guy that preaches at that massive church that denied victims of the hurricane in Texas. Anyways, we were down in the drive way talking about the shady deal and he had accepted. He was talking when he started to realize it was illegal and his words became gradually more suspicious. Police came and took him. A news van showed up and my mom tried to get us in front of the camera to talk about the situation. It was all my Mom's idea. I get up to the camera and I don't really know what to do with myself, I'm just kind of smiling awkwardly at the camera.

      I'm in a small town in a different state, maybe different country. I'm with a friend or two. We stroll up to this ancient white temple that is growing with vines and seems to be very dirty. For some reason I think that this is where a girl that I used to talk to went after high school to play tennis. We go inside. The first floor is a mix between tennis courts and some old spa. The inside is softly lit, covered in moss and dirt, with a ring of small openings in between columns surrounding the outside of the room. My idea is that it's like a secret on how to get up to the next level of the temple. I climb into one of the openings and realize there's a path that goes around the outside of the room but it's absolutely covered with spider webs occupied by spiders. I'm getting a little bit tangled up in one when Thomas finds an opening that was closer to the entrance. We get up to the second level and it looks similar to the first level except the ceiling is higher. Hanging in the middle of the room from the ceiling is a dead body. We go up to a ledge closer to the ceiling and find a lot of old n64 video games I've never heard of. I remember it felt like we had come a long ways. I wanted to bring all of the games with me but I didn't have enough arm space, there were simply too many. I grabbed a game labeled "Chim" and threw it down to Owen. At some point I remember one of us had cut the dead body down from the ceiling like we had defeated something. We eventually went outside and came back in a few times. One time we came back in, it felt like there were defenders coming to kill us. We had to dodge around the levels until we could escape.

      I left the temple and realized I was now at Westview summer camp at the main area. In my head, I was visiting my old college again and people from my fraternity were there. I started to run down the path towards the lake. I could hear people screaming or chanting in the woods. As I got closer, I realized that they were all collectively running towards me up the path. I make a 180 turn and book it back up to where I came. As I arrive, the guys pile in behind me. Some come greet me while others who I don't recognize walk into the main building. I go inside and it seems like it's some sort of bedtime now. I'm lying down looking around the room at the new members. They looked like they were 10 years old. One had a talking white bird on his shoulder. I was wearing glasses. Looking at that kid, I realized he was signaling for me to get the attention of his friend. I look at his friend and then look back and forth at them to signal this exchange.
    3. Illegal Weapons/ School Trip Dream

      by , 08-04-2014 at 04:05 PM
      3/4 August
      Illegal Weapons Dream
      Me and a bunch of my friends were down at the beach/harbor. two of my friends were trying to chat up some girls that were there. I was showing my friends my arsenal of weapons I had purchased illegally online. we walked up some stairs right beside the beach and walked for a bit. we arrived at a skyscraper apartment building. My friend grabbed a lock-pick blowtorch combination thing and started trying to get in the locked front door. Everyone was cheering him on apart from me and another of my friends. I did not want to get arrested for possession of the weapons, so my friend offered to get them taken to his uncle who would have them destroyed for me. we started walking down a hill, away from the rest of our friends. I was concerned because his other uncle is a supreme court judge in Glasgow, so i thought he was going to get me in trouble, but he promised he wasn't. There is a blank here and i cannot remember what happened. Then we were both in small cars driving down the road. We reached the bottom of the hill and my friend started driving up another uphill road. I was following just behind but before i started going uphill some idiot crashed into me side on which broke my car. I had to run up the hill. Then i woke up.

      School Trip Dream
      We were on a school trip to some wilderness trail course. we were about to walk across a bridge. Mr.Coward (teacher at my school) was talking to someone with the same name as me who had an English accent. They were standing just to the side of the bridge start. As I walked past he said to me "how is your hay fever, Cameron without the English accent?" But I thought he was talking to someone else so i kept walking. A little onto the bridge my friend informed me I had completely ignored him and we both laughed. To the left of the bridge the school football (soccer) team was playing. I looked to the right of the bridge and when I looked back my friend Declan who was previously there was not and in his place was some kid a year below me called Jack. he was holding a bib, the ones you wear in PE to tell who is on your team. I don't know which colour it was. Walking along the bridge was Mr.Hughes (another teacher at my school) handing out these bibs to everyone . Before he could get to me i suddenly found myself on the ground below the bridge, while everyone else was doing a "treetop trail". They all had earphones in, which were plugged into the rail that their harnesses were clipped into. When they noticed I was on the ground they threw a rope down so i could pull myself up. Before I climbed up, I took out a plug/socket which was battery powered and plugged some earphones into them somehow. I put the earphones in even though they were not playing any music or making any sounds. When I got to the top somebody asked how I was supposed to plug my earphones. I showed her the socket and we kept on going on the trail. Then I woke up.

      I also have a dream fragment of a stone archway.
    4. Kidnapped

      by , 10-13-2013 at 05:22 AM (Casting Shadows)
      Jason is a relative to the Davis'. He and I are in the parking lot of Wal-Mart and are about to go in. Jasper and David are inside and we are supposed to meet up with them. There is a little man with brown hair and a great bushy beard inside of a box (sort of like a small vending machine), and on the top is a sign in great neon colors, "SOCIOPATH." I pass him by but Jason, who is carrying a small pack (that looks like a pack of matches) of some sort of illegal drug offers it to him. For one second, Jason is there, and the next, he is gone--the little man kidnapped him!

      I dread telling Jasper and David that their brother is missing. Will I be blamed for his absence? Probably. I don't like the thought. I know that I have to tell them, though, and so I march forward into Wal-Mart.

      Perhaps there is some sort of time skip, or perhaps I simply can't remember what happens in the in-between, but it's at night and I'm on a car with the Davis', heading for Oklahoma. It's late at night and there is a giant billboard sign that has a crude picture of a lake, and then an arrow pointing to a spot in the southern part of the body of water. A "you are here" type of thing, telling us that we are at our destination. We drive by the sign a little and when I look back there is a small island (again, where we are) that is clearly visible.

      At some point we stop and climb on a cable car. According to the dream, I didn't just ride all the way from Mississippi to Oklahoma. Both Jasper and Payton were curled up on the floor of the cable car, asleep. I don't know where Samantha is, but David is the one directing the car. I tell him about Jason; he seems mildly disappointed but otherwise unaffected.

      Riding the cable car is a scary experience, but I remain calm.

      Once we get off of the car, we are all on a little trail in a rural area of the island. At the very end of it are bleachers where several people are staying. Jasper and I walk the trail a few times back and forth, talking. I steel myself in preparation of telling him about his brother's kidnapping, but he tells me that he was only pretending to be asleep.

      At the end I (and perhaps he along with me) come back to the bleachers. Guess who's here? That's right, Jason. I ask him to come back with me (a small celebration is due, since he has turned up), but he tells me that he wants to stay for a bit longer; he needs to speak with Jarvis before leaving.

      At this, I look behind the bleachers. Jarvis is standing there. Wyvern approaches him and goes in for a kiss, he kisses back, and then--as if he realizes what he's doing--breaks the kiss and storms off, angry. I know that he's angry with Wyvern for kissing him and himself for kissing her back. Wyvern sits down and cries, and I try to console her. "He enjoyed. He enjoyed it and if he wasn't already dating Paramore he would go out with you."
    5. Crystal

      by , 07-30-2013 at 07:32 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [I had this dream after waking up and not remembering anything, not even solid dream fragments. I threw a bit of a mental bitch fit and I guess Subby gave me this dream as compensation. I'm down with that!]

      Apparently I was over at Jasper's place (or he was at mine, which may have been the case as the room was shaped like mine). He and I were playing The Sims 3. I focused in the game and became an observer inside of it. My Sim family was having a party outside and their Toddler was sitting in a high chair. One of the parents looked in its direction because they thought that the game had forced an age transition and the Toddler was turning into a Child, but no such case.

      By the time I was done with The Sims 3 Jasper had turned into Luna, an old childhood friend. Luna's older sister may have also been there.

      I was sitting down on the floor in front of the bed and Luna was playing with a lighter. Instead of spouting out fire, it was crystal shaped in the stereotypical shape of a diamond (a few of them). If she pulled the lighter back while holding the button down then crystals would appear there, and if she held it higher then the crystals would follow her lead. Well eventually she stopped and but in some movie in my XBox 360 and the two of us laid down together in my bed. After a little bit Luna asked me to set the loop when one of the characters screamed "Gooooooooooo!" When I asked her why she explained that we "might as well be happy." This task proved harder than I expected it to be because I missed at the beginning and we had to keep listening to the characters talk, but Luna was okay with that.

      Later on I went into the living room and watched some show with my parents. It was pretty good, though I don't remember much about it. There was one particular character named Emmett, but all I remember from him is that he had high-ish cheekbones. If I remember correctly then in the story, if the characters did something wrong or if they survived for a certain amount of time, then they would be turned into crystal. Near the end of the episode Emmett and one of the others (a female character) knew that it was their time to go and so they awaited their fate with open arms. The episode ended and I went outside.

      At first it was at night and it looked like it usually does in Greentree. I must have seen Jason and some other people at some point though. Towards here is a blank in my memory and then the landscape looks more like the area of Pine Plains that my family lived in when I was still attending SPPHS. Jason is with (not "dating with") a girl that goes to my school but who I never talk to. As the three of us are walking down the hill that leads to the trailer park in the SPPHS school district, I notice that neither of them have any of their teeth; apparently they had been doing crystal meth.

      By now the sun has come up again and I go back inside to watch another episode of that show. It's showing the opening theme and there is a portrait of Emmett and someone else (perhaps the chick that was crystallized with him). The portrait changed and so the show revealed that Emmett was none other than Adolf Hitler.

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    6. 3 fragment: bearded 4-year old, keep library book, and illegal library

      by , 05-29-2013 at 10:33 AM
      fragment 1: my 4 year old had a huge overgrown beard of dark hair (in reality his hair is light), and I decided to cut and shave off his beard to look what his face looks like underneath, but I was not going to cut his hair in the back of his head on my own because I feared botching the job, for that I planned to take him to a barber another day. I think this dream ended before the beard was off, so I did not get to see his face.

      fragment 2: a library book came with options on the dust jacket, and one of the options was to "keep this book", but then there was a hyperlink (on the paperback book) and when you clicked it, it said, "just kidding, that would be stealing, and against God's commandment, and a smiley."

      Fragment 3: also library related but separate dream. I was standing in line at library to find out something, but someone else was saying that the library could not do something because that would be illegal. I don't remember what that something was.
    7. Police ( Between 6 th December 2010 and 7 th December 2010 ---- Second Dream)

      by , 10-08-2011 at 07:14 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      Its night time.

      L and I were in F. F. , and we did something illegal (donīt remember what).
      The next day, as we go down the street we are approached by two police officers. They had come for us because of what we did last night. (They did not said the motive, but I "knew" it was because of the illegal stuff from last night. Both me and L , "knew" that.)
      They were trying to convince us to go with them downtown, but being a police officer himself in the wake world, L knew it would be bad for us if we went with them to the police station. So when the police asked quietly if we could go with them, L said: "no, seriously, is not necessary, its ok..." For some reason they could not make us go if we didīt want.

      They went away.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. 01/06/2011 - Fragments, "Hang Time with Michael Jordan"

      by , 01-07-2011 at 06:36 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      Fragment One

      I was hanging out with some chick who was kind of a cross between AF and LK. AF's real life boyfriend was this hybrid girl's boyfriend in the dream, and they had a son who I believe was representative of LK's real life son. He was not happy that this girl and I were such good friends, and he had a really shitty attitude toward me, the whole time I was there. The last thing I remember is the infant son almost falling off of the bed, at one point.

      Fragment Two
      I just remember being with family and friends, at Kellen's old house.

      Dream Three
      "Hang Time with Michael Jordan"

      I was on some sort of assassination job. The objective was to kill a High Value Individual, framing one of two factions within a military base. This would effectively cause what one of my commanding officers called a Civil War," within the facility. I don't really remember much about this dream, besides taking the shot, through a set of bars, and hitting the HVI, center mass.

      Later, I was in what was basically a cross between a mall and an airport terminal. I had to pull a "drop" job (literally), which consisted of dropping a bag full of something illegal over the second-floor railing, and down to someone making the pick-up, below. It was ridiculously obvious that we were doing something illegal, but...that was the plan. Lol. After the drop, we were making our way out of the building, and security was buzzing all around us. They knew that something had just happened, somewhere in the mall/airport, but they didn't know what, or by whom. We slipped right passed them, and walked out to the parking lot.

      Outside, randomly, I ran into Michael Jordan. Lol. He was just on his way home from doing some shopping, and making his way to his car. Almost surprisngly, I became lucid at this encounter. (Considering everything that had just happened, before this, I find it funny that all it took was meeting Michael Jordan, to make me lucid. Lol.) I started walking and talking with him, for a while. I told him about the fact that I was just dreaming, and he just quirked a skeptical eyebrow at me. It's hilarious, but he pretty much just looked/acted exactly like Michael Jordan! Lol. He said something sarcastic, like "right. Sure you are..." continuing to walk beside me, at a relaxed pace. I said something like, "don't believe me? Watch," and I levitated into the air, moving around in front of him and hovering backward, while he kept walking toward me. I grinned at him and said "See? You're not the only one who can fly, Mike," laughing. He raised both eyebrows a bit, otherwise seemingly stoic. Though I could see that he was impressed, he didn't quite say much about it. He just kept walking, looking up at me.

      I turned around and took aim at a car, a few dozen yards in front of us, reaching up toward it with one hand. Focusing my mind on the vehicle, I flipped my palm up, and slung my arm upward, grabbing the car with telekinesis, and hurling it through the air, over us. It soared to a good 30 feet in the air and then nose-dived toward the pavement. The car smashed into the parking lot, head-on, crunching itself nearly flat and toppling over. I couldn't help but note to myself how cool it looked.

      Michael and I finally reached his car, and he asked me something about whether I planned to just follow him around, the whole time. I shrugged and simply said "I might as well, I'll probably be waking up soon, anyway." (Dunno why, but I just sort of had that feeling.) What's even funnier is that his car was an old, beat up, paint-stripped Pontiac Firebird, which wouldn't have surprised me, if it didn't even make it out of the parking lot, from the looks of it. We got inside, and it was just filled with all kinds of garbage; empty drive-thru bags; bottles; cans; etc. Settling into the seat, I was just about to look at my hands, to try to stabilize the dream, but I ended up waking up, instead.