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    1. cxx.

      by , 07-21-2020 at 01:04 PM
      More catching up...

      12th May


      Dream recall faded somewhat. In the first dream I remember being at a house with H and someone else, a girl our age, but not sure who she was. We were all very hungry, and it was about noon. Someone suggested ordering pizza, but I didn't want to for some reason, so instead I got on the phone and ordered a man made of food or something, like synthetic food. He was supposed to get there by two in the afternoon. I figured when he arrived, I'd "butcher" him for the synthetic meat he was made of, wondering which bits H would be picky about, but as time went by, it seemed like he wasn't going to turn up at all, which made me regret not ordering the pizza in the first place.

      Then I remember going through some sort of tunnels or halls, in an old style (20-60s) building. No natural lighting, just incandescent lights. Gave me the impression of night time. I was still hungry, but I came to a room where there was something written over its double doors (I forget what) that suggested I could eat there. I went in and there was a bar-like counter and I talked to a woman in her 40s and asked her about eating or something. I told her I realised it was late but I really needed something and she was kind and tried to figure something out. At some point my parents showed up and start commenting on the food-making. I forget what else happened.

      Dream fragment:

      A different dream or perhaps after a different segment I've forgotten. Only small bits, many of which just ordinary. But in the end of this dream I was walking around a downtown area with my dad, H and someone else I think. There was a man announcing that free testing for a certain genetic or auto-immune disease or something would be available. I muttered to myself about it not being available to me freely in the past and then the man approached me, unconcerned by my complaints but addressing them; he began to inspect my nose with his hands and as he did he said "normally we wouldn't check people who have infections on their nose because this excludes them" or something to this effect. His attitude and face while going over my nose and talking to me suggested (some medical) curiosity. Just as he was about to move on to inspect some other part of my face or body, the doorbell in reality rang and I woke up, having to answer the door.

      - Of these two dreams, as I am re-reading them, I actually remember the second fragment better than I do the first dream. There was an underground parking lot or something around the middle or beginning of that dream, which was where me, my dad, H and the other person had come from, out onto the downtown street area.
      - I remember in the first dream I had visualised or seen a picture of what the synthetic man was to look like. For some reason I have the memory of wooden flooring in the first house of that dream.
      - The part in the second dream where I was muttering to myself is probably a crossed over feeling of frustration at the lack of help I receive for my condition from official systems. The follow-up interaction with the man is probably representative of some of my hope that with chance and timing I might actually get someone to genuinely be interested in giving me the help I need, rather than the help that gets pushed onto me.
    2. Sunday, June 14

      by , 06-16-2020 at 11:41 PM
      I am outside with some people from work. From where we are, we can see downtown. It is fairly far away, but close enough to make out one building from another. There is a sense of something happening or about to happen. I say ĎI want some actioní and then start to regret my words as what looks and sounds like fireworks starts going off among all the buildings. I realize they are not fireworks, but explosions, their thick grey clouds lingering. I think weíll be safe out here, until I hear and see mini explosions approaching rapidly in a straight line. I see they are actually shots fired from a helicopter. They pass close enough that were the line of them a few feet closer they easily wouldíve taken us out. Kyle from work casually says not to go downtown for a while. She says that the people there have guns and will be fighting back. I think Mom is downtown and I am flooded with worry, imagining all the carnage.

      I am at what I think is Disneyland with Melissa and her mom. There is a tiny parking lot, an ĎLí shape with maybe 12 spaces, where at least one person has parked between two spaces. I think I comment on this. Now I am parking a small motorized something that I stand upon. I reverse and nose back in a few times, trying to get it perfectly straight. Her mom tells me Ďthatís probably good.í There is some dense green foliage around the lot and I think around a small body of water.
    3. cii.

      by , 03-23-2020 at 02:23 AM
      A few fragments but I remembered some more detail as I read and rewrote my notes from the morning.


      In the old version of the square in my home town. Itís altered compared to my actual memory of it however. It was a bigger area somehow; this may relate to the fact that my memories of this version only exist from my childhood as it changed pretty early on in my life. But the dream takes place in a present time.

      I have abilities from Diablo 2, more specifically Sorceress and Amazon abilities. I remember an interface overlay like in the game where I could pick the spells from.

      Noteably I remember the explosive arrow and glacial spike abilities, but on closer inspection the glacial spike was actually called frostga.

      I was shooting a bow with explosive arrows at these two guys that were just running around a bit aimlessly I think. They just wouldnít die though and I kept running out of mana, for some reason glacial spike used a lot but explosive arrows didnít (some uniques in the game granted it as a passive modifier, derived from that?).

      Dream Fragment:

      I remember there were transitions but the main place in the dream was this Egypt themed zone like a level from Unreal Tournament. It was night time and the zone in itself was more like a floating platform high up I. The sky. It had the shape of a circle but extended out of itself into ďknotsĒ on four corners?

      Despite being night time it was fairly bright, moonlit mostly. But there were glitches with the lighting, like the level wasnít finished properly, so some objects and areas were just far too bright like the gamma was wrong just for those bits but I accepted this as something that does happen.


      Was with mom and dad in the car, we were downtown but everything looked so different, more like a post modern and brand new style than what I think I would have expected, which would be old buildings.

      Dad was commenting on how empty the entire area was. I donít remember commenting myself. Nothing felt surprising or unusual in the dream. We went past some museums, one had written in big block capitals at its entrance: PAPU or something of the sort. As we went past it, I saw an ascending escalator inside the museum through some large and curved glass panes. I had a deja vu in the dream when I saw this.

      We went a bit further along and I remember having thoughts about how this area was supposed to be for modern cars only or that it had been pedestrianised. We arrived near the square next to the river but it all seemed pedestrianised and like we werenít supposed to be in the car here but dad didnít realise.

      A blonde or fake blonde and sort of nearly pale white lady walked up to us and then we werenít in the car anymore but I thought nothing of it. She told dad that he couldnít drive here, only ďon the basement levelĒ (to park?). There was a platform with road on it that was a lift that went underground just a bit ahead; I think I saw this before the lady was there, but I remember interacting with some console which had a blue GUI with options displayed. The last and only option I remember said something like ď1950s (1980)Ē.
    4. Saturday, February 15

      by , 02-24-2020 at 10:28 PM
      I am somewhere outside, by a fairly wide and deep seeming river and what looks like an old, overgrown stone bridge. I think I am somehow above the water and under the bridge, moving forward. Now, I am either under the water or envisioning the sensation of myself under the water. It feels very real, and I seem to be on my back and drowning. I submit to it (I think itís supposed to be like Iím laying on my back in bed and feeling the sensation of falling asleep).

      I am downtown (it looks slightly different - I am on more of a grassy hillside with walking paths) and it is very crowded. The paths are all filled and everyone is walking very slowly. I get irritated and go around them, walking on the grass uphill.
    5. Friday, July 26

      by , 08-03-2019 at 06:08 PM
      I am walking around downtown, and there seems to be an event going on. I walk into a smaller coffee shop, right behind a group of three girls about my age. They sort of spilt up in the line, so that I am in front of one of them. She is talking sort of excitedly about how she is going to get something with eight shots, as if her caffeine tolerance is just really high. I think one of the others orders and then they try to get me to go. I politely decline, asking if theyíre sure, since I thought they got here first. They coax me into going, so I step up to the wooden counter. The barista is kind and friendly, with dirty blond/brown hair and tan skin; she seems familiar from somewhere. I ask for an iced Americano with five shots instead of the four I think it usually comes with. She says sheís already got one started, holding out a larger sized cup thatís full, too full for my preference, of ice. When the finished drink comes out, I take it over to a wooden bench along the wall opposite the buildingís front wall and window. The evening light shines golden, drenching the place in a peaceful, languid haze. There are a few others sitting around, quietly keeping to themselves. There is a very laid back vibe, either caused by or enhanced by the lighting. I notice the girl who wanted eight shots is seated to my left, sitting lengthwise with the bench, her knees bent and feet up. She is wearing shorter black athletic shorts and is on her phone. She has two smaller bags on the bench, one placed on top of the other. They start to tilt and then the top one completely falls off, taking the other partially with it. I try but fail to get her attention. Now, I consider trying to talk to her or the other two also, but I donít really want to bother them, as they donít need anyone to talk to. Iím not sure what Iím going to do now, except maybe sit here for a while.
    6. Sunday, June 9

      by , 06-27-2019 at 08:54 PM
      I am at 10 Torr for a celebration for one of the cousinís graduation. This place looks similar, but not exactly the same. It seems to be a little smaller and a bit more homey. Itís still a square room but has more of a kitchen vibe due to the counter and the dťcor. It also seems to be wrapping up; Aly is behind the counter, putting things away. It seems like nobody is left at this point. I was going to try one more drink, but Iíll be fine without it. Mom is sitting with me at the counter. It looks like itís going to be closed now, but then a 20-something year old guy shows up behind the bar. It seems theyíre now open or regular business. Two girls, maybe in their late 20s or early 30s, are already taking a seat at the bar. The guy looks to them, looking a little disheveled. The girl closer to me starts ordering something with orange/grapefruit juice, but the girl by her completely cuts her off, ordering something with the same juice but a little more specific. The guy doesnít seem to care; he lets her finish and then turns to the first girl to let her finish. The first girl waits a moment and then makes a snide comment to the other. The guy is now looking to us. I notice two small, empty glasses on the counter in front of us, and it worries me for a moment, making me think for some reason that Mom might have a drink. I ask for Ďjust a coffee liqueur and vodkaí, oddly self conscious of my voice. Mom orders something kind of specific that Iíve never heard of; it sounds like some kind of mock tail. The drinks come out quickly, and it looks like theyíre in small white bowls and not glasses. Momís looks like a strawberry ice cream or really frothy strawberry milk topped with whipped cream and a slice of banana. Mine looks like it has cream in it and then it tastes like it does too. When the guy comes back over I assertively but kindly tell him what it was supposed to be, and he fixes it. I now try Momí, and it does seem nonalcoholic. Her face looks a little sad to me. Melissa has been waiting in a car outside, and Iíve been texting her. Sheís being kind of sassy. Iím not sure why sheís just been waiting out there. I look outside and briefly see her and it looks like sheís changed into a pajama shirt.

      (fragment) I am outside and climbing/ scrambling around on some granite boulders all together and overlapping one another. I hear Kat? narrating like Jon (or Luke Larson?) is climbing, though itís definitely just me here. She is sort of talking it up and pointing out the danger of the boulders being right behind you. I am in street shoes and sort of pulling on some holds and playing with different moves. The grainy holds are pretty decent and slightly chalked. I donít think itís even completely vertical, and I donít think itís all that hard. I think the boulder behind you is close enough that you could put out a leg or arm and stop yourself before you would fall into it. This small boulder field slowly turns into the top of a backyard. Iím standing on top of the smaller boulders with Kat, looking toward the house. There is a small, neat lawn and a few neat trees nearer the house. The house also gives the impression of being neat.

      (fragment) I am at work with Laynie and a small group has done a grab and run out of the door 18 emergency exit. We catch up with them in the stairwell. Itís about 3-4 teens or preteens. One of the girls is reminiscent of the blond 13 year old girl that was taking pictures of herself doing gang signs. She sort of talks back, but ultimately we are in control. We are being hard on them but they seem to not get it. I think we have them out in the parking lot.

      (fragment) Iím with Scott and Tyson? downtown when they see something going on through a hotel room. We are going to go in to see whatís going on. These hotel rooms seem to be in an overpass that we are walking under. I donít like not being able to see and not really know whatís going on. I think it has to do with a shooting or someone with a gun.
    7. 6/17/16

      by , 06-17-2016 at 12:56 PM (Book of Dreams)
      Only recalling one dream from last night...

      I can't remember exactly how the dream started, but the first thing I remember is that I was downtown, walking around with some people, and I kept running into people from my high school. I would say hi, but as this kept happening I remember thinking, "this is so weird seeing this many high school friends at once..." when eventually I came across the actual school, but I was still downtown. I asked around as to why the school was moved, and somebody told me they relocated it to the Chicago river. This was an acceptable answer to me, so I went inside and reconnected with some classmates (funny how my whole graduating class was still hanging out in and around the school...)

      The next thing I remember is running through the halls with a large group of friends following me, but I was literally running as fast as I could. They weren't chasing me, but we were all going at top speed, and I was trying to get away from them but they didn't know it.

      I can't recall how the running sequence ended, but then I remember being outside the school again, on a little patch of land by the river. As I looked back at the school, I realized it was literally on the water. I reached out one hand, one tower of the building began bubbling from under the water, where the foundation was. Eventually the whole tower collapsed. Nearby students watched and started freaking out, and I just kept stretching my hands out, destroying the school one section at a time. Once the whole thing had come down, a huge fight scene ensued between me and all the students who were outside. It was like a martial arts movie. Then I woke up.
    8. Sleep problems, bad recall

      by , 01-27-2015 at 06:07 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I couldn't sleep well. I recall heading to the downtown district of a big city.
    9. 9-20-14 "Check out this sweet telescope!"

      by , 09-23-2014 at 09:01 PM
      I was walking around downtown Chicago. There was this huge canvas tent that took up an entire city block. It was several stories tall and had different floors inside it. I stepped inside.

      It was like this huge antique store with lots of fancy, expensive stuff. One dealer came up to me, and he was like, "Check out this awesome telescope I've got for sale!" I checked it out. "Look at how easy it is to fold up! I mean, look at how smoothly all the little wheels work!" He showed me all the bells and whistles, but I was unimpressed, so I moved on.

      I went up to like the middle story of the tent. There were lots of naked women sitting around. I was totally unprepared for that, and it made me really embarrassed. (You bet.) They were apparently dancers in a musical that was happening in a playhouse across the street, and they were getting into their costumes. One lady with nothing on below the waist came up to me and took me by the arm. Apparently, part of her outfit were these flesh-toned pantyhose with pubic hair glued to the genital area, and it had gone missing. (Supposedly it was to make her appear to be naked without actually having to BE naked.) She wanted me to find them for her, but I couldn't.

      Then all the performers cleared out, except for about three people. One in particular I noticed. She was sitting on the floor, listening to one of the other two tell a story. It was apparently a funny story, and she laughed a lot and seemed to enjoy herself.
    10. 8/27/14 Exhilirating DILD - Near-Epic Sex - 3 Sexual Partners in One Dream!!

      by , 08-27-2014 at 05:56 PM
      Any plans to swear off dream sex went out the door for now with this DILD!!! I decided to use a little softer language than my last entry.

      1045pm 425am Going to a concert to check out an acquaintance.

      Virtual reality headset. Normal hi def for now until full version available. ??

      #Downtown #office new setup up front, employees have cash all over the counter; I tried to warn them that it's dangerous... too close to the door. There's a U-shaped driveway out front and N from the office says that the driveway is one way and I think well robbers could go out the wrong way but as I look at it closer the exit is right in front of the building and the entrance is the other far part of the U...even worse! False memory.

      There's an earlier scene in the main house with several different people, a family I think. And I'm kind of watching from the outside as one guy goes out into a smaller house and there is a girl playing and at this point it's almost like I'm watching a movie and I'm kind of urging the guy hey don't go near that girl she's weird and she will just start screaming and everybody will think that you actually did something to her. Sure enough she lets off a short little scream more like she is joking around or just doing it because she knows it will evoke a response. The mom comes and she is a MILF. She says something like "oh what are you doing down here" in a little bit of a flirty way and she lays down on the bed and opens up her blouse revealing her bra. This brings me into the scene and I moved towards her and realize that this is a dream! It seems the girl has disappeared from the scene. The MILF and I start tearing each others clothes off and eventually
      she makes her way to my
      Spoiler for X-rated, softer language:
      with her head at the edge of the bed and me standing over the bed and it feels so good! I move to intercourse and notice there is a blond woman in the room and I tell her to come join us. I want some of that action I got two nights ago while having intercourse with one woman and another one
      Spoiler for X-rated:
      ! She doesn't respond at first just kind of standing over in the corner with her back to us so I command her I specifically saying with authority "I command you to come over here." My focus is mainly on the MILF below me. The MILF is a light brown haired woman with large breasts. The blonde woman has arrived but just kind of flails around on the bed like a dumb DC next to us. So I command her to get up and
      Spoiler for X-Rated:
      as we have intercourse and as she gets up I look at her face and she is quite beautiful. She is not quite Scarlett
      Johansson but not dissimilar at all and very very pretty! I say damn you are beautiful! As I pull my focus over to her it seems as if the MILF has disappeared and I switch my focus to a third cute young woman on the bed across the room to my left and I make my way over there. She looks a little shy but willing. She gets smaller and thinner as I approach her and I mentally think stop, no more shrinking! I
      Spoiler for R to X-Rated:
      It is not really satisfying either mentally or physically. The blonde woman had followed us over there and I lay her down on the bed and move over to her and the intercourse is excellent again! It feels so good that I think that I might actually
      Spoiler for X-Rated:
      in real life! As I think this I start to worry that I may be humping around in my real bed. 196
      That brings me into a false awakening in which I'm half awake sleepily recalling what just happened and my wife nearby but I don't catch it until I actually wake up a few moments later and realize that my wife is downstairs getting ready to leave for the day. 745am I am way more exhilarated waking up from this dream and the exhilaration carries well into the morning!
    11. Having It and Giving It Up; Leaving My Brother

      by , 12-24-2012 at 02:56 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Having It and Giving It Up

      I was with a beautiful girl. She may have been J. M., my high school heart throb, though she looked a little different.

      I was sucking the side of her breast and rubbing her stomach. It was heavenly. Her breast was salty. This was OK in my dream, and tasting is generally good in a dream for me.

      I asked if she wanted me to stop and she said yes, so I stopped. I was sad...obviously.

      An alarm then went off and a DC turned it off for me. I was grateful.

      Leaving My Brother

      My brother was on a motorcycle with my boy as a passenger, and I was riding on the back the way kids ride bicycles--standing on to pegs sticking out from the back wheels. It was extremely awkward and I told my brother I was just going to walk the rest of the way. I had only a tinge of distaste for him.

      Everyone started walking at this point. We ended up in Downtown. It was all cement and didn't seem clean. It was dark as though we were under a walkway or something.

      We started walking down a hill of cement and I saw my cat. I/we were letting her go there but I wasn't happy about it. At the street, buses were stopping and pulling away. I saw a tour bus pull out right next to an old style Marta bus. The noise was awful and a bit odd. I wanted to record the bus noises and use it in some music or something.

      We then started trying to find exactly how to get where we were going. We never really did figure it out, and searching was a bit uncomfortable.
    12. First WILD-Very Vivid, very weird.

      by , 12-03-2012 at 10:26 PM
      Hey guys, so first off, I want to say that I've had about 5 LDs, but I've unfortunately only written about one. I will definitely start wrtiting in here more often. Also, I want to say that I have good dream recall now, so I can remember dreams almost every night. Alright, so here I go. This morning, I woke up and didn't move. I didn't have any dreams (I don't think) and I was probably mostly asleep when I just briefly thought about LDing (I didn't even plan on LDing) when instantly, my body started vibratingand I couldn't move. It felt like my foot was asleep, except on my whole body. I couldn't mistake that it was SP. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't see any hallucinations. Here's the weird part: When I opened my eyes, I was in a dark field, even though I was still in SP. I closed my eyes, and almost instantly, I was thrust into a LD. When I opened my eyes, it was dark, and I was in my front yard (We live in the middle of the woods). There was a man standing next to me in a wrestling mask (could he be my Dream Guide??) And he was telling me to vote on something. Let me just say, everything was more vivid then life, and I could FEEL the weather (it was freezing.) I told the man (I was lucid) that if I was voting, I wanted to use the electronic voting booth. The only reason I was doing this was to practice summoning. Instantly when I looked over, there was a bright voting booth. When I looked towards my house, I could see my dad sitting in a chair at the door. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine downtown Atlanta (I live in Georgia.) Nothing showed up. I walked inside, and my dad was talking about the weather to my mom. I asked him if he would drive me to Atlanta. He said yes, and when I looked out into the front yard, in between the woods were semi trucks like a truck stop, and a plane was landing overhead. The lights were more vivid than real life. It was Atlanta in the woods! There was a parking lot on the side of our house, and he said we would take the big bus (we don't have a bus). We got in and the whole place was red, with TVs for windows. He said that when he got on his phone, the bus ride would intensify, and then I woke up.
    13. ITG, downtown & living mousepads

      by , 04-09-2012 at 03:34 PM
      - I was at school, and there was a new ITG2 machine next to my geography classroom. I was a bit shy to play it by myself in school at first, but there was no one around, so I decided to do it. It was free, so I got on and played...Love♥Shine? Somehow. After that, I turned and saw there were some people watching, including my geography teacher. He said, "Come on, it's time to go to class," and I said, "But there are still 2 more songs..." (even though I hadn't paid?) and he was like "Ohhh okay then, yeah she's playing" sounding kind of impressed. (no, I'm not good lol)
      So I went to pick a different song, but the problem was, the timer was only 10 seconds, and the game had reset so I had to change my difficulty and pick a song from the top in that time. I wanted to play Spaceman, but it somehow ended up running out on Pandemonium expert (wrong game ><) which I can't play. (I've also only heard/watched it a few times; I just checked and the song was accurate, but the steps had more chaos.) A classmate and I just watched and waited for it to fail out. They were like "woah" and I was like "that's a 13 you know." After a few more songs, Geography had started, and I was a bit worried the teacher would come out and see me still playing and be mad, but I don't think I ever ended up going to class. Which would be accurate, lol.

      (I miss ITG so much. I'm gonna go play SM..)

      - I was in my French classroom, but the student teacher from Geo was there, and he was teaching in English. It was nearing the end of class, and I was trying to pack a bowl under my desk. (stupid lol) The teacher kept coming by and I had to hide it. He called on me to answer a question, and came really close, so I put my chair in really far. He asked something about me drinking coffee, but I didn't really hear him, so I asked where it was on the sheet, but he just called on someone else. Finally, I had my bowl and just shoved everything in my pocket. We were all waiting for the bell, but then the teacher said something I didn't hear, and most people left. I asked the girl standing next to me if he'd said we could go, and she said yes, so I left.

      I walked towards downtown and thought that I'd try to find a quiet place to smoke, but couldn't decide if I wanted to go home first or not. I stopped at an intersection and pulled out my phone to see how I could get home from there. I found out that the street to my left was called Victoria St and I could get home by walking down it, so I decided to go down it and decide on the way if I wanted to go all the way home.

      I ended up going into an apartment building on that street and just wandering around for a bit. I discovered a bunch of staircases and tiny hallways, and eventually ended up at another door. The door led onto the same street I'd gone in on, just a bit further down. As I stepped out, I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes, or carrying a bag or anything. I got worried about where I could have left my shoes, and retraced my route back to school. I went back into the classroom and saw they were under my desk, but the class was full of people again, and my grade 6 teacher was there. I was afraid I wouldn't be allowed to leave, but I think I did.

      - I won a new cat mousepad from something, and it looked exactly like the one I have already...
      ...except the cat was alive inside it, kind of like a Harry Potter painting or something. It was also interactive - if you tapped lightly on it, it would think you dropped a crumb of food or something, and the kitten would pretend to eat whatever it was at that spot. As I was playing with it, the kitten turned into a short-haired brown tabby and the background turned into a kind of close-up bag-shaped couch. I kept bringing the kitten closer and closer with taps, then reached inside it and pulled the kitten out. It was struggling a bit and I was afraid of hurting it so I put it back in.

      Then my mom was suddenly there, and I'd found another mousepad that had an anime girl on it who was singing. I was wondering how I could interact with it, and my mom said, "Maybe you can perform surgery on it? You used to do that with your dolls..." So I found a little rotating saw inside the mousepad and used it to cut her open. :| I was relieved that she didn't feel it or react, just kept singing. So I cut off her head, pulled it out of the mousepad, and flung it across the room. It was still attached to her body by something, and her head was still singing and I laughed.
    14. helicopter bus

      by , 12-27-2011 at 03:02 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out walking along some damp, sandy shoreline with my sister and my oldest nephew. It was a nice, sunny day. The water was to our right. We were probably pretty close to the water, too. The shore itself was probably pretty narrow.

      We passed some really beautiful scene on our left. There was a big, beautiful lawn (though the grass may have seemed to be a little dried and yellowy). At the end of the lawn was some kind of beautiful, classical mansion or palace or plaza.

      I can't really remember it that well at all. It was gleaming white, and it had a lot of columns. There were people in some non-modern dress walking around on the grounds and in or near the structure. Parts of the grounds may have been open from the shore. Other parts may have been separated from the shore by a fence.

      My sister pointed to the beautiful scene and said, "This reminds me a lot of my trip to Italy."

      For some odd reason I took a really sarcastic tone with my sister. I said, "Pfft! There's nothing like that in real life!" (??? ) I then either said, "That's only a painting," or, "That should really remind you of a painting."

      My sister and nephew and I were now walking in the downtown area of some smaller town. We three seemed to be among the few people out on the street.

      It was still a nice, sunny day. We walked down a street with dark tan or brownish buildings that were probably around eight to twelve stories tall.

      Suddenly I saw, across the street from us, a huge helicopter descending from above the building tops. The helicopter had a dull, blue underside. It was shaped a bit awkwardly, like if you were to put an old, corded phone's receiver into a blanket and then try to make a rectangle out of that mass.

      The helicopter was moving pretty slowly. It was still descending, and it looked like it was directed toward us. I'm -- pretty sure -- that at this time I recalled a time IWL in 2002 when I was in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, and a huge, black, military copter floated down toward me and seemed to follow and watch me for half a block or so.

      I'm pretty sure that I was really worried that this helicopter was going to do the same thing to me. I had been really afraid in Santa Fe -- so afraid, I'd had to hold onto a wall near me to stay standing.

      But I didn't want my sister and nephew to see me that way. So I tried to show that I was actually interested in this aircraft, rather than that I was afraid of it.

      But as the helicopter descended, it turned out that I really was more interested in it than afraid of it. The helicopter actually looked like some form of public transportation -- like a bus, but with propellers instead of wheels!

      I could see now that the helicopter-bus was going to land and unload passengers at a building on the corner of a block just up ahead and across the street from us. I ran toward that building, leaving my sister and nephew behind.

      I got into the building. It was like a hollowed-out lobby of an office building, but with something to its atmosphere that made it seem like a bus station. There were concrete pillars through the room. The window-walls of the lobby must have been tinted, because the light coming in was kid of smoky-amber colored. The floors may have been covered in a short, tight, brown carpet.

      I'd come in through some doors to the left of the corner of the building. But the helicopter, I saw, had landed at the corner of the building. There were some hospital-like, sliding-glass doors that opened along with the opening of the helicopter's doors. A little wheelchair-ramp-type structure went down from the doors to the floor.

      I ran up to the sliding glass doors as they opened. There were no passengers in the helicopter-bus, even though the helicopter-bus had apparently landed to let passengers off.

      The pilot stood just outside of the bus for a moment or two. He was tall, white, with a kind of big belly. He had short, shaggy, red hair and a short, shaggy beard. He wore squarish eyeglasses.

      I didn't say anything to the man. I just stood there, kind of awed that I was seeing such a new, incredible element of public transportation.

      The man understood my feelings, though. He said, "Well, it's fun for now. But the city'll get rid of it soon. This is the new thing. And when the next new thing comes around, they'll forget all about this thing."

      I now spoke to the man, but it was like I was speaking to him in my head, or through narration, as I was heading back out onto the street, out to my sister and nephew.

      I told the man, "Oh, no -- they'll never get rid of this. It's too great! And it makes so much sense. It's so efficient!"

      I may now have been telling my sister and nephew something as we watched the helicopter lift up and away. The helicopter seemed to be going right back in the direction it had come from. So did we. We seemed to be walking right back down the block we'd walked up.
    15. Police ( Between 6 th December 2010 and 7 th December 2010 ---- Second Dream)

      by , 10-08-2011 at 07:14 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      Its night time.

      L and I were in F. F. , and we did something illegal (donīt remember what).
      The next day, as we go down the street we are approached by two police officers. They had come for us because of what we did last night. (They did not said the motive, but I "knew" it was because of the illegal stuff from last night. Both me and L , "knew" that.)
      They were trying to convince us to go with them downtown, but being a police officer himself in the wake world, L knew it would be bad for us if we went with them to the police station. So when the police asked quietly if we could go with them, L said: "no, seriously, is not necessary, its ok..." For some reason they could not make us go if we didīt want.

      They went away.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
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