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    1. July 22 and 23, 2018

      by , 07-23-2018 at 07:54 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in what looked like Lucky Landing from Fortnite. I walked behind a tree or lamp post where a man was standing. As he walked by me, I grabbed him and stabbed him the back. He fell to the ground bleeding. I walked a bit away and then turned back, feeling extremely guilty. I picked him up and walked over to this guy dressed in an army outfit. Then, I took him to another place where he was finally healed. He got up and became very friendly with me. He was very happy to be alive and was thanking me for saving him. He didn't know it was I who had stabbed him. I felt guilty and nervous that he would find out. His girlfriend came along and thanked me as well.

      The dream shifted as we were now in front of my house but it felt like it was located where Owen's old house stands. The idea was that we were setting up this large corporate head into an illegal scam that would prove he was a bad guy and put him away. He looked like that guy that preaches at that massive church that denied victims of the hurricane in Texas. Anyways, we were down in the drive way talking about the shady deal and he had accepted. He was talking when he started to realize it was illegal and his words became gradually more suspicious. Police came and took him. A news van showed up and my mom tried to get us in front of the camera to talk about the situation. It was all my Mom's idea. I get up to the camera and I don't really know what to do with myself, I'm just kind of smiling awkwardly at the camera.

      I'm in a small town in a different state, maybe different country. I'm with a friend or two. We stroll up to this ancient white temple that is growing with vines and seems to be very dirty. For some reason I think that this is where a girl that I used to talk to went after high school to play tennis. We go inside. The first floor is a mix between tennis courts and some old spa. The inside is softly lit, covered in moss and dirt, with a ring of small openings in between columns surrounding the outside of the room. My idea is that it's like a secret on how to get up to the next level of the temple. I climb into one of the openings and realize there's a path that goes around the outside of the room but it's absolutely covered with spider webs occupied by spiders. I'm getting a little bit tangled up in one when Thomas finds an opening that was closer to the entrance. We get up to the second level and it looks similar to the first level except the ceiling is higher. Hanging in the middle of the room from the ceiling is a dead body. We go up to a ledge closer to the ceiling and find a lot of old n64 video games I've never heard of. I remember it felt like we had come a long ways. I wanted to bring all of the games with me but I didn't have enough arm space, there were simply too many. I grabbed a game labeled "Chim" and threw it down to Owen. At some point I remember one of us had cut the dead body down from the ceiling like we had defeated something. We eventually went outside and came back in a few times. One time we came back in, it felt like there were defenders coming to kill us. We had to dodge around the levels until we could escape.

      I left the temple and realized I was now at Westview summer camp at the main area. In my head, I was visiting my old college again and people from my fraternity were there. I started to run down the path towards the lake. I could hear people screaming or chanting in the woods. As I got closer, I realized that they were all collectively running towards me up the path. I make a 180 turn and book it back up to where I came. As I arrive, the guys pile in behind me. Some come greet me while others who I don't recognize walk into the main building. I go inside and it seems like it's some sort of bedtime now. I'm lying down looking around the room at the new members. They looked like they were 10 years old. One had a talking white bird on his shoulder. I was wearing glasses. Looking at that kid, I realized he was signaling for me to get the attention of his friend. I look at his friend and then look back and forth at them to signal this exchange.
    2. Slendy

      by , 03-15-2013 at 07:45 PM
      I was in a classroom with my Health teacher, we were presenting powerpoints that were apparently supposed to, somehow, be animated. Mine was not animated at all, and according to the rubric was not acceptable. I stayed in for Intervention to wait in a line, last in place, to present my crappy powerpoint after my friend presents his equally crappy powerpoint. I was about to present it, and then a bunch of kids started jumping on me that had Nerf swords. They also apparently stabbed me with them, but not really, it's hard to explain. Intervention was lasting a lot longer than usual, me and my friend planned to hang out at my older brothers mansion (he doesn't have a mansion IRL) after school, and I was really looking forward to it.
      There was a gap in my memory, and then the next thing I knew,
      I was creating a slenderman YouTube series, and the person who was dressed up as slenderman didn't go in the right position for the camera. After I got them to the right position, the same bunch of kids started jumping on me with their Nerf swords, and they, again, stabbed me yet didn't..

      I also remember a dream had to do with my Taekwondo class, but that's it.

      (Note: It's been 2 years, I plan on doing a regular DJ again, but no promises there)
    3. A Perfect Murder

      by , 06-26-2012 at 04:36 PM
      Late in the morning hours, the street of a dangerous city is left alone. I'm standing right in front of a house on the side of this narrow street and watch as I listen to the silent winds blow. I'm staring at the backyard of a house and imagine what it would be like to kill someone or something. I leaned against a wall and just thought of what it would be like to murder a cat or a dog. I knew of the consequences and knew I would go to prison and be on the news. I kept on staring at the front gate of the other house in the backyard. All of sudden, I decided to turn around and notice something strangely different. The street. The street was very messy and there was trash everywhere! I looked around some more and noticed that there was no one in site to bother, until I found some one sitting in front of a table. This is when I started the attack. It was an old lady and I stared at her for a while and finally decided to go in for the kill and wonder what it would feel like to kill someone very quietly. I slowly walked across the street behind her and right before I was about to slash her through, she started to run away. I quickly ran faster and finally caught up to her and stab her with the object I had in my hand(not sure what it was). But then I noticed something else. There were a crowd of people coming towards me. They were all scared to see me actually kill someone. But as I stabbed her, I kept on stabbing her until she died. After a while of doing this, I stopped and ran away. By the way, I don't know why I dreamed of doing this.
    4. Stab himself in the face

      by , 06-13-2012 at 02:11 AM (Semi sick and twisted)
      I was walking down a road and as I turned down a street to my left I was nearly cut off my a couple of motorcycles I got a little to close to them and my hand grazed the back of the last rider. They pulled into there home and as I walked by they removed there helmets and started shouting "why u grabbin at me fagit I'll beat ur ass" I started to run thinking my motorcycle was just around the corner. As they chased me I came apon a scooter I knew was mine but I turned to face the men becouse I dident want to try and get away on a stupid scooter after being called a fag lol. So I turned to them and prepared for a fight one had a pitch fork knife and the other a knife that had a few bends in it. The next cut seen one of the men was on the ground and I watched him literally pull the knife back and then thrust it very hard into his face I was appalled by this visual and turned to his friend we just glanced at each other and looked back at the man. He then said "I did this for u" in my mind he stabbed himself to make it looked like I did it!!!! Wtf
      Tags: stab
    5. Weapons

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:49 AM
      I was at work. Up in the delivery bay (I work part time at a sports store) were some of my friends as well as people I didn't recognise. My friends were at the front of the people who were in rows, facing them.

      Walking downstairs towards the shop floor, a man started shooting a machine gun at me. Somehow I got the gun and started firing back. The bullets were unpredictable and slow and the man managed to escape by running down the stairs towards the fire exit.
      I ran out of ammo and I knew he was coming back. I ran onto the shop floor and towards the other end of the store, which was the tills. There was an empty rail in the way, which I slide under. I got to tills but the man had followed closely with a dagger.

      I struggled with the man for a while but finally stabbed me wih the small dagger in the side of the neck. The man then ran off. I didn't removed the dagger. I fell to the floor. No one was calling 999. I started to panic.
    6. Mw2 dream 18/4/11

      by , 04-20-2011 at 02:14 AM
      Normal mw2 match until stange symbols started apearing aswell as people from primary. almost went lucid. But decided to focus on the game lost controll and awoke
      Tags: 18/4/11, mw2, side, stab
    7. I assassinate the assassin, find some flowers and catch a ghost

      by , 04-07-2011 at 08:40 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I assassinate the assassin, find some flowers and catch a ghost (DILD)


      I was going to a big building that had a bar on the top of it. I needed to go to that bar to complete a compliance audit. That building was well populated with assassins. I was worried that some assassin would spawn from somewhere to try to kill me. The cash I was going to receive was worth the risk. I told to myself that I was good at sensing energies, so I would be able to detect the assassin before he stabbed on my back.

      I entered an elevator. All walls were made out of steel. It was a very old school elevator. The ceiling of the elevator was like a regular home, white ceiling. There was a small hole on the ceiling, but it was just a few inches wide.

      I started to realize that an assassin could get through the hole and I was trapped in the elevator. I realized as it was a dream, the assassin could shrink and then grow back. I told to myself to not think in an assassin otherwise, one would probably spawn. I tried to focus in reaching the top floor.

      The elevator's door opened and I had a big bar in front of me as I was expecting. It was as big as a cinema. Where the screen was supposed to be, there was the actual bartender with the drinks. All the remaining area, had cinema seats. I was going to seat next to a guy. The place was pretty crowded. I could see a couple of 40'' TVs that where showing a Boxing fight. When I was about to seat down, a guy told me, "Don't seat here or he will get mad" I realized it might be the seat of a mob or something. I sat somewhere else. I took a few photos and tried to leave.

      A guy told me that if an assassin would spot me leaving while the boxing fight did not end, he was going to kill me. I left the area and there was no elevator. I started to walk down the stairs. The entire building was made out of iron. I found a room that looked alike some storage room. I helped the guy with a few boxes and left.

      I was now at the street. I saw an assassin who looked pissed at me. I told the assassin I just needed to wait for a friend. He told me to wait there and not leave. The assassin ran to a far away car, so I decided to run like ever and get the hell out of there. The assassin spotted me and he outran me. He had a sword on his hand and started to hit me with it. I felt like he was cutting my neck, but it did not hurt.

      I had one of my huge knives from work (for Serrano Ham) and one tiny (for the machengo cheeses) I decided to keep hidden the big knife. I fought the assassin with the little knife. The assassin got confused for a second and I stabbed him with the big knife. I repeated several times until the assassin was no more.

      I saw a few more people running at me. I was worried they would be more assassins. I started to walk home as I did not remember where my car was. I crossed a forest, a river and I got to the Hwy 805. I felt I was far from home, but I had no other chance but walk. I attempted to fly with success. I found funny I could fly in waking life.

      For some reason, I re-spawned at the top of a huge building. The sky was very blue and the building was huge.
      I turned lucid because I realized that I got there magically. I jumped out of the building and started to fly to make it stable. However, the dream was pretty good and I remembered I needed to find a bouquet of flowers. I saw a few of them by the windows of the building, so I picked up one. It had mainly roses and some weird brown flowers. Basic completed. I took flight again and threw the flowers away.

      While I was enjoying the flight, I lost vision. I could feel the wind on my face, the sound of the freeway (wtf) and the smell of the sea. I suddenly felt double consciousness and started to wake up. I increased the speed of the flight and entered the ocean. After a while, I decided to exit the ocean. I had my vision back.

      It was night now and I was flying over a huge town. All the building where very tall and the imaginary was very dark. There was no moon. I could hear some crowded city noises from the far distance. I enjoyed the tranquility of the sky at night. Suddenly, I saw something over a building, shaped like the Empire State. There was a human shape, but about 8 feet tall and with more than one arm. It was invisible but I could see the imaginary blurry behind it.

      I saw this thing was eating souls of some sort. I realized it was a ghost. He was pulling stuff from the Empire State Building, but it was like ghostly stuff, because the building itself never became damaged. I felt he was a threat so I wanted to capture it. I also remembered it was the advanced task of the month.

      I decided to crease a PSI Ball. I was sure that as I was dreaming, I could make it visible. I did within seconds. A second later, the ghost was surrounded by my PSI Ball and it was trapped. I made the PSI Ball smaller. I could see how the ghost was also smaller, trying to get out without success. I made it vanish.

      I lost lucidity at some point and I decided to go to a beach. I saw some wild animals that were attacking humans. I saw a couple of wild-boards, a tiger and a walrus walking (wtf!!) I also got to some tiny boat that I owned in the dream, but it was rocking extremely hard. Harder that if there was an earthquake. The sea was nuts.

      Something else happened with me and a copy of me that was like a sculpture of ice.
    8. 6 Dec: Stabbed to learn not to feel pain

      by , 12-06-2010 at 12:06 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      1:00 GMT

      Stabbed to gain control over fear and pain
      I am in some apartment building apparently coming out of my cousin’s home. She has something weird about her look, like dyed hair or extreme make-up. She goes downstairs but I feel more interested in following a corridor that seems to connect to a different partof the building or even a twin building. I then have fun exploring these connections - I go from corridor to corridor, explore different levels by taking the stairs sometimes. Every block is of a different colour or has different tiles on the wall, but it’s getting boring so I try to look for an exit.I’m a bit lucid. I look at a map on the wall, trying to locate myself, when some guy offers his help and tells me to just follow him. I do so and he leads me out. Outside, it’s a city street, looks like London and he meets a bunch of friends he was with before. They are making plans for next steps and they divide in two groups. I stick with the guy’s group, a small one – 2 guys and a girl. I don’t know where they are taking me. A bit further down, when we’re around some ugly buildings of a bad neighbourhood, the guy draws a knife and he wants to stab me in my belly. I am aware it’s a dream, but still, I shriek at the thought of feeling a knife slashing my flesh. They say “Don’t be afraid!” and I’m like “What’s wrong with you?” So just when they are about to stab me I say “Sorry, I don't want to be stabbed, I’m going to wake up!”. I wake up but I still had a brief moment when I could feel the knife cutting through my flesh. I felt discomfort and I was awake for a while...
      When I go back to sleep I am again in the same city and they are still around waiting for me. What the hell? I felt like I was going through a Freddy Krueger’s nightmarish type of thing. I ran away, I zig zagged between buildings, trying to lose them. I laid low behind a building and a concrete wall, where people threw garbage and I lost lucidity for a few moments. I got distracted with all the clothes and bags perfectly good that were thrown away. I am considering taking them with me to give away to people who need it, but suddenly I see my chasers about to find me and I instantly get back to the action. I run again but eventually they cut my way through, as they knew a shortcut through some tunnel. They grab my arms and the guy is once again about to stab me and he swears “It won’t hurt!”. I first thought he was just being psychotic, but now I have this clear feeling they were also lucid dreamers or some dream beings who were just testing me and trying to teach me something. Their attitude changed slightly when I opened myself to them. The guy said to me “It only hurts if you believe so. I’m telling you it won’t hurt if you don’t give in to fear.” Oh, so that was it? I was still a bit afraid, I was actually already feeling the pain again, just by thinking of it, so I told him ”OK, but let me do it to myself. And can I stab my leg instead? Just to try?” “OK”, he said. So I stabbed my leg and I was amazed that it felt like stabbing styrofoam. I could feel it buried in the flesh but it didn’t hurt. I was starting to lose fear and thinking about stabbing myself a bit more (lol). They smiled at me and simply left.

      Female robot and androids
      I am now free to do whatever. I look around and I am in some industrial park or similar. I see a huge robot-like metallic structure rising above the houses and go check it from a safe distance, because it starts to move its arms. Below it and around are people watching some demonstration of its functioning. It’s made of hollow metallic tubes that shape it slightly into a female form and some of this tubes are then channelled to some interface where half a dozen women are plugged in, apparently controlling or feeding this robot. The creator of this machine is explaining how it works and what it does, but then all the focus goes to one of these females who detaches from the interface. I find out these are not real women, but androids. Lots of flashes in her direction, reporters asking questions and the inventor says she can even speak Russian. He ask if any Russian speaking is around and some guy points to a girl by my side, but in the middle of the crowd we get mixed up and they bring me closer to the android. I say there’s been a mistake, I can’t speak Russian, it was some other girl, but the android lady is looking at me totally interested. She seems to think I am lying and she is processing that information and trying to figure out my intentions. She says she wants to meet me and asks me for my contact. I don’t recall even handing her over my contact, but I see her adding my email and name to her processor/brain – like if she just extracted it from my mind and I was reading the info on her eyes as she was processing it. Then she turned away and left, followed by a sea of curious people and reporters.

      Office scene
      I remember maybe it’s time to meditate a bit, but I can’t find peace, there’s just too much going on and I can’t make it still. Then I think about dropping a visit to Nighthawk’s dreams. I am now in a corridor with doors to offices. I see elevators and decide using one as a portal, but every time I try to get into one, someone holds the door and enters. I even try to do it with some suit guy by my side looking at me like I’m crazy, but it doesn’t work ‘cause he totally distracts me. I give up on elevators and try to use the office doors instead. The problem is they have glass windows and I can see the other side, so I have once again difficulties in making appear a different world on the other side, because I keep seeing the people working inside the office. When I open the door, it is still an office. Oh well... I just look around, checking every person on each cubicle. Mostly very young people. It’s a nice office, light coloured wood furniture, glass walls, lots of light. I go to the end of it and I find a window to a square interior patio, with view to all floors. I notice the building’s decoration is quite nice and then I see a corridor through which the company’s CEO, a tall slim lady in her 40’s, is coming in my direction. She sees me there and asks me what I think of the place. I say it’s nice and I like the carpets on the hallway. She invites me for a drink in her office and we sit and talk there for a while.

      4.50 GMT

      Just recall my mom had a good prize in the lottery and I clearly recall the numbers. Will suggest her to make a bet

      6:30 GMT
    9. First night after 20 years of no lucid dreams

      by , 11-07-2010 at 03:15 PM
      I used to Lucid Dream when I was a child. It felt like I was living a different life. Things were so surreal but they made sense in that strange dream-logic kind of way. I stopped having Lucid Dreams after I was about seven. I started getting loaded up on sedatives and other tranquilizers that either suspended brain function or just turned me into a dreamless sleeper. I stopped taking them about 5 years ago and still hadn't had any really memorable dreams.

      Last night, I attempted to induce a Lucid Dream using the WILD method, like I had when I was young. I told myself I would dream of my friends and I would recognize that I was dreaming. I had several very short non-lucid dreams where the instant I knew I was dreaming, I woke up. I tried about three times.

      I started to count backwards from 100:
      100, will dream of my friends tonight.
      99, I will dream of my friends tonight.
      I reached 81 before I entered my first dream

      The first dream, I was in a world with little more than unintelligible block shapes for other entities and I knew this was a dream almost the moment I entered. I immediately woke and continued to count from where I had left off.

      80, I will dream of my friends tonight.
      79, I will dream of my friends tonight.
      I reached 76 before I entered another dream.

      The second dream, I was with a group of people I did not know. We all had masks on and we were hiding? robbing? I'm not sure. I knew my pulse and breathing were elevated. I felt tension and anxiety. I wanted to look down at my hand but couldn't. It felt like my eyes were on rails. I couldn't control where I was looking or what I was doing.
      I forced myself to look down at my hand. After a few moments of straining, I saw just black filber, like a sock, where my hand should have been. No fingers, not even a hint of digits under the cloth. I knew I was dreaming and was forced out of my dream.

      I remained in bed for a while, unmoving, concentrating on the faces of my friends.
      I counted backwards from where I left off.
      75, I will dream of my friends.
      74, I will dream of my friends.
      I lost count a few times around 71 and started over from 75. I eventually slipped into a dream around 63.

      I was standing in a very nice Hotel Lobby. A dark and rich wood siding covered the walls and all the counters. There was a soft yellow lighting behind the checkout counter. Track lighting with amber cones and yellow bulbs hung over the desk. A brass chandelier hung over the lobby, directly over a few leather couches, a rosewood or mahogany coffee table and a few expensive looking chairs.
      The Man behind the counter was young, bald, and had a goatee. He was tall, about 6'5" and had a thick gold earing in his left ear. He wore a white or light beige dress shirt with a tall collar and a black vest/waistcoat made of silk/satin. When he smiled he showed large, rounded teeth that seemed too large for his mouth. This made his mouth protrude a little from face.
      I was able to observe for a few moments before my body began to walk toward the check-in counter. The man behind the counter uttered a few words in a language I could not understand. It sounded like three different voices were talking at once. I realised immediately I was in a dream and tried to hide the expression on my face.
      The man noticed something about me and seemed like he was asking me something before his face went blank. He pulled a large knife from under the counter and thrust it into my solar plexus, his arm stretching farther than it seemed it should have. The knife pierced my body painlessly and I woke up again.

      I did not try to induce another dream that night and instead stayed awake, concentrating on remembering what happened that night in my dreams.
    10. 8th / 9th October 2010

      by , 10-09-2010 at 04:30 PM
      1) I am in an assembly held by my deputy-headteacher. He says "Now, I'm not trying to spoil your day, but I have to tell you about how many people had unprotected *** or stabbed each other last year," he points out, "But it has got to stop. I'm sure this year will be much better." we all leave to go to our tutor groups.
      When we get there, my form tutor says to me, "Unfortunately ********, you have a very bad case of stabbing (I was stabbed in reality with a pen) With a person like your old best friend (there she is AGAIN!). People with that condition cannot be stopped. You cannot do anything to restrain them. You can only watch the sharp and heavy object sail towards your face..." I see a club coming to bash me.

      2) I am watching a cinema-type screen. It says the names of various countries and their flags come rolling across. I notice that they all look like Sweden's flag. I think that this is strange and miss an obvious lucid chance. The film ends. I and the person who is standing next to me (my English teacher?) are led to a room where there are horses. I have a beautiful white one called snow. We tack up and are led to a stadium (a shop) where there are lots of jumps. Each jump has a flag next to them. I jump Japan and Denmark but Snow then sees cows and sheep being led around and bolts at a fast gallop. I am barely able to stay on, but when I see she is headed for the meat stall, I jump off; keeping hold of the reins and whip her back mid-jump. The man who runs the stall shakes his fist angrily at me. I try again, with exactly the same scenario again.
      Tags: horse, stab, sweden
    11. Invisible assassin and police/EMT's

      by , 08-20-2010 at 08:07 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      19 Aug

      2 dreams recalled

      1) I was some sort of protector in ancient times (assassins creed universe, schemas FTW). Someone was coming to assassinate an important person P but she wasn't my daughter in the dream. We were feeling pretty smug because we were well fortified. When the assassin came he was invisible but also not solid like a wind. I knew that he was there but the DC that was me didn't (weird, not sure if this was 3rd person). I eventually caught on but pretended not to know when the assassin was close to me I pushed the wind into the wall and it materialized into red marbles that fell to the floor, they quickly started coming together and returning ti their "ethereal" form but we collected them and I put them in a jar that P was holding. Se was a bit careless and almost let the marbles fal to the ground and I had to tell her to be careful.

      2) I'm a police/EMT in hilbrow (most dangerous neighborhood in South Africa which is saying a lot) I'm knew on my job and my partner is a lady, we drive out on a call and I ask her how many call outs we get in a 8 hour shift, she say 6. We travel to the scene but on the way there is a beach and ocean next to us (false logic) I question her about Johannesburg having an ocean and we decide that we are in a tunnel with a projected ocean put there secretly by the government to keep people happy We arrive at our destination and M is bleeding from a stab wound to the shoulder 2 EMT's are already working on him we go and assist. I put my knife on his lap? and use my shirt to help stop the bleeding. We go into his garden to get water and the dream plot changes. I recognize this house because it is in a neighborhood where all the houses are the same. I have false memories of all the people that live in the neighborhood that I know. We go to another house and I have memories or did dream at some point that I was doing webcam chats with the people who lived here, 1 of them was Cacophony? from DV. The chats were sort of voyeuristic in nature they had set up cameras for other people to watch them live there (I had been watching the DV dream tube videos earlier in the day and there's one there by Cacophony). At the house one of us went into a basement thing that had a large machine and tried to operate it but got like sucked in in a conveyer belt or something. We then contacted the owners of the house (Cacophony) who then looked at heir own webcams to tell us how to get the guy out of the machinery, the guy happened to be Walter from Fringe...

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    12. Youtube is EVIL!

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:33 AM
      I'm sitting on my bed, watching Youtube on my computer. It is pitch black outside, and perfectly silent. Judging by the darkness and the quiet atmosphere, it must be like three in the morning. I am the only one awake. The video I am watching is very disturbing. A man is chopping off his own fingers with a steak knife, one by one. He screams so loud it makes my stomach sick. Strangely, there is an English narrator describing the whole event in detail. “And now,” he says, “the man proceeds to chop of his middle finger. Watch closely as the steak knife severs the finger, revealing the inner layers of muscle, and the bone.” Eventually I can’t take it anymore, and I try to turn my computer off. But for some reason, instead of turning off, the volume just gets louder and louder, until my ears hurt. I turn away from the video and cover my ears, but the man’s screaming still manages to get through. I attempt to drown him out by screaming myself, as loud as I can. Everything goes black.

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    13. What People Really Do on Their Yachts

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:32 AM
      In this next clip, I am not included. However, I can see everything clearly through the lens of a video camera. I can tell I am watching a home video taken by a wife of her husband and son. They are on a yacht, sailing around in a little lake on a sunny day. The husband is sitting in a plastic lawn chair by the edge of the boat, but I can’t see his head. The camera is focused on his leg.
      In his hand he holds a large knife. He stretches his leg out on the long chair, and makes a long, deep cut in his leg. Almost instantly his innards spill out of his leg like a bucket of chum being poured out, and it falls into the ocean, leaving a flappy skin-baggy leg behind. The man doesn’t stop there, he continues to mutilate himself. This time, he makes a wide gash across his stomach. Again, his guts and muscles and everything else pour out of him, leaving a skin bag stomach. The little son is crying and screaming in the background. “Daddy, please stop!” he shouts, but the father continues. “Whee, isn’t this fun?” says the mother.

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    14. Stab :P

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:30 AM
      I've been having this one a lot lately.
      I am seventeen. There is nothing around me except darkness. Then, I can hear a woman screaming loudly. Suddenly I can see myself tackling someone to the ground and stabbing them violently in the back. Everything goes black again, but I can still hear the screaming. I’m not sure if it’s me, or the woman I was stabbing.

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    15. 07/08/10 More Dream Fragments

      by , 07-10-2010 at 10:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight I really don't remember anything other than some fragments. My WILD successfully went to another training session with Vegeta, although the one difference here was that MoSh came with me. There were also a few other fragments, but they seemed pretty nonsensical and they were also non-lucid, but here is what I remember.

      *Vegeta's Class*
      My WILD started with me in my inner world. Instead of going directly to Vegeta's class, however, I opened a portal and stepped through into MoSh's inner world where I found myself looking at yet another unfamiliar house.

      I wondered if the house really keeps changing or if my perception of it is screwed up for some reason. I paused to look at the different house for only a short time before going up to the front door and knocking on it. I surveyed the surrounding area while waiting for MoSh or Asuka to come to the door, noting that the rest of the area seemed to remain mostly consistent from one visit to the next one. The door opened and MoSh came out, he appeared ready to go. The big question was whether or not he was lucid and if he would remember any of this dream. Looking at the house one more time, I asked MoSh why his house kept changing. MoSh gave me a strange look as if he thought I was completely mental. I decided not to pursue the matter any further and opened a portal to my inner world just outside of Vegeta and Serena's house. Vegeta approached MoSh and me as soon as we exited the portal, seeming to survey both of us as we entered. He took a closer look at MoSh before saying we should get to training, he knew the exact thing MoSh needed to work on. As I have indicated, I don't remember the training itself very clearly, which Vegeta doesn't seem to see as a problem.

      *Computer Fish*
      I was at a computer store browsing various laptops that were on display. It wasn't myself that I was looking at laptops for, I was looking at the laptops for a friend, though I no longer remember the name of the friend. I poked around at a few laptops that I didn't think could be used for much more than paperweights, they were just too old and slow to be used for anything worthwhile. Even the internet would run at a snail's pace on one of those. I wondered why the computer store I was in even bothered keeping those old dinosaurs on display at all. After searching for what seemed like forever I finally found one computer hidden in the back corner that looked like it was at least somewhat decent. I knew the friend I was shopping for didn't need a top of the line model, but he did want to be able to surf the internet at a decent rate and maybe have a couple other applications running at the same time without crashing the whole system. The computer was password protected, so I started entering guesses until a salesperson came over and gave me the correct code. But now the computer was stuck at a fish screen saver…

      The screen saver was teeming with fish of all colors and sizes; I quickly became distracted from my computer shopping as I manipulated the screen saver to produce more and more outrageous fish on the screen. The salesperson came back and said the computer was for serious customers only and asked me to leave. I knew how to modify the screen saver now, so I thought I could continue playing with it on my home computer.

      I was walking with my friend Alicia down a dark and creepy alley. A light on the back of a building flickered and went out as Alicia and I passed it; I couldn't help but wonder what we were coming this way for at all. The alley way wasn't really much of a shortcut, shaving only a very short distance off of our trip, and it was very creepy.

      We were near the end of the alley when several big thugs stepped out of the shadows and boxed Alicia and me in. Alicia was hiding behind me and whimpering, clearly afraid of what the goons might have in mind. The dim light from the moon reflected off of a blade that one of the men was holding up to show us. He said if we handed over all of our money and jewelry then no one would get hurt. One of the other goons stepped forward and accepted Alicia's purse as she willingly handed it over. Checking my pockets, I realized I didn't have any money or any valuables at all on me. My purse was at home on my bed where I had forgotten to pick it up before leaving to meet Alicia at the park. When I told the thugs this, however, they didn't seem to believe me. The look on the face of the goon in front of me could have curdled milk as he came forward and said he would have either my money or my blood. When I told him I didn't have any money he motioned to the other goons who grabbed my arms while he drove his blade into my stomach all the way up to the hilt. I reflexively doubled over in anticipation of pain, but the pain didn't come. The thug did a double take at the confused look I gave him and stabbed me several more times. No pain, no weakness, no nothing. I started laughing at the man, asking him if that was really the best he could do. He stabbed me in the chest several times, then proceeded to stab his buddy on my right as if thinking somehow the knife wasn't working properly. His buddy fell over, bleeding with a shocked look on his face, bleeding out right in front of us. A look of terror crossed the thug's face as he turned his back and ran down the alley screaming like a little girl, leaving his other buddy still looking perplexed.