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    1. Dream - Flaming Fire Fury (+ Side Note)

      by , 09-13-2017 at 02:23 PM
      I didn't post on here for ages. I'm studying a diploma qualification at the moment and the last weeks of term are always so busy when it comes to any type of studying. The schedule has really messed up the quality of my dreams but now that I have a three week holiday... Hopefully the opportunity arises to get my dreams and contact with my Dream Guide back on track. Just wanted to tell you where I was in case anyone was wondering for the past month or so:

      Date of Dream: THU 24 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 184 - Flaming Fire Fury

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember; my family, JO and JH were getting ready to go out somewhere. Some family friends were over at my house and so I was keen to show them the dress that I was wearing. The dream scene went to me looking in my bedroom mirror. I was wearing a short, light blue dress with black straps and some lavender coloured jewellery.

      Then there was a different dream scene altogether, in a different location. It was in some random garage-like room and I was wanting to change into a lavender dress to match the jewellery. Interestingly enough, the dress was going to be in the exact same style, just in a different colour. So I was taking off my light blue dress when this random silhouette of a lady appears on the other side of the curtained window... The voice is constantly yelling at me to hurry up.

      She yells at me so often that I eventually forced to stop what I am doing and so therefore, find myself continuing a portion of the dream naked, or as I felt it, at least top half naked. I go to the other side of this garage room, where the door to the outside is. As it opens, the lady that was yelling at me comes forth from outside. I ended up getting really cross with her and telling her off for what she had done. I find that my temper is actually getting higher and higher and I soon also get hot. I clearly stated, in anger, that I was going to let out the most awful fire fury.

      I end up taking a deep breath in and literally, I see flames blasting out of my mouth at the lady. The flames had really affected her but I wasn't done. I shifted my elemental powers to only a bit of ice, which was not ice itself but rather really cold air... It had paralysed her movements, made her helpless and shoved her out the door. I then turned around and noticed that some invisible wall was up to where I planned to go back to. I whispered to myself “the room now seems to be guarded by fire” and then I said to the invisible barrier, something like “allow us access, do not deny us”.

      I felt this energy as if the fire barrier was letting me through. When I got to the other side, my assumption of fire guarding the room became true as I got extremely hot and started to sweat. All throughout the dream, I did manage to find some time for Easter egg hunts and in this room, I found a whole heap of Easter eggs laying in a bowl. I thought that there were the eggs that my little cousin collected and beat me to. I tried to remove the wrapper off one of the eggs but it was melted from the heat that the excess of the fire element was creating. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Snowed In (use your ice abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Paralysed the lady with a blast of cold air and then shot her out the door.
      - Burnt To A Crisp (use your fire abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Breathed fire on the lady and afterwards, the room became surrounded by the remaining energy of this element.
    2. Crystal dagger, shared dream memory within the dream

      by , 04-11-2013 at 04:34 PM
      Before bed: I was trying to re-program my dream body, for 5-10 mins I imagined sending energy and setting the intent for my dream body to become aware when it had the upper hand (i.e. when I was dreaming)

      Result: I am not sure if it was because of this, it actually took me quite a long time to fall asleep, because every time I would drift off, my body would react, for ex. my leg would twitch (I think this is a hypnic jerk?), so I would awaken. Or just as the HI dreamlets began to form, I would realize it and wake up, then go to the restroom, then I would awaken too much. Perhaps my intending was working, but I probably should have used this suggestion technique in WBTB and not when falling asleep initially.

      Dream1: Two of my best school friends were playing a kind of game, where each would listen to a song, then share some secret thoughts they had. In the dream I know there are maybe 11 or 12 songs, I remember a certain song, but it does not belong to this album. I cannot remember the last two songs, so my friend goes online to find out which those songs are.

      Dream2: Politics again. I see the mayor having an affair with some popular all-night-long party woman, there is also a video of this. I contemplate a lot whether to tell my mom, who supports the mayor, about this whole story. I finally decide to invite her over and show her the video, which shows the two kissing. My mom does not believe any of it and still strongly supports the mayor. What is more, it turns out that she has managed to book a seat and take part in some kind of conference with her favourite politicians.

      Dream3: I am looking at photo of one of my favourite teachers, then a former classmate appears next to me, she tells me something. On my other side another classmate2 (DS) appears. Now, I am looking at some jewellery made from semi-precious stones. As I am looking at the jewellery, classmate2 tells me that some kind of pink type of stone is the best.[not sure if such a stone exists IRL], it looks like a mix between rose quartz and jasper. She then tells me that she has some kind of dagger/wand made from that stone and some more info about it.


      At that moment I remember that we already have had this conversation in a dream, and I tell her that I had a dream about that. She then replies me that she remembers the dream too. Wow! I go out on the street and begin to tell the story to myself, as if I just awoke and will be writing this in my dream journal. Instead, I begin writing this story on the pavement…

      Obviously someone I do not want to meet will soon arrive there, and my friend recommends that I leave the place now. I try to stop a taxi, but it is not a taxi actually, some white old Mercedes with some people and lots of junk in it. I jump on it, trying to use it as a ride to the next station. I get off and fly past some Chinese fast food stall and pick up some chicken skewers, they fly away without paying.


      I reach our first home, I am on the street. I look and see my mom there, I don’t want her to know that I am here, so I hide behind a tree. I am waiting but it starts to rain and my tablet is wet, but it is water resistant, and this is a dream so that’s why nothing happens to it. [Really!] I put it in my backpack.

      Fragment4: It was during the night and we were in some pub like place. It was 2:30 am and all the shops closed, but the pub was still open. We are outside, I look back at this actually unpleasant place and say to my friends from school “Even though this is a terrible place and we do ourselves so much harm here, I actually love it!”….

      Updated 04-15-2013 at 03:20 PM by 61764

      non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment , side notes
    3. The Jewellery Store (Between August 15 2011 and August 16 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 01:17 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a mall
      I enter the mall and go to a Jewellery

      I dont like what i see on the first Jewellery
      store, so i leave the store and go to another Jewellery

      On this second one, there´s another costumer beside me customer.

      I look at the owner, who is behind the counter.

      He´s around thirty years old, has black hair and a brown cream shirt.

      He complimented me and asked me if he can help in anything.

      I tell him I'm interested in seeing the papier maché package of a ring, and that i want to know the price of a thick silver silver necklace.

      He and the client have a strange behaviour during the time I'm talking, they look like they´re not understanding very well what I´m saying.

      Comment: It seems that during the time I speak, the owner and the client freeze...I think i was close to lucidity, as during the time they were frozen, I realized that there was something wrong, something unreal in all that...

      The owner and the customer return to normal and the owner tells me he thinks he can help.

      The owner begins to show me different jewelry.

      The counters are made of dark brown wood,they look a bit old; the counters have glass, both on the shelves and on each side of the counters.

      Herein appears the owner of the first Jewellery store where I entered before.

      It´s S.

      She shows up and starts looking for anything on display in this Jewellery store.

      She says, "Okay, I'll have to sell here."

      From what I understand, it seems that S will sell some of her merchandise in this jewlery, but she will keep the profits.
      The owner of this Jewellery store does not seem to matter.

      I look to S, and I notice that she has a very prominent forehead ....
      I look better and notice two tops in her head, like two misshapen and large blisters.

      I go to another store that has clothing and surf articles.

      I enter the store and i see a blue bodyboard on the wall.
      Behind the counter of this store is S A.

      Me and the owner of the second jewelry are eating something at a bakery in the shopping.

      During the breakfast he says that he would eat S's pussy if I could.
      I turn to him and tell him I know S from elementry,throughout high school.

      He is embarrassed for saying what he said to me.