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    1. 7 Feb: School reunion, Ben Affleck and Joseph-Gordon-Levitt in a court full of vampires

      by , 02-07-2019 at 09:51 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Primary school reunion, I am looking hot in a tight dress and high heels, but can't recognize anyone and no one recognizes me. My mom shows up and joins me. It's in a cool bar with half the menu vegan. We sit down to chose a snack, my mom wants some potatoes they serve with different dressings, but I am more into sweets. It is so hard to choose so I just eat the sprouts they serve as salad. A girl that looks familiar sits with us and we start talking about the traffic in town, how it is always blocked for some construction.
      Then I have to walk Hachi and she comes with me as I walk through town.
      It turns day and I pass by the court. Inside I see Ben Affleck as a lawyer working there and decide to check it out. My dog is now a baby in a stroller, so I go inside with him. The baby is Joseph Gordon-Levitt (!). I see Ben Affleck talking to a client, then welcoming another client who comments he is using the same shirt from last week. He says it is just similar. I don't have a reason to be there so I just go look around discreetly. Meanwhile I no longer have the baby.
      I go to the toilet and bump with a lady that acts strangely. Actually, I notice something very wrong about a few people that I saw in the hallway. And then the lady tries to attack me. They have been bit by vampires and are turning. Luckily I am a vampire slayer and I have some special daggers to kill them. Some are easy to kill with one blow, but others seem to resist magically and are only wounded, even when I stab them in the heart and the head. Don't know why they are so powerful and when I get surrounded by three of them I feel scared. Suddenly rays of light shine through the building and the vampires disappear.
    2. #218. Witch vs. Witch

      by , 09-14-2015 at 07:12 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favour fire...

      Infiltrating a sorority/fraternity and it's terrible. And my female SHIELD agent is covering for the fact that Captain America is terrible at undercover work.

      Now I'm part of a group of three people who are living semi-harmoniously in an older part of town. We have some interesting projects on the go, like improving playgrounds and adding giant transparent red walls to sidewalks so that people have to zigzag through.

      I'm looking through a catalogue that has sheaths for ritual daggers that are being advertised pinned to the pages. There are daggers for earth, air, fire and water, and unsurprisingly I'm interested in the fire one.

      And then I remember that I already have a ritual dagger. I turn it over in my hand. The blade is pure silver in the dream, unlike the real one.

      I'm walking down a road, trying to find my way back to the original path.I know that if it takes too long to get back, I'll lose the thread of the dream, so I hold out a hand to the end of the street and soar towards it.

      The street I want to take is the second from the end, but I can't find it, because the second path is now an alley that goes into someone's backyard. I follow the path and find a raspberry bush, and I look around for a basket. I decide that there will be one on the deck when I go to find it, but there's only a box that holds some kindling. I empty out the kindling onto the pile of smaller pieces of wood.

      I look around and see an old, dying tree, and all I can notice is that the branches are so dead that they'd make great kindling for the cabin owner's fire.

      There are workmen in the backyard. Apparently there are signs saying that they'd be in the area.

      I'm Dean Winchester now. Sam and I know that when you get caught somewhere, you pretend that you belong there, so we approach the workmen and strike up a conversation.

      They're vampires, as it turns out.

      There's a fight.

      I drive a stake into one man's chest—

      wait, that's zombies in this universe

      —and my silver dagger appears in my hand. I swing it around and slice into the vampire's neck as I throw my weight forward. The vampire stumbles, still off-balance from the stake, and I'm behind him, slicing into his throat and grabbing at his hair so that I can fully behead him.

      (There's an argument as to whether this works according to the rules of the game. I win.)

      There are bodies all over the back yard, now. We're going to have to burn them.

      I grab wood from the shed out back and set to covering our dead vamps with lumber and kindling. I'm lighting the shed itself on fire when I hear a shout.

      The man who appears was a friend of John Winchester's, and he's angry that his property is going up in flames.

      I'm trying to choke him out without killing him. He struggles, and it's not working, but then he changes tactics and tries to grab at my ears and pull.

      I decide that it's a trope of the genre that you can hit someone over the head and knock them out without being at risk of killing them, so one of us hits him over the head with the butt of a rifle.

      Fire burns, and the old tree from earlier provides us with as much kindling as we need. I go over to the cabin, and realize that there's meat drying in the racks along the outside wall. My stomach churns as I realize that it's cursed all to hell—I don't want to think about what kind of meat has gone into the ground meat patties that are sitting on the rack, but there's a telltale haze of angry spirits hanging around the meat. Somehow, at least one of them is an ancient, powerful indigenous spirit, how the fucking hell...

      I set it all on fire.

      A blonde, average-sized woman with curly hair enters the yard, looking curious. "What's going on?" she asks, looking genuinely curious.

      Because all we need is another civilian to knock out and haul away before they die of smoke inhalation.

      "Ma'am," I start—

      She looks past me. "You know, certain spirits are actually freed when you burn them."

      Witch, I think. Of the Supernatural-style variety. I run forward, brandishing my knife, and she laughs as I plunge it into her chest. Light explodes from the place where the knife stabbed into her, and she soars up into the sky, a being of pure white light and destruction.

      I turn around to deal with the spirit, and I think I'm calling up an explosion of—hellfire, soulfire?—and it's enveloped completely.

      My long black cloak trails out behind me as I crash into the other witch, tearing into her. I snarl as I grab part of her cloak—pull it away with part of her essence as a ripping, tearing noise fills the air—and shoot past her. There are three of us, beings of darkness and the night, tearing through the sky and tearing into the thing of light that wants only to destroy.

      Darkness can be a force for good in the world just as light can, and both can snuff out life as well as they can extend it. All we need—I think, flying at the other witch—is for some idiot to think that the good guy is being outnumbered here just because they're burning with Light.
    3. 24th Sep 2013 Random game and Surviving a nuke

      by , 09-24-2013 at 11:01 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Got random lucid during normal sleep, low awareness though, couldn't remember goals and stuff. The part of dream before it though... quite an experience i should say.

      Dream 1:

      I was playing a game and apparently it was some kind of MMO, i've just created character and had just starting equipment, which was some kind of dagger. I was playing with somebody and he knew a number of things about the game, and i couldn't even figure out the HUD for some reason. We had to fight through various enemies and during looting i've found random dagger, which looked almost exactly like mine, but i've decided to use it instead. It was dealing massive damage to enemies, even more so than any weapon of who i was playing with.
      After some more fights we came across a shop, which was still full of enemies. After cleaning it and accidentally cutting shopkeeper a few times, which he ignored due to being mostly invincible NPC, we checked shop itself. I had like 10k ish coins while other player had like 10 million. He bough some stuff and i've bought custom dagger crafting, menu appeared where i could select a few options and elements and then i've got new dagger, it costed 10k though. Testing it on nearby enemies i've found out that it's much weaker than the one i found, then i figured out how to look up stats. Well the dagger i've found had like +250 to attack, of attack base of dagger being 10... Waste of 10k coins.
      We went on further and soon reached some sky island/castle area, we went through a few jumping puzzles and soon were in. There were no enemies here and it was kinda empty. I found two big tall areas with spiraling staircases, one of which had sky embedded in it somehow, looked pretty cool.

      Dream 2:

      I am at home with family and we are talking about some things, that continues for a while until i hear someone announcing something through speaker from a helicopter passing by, it was something about incoming nuke. Everyone but me starts panicking, and then a minute later, i see a huge missile coming, it hits somewhere nearby and there's sound of huge explosion. More people panic, but i just stay and say "Well then... good bye, this world". It starts getting really hot and soon the 'wave' of explosion itself hits. Everything turns into rubble and people burn to bones. My body is in pain and quite burned, but i am apparently still mostly ok. I slowly walk through rubble, still in pain, soon i reach the 'edge' of explosion, which is still exploding, and i jump out of it. Some random person comes and then suddenly i am in a room with lots of tables, there are other people who survived apparently, or something.
      Confused for a second, i think, it could be a dream or something, i ask that person and he says something along the line "Only you can know".
      Yeah ofcourse, i should do reality check, so i do it and look at my hands, they are pretty weird and different number of fingers so yes, this is dream. I try hard to think of what to do but for some reason not much comes to mind... Then thought of dream food comes and i just go 'Well, why not?'. I ask nearby DC to get me some food of his choice, he goes away and i wait for him sitting near table. He comes back with a glass of what looks like milk, i drink a bit but it don't tastes much, i ask DC what's that and he responds with something along the line of "You should know". Then dream quickly fades and i wake up.
    4. Crystal dagger, shared dream memory within the dream

      by , 04-11-2013 at 04:34 PM
      Before bed: I was trying to re-program my dream body, for 5-10 mins I imagined sending energy and setting the intent for my dream body to become aware when it had the upper hand (i.e. when I was dreaming)

      Result: I am not sure if it was because of this, it actually took me quite a long time to fall asleep, because every time I would drift off, my body would react, for ex. my leg would twitch (I think this is a hypnic jerk?), so I would awaken. Or just as the HI dreamlets began to form, I would realize it and wake up, then go to the restroom, then I would awaken too much. Perhaps my intending was working, but I probably should have used this suggestion technique in WBTB and not when falling asleep initially.

      Dream1: Two of my best school friends were playing a kind of game, where each would listen to a song, then share some secret thoughts they had. In the dream I know there are maybe 11 or 12 songs, I remember a certain song, but it does not belong to this album. I cannot remember the last two songs, so my friend goes online to find out which those songs are.

      Dream2: Politics again. I see the mayor having an affair with some popular all-night-long party woman, there is also a video of this. I contemplate a lot whether to tell my mom, who supports the mayor, about this whole story. I finally decide to invite her over and show her the video, which shows the two kissing. My mom does not believe any of it and still strongly supports the mayor. What is more, it turns out that she has managed to book a seat and take part in some kind of conference with her favourite politicians.

      Dream3: I am looking at photo of one of my favourite teachers, then a former classmate appears next to me, she tells me something. On my other side another classmate2 (DS) appears. Now, I am looking at some jewellery made from semi-precious stones. As I am looking at the jewellery, classmate2 tells me that some kind of pink type of stone is the best.[not sure if such a stone exists IRL], it looks like a mix between rose quartz and jasper. She then tells me that she has some kind of dagger/wand made from that stone and some more info about it.


      At that moment I remember that we already have had this conversation in a dream, and I tell her that I had a dream about that. She then replies me that she remembers the dream too. Wow! I go out on the street and begin to tell the story to myself, as if I just awoke and will be writing this in my dream journal. Instead, I begin writing this story on the pavement…

      Obviously someone I do not want to meet will soon arrive there, and my friend recommends that I leave the place now. I try to stop a taxi, but it is not a taxi actually, some white old Mercedes with some people and lots of junk in it. I jump on it, trying to use it as a ride to the next station. I get off and fly past some Chinese fast food stall and pick up some chicken skewers, they fly away without paying.


      I reach our first home, I am on the street. I look and see my mom there, I don’t want her to know that I am here, so I hide behind a tree. I am waiting but it starts to rain and my tablet is wet, but it is water resistant, and this is a dream so that’s why nothing happens to it. [Really!] I put it in my backpack.

      Fragment4: It was during the night and we were in some pub like place. It was 2:30 am and all the shops closed, but the pub was still open. We are outside, I look back at this actually unpleasant place and say to my friends from school “Even though this is a terrible place and we do ourselves so much harm here, I actually love it!”….

      Updated 04-15-2013 at 03:20 PM by 61764

      non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment , side notes
    5. after a mysterious girl, and killing...

      by , 05-25-2012 at 10:32 PM
      At the park going around riding a bike, (bmx bike) then I went down mainstreet and saw some girl that was doing something strange, (I don't remember exactly what she was doing that was strange, something that indicated she was a robot or something like that)
      I had some rope that I swung around and snow came out. (no idea why this made so much sense in my dream) I was swinging it around and getting snow on things, I forget the reason that I needed to get snow on stuff. Then I followed the girl up some road that went up a hill. There was some other stuff that went on but I don't remember what.. Next scene I was back the road to my house in my moms suv, we were going towards the highway (me and some other girl, it wasn't claire or the girl from earlier) that I knew for some reason was a bad guy and was following, the girl driving the car was probably in her 20's and she had darker color hair, she was my partner for right now and we were following the robot girl from earlier. The car ahead of us pulled off left on the highway and started gong down away from town. But we turned right, I got confused and looked over at my partner asking her why we weren't following the car. She said something and I realized that she was really an enemy that was supposed to kill me, she started swerving the vehicle back and forth really fast and I had to lean over and grab the wheel to keep us from crashing. She punched at me and was obviously going to try and take us into a brutal crash at 70+ miles an hour.
      I then remembered that I keep the dagger in the side pocket of the passenger door and grabbed it.
      (I keep one there in real life, mainly because that's the only place that I won't lose it) I get it in my hand and get ready to stab her, but all of a sudden I have a really hard time stabbing her, I hesitate (only for about a half a second) and think that she is my partner and really pretty and I would hate to kill her, that we've been through so much together and... I force those thoughts out of my head and stab the dagger into her neck.
      (one of the things that I remember is the sound of it going in and going through her windpipe.. that'll be something I remember for a long time to come )
      she struggles and is obviously in much pain, she begins to cry as she struggles for breath. I feel really bad and almost cry too but I am so desperate to save my life. The vehicle is slowing down a bit on the road. I look at her, she looks so helpless right now I hate it so much, she looks at me and I can just tell that she wishes she was really on my side. (I am flooded with false memories of things that we did together and missions that we completed)
      I look down at the dagger which has blood all over it and look back at her as I get ready to stab her again to kill her.
      "Sorry." I say and I plunge the dagger into her heart I see her eyes get wide and then she goes limp. There's blood all over me and the seat.
      I wake up shaking and disoriented.
      Tags: dagger, killing, robot
    6. Weapons

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:49 AM
      I was at work. Up in the delivery bay (I work part time at a sports store) were some of my friends as well as people I didn't recognise. My friends were at the front of the people who were in rows, facing them.

      Walking downstairs towards the shop floor, a man started shooting a machine gun at me. Somehow I got the gun and started firing back. The bullets were unpredictable and slow and the man managed to escape by running down the stairs towards the fire exit.
      I ran out of ammo and I knew he was coming back. I ran onto the shop floor and towards the other end of the store, which was the tills. There was an empty rail in the way, which I slide under. I got to tills but the man had followed closely with a dagger.

      I struggled with the man for a while but finally stabbed me wih the small dagger in the side of the neck. The man then ran off. I didn't removed the dagger. I fell to the floor. No one was calling 999. I started to panic.
    7. Lucid Dream 218: Wandering Samurai

      by , 04-26-2011 at 04:00 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 15, 2011
      Lucid Dream 218: Wandering Samurai
      Series: Fearless, Episode 5

      ....after a few brief moments, I woke and entered right back into the dream state. I stood up and noticed I was standing on a a narrow stretch of a beach. There were hotels on my immediate right and only seemed to be about 20 feet away. The water on my left was also about 20 feet away. I slowly walked down the beach and took in the scenery as I gave the dream time to establish itself (settle in). For some reason, the way I was walking reminded me of Rurouni Kenshin. I decided to act as if I were a samurai. I attempted to summon a sword, but I only could make the hilt appear. I held on to it and acted as if it were a full sword. I began slicing through clothes lines and other object as I walked around the buildings (which were now on the sand and water line). Moments later, I noticed I was now holding a long sword. I reached into my pocket and felt around until I found what I was looking for. I pulled out a dagger.

      Now fully equipped I just wandered around the beach area looking for something interesting. I got a sense that someone was following me. I looked over my shoulder and saw a ninja decked out in all black. The ninja saw me looking at him and pretended to be admiring a nearby bush. I laughed at his attempt to play off the fact he was following me (especially since he was a decked out ninja ). I walked slowly and could feel that he had gotten close to me. I spun around quickly and stuck my sword up to his throat in an instant. I noticed that it wasn't the ninja at all. It was now an old lady and she looked terrified. I let her go and told her to never walk up behind a samurai again. I could see several ninjas in the background walking in my direction. I turned and jumped up on the roof of the nearest building.

      I now saw that the ninjas were running toward me, but they were still a good ways off. I noticed there was someone standing on the roof with me. He spoke and removed his hood. It was Samuel L. Jackson. He said, "The syndicate has brought you some supplies. Now, you don't have to kill everything. You can use one of these bad boys." He handed me a smoke grenade and some rations. The rations looked like coaster sized pieces of corn bread. I stuffed them into my pocket and tossed the smoke grenade down on the beach below. I looked at Samuel L and said, "They will all die." I noticed a couple ninjas running into the smoke. I leapt off the top of the building and fell down on top of the two ninjas. I plunged the dagger and sword into the necks of the two ninjas as I landed on them (assassins creed style). I stood up and licked the blood off of my sword. It tasted like strawberry. Samuel L was still on top of the roof. I looked up at him, spread my arms wide and gave a smirk. He shook his head and said, "Now you've done it. The entire clan will be after you." I smiled and said, "It won't be the first time I've fought a bunch of ninjas." I noticed there was a large group of them approaching. I wanted a larger area to work in, so I ran away as they gave chase.

      I soon came to an open area. It was a playground, but it was on the sand. There were seesaws, merry-go-rounds, slides, swings, etc. The ninjas arrived and started popping out from all sides at once. I shouted, "Feel the wrath of the reverse blade!" I began slicing them up. I performed several neck plunges with my dagger. I also cut a few of the ninjas' heads clean off. I decided to make it more, "Jackie Chan style." I started using the playground equipment around me to fight. I pushed the marry-go-round and hopped on. I sliced up ninjas as I spun around the merry-go-round. I jumped off and the whole dream scene had scrambled a bit. We were still in a playground, but everything was in different places and there were some new equipment as well (those weird animal rocking things and some of those green plastic turtle sandboxes). I climbed up the slide and a the ninjas closed in around it. They were fighting like the foot clan in the old ninja turtles movies (they would wait their turns and come at me one or two at a time while the others stood in the background and moved around menacingly). I slid down the slide and sliced several conveniently placed ninjas (they were standing right beside the slide). I ran into the middle of a gang of them and decided to let them close in on me. I then held out my arms wide. One was holding the sword and the other, the dagger. I then spun real fast in circle and sliced them up with a helicopter like motion. The dream began to fade and I allowed myself to wake, so I wouldn't forget anything.

      Series Details
      Join all the action in the dream series, "Fearless." You never know what I may run into, but you can guarantee I'm ready for a fight. Stay tuned for more blades, guns, and explosions in this series!