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    1. April 18, 2018

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:19 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The idea was I was a child of Chris Brown and I was taking an exam. I must've been 3 or 4 years old. In this suburban house was a room on the first floor with a bunch of other kids taking the exam except they were cheating. We were afraid the teacher would come in and catch us. I went to the third floor and went to the back of the room to cheat on the test by using my phone. I remember someone telling me to use quizlet to cheat but I never brought my phone up to look up answers. The test was about 50 questions but I only managed to get through 15 or so. On the top floor Chris and a bunch of other adults came up and a lot was going on.
    2. Lucid at last, Friday night

      by , 08-13-2016 at 05:43 PM
      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Blue

      Had read patiences dream journal last thing and tried copying her mantra before bed.

      Had some dreams, usual repeating stuff and woke up at 3.23am was real pissed of that I couldn't recall much, went through a mini crisis
      and prayed for some improvement, finally got off to sleep at about 5am
      WBTB trying to relax as patience had specified.

      It worked! I got 2 lucids.

      D1 - In an open plan office with lots of long desks with computers on them and swivel chairs. I came back from lunch to find I had no desk of my own. I walked around feeling sad then sat down next to someone.
      I used my powers to create my own virtual screen that was connected to their computer and started typing away. They looked around looking quite perplexed.
      Another worker joked with me and laughed at what I was doing.

      D2 - Back in the office with the guy joking. He showed me some paintings his son had done. Next I was at his house and it was nigh time. Downstairs, I am with the kids in the hallway. They want to play and I am lucid, the three kids have there coats on, hoods up. I ask one "Where are we going?". He says something I cannot understand as he is only little. I ask his big sister and she replies "Garden" (Interact with a Dream Character). I head out the back door but it is very dark and cold. The children follow and immediately one starts howling as either it is to cold or to dark to play out and they are upset .I fly (flying) up into the night sky and wonder if I can change it to day so we can play out. The sky changes from all dark to the top half day and the bottom half still night (Unspecified Dream Control).
      I look around and see a supermarket in the distance with its lights on, no fun there I decide and turn around in the sky. I see a music venue open and fly to it. When I get inside there are 3 glamorous young ladies dressed in tight fitting trousers and tops.
      I turn to see they have 3 partners in the same outfits with stars on. They look like they are in a dance competition or something.

      Infact they are in the section where there is a pool table and a section above where people are looking down. I make the pool cue fly into my hand then I make the cloth that is attached to it fly around like a whip gathering up all the balls making staccato clacking noises (Use an Ordinary Object to Perform Dream Control). I then use telekinesis to make all the balls line up in a long line down the middle of the pool table (Mass Telekinesis).
      After all that showing off, i am about to begin the match...when I wake up.
      (First DILD of the Night)

      D3 - Some boys have been causing trouble at some shops and my little kid brother (kid from dream two who howled (Chain a Lucid Dream)) is banging sharp pens into them stapling them to a building as punishment. A security guard comes along. i realise I am dreaming and grab my little bro and fly up with him to the top of the building. The guard is still waving up at us crossly. I decide to fly across to the shopping precinct across the main street below. I dive off the building but instead of flying I go into freefall and panic. The little boys extra weight makes me think I can't fly with him. I almost hit the pavement hearing the guard looming closer and closer but pull out of the dive and zoom up into the air. I land down the other side of the street. We are still being chased and I zoom into the upper gallery of the shop. It is all metal and glass. For some reason it is night again now and we have become small. I fly from room to room hiding from the guard who follows us into the building. We escape outside.

      D4 - I am back in the office from D1 and am looking at the outfit a woman is wearing it is incredibly vibrant. She is wearing all dark brown and I can see minute scales making up the surface of her blouse. She also has a little cap and mini skirt of the same material.
      She has blonde wavy hair, we start chatting and giggling. We are working together opening some large envelopes with lattice style labels on them. She goes over to the door and when the boss is not looking makes funny faces at me. We are clearly getting on well and arrange to go for a drink later.

      D5 - Outside the shopping precinct on a sunny day. I find the woman from D4 but she is a kid. And from the looks of things she is not human but more like a rag doll with a green polka dot dress. We are looking around and I see suspended above the pavement a large card. It is white with writing in brown ink and decorated with pink icing. It is a birthday invitation. I read it and then think maybe it has some other significance and that the dream is giving me a message so I try and read it again. It now says something completely different but nothing that seems important. I take the girl/doll under my arm and we fly to her cottage in the brilliant sunshine. I am still worried about the guard from before and fly low over the flowery grass to her place. I see other kids making their way there too.

      D6 - I am working in an office looking at student application forms. There is a strange form for photos which has spaces for about 30 photos. There is confusion about where your photo should go. Someone says it depends on what country you are from. I say it is to do with the council number of the place you live in. Lol very exciting NOT.

      Tags: brown, fly, student
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    3. A day at the office

      by , 01-02-2016 at 06:51 PM
      D1 - Siren was in my dream as a fellow teacher but me being such a "spiritual" person I remonstrated her when she complained about some paperwork. Saying "All is perfect, if you remember the way of the Tao".
      I don't remember what happened after that, maybe she k.o'ed me ^^ the way of the wronged

      D2 - At work again, I notice something strange about the office photo, everyone is standing around with the photocopier in the background. However I notice that four of the employees all have the same sticky up black hair (not unlike a mop) they are clearly all related.
      The dream then splits as I turn the photo into a DT project cutting it in half so I can put a hinge on it and real black mop hair as a cover at the top Oo.

      D3 - back in class I haven't preped for a lesson on something - science. I quiz a load of unusually tall and snooty girls outside (same brown blazers as mindcontrol ones) about contents of lesson. I get some equipment together and soldier on not knowing what i'm doing with my class.
      Tags: brown, class, hair, work
    4. The Smart, Hostile Mansion

      by , 09-08-2014 at 02:22 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was now living in this huge old mansion. I was a new resident. It was like a smart house (if anyone's ever seen the Disney Original Movie "Smart House") where it knew its residents and whatnot. When you walked in the front door, you were in a small living area. There were chairs and couches to your right, and a fireplace to your left. On the wall above the fireplace was a small picture that looked like it had fallen onto the mantle. If you were not a resident and a resident had not announced their presence in the house (they literally had to say their name to the house; the house couldn't detect who the person was, but knew their voice and their name), the picture would rise up onto the wall, expand and you'd see that it looked like a huge painting of a man's who looked like Beethoven's face and bust. He would take on an angry expression, would glow electric blue for a second, and then shoot electric blue lasers out of his eyes at whoever was intruding and instantly kill them, turning them into a pile of dust on the floor.

      I was in the car with my mom. She was driving, and I was sitting in the passenger's side seat. Someone else was sitting in one of the back seats, but I'm not sure who it was. We were going to meet up at the house I grew up in with a bunch of women from Dallas and I's wedding: My bridesmaids, mother-in-law, etc. Everyone was going to wear the bridesmaids' dresses that I had my bridesmaids wear. I didn't want to go. Not at all. We were going to be out late, and I didn't want to. I kept thinking about the next day and how I was going to the beach with my mom and dad, but I kept going back and forth on that one, thinking maybe I wouldn't go, but then deciding that I wanted to go because it was the beach.

      Anyway, so in the car, we were painting our nails. They had to be a certain color, brown, because all the ladies at the get together were doing it. I had a base coat of chipped purple nail polish on my toes already, but re-did the ones that were really chipped. My big toe on my right foot had some very chipped polish on it. I touched it with my finger, and it rubbed right off. Guess I needed to redo that one as well. I asked my mom to give me a base coat, except for I called it a "top coat", and she gave me some hot pink sparkly nail polish. I had expected her to hand me some clear polish. Apparently, you could pretty much use any color as a base coat. I started to use it. There was a lot of polish bottles around me now, the colors I remember being sparkly white, the sparkly hot pink my mom gave me, and a dark purple. I was using all the colors to paint my toenails with their base coat. At one point, I was using my finger instead of a brush. I was then painting either my nails or my finger nails now using what I thought was brown, at least it looked brown to me, but I was actually using the dark purple. I then noticed that it looked like a lighter brown with a shimmer because of the purple.

      There was also this bottle of off-white sparkly nail polish that looked like it had some red or pink in it from dipping the wrong brush into it. It got dumped out the window, my window, either by my mom or the other person in the car.
      "Don't do that! You're wasting it!" I said.

      My brother's fiance' then called me. She seemed a little irritated.
      "What time?" she asked.
      "7:30," I replied.
      "It's until 7:30!?" she then asked, thinking that she was going to miss it.
      "No, it starts at 7:30," I replied.
      "Oh, ok," she said. She then hung up.

      Then, we were at my new house, the mansion. Apparently, someone in the party wanted to see it. We would only be there for a little bit. We were then in the house, and I was standing on one of the chairs across from the fire place. No one that was with me went past the point of no return. I had also, for some reason, not yet announced my presence. A group of other people then came in. First, a girl who looked kind of dorky/like a girl scout came in, followed by a group of people who just wanted to see the mansion. Oh shit. They were all casually walking towards the point of no return. Some then started to pass it, angering the picture. It came to life and started to zap them with its laser eye beams. It sounded like photon torpedoes from Star Trek: The Original Series. Many people turned to dust on the floor, and the people behind them kept walking like nothing was happening! What the fuck! I was yelling at them to stop, but no one was listening. They eventually got zapped too; this thing didn't miss a beat. I noticed one of my bridesmaids was about to pass the point, and I told her not to, and she stopped and backed off. She was a girl I don't know IWL. She was quite tall and had on a long, blue and white tie-dyed flowy summer dress.

      The house then was raging because so many people had tried to breach the security. These holographic-but-real giant blue bowling balls started to bounce towards us. I was knocking them back and protecting myself from getting hit. They felt heavy, but not as hard as bowling balls. This went on for awhile. When it ended, my dad, who was apparently there, jumped in front of the fire place in a volley ball bumping stance, like he was ready to take on more bowling balls.

      I then looked out a window to my right that went outside, and saw the holographic-but-real guard dog, who was a little beagle. He was sitting under an overhang chewing on too-ripe bananas. They would pop out of their skin from one of their ends and splatter on the ground. I peeked around to see the splatter, which was just out of my sight, and saw the splatter was black. Weird. It had something to do with the trespassers, like a kind of threat or something. I then started to call the dog, seeing if I could get a voice recognition on my name.
      "Hey! It's Krista Glory!" I said to the dog a few times.
      He didn't hear me though. I "remembered" when I had told the house my name and the dog would appear and run up to me and be excited to see me. This dog must be set on some sort of mode to where he couldn't hear me or was programmed to ignore everything except for the security breach.


      I woke up and wondered where "Krista Glory" came from (my last name is NOT Glory and never has been IWL). Yay dream logic. I love it. XD

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    5. Muggle-born Rights

      by , 10-11-2013 at 02:23 AM (Casting Shadows)
      I "am" Harry Potter. I am talking to Hermione Granger and she is telling me about how hard it is to be Muggle-born. We start to reminisce and the scene goes back in time to when Hermione and I first went to Diagon Alley.

      Diagon Alley is a part of Gringotts Wizarding Bank, which is underground; practically everything is brown. There are "sections," or little trails, for all of the shops. Specifically, there are two caves that lead to the Gringotts vaults: one is for Muggle-borns; the other is for anyone who has at least one close Wizarding relative.

      I am with Hagrid, as he is my guide through Diagon Alley. I briefly look backwards to watch Hermione, dripping wet with only a thin sheet to cover up her nakedness, is taken down the cave for the Muggle-borns.

      Hagrid is taking me to get my wand, but I have to fight to get it. He shows me to a hole in the ground where there are several small dinosaurs and it becomes clear that he and I will have to defeat all of these over-grown lizards so that I can get my wand. Since he and I can only use our bare hands, we fight the little beasts for what seems like forever. By the time we get to around three I start to feel better, as surely it won't be long before I get a wand (and then I will never have to fight like this again!), but no such luck: the dinosaurs suddenly regenerate and I feel like giving up. Surely there is no possible way to win!
    6. Sep 21, 2012 - Magick 3-1-1

      by , 10-10-2012 at 06:15 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Mountains. Climb. Train. Shortcut. One of us can see far.
      False awakening. lucid. Sleep paralysis. Dark vision of my right arm.


      Ticket? French fries. eminor. Book by Rob. A. WES. Many people. Smoke. Trivia. The first and second was easy but I can't light my cigar. Third one missed: I am wrong. A woman asked me if I have research magick 3-1-1. I gave her a blank stare. She said that I'm not the advanced magician she thought I was. Remembered her from a meeting with Rob or elsewhere. Theosophy. She's Rose. She showed me a brown pipe. Asked if they deliver to the province. She just gave it. Her room or sanctuary was borrowed there for a few days. 30% of it? 30% of her soul? Explored the sanctuary. Mind and body retraining.
    7. So this Guy Walks into a Bar...

      by , 10-30-2011 at 02:36 PM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      I can't remember much, just I was at a bar (I'm not even old enough yet) and I was talking to this guy about something that reminded me of the colors green and brown.
    8. Old Storm/New Storm (Between August 20 2011 and August 21 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-29-2011 at 02:09 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm at Charles Xaviers mansion. Im an X-Men.
      I'm Wolverine.

      The mansion is white with brown doors. It has tall columns, white as well.

      In a room is Gambit and Storm . In another room is a younger Storm.
      She wants to be the successor of the older one.
      The older Storm, doesnt think the new one is good enough to succeed her.

      I decide to test the new one and we both go to the Danger Room to train.

      She flies a bit and then lands in front of me.

      She raises her hands and I see, from the the tips of her fingers, yellow rays coming out in cascade.
      I think that the visual effect is very poorly done.
      We struggled a little, and I think she's got enough technique.
      The wooden door separating the room of Gambit and the Danger Room is closed, and suddenly it is covered with a metal door that closes and locks us into the Danger Room.
      I look at the window and i think:
      "I'm Wolverine,i have mutant healing factor, so I do not think it will cost nothing if i throw myself through the window.
      I think the pieces of glass will not hurt me at all."
      I run towards the window and run through it. I Land on the other side, the porch, without any pain.
    9. The Jewellery Store (Between August 15 2011 and August 16 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 01:17 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a mall
      I enter the mall and go to a Jewellery

      I dont like what i see on the first Jewellery
      store, so i leave the store and go to another Jewellery

      On this second one, theres another costumer beside me customer.

      I look at the owner, who is behind the counter.

      Hes around thirty years old, has black hair and a brown cream shirt.

      He complimented me and asked me if he can help in anything.

      I tell him I'm interested in seeing the papier mach package of a ring, and that i want to know the price of a thick silver silver necklace.

      He and the client have a strange behaviour during the time I'm talking, they look like theyre not understanding very well what Im saying.

      Comment: It seems that during the time I speak, the owner and the client freeze...I think i was close to lucidity, as during the time they were frozen, I realized that there was something wrong, something unreal in all that...

      The owner and the customer return to normal and the owner tells me he thinks he can help.

      The owner begins to show me different jewelry.

      The counters are made of dark brown wood,they look a bit old; the counters have glass, both on the shelves and on each side of the counters.

      Herein appears the owner of the first Jewellery store where I entered before.

      Its S.

      She shows up and starts looking for anything on display in this Jewellery store.

      She says, "Okay, I'll have to sell here."

      From what I understand, it seems that S will sell some of her merchandise in this jewlery, but she will keep the profits.
      The owner of this Jewellery store does not seem to matter.

      I look to S, and I notice that she has a very prominent forehead ....
      I look better and notice two tops in her head, like two misshapen and large blisters.

      I go to another store that has clothing and surf articles.

      I enter the store and i see a blue bodyboard on the wall.
      Behind the counter of this store is S A.

      Me and the owner of the second jewelry are eating something at a bakery in the shopping.

      During the breakfast he says that he would eat S's pussy if I could.
      I turn to him and tell him I know S from elementry,throughout high school.

      He is embarrassed for saying what he said to me.
    10. Leonidas like (Between 12th August 2011 and 13th August 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:16 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am someone very similar to Leonidas ... I leave a fortress city, to its exterior. I see the city wall which extends through the endless desert ... the sky is very dark brown, very dark ... the whole dream is in sepia tones.
      I say something, but I do not remember what.
    11. Nomads (Between 7th December 2010 and 8 th December 2010) ---- Second Dream

      by , 10-16-2011 at 05:26 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I was at school.

      I was walking around the school, had a light-brown raincoat and a sweater that had long sleeves (partially covering the hands) the shirt was pale brown. I had the feeling of belonging to a faction that fought another...

      Someone came to me and began walking beside me, a boy ... He started to explain the "order" of things in school as well as describing some of the nearby places and locations ...

      From time to time a girl passed near me, she has 23/24 years, all dressed in black, she wears a discreet spike collar around the neck, and a black trench coat. She had long, straight black hair, and black rimmel around her eyes, she had a pale skin... she looked at me and I looked back to her, surreptitiously ... the sexual tension was obvious.
      This guy took me to a place he called ______ and said it belonged to "our" the faction of the Nomads (I was still not 100 percent willing to join them).

      Both factions wanted me because I had special abilities (I also knew I had them, but I did not realize what they were).

      As we were walking, two women (their 22/23 years passed in a hurry ... the clothes were the of the colors of mine...one of them had a top and had a horizontal strip that covered the area of the chest, also covered the shoulders... leaving only a small decorative hole in the upper bone of the sternum. The pants were tight,both women wore black boots.

      Both women had black hair short hair.
      It felt that they were chasing that girl in black.
      However we continue to walk towards the _____ that looked like a convent. As we were walking, the boy who accompanied me start running towards the convent, towards a fight that was happening, I continued to walk normally going in the direction of the convent.

      I walked down a ramp, and passed near a coffe shop that had a clan of vampires, they where having coffee.

      They were all in normal clothes. The esplanade where the vampires were was covered with ivy on the surrounding walls of the esplanade. There esplanade had tables and railings, made of Victorian green iron, the railings also had ivy.
      As I leave the esplanade behind,this young, blond vampire appeared, already in full transformation. She asks me if I do not want to be like her and points to the fangs, saying that it would only take a bite ...

      I just wanted to be immortal and live forever young, but just thought it, i didnt told her.

      I told her no, because from the first moment that she would bite me she would not control her hunger and she would suck all the blood that i had and I would die. She said it was just a bite... she approached my neck, she smelled my skin and my veins, she then erotically smiled and said "my God, that smell ..." Being afraid of her lost of control, i refused to continue and went away.

      I joined the battle in the courtyard of the convent, i was fighting a figure dressed in a purple suit , seemed a mix of a zombie and a vampire ... he pointed at me with one of his hands and several of his fingernails were projected like bullets. I tried to dodge but one hit me in the right shoulder.

      Then I grabbed a square metal shield, instantly more beings like him started to appear i started beating them with the shield in their skulls... then the whole scene changed into cartoons, in which a cartoon character called Mr. Happy, a blue toon, went to jump in the middle of the pool of brains, and brain tissue,and blood that were on the ground...all that brain mess was the result of my massacre against those zombie-vampires.

      Comments: This was the first dream in which Essence appears. Essence is that Gothic Girls all dressed in black that i wrote abound in my dream.

      Later i found that shes my anima
    12. Beetle (between 16 of August 2010 and 17 August 2010) ---- First dream

      by , 10-07-2011 at 07:39 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      A and I are coming home and she began to hear a noise ... we saw a beetle.
      The beetle was near a water pipe at the corner of our apartment.
      Next to our apartment there is a house with walls made of tiles, with decorations in dark blue.
      Suddenly two neighbors appear and we all try to take a picture of the beetle, but no one could.
      The beetle is light brown and have wings and hieroglyphs in the head, of various colors.
      Suddenly the beetle changes color, becoming all black and blue with green reflections.

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    13. 2 Dreams 1 Megan Fox Frag

      by , 09-20-2011 at 08:00 AM
      Dream 1

      I was walking home from college because my lesson wasn't till 1.00pm then my friends came and told me that my lesson was at 9.00am. I thought I missed my lesson.

      Dream 2
      Some one was saying that Ice Cube was gay. As in they didn't like him that much.

      Megan Fox with brown hair in my bed. I pulled out her hair extensions out.
    14. Epiphany - My first lucid dream ever

      by , 09-15-2011 at 11:29 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      The Ogre-Elf

      Im in Hell...Around me only exists fire, ashes and brimstone...

      Suddenly, in front of me,an ogre-elf appears. He is gigantic, like 50 stories high.

      Im inside a bird cage, an old one, those who had a round topside.
      The whole cage is brown.

      I manage to open the birdcage, and i start running.

      I can feel the ogre-elf trying to reach me with his hand. I get scared...but all of a sudden, i realize im dreaming!

      And then i thought:" If i throw myself into the ogre-elfs hand, my fear will be so great, so tremendous that im gonna wake up right know"

      I woke up

      Comments: This is the first dream i remember, ever...
      i must had four or five years old... and as far as i know, it was a lucid one...
    15. Lake Guano

      by , 07-02-2010 at 07:28 AM (Enter the mind of Mr. Baggins)
      Dream Lucid Comments

      I was standing in a dark room, well I thought I was anyway. I knew there were more people around me but I was unsure how many when my vision started to come in. I was standing on a wooden platform with my back against a wall, there was a lake in front of me which was a weird brown color and smelt really bad. I noticed that there were 3 females and another male standing on the platform as well as I. A man appeared out of nowhere and began saying something about us being on a game show. Some lady dived into the lake and began to swim around when a jet ski appeared in front of me. The man that appeared to be the game show host was talking about how we had to do all these pointless tasks in the lake and mentioned something about poo but I couldn't hear him properly. I was about to hop on the jet ski when some lady jumped on first. She took off fast, flying around on the water I noticed the other lady still swimming around next to me and how she had a white top that was now brown and the look of happiness on her face. "Wait 'til we tell them they are swimming in shit" one of the men said and then burst into laughter.
      I looked back at the lady and she smiled at me revealing the brown chunks in between her teeth, I turned away and nearly blew chunks when I saw the other lady coming back on the jet ski when I woke up.

      Driving down a big hill leading to a hoop that I was meant to ride on.

      something about me flying around.