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    1. Coelophysis, Pandas, and Fire

      by , 11-09-2019 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of November 9, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,318-01. Reading time: 45 sec.

      Bushfires are coming closer to our home, though my dream self does not attain the correct recall of where we live in reality. The location at times resembles a 3rd Street area of La Crosse (rather than anywhere in Australia). I walk through an unfamiliar alley where there are cylindrical metal garbage cans instead of the modern plastic wheelie bins.

      There are areas where I see only gray ash and smoke. For some reason, dump trucks are carrying big loads of ashes from different locations. (I see this instead of any firefighting.) I am not in danger at any point, but Coelophysis appear at times, running in random directions. The fire is so extensive that it is burning areas never seen by humans. It is from where these dinosaurs are coming (nonsensical dream ďlogic,Ē though it is similar to other dreams where deeper in a forest meant longer ago in history).

      A panda climbs out of the reach of one small fire. Lassie and his owner (a young boy) are looking around for people to help. A fishing boat is sitting in the mud, as the water had lowered.

    2. The House by the Waterfront; Furious Panda

      by , 03-07-2018 at 04:09 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      Iím driving in an unfamiliar town, where Iím going to attend an event of some kind. I have the impression it has something to do with Kyabje DŁdíjom Rinpoche? At first, Iím trying to find a parking spot near a junction, but all the spots there seem to belong to the nearby buildings, so I turn the car around and head towards the waterfront, closer to where the event will actually be held. Itís a long, straight street with small, gray paving stones and narrow, wooden houses painted light colors on either side. At one end of it, I can see boats, their masts blocking the view further outóto the harbor itself, presumably.

      I look around for house no. 11, which is where the event will take place, so I can park nearby. The address plates are large and clearly display the numbers, rather like the Prague address plates do. The plates seem to be in the right general order, and so I donít have trouble finding itóbut there do seem to be both odd and even numbers on a single side. Iím not sure whether it was this that clued me into the fact that I was dreaming, but it definitely happened right around then.

      This is a dream: what will I do? Checking out no. 11 still seems like a pretty good idea, but first, I decide to take a look around the area. I walk along the street, towards the harboróbut as I walk, it seems to change from a street to an underground tunnel, and when I reach the end, Iím not by the open sea, but looking into a square room full of water. It seems completely closed off and is made of some yellow-red stone, mossy where it's close to the waterline. The water is packed with boatsónot big ones like I saw before, but little ones, more on the order of rowboats.

      Thereís something a little ominous about this place; itís impossible to imagine what purpose it could possibly be serving. If this were a Zelda game, Iíd fully expect the door to slam behind me and some giant monster to rise up out of the water and attack. I wait. The water seems to be rippling in a rather odd way. After a little while, a couple of larger waves swell up, rolling beneath the layer of boats. But they just die down again, and the water becomes perfectly still. I watch for a little while longer, but it looks as if thatís all thatís going to happen, and so I head back towards the houseónow, an entrance partway along the tunnel. I open the door and step in.

      An Asian woman greets me: it seems Iíve been expected, although there doesnít seem to be any kind of a gathering here as I thought. The woman also seems to be expecting me to have a female friend along. I consider telling her that Iím here alone, but actually, thereís no reason I canít invite someone else. I tell the woman Iíll send them a text message and they should be here shortly.

      I pull my iPhone out of my pocket. But somehow, all the people I can think to invite are male. An idea occurs to me: I start spelling out A-N-I-M-A using the numbers which correspond to those letters. The phone is a bit shifty, as such devices often are in dreams, but not enough to impede me. But partway through, I remember that Iím not supposed to have an anima, being female and all. So I make it end U-S instead and send the Ďcodedí message off. Well, I guess Iíll see what happens. I put the phone back in my pocket and we sit down at the table in the next room to eat.

      The table is a large one, but there are only three places setóhers, mine and the empty one. We have some kind of fish dish, which tastes good. Not much in the way of conversation is happening, and so Iím mostly focusing on remaining aware, making sure I donít forget this is a dream. Itís an interesting feeling, being here in this place, which feels so real and yet so unreal. I could get up and do something else, but I want to see where this is going.

      But at some point, I wake upódue to some environmental noise, possibly. But itís only a short time before I fall asleep again, and find myself back in the house, in an upstairs bedroom this time.

      Through a window, I see branch falls onto the roof of a neighboring buildingóa large, blocky structure. The roof looks like itís in bad shape, with large chunks of tile missingóthis place must have got hit by the storm too, I figure.

      Iím eating a cup of yogurt there. Itís chalky and bland. Probably low-fat. Why am I eating this awful stuff? This is a dream, I donít have to eat it. I place the cup on a dresser or some similar piece of furniture. Downstairs, I hear the door of the house opening, voices in conversationósomebody has arrived. Maybe itís the person I invited in the earlier part of the dream. Iíll go down and check. But right now Iím wearing a nightgown, so I ought to put something else on first.

      I step over to the full-length mirror, which is standing near the door, and look at my reflection. Iím wearing a plain nightgown, like a short dress with spaghetti straps. Oddly, I donít seem to look quite like myselfómy face is different, though not completely different, and my eyes seem to be the usual color. I step back. Itís been a while since Iíve done thisóand actually, Iíve never done exactly what Iím about to try, but it doesnít seem like it should be too hard. Iíll create myself something more appropriate to wear. I extend my hands, palms upward, feeling energy gathering.

      But it doesnít feel rightóthereís some kind of a resistance there. As I notice that, I also see something standing behind me in the mirroróa furious-looking panda bear approaching me. I turn around, looking into the roomóbut it's empty. There's nothing there. I look back at the mirror: furious panda. Well, this is a little creepy. But because itís a panda, being furious just makes it look ridiculous rather than menacing. I step backwards into the room with one hand behind me, feeling for the spot where the panda ought to be based on its reflectionóbut I wake up before I can get to it.

    3. Sky tower!

      by , 01-08-2017 at 07:42 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      This was from my dream journal notes from the night of 1/05-1/06. Unfortunately I did not remember any dreams from last night. Even though I got a good amount of sleep, the quality was poor and I woke up a lot.

      Dream 1: I was riding an Evolution ride, with a bunch of people. This included my tulpa, Tess, and an African American gentleman. I don't remember who else was there, but I remember many of the seats were filled.

      The difference was that we were inside, with a floor beneath us, so it wasn't as scary as the one I rode in the waking world a few years ago. Anyway, after a while it started going higher, and we realized that it was actually on the inside of a sky tower. So cool So we were actually riding a ride inside of another ride. Some weren't too happy about this, but I was excited. We reached the top of the tower, and then our cabin containing the Evolution dropped and free fell, which took me off guard. I wasn't expecting that at all!

      After the ride finished, I got off and I found my brother and sister waiting for me by the exit. I'm not sure if they rode the ride too or not. There was an exit sign that said to exit through certain shapes (there were differently-shaped holes in the fence). I found a random hole in the fence and exited the ride, and then the dream faded.

      Dream 2: False awakening! It was a Sunday morning. I was lying in bed, sort of waking up, but it was still like 6 AM so I decided to go back to sleep. I was looking for something in my bag. I found a thumbtack in there for some reason, and I immediately started having OCD fears about poking myself in the eye with it. I remember finding it weird because prior to that point, my OCD hadn't bothered me with that. But it wasn't quite enough to make me realize that I was dreaming. I got very close, though. Then I accidentally turned a kids' meal toy -- a puffball -- into a purple-black color, and it yelled out something. So now we have talking toys. Then my brother responded to the toy and then he woke up. (?) Oh, right! We BOTH woke up at an apartment in college, but we were roommates (not true in the waking world). Then he said "Oh no it's like 9:39!" and apparently we had church at 11 and ran the risk of being late. I freaked out for some reason, even though that should have been sufficient time to get ready, and then I woke up.

      Dream 3: Okay, I don't actually have any personal recollection of this one, but hey, it's in my dream journal.

      I was working at an office. There were a lot of people. Including an African American guy. (Same as before, maybe? I don't know why my brain keeps brining that to mind, of all things). Someone asked "Will you take the plates?" so maybe I went to a restaurant? I don't remember.

      Dreams from 1/06-1/07: I had already packed my DJ for college, so I had to type these into my phone, and boy is that annoying when you're half asleep!

      Dream 1: I was chased by some "sketchy people". One of them had an accent. I nimbly jumped away.

      Dream 2: I was on a boat, and it was rocking quite a bit in the water. I talked to a friend of mine that I haven't seen in forever.

      Dream 3: I was at a zoo. I can't remember which one. I was trying to talk to a lady there (an employee), but she was not interested in interacting with me or anyone else there. There was a panda that had been transferred from the Santa Barbara zoo. There were some little kids who I thought were annoying who wanted to watch a movie. Just a disclaimer: IRL, I actually don't find little kids to be annoying at all. I think they're cool. But we have different opinions in our dreams, I guess? :O

      This is the part where I became lucid. This is the gist of what I said: Within a dream, I was walking fully clothed in a river with many other people. There was an attraction of some sort. Might have been the river itself. Then, a typo reads "Loodpskarr mentioned case which I forget. My phone amen skethblkm are sodden." I have no idea what I actually meant by that, but I think I must have gotten my phone soaked in the river. OH! It was a Samsung! That's how I realized that I was dreaming!

      I talked to my aunt, who just randomly happened to be there, and told her that I thought I was dreaming, since I don't use Android phones IRL. I'm an iOS kind of guy. And then I woke up. :/ No time to do anything cool! D:

      After only 20 minutes, I had another dream. I was taking a Spanish class, and could do it but I was rusty. However I was confident that I could improve with time.
    4. Good vs. evil? Sort of...

      by , 01-03-2016 at 11:09 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I've been doing all right with my physical dream journal (i.e. the one I take notes on when I wake up in the middle of the night, or in the morning). The only dream of note I had yesterday was that a former friend of mine was trying to stab me with a knife. It was freaky, and in no way lucid. It did wake me up, though. Before waking up, I grabbed it - by the blade - in order to stop him, and it didn't hurt at all. We were working on a project in my dream when this happened.

      One other dream, less exciting, was about a girl talking about college grades. Also went up an elevator with some friends and there was a ghost of our apartment complex? I don't quite remember that, but that's what my notes say, so!

      As for last night's dreams, let's see...Not quite lucid, but I did get close on one.

      - I was being attacked by a panda, of all things, and a few other creatures or people that I don't remember. However, it wasn't painful at all - I didn't feel anything.

      - I was with a group of people. These people were making fun of those who don't like anthro art.

      - I was friends with this beautiful lady, who was like a mother in some ways and romantic in others. Anyway, her arch-nemesis came in to attack her. This is where I became close to lucidity: I vaguely realized that I could do anything in my current environment, so I used some magical powers in order to create a shield to stop him. However, he soon broke through the shield, and suddenly my powers became impotent. I was really confused as to why my powers weren't working, and that was about when I lost my almost-lucid state. Anyway, he broke through, and started flirting with my friend and her two daughters - but in a completely inappropriate way. I remember massaging my lady's shoulders to comfort her, and her skin felt incredibly real. Then she started to look like one of my mom's friends in the waking world, which was odd. One of her daughters looked like her, and the other looked like a girl I know in real life. I remember not liking this guy at all, and feeling a lot of anger towards him. He tried to bribe me to let him take away my friend and her daughters, with a gray room filled with all these toys. I believe my dream-friend got sick or something, as she either spat or threw up at this point. I was really frustrated because my shield and my magic had worked initially, and then it all stopped.

      - I was at college, but the place looked quite different. There was a lockdown drill, and a bunch of us were hiding in this building. One guy wanted to fight back, so he brought the majority of the students with him to fight. I wasn't keen on going out there, so me, a girl from my school, and a few others tried staying hidden in the room. Unfortunately, they left the door wide open, so we hid in the shadows under a table the best that we could. It was broad daylight outside. We talked about how we weren't supposed to leave as per campus policy during a lockdown. But then we heard these gunshots - our classmates were shooting down some aerial planes and bombs, thus saving us. I guess the threat was from the air. We even saw some explosions (they looked very much like poorly done CG effects, though). The atmosphere of the dream changed from one of danger and fear to one of comfort and relief.

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    5. Red Stomach's my friend! :D

      by , 04-07-2014 at 07:29 PM
      This one is a very crazy dream!

      I was on a hill and there were pink flowers on the floor... and waterfalls on the sides. The sun was bright and then a panda came out... We played, we danced and we had fun!
      I was going to the waterfall and i told that panda to stay. So as i was going to waterfall i've saw a knife, evil thingies came through my head
      So.. i came there putting the knife in my pocket and said to panda... Hellooo my friend what should be your name? Oh! I've got an idea! What about.. Red Stomach???
      And then we danced and suddenly sky became red... Trees bloody, flowers became roses with some deadly spikes on them and waterfalls were Bloodyfalls... Yeah! Blood came out of them.
      My eyes became red and i put out the knife out of my pocket slicing panda's stomach it became bloody and then i stabbed him all over his body then kicking him and stomping on him then i was -ing!
      It was really fucked up dream!
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    6. Creepy stairway, smart kid, panda-like creature

      by , 05-18-2013 at 12:21 AM
      Date: 17 May

      Pre bed: 120 mg gingko

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      WBTB: took 2xpeppermint oil tablets, half cup matcha tea, duration 10 mins (OK, not too asleep, not too awake)

      Dream quality and recall: Very vivid dreams, emotions, I got woken up a number of times and forgot any other dreams/fragments.

      Fragment1: Me and my dad at some unknown place, I notice two pairs of lions, that is four lions in front of me. They look a bit like from a simulation. They are lazily lying on top of each other, I like them.

      Fragment2: I am with my parents possibly in front of the hotel. Somebody tells me Checker lives there, one the first floor. I fly up the window to see him. There are three beds and three guys in the room, they notice me so I have the chance to quickly peek at only one of them. Not sure if it was Checker.

      Dream3: Me and parents in a hotel again, my dad is about to order some food, guacamole on the menu. A bit later we are preparing to leave the place, I go somewhere to take a shower, get my things. I end up on a dark unlit staircase, going down, feeling a bit creepy, then up again. I keep on following this staircase until I reach the last floor. There sititing in the darkness on a sofa is a woman, watching TV. She is a bit blurred. I also notice that the wall next to the stairway has a window with nice view of the stars. This is on womanís property so I want to ask her if I can go and star gaze. But when I turn to key, I have problems with my vision Ė I only see with one eye, grey darkness in the other. I try to change this but it doesnít work, so I go down the stairs, fall and land in our old place.

      Dream4: I am in a toy store, which is actually in an apartment with family relatives. We are looking to buy toys for their kids. I see something like a lego computer toy, red colors. It feels more like a kindergarten, there is a room full of kids. I am in a different room which is rapidly changing, and see my friends, they have a small boy irl. My friends are more like part of the background. I concentrate on their boy, which is also here. I like him very much and talk to him. He does not look like a child at all, more like a mini version of an adult, his eyes are unusual. He is extremely smart and answers back. I mention the word ďquarterĒ and wonder if he knows what it means. I ask him does he know what is half of a half, and also ask him to tell me what we have just been talking about. He knows it all.

      We are now in some kind of a cabin, and I can see large construction machine moving menacingly outside. I remark to the kid that this is very similar to a dream, so he should not worry. I then begin to explain about dreams in general, and that he shouldnít be afraid of nightmares, but once again, he seems to understand the issue better than me and already has lots of experience. While we are talking there is a strange animal in the cabin, it resembles a panda, and in my dream mind is a panda. We caress it. This whole last section of the dream is soaked with very positive feeling.

      Dream5: I am in some kind of game, they have levelled the terrain so there are no objects, just green grass. I command an army of some kind, I zoom out and try to find the leader, which is in red. This takes a while, but I finally spot him. There are a number of sections of the terrain, one territory, which we will later cross, but I first want to establish a city. It turns out I cannot establish the city there, but must go north and conquer one. As I am trying to save, the menu is similar to that of Pharaoh game, and I find out that I have been playing with only one city download. Numerous city downloads are available. At the same time I see a message that the team doing these updates will be retiring, so no more game updates after two weeks? At the top of the menu game location is one which belongs to DV.

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    7. Colorful Birds and Pandas

      by , 05-01-2013 at 11:20 PM
      Colorful Birds and Pandas [Non-Lucid]

      I was at the park with a couple girls, who I can't really identify now. It was a very foggy day outside and we were just hanging around on some jungle gym, but somewhere down the line it began to double as an apartment complex. For a good amount of the dream it was raining and so at the point my memory really starts to come in we were just waiting for the girl who lived in the complex to find her keys and open her door so we could go inside. However, she wanted to smoke weed first for some reason. She pulled a pipe out of nowhere that had a bowl in it that was clearly already cashed, but she tried to hit it anyway. Afterwards she reaches out to pass it to the other girl who declines, and I look down over the railing and see a lot of big, brightly colored birds walking all over the playground. Since this girl basically wasn't letting us into her apartment, we soon just started climbing back down off the jungle gym while talking about how the birds must be in season.

      As we start walking away from the park we part ways and I come across a house that looks essentially exactly like mine on the neighboring street, but the area is nothing like where I live. I'm somehow struck with the knowledge that this house must have been built specifically to attract those strange birds, and pandas. I turn around to look across the street and see a panda barreling towards me and I'm happy that one has arrived, but suddenly I begin to question if we've tried having a panda before and it didn't work out and so maybe this is bad idea. I seem to have forgotten that this isn't my house at this point, and I've definitely never owned a panda before.... Out of nowhere, I feel as though my tongue has swollen or closed up my throat, preventing me from breathing. I became understandably freaked out and spent the rest of the dream trying to take breaths through my nose as deeply as I could, with little success, and just continued to struggle until I woke up.
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    8. Not My Room

      by , 09-13-2011 at 01:32 PM
      The dream starts with me opening my eyes to see my room, only, not quite. I immediately notice that there's something wrong with my room and look up to see that there's a panda in the corner of my ceiling. The panda stared back at me, and that's when I noticed the panda's eyes were red, and it was not one of those adorable fluffy things you see on Animal Planet. The panda's eyes started to make me feel uncomfortable so I decide to close my eyes in attempt to wake up from the dream.

      When I open my eyes again the panda's gone. But I'm seated in an awkward position that I don't remember falling asleep in, slouching forward over my knees, and realise that I still haven't woken up from the dream yet. So once again I close my eyes.

      At this point I start to get worried. I've woken up in a different position, lying on my stomach with my head to the foot of the bed, and it's really really dark. I feel like something's in the room with me, and I try slowly inching closer to my light in an attempt to turn it on. After a couple attempts I realise I can't move. So I close my eyes tightly and try to will myself to wake up.

      I remember that it has always been a fear of mine to fall asleep and never wake up, and when I open my eyes again, the room is red. Someone's replaced the lightbulb of my bedside lamp with a red tinted one and the whole room looks unbelievably creepy. I start hyperventilating and trying to convince myself that I will wake up soon, but the more I try the creepier the room gets. The walls go red, someone starts laughing, I think back to the scene in 'Insidious' where that goat demon thing is dancing and the music starts up.

      I close my eyes once more. Then I wake up.