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    1. February 9 2018 Transitions

      by , 02-09-2018 at 01:22 PM
      Morning of February 9, 2018. Friday.

      Today marks my 24th year in Australia and in being with the girl of my dreams, Zsuzsanna.

      I am going to try something new here. As I still have tens of thousands of dreams I have never posted online, including thousands from before I was even a teenager, I might try entries that include sequences of specific types in a series of no more than 12 for a specific part of the sleep cycle. Although I usually recall at least six longer dreams per normal sleeping time, there are many more of different but basic types that are mostly autosymbolic of the transitions between different times during sleep and of which I usually just pass through without drama. I am going to try this to see how it goes, randomly selecting dates, after this one, from over the last fifty years to see how the autosymbolic content has remained unchanged for the most part and perhaps note influences when I can. In some cases, I might include a very short summary of a dream I had already posted if it falls into the sequence of a certain dream type and time. The dreams are listed in reverse order, last one first. (Missing numbers are either related to private sections, abstract stages that cannot be described in words, or too long to post online.) (To quote the Yo-Yo man, “Try to remember everything you passed. But when you go back, make the first thing the last.”)

      12th There is one farmer working in a rice paddy. The water is lower when I look again later. (My dream self vaguely recognizes this as autosymbolism for the cessation of the dream state, water lowering waking symbolism, which has been as such since early childhood, having occurred as such through thousands of my dreams.) I do not speak to him but recognize the essence as RAS (personified preconscious). I eventually become aware that RAS has transmuted from a Filipino rice farmer into a Caucasian cowboy. He stands before a fence (my side), which is the division between dream self identity and conscious self identity, and I walk past him through an open part of the fence to wake. I do not speak to him, he nods, and I nod back. RAS mediation as utilizing a fence is less common than porches and doorways, or even parking lots, but does occur on a regular basis. RAS is typically more dominant or even aggressive when a porch is rendered as the waking space, probably because it implies that my dream self wants to remain “inside” for longer (that is, not wanting to wake yet).

      11th I am walking over a large high truss bridge (unknown location) over water. I do not see any traffic. A bridge is autosymbolism for a transition in unconsciousness and the water lowers to become the rice paddy scene of the next segment.

      08th I am walking through a circular tunnel, which I first consider, with a level of wariness, that it is the Large Hadron Collider. Still, it is mostly a featureless silver tunnel. I eventually consider it as just a transition between different levels of unconsciousness after briefly wondering if it is the inside of an airplane with no contents (including no seats or flat floor). There is sometimes a very vague sense of wariness when walking or sliding down through tunnels, not exactly claustrophobia (as I do not have this in waking life), just some sort of unusual level of awareness triggered by semi-lucidity. This is not usually the case with hallways of which are the same basic autosymbolism (dream state transition), though less transpersonal.

      05th I usually have one dream per sleeping period that is either prescient or of another inexplicable factor. I am in the backyard of our present home and there is some sort of distorted event related to five cats in a large rectangular container full of dirt of which may be a plant pot. I get the impression they are not alive, being half-buried in the dirt, but the feature seems unusual. The cats are not fully grown. There is an odd impression that they might not be “real” cats, for example, a perception of thread instead of cat hair, and an odd sort of composition, and even separated “parts” of cats (though still five in total). After waking, Zsuzsanna had shown me an older cross-stitch she had done (of which she had taken out of a rectangular plastic box this morning, with no way of me knowing that she would be doing this). There were five cats on the item, with different coats, but each of the same appearance and sequence as each from my dream, though she had related the cross-stitch as being prescient of our final number of children and the ratio of girls to boys (based on the appearance of the cat’s coat as certain coats are only common to certain sexes, such as most gingers being male and most tortoiseshells being female). This does not mean there is any symbolic connection to my dream (that is, of the cats being linked to our children), as prescience and shared dreaming is often mixed in with other factors. The symbolism still validates the prescient connection, the cats being in a rectangular box, not being “alive”, and of an unusual appearance of thread (cross-stitch thread) mixed with hair.

      02nd I mentally light a candle to see where I am (unrelated to the apnea events I experience very rarely, which is like mentally trying to will a candle flame back into existence with the fear it has gone out) and it is a small copper-walled room without much space. There is a focus on having recently taken the vocal out of David Essex’s “For Emily, Wherever I may find her”. “What a dream I had. Pressed in organdie. Clothed in crinoline…of smoky Burgundy. Softer than the rain.” Solely the isolated vocal plays from a gramophone, with an eerie echo. Sometimes when I strip the vocal out of a track in real life, it takes on a very unique quality, especially when I add certain kinds of reverb. I was thinking of using the isolated vocal in a new dub track I had already started (not for commercial purposes of course).

      00 Induction stage. I walk down steps with the intention of going deeper into the dream state. They are outdoor concrete stairs in an area near buildings of which are covered with vines. When I was very young, I learned to manipulate levels of unconsciousness by going up or down stairs in dreams (in both lucid and non-lucid situations, as I have recognized dream symbolism for so long, I was manipulating it at six years of age - which eventually became non-lucid habit), which is autosymbolism for traversing the specific level of unconsciousness (and is used the same way in hypnosis and meditation). Outdoor stairs are sometimes modeled after the ones in Veterans Memorial Campground in West Salem (Wisconsin), where I sometimes spent time as a young boy.

    2. An Impossible Taxi Ride

      by , 06-11-2017 at 09:49 AM
      Morning of June 11, 2017. Sunday.

      I am riding in the back of a taxi. The driver, a dark-haired male in his thirties, is unfamiliar. Zsuzsanna is with me. There also seems to be at least one unknown female present as a passenger. She makes unusual comments as we ride through a mostly unlit area, as if she is uncertain of the intention of the cab driver or where we are going. We go through an odd area between two exterior (presumably) walls in a more isolated part of the unknown city. The walls are irregular (more like rock faces) and seem to have recesses with unknown features, perhaps living creatures, but this never becomes clear.

      Several different times, the taxi goes up a staircase, similar to the one on Rose Street (but somehow never down one). I do not consider this unusual, even though we somehow are eventually outside and at ground level again, to later ride up another high flight of steps. The last staircase is slightly steeper than the previous but there is never any sense of fear or even wariness.

      Finally, we get out of the taxi on the second floor of an apartment building, apparently where the driver lives. This does not seem unusual to me. (In fact, my dream self had no backstory memory or any destination in mind at any point.) The driver walks over to an unusual “table” in his kitchen, but which looks more like the walls we saw earlier, and is actually like a large irregular rock (though flat on the top) in the shape of a rectangular prism. The driver exclaims “Oh!” (as if surprised by something unseen) and waves his hand, but there is nothing there. He mentions that a wasp had emerged earlier from the “table” and seems to think that this event is also transpiring presently (though it is not). I do not feel threatened or alarmed in any way and calmly mention to all the others that there is nothing there.

      In this dream, the preconscious shows me, several times, the “staircase as consciousness shift” factor (here, as implied waking symbolism). Still, there is no discernible change in the waking transition as such (though in contrast to going up, going down steps typically either vivifies my dream or triggers full lucidity). Even more oddly, he pretends the flight symbol (hypnopompic start precursor) is present in the last scene when I do not see it or feel the “return flight” mood at all. (Obviously, I still eventually wake.)

      It is a general rule that the preconscious becomes more dominant (even aggressive or uncommunicative) over time during a particular sleep cycle. Obviously, this is because waking up is a biological necessity. This did not seem so much like a glitch as a “practice run” inclusive of my usual waking symbolism over the last fifty years.

    3. Up and Down the Stairs and Skewed Science-Fiction

      by , 06-01-2017 at 12:30 PM
      Morning of June 1, 2017. Thursday.

      This dream is, in part, a sort of skewed carryover from another recent dream (“In a Science Group with Three Strangers”, from May the 31st, 2017). The same fictional characters appear, two unknown males and an unknown female. (Both the first part of this dream and the previous dream relate directly to studying the dynamics of sleeping and dreaming in real time, though while non-lucid.)

      This dream is too distorted to make much sense of. There is something about them hanging around where my mother is sleeping. It is an upstairs area. I remain annoyed at these people throughout this segment. I even kick one of the males so that he slides down the stairs, though he is not fatally injured. I do not go down the stairs myself (which sometimes serves as a lucidity trigger, though otherwise vivifies my dream, as the usage of a staircase in a dream relates directly to shifting one’s level of consciousness while in the dream state, just as it does in certain forms of hypnosis and guided meditation.)

      This scene shifts to a completely distorted and skewed continuity combining science-fiction with “real life”. I am in an unknown area and there is some sort of backstory of the world becoming too cold for people to comfortably live.

      I know I can help (without being lucid). Floating in the sky about ten feet above the ground is a very large holographic globe of Earth, which, for some reason, I perceive as the “real” Earth. (This of course makes no sense, as how could I be on Earth and also see Earth in the sky?)

      Captain Picard (as from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) in a Runabout, flies out from the holographic but “real” Earth to the right of it (in my perspective) and towards my direction (though there is no direct contact or communication). He seems concerned.

      I decide to “fix” everything by waving my right hand and creating heated air currents from a fair distance away from the floating transparent globe, which form in a presumed S-shape, top to bottom. (This is very similar to how I mentally repaint walls in non-lucid dreams). I stand in one spot, hoping that these patterns will correctly cover the whole world to make it warm enough for human survival (even though the globe is not rotating).

      It has become cooler here in reality. The holographic Earth comes from Zsuzsanna and I having just watched a couple episodes of “The Librarians” where a large holographic globe is featured. Many of my dreams are directly influenced by television (though probably not the majority) even though I do not watch it that much (certainly not nearly as much as others).

    4. 8/16/16 - High School Dirigible

      by , 08-16-2016 at 08:20 PM
      I'm walking around a school. It very similar to my elementary school, but it's obviously high school. As I walk around I enter a large circular room with a giant staircase down the middle. I notice the the whole room is really full of people. The walls are glass windows. I walk up to the walls and look outside. I notice that we are very high up like in a sky scraper, but I feel like we're actually moving, as if in a dirigible. While still staying close to the windows, I walk around the room, heading towards the stairs. When I get to them I see A very tall, white man walking down them. I get nervous and shrink away from him a bit. I immediately walk past the stairs, hoping he doesn't see me. I look back to make sure he's gone. Once I'm sure he's gone, I feel better and go close to the windows again. I sit down next to two girls who I'm friends with. I smile and they smile back and say hi. Then they turn back to each other and start to make out. It doesn't bother me at first, but then I start to get annoyed. I feel envious and think that I should have someone to kiss as well. Without saying anything, I get up and walk up to the windows. I look up and see a large rope for blinds. I grab it and try to pull the blinds down. But for some reason they won't stay down. I freak out a little bit because I know if I let go of the rope the blinds will fly all the way up and I don't want that. A guy suddenly walks up and offers to help me. I smile gratefully and he takes the rope and pulls the blinds down. I walk away from him as he does that. I feel like I need to find someone.
    5. Oh How Dumb Scrooge McDuck

      by , 04-03-2016 at 10:03 AM
      Morning of April 3, 2016. Sunday.

      I am present in the three-dimensional setting but somehow do not perceive it as relating to a cartoon or cartoon characters, at least not viably. Scrooge McDuck has a large new airplane. Huey, Dewey, and Louie are present and look on at him in puzzlement regarding his “car repair” activities. It is in the basement of one of his mansions, apparently (though logically, what would an airplane be doing inside a house, and yes, I realize what a dumb question this is relating to a dream about cartoon ducks).

      It seems that Scrooge McDuck does not know that he has an airplane and instead thinks that he has a large fancy car (this being also a direct play on my dream self not being lucid). As a result, he thinks that the “car” could use a lot of work. This includes taking the propeller off the front as well as sawing off the wings.

      In the end, he still might find it a bit difficult to drive the “car” up the stairs.

      Where to begin? Firstly it is a cartoon, so is analogous to the dream state as “not being real”. Secondly, walking ducks (not in flight) are a waking transition symbol in last segment cases (based on flying being the dream state itself), and so is an airplane on the ground (and certainly one being changed into a car), and so is going up steps from basement level (seriously, how many simultaneous layers does one need to know the true meaning of a dream or dreams in general).

      Scrooge McDuck (my unconscious self’s projection here for whatever reason, maybe because I was “too lazy” - or my circadian rhythms were having a break - to integrate fully into the dream state at this point) wants to leave the realm of the unconscious (basement) by turning an airplane (dream flight symbol) into a car (linear link to day to day reality, which also represents a real-time bed). There will still be trouble driving it up the steps (to the real waking world). How silly can dreams get? Still, it is better than the falling waking mechanism though the waking transition is less commonly being “swept away” as well as “lifted up” (as with “The Turken Theft”).

      This has to be one of the silliest waking transition dream segments in a long time (yet so obvious on multiple levels it is also absurd to not immediately know the meaning when you have worked with dreams for as long as I have). I suspect date-based markers all the time now, and usually find them. This one links to “The Golden Dragon” (the prototype or less vivid version being near or on this date in 1971 - the main one being April 11), which is also a waking transition segment and features sliding down a large hill of gold coins in a large building (also relating to Scrooge McDuck though I do not focus on that at all in that dream). However, “The Golden Dragon” is a coalescence dream ending transition, whereas this one is a typical failed flight dream ending (though both are very common if you know what to look for). In “The Golden Dragon”, I am sliding down into the mouth of the dragon (emergent consciousness in this case in a “swallowing” implication - that is, the dissolution of my dream self at the waking point). In this one, “ground zero” (conscious self) is implied to be up (at the top of the stairs from the basement of the unconscious).

    6. Sewing Machine Bulldozer

      by , 08-25-2015 at 01:04 PM
      Morning of August 25, 2015. Tuesday.


      It always gives me an extraordinary sense of fulfillment when I get a continuous flow of insight and am able to more fully decode certain patterns in dreams over a lifetime since earliest memory. I am very grateful for the technology that has allowed me to do this; that is, type faster and with continuous editing potential (rather than writing and correcting and rewriting and correcting when I was little), put documents all together in one place, and have a listing and potential day to day timeline of my lifetime from around age four (with sparse family references and records since my birth date in 1960) as well as having access to resources that are able to validate and enhance so many of my earlier records. Not only will I be able to, in about ten years (only an optimistic estimate of course), bring all of my dream records and notes together as I want them, I will also have the ability to do extensive searches with a fair amount of precision. This dream, as odd and unlikely as it seems (even to me at first - I did not expect the flashes of realization when working with it), gave me the required focus somehow to unravel a small and isolated set of dream metaphors and associations going back to 1968 as well as relating to the path to my beautiful soulmate. There are too many layers to get into in this entry (and one would have to understand hundreds of summarized pages of my personal back story to “get” any of it anyway). I can only loosely touch upon some of it. Obviously, there are still limitations to my personal symbols and metaphors being fully decoded. This is mainly because some symbolic associations are rather sparse and fairly rare even at my present age. Still, I feel very happy today with another new breakthrough.

      Sewing Machine Bulldozer:

      I am mournfully back as I was when I was in my twenties and working for the Onalaska Street Department (not that I was sad at that time - it is just that something seems to be “missing” somehow in-dream). My job at this time was picking up large pieces of eroded embankment (on a fairly difficult inclination) and placing them on the roadside - placing them directly in front of the bulldozer. This was very difficult work and not many could do it for very long. Over time, I begin to be annoyed and tired over why I am even doing this. (It does not dawn on me that I am no longer this age, and do not even live in America anymore.) I am concerned about the speed of the other workers. The bulldozer even bumps me a few times, though not in any harmful way. I grow impatient and realize that I may have missed pieces a far distance back and think that the stretch will have to be worked over again. I do some of the work incorrectly, that is, I bend over to pick up a heavy piece instead of squatting and flinging back. Any sense of weariness of course, is an illusion in-dream. I start to ask myself what I am doing here. Is this where I am supposed to be?

      I absentmindedly turn about and put my foot against the blade of the bulldozer. This results in a very strange event. The blade and push frame begin to wobble and very small “plates” fall off the front (reminding me vaguely of “Bathtub with Grill” from June 26, 2015). The exhaust pipe stack begins to move up and down like a “giant” sewing machine needle. It is almost like the tension building up in a cartoon (but not cartoon-like in any way). When I look down, I see that the bulldozer’s blade has actually transformed into an oversized antique sewing machine’s treadle (with floral scroll design), though at an angle and somewhat elevated. My leg is automatically working it to create (and actually sew together, apparently) some sort of clothing within the bulldozer’s cab. It is some sort of gossamer white lacy material flowing out from the side. Around this time there is a very strange mechanical sound behind me and when I dare look, it is a downward rolling “wave” suggesting a ghostly staircase. Soon, it is a luminescent staircase (recurring feature mostly from early 1991 to early 1994). My wife (as she was when we first made contact) in a glowing wedding dress and some sort of oversized tiara (somewhat like a crown) is standing there with a bouquet of flowers. I can see a blue layer of light just under her skin. “I’m not going to be late, am I?” I ask. “I never intended to be la…” (My dream is swept away.)


      Bulldozer history: I have found some links I did not really fully put together before. “The Dead One” dream (February 13, 1971, age ten - that is, first version of it) had a bulldozer run over Brenda W when I was taking flowers to her late at night on the eve of Valentine’s Day (so that only her hand is seen emerged from the soil and I feel a terrible sense of loss), yet she was resurrected (not in a zombie sense) near the end of my dream, yet “I could not yet have her”. (There were several dreams where she was resurrected, none of them relevant to any zombie lore - more in a divine “ascension” sense.) Brenda was the fully confirmed “stand-in” for my wife-to-be and also appeared in composite forms (such as “The Bad Witch” from March 18, 1978, which had a recurrence on March 23rd - the same date I got my first letter from my wife-to-be in 1991). Other layers - my sister died on February 13th (though the 14th from my perspective at one point in Australia as we are about a day ahead) and my father also died on the 14th of February. I have often associated the bulldozer with mortality and loss as such. Thus, there is very odd synchronicity with only a 1 in 365 chance it would be relevant as such - though it is - and all through my life extremely unlikely synchronicity continued with almost every event and association.

      The origins of this (that is, the very seed) may or may not be related to the tree I used to spend time near at primary school. One of my friends used to take palmetto sticks and push sand off the concrete bench, chanting “bulldozer bulldozer”. This was the “same” bench that Brenda was seated in most versions of “Bridge Over a Prehistoric World” (though she also appeared in distorted composites associated with the “dream girl” or “mystery girl” as I preferred).

      At any rate, from here, I made somewhat of a breakthrough in one very early version of the “divine staircase”. However, the features are quite different. It turns out to be my “Rocket Science” dream from July 2, 1976. This is not the first version of the implied “soulmate staircase” by any stretch. One of the oldest appears in “The Ghost Marriage” dream from October 16, 1971. I am linking only to the “Rocket Science” dream because of a few odd parallels. Firstly, the white sheet of paper that makes the “staircase” is like a miniature implication of the one in this latest dream (which I never even began to note before for whatever absentminded reason) as well as the commonly recurring ones as already mentioned above. It moved exactly the same way; that is, like a diagonal wave that suggested a complete “pure” or “divine” staircase (phantom or not).

      Aside from that, there is also the shared “whirligig” element and the strange “impossible” technology, the “whirligig” obviously being a Merkaba form, but I am not sure what the sewing machine needle and fictional helicopter rotary design “pumping” relates to (well, on a spiritual level that is - some sort of spiritual “motor” or cosmic mechanism perhaps). As most of this had already come about in 1994, it is more like a decoding breakthrough than anything relevant to what may come.
    7. Strange Book Sale

      by , 03-29-2015 at 09:29 AM
      Morning of March 29, 2015. Sunday.

      I am walking up a very long and steep flight of stairs (both by my choice and my seeming simultaneous creation of it by way of subliminal lucidity). Others, including a wealthy old lady, are ahead of me. This flight of steps is so steep and high, I get a strong impression that I will not be able to go down them comfortably. (This is mainly due to the fact that I am facing the solid structure of the stairs as I am ascending them but when walking down the steps, I will be facing open space, which might cause me to feel ungrounded.)

      I decide that instead of using the stairs on my way out after I do whatever it is that I have to do, I will teleport from the second floor of the building down to ground level (though this never occurs by the end of my dream).

      I notice that, as I am climbing the stairs, the building I am in is like a huge cathedral. Eventually, I find myself in a large L-shaped area that has numerous bookshelves along all walls. Apparently, it is a book sale, displaying both new and old and worn secondhand books. My wife Zsuzsanna eventually appears and looks over different sections.

      A young Japanese male seems to be responsible for most of the book sale, regardless of how large an area it seems to be in (at least one city block). At first, I talk to him about the books in broken Japanese but eventually I decide to implement a translator where I can speak English and it will automatically be translated into Japanese. This translator even forms a holographic matrix around my head to display the correct lip positions for each word and syllable, so that it also looks correct. It is as if I am actually speaking Japanese to anyone watching me. My translator works both ways. I hear the Japanese male speaking English even though I know he is speaking Japanese. His voice is loud and clear.

      I look over a set of small but thick softcover books on a low shelf that seem to be in a series and are mainly about mythical monsters, though one has a triceratops on the cover. At first, I notice only book number four, but eventually find all of them and decide to buy them. I carry them around with me to another section closer to where Zsuzsanna is.

      I pick up a large hardcover book from a top shelf and notice that the writing is very small and sideways on some pages, which seems to relate to statistics, old census reports, or other government records. I see that the front covers (though not the back covers) are missing from most of the books in this particular section including the one I am holding, which is also damaged in that the spine is at a slanted angle. Even though most of these books are in English, it seems that they may have been printed in Japan. I do get a lot of various information from the young male but cannot remember all the details, as there are a lot of different books I look at and talk about.

      I find a large book in the area where Zsuzsanna is looking around. It seems to be someone’s dream journal in the form of a novel. It is about a man and his wife and young daughter traveling over an isolated desert region in a station wagon. I read one entry about a drive over a particular stretch of hard, cracked ground and what was seen, the dream journal being from the perspective of the male, who is the driver. I decide to get that one as well.

      Eventually, Zsuzsanna and I are ready to leave. She has a large canvas carry bag full of books. Mine is smaller than a backpack. In order for us to pay, the young Japanese male has to put on a blindfold and determine the price by weight alone as he stands near the section we stopped at. I do not question this. The total cost is fifty dollars. As I go to pay, I see that there is about two hundred dollars in fifties and a few twenties in my wallet. For the third time in this dream, I implement an idea that seems to prove that a part of me knows I am making my dream. Even though I have enough money to pay for the books, I mentally create an additional fifty dollar note on the other side of the twenties.

      From here, my dream fades. However, as it does, I begin to notice additional bills of odd amounts, such as a thirty-four dollar bill, a seventy-dollar bill, and several other fictional values.

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    8. Rock Bottom

      by , 09-13-2013 at 04:10 AM
      Date: September 12, 2013
      Technique: MILD & WBTB (failed WILD...I fell asleep)
      Total hours: ???

      Dreamed I was watching people commit suicide by watching them jump from what looked like a very high wall made up of the biggest rocks I have ever seen. After all had jumped, I somehow found myself at the bottom of the wall on the ground. None of them (and I mean none of them) died. As they rolled their bodies from side to side, they just laid there moaning and groaning in pain. They looked up and saw me standing there and they told me that they wish they could have a second chance and not have done what they have done. I didn't know what to tell them, I didn't know if they could even walk from the horrific jump they had taken...I was sure that they were all paralyzed. They kept wailing from the pain and looking for some type of relief that I couldn't give them. "Oh, how we wish we could start all over!" they cried. Then, all of a sudden, I noticed a stair case was on either side of the wall leading back up to where they had all started their jump from the wall. I told them, "Look! There's a staircase! Go up to that staircase and start all over, whatever you do, DON'T JUMP!" And guess what? That is exactly what they did. One by one, they got up and walked up those stairs and never came back. I made sure to stay at the bottom of the wall, just to make sure that no one jumped again. I waited for awhile until I realized, no one was coming back down that wall...each one had gotten their second chance .
    9. Creepy stairway, smart kid, panda-like creature

      by , 05-18-2013 at 12:21 AM
      Date: 17 May

      Pre bed: 120 mg gingko

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      WBTB: took 2xpeppermint oil tablets, half cup matcha tea, duration 10 mins (OK, not too asleep, not too awake)

      Dream quality and recall: Very vivid dreams, emotions, I got woken up a number of times and forgot any other dreams/fragments.

      Fragment1: Me and my dad at some unknown place, I notice two pairs of lions, that is four lions in front of me. They look a bit like from a simulation. They are lazily lying on top of each other, I like them.

      Fragment2: I am with my parents possibly in front of the hotel. Somebody tells me Checker lives there, one the first floor. I fly up the window to see him. There are three beds and three guys in the room, they notice me so I have the chance to quickly peek at only one of them. Not sure if it was Checker.

      Dream3: Me and parents in a hotel again, my dad is about to order some food, guacamole on the menu. A bit later we are preparing to leave the place, I go somewhere to take a shower, get my things. I end up on a dark unlit staircase, going down, feeling a bit creepy, then up again. I keep on following this staircase until I reach the last floor. There sititing in the darkness on a sofa is a woman, watching TV. She is a bit blurred. I also notice that the wall next to the stairway has a window with nice view of the stars. This is on woman’s property so I want to ask her if I can go and star gaze. But when I turn to key, I have problems with my vision – I only see with one eye, grey darkness in the other. I try to change this but it doesn’t work, so I go down the stairs, fall and land in our old place.

      Dream4: I am in a toy store, which is actually in an apartment with family relatives. We are looking to buy toys for their kids. I see something like a lego computer toy, red colors. It feels more like a kindergarten, there is a room full of kids. I am in a different room which is rapidly changing, and see my friends, they have a small boy irl. My friends are more like part of the background. I concentrate on their boy, which is also here. I like him very much and talk to him. He does not look like a child at all, more like a mini version of an adult, his eyes are unusual. He is extremely smart and answers back. I mention the word “quarter” and wonder if he knows what it means. I ask him does he know what is half of a half, and also ask him to tell me what we have just been talking about. He knows it all.

      We are now in some kind of a cabin, and I can see large construction machine moving menacingly outside. I remark to the kid that this is very similar to a dream, so he should not worry. I then begin to explain about dreams in general, and that he shouldn’t be afraid of nightmares, but once again, he seems to understand the issue better than me and already has lots of experience. While we are talking there is a strange animal in the cabin, it resembles a panda, and in my dream mind is a panda. We caress it. This whole last section of the dream is soaked with very positive feeling.

      Dream5: I am in some kind of game, they have levelled the terrain so there are no objects, just green grass. I command an army of some kind, I zoom out and try to find the leader, which is in red. This takes a while, but I finally spot him. There are a number of sections of the terrain, one territory, which we will later cross, but I first want to establish a city. It turns out I cannot establish the city there, but must go north and conquer one. As I am trying to save, the menu is similar to that of Pharaoh game, and I find out that I have been playing with only one city download. Numerous city downloads are available. At the same time I see a message that the team doing these updates will be retiring, so no more game updates after two weeks? At the top of the menu game location is one which belongs to DV.

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    10. Lucid? Restaurant, Germany, graveyard.

      by , 02-25-2013 at 08:43 PM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      Well, the first thing I remember is [color="darkslateblue"]being at this one little shop that's close to my home. I was bugging the owner about getting me a summer job there, but he only told me that they don't need any help. I decided to stick around anyway, in case he changes his mind.
      The shop turned into a small restaurant, there was a staircase in the middle of the room and there were tables here and there, I saw a couple sitting at a table. The whole room was darkish, seemed like it was only lit by candles.

      I walked past the couple, on a trail that brought me to a high building. I heard German, I assumed I was in Germany. The building had this arch and under the arch there was some little sculpture. Giving the sculpture something of value apparently brought you luck.
      The grass around the arch was green, a very nice and vivid green. There were people sitting on the grass, chatting.

      I continued walking the trail, it brought me to a very small, dim room. The windows were slightly foggy, but I could still see the enormous graveyard surrounding the tiny room. I went closer to a window to read the name on a tombstone, but then I saw my reflection in the window and it made me jump. :|

      I left the room right away, went back to the restaurant. It was all grey and dark, no lights this time. No people either.[/color][color="seagreen"]
      I sat down on the..3rd or 4th step of the staircase and stared at the room through the handrail spindles. I was sort of angry, the dream was so boring. Just for the heck of it, I tried to use telekinesis to smash some large object into the fireplace.
      Nothing happened.
      I was bummed, I tried breaking one of the wooden spindles. I broke the first one. Then the second. I think I broke another one. After that I stood up and quickly made it to my kitchen, looking for a wine bottle to break. Checked if it was empty..[/color][color="darkslateblue"]and then changed my mind because it would make a mess.[/color] >__>

      Yeah nice going. You tried to smash something big into a fireplace, but breaking a wine bottle's just too much.
    11. giant art; art cartel; reading stairway

      by , 02-14-2012 at 12:59 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a museum with enormous rooms. The paintings were also enormous. The walls of the rooms may have been twenty or so meters tall. The paintings were just as tall.

      I may have been with a group of people, possibly a school group. But I had broken off from them for some reason or another, and I was now walking around by myself.

      But I was afraid to go into any of the rooms very far. The paintings on the walls were so gigantic. I was afraid they'd fall on me and smash me. So I could barely go beyond the threshold into rooms.

      One room was kind of dimly lit, like from a dirty set of windows in the ceiling. I saw a pair of paintings in the room. The paintings were, I told myself, either by Goya or El Greco.

      The paintings had the same subject: a young man in rich attire, something like pink, satin pants and a white shirt. The paintings stood opposite each other in a kind of side niche in the room. I wanted to examine the paintings closer, but I was too afraid of them falling on me.

      I left this room -- I think -- and went into another room. The paintings were also huge in this room. But I may have been getting braver about being around the paintings, and I may have stepped quite a few meters into the room.

      But now I looked up and saw that there were also paintings in the ceiling, the rest of the ceiling being made out of thick, ornate wood, like in the Rose Reading Room of the New York Public Library. I was now afraid of the ceiling paintings falling on me. They seemed like they'd be heavier than the wall paintings.

      Dream #2

      It was a greyish day. I was either treading water in a river, moving backwards slowly in a small boat, like a rowboat, in a river, or standing on a walkway through or at the edge of a river.

      I may at first have been with a group of older, well-off people, like a tour group. But I'd broken away from the group a bit. The group were all walking along the walkway.

      The river was wide, and at the other end of it was a big, kind of square, building. The building faced the river directly, starkly: it may even have been a bit cantilevered over the river.

      The building was made of some kind of white stone, but the front of it, or the side facing the river, was of slightly tinted glass. This windowed section curved around the sides of the building as well, giving the white stone of the building a kind of backwards "C" shape.

      I knew that the building was an art museum. It was the Art Museum of Mexico or the Mexico Museum of Art. It was a very good and nice museum. But it was also used -- especially the enormous room overlooking the river -- by drug cartels for arranging certain deals.

      People liked to visit the museum. But people who went there were always afraid. You always had to be careful not to hear things, or at least not to act like you heard things. And you couldn't offend any person in any way. If you offended someone or acted like you'd overheard some drug deal being arranged, you could be killed.

      But for some reason I was feeling defiant. I was going to go into the museum and I wasn't going to act afraid at all. Besides, it was the Mexico Museum of Art. It was full of great works of art. I'd be really disappointed in myself if I didn't see the art works there.

      Dream #3

      I was in some building. I was near a staircase. Apparently I'd always come here to this place to read. Other people did, too. But I'd come to have a favorite spot for reading on the staircase. And I'd read there all the time.

      There were some guys who'd decided to follow me around. They thought I was really smart. They were jealous of me. They wanted to figure out everything I was doing and studying. They thought if they read everything I read, they could get smarter than they thought I was.

      One of these guys was an old, kind of tall, white man with a big belly. He wore nice slacks and a nice button-up shirt. He saw I was heading toward the staircase to read. So he either took the place I always took or took a place a few steps higher than my place. Wherever he sat, his plan was to look down at what I was doing, so he could do it, too, and hopefully beat me at it.

      I tried to figure out what to do. I didn't really care if people knew what I was doing. I tried to be open about that. But I felt annoyed. I may have thought I'd hide whatever I was doing, just to annoy the man back a little. Or I may have thought I'd just act unperturbed, like the man didn't bother me, or didn't exist at all.
    12. psychiatrist and asian bands; boy in green

      by , 12-07-2011 at 02:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I walked into "my psychiatrist's office," which was actually a house in a suburban neighborhood. I may have walked in through a side door.

      I was in something like a side room or a spare room, not a bedroom, but more like a room with random stuff in it. The room was brown, with cheap plywood-panelling on the walls and a scruffy brown and tan carpet.

      At first I thought I was all alone in the house. I suddenly became aware that I didn't actually have an appointment with my psychiatrist today. I thought that maybe I'd come into her house while she and everybody else in her family was gone.

      But now I heard my psychiatrist talking with a woman. I imagined a woman in maybe her late fifties or early sixties. My psychiatrist was saying goodbye to her.

      I now realized that I hadn't had an appointment with my psychiatrist: I'd cancelled it a while back. Now I was just showing up. My psychiatrist would think I was some kind of crazy stalker.

      But I was here, and I'd only look worse if my psychiatrist saw me while I was attempting to leave. So I went into the office-room of the house.

      The room was in quite a bit of disarray. I might not even have seen my psychiatrist at first. There was a couch running diagonally through the middle of the room, as if it had been pushed away from the wall. There were shelves in various states of dissaray, and piles of stuff on the floor and in an open closet.

      Now I saw my psychiatrist. She was pulling some stuff off a set of shelves. I knew that my psychiatrist had decided that since I'd cancelled my appointment for this day, she'd work on cleaning out her office during this period. She was kind of annoyed to see me here, now that she'd set herself to another task. I was afraid she'd even charge me for a session.

      But my psychiatrist asked my opinion. She had to think of a Christmas present for some young male in her family. The man was maybe a nephew of hers who was in his mid-twenties.

      My psychiatrist had been cleaning out her record collection. To my left there was a wall-width stereo center with shelves filled with records. But my psychiatrist walked to the closet, off to my right. There were even more records in there.

      My psychiatrist pointed to a few records. They were in huge plastic security-cases, like compact discs might be in in a store, before you buy them. The record sleeves had yellow backs, like the Deutsche Grammophone CDs of classical music (? - I think). My psychiatrist asked me if I thought her nephew might like those records.

      I walked over to the records. My psychiatrist told me that if I liked them I could have them. She said they were by some Asian group (possibly a Vietnamese group). She may have told me how she'd gotten them, and that she wasn't sure whether the music was any good. I may have told her that the group was really good.

      I was now watching a music video by the Malaysian pop group A.P.I. I thought I was familiar with the video and the song.

      The video was of three members of the band before a white background. But something like a red curtain would often fall down through the middle of the scene. Sometimes it would fill up the whole scene. The curtain had a fabricky look, and it acted like fabric. But it was transparent, like a piece of thin plastic.

      At one point, one of the band members, fully engulfed in the orange-red light of the curtain, slid into a close-up shot, either as if he were on some moving platform, or as if the camera, on a dolly, slid toward him. Then he gave a smile to the screen and turned away. The view slid back into a far shot of him.

      Dream #2

      I was sitting out on the steps of some building, possibly a school. I was with a few other people, "friends" who I don't recognize now. The steps were shallow, maybe only four or five steps up to the top. They were made of an aging, cheap concrete.

      I sat on one of the lower steps. An older girl or younger woman sat on a short, curb-like edge to my right. Some more people sat up near the top of the steps. Those people may mostly have been young women or older girls.

      Now a little boy ran out the doors at the top of the steps. He saw me and ran to sit by me.

      The boy was maybe nine or ten years old. He was really skinny. He had very fair skin, freckles, and pale green or blue eyes. He had hair in a bowl-like, 1970s-style cut, about down to his shoulders. He wore a big, green sweater and dark, slightly loose blue jeans.

      The boy seemed to like me a lot. He even seemed to be attracted to me. I may have been attracted to him as well. The boy may have tried to cuddle with me. But I may have been reluctant about letting him cuddle with me. I didn't want to get too aroused by the feeling of his body.
    13. 32nd shared dreaming attempt- whiterains dream

      by , 09-17-2011 at 02:58 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      whiterains dream

      finally getting more lucid on attempt nights! back in the usual holiday/festival/waterpark/college/school dream again. all sorts of random things going on like people doing weird greek statue type poses with some type of weapon. seemed like a bit of a joke to me. most of the rest of it just round bars doind the usual. lots of old mates involved, mostly CH JC JG UO and remember talking to others really clearly but cant recall who now. was in a uni type park that i first got lucid. saw a massive fake amanita and recalled a previous dream where it felt like i had seen a real one near there before. as i set off on my search it occured that because i was looking for an old dream, i was dreaming. luckily for only the second time i quickly remembered to head for chicken pizza.

      while searching in the undergrowth for the mushroom i had become somewhat contained in this service pipe/tunnel type thing. the roof was open but the walls were high so i decided to run along the pipe to try to launch myself off the end to fly to the pyramid. of course now i know i should have just flown without needing the run up. as i climbed onto the pipe i slipped. sometimes this would have caused problems but i managed to just deny that it was slippery which worked well for once. i ran along it at quite a speed then jumped at the end and started flying. it seemed i was already in some kind of temple type thing so didnt have much luck getting to the outside of the pyramid. pretty soon aftrer take off i switched to 3rd person perspective anyway which made the dream fade and move on.

      later on i am just in some bar again. these people sat along the wall seem to not be able to see me. i wave at one of them then wave my hands in his face and he does see me. i say sorry about that i just had to check something. he seems fine about it. then i say sometimes its just hard to tell if someone can see you in a dream or not. he looked at me starteld and said 'in a dream?' or something. then he got all panicky so i just said yeah dont worry its just a dream, just a normal dream and just tried to calm him down. he seemed to snap out of it, probably cos his mates started to take the piss or something but its hazy from here

      parts of the unlucid bit really felt like i had just had a cracking night out with old mates. also have very hazy memories of it, but i have definately been talking to loads of randoms in weird interesting locations that i dont recall from previous dreams. in an earlier part i remember having a laugh by holding this girl and swinging/sliding down the staircase of some big shopping centre. i kind of knew it was a dream but also felt like my arm would snap if i went too fast. also have a fragment where i got minorly lucid and jumped off a high platform in a work location for a quick fly around. damn it was probably a good few hours long if i could manage to string along all the parts somehow...
    14. Descending into a Smothered Consciousness

      by , 08-25-2011 at 06:25 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Descending into a Smothered Consciousness

      I was at a speakeasy in the middle of the 1920s. The bar was crammed tonight. There was a pianist in the background and I was smoking a cigar. I was a flapper in the right crowd.

      I was engaging in a conversation with a man when I began to notice that people were leaving towards the back of the bar. Curiously, I followed them to see what the rush was.

      I discovered that they were all trying to go up a staircase in the back of the bar. I pushed past them to see where and why they were so desperately trying to go.

      The rustic staircase winded up to a lonely attic where I found a door.

      I opened the door.

      And I saw stairs going back down again. But, these stairs were different. I was now out of time and out of place. I was in our era, but in the fire escape of an abandoned, vandalized building.

      The stairs were lit up, as if calling to me, and I could see the dim spray paint letters on the wall. I sat down on a step, slipped, and then SLID down the stairs.

      I was sliding down them as if there were no steps at all, just a smooth angle. Lights rushed past me and I felt my consciousness sinking deeper and deeper.

      After that strange experience of sliding down four flights of stairs warp speed I tried to stand up.

      I felt strange.

      I felt as if my awareness had suffocated, my body felt heavy and I just wanted to collapse where I was. It felt like I was being drowned out by anesthesia.

      I looked around and wondered how I would get back to the bar. It was dark in here, there were no more lights to guide me along.

      From observing, I saw that I had two options.

      My first option would be to continue on in the fire escape. I saw that there was another flight of stairs that I could take down, but in the middle there was a large gap. I might be able to jump over that. But what pushed me away from this option was that there was a hooded man standing in front of the gap. He stood there as still as a sign post. I felt as if he was a trap. I was already about to collapse, and this would make the perfect opportunity for a predator to capitalize.

      The second option was a gleaming EXIT sign to the right of me. Naturally, this may have been a first choice for anyone.

      Except, when I opened the door under the EXIT sign, I saw a bloody dead body on a tile floor.

      I wasn't sure I wanted to take any of the aforementioned routes. But, I had to take the lesser of two evils, so I took the second option and walked past the dead body.

      The door lead into a small convenience store. I was still feeling horrible, and I needed help. I felt myself losing consciousness and called out.

      A woman answered my calls. I was interrogated by her to provide details of what happened and she requested me to show her this strange staircase.

      We went back through the door from where I came. However, there was no longer a staircase.

      We found ourselves in this strange nether region. The region was hilly and large, and we could see that on both regions there were doors. We believed that perhaps one of those doors held the answers to what we were searching for.

      We split up, and I took the western door and she took the eastern door.

      We quickly discovered that near each door out of the nether, there were strange little beings ready to attack us. They are hard to describe. They looked like little inter-dimensional robot things. For the time being, we called them 'caviar'.

      These robot beings varied in fighting skill. Many of them were easy to just knock off, but others seemed like they just wouldn't die.

      For a second, I woke up.

      Before I could reach for my DJ, I instantly felt myself sliding back down that winding staircase, descending deeper and deeper into the murky depths and again feeling that horrible feeling of smothered consciousness. I couldn't escape it.

      I slid down to the bottom of the staircase. Instead of winding up in the strange room with the malicious man, I was now in a rustic room with odds and ends everywhere.

      I realized that I was on the western side of the door where the woman and I had tried to open.

      The antique objects spoke to me and told me that I would need something to defend myself out there, because the robot beings were ready for attack. They gave me a shield. It was black and red. Seeing that I was also barefoot, they equipped me with old boots and gave me a sword. I thanked them, and was awoken externally.

      That Familiar Feeling

      I was in the lobby of Jin's apartment, even though he didn't live here.

      The floor of the lobby had a complex circular design. There was ice on it. Slushy ice, that was melting.

      "I feel...like I have dreamed this two or three times before..." I whispered, feeling the ice beneath my fingertips.

      "Let's go," Jin directed. We went up to his apartment where his brother was. His brother looked like a miniature DJ Ravine.

      His apartment was on more than one story. The kitchen would be on a different floor than the bedrooms. It was really fascinating.

      He showed me his bedroom. It was blue. In the middle was a bunkbed. Off to the side there was a bathroom that connected to his bedroom, and near that was a shelf.

      "I have definitely dreamed this before..." I whispered. I couldn't shake that strong feeling of familiarity.
    15. November Transformation: 20 Riddles To Solve

      by , 11-23-2010 at 06:49 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 14, 2010

      Synopsis: Two very interesting dreams. In the first I am told I have 20 riddles to solve. In the next, I transform, play around, and find a nightmare deep in the lowest levels of the staircase.

      20 Riddles To Solve
      I am in a dark misty place. It kind of reminds me of a movie scene from England. A DC tells me that I have 20 riddles and puzzles to solve, all regarding names. He tells me uncovering these riddles will span over several dreams. So I should take notes and repeat as often as possible what I discover so I remember my progress.

      I take out a flip book "Good idea!" and I start taking notes. This dream felt very long. I seemed to travel a lot in this misty place. And I talked a lot to, to so many DCs but I barely remember any of our conversations.

      All I remember was I solved the first riddle in that dream. And the name, a dream views member. But I don't remember who the name was! But I had a sense that this was a dream views member that I haven't really spoken with, but I should.

      Later on we are all watching TV. Wasting our time, I suddenly realize....was my time wasted? Here I am reviewing and going over these notes again and again. And for what? Lucid, I finally realize I can't take any of these notes with me! I'm gonna forget everything!

      I yell at the DC "Why did you make me spend an entire dream writing so many notes. Are you intentionally trying to waste my time?"

      He doesn't answer me. And I don't like his aura now, its obscured. Not dark as in evil. But dark as in, he isn't who I thought he was. The whole dream becomes obscured and fades away.

      The Dark Drumming
      I'm having a light adventure dream in a strange abstract city. But my friend disappears when I become lucid, represented by an inanimate toy in my hand. Oh well. Lucid, I transform into a lizard. And then even tinier, and tinier and tinier.

      I wasn't easy at first. I had to find a small bush, and imagine the twig was as wide as a tree. It worked! And my point of view flies up the twig, now the size of a tree. And I crawl over the fence.

      This simple stupid thing is something I've wanted to do for a year now. It's been a long time since I've been able to alter my size perception.

      I crawl away and under a door. It leads to an industrial staircase. I become my human self again and wonder what's down below. I vaguely remember my friend from earlier fearing this place. It's all dusty and gritty looking. And I can hear what sounds like construction down below, a constant banging. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      I thought that maybe watching the construction men do their thing would be fun. So I climb two flights down.

      But as I get closer, I realize the sound I'm hearing resembles nothing like construction. No. Bang. Bang. BANG. BANG. The sound gets closer. Larger! Overwhelming! They're footsteps!

      As the footsteps climb up the stairs, the staircase gets darker and darker. Fear takes over me. The sound is like drumming.

      I race back up. But its so dark I can't see the door I came in from. So I have to run several more floors, with that noise approaching me, coming closer. Finally there's enough light coming from the door that I can see it. I rush out the door into the building.

      I don't understand. The sound. That sound is still coming closer to me. I can hear it down the hall now. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      I find a group of emos who were probably up to no good. But I'll take vandalizing emos over this demon. They take a corner and almost leave my field of vision. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      Wait! Don't leave me!

      I beg them "Something is after me. I'm scared. Can I go with you?"

      They look at me making a funny expression . Probably because I'm way to colorful for their taste. "Ok, you can join us." Disdainfully.

      I'm so happy to be in their company. They head to the basement. Which does worry me that were going down instead of UP. We relax in a room with a lot of chairs.

      Suddenly the leader of the emo gang levitates a chair with telekinesis, and flings it at the wall. No one looks surprised, except me.

      "You have powers like the character Tetsuo!" I say

      "I hate Tetsuo! He's such a. . fucking. . emo!" Lol. Okay. I'm not even going to bother starting an argument with the poor confused man.

      I stand up and feel inspired to show off my dream skills. Suddenly were wall showing off our powers to each other, trying to prove were more awesome than the next person!

      Bang. Bang. Bang.

      We were so busy being silly I didn't even notice this whole time that we were next to a staircase. "It's him! The demon! We have to go!"

      "No" Says the leader "We'll beat the shit out of him together."

      We stand in front of the staircase. Bang. Bang. Bang. The staircase progressively gets darker. Darker. As if all the light is being swallowed. I'm scared! I'm terrified!


      The leader uses his telekinesis to hurl random objects at it. I gave it my best!

      I couldn't tell you if we defeated the monster. I always wake up during the battle. It felt like it was working though. If anything, just because I was in their company.

      But the sound still gives me shivers

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