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    1. 26 Jan: Running from home, spiritual encounter and expelling a demon

      by , 01-26-2019 at 11:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Living with my family, but feeling despaired and wanting to run away. I am preparing a bag with clothes and a few more items to run away while they are all out. Then my family returns, I hide the bag, no one suspects of my plans. But I see my mom and I start reconsidering my plans because of her. I don't want her to suffer for not knowing about my whereabouts. She is the only one I don't want to hurt.

      All alone in Brussels, very early morning. People are still going around, hoping from bar to bar. I feel pretty alive and aware and I absorb all the details of the decorations, architecture, the terraces, etc. I notice that the street is warm but in between terraces it is extremely cold. That's because they use gas heating on each terrace. Then I am dragged with a crowd into a very underground place. Its entrance is literally a tunnel with no light, just some very fade lamps at the end of it, where there is a door. The people and the light and the shadows make really interesting images and I grab my phone to take photos.

      Enjoying my last day abroad. Go to a fair, incredibly crowded. Then at some lateral street I see a couple of Buddhist monks and decide to follow them.
      I find a long line of monks waiting to go inside some building and I go with them. Once inside they prostrate until we reach a room with an altar and some pictures and images of Buddhas and teachers. I pay my respects to. Then follows another room and another altar and more prostrations. As I also prostrate, an old lady in a thin robe appears and leans over to whisper in the ear of the woman in front of me, something about her health and some advice on how to deal with it. The woman seems caught by surprise but thankful for the advice. Then the lady turns to me, her robe opens up, she is naked and doesn't care. She tells me I have to summon and surround myself with nagas to expel the bad naga that is disturbing me. I say "what?" but she goes away without further clarification. I get up and follow her through the crowded streets until she enters her house. She doesn't pay attention to me, never says a word, but also doesn't ask me to leave. She feeds her cat and does whatever she has to do. I tell her I need to know more about her warning, and tell her that my mom had dreamed something related to it the previous night [she did, in waking life]. She doesn't reply but she points me to a bedroom where I can spend the night. I stay there. I lay on the bed and I fall asleep. Then wake up but feel drowsy. I try to move, but feel like my body weighs a ton. Then try to call for help and my voice sounds terribly deep, scary and distorted, like I have a demon controlling my body. I fight back for some time. Then eventually it goes away and I recover control. I don't see the lady anymore.

      Then leave to airport. I am back to Lisbon. There are some new constructions by the river bank and I fly over to see the changes. I find a burger stall with a nice terrace, selling really pricey food. A veggie burger is 15 and a whole meal with fancy wine and dessert is 250. But then I look around and find a really cool vegan fast food place that has affordable delicacies and I call Riverstone to come have lunch with me there. I meet Evangelion there by chance.

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      non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment
    2. Flying rocks, Pokemon, and magical trains? :D

      by , 05-20-2017 at 08:32 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Sleep: About 7.5 hours. This seems to be optimal for me. It's generally harder for me to fall asleep when I'm getting enough rest every night. BUT, this is a good thing. Because of this, my brain is significantly more awake once I do fall asleep, and therefore my dreams are more vivid and memorable.

      Also, I think my brain is hard-wired to keep me up late. Like, ideally my body seems to want to go to sleep at around 12:30-1 AM and wake up at around 8:15 or so. I feel the most refreshed in the morning this way. However, this doesn't generally tend to work with modern-day American society, so I will have to see. Maybe I can adjust accordingly, to the friendlier schedule of sleeping from like 11:00 PM to 6:30 AM, and it will have the same effect. I will make some plans this weekend hopefully and try and figure that out.

      Dream 1: I was talking with my brother and some other people, in the family room of my parents' house. There was a Slowpoke (the Pokemon) just chilling on our bench, so I guess Pokemon were real, too. Somebody sitting with us compared the Slowpoke to a really smart person who is just really lazy. I don't know if the Pokemon felt insulted by that or not. :O

      Then, outside in our backyard, an insane amount of rocks started flying around in the air, and I think the room started shifting too. We all freaked out, but I woke up before anything disastrous happened!

      Dream 2: I think I had a false awakening. Didn't trigger lucidity though. I thought that I had woken up extremely late, and now I was super far behind with my schoolwork.

      Dream 3: Warning: this one gets a little bit PG-13. I was on some sort of train. I believe that the train was magical in some way, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, I talked to two separate women while I was on the train. I remember one of them was this nice blond-haired lady, maybe in her 30s-40s. She wanted to talk to me and do some sort of study or experiment, which required me to, um, take off my shorts. I can't remember what the, er, study was, but I remember removing my shorts that I was wearing and sitting around chatting with her in my underwear and T-shirt. I think I liked that a little bit too much. ._____________.

      It was weird also since we were in a crowded train. I bet if I hadn't woken up, I would've become lucid in this one.

      The exact same thing happened with the other lady. I don't remember what she looked like though.

      Dreams are so weird. Especially when they're non-lucid. Like...dang. :O
    3. No Child Left Behind

      by , 06-14-2016 at 03:14 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Im at some church service with my mom. They talk about some lady keeping her baby after being raped and that baby having 33 kids. Justin says doesn't that hurt? I say, "Nah after awhile they just fall out in a conga line." We laugh, but notice she's right behind me. I'm not totally sure it's her but Im scared to look. I tell Justin look because I can't tell.

      We are on a bus now. The lady is question is talking in British accent about her recent child birthing. I realize it is her and hope she didn't hear me make fun of her.

      The bus stops. My son, Riley and younger daughter, Dalynn, get off. I'm overly aware od Riley's glowing red shirt. They walk past my window alone. I panic and start knocking on glass the glass to get them to loo at me. I yell, "They got off!" Dalynn phased through the bus and takes a sear, but the bus driver leaves Riley. He's too young. My mom is the bus driver. I scream, "You're leaving Riley!"
      She calmly says" Well, he'll have to find his way back."
      I say, "You're not leaving him. If this was real life you wouldn't." I look at my older daugher, "Hey! "Is this real life?" She just looks at me curious. I go ahead and do a nose plug just in case

      Lucid now, I move to front of bus. I say to my mom "He's back right there now. No worries...boom." I point and turn expecting to see him. There he is. "Look mom, there he is. I look at mom and look back. He's not there for a second but I refuse to believe it. I look harder and a different child morphing into his likeness. I see he's wearing the same red shirt and leave it at that. I don't get caught up on the details. I'm just really determinded to not leave my child alone at a bus stop dream or no dream. I wake up.

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    4. 04.05.2016 Lady in Red

      by , 04-06-2016 at 05:47 PM
      A lot of family happenings. One of them particularly disturbing. I'll comment at another time, but I am very worried about my niece.
      As a result, I probably only slept a couple of hours. I was inside my mind all night.
      A long time ago, I had a dream of a lady in a red cloak. She was most definitely a "she", even though her her face and body was that of a skeleton. I went to sleep with the idea that I wanted to find and talk to this spirit lady. I wanted to ask her so many questions- who she was, where she came from , etc.

      DR 1
      A curtain of black, and the cloaked lady came to me. I was so stunned that I couldn't ask her anything. Lucid for only a moment, I could feel her presence next to me. Then it was gone. She was gone and I floated into another dream that I do not recall.
    5. Good vs. evil? Sort of...

      by , 01-03-2016 at 11:09 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I've been doing all right with my physical dream journal (i.e. the one I take notes on when I wake up in the middle of the night, or in the morning). The only dream of note I had yesterday was that a former friend of mine was trying to stab me with a knife. It was freaky, and in no way lucid. It did wake me up, though. Before waking up, I grabbed it - by the blade - in order to stop him, and it didn't hurt at all. We were working on a project in my dream when this happened.

      One other dream, less exciting, was about a girl talking about college grades. Also went up an elevator with some friends and there was a ghost of our apartment complex? I don't quite remember that, but that's what my notes say, so!

      As for last night's dreams, let's see...Not quite lucid, but I did get close on one.

      - I was being attacked by a panda, of all things, and a few other creatures or people that I don't remember. However, it wasn't painful at all - I didn't feel anything.

      - I was with a group of people. These people were making fun of those who don't like anthro art.

      - I was friends with this beautiful lady, who was like a mother in some ways and romantic in others. Anyway, her arch-nemesis came in to attack her. This is where I became close to lucidity: I vaguely realized that I could do anything in my current environment, so I used some magical powers in order to create a shield to stop him. However, he soon broke through the shield, and suddenly my powers became impotent. I was really confused as to why my powers weren't working, and that was about when I lost my almost-lucid state. Anyway, he broke through, and started flirting with my friend and her two daughters - but in a completely inappropriate way. I remember massaging my lady's shoulders to comfort her, and her skin felt incredibly real. Then she started to look like one of my mom's friends in the waking world, which was odd. One of her daughters looked like her, and the other looked like a girl I know in real life. I remember not liking this guy at all, and feeling a lot of anger towards him. He tried to bribe me to let him take away my friend and her daughters, with a gray room filled with all these toys. I believe my dream-friend got sick or something, as she either spat or threw up at this point. I was really frustrated because my shield and my magic had worked initially, and then it all stopped.

      - I was at college, but the place looked quite different. There was a lockdown drill, and a bunch of us were hiding in this building. One guy wanted to fight back, so he brought the majority of the students with him to fight. I wasn't keen on going out there, so me, a girl from my school, and a few others tried staying hidden in the room. Unfortunately, they left the door wide open, so we hid in the shadows under a table the best that we could. It was broad daylight outside. We talked about how we weren't supposed to leave as per campus policy during a lockdown. But then we heard these gunshots - our classmates were shooting down some aerial planes and bombs, thus saving us. I guess the threat was from the air. We even saw some explosions (they looked very much like poorly done CG effects, though). The atmosphere of the dream changed from one of danger and fear to one of comfort and relief.

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    6. Investigation of the Lady (non-Lucid)

      by , 01-14-2015 at 10:39 PM
      Investigation of the Lady (This was actually the title of the dream. It was written in the air as the dream was fading out which is the first time that's happened.)
      I was at school one day and I had a vision of this lady being taken captive on a beach in California somewhere (meanwhile I'm in Illinois) and led into an underground lair. It was an underground cave below the sand, adorned with a lot of Greek furniture and artifacts. I don't remember much about the girl or why she was captured, but the next thing I know the vision ends and I'm back at school and my mom is coming to pick me up. She gets me and she takes me home but our house is downtown and not in the country like it is irl. I wanted to go thrift shopping since there was a small local thrift shop a few buildings down and my mom wouldn't give me any money to go. I got angry and started kicking everything around the living room and ran out of the house. I had another vision. The police were searching for traces of the girl in the sand and they were just grabbing a bunch of sand and testing it for her DNA with some big machine. I knew that the girl was in a secret lair under the sand, and that she was still alive and I wanted to help but I couldn't do much since she was in California and I didn't even know what beach she was on. My memory gets really fuzzy from this point and I can only remember a few fragments. My mom and I ended up being in the lair, but all I can remember is one image of me looking at the Greek artifacts as my mom lifted some of them up to try to find a secret door, and Joey M from my anatomy & phys class told me that he loved my phone case and he kept talking to me but I don't remember what about.
    7. Two ladies, the restaurant and C#

      by , 11-14-2014 at 11:30 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Two ladies, the restaurant and C# (Non-lucid)


      I was chatting with a lady who apparently was attracted to me. She wanted to open a restaurant. She was giving me a tour around the place and told me we could work today. I was wondering how I was gonna work there as I was not restaurant employee material. She was sharing with me it was going to be a very pricey place and we would make a lot of money together.

      I designed the logo with Photoshop and with C#
      (I know... too much coding...) and she liked it so much that she kissed me.

      From here, we went into her house, she lived in a crystal buidling, very upscale:

      She had a small kid and she tried to have sex with me despite the kid being around. I saw a clock and it said it was 3 am. I lived in a building next to her in the dream and I went there, where another girl was waiting for me. She locked herself up in the bathroom with me, but i needed to grab a condom. As I went outside, I saw from my window the other lady's window and she was like looking for me.

      I was on the street and despite being like 4am, there were a ton of teenagers getting drunk and eating pizza. There were a ton of ambulant food sellers and they wanted me to sell stuff. I went through a building that was a police station and a cop asked me if I was drunk, but I was sober so he allowed me to keep going on my way. As I got closer to the crystal buidling I could see it was dawn. I went back to meet the lady in the crystal building and she said her mom wasn't going to go to sleep soon because she just had coke (the drug, not the drink.) The lady told me she knew C# and she could help me code the Dreamjournal.
    8. Big swimming lady

      by , 11-10-2014 at 11:48 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Big swimming lady (Non-lucid)


      I was indoors in some sort of hotel with some friends. I also knew the owner of the hotel. The hotel had a lot of red carpets, but they looked like carpets from India. There was a small blue train (toy train) that had a huge engine that it was a small bomb. We were joking with the train.

      We were about to eat and we were indoors. There was a hooker looking for a client and a made up girlffriend came to me and kissed me. I was able to see some old school technology around this hotel.

      There was an over sized female human being (maybe like 8 feet tall and 400 pounds) who could swim, but she was about to go on vacation. She would take people around on her back whike she swam from one place to another. I wondered how she could be overweight with all that swimming.

      I jumped on her back and she told me to tell her 2.0 for more speed, so I did. The I said 3.0 and she swam faster. She told me that she could go up to 50.0. We laughed.
    9. Suddenly, Guard Dogs!

      by , 02-20-2014 at 10:02 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Both of these dreams took place four days ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting them! Sorry for the delay.

      Guess where I was in this one? If you've read a lot of my dream journal, or just glanced at the titles/tags, you'll be so very unsurprised to find out that this first dream took place in...A SCHOOL. -surprised gasping- We were in a room that looked like it would be a Steak n' Shake dining area except all the tables were replaced with school desks. We were working pretty furiously on a test, as if our lives depended on it. As I got close to finishing the test, I saw my girlfriend's ex-friend, who was making faces at me. Guess we're in elementary school or somethin'.

      This second dream was the more dream-like of the two, in terms of outright weirdness. My girlfriend and I went to the mall! To do what? Well, I'd assume shopping, but who knows, really? Anyways, we got there, but a very creepy old lady was blocking the entrance to the mall, saying "You aren't allowed to go in there!" She wouldn't tell us WHY, of course. Being the reckless dream selves that we were, my girlfriend and I found a back entrance over the wall and into the mall. What followed was kind of terrifying, or at least at the time. A loud alarm sounded off; we knew right away we were in trouble. In the distance, we heard dogs yelping, and could vaguely see the old lady running towards us with a giant pack of barking, angry dogs. No shopping for us! Gosh dang it. We started to run, although we weren't sure where we were even running to. We were pretty much trapped in this mall now. The barking of the dogs drew closer.

      What was our fate? Beats me, I woke up! Always at the good parts.

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    10. Butterfly Monk

      by , 11-14-2013 at 09:39 AM
      Original journal entry dated April 4th, 2002:

      This time, my dream had some people in it I know - S and Sr. S was a nobleman who was a slight notch above a knight, and Sr was a monk. As the dream progressed they sort of lost their resemblances to either person, though, and became characters in their own rights.

      Anyway, "S" had gone to the monastery to get some peace and quiet. He wasn't so much ill as stressed out. As he was walking through one of the fields he came across the monk, who was running around wearing butterfly wings and singing. He stopped to watch, puzzled by the strange sight, and the monk came up to him and started talking about how he wanted to communicate with the faeries. The monk had a Bible which was actually (and oddly) bound with the spirit of a demon. There was also a blue flower in the field that was a parasite, and grew so quickly and aggressively that it was strangling the others - this upset the noble/knight guy so every day he would go out into the field and try to hack the harmful plants up... it was a losing battle, though.

      Anyway, he went into the monastery to go back to his chamber and was admonished by a monk for being so loud. He was then stopped by a messenger who had been sent by his wife, to tell him that she was arriving there the next day. The servant was a little worried about the Lady's sanity, and as for the nobleman himself, he said, "I believe she is quite looney".

      The end of the dream was garbled, though - the Lady arrived, caused a lot of upset, and then through some sort of spell or ritual the nobleman or the butterfly-wing-wearing monk caused an earthquake - a chunk of the monastery that had been built to overhang the cliff fell into the sea, and unfortunately the Lady was in it at the time. And there was something about the demonic Bible, too, but like I said, the end was blurry.
    11. Famous ghost

      by , 08-19-2013 at 08:53 PM
      I dreamt that I was in an old building. I was there on some occasion, a party or something similar.

      I was in a room talking to two others when a ghost appeared from the wall. It was a woman, dressed in very fancy Baroque style clothing. She was completely white and slightly transparent.

      I recognised her, she was a very famous ghost of a British lady. Her name was Mary, I can't recall her surname though. Coming to think of it, the entire house and setting was very British, so I guess that is where the dream scene took place.

      I think me and the others talked about her when she passed us.

      She didn't pay attention to us, she just walked past us and disappeared into the wall behind us. she didn't even turn her head, maybe she couldn't see us.
    12. The Cabana Race

      by , 06-21-2013 at 10:30 PM

      Level of Lucidity: 3
      Level of Clarity: 6
      Level of Realism: 4
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      The transition from being in the warehouse to being here was rather smooth thanks to a lucky and proper DEILD. I opened my eyes and looked around. There were all sorts of restaurants and businesses connected in a sort of "Little Italy" sort of feel. Narrow streets and small buildings. I walked into what seemed to be a large mexican restaurant, sort of cabana type place. There were no tables or chairs. I walked outside through the back into what seemed to be a normal American parking lot. My grandpa was standing there. I lost all lucidity by this point and had fallen into "Dream Viewing" mode. I asked my grandpa something, and he kinda smirked. We both got inside of a blue Toyota Highlander, and I started driving. He told me to pull into another parking lot so I did. He told me "go crazy." I asked him what he meant and he told me to start driving however I wanted. I noticed that the Highlander had changed to a white Toyota Camry, both of which are cars my grandparents own, so I didn't think too much of it. I floored it. The Camry started picking up speed as I approached a corner. I turned the wheel hard right, freeing the grip of the rear tires, then yanked the wheel to the left, to counteract the cars rotation. A successful drift. My grandpa smiled and said "Again."

      We did this for a bit until I noticed a small road that seemed to lead to a forest from the parking lot. I sped down it, but it suddenly was no longer drive-able, it turned into a small, narrow walking trail. I was forced to back out a ways, and then decided just to leave the Camry there and try to go find the highlander. I told my grandpa to stay in the car, and lock the doors. I looked back to what was the parking lot, and it was now the interior of that cabana. I saw the highlander parked over in the far left corner and started walking to it. I looked down for a second to make sure I didn't trip, and when I looked up, the highlander had turned into one of those little cars that babies sit on and scoot around on.

      I continued walking to it, and then sat on it and inserted the Highlanders key into it and cranked it up. It sounded and drove just like a normal car, but it was hard to sit on because it was so little. I picked it up and faced it towards the Camry parked near the entrance to the woods, and ran and jumped onto the little cars seat, flooring it. The car took off as fast as the Camry would, and the back end of the little car began to scrape onto the ground, but I let off the acceleration a bit and leaned forward and the car had all four wheels on the ground again.

      By the time I got to where the Camry was, the Highlander had appeared right in front of it (towards the cabana not the woods). My grandpa was in the passenger seat of the Highlander and nobody was in the Camry. I thought "Strange..." Then just as I was about to get in the driver seat of the Highlander, my grandpa was instantly in the driver seat. He seemed to have functionality of his legs, which in real life he does not, and began to drive the car slowly in reverse. I walked with the car, holding the door open with my left arm just in case he got his foot stuck and couldn't move it or something. After walking with him driving for a bit he told me to get the Camry and pull it around into the Cabana. So I did. After I got over there, he told me we were going to have a little race, and to get the cars lined up. I said okay and started walking over to the Camry... but again it was moved over by the entrance to the woods. I walked over and met a nice woman who was a bit large around the waist along the way to my car and told her what was going on. She smiled and looked seductively at me and said she'd like to race too. I said alright and told her to pull her car around. She said “Alright!”

      Once I got to the Camry and hopped in I decided I’d just race with my little toddler car, and drove over to the cabana with it. Once I got on the car the environment changed again and when I turned it around there was a small narrow bridge/walkway with a big block on top of it blocking most of the walkway that was moving from one end of the walkway to the other. I almost ran into the block but managed to go around it, and then found myself in the cabana once again. I had a look around and my grandpa was in his car at the front of the line and behind him there was a line of about 5 other people in their own car, as if there was about to be a full on race. I pulled up in my little toddler car and noticed that lady from before was standing next to a lowered truck that resembled a Nitto Offroad Racing Truck, and had wheels that extended beyond the body for enhanced handling.

      She began telling me about all the customizations she’s made to her truck and how it’s the best car in the fleet of racers. I asked if I could drive it and she seemed hesitant at first, but then I told her that it’s ok, I’m a professional drift car racer, and she agreed.

      Just as I got into the truck I awoke.

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    13. 3rd May 2013 Different meaning of 'being lucid', Mansion, Ghosts, Warcraft 3-looking game

      by , 05-03-2013 at 10:35 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Some good recall today.

      Dream 1:

      Can't recall much at the start of the dream, but there was a story about two worlds and about that 'being lucid' was meaning losing control of body in one of the worlds due to something related to ghosts?( )
      I was in some kind of hotel and there was some kind of problem with insects. Then i decided to play some video games while waiting for someone to find some information that i needed and i recall one of them looked whole lot like Medievil and another one was 2D platformer where one of the levels was in the sky and there were many platforms that fell after landing on them.
      At certain point i got distracted from the games because the person that i sent to get information never returned, but i have got the information about the last location he was seen at. It was in the other world and that's where the weird occurrences of people 'being lucid' were happening, so i quickly transitioned there and met up with my team. We were some kind of detective team and were searching for the case of people "being lucid' and we discussed something for a while, then went for the place that i had information about
      The place was a mansion with pink walls and the landscape around was pretty nice. We were searching around, but shortly we were interrupted by tall anime-looking lady with a weird haircut that i can roughly describe as horns of some kind, she was presumably the owner of the mansion, and she invited us into it. We were sitting around the table and there was discussion, but mostly we were just asking about the weird occurrences. The discussion kinda went downhill and to cheer everyone up, the lady started pushing the black umbrella, that she had, against the floor in the rhythm. it caused a music to start playing out of nowhere, someone from my team said that it looks like some kind of control over the ghosts and then i said that it's suspicious indeed but even if it is, ghosts would be more dangerous without control. Just in case i ordered part of the team to keep an eye on that while i went with remaining part of the team to do more search.
      We were searching for a while and it was getting late and dark, we were somewhat away from the mansion. Then something bizarre started happening(can't recall what though) and we had a problem. The rest of the team came to help us, and the lady came as well. Suddenly some carnival lights started appearing around, shortly i heard lady saying "Stop, you are doing it wrong" and they stopped and there was a voice from nowhere "Fine", then she started rhythm with umbrella and carnival lights started again and there was also carnival music. I was stunned in some way and shortly everything blacked out.
      I woke up in some different place, there was weird kid and i said "Why i was actually lucid" and then dream faded out.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some Warcraft 3 looking game, but it had the interface of AI War. I was controlling some base and there were bunch of enemy bases to take care off. I was lacking much units and defense but still was managing to repel enemy attacks. I built some golem constructors and was making some brown rock golems with rocky poles of some kind, think combination of rock golem and minotaur model from warcraft 3(and which were made in similar way starship constructors work in AI War), but my resources were still incoming faster than i was spending them and they reached 99999999. I decided to build something else and send golems to auto attack enemy bases.
      Later the game turned into some first person game, and i was in the game. I was in night forest and apparently i was a ninja. I was searching for some kind of artifact and there were ruins and mineshafts around. Ofcourse there were traps around the place, but they looked quite obvious. I went down through the hole into some underground area, which was one of possible locations for the artifact, but i have found only a bunch of traps.
      Soon game switched back to Warcraft 3 like perspective and i was controlling some hero unit that was exploring some kind of temple. There were instakill spikes all over the place as well as traps and it required some hardcore navigation, but i managed to go through and get to near the end. There was some place that contained some useful item but was walled off by spikes completely, i thought it was there to fool players into trying to do impossible move while failing whole level right near the end. Then suddenly server's host logged on and reset the map while switching it into multiplayer mode, i was confused but i now have got more powerful hero unit. The game continued to be a battle of two hero unit teams between each other while racing through the temple. It went very messy and i have managed at one point to accidentally kill an ally hero unit due to misclick, using some ability that was a combination of 'holy light' and 'death coil' abilities from original game(how does that even works). Dream ended roughly midway through the game.
    14. The Black Lady

      by , 12-11-2012 at 09:21 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      8:11 am

      A lady in black dress. Long, curly black hair. Black around the eyes. She has a hole on top of her head.

      A strange place, and we're investigating the sewer area. Probably due to reading Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. It was dirty and filthy. There's a huge, dog-like creature there, and it chased us. I was able to dodge it quiet easily and happily. This is probably due to watching Resident Evil: Retribution and/or Underworld.

      My friends and I are watching the clouds, and commented about how some clouds are actually pollution going up to the sky, and we resolve to not create those kinds of pollution. This reminds me of the time we were on Taal Lake, and I saw clouds from the cities that looked like they're smoke from the ground.

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    15. 26th February 2012

      by , 03-03-2012 at 12:18 AM
      Last Nights Dream

      I'm in a Hospital, I'm not sure why but I'm ill. I walk down a corridors and come to a room where there is a boy in a wheelchair, I look at him and then I go into a shop, I forget what I go in the shop for and the owner says "what do you want?" I say "ummmmm..you got any of those things for a sore throat?" I see some herbals and a Woman says "what tooth for?" Lol I think "uhhhh!!" and say "the back left" she says "these are what you want" and she throws me a packet of herbals.
      I have now gone back to bed but all the beds have disappeared apart from mine, they now bring in lots of baby cribs, people are lying on the floor wrapped up in blankets, these people all have a disease and are all being sick, it's really thick, cheesy like sick all different colours..it's totally gross . I'm walking in sick, I can smell it and it's getting all over me. I see a woman lying on the floor wrapped in a blanket, she is about 40 or so and has beautiful black hair it's in a up-do style, she looks old fashioned and I hold her hand and I say "it's ok, you can go now" she then dies but then comes back to life again, this happens about 4 times before she actually dies. I now look for the boy in the wheelchair, he's sad. I now sit and paint with a red pen which turns black aswell which I find a little odd, he comes but goes again ((the boy in the wheelchair that is)).
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