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    1. Japanese Food

      by , 11-01-2016 at 07:04 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I recall a dream fragment where my family took my house helper on vacation with us, we were in a Japanese restaurant. I was asked to order food for her but I told my mom I wouldn't know what the helper would like. I was also tasting what we have ordered prior. They taste great.

      I also recall chatting with an internet friend on Steam.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Kitten!

      by , 10-31-2016 at 07:16 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      The people from my university and my parents were traveling together in what was either a big long-haul plane, a train, or Howl's Moving Castle. We made our stop somewhere and I didn't remember most of the trip, just that I picked up a tiny stray kitten. It was a bengal, I think.i manage to convince the supervisors that I can keep it, and later I also convinced my parents.

      The kitten explored the plane-train for a bit, which had the architecture of my parents' house but with longer hallways. It made its way to the kitchen and my parents' cats were also there. The three seemed to get along.
      Tags: cat, parents, plane, train, trip
    3. garden shed teleport

      by , 10-19-2016 at 06:46 PM
      I dreamt my parents were retiring to a greek island they go to every year, I imagined getting a holiday home in corfu so I could help them out when they get older.
      Anyway I decided instead to rig up there shed so that it could be used as a teleport. Anything inside once the doors shut would be zapped to their house in greece.
      Also some guy tried to get in the way of my plans so I fed him to the fishes of corfu.
    4. Awkward summoning :s

      by , 08-02-2016 at 03:27 PM
      D1- At school im giving extra lessons to some kids. For some reason its to one of the brightest kids but its really simple stuff. I am going through the workbook when a really big hulking kid turns up.
      He gets really upset and then angry
      I go up to him and despite some trepidation give him a big hug, this fixes things.

      [Personal target for competition: Hug a DC ??]

      D2- back in dream at school. All the teachers are in trouble so the headteacher tells us all to stand in line and tells us off because weve been naughty.
      After in the staff room S reminds me of the bad behaviour of a child.
      Apparently they jabbed me up the bottom with their finger Oo (new one on me ,lol)
      He carries on lecturing me about being strict with my new class.

      D3- There is a group of people who have taken on super powers but they are kind of evil They change into looking nasty with a bluey green tinge to their faces. They are rampaging across London. Other groups plan on stopping them. I am telling people that they are not zonbies as they do not know but are people trying to take political control of the country.

      D4- At my parents house it is night time but they have left an old style big radio with luminace front outside on the garden fence.
      It is blaring out music and I am worried this will disturb the neighbours.
      My mother says not to worry the neighbours are either deaf or dead around here.
      (It has been very noisy here until the early hours but that is normal here in Spain)
      Indoors there are loads of cats. One that I am supposed to be looking after , I an angry with as I think it has made a mess. It turns out it has had a baby kitten.

      2nd WBTB
      D5- There is a giant either glass with a very wide top, spanning the view or its a fountain as its so massive idk.
      I remember I need to do my tasks and the first one that comes to mind is summoning a team member, as Elainey mentioned this one saying she doesnt know what anyone looks like.
      I summon lunagoddess and she appears, all very beautiful with long wavey blond hair, only trouble is my subconscious obviously thinks all goddess are big and she appears in the sky taking up all the room. Her head is above the giant glass thing in the sky.
      I now wonder what to do, no way am I saying anything is wrong to her.
      but I have the idea when you summon someone you go on adventures and stuff and shes just this like head in the sky so I try again.
      This time there are four new lunar goddess all wearing red tops and white shorts but human size so thats good.
      I then think of another task.
      For some reason I think the tasks are in my journal, I open my journal and the lines on every other line start peeling off. They curl up like some of the architectual columns in Barcelona.
      They then float off to become sails on a big galleon floating in the sky.
      I realise this is part of a power rangers episode and that I am losing lucidity.
      I think think think for another task.
      I ask luna goddess what time it is
      She says time to get new underwear Oo
      I wake up.

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      Tags: cats, parents, school
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. A key to lucidity

      by , 07-03-2016 at 01:48 PM
      Lots of syncs corresponding to something in my dream, so I don't know whether it also symbolises something else, probably

      D1 - I am at my parents house all is dark, its a wintry morning. I'm wearing a quilted jacket and am in their kitchen then locking up before I go out. I am scared of something unseen a presence/feeling. I double back and check they are a sleep. They're door is closed signifiying they are still a sleep.
      I take a small steel key to lock the back door, I feel the cold of the key against my fingers and fiddle with the lock, checking and re-checking. This action is slowly waking me up in the dream. As I feel vague stirrings of my consciousness, as if a mist is lifting or becoming less foggy headed.
      Outside the ground is frozen with a light snow. In the distance I can see children surrounding two cats that appear to be fighting.
      I preceive that the childtren are in some way encouraging or in some way to blame for the fighting.
      The cats are jumping into the air as they fly at each other.
      Two of the children walk in my direction, I am scared and angry at the same time.
      I finally realise it is a dream, and say to myself are i'm dreaming. I wonder what to do and can think of nothing except to release my pent up emotion by kicking one of the children up the butt.
      The other child has a funny blue and white, thick woolen jumper and matching woolley hat. He has long fair hair and looks on bemusedly.
      I remember that I need to stabalise and rub my hands frantically together but then I wake up.

      The action of touching the key in the dream clearly triggered my surfacing from the normal dream state.

      D2 - Long dream where I am working with another teacher in a large lecture threatre, preparing stuff for later. I am interrupted by a manager who askes where a painting has gone missing. I pretend to look for it, in the hope she'll go away.
      Similarly, I try and escape from an office later on some pretext or other in the hope of not being found out.
      Tags: cold, dark, key, parents, work
      side notes , lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    6. [28-06-2016]

      by , 06-28-2016 at 03:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in my school. It looked like it was just built and finished, I felt much younger. I went downstairs from one of the classrooms and into the hallway, passing a group of students. It was late and lessons were about to end. Suddenly I asked myself "Is that a dream?" after a while I repeared this question, feeling somehow aware yet a little doubting. I met a girl I met years ago during student exchange, we talked for a while going upstairs. Her voice was different and she was speaking in my native language. I asked "Shouldn't you speak english?" She said "I'm not sure." We moved on and ended up near a classroom. She stripped herself from clothes and we made it in the hallway. Everything went black.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed with an orgasm and I had to change my underwear. I left the bed, took spare pants and went towards bathroom. Parents were out for the night and grandma usually has a deep sleep, so I shouldn't wake anyone. On the hallway when I got just past doors to grandma's room, she opened the door and hit me in my back. I rushed towards the toilet and cleaned myself, then changed underwear. Then I went back through hallway and in the window I saw parents in the car. Father parked right in front of the entrance, he was holding a baby.
    7. Pleiades Puzzler

      by , 03-25-2016 at 07:49 PM
      D1 - dual world. When I travel at night down my parents garden I find a mirror world. With different parents etc.
      I have a dinner with them
      D2 - Working in a house/office people start to bug me at counter, I give them blue ID cards.
      D3 - Searching for a house to buy in unpopular part of London, long commute.

      D4 - Sentence ending is missing in another language. I work out it is Pleiades, in the dream it means happiness.
      I don't remember its waking state meaning.
      It imagine the Ankh sign becoming like a fish with its arms down swimming up my chakras. Then it takes normal form
      balancing between my third eye.

      I awake very serence and spaced out. Very peaceful
    8. [12-02-2016]

      by , 02-12-2016 at 02:44 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in some kind of temple mixed with a museum. There were cauldrons with blood -' six in a row. I didn't knew it was blood at first and drank from 5 of these cauldrons. I moved to last one, and a dude waiting there asked me if I really want to drink tainted blood. I dropped mug with blood that I took from previous cauldron inside the one I was standing close to. Dude shouted "What have you done! Now it's even more tainted!"

      Second dream

      With parents I was in the backyard oh my house. I found a mirror, and did something strange. I took out my penis, looked at it's reflection in the mirror and thought about body shifting. I had a weird, but somehow good feeling that my balls were sucked inside my body. I took pants off and saw that I have a vagina now. Parents just freaked out. I fingered it to check if that's a dream. Everything turned black, and just before waking up, I had a feeling that my balls just shoot out from within my body.
    9. Look and you will find (there is gold in them der hills, yeehaa! )

      by , 01-24-2016 at 02:08 PM
      A man investigates a space behind a wall in my parents house. It is a vast dark space, filled with an old railway line (dream sign).
      He can be heard playing a large grand piano he finds there, nice accoustics.
      He searches in a land that is cold and dark, the earth a kind of grey clay. He is unconcerned and swims in dark waters, wearing a wet suit.
      Eventually he finds an old half ruined city. He is high up on some buildings, down below is darkness. One building, with the upper storeys tiered, smaller, is covered in millions of tiny gold objects.
      He shows us this using a camera attached to a tube and a light, much like something used for nonenvasive surgery.
      The gold he says is not wanted by anyone these days, people only want silver.
      I begin plans to get hold of the gold, gaining access via a chimney. At work I make excuses and change into normal clothes and start the search. G shows me what he has found. A first room is cleared of obstructions by lowering all objects to the ground.
      My father hands out large banners he is giving a tutorial about something. Meanwhile my mother is trying to wind an old silver carrage clock, with delicate silverwork. I turn the key and it opens magically at the top, an unfurrling of metal work, revealing a secret for me.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Vampires on my stairs

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:58 PM
      D1 - I am somewhere nice and sunny, its seems like it maybe morroco, the buildings are gray and there are lots of criss crossing tiny alley ways. A customer comes into my shop and I offer to give them some free stuff. I am trying to promote some cards i have made for children to collect. they look kind of strange but I have got into the idea and am quite hyped about it. He seems very happy.
      I go outside with my son (?) and try to find S I spy her around the corner through an archway, unfortunately my son has headed back the other way looking for her. I have a dilema whether to tell her quickly where we are or to rush back and find him before he gets lost :/

      D2 - I am making something in my parents kitchen, a weird concoction indeed. Seems like I have got pesto in there somewhere and what looks like some kind of thick pancakey thing, and other stuff Oo. My parents come into to the now darkened kitchen, I quickly hide the evidence as they serve up masses of food. As a child my parents were often quite frugal with food, waste not want not. So I feel guilty.

      D3 - Stuck in some other world, I try to escape but to no avail. I feel wrapped in a blanket of fog. I have to kowtow to the empress of the vampires. Oh well, my powers are no good here. I leave but am followed by her minions. I sit in my house but there are invisible vampires on the stairs, watching my every move.
    11. Understation, devils.

      by , 12-14-2015 at 08:16 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was with my parents, waiting for a train at a bus station. We asked from which track the train would move, and they said that it would go from "Understation" - a slums complex connected with local train station, built over 50 years ago. I told my parents to wait for the train, and then I went to dormitories to take packages left for me by my associate - this place was a coal mine in the past, and except many beds and hammocks added, it remained mostly the same. There were two packages - beige medicine bags with labels "Head" and "Hat". I took them and tried to give no suspicion, and avoided guard officers wandering the station. I met with my father and gave him the bags, then the train arrived.

      We entered the closest wagon, while my mother entered the right one, on the front of the train. There were guard officers inside, looking for bags we had. My father opened window and climbed up the train roof. I went on as if nothing happened, and looked for my mother. I found her soon - we had places assigned to stairs, and had to sit on stair steps all the way. She told me to go and look for father, as he haven't appeared yet.

      I went to another wagon... and found myself in Hawaii, in the middle of a crowd. I tried to find my father, and when I thought that I met him, I said "Let's go." It wasn't him, but one of the guard officers. Looking back, I saw that somehow I can still enter the train, as if I was in different dimension, and wagon entrance was gate back. The officer chased me, but I escaped. When I got closer to the wagon, it just disappeared. I went downstairs to a beach, where I met a chinese martial arts master. He trained me for a while, but I had more important things to do. Instead of saying that I must go, I splashed him with sea water. He did the same, and after a while of splashing, he took an enormous mussel out of the water, and thrown at me.

      I dodged, and found a boat. In the same moment I hear screams. There were devils running on the beach. They were small but muscular and whole red with mischevious smile. They spawned a huge beast, and teleported back to hell. I shouted "Onward!" and crashed my boat with the beast. It died. I knew there was a building where I can find persons responsible for that.

      There was a two storey wooden house nearby. It's backyard was cluttered with dismembered limbs and bodies, there were also weapons and strange carnivorous monsters. I took weapons and entered the house. There were cultists inside. I tried to shoot them down, but they were immune to my bullets.
    12. Sex and paracetamol and insomnia

      by , 11-09-2015 at 05:56 PM
      Dl1 - At parents house.with lots of people laying on the ground. Have sex multiple times with them. There seems to be some type of form with some of the type written in bold.

      woke 3:30am no sleep till around 5am

      dl2 - Lots more sex with someone at the top of some stairs on a landing.
      dl3 - Placing translucent counters on a gameboard , they are twice correct size.

      I see this as a reflection of my current emotional dullness in some areas, although I had a similar sex one before where it was very disassociated indeed. Certainly another area for development.

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      Tags: game, parents, sex, stairs
    13. #129 - end of the world / attack of the hobo / party in the hood / my professor is a fossil

      by , 10-14-2015 at 04:42 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Nearly finished the SSILD cycles properly but I didn't quite get it down. I reckon eating a banana actually does help. I went to bed super fast for once and slept like a brick. I went to bed at 10:20 and woke up at 10:40 the next day

      Dream 1 - End of the World
      It's pretty much global warming induced world demise. I'm somehow related to an organization that is making super-massive ships to cruise around on as the sea-level continues to rise. Not everyone is on-board with the idea but the first ship is really successful. By the time we've made 3 (after a couple years I think) we get the support of the world. We make 1 more before it's too late I think. Obviously a lot of people weren't able to get on the boats and the similarity in my head is close to the anime 'Suisei no Gargantia', and the people on the ships are the 'superior' humans while the others will have to survive some other way. The dream has a tangent and kind of begins the more internal affairs of the ships. There's testing going on in some laboratories to help evolve humans to cope with the changing world. Failed products are ejected in pods. One such failure was an 'alien' like creature from the movie (Aliens Vs. Predators). They somehow invaded some of the ships and evolved, massacring so many people. I think I run around for a while in a mock-chase as if testing what it would be like. But I have some level of dream control and my mind rejects the idea of the invasion and prevents the dream turning into a nightmare. Now I seem to be the only one left on the ship and I'm in a section where the area is identical to my parents living room (lounge). The aliens can't get me for unknown reasons (because my brain doesn't want them to ). My cats are here, Holly and Sooty (they both passed away last summer so it was really nice to see them again in a way). It's supposedly my first time sleeping alone on the ship, I sit in the centre of the lounge near where my cat Holly is lying down and start cuddling up to her. She gets up and then sits down and starts purring and cuddling up to me too . Sooty is somewhat in the background (she's not a very affectionate cat).

      Dream 2 - Attack of the Hobo
      I'm at my parents house in the family room, I don't recall what I was doing prior to this incident but there's someone else in the dream who I was interacting with. It's night time and I'm inside, I glance outside and look down from the deck. I spot a hobo. He seems somewhat familiar and I instantly decide to confront him to shoo him from our property. I step outside and start going down the steps, I yell out "Oi what f*ck are you doing?!". He gets all startled and grabs a 2-handed pickax that I had left lying on the ground and hurls it towards me! It spins through the air but is too far to the left and misses. Crazy bastard. He seems to have escaped too. I run down the steps and clean up the mess a bit and put away the tools from gardening (there were weeds attached to everything which took a while to shake off). I put the garden gear to the side as a preventative against garden-gear-hurling-hobos

      Dream 3 - Party in the Hood
      I'm in a pretty rundown neighbourhood. Mikayla doesn't have many friends, so I decide to befriend her and help her fit in with the crowd I hand with. I think I'm now at her house? There's a table with lots of grandmas at it, all just sitting round talking. They pry into our relationship and ask if I'm her boyfriend, for some reason I can't deny it because we had gone on a date but we weren't interested in having a relationship like that. The main reason we had gone on a date wasn't out of interest or something, but honestly the dream logic was just weird O_O. I drop my phone and it goes under the table, the grannies all try to get their legs in my way in order to get me to tough them which I manage to avoid (phew). The dream scene changes and now we're having a party with my black friends whom are siblings, there aren't many people here though. In fact, it's pretty much just family members on the sidelines while the the siblings (a fat older brother and skinny younger sister) are dancing in the middle of the room. The vibe of the party is still good though . Next the dream scene changes again and we're on the bleachers in a gym. My parents are sitting behind me, Mikayla is somewhere to the right, and the siblings are also somewhere nearby. There are other seats set up too which are mostly filled, some music comes on and these two black siblings (one was a guy that was quite bulky and the other was a slim slightly younger girl) started dancing in sync. I whisper over to my sibling friends that they're being challenged. He and his sister get up and go down there and talk to the guy, shakes hands with him and says something along the lines of having a dance-off. He does it in a really friendly manner too. The other guy responds by pulling him close during the handshake and whispering in his ear, I can see from my friends expression that he had been insulted. They start dancing off, everyone is in sync and my friends seem to be doing a bit better. I'm pretty amazed by it all because it's all so cool-looking, I'm surprised that they even know the dance moves that they're all supposed to do because the song was randomly chosen.

      Dream 4 - My Professor is a Fossil
      I've signed up for an optional field trip given by my professors that is open for the public and not actually uni-related. My professor Ewan is directing it and he looks super old. I'm surprised he can even walk. At my uni he's a renowned fossil expert so I think it's funny how he's almost like a fossil himself (he looks a lot younger in real life). I'm trying to listen to him explain whats going to happen but I can't quite hear because my parents are yapping away next to me about getting home on time to watch some TV show called 'Boss' or something. I notice that Ewan said something and some of the people around had stood up. My dad then shouts "My son is too! Stand up son!". Oh my f*cking god on cue, everyone just looks at me and I have this intense embarrassment and annoyance because he was the reason I couldn't hear and then he does this... The pain.
    14. I Have Super Powers!!! and the Pube Machines

      by , 07-05-2015 at 09:13 AM
      DILD #1:

      I had an earlier dream where I was flying around with Dreamer at night. She was carrying me in her arms, but she was having difficulty flying because I was so heavy. I tried telling myself that I was as light as a feather, didn't work very well.

      DILD #2:

      I had another dream where I was waiting for a plane to take me to perth, but I was in the United states for some reason. I didn't know when the plane was supposed to leave and then I realized I didn't have to leave for another 3 days.

      I slowly realized it was a dream and wandered around the airport for awhile. I watched workers furiously trying to clean airplanes and get the luggage on board. I also stole some food from vending machines and ate it while I calmly explored.

      After awhile I decided that I wanted to do some tasks. I tried to remember some but got very nervous and worried about waking up. I woke up almost immediately, remembered some tasks, then waited to deild. I was shaken awake in the dream (back at the airport) by this chubby African girl. She was quite pretty and she had a really thick accent. I thanked her and wondered if she was one of those traditional dream guides that people keep talking about. I had her follow me around because I figured that she might be helpful.

      I began walking around the halls looking for a painting; I said to myself, "There will be a painting behind me!"

      There was, but then I heard the African girl say in her thick accent, "There's no painting there."

      The painting immediately disappeared. I walked around a corner while saying to myself, "There is a painting around that corner!"

      There was, and I made it fly into my hands with telekinesis. I was staring at it when the girl pulled at my arm. I looked back at her and she had a friend with her now. I looked back at the painting and it was now a map of Europe. I was getting a bit frustrated with this naughty DC that kept messing with me. I looked away and back at the painting again and it looked like a black and white illustration of an assembled jigsaw puzzle. I figured that was good enough so I threw it on the ground and made it grow and stretch until it was big enough for me to dive into. I guess that I should also mention that this entire time the annoying girl dc was pulling at my shirt incessantly. She was QuiTe annoying! But I tried to just ignore her.

      The painting was on the ground and I was ready to dive in! I got in the standard diving stance and then dove in head first, right into a hard, solid floor. I slowly got absorbed into painting as I rested there. The world was black, I figured that I must have been in the black part of the painting so I walked until it got white. I could see more black lines off in the distance. Not the most exciting experience, but I thought it made sense. I jumped out of the painting and decided that I was now in a hospital instead of an airport. The two African girls are still there following me around. I saw this blonde lady receptionist that reminded me of one of the girls from Dr. Who. I beckoned her to follow me too as I walked outside.

      It was dark and wet, and there was snow gently falling all around. I saw an old friend standing out on the curb. I figured he would be a helpful dc. I asked him if he had the mysterious seeds I needed (while also reaching in my pocket to find some just in case he didn't have any). He pulled a handful of assorted seeds from out of his pocket. They looked like an array of various nuts - cashews, almonds, macademias, and pistachios. I chose the only one I didn't recognize and threw it in the dirt. I stood there, staring at the ground with my motley crew of acquired dream characters. We eagerly waited for it to grow.
      Got too excited and woke up.

      DILD #3:

      I was at my parents' house in Colorado. My mom was cooking a vegan feast with green chili and beans. She was telling me that I should do some things for my dad so that he would be more likely to help me out if I needed it. I got really upset and said that it wasn't right that I had to do things like that as an exchange in order to have his love and support. I think I threw a tortilla in my rage. My dad came downstairs and started talking about facts and figures, keeping everything rational and away from emotions, where it was safe. I noticed that I could draw lines on the wall with my mind and I thought for a few seconds that maybe I just had super powers. Then I realized that I was dreaming and I walked outside and started to fly. I was having trouble flying but I was still enjoying it. I woke up after a few minutes of flying around the neighborhood.

      DILD #4:

      I was watching an 80s movie with Dreamer that had Brendan Fraser with long hair in it. It was about a group of hackers that were rebelling against these humanoid machines that had kidnapped another genius hacker for her brilliant programming skills. The hacker group had somehow managed to make it so that the machines couldn't see them, all except for one special machine that had the sense of smell, he could still smell them when they were near him. Brendan Fraser was running down the street from these special machines that had been built specifically to entice him. They had huge lower bodies that were covered in knotted pubes, it was supposed to attract him because that is what he was supposedly into, but it just looked ridiculous. He eluded them behind a wall when one of the machines saw me watching from a distance and she spat flames at me. I said to her, "Are you serious?" then shot flames back at her. It singed her slightly then I suddenly felt very poweful. I made all of the machine women in the area erupt in flames that were so hot that they turned to ashes.

      I then walked over to a spot on the parking lot pavement and dropped a seed in the earth. A clone of myself separated from my body and walked off but the body that I was watching the dream from stayed to watch the plant grow. A long, vine-like plant grew straight up from the ground until it was about 5 feet tall. It then sprouted these bright red flower buds at the very top. I walked away to look for something inanimate to talk to and I decided that a car would be a good choice. I said to the nearest car, "HEY, how's it goin'?"

      The car suddenly had eyes and a mouth but it appeared to be sleeping. I tried again, "Hello, are you awake?"

      I noticed that I had a text message from some stranger that wanted to help me saying, "Hi, can I help you?"

      I responded, "Who are you?"

      Then a green-haired bully came from out of nowhere and started attacking me. I threw him to the ground to subdue him then the dream ended. I tried to stay still to wait for another dream to begin.
      I had a false awakening with my old friend from a previous dream and I was telling him about the lucid dream I just had and I was showing him the weird text message that interrupted me. Haha, woops.
    15. Random Reunion

      by , 06-19-2015 at 12:27 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Another particularly vivid dream, this time with a good number more details recalled than that pizza dream.

      I was at a house that looked like a much more modified version of my current home, complete with a second floor, big TV, and a pool in the middle of the living room, about the size of a ping pong table. Lots of different people were there, including my boss from work, my dad, my grandpa, and some random people.
      This dream was sort of a hodge-podge of everything going on in my life recently. It was all topped off when...
      One of my old best friends from, like, 7 years ago appeared (I'll refer to her as K). This coincides with real life, since K texted me out of the blue just the other day. Just as in real life, it had been a while since we had seen each other in the dream's story, so K expressed her surprise at seeing me. Curiously enough, she was closer to the age she was when I last saw her, rather than how old she is now. She immediately wanted to go swimming (since that's what we used to always do), so we decided to do just that.
      While we were swimming, my boss called me over and asked me about Luigi's Mansion (for whatever reason, great game though). And then the random events just kept happening when my dad announced he had to go. He slipped on old-time Japanese wooden sandals (I'm starting to not understand the connections here ) and slipped out the front door.
      "Dad! Where are you going?!" I asked him, upset he was leaving.
      "I've got work to do!" he yelled back.

      And that's where it ended. I felt sad waking from this dream, it was fun seeing all these people I don't usually get to see anymore.
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