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    1. idk

      by , 10-13-2017 at 08:30 AM
      In school trying to make skeletons out of black and white paper. Sue finds a cool digital display, you can see all the circuitry and the cells are like big water filled gems
      We go off to some area with loads of people, it is on a slope and we hang out at a circular raised bar table.
      Tags: skeleton
    2. Hidden

      by , 11-29-2016 at 05:35 PM
      In a big football stadium, there is an irish football match going on and everyone is wearing green even all have exact same green trainers, Only nobody is irish Oo.
      I keep trying on costumes and am more hyper and excited each time I try one on.
      But I am not wanting to go out in the car. In the car she holds man hand and I feel warm and safe, all is fine.
      I'm wearing a long black coat and we stopped to get some booze, and I have a cigarette case with coloured cigarettes in.
      We get to where the party seems to be. It is at camden, its is very cold and dark. we are standing on concrete sections with dark cold water all around.

      Flying above my parents house, I see my mother is in the bathroom, and she is half annoyed half embarrassed that I am flying above the house. The other half of the house is being rebuilt by my dad.

      The is a stone skeleton, it is shiny like marble and enormous. It is being brought into the world and as it enters brings with it a swirling watery scene and swirls into existence like a carpet unrolling, kind of.
      The watery scene is that of Serene's avatar.
    3. Unconvincing Resurrection

      by , 10-18-2016 at 04:18 PM
      Morning of October 18, 2016. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now are living in the Loomis Street house, though I have no memory of my relatives who actually lived there. We hear loud voices from upstairs a few times. It turns out to be at least two young males, possibly college students.

      I am outside near the (south) side of the house when I hear some yelling in the upstairs apartment but I do not see anyone. Just as I go back into the house via the front door, one of the unknown males is suddenly there yelling as if he thought I was spying on him just by me being outside. This is the personified preconscious but I am fully non-lucid and do not recognize the essence at this point.

      I soon go outside when he is no longer present. I am carrying my large barbell bar. I end up getting my second one because I soon see that the other two males have a couple near the back of the house, sticking out through the door of the laundry room (which is not logical as it is our living area not theirs) though they do not pick them up when they come into the backyard. I hold both my bars up as if for a sword fight. I decide to steal their two barbells, and, along with my two, put them in a (fictional) attic in the house where they cannot get to them. I tell them this directly. The attic is full of features that I falsely recall are mine, including bed frames (dream sign).

      We get into a fight and I knock one of them out; the one who had been yelling at our front door earlier (personified preconscious). While the other male stands on the back concrete step for the back door, I end up putting a dagger horizontally through his neck. Still, I feel a little bad about this because he is much younger than me.

      Still in the backyard, I place his body in a bucket that is full of water (which of course is very unrealistic as how could someone fit in a bucket). Somehow, the water does not spill out. I decide I will resurrect him.

      After I focus more, with the intent to bring the character back, I look down and notice a skull in the bucket (not logical as he was not in skeletal form when put in). Soon however, a long white balloon with a sketchy skeleton design on it slowly rises up from the water as if being pumped up with a bicycle pump. This seems a bit strange to me but does not puzzle me a lot or trigger any significant thoughts. I get the impression that the character goes back to normal in vague liminal space during the waking stage.

      Because this involves water induction and resurrection, I will assume that this character is my personified conscious self (as it had been determined long ago that the personified preconscious is sometimes a partner to the personified conscious self as a precursor to resolved emergent consciousness in a non-lucid dream, the dream self being the personified subconscious regardless of the “I am” identity - this being obvious because the personified subconscious or dream self cannot remember much at all, unless of course more threads of the conscious self are present). On one level, this could be subliminal reinduction (especially as water is involved); an attempt to “bring my dream back to life”.

    4. 04.05.2016 Lady in Red

      by , 04-06-2016 at 05:47 PM
      A lot of family happenings. One of them particularly disturbing. I'll comment at another time, but I am very worried about my niece.
      As a result, I probably only slept a couple of hours. I was inside my mind all night.
      A long time ago, I had a dream of a lady in a red cloak. She was most definitely a "she", even though her her face and body was that of a skeleton. I went to sleep with the idea that I wanted to find and talk to this spirit lady. I wanted to ask her so many questions- who she was, where she came from , etc.

      DR 1
      A curtain of black, and the cloaked lady came to me. I was so stunned that I couldn't ask her anything. Lucid for only a moment, I could feel her presence next to me. Then it was gone. She was gone and I floated into another dream that I do not recall.
    5. I Think Its Jaw Moved...

      by , 12-20-2015 at 05:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Think Its Jaw Moved... (DILD)


      So, here I am in this jungle that also has a base that’s structured as if there were human inhabitants; Aztecs and what have you. Looking up at the sky, it’s clear as day, and the atmosphere above is light sky blue with a few clouds that are close to dissipating. There’s a myriad of things I ended up doing, but I can’t seem to recall everything in a sequential order.

      It’s almost as if this area in the dream was a hub for other dreams to occur. Some things that came to mind were:

      - Using weaponry to kill off all sorts of monsters from skeletons, and other disfigured entities. An image popped up of a huge skeleton that’s wearing this maroon helmet with gold trimmings that are about 3 inches in width, and they’re wielding a generic round shield, and sword. I even glimpsed a few moments of a floating gun turret akin to one in MGSV.

      - I’m sitting, or trying to sit on one of many chairs laid out at another section in this grandiose environment, and I get a random mélange of entities flashing around me.

      - I eventually start flying for a little bit to land on top of the huge machinery to slay the creatures I mentioned in the first part of this list.

      Then, after all that, and then some, there was a resting period. I believe I was traveling with someone, but I couldn’t make out their visage at all. I tried to pay attention to their voice, but for all I know, they could be mute, or too shy to respond. I’m walking down a rectangular pathway composed of stone brick tiling filled with Nature’s wear and tear, and greenery. There’s this milky, yellow tint emitting off of these bricks, but it’s not emissive.

      I see a few yards ahead that there’s two pitchers with a red base, and a white top. One of them is opened up with all sorts of juices and sodas, and when I get closer to them, it looks like a lot of Fanta juices from red, orange, and yellow. The other one is closed, and it almost felt like opening Pandora’s box. I think maybe I was a little exhausted from the previous events, and the dream starts equivocating like crazy from this point.

      Firstly, the pitcher seemed to have either dissipated, or shifted into a dead, black, crab that’s fairly huge in size. The outer regions of this entity consisted of a light brown trimming, and it really looked like it was dried up in some areas of its body.

      Then, its composition becomes nuanced significantly, and it looks like it could be a skeleton for something else to take shape from it. And every time I glance at it, and glance over something else, the form starts accumulating into something else entirely, and eventually looks like an unconscious black panther.

      For some odd reason, I was predisposed into wanting to take my right hand to try and open its mouth; as if I was still in the process of opening that other pitcher that’s still nowhere to be found. I immediately start controlling myself, and retracted the hand movement with a subsequent jolt, and started to push it towards my body, and made this weird shivering body gesture for a few seconds.

      It was clearly a black panther, and I can see that the sunlight above contributes to some parts of the highlights being violet in some way. When I started to step back from it, I see its jaw move…

      I immediately made a retort towards my unknown dreaming comrade, “I think its jaw just moved…” We both naturally seemed to have wanted to walk back slowly just in case it reacted to sudden, powerful movements like say…RUNNING.

      After we reached a certain distance, we just turned around, and made a run for it. But as we’re doing that, I’m somehow looking at myself in front of me, and then zooming into the unconscious panther. I see that its visage is starting to have more nuances, and its body starts moving upwards a bit, and then its face starts shaking like crazy as if it’s becoming conscious again.

      The moment it woke up, and while it’s busy processing what environment it’s in, I felt as if my ability to run is slowly decreasing. Either through me zooming in too much to want to naturally slow down, or just the fear gradually building up, and slowly paralyzing me instead of getting that kick in adrenaline.

      I noticed that the section we’re at now is this short distanced, but grandiose brown bridge with some subtle hints of red bled onto it. I’m holding on one of the wooden railings, and its literally being utilized as a crutch for me to hopefully propel myself. I can feel myself struggling a bit to pick up some speed, and the view of the panther from afar only makes things worse.

      I told the dream entity at the time to just RUN….RUN…RUN!!! I noticed for a few seconds that entity was a female. She’s wearing a black jacket, white shirt underneath that’s a bit longer than the jacket, or maybe there was some physics involved of the jacket’s ends moving upwards as she’s running, and she’s wearing light, faded blue skinny jeans with some black boots. She has black hair, or at least that’s what I want to believe; she could be anyone at this point.

      As I’m trying to escape, the alarm from my phone starts ringing.
    6. Watching Dinosaurs and Playing Around With My Own Skeleton

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:39 AM
      Morning of October 10, 2015. Saturday.

      This is a set of three shorter dreams in which one shifted into the other with only partial wakefulness.

      The first involves being at an unknown location near a river bank. My wife Zsuzsanna and I are watching alligators swim through the water every now and then, just under the surface. A few other people are walking around. The alligators do not really seem threatening. Eventually I notice how a few of them look very different from normal alligators, though mostly around the head. I point out that it seems someone is apparently doing strange experiments with dinosaur DNA or possibly even living dinosaurs and alligators, as each alligator seems to have minor features from a known dinosaur, one having a head somewhat like a Tyrannosaurus, the other like a Styracosaurus, though flatter and more alligator-like. I even manage to pull the Styracosaurus alligator out of the water and partly onto the bank so that I can show people what I mean.

      After a partial awakening and back into sleep, my wife and children and I are back on Barolin Street, except that all of the houses north of ours (as in reality) are gone and the area is replaced by a large field of mostly short grass and which is bordered by a fence adjacent to the sidewalk. Only a few other people are around farther to the north.

      An unnaturally large Tyrannosaurus, probably about twice as large as any real one ever was, is walking about in the field as if being kept there by the small fence, which is only about the height of an average human waist. I see another Tyrannosaurus nearby, about three lots beyond the first one. In the back of my mind, I sense a part of myself contemplating how I will change my dream from an uneventful one into one where we are chased by the dinosaurs. (This vague awareness of making my dream in real time which also occurs with clearer awareness in indescribable abstract dreams has occurred since early childhood, though there is no hint of lucidity otherwise.)

      The Tyrannosaurus moves his head down, leaning forward, and smashes down the tiny fence with his head, as if the tiny fence was somehow keeping him in the field when all he needed to do was just step over it without even noticing. I find this scene somewhat comedic, pondering the seeming low intelligence of the creature. I tell everyone that we need to go back to our house, as the dinosaur is now loose. It is soon moving very fast in our direction though the other one seems to be considering which direction to go (as there are more unknown people to the north). We go onto our porch, though the door to the main entrance and hallway is locked. From here, I non-lucidly manipulate my dream by rewinding it, pausing it, and jumping about in terms of sections of previous events.

      In my next dream, we are inside the Barolin Street house, in the living room, I think. I am near the center of the room sitting on the floor. For some reason, I am practicing my firing of projectiles, which are actually finger bones from my hand. I somehow pop them out from my skeletal hand and fire them across the room (with a force that carries them to the wall, a few hitting a desk). I do this at least twelve times with all twelve of the phalanges of my right hand (not counting my thumb). I somehow continue with my left hand (not realizing it would not be possible as my right fingers are all gone). Looking down at my own skeleton, I see that I must have also already used some of my ribs at an earlier date. It is no problem, as I will eventually probably snap all my bones back into place later on.

      (This may have something to do with the difficulty we had in snapping together the life-sized Billy Bones model kit a few months ago.)
    7. The Final Night of Billy Bones

      by , 08-19-2015 at 02:19 PM
      Morning of August 19, 2015. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 17,775-02. Reading time: 1 min 50 sec.

      In my dream, my family and I are living on Barolin Street. However, my Cubitis home’s location (railroad track area only) seems to be a part of the setting later.

      Billy Bones, the child-sized human anatomy model, has issues. It needs to have its bones and organs put back in after having fallen out. (In real life, building this kit requires strength and patience.)

      I begin to consider the fragility of something so expensive, wondering how long it will last. The model falls apart. I decide to get rid of it, though it is too big to put in the bin. I do not want all the separate pieces to get scattered, as I might step on one and hurt my foot.

      It is near nightfall. Billy Bones is now a pile of rubble (rather than bits of plastic and metal). There is also an unexplainable organic substance I do not want to touch. There is a sense of bilocation when the area near the railroad tracks seems to be inside our house. I ambiguously perceive I am indoors and outdoors at the same time, though the setting does not have a clear definition as previously.

      I eventually decide the best place to leave the mess is in the middle of the railroad tracks a short distance from our home. I should bury it under the rocks of the trackbed. At this point, I notice that the pile of rubble has more substantial pieces of Billy again, including much of the rib section, part of the hand, and possibly a kidney. That annoys me, as I thought the mess would be less obvious to associate with a human form (in case someone confuses it with real bones). My dream fades from here.

      Important: Note where my dream self decided to bury Billy Bones in the last scene. Note the play on “bed” (trackbed). Ultimately Billy Bones is this dream’s sleep simulacrum (the subliminal indication of being asleep). Physicality in the dream state is imaginary and incohesive.

      As an added note, I found it amusing when I knew no one would go on to purchase the integumentary system (“skin”) for Billy Bones (by extending their subscription) which had never been advertised up to that point. Zsuzsanna talked to a cashier at the local newsagency, and they told her that everyone in town canceled their Billy Bones subscription when the bones and organs model was complete. After all, with “skin,” the model would look like a cheap plastic mannequin or dummy in contrast to the bones and organs displaying as an anatomy model as advertised. No one likes deception from a company that wants to obtain as much money as they can get, so Billy Bones remains Billy Bones, not Billy Dummy.

    8. The city of cool people at the end of the volcano

      by , 09-24-2014 at 10:01 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The city of cool people at the end of the volcano (Non-lucid)


      I was trying to go to a secret town, and I believe I was in a video game of some sorts because I was seeing the dream in third person during a scenario that involved the inside of a volcano, but the lava was purple and I believe it was poisonous. From here, the dream went back to first person. There was some sort of skeleton with a shield that was stalking me:

      I was not afraid but I figured that I had no weapon I no way to fight it, so I just started to run avoiding the lava until I went through a big door and appeared in another room. Here there was a lot of lava, but now it was normal lava. At the very end, I saw a huge door that was made out of stones, but these were very cracked, so I figured that I needed bombs to shatter it, but I had none and I tried to look for an alternative. I saw a couple of big roman vases that had water on them, but the water was boiling and the vase was super hot:

      I figured that moving the vases would help me proceed, but I did not try because I would burn my hands, as I figured that the vase was very hot in addition of very heavy (it was like 4 feet tall.)

      I was able to find some secret entrance that took me to the woods. I explored the woods until I found a secret village. There were about 20 houses, each of them were next to each other making a square shape, and in the middle, there was a plaza. I figured that I needed to talk with certain people in the right order to be accepted there. I had memories of being at this place before and I was able to recall that, but i had no idea how to do it or whom to talk to. I tried to use my phone and Google for advice but I could not get my phone started. I believe it did not even turn on.

      It seems that you needed to be cool to be accepted here, otherwise, you could get killed. I started to see some people coming out from there houses and they told me we had to party and figure out if I was cool or not. There were several tables with drinks and food (the plaza was empty earlier) The tables appeared to be pretty fancy:

      There were also several speakers, huge speakers and very loud music. In a split second, there were lots of people dancing and having fun, so I got involved and started to have fun as well. There was a small black bee in the party as well, said bee did not sting anyone, but it was flying around and sometimes resting on people. The bee stooped flying and jumped onto my pants. I tried to ignore the bee to not loose my cool.

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    9. Honoring My Grandfather, Weird Marriage, Kohl's Crushes, and Work Vandalism

      by , 08-15-2014 at 03:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom and some other lady at a department store. The lady was looking for something specific. I split up from them and looked at other things on my own. We met back up at some point, and the lady kept going down aisles. I wanted to leave.

      Then, we were at I think my grandparents' place having a dinner in my dead grandfather's honor. There was an empty seat next to me, and then the seat where my grandma was sitting. I thought I saw my grandpa sit down next to me; it was like a hallucination, but then I remembered that he's dead and the hallucination disappeared.

      The dinner was more like a celebration of his life rather than one of mourning.

      There was more to this one, but I can't recall right now.


      I was married to Dallas, but Ashley lived with us as well. I had told her she could be our wife too. I "remembered" doing so. We were in our apartment.

      I was speaking with Ashley, and she was telling me I needed to give Dallas a bj. I didn't want to, but she seemed very firm about it. It didn't matter; I still didn't want to. She then said I needed to sleep in the room with Dallas at night, and she didn't want me to watch Netflix anymore before bedtime. I thought about myself watching Netflix in a separate room from them at night in bed. I told her I could turn it down, but she didn't care. She then said she was going to take it away, and I said no. I was adamant about watching my Netflix. I feel like she was speaking on Dallas's behalf about all of this.

      I then thought about something that I guess I hadn't considered when I had asked Ashley to be with us: We all had to have sex. But...we hadn't. I hadn't had sex with just Ashley, and Dallas hadn't had sex with her either. I thought about how this could complicate the relationship. I also thought Ashley probably really wanted to have sex with me. I had never had sex with a woman before.


      I had to go to work at Kohl's. I was working my last few days there, finishing out my two week's notice. I walked in, and it looked like I was walking into the back of my job now more than it looked like Kohl's. There were many people back there, though I do not think anyone from Kohl's was actually there. I seem to remember an old friend, Alex being there. A few people saw me, but I remembered that I left something important at home, and I needed to go and get it. I turned around and went back.

      Then, at home, Ashley told me that she called and told them that I had drank way too much the night before so I couldn't come in on time. Um...ok. I guess she thought she was somehow covering for me.

      I then was driving back to Kohl's, wondering why they were even letting me work since I hadn't shown up for some of my shifts that week. Oh well. As I was driving, I would drive through these areas where the road would get all unpredictable and spooky-looking and the sky was pitch black. I'd look down at my hands, and they would flicker in and out of being a skeleton. At this point, I wouldn't have control over where I was going; the road was skinny and one-way with no room to turn around, and no turns whatsoever. I "knew" about these areas (more "remembering"), and was afraid I'd eventually come to the point where I would be a skeleton for a long period of time instead of just the flickers. I got to a point where I just felt like it would happen for sure, and I started to flicker a lot, but then, I went out of the black area, and I was fine.

      I then was in traffic in a small downtown-like area. The sky seemed to be grey as if it was an overcast winter morning. I drove by this small car that had a small trailer hitched on the back of it. It didn't have any walls, just a frame, and I could see that it was carrying a space suit and something else. It looked as if it was about to tip over, and it did. I stopped immediately to help. So did many others. I went and picked some things up off the ground for the guy who was driving. I hoped the space suit wasn't damaged too much; it was valuable cargo.

      As I was going back to my car, everyone who helped the man was being congratulated, and being given a reward. I got one as well. It was a bunch of little sticker-type things. I was happy to be getting recognized for helping. I headed back to my car, which was right next to where the accident took place.

      I then was at Kohl's again. I wondered if anyone thought it was suspicious that I had left, Ashley said I was hungover, and I came back just fine. Oh well. I then saw David, and he gave me a hug. He then grabbed my butt as he was hugging me. I liked it. I guess he could do that now that I was leaving Kohl's. I guess he had a crush on me or something. I said something to him, but I can't remember what.

      After that, I saw Shane. Shane did have a crush on me. He sent me these cartoon movies/comics he had made that remind me now of Tomodachi Life graphics, of him and I being together and having fun. One of them was of him proposing to me. But I was married to Dallas, so that couldn't happen. He did other things for me as well on a computer. He was really in love with me.


      I was at my current job taking my lunch break. I was eating in some weird corner of the store that doesn't exist IWL with a coworker from Kohl's named Cheryl. We were eating and talking. I watched her talking, and noticed she had a grey mustache. I thought about it for a minute, but I didn't think it was weird. She then burped very quietly. I commented on it jokingly, saying
      "You can do better than that!"
      She then replied saying something about the burp, about how she couldn't do better than that. I came back with
      "I've heard you do better than that!" I "remembered" her burping a little louder in the break room at Kohl's. She laughed. I was glad she laughed; I wasn't sure whether or not she'd find that funny.

      Then, her break was over, and I still had some time left on mine. I decided I needed to grocery shop. I went and got a basket, and went to the produce section. I saw these weird, small oval-shaped tomato-like fruits that had zippers on them. I had wanted to try them before. I started to look through them, trying to find one that was fresh. They were very picked over, but I did finally find one, a small, round one. I put it in my basket. I thought about how I needed to get bananas for Dallas and, well, lots of other things. Too many to fit in the basket. I needed a cart instead. I wanted to put my basket down somewhere so I could grab a cart, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to do that. I put it down on a white counter by the door, and nervously pondered on whether or not I should grab a cart real fast or not. I felt weird and drowsy at this point also. I then decided to ask if it would be ok for me to put my basket down while I grabbed a cart. There were three cashiers working, all with their backs to me. I said
      "Hey! Excuse me! ...Cashiers!"
      Nothing. They either didn't hear me, or were ignoring me. Whatever. I went out and grabbed a cart. I then went and had to do something else real fast, but I can't remember what. The cart was gone when I got back, however. Ugh. I knew that would happen.

      I then went outside. It was daytime and sunny out. I was underneath the overhang. I started to draw with these marker pens on part of the wall. I drew 3 or 4 cartoony faces with just eyes and a nose, no mouth, with an arm. Hard to explain what they looked like. I remember a boy and a girl being the first two that I drew, but I can't remember the gender of the others. I drew them all in a line together, and underneath it, I wrote, in cursive,
      "Sarah is dead "
      Sarah is my brother's fiance' IWL. Wow. (IWL I don't want her to die!). I had mixed feelings about what I wrote.
      To the right of the faces, I wrote something else. Underneath that something else, I started to write out one of my dreams. I then realized I needed to go back from lunch, but I needed to clean this up first so I wouldn't get in trouble. I spit on a paper towel and started trying to clean it up. It was kind of coming off. I was cleaning off these neon yellow and orange smiley faces. They would fade a bit, but weren't going away completely. I then started to rub them a certain way, and they disappeared. I did that to all of it to clean it up. It looked good as new. One of my coworkers, TJ, then came up and said he'd clean up my mess for me, but then, he saw that I already had.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Fragments

      by , 06-07-2014 at 01:36 PM
      I did not have any cohesive dreams tonight, and only remember fragments off the top of my head.

      1. I was looking into the basement of my house and when I opened it, I noticed there were only three things. Two of the things I cannot remember, but the third was the skeletal remains of a giant octopus. (Not quite skeletal, but decaying to that point). My mother came down to take a look, and I thought she was going to comment on the smell of the dead animal but she didn't say anything about it, other than the skeleton's head is going to look goofy since its head is pointing up. It did not occur to me that an octopus does not have a skeleton.

      2. I was with my sister and she wanted to take a break, so we went to a party of some sorts. There was a large pool with a lot of people, though it was kind of cold as there was a lot of shade overlooking it. Someone commented on how the entire feeling would change when the sun came out, and when it did, I could feel the heat, and everyone came to life. They started moving around the entirety of it, and I initiated a race, freestyle. While I was swimming, only my right side was moving forward, to my dismay, and I was worried on my return lap that I would either collide into the wall or other people going forward since as it was a small part of the pool we were racing in, and there were a lot of people.

      3. I looked up on the ceiling of my house, and noticed my ceiling fan was sold by a company called "Succubus." I remarked that that must be how I came up with it in my PAO, and it wasn't through Diablo.
    11. Invisible Skeleton

      by , 03-09-2014 at 02:00 PM
      The beginning is a little confusing. I entered some sort of castle - it was not really a castle, but some sort of ruins of a big, ancient building. The stairs seemed to be made for dwarves, as I could barely go through them. One of them was destroyed so I had to use a rope to go up to the next floor. When I arrived to the top somehow I was in my old house, and a skeleton told me that he had to kill my father. I agreed with that (?) and he touched so I could see him (he was invisible for other people). I could barely see him, only a tiny reflection in the air.

      I went to my father's room and my grandmother was there, making the bed to go to sleep. I helped her as the mattress was too heavy for her. She starting arguing with me about how bad that mattress was, and I told her that that was the most expensive in the store. She went to sleep and I started looking for the skeleton. Not here...neither here... What are you doing behind the curtains? That's fucking creepy you know?

      My parents arrived home and entered their room to go to sleep. I understood that it was not correct what I was doing, so I told my dad to go out of the room for a second, since the skeleton who wanted to kill him was standing there, waiting for the precise moment.

      Okay, come with me and don't ask me anything - I told him as I indicated the main stairs to go outside. My mother went out of the room and I asked her to shut up as I was fearing that the skeleton would come out and kill everybody. I followed my father downstairs and when we were almost out I started to feel anxiety because there were a lot of bugs and leaves in the bottom floor. The thing is that all that was being told to me mentally, like somebody's was narrating an adventure story. We went out of the building.

      I saw my father going upstairs again. The hell are you doing?! - I yelled at him - come the fuck down you dumbass he wants to kill you! He went down again and I told him to go to the boat and to be prepared for us to escape. I went to the top again, but this time climbing with a rope, since I didn't want to meet the creepy bugs and snakes again.

      At this point my father enters into my real life room and I wake up. ''I just dreamed about you''.
    12. Blonde Prince Photography Mission, Throwing Cotton at Lunchtime, Skeleton Chainsaw Wielding Entity

      by , 01-24-2014 at 11:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blonde Prince Photography Mission (DILD)


      I’m assigned to take a photograph of a blonde prince, and his composition in general looked like he was derived from the Hunter x Hunter anime art style. I’m not at my objective as yet, and I have to proceed down a spiraling dark chamber.

      There’s all sorts of random entities I end up having to shoot, and the area is too dark for me to really expound more into detail. Another major aspect is that Chief Daisuke from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex appears with a gun.



      Eventually, I reach my destination and try to take a picture of the blonde prince, but it seems Chief is assigned to take care of that and shoot him if I took too long with my objective. I honestly didn’t know what to do other than one task, so I just let him do his thing, and that’s pretty much it.


      Throwing Cotton At Lunch (DILD)


      I’m sitting in a cafeteria with random dream characters, and I’m throwing a few cotton balls at paper trays. I see a few familiar faces like Lyanne, and she’s giggling at what I’m doing I guess.

      Skeleton Chainsaw Wielding Entity (DILD)


      I’m inside an area that looks similar to Resident Evil 4’s castle region where you had to protect Ashley while she turns levers, and monks are coming after her.



      There’s a swarm of Las Plagas enemies to the point where things get a bit overwhelming to handle them all. I only have a few flash grenades on me, at least that’s what I conceptually presumed I had without trying to do some mental scanning of other weapons.

      I figured that if I were to use one of the flash grenades, it would at least kill off those with the parasites that are literally growing out of their heads. So I take the initiative, but it doesn’t seem to really kill them off. It only blinds them and has them delaying their movements for a few seconds while covering their eyes.

      I threw another flash grenade to augment my chances of escape by avoiding the enemy. However, an entity that’s made up of a cartoon skeleton figure comes in wielding a chainsaw. He’s wearing a deep V-neck black dress shirt that has dark gray vertical stripes along with a brown belt and gray buckle, and also basic black pants to cover up his skinny and bony legs.

      His chainsaw is probably about half his height, and he’s not hesitant to flail it around like a madman, and comes at me with full force. I have to back up quickly, and looked back occasionally to make sure I wouldn’t trip on something. After a while, things got hectic for me, and I decided to just mentally conjure up an inventory screen and switch to a Chicago Typewriter.



      The moment I wielded it, I pressed the trigger, and whatever happened, happened.
    13. Had a dream about zombies before I knew what they were

      by , 11-21-2013 at 01:59 AM
      I had this dream when I was about 2 or 3.

      I was walking down a pier which had an old wooden building next to it, to my left there were skeletons being hung from a chain connected to a log and a wooden wall to my right. As I rounded the corner there were a pack of dead people who were standing there mumbling looking down at the ground, I thought that they were normal people, I took a step towards them and the wood creaked loudly, they all instantly looked up and screeched and growled, they ran towards me screaming words but I couldn't register what they were saying. After they were about three or four metres away from me the skeletons came to life and jumped down next to me holding swords and killing the undead, one of the skeletons picked me up, I screamed at the top of my lungs saying "let me go!" The skeleton covered my mouth and jumped onto a row boat and paddled away from the peir. The undead screamed and yelled then jumped in the water after killing the skeletons. The skeleton that was in the boat pulled out a really old pistol (like the ones they use in pirates of the carrabean) and shot them all. Then we reached a tiny sand island with a palm tree and then I woke up from the dream.

      My mum has only recently said that this dream was my nightmare every night for about 2 years or something, she had to keep getting up at 3am every morning so I wouldn't wake up crying and screaming, but then I kept on having the nightmare earlier around midnight. My poor mum haha.
      nightmare , memorable
    14. George and Pears

      by , 12-14-2012 at 08:16 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am driving car along some long city road, under bridges and surrounded by buildings. On the left side there are several short ares with cemeteries behind old fences. When I am passing one, it seems like there is a skeleton rising up from one of the graves. I turn my car around and drive back to have a look. But its somewhat damaged when I come back.

      Then I am part of some tourist group or something, and there is a big model of some famous building on a side of a large square. Next to the model is another building, from which, if I go to upper floors, I can see inside the model. I try but the group is rushing me.

      Then I am sitting in a car in front of George grand dad's house. George is also in his car and we chat about what we are going to do. I know that he is in Zasada for a short time as he came to visit from Australia. He is kind of pissed off about something. I think there is another friend there with me... maybe Martin. George then decided that he doesnt go out anymore, that he has some other pans. I am a little bit pissed off with him for changing his plans so quickly. Then I spot a tree with large pears on it. They are enormous. I use some apples from the ground to shoot down the pears. I am focusing on a specific big one. George is trying to shoot some down too. I manage to get two or so down.

      I am waking up....
    15. 19.06.2012 - WILD attempt semi successful, several non lucid dreams.

      by , 06-20-2012 at 11:37 AM
      Date: 19/06/2012
      Place: My holiday caravan
      Time of getting into bed: 11.50pm
      During the day I drank 1 x 500ml Monster energy drink

      WILD attempt (first ever)

      Strangely enough I decided to try it without prior sleep (don't ask me why) this took a good hour before I really felt the effects, but here is the results;

      Went to bed, relaxed, tried to get sleepy and restful. Took some time but finally felt in the right place. Found sleeping on my side the most comfortable (my sleeping position of choice)
      Was continually interupted by random banging noises - was sleeping in a caravan and sounded like the walls moving / creaking? Never noticed this before so really annoyed me!!
      Each time I was awoken I ignored it, and relaxed again - partners loud breathing kept me awake but after using it as a beat to keep my own breathing slow, it became unnoticeable. I found this bit easy.
      After some time I was clearly getting close, I could not feel my body, I kept experiencing swaying / floating sensations and my 'mind' was totally immersed. It felt a bit like I was mildly drugged up, I couldn't feel my hands or even the quilt around me. I didn't feel the need to swallow (which I have a bit of a habit of doing) I continued counting to ten, and saying ;I am dreaming' each time. I often lost my place and had to start over but remained calm.

      After an unknown amount of time, my body lit up as if on fire, but not painful. I had vibrations running through my body, which I tried to feel and control (sort of worked) it was not a bad sensation, but so real and intense that it did 'light' my brain up. Almost like going from sleepy and hypnotized to being conscious and SWITCHED ON. My ears popped as if I was underwater, and I tried to enjoy this strange sensation, telling myself I was about to enter a lucid dream!

      This sensation was exactly the same as the sensation I had when getting lucid a few nights ago. I feel like I know that I'm lucid, but I have to DO something to break through the barrier. Last time I raised my hand and pulled myself out from my 'body' so to speak. this time I didn't get a chance to. My initial idea was to 'roll over' into a dream. I didn't do this in time.
      Unfortunately I must have gotten too excited as I 'woke up'. I did a quick RC to make sure it wasn't a FA, which it wasn't. I jotted in my journal and tried to re-enter, but by then my heart was racing so fast and I was wide awake.

      It did give me incentive to try WILDing again though!

      Dream 1 - Non Lucid dream

      I am at a festival, trying to get back to my tent. There are lots of people walking around, and a large queue of traffic blocking the way. It is also very dark and very muddy, however I am not worried, I just keep walking.

      Dream 2 - Non Lucid dream

      I am somewhere, and trying to get home with my partner. We have no money to get home, but a limo pulls up looking for some famous people. We get in, pretending it is for us so we can a free lift home. It takes us to the home of the famous film stars who own the limo. We get out the limo and go in their house. Their house is big, spacious and obviously they are rich. We help ourselves to their stuff but we are not trashing the place as that would be rude. Someone knocks on the door and we panic, and hide. They soon go away and we decide it is best to disguise ourselves as the film stars so that no body suspects us. We put on their clothes, for me this consists of a dirty, white string vest and some large boots. I then have a string necklace around my neck, with beads and random bits hanging from it, a bit broken and messy. I also wear a long, dirty, thick trenchcoat. We then put egg yolk all over ourselves. No idea why. I believe we got these from the fridge.

      Dream 3- Non Lucid dream

      I am going through a drive through, although the actual company is not one that I know of (made up?) the men who work there are nice, but incompetent. They wear police helmets, and apologize for the delay. I finally get the food and drink but after drinking the fanta, it is warm. I hand it back and complain and they are nice, and agree to replace. However it takes so long to get a replacement that we decide to go for a short walk. We step out the car and see a strange gift shop. It is clear we are in a place I am unfamiliar with in my dream as I sort of explore, like a tourist. The gift shop is brown and had a big skeleton outside, it appears to sell strange and bizarre gifts. I don't go in, however, I turn left towards the main shopping area, across a square where people walk / talk / go about their lives. Here I see someone watching me / staring. I try to ignore them but I have a feeling they are going to talk to me and I really don't want them to. I am not scared, but don't like them so I try to mingle with the crowd and hide. It works. Next thing I know I am in a pub garden, playing pool (or snooker) with a friend. I notice my partner isn't here and ring them, trying to get them to join us. He will not join us because he cannot bring his own beer into the pub. I tell him we have water and this sort of changes his mind.

      Dream 4 - Non Lucid dream

      I have got some baby rats as pets. They are in a cage but I take one out to hold, it is fast and I drop it on the floor. I then try to pick it up but it is so small I lose it in the fibres of the carpet, I then search for it and find it - it is now an insect but I do not seem to be bothered by this transformation in the dream. I follow it a while then carefully pick it up, putting it back in the cage.

      The sensation I describe as 'lighting up my body' was present again
      Ears popped during WILD
      I love rats and had many pet rats in the past
      I recently attended a music festival
      A festival and a drive through have been been in my DJ recently
      I recently played pool with a friend
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