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    1. The Mentally-Challenged Boy and the Girl Who Loved Him, Plus Some Weird Stuff

      by , 05-11-2016 at 01:39 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I decided after I woke up from this dream to jot it down in my phone so as to keep it fresh in my memory, and it worked great. I remember more of this dream than I have of any dream in quite some time.

      The setting was some sort of school. We were in a classroom, and it was daytime outside. I was not a participant in this dream, but an observer. I watched this mentally-challenged kid of maybe 19-23 years of age interact with his beautiful girlfriend, the sister of a girl I knew IWL who passed away in a car accident in 2012. He was wearing a suit or tuxedo, had dark brown, short hair, and he spoke and acted slowly. The sister, Liz, loved this boy just as much as he loved her. I could see and feel how much they loved each other. The love they had was so pure, something of a rarity to be sure. I saw them together in the classroom, just sitting with one another. The boy was going to ask Liz to marry him.

      Then, I saw this scene of the boy's dad teaching him how to have sex? Like the boy was on top of his dad, but it was understood by me that this was not meant to be perverted at all by either the dad or the boy. I assumed he was teaching him so he would know when the time came with Liz. This was more like a flash back, as I understood that Liz and the boy had already had sex.

      Liz thought she might look fat or pregnant. This part was in my notes and I remember it, but not much about it.

      There was a little more involving the boy and Liz, but I can't remember details.

      Then, dream shift. I'm in a stand up shower stall with my husband. It was in a public place, but I'm not sure what kind. I looked in the full-length mirror in the shower and I was wearing a long maxi skirt and a mid-drift top. The color scheme of both was red and blue. Looking at myself while facing the mirror, my hips looked a little wider, but my tummy looked flat. Turning to the side, I could see that I looked fat or pregnant. I felt slightly exposed and uncomfortable in the outfit, as I still have baby weight on me. I wasn't sure why I was wearing a mid-drift.

      Then, we were under the running water in the shower, naked. I was washing Dallas's back with my loofah. He was then lying face-down on the shower floor, and I continued to wash his back. A college-aged black girl with glasses then walked in the shower, saw us, and turned around, apologizing. She then noticed the time and said
      "Oh, it's only 10:45!"
      She then left the room. I guess we had until 11am to shower or something.
    2. Please wash your hands before you get dirty.

      by , 08-23-2013 at 05:25 PM
      Date: August 23, 2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB (hoping for a WILD)
      Total Hours of Sleep: around 9


      Dreamed I was in a grocery store as a worker. Food and garbage was everywhere. I was with my mother and daughter and we were dressed as maids. Before we got dirty we decided it would be best to wash up in the nearest restroom. The restroom was filthy and didn't have any soap to wash our hands. I somehow knew I had soap in my pocket and sure enough...I pull out three separate bars of soap for each of us to wash up before we get our hands dirty!


      Talking to someone.
    3. Facing a Fun Lucid Turned Frightening

      by , 02-01-2013 at 05:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, standing behind my register, though it looked more like a grocery store mixed with the department store I work at. We were ungodly slow. My manager came up because I guess I had a problem with something, and I asked her how she was doing as she helped me ring up someone's stuff. She said "Good, you?" I responded with the same, saying I was good. We then worked in silence, and she came across some sweatpants with more than one security tag on them..3 to be exact. She didn't seem to notice them, so I pointed them out to her. We traded places and I got the tags off. She told me I was doing a good job at some point in all this, and I said thank you. I also remember looking at my computer screen and seeing that I hadn't gotten any credits, but I had gotten 7.7 emails. I thought that the 7.7 was kind of weird. I couldn't think of how that could happen...

      Then, back to the slowness. I kept falling asleep behind my register it was so bad. Something then happened with my computer, and it was acting funny. I kept typing things in, and I'd see logos from other stores, like Toys R Us, advertising sales and such.

      I then realized I was dreaming. I typed in a whole bunch of things in the computer to see what would come up. No matter what I typed, I'd get some sort of logo. I remember typing some inappropriate things, though I can't remember what.

      I then went to go look around. There were other people in the store as well. I saw some hand soaps on display, so I decided to pick some out. I picked out a pink one with a butterfly on the label, and some others. I read the labels, but I can't remember what they said. I had my arms full with all the soaps I picked out; I needed a basket. I tried to pick up this teal basket that was for sale, but my arms were too full to get it. So I thought to myself "When I turn this corner, there will be a basket". I concentrated on this thought, and then, I started to notice buggies that were empty and laying around. I noticed a smaller black one that resembled the ones we have in the store IWL. It was by a frozen goods section of the store. It was made for a child to sit in it as well. I thought that one was perfect. I put the soaps down into the child's seat and started to roll the buggy through the aisles.

      I then saw the back of what looked like my friend Caitlin's head. She was also rolling a buggy around and shopping. I passed her, then turned around and saw that it was, in fact, Caitlin. I said
      "Hey, girl!"
      She replied
      And I started to walk next to her. I then said to her
      "You know this is a dream, right?"
      and she replied,
      I then said
      "You know you are in my dream, right? Our minds are touching."
      She replied with
      "Yes. I have my theory on that. Minds can only touch for 2-3 minutes."
      I liked that answer. This rarely happens with DCs for me; usually they stare blankly at me when I mention the fact that we're dreaming.

      I guess we decided to take advantage of the 2-3 minutes, because Caitlin then said
      "Follow me!", and she started to run.
      I ran after her. We were in the back of the store by the beer. In that section, the floor was made entirely of beer can boxes. I had a good speed until I hit the boxes, and then I could barely run. She seemed to be having no trouble, however. She turned a corner into an area that returned to the normal, tiled floor. She was laughing, so I guess she was having fun.

      Then, we approached a wall. I wanted to go through the wall with her, though I knew our time together was running short. I rolled my buggy to the wall, and pushed it. It went straight through with no problem. I asked Caitlin to go with me, but she seemed reluctant because the time limit was running short. I convinced her to follow, however, and I went through the wall first, with her behind me.

      We were then in a dim, alley-like hallway. I walked ahead and turned a corner. I looked behind me, and she was no longer with me. Oh well. I walked ahead, and approached a pitch-black area. I felt very unnerved; there was something there...

      I then woke up briefly, and did not move or open my eyes, and ended up in another dream. I knew I was dreaming upon entering it, seeing as I had DEILDed. I was now in a dim-dark area, staring at my reflection in some glass double doors. My expression in the reflection was very frightened. I was also wearing an off-white, knitted winter hat resembling one I own IWL. Hmm...the expression did not change.

      I examined my surroundings, and I was standing in front of some store. There was a whole row of glass double doors in front of me. Behind the doors, I could see nothing but black. Below me, on the ground, was a tiled surface.

      I then heard footsteps on the tile, and a male voice from behind the door.
      "Could someone please let me out?" it said.
      I opened the door, and stared into the blackness. I heard the steps coming closer, and I briefly panicked, and backed away from the door.

      I then thought to myself
      "This is a dream. Whatever is there can't hurt me."

      I approached the door again, so I was standing right in front of the abyss. A tall shadow in the shape of a man approached me. He then lunged at me, knocking me back. He was on top of me, almost "one" with me; he was a shadow after all, and had no mass. I felt this intense blow of panic and fear as I was knocked back and he was on top of me/with me/trying to merge with me. I then woke up.

      Epic dream was epic. I have had quite a few epic dreams lately, actually. However, I am very busy at school and literally have no time to write anything down. I will keep up with this the best I possibly can, but the updates will probably be few and far between. I will tell you that I have been having a surprising number of lucid dreams lately. I think it is the new meds I am on that are causing this epicness, or at least they are aiding with it. You don't see me complaining!
    4. Friday 18th May 2012

      by , 05-21-2012 at 12:08 AM
      Last Nights Dreams

      Dream 1

      I'm in a rescue Center for wild birds ((a part-time voluntary job of mine)) I'm looking at a pigeon and see that it's ok so I put it outside on the grass to have a tootle about. I now look outside again and see another pigeon but this one seems to have a problem with its wing. I go outside and pick it up easily, I examine it and find that it's wing is broken. I bandage the pigeon up and put it outside on the grass to have a wander about with the other one.

      Dream 2

      I'm in some place but I'm not sure where. I'm in a cubical and there are other cubicals around this place with people in them. There are misted curtains around all the cubicals. I decide I need the toilet so I open my curtain and walk through a darkish hallway. I walk past a few cubicals and then the hallway comes to an end. I see what looks like a sink at the end and I think to myself "that's weird but it MUST be a toilet" I go up to it and sit on it and realise that of course it's a toilet . I see the curtain next to me suddenly move and I jump with fright, I knock over the soap dish and the green soap that is in it and I think "shit!!!, I don't want to wake tham up" I go to pick up the soap dish and soap then realise that it's still in its place and it's not on the floor where it fell . I hear a woman in the cubical mumble something but I can't make out what. I now wake-up.
    5. 7th July 2011

      by , 07-07-2011 at 04:07 PM
      I had a dream about a cousin of mine, I was single and was going to ask him out ((LMAO..dont even like him!!!)) I was at my mom and dads house and my cousin was at his house ((he wasnt my cousin in my dream, just a friend)) I went over to His place..i was wearing a longish pink flowery skirt, we sat in his room and watched a film on tv. His dad came in and asked me to change my earphones because mine wasn't working ((not that i was wearing any lol)) I tried them and he was right they didn't work, his dad laughed and said "you didn't turn them on properly" My cousin put his hand on my leg and i lifted my skirt a little. I had to go back to my mom and dads house My uncle was there i think it was my uncles birthday party , my aunty was there aswell. I was scared to ask my cousin out, i thought about what to say but never ended up asking him. I went back to his house, i couldn't find him so i went upstairs to his room and sat down.I got my mobile and was going to text him but then he came up and came into the room. I said "i was just gonna text you then" I looked on my phone and there was a text on there that i hadn't sent it said "where are you?" He then got his phone out and said "whats your number and we can exchange" i looked at my phone and then woke up.

      Dream 2: I was at a restaurante with someone else and was getting some food, we had a choice of cooked fingers or cooked legs ((lol)) I had the fingers, the fingers were smaller and had less meat on, the other person had the legs ((yuck))

      Dream 3: I was in the bathroom with my hubby, he was having a shower and I was on the floor doing something. Suddenly my hubby threw his soapy foam at me and it landed straight in my eye, I said "you done that on purpose" he said "i didn't" and then he began laughing as he thought it was sooo funny