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    1. GrandMother Of The Dreams DILD

      by , 01-05-2020 at 10:25 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in a false awakening and awoken again. I got out of my bed and was began talking to my grandmother who decided to check on me. She asked me would I like to eat any chicken and I replied with yes. She then ask me would I like anything else with that and I told her no. She insist on asking me again and I was like nah. So she made herself out the door so i could get myself together and head out of this crib.

      As I got myself out of bed and walk in to the living room. I could see my father in another room and saw my grandmother in the kitchen. I went in to the restroom in the living room. I began to look at myself in the mirror and notice my hair was definitely a mess after sleeping for so long. I began to put water on my hands and tried to slick my hair back but it wasn't doing anything. So I began to feel funny about all of this.

      I started to question stuff like who am I and what have I been doing all this time. That's when I didn't really trust where I was and the idea to check my fingers came to mind. I could hear my grandmother voice walking pass the door I am in saying the food is done in the kitchen. I look at my fingers to see it's all distorted and bent like. That's when I knew I was in a dream and that I needed to do different things.

      I got out of the restroom and could see my grandmother going up the stairs. That's when I ran to the door and phase through it and was outside. It was night , all of sudden I could hear my grandmother feet walking down the stairs and began banging the front door. She knew I was awake and I could her presence getting closer to me. I decided to try to fly but I felt it failed and I lost my concentration. That's when I experience another false awakening.
    2. Beyond Lucidity

      by , 01-24-2018 at 09:47 AM
      Morning of January 24, 2018. Wednesday.

      I find myself in an extremely vivid lucid dream. I am in a large unfamiliar enclosed porch, mostly empty other than a big table I am sitting at, where my computer is. My computer keyboard has several inches of space in front of it (whereas in real life, my computer keyboard’s closest side to me is right at the edge of my desk). I am aware of Zsuzsanna in a room to my right, though I do not see her. I see the doorway, but I mostly sit in semidarkness. (Of course, a porch is autosymbolism for liminal space, my most common setting of this nature since childhood, occurring in at least one dream per several days for over fifty years.)

      I marvel at the level of realistic detail. I think about typing on my computer’s keyboard, but unusual features come into play. Firstly, I have an association with the Caps Lock to my left. After a short time, there are two small padlocks, more like holographic images, appearing on the two lowest left keys. They are on their sides with the shackles facing me. I find this curious and puzzling.

      Although doorway waking symbolism is implied as a precursor, and being to my right (typical waking symbolism orientation), I start to focus on my left side. I eventually see my detached fingers moving over the keyboard, though more as a semitransparent hologram of which is additionally implied to be some sort of optical illusion. I am in awe over this imagery. My detached glowing ghostly fingers float closer to my “real” (dream self’s) hand (where I also see that I have normal fingers, so the detached ones are indeed implied to be some sort of optical illusion). I try to make the connection to real life, failing to understand this type of imagery is only possible in the dream state.

      I slowly begin to become more baffled by the vividness of my dream. It seems to surpass many previous levels of lucidity (though not with certain dreams, such as the quetzal and rooster one from March 1986, which had several astounding prescient threads in one dream). More so, I actually start to focus on the orientation of my real physical body and can even seem to “feel” (or sense) the real left side of my face. However, instead of the occasional absentminded folly of wondering if my physical body is somehow walking around in traffic as I am in my dream, I vividly remain aware of the left side of my face being on my pillow. I become focused on trying to make sure my dream self remains in a “safe” position, with a slight concern about the pillow cover being closer to my mouth. However, there is no actual feature or direct tactile impression or more vivid tangibility as such, as it seems to be on a different inexplicable level of awareness. This has no effect on the level of vividness. It is odd (and eventually distracting) trying to associate the essence of my dream self’s left side of my face (which I can feel and am fully aware of) with my real physical body’s left side of my face. I am so amazed by my situation, I do not think of inducing a new scenario or going through the doorway, which in some cases intensifies my level of lucidity rather than causing me to wake (though apex lucidity is typically only triggered if there is an actual door to open). I am also puzzled by why I am not hearing the hammering next door (as they are putting a new roof on that house, which was damaged when our roof was torn off and part of it went through theirs). However, when I wake, they had been taking a break. (They started about six in the morning.)

    3. Dream - Soccer In The Woods

      by , 05-06-2017 at 03:42 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 6 MAY - 2017

      I originally wasn't going to record this dream but then I thought it's worth it because of that reality check involved, which made it a semi-lucid dream rather than non-lucid. A "Behind The Scenes" entry of the reality check is to follow once I publish this one:

      Dream No. 108 – Soccer In The Woods
      (Lucid Dream 5)

      I was in some nice looking forest, it wasn't too cluttered with trees... There was ample grassland and golden light could be seen coming through due to the sun. As I was walking through, I once again had that thought of calling out for WB (the waking life one this time) but I stop myself and literally think to myself, “Is this real life or is it a dream? You'd better make sure you're not shouting in real life and then the wrong person hears you”. So I looked down at my hands, both of them spread out in front of me. I only had five fingers on each of them, but the shape of the fingers would keep warping, almost like my hands were underneath a layer of water. And then I remember thinking, “Yep, this is a dream, you have permission to call her”. So at the loudest volume I could, I kept calling “WB!” until she came out from behind a tree. It was interesting as she suggested we play some strange game of soccer, which is what we did. I forgot what happened afterwards.

      The dream distinguished that she was the waking life version this time. I saw her in person in waking life yesterday and had a really good time, so I think my subconscious has now traced her back to being a rational entity.
    4. Dad Is Not Safe

      by , 07-02-2016 at 09:20 PM
      I was working on [something?]My mother wanted me to help some woman clean houses in WA state.
      I could see a field near the ocean, with a series of identical 2 story brick homes facing the beach.
      My right shoulder hurt. Someone suggested selling my shoulder muscles as implants, because people did that apparently. I looked at my hand and my fingers were dirty.

      I woke up sleeping on my right side in a weird position and my shoulder hurt. Fell back to sleep after reading for a while.

      I was traveling with my mom, dad and little brother- my brother was only 5-6 years old and my parents were young. We stopped at a brick apartment/hotel. We were only supposed to be traveling for 1-2 nights so I didn’t bring a change of clothes, only a couple of different shirts. We had dropped off our things at the hotel and I was trying to barricade my dog inside so she could see out of the window but not get out or destroy anything. My dad wondered if the lady managing the apartment was trustworthy. She looked like an old boss of mine. I was at the car but decided to go back inside to grab a sweater or something. I encountered the manager opening the door to our room or the house as I was trying to, and I wondered briefly if my dad was right to suspect her, but she seemed nice so I didn’t worry too much. I think I decided to grab my dog and bring her with us.

      I briefly remember being in a car with an old schoolmate, someone I haven’t thought about much at all in many years. Weird.

      My dad was driving, it was very dark out, and he didn’t have the headlights on. I was in the backset with my brother, mom was in the passenger seat. I screamed, ‘I can’t see!’ and my dad turned on the headlights just in time for us to see he was veering off a bridge/cliff. He almost corrected it, but the back end of the car had fallen off and dangled for a moment before tipping. We were falling but we couldn’t see what was below us. I had hope it wouldn’t be far, but the longer we fell, I realized we would all probably die. I held my mom’s hand with my right hand but I could only see the hint of her blonde hair in the darkness, and I held my little brother’s with my left hand, I told them I loved them and tried to stay calm. I woke up.

      Another fragment—
      I asked my dad where my dog was. Then I saw a car parked in the middle of the road ahead of us.
      It was daylight, sunny. I saw my dog jump out of the car, wearing a red harness-type device. It was mesh and covered much of her abdomen, and one of her hind legs were stuck in it, so she couldn’t run or walk properly. I ran to save her, but she kept running from me. I finally grabbed her and my dad intervened and was rough with her, pushing her in the face. She bit in in defense, and it was bad. I felt very angry with my dad for treating my dog so violently. I yelled that she had never bitten anyone before and it was his fault. I worried he would tell and she would be quarantined or taken away from me. My dad looked upset, but stoic too. I eventually asked him he was ok. The bite was on his thumb and it looked deep.

      This all seems pretty straightforward, I didn’t feel safe with my dad. He also treated animals rather callously, although he did love them. As far as the first dream of my mom wanting me to clean houses—maybe I feel like my mom wishes I were more conventional and responsible.
    5. Logical Feeling DILD

      by , 04-02-2016 at 12:21 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am on the bed lying down thinking about life with my grandmother being dead. I start feeling cold on my left so I turn around to see my grandmother going in to the closet. I see this and figure if she is here that means I am dreaming. I get up and progessively I can feel my lucidity spiking up. I open this white door in the back and found myself in a snowy field with some trees with no leaves on em. I run around trying to use dream control. After couple of tries I check my hands and can see my fingers being bent and having 6. I turn around as I begin to hear a voice. I am starting to lose my focus and see a tekken character. I ran up to say hey as I soon lose lucidity. Lucid Time: 45 seconds
    6. Secret Listener DILD

      by , 03-08-2016 at 07:28 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Can't recall where I am and decided it was best to check my hands. After looking at them I can tell there is something off about them. I use one of my fingers to put preesure on my hand and confirm that I am dreaming. During the transition to lucidity I felt stuck again but this time I manage not to wake up. It's like my eyes wouldn't open when I became lucid, the struggle with my eyes will eventually lead to me waking up. This time I just let them stayed close then. That's when I felt like I am being push through a building while hearing the shattering glass pass through. I land on the floor hearing what sounds to be my father. I tell him I am currently lucid dreaming. He doesn't understand so I open my eyes to explain it to him but after opening them I lost my lucidity. Lucidity Time: 30 seconds
      Tags: eyes, father, fingers
    7. [16-01-2016] Short WILD

      by , 01-16-2016 at 09:55 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I found myself in my kitchen, it was dark. I knew it was a lucid dream. I wanted to summon an object of immense power, so I moved closer to open doors to hallway, put my hand behind a wall and grabbed something. It was a plate, but it was unusual. It could spawn any food you'd wish. I have summoned a Plate of Endless Dishes. I placed it on a table becuase I had no use for it right now.

      Then I thought that an object to control some aspects of my dreams easier, so I thought about a dream controller and put hand inside my pocket. I immediately grabbed something and took a tv controller out of it. It had basic functions like menu, pause, play and stuff. It might come in handy later so I put it back inside my pocket.

      When I was just about to go, I was stopped by my maths teacher - a woman in her early thirties. She had arms-lenght brown hair and she was wearing a gray blouse and black trousers. She caught my hand and took me to another room. She tried to persuade me to stay with her. I knew what she wanted to do and felt arousal, but I wanted to go out and explore this time. To scare her out, I altered gravity in the room. Everything was floating gently in the air - she didn't noticed. I thought that maybe it's because she is floating with it as well, so I brought back normal gravity and made that only I was levitating. Still no effect, she was insisting that I should stay with her. I got a better idea, took out dream controller and used pause.

      Everything except me stopped, so I moved back to kitchen. I thought that I should get some way of escaping the house. I looked at a ceiling and a rectangular hole straight to the sky (forget about attic!) opened. I used play function on the controller and jumped. I tried to fly away, but as always I had problems with it and hit the ground.

      It was dusk time and it was getting brighter. I saw that there was someone walking in my backyard, so I went there. It was one of my classmates - a dude wearing gray hoodie and jeans trousers. He had dark hair and somewhat square-like head (as in reality). I thought why should I need him in my dream, and tried throwing a fireball or lightning at him. It never worked for me, so nothing happened. He went closer and said "I know a beter trick!" He pointed his finger at one of the objects and a small spark slowly started fire.

      I could've blown him off with a fire hurricane, ignite him whole with much more effective gesture of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat or strike him with a meteorite (all of these I used in previous lucid dreams), but I haven't thought about that, and his finger pointing gave me an idea.

      I wanted to see what would happen when I'd point my fingers. Index finger worked same as his - starting small fires. Might be useful for lighting candles. Middle finger was a flashlight. Could be useful when I'd be too lazy to summon a better source of light. Suddenly fireworks started somewhere on the street and sky above my house exploded with many colours. I thought that it was effect of my little finger, but it had no effect. I haven't checked what ring finger would do.
      I looked some more at the sky, and then the dream faded away. I woke up.

      [EDIT] It seems that I finished an advanced ToTM task with gravity. It was unintended though.

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    8. My First Lucid Dream

      by , 10-26-2015 at 07:16 PM
      This happened a while ago but i wanted to post it anyways. I was sleeping in my room when a thunderstorm broke out. For safety reasons I was moved to sleep in the living room a floor lower. I laid on a mattress and fell asleep fast. I was dreaming about me being in a forest at night with some friends walking around on the ground and climbing some trees, idk . The dream was very vivid and i still remember the feeling i had when i walked face first into a spider web.
      I had just heard about lucid dreaming at this point and I knew the "hold your nose and breath"-method but also the one about looking at your hands. Suddenly in the dream my friends were nowhere and I was walking down a road still during nighttime. I felt an urge to look at my hand and I did so,
      only to realize that my hand had like 7 fingers all being kinda blurry and very long. It looked extremely weird and made me panic since it was my first LD. I started running kinda to escape the fear idk. After running for some seconds I woke up. Lying on the mattress in the living room. I was looking around to make sure I was safe and everything looked safe and sound. I was a bit out of breath and wanted to wake my girlfriend lying next to me for some reason. When laying my hand on her shoulder it was STILL looking just as weird as during the lucid dream. I paniced yet again feeling my heart pounding faster and harder. I woke up just after this and looked at my hand first thing, just to find it being normal again.
      My first LD experience kinda scared me, but it still drew me in since the experience was so unique from anything i had ever experienced before. I am excited to learn more about this mystical universe
    9. Watching Dinosaurs and Playing Around With My Own Skeleton

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:39 AM
      Morning of October 10, 2015. Saturday.

      This is a set of three shorter dreams in which one shifted into the other with only partial wakefulness.

      The first involves being at an unknown location near a river bank. My wife Zsuzsanna and I are watching alligators swim through the water every now and then, just under the surface. A few other people are walking around. The alligators do not really seem threatening. Eventually I notice how a few of them look very different from normal alligators, though mostly around the head. I point out that it seems someone is apparently doing strange experiments with dinosaur DNA or possibly even living dinosaurs and alligators, as each alligator seems to have minor features from a known dinosaur, one having a head somewhat like a Tyrannosaurus, the other like a Styracosaurus, though flatter and more alligator-like. I even manage to pull the Styracosaurus alligator out of the water and partly onto the bank so that I can show people what I mean.

      After a partial awakening and back into sleep, my wife and children and I are back on Barolin Street, except that all of the houses north of ours (as in reality) are gone and the area is replaced by a large field of mostly short grass and which is bordered by a fence adjacent to the sidewalk. Only a few other people are around farther to the north.

      An unnaturally large Tyrannosaurus, probably about twice as large as any real one ever was, is walking about in the field as if being kept there by the small fence, which is only about the height of an average human waist. I see another Tyrannosaurus nearby, about three lots beyond the first one. In the back of my mind, I sense a part of myself contemplating how I will change my dream from an uneventful one into one where we are chased by the dinosaurs. (This vague awareness of making my dream in real time which also occurs with clearer awareness in indescribable abstract dreams has occurred since early childhood, though there is no hint of lucidity otherwise.)

      The Tyrannosaurus moves his head down, leaning forward, and smashes down the tiny fence with his head, as if the tiny fence was somehow keeping him in the field when all he needed to do was just step over it without even noticing. I find this scene somewhat comedic, pondering the seeming low intelligence of the creature. I tell everyone that we need to go back to our house, as the dinosaur is now loose. It is soon moving very fast in our direction though the other one seems to be considering which direction to go (as there are more unknown people to the north). We go onto our porch, though the door to the main entrance and hallway is locked. From here, I non-lucidly manipulate my dream by rewinding it, pausing it, and jumping about in terms of sections of previous events.

      In my next dream, we are inside the Barolin Street house, in the living room, I think. I am near the center of the room sitting on the floor. For some reason, I am practicing my firing of projectiles, which are actually finger bones from my hand. I somehow pop them out from my skeletal hand and fire them across the room (with a force that carries them to the wall, a few hitting a desk). I do this at least twelve times with all twelve of the phalanges of my right hand (not counting my thumb). I somehow continue with my left hand (not realizing it would not be possible as my right fingers are all gone). Looking down at my own skeleton, I see that I must have also already used some of my ribs at an earlier date. It is no problem, as I will eventually probably snap all my bones back into place later on.

      (This may have something to do with the difficulty we had in snapping together the life-sized Billy Bones model kit a few months ago.)
    10. Movie Madness HZP + (2)DILD

      by , 06-03-2015 at 05:51 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I have just enter father room. I proceeded to sit down on the bed and realize that bread crumbs were scatter on top of the blanket. I don't remember doing this, there near by was the unfinished corn bread on the bed. I didn't think any more of this and decided to turn on the television. The TV volume was very loud, I tried to lower the volume but this wasn't working. I found loud noises to be unpleasant and began feeling a strong headache.

      I tried turning on the lights but that was also not working. I soon began feeling myself panic so I abandon the room to gather my thoughts in the living room. The lights weren't working, must be a reason. I decided to an RC and notice that my left hand middle finger was side ways and had slightly grown more than it should from the other fingers. I gain some lucidity but it some how disappeared as quickly as it came. Feeling confuse, I thought getting water would be a good idea to remain calm.

      I went upstairs to my brother and mother to collect some water but they both told me that they had no more. I could see beside my brother was a few spare bottles in a crate and ask him if I could have some. He told me he didn't want to share, I then close the door and thought this wasn't good. I then told myself to be calm and try to solve the problem. I enter back inside my father room. The volume was still very loud, I quickly attempted to lower it which it work this time.

      I sat back down on the bed and started listening to song a I never heard or had any playlist before. It wasn't bad at all, however my enjoyment didn't last long. The song and TV both cut off. I began feeling paranoid again, I tried again but it seems the TV refuse to come on. Technology really doesn't like commands I guess. Not long after it came on by itself and feature 1 man sleeping by the front door of an apartment. He was then awoken by two other men that seemed like his friends.

      I started having a difficult time thinking and my eyes were becoming blurry. The two friends had taken his glasses and started playing with them. The man who had just woken wanted them back, somehow one of them toss it out of the screen to where I was able to take them. I place them on and I could see much better. But soon my vision with in the lenses started creating mirror effect of seeing the same thing over again. Causing more confusion I threw the glasses on the ground.

      My vision constantly started transitioning from blurry to decent. I check my fingers and realize I am dreaming. Though I couldn't get off from the bed. The man who had loss his glasses told his two friends they better not lick on it. I wake up shortly after. Lucidity Time: 8 seconds

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    11. RC 5 fingers in LD

      by , 05-20-2015 at 08:52 AM
      I was on the hill when I checked the RC. I counted 5 fingers, they were hard to count, so I knew that I was in a dream. I wanted to fly but I could not fly, because my lucidity was not high. I watched the surroundings for a few minutes. Then I woke up.
      Tags: fingers, hill, lucid
    12. Wandering Mind DA + FA + DILD

      by , 05-11-2015 at 06:19 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I wake up and find a roach running around on top of my blanket. I tried to catch it with my hands but it was too evasive for me. I eventually got off from the bed and turn on the lights. I then track the roach with my eyes in till he had went under the blanket again. It was difficult to see again, that's when I realize the lights had went out again. I turn them on again but quickly they turn off. I could now see the light in the bathroom was on, could be my father I thought.

      Though that didn't make much sense, that's when I look at my hands to see my fingers were bend over and crooked. I became lucid and said I was in waking life a couple of minutes ago. When did I go unconscious? I enter the living room to the kitchen. Not too long I notice how short I was compare to the usual objects inside the kitchen. I must've been the size of a rat.

      I still had hands despite the height and had no trouble opening the now large back door. It was night but didn't appear to look like a sky at all. I could see a lot of dark voids roaming around the area. There's a lot now I said to myself, barely any room for dream activity. I manage to get to one of the dream scenes by running up the usual hill I take. Running on the grass with my feet felt like running on a mouse pad.

      I also confirm that I usually don't have shoes on when lucid. I saw a few houses boarding near the voids. I made my way pass a backyard and over to a road. I could see a garage door wide open with a light beaming down from above. That's when I notice someone had been standing behind me. It look like a doll of some human, they appear as if they couldn't move. That is when I wake up and attempted to write down my experience. But it was very difficult to do so. I then wake up again. Lucidity Time: 4 minutes
    13. Shortest LD record contender!

      by , 06-13-2014 at 08:45 AM
      I woke up around half four with a vague memory that I had dreamed, so I paused to think about it and remembered that I had become lucid and was walking through a sunny scene. I remembered that I wanted to try out as many RCs as I could remember. I tried to push my fingers through the palm of me left hand and it felt like walking life. I pushed harder and tried a twisting action. Eventually I managed to get half a finger through by wiggling.

      That's it, about four seconds!

      After that I decided to try WILDing but got memorable NLDs.

      1. Playing tennis mixed doubles, our opponents make a tactical error by coming to our side of the net as I deliver a return. I congratulate my partner with a bottom spank. I note that that's not really appropriate but think that it would be OK if I was a girl, so I was. Then the idea of playing not-tennis excites me awake, boo! :-(

      2. At a drama / history workshop, roleplaying with fake beards and moustaches, reliving some historic famine situation. I climb up a step valley side to the top of a cliff where I spot a mirage effect on one of the rocks. I shout down to some people at the bottom of the cliff and then reenact a daring rescue attempt of a girl stuck on the cliff face. Then I go back down to help tidy up the props.


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    14. 1/28/14 - nails

      by , 01-28-2014 at 11:16 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in this outside hallway, looks that of my high school or middle school or some shit. I'm just standing there with two DC's while all these people walk places they need to be. I tell one of the DC's that I finally cut my nails, and then I show him, but then he just stares at my nails with a confused look on his face, then he looks at my face with the same look and then totally walks away. So then I look at the other DC that is with me and he give me a sad look then walks away, I wonder what I have done wrong, so I look down at my nails, and they're long as fuck but I remember I cut them in WL and also they have dirt under them, I feel annoyed that they grew back or I never cut them or something, but I was more confused as to why it offended those two people so damn much, so I planned to go cut them off.
    15. Removing and separating Fingers

      by , 05-03-2013 at 02:36 AM
      I'm only going to write from the point of lucidity on. I don't really remember before that too well.

      I look down at my hands and oh look, I have six fingers. What I want to know is how and why that seems to work every time. It just seems weird. Anyways, I become fixated on my hands. It would seem like my mind just does not want to achieve my main goals. As I am trying to get my sixth finger to feel sensation as this can sometimes lead to adding bigger and better limbs. I look up for a split second and when I look back down my hands are covered in those was-off pokemon tattoos. Maybe those darn sisters of mine snuck in when I wasn't looking. And some of my fingers are stuck together. This actually probably comes from a conversation my mom was having with my sister. Anyways I thought the fingers were cool but after awhile I decided that I would just tear the skin and separate them.No problem there. Then I decided I would take it a step further. This time I decided to remove an entire finger. First I have to break the bone, apparently my master separator does not go through bone. Luckily the bone broke cleanly and I tore off the skin. Turns out my hands don't have blood, but more like the guts from the little aliens in MIB. I woke up immediately afterwards.
      Apparently my brain thought I was taking a nap. Stupid brain. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.
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