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    1. Monday, February 25

      by , 03-02-2019 at 08:40 PM
      I am at work and entering the fitting room. I am not alone either; at least four other people are also entering at the same time. I notice a fairly dirty looking guy in his 20s and his female companion. He has long and shaggy brown hair (or dreads) and baggy clothes, and she has dark hair and pants and a somewhat skimpy purple tank top. The guy, with a sort of detached fervor, starts grabbing anything in reach on the folding tables (I notice a folded dress shirt) like heís going to take them into the stall and steal them. I think he has not noticed that I work here. I say ďhey manĒ kind of casually, which startles him and causes him to look guilty and remorseful. I think he leaves now, and I start checking the stalls. Most have a floor completely obscured by tried on and tossed clothes. One contains a man passed out or sleeping on the floor and amongst the clothes. I donít even know what to do. Now I am helping ring up customers, and I notice the guy what was going to steal. He is actually buying a pair of black slacks.

      I am with Melissa in a bed. I think we are just cuddling and talking. Now out of nowhere it begins to snow. Almost immediately the roads are covered. (It looks like downtown, like the street parallel to the river and behind the movie theater). I offer to give her a ride wherever so she doesnít have to drive in it. I think itís out of the way or will create a problem with where the cars are, but I donít mind going out of my way. Now, I am driving us somewhere. I think Melissa says something about the speed, as if Iím going too slow. Right after, the car violently slides out and then corrects itself after a tense moment.

      (I think this one was part of another dream that I canít recall. It has a weird feeling to it). Iíve been watching a movie that is or is very similar to Hereditary. I have an image of Charlieís decapitated head in my mind. It looks more animated and like it has more skin on the face, around the eyelids and lip areas. I think there is some distinct, enigmatic, seminal plot to this movie that I canít stop thinking about.

      I am sitting at Melissaís kitchen table in the seat facing the sliding door. At least Carlos and one other family member is here. Theyíre talking about late puberty? (like in their early 20s). I lift my bare leg up so they can see the hair on it and say ďI havenít seen my legs since like fourth grade.Ē It elicits some chuckles. I then feel slightly self conscious about putting my bare foot on their table.
    2. Impossible Hill

      by , 12-29-2014 at 06:46 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Riding my bicycle along a road, it begins to get steeper and steeper. There are other people also on bicycles who had to stop and walk their bikes. I even see a few cars that are unable to climb the hill. It's so steep, that it's hard to walk up. I'm in a higher gear, but the hill came on so fast that I am unable to downshift as quickly as I would like, and just muscle through it for a few pedal strokes as the bike downshifts. People tell me I can't make it, but I believe I can. My legs feel like they are on fire, as they shake with all my energy going into each pedal stroke. I'm still not in the lowest gear, but I know that if I downshift, I will lose all my momentum and that will be the end of it for me. So I push on, letting my legs burn, shake, and otherwise crank the pedals in each revolution. As the hill gets even steeper, I push even harder - beyond where I thought my maximum limit existed. I even start to gain some speed as the hill gets steeper. It's like my legs are growing stronger the more I push myself. Passing beyond everyone, I feel happy that I didn't give up when no one else believed in me.

      I take this dream as encouragement to always believe in myself and give life everything I've got, no matter how things look to others, and even no matter how hopeless things may look to me.
    3. 11-4-14 "This'll cheer you up!"

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:17 PM
      A princess had a deadly infection in her legs and they needed to be amputated. She was obviously distraught. So I tried to cheer her up by eating her legs, which were still attached to her at the time.
    4. folding my legs into my back

      by , 11-22-2014 at 05:22 PM
      Night of November 22, 2014. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,505-02. Reading time: 44 sec.

      In my dream, I am in bed in the position I am in as I sleep (though my head is in the opposite direction). I am on my stomach. I slept this way sometimes when I was young but not much as an adult.

      After a short time, I realize I have four legs. My second set of legs are slightly elevated, one on each side of me. My back opens up, and my two extra legs move perfectly and simultaneously as if with a robotic function (though there is a vague association with insects). They move up and down into a recess in my back as if for storage. It is a vivid and smooth event with similar nuances as another dream of over twenty years ago when telescopes suddenly extended from my eyes.

      My dreamís causal factor stems from a lack of distinct physicality during REM sleep as well as the subliminal but distorted perception of muscular tension and relaxation. It is by way of the same process that causes the hypnopompic kick (most often when on my back) but with different dynamics.

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    5. NASCAR & Dogs

      by , 06-15-2013 at 07:50 AM
      Level of Lucidity: 0
      Level of Clarity: 2
      Level of Realism: 5
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      I had a rough night sleeping and accidentally left my app for reminding me to do reality checks on over night.. so every hour on the hour it would vibrate and either wake me up, or wake me up enough that I roll over and fall back asleep.

      Dream Fragment 1: I'm with my uncle in his car. My uncle is an extremely southern guy, and loves Nascar. We were driving somewhere down a road I've never seen before, and he begins to talk about how he has a race that he's in and it's in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Then I woke.

      Dream Fragment 2: I was in a park like place. I noticed that there was a few dogs in front of me. The dogs were simply standing there and not looking around, not with anyone, and not scared of me. All of a sudden the dog who is closest to me stands up on his back legs, and it looked like he was rotating his front legs so that they were backwards. It was like a trick that the dog was doing for me.. just like playing dead, rolling over, or shaking hand/paw. Then I heard a voice that said something like "Well trained dogs". Then I woke.

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    6. 3/21/13 - Dreams fragments - Hairy Uncle/Preggers

      by , 03-21-2013 at 09:18 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream fragment 1:I'm sitting on the floor next to my uncle, we are both wearing shorts, he shows me his thigh and armpit hair trying to make me jealous, it's all thick and in dreadlocks 12 inches out and dark brown. I look down at my legs and armpit and laugh and tell him "whatever dude", because I didn't want dreads coming off my legs and out my armpit.

      Dream fragment 2:I'm just hanging out with my friends in front of my house, and suddenly I know I'm pregnant, I just know it some how, but I freak out because that's impossible, I didn't have sex with a man so wtf. I call my mom on my cellphone and tell, I tell her I would never get an abortion, but I also don't want it so I tell her either my sister has to take it or my mom take it and my mom says no problem, she'll take it. So I am now in the house staring out the window, I'm not aloud out for some reason I guess because I'm pregnant and I'm bummed. Then my grandma comes over and my mom just changes everything we agreed on, she tells my grandma that I have to keep the baby and raise it and I get angry because I don't want it. And I just felt left out from everything and I didn't ask for it
    7. Amputated Legs Get Reattached

      by , 08-05-2012 at 05:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      It's been awhile since I've posted, but I'm gonna try to start keeping up with this thing again. I've had a lot going on in my life lately, but things have slowed down enough (for now) for me to start focusing on dreaming again.

      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my parents' bedroom at my house in my hometown, but they weren't there. I think Jake was there. I looked down and I didn't have any legs; they were cut off a little below the knee (this seems to be a recurring theme lately; I've dreamed I was in danger of losing my feet, or seeing other people with amputated legs, always right below the knee). How was I walking? This would have been an awesome opportunity to become lucid, but I haven't had regular LDs for awhile now, so I'm kinda out of practice.

      Anyway, I remembered that Virginia, my old manager, had my legs. She also had some guy's arms. She was using them to hold up the frame of a window in my parents' bathroom. I saw one of them, propped with the foot facing upwards, holding up the window (yes, this was very strange and unnerving, even in the dream). Virginia was there also. I asked her for my legs back, and she seemed happy, almost eager, to give them to me. I then looked down, and they were both reattached. I reached behind my knees with my hands, and felt a raised scar on each of them at the area they had been reattached. The area was also very tender; I felt a slight pain when I touched them. Other than the scar, though, they were seamlessly attached; unless you saw the scars, you would have no idea anything had ever happened.

      And that's really all I remember. I need to get my recall back up to where it was before life interfered. -_-

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    8. What my dreams are like, without subconscious training.

      by , 05-06-2012 at 08:24 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Notes: Wanted to see what my dreams would end up like without doing any reality checks, or subconscious training. Pretty interesting what my subconscious decided to give me.

      Dream #1 Supermarket spree.

      Im with my moms in a supermarket, and we are on some game show. We have 60 seconds to put as many items in the cart as possible. We run thru the aisle picking up items on throwing them in the cart. The timer stops and we have five hundred dollars worth of groceries in under a min! Me and my mom dance and laugh and start celebrating around the supermarket. (Very hilarious moment.)

      Dream #2 A side of me that is shown often.

      Im walking in a mall and hear Edith Piaf, La Vie En Rose in the background. (Must be my alarm) I stop and glance at this young woman who looked Arab or Indian. She is fairly attractive, Long black hair in a ponytail to her waist, big beautiful brown eyes, and a very light coco skin complexion. She wore blue jeans with silver flip flops, and her toes were polished a silver colour, and she wore a light blue shirt. She was putting clothes on a rack, and she turns to look at me smiling. I nod at her and smile back, as i continued walking thru the mall hearing that song play in the background. Pretty soon it fades, (Most likely went to a 5 min snooze) And i am now in line with a lady who looked tanned and in her 50's i believe. Very attractive, with medium length sandy brown hair, and big aqua blue eyes.

      She begin flirting with me, and took out a green pill and swallowed it. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a green pill and swallowed mines as well. She begin glowing a aqua colour and and light begin surrounding her body. Another guy who was black was in the line hating and cock blocking, saying..
      (Black guy talking)
      "Why don't you get with a real man like myself baby."
      (Woman talking)
      "No thanks, im not interested."
      She smiles gazing into my eyes, flexing her breast telling me she works out. We lock eyes for a while..then my alarm goes off again then i wake up.

      Final dream: Fantasies from my subconscious.

      Im in a room with two beautiful women who looked mixed with something.

      Spoiler for For 18+:

      I woke up recorded the dream and took a long hot shower.

      Notes: Well not too upset with what i got. Can't complain, but this just shows what my dreams are like when i don't do any reality checks or subconscious training. Sooo think ima gonna go back to my usual routine. Lol, gonna start my day off with plenty of reality checks, and plenty of subconscious training for tonight.

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    9. Dr. House Diagnosis, Lucid Sportscar Transformation, and Being a Scientist

      by , 09-14-2011 at 03:25 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a hospital. Dr. House was there, and told me that my feet weren't getting enough blood, and that's why they hurt a lot (they don't hurt in waking life). He said we should amputate them because they were basically useless, and I said no.

      I then was somewhere else, in a room somewhere, and Dr. House walked in with 2 prosthetic legs that looked completely different from one another. He was still using his cane. He sat down on a chair by the door. The reason both of his legs were prosthetic was because of some mistake made in trying to treat the original blood clot in his thigh.

      Then, I saw a regular customer at the coffee shop I work at sitting in a chair. He too had 2 prosthetic legs.

      I looked down at my own bare feet. The skin looked red, like they were inflamed or something. I still refused to get the surgery. I needed my feet.


      I was somewhere, but I can't remember exactly where. Something did seem a little off, however. I decided to do a reality check. I looked at my hand, and my index finger looked disconnected from my hand. I tried pulling on it, and it stretched kind of like bubble gum. It's a dream!

      This dream already seemed pretty stable, so I didn't do much stabilization. I took off to fly a bit, as per usual. I looked up toward the blue, cloud-spotted sky as I took off, and saw what looked like the tops of telephone poles and wires disconnected from the rest of the poles. It was like they were floating. Weird.

      I was then on the ground, standing in a driveway next to a drab, silver car. I looked away for a second and imagined it being a neon yellow. I looked back, and it had completely transformed into a shiny, sleek, new yellow sports car. I hopped in, and gunned it down the road. I watched my speedometer climb up to 70, and I kept pressing down on the gas. I was going pretty fast, and, it being a dream, didn't have to worry about any cops! I remember passing many cars as I zoomed down the road in my shiny new sports car.

      I remember being back in the driveway, and transforming the car again. This time, it turned green for a second before it turned yellow.

      I also flew again at some point.


      I was on some team that did lots of chemistry and other science experiments. We were outside somewhere, like in a mix between a forest and a cave. I picked up what looked like a small ant farm with no ants in it. It was important for some reason.

      This dream went on for a bit, and I remember trying to get the other scientists to listen to me. That's all I remember, though.

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    10. 7th July 2011

      by , 07-07-2011 at 04:07 PM
      I had a dream about a cousin of mine, I was single and was going to ask him out ((LMAO..dont even like him!!!)) I was at my mom and dads house and my cousin was at his house ((he wasnt my cousin in my dream, just a friend)) I went over to His place..i was wearing a longish pink flowery skirt, we sat in his room and watched a film on tv. His dad came in and asked me to change my earphones because mine wasn't working ((not that i was wearing any lol)) I tried them and he was right they didn't work, his dad laughed and said "you didn't turn them on properly" My cousin put his hand on my leg and i lifted my skirt a little. I had to go back to my mom and dads house My uncle was there i think it was my uncles birthday party , my aunty was there aswell. I was scared to ask my cousin out, i thought about what to say but never ended up asking him. I went back to his house, i couldn't find him so i went upstairs to his room and sat down.I got my mobile and was going to text him but then he came up and came into the room. I said "i was just gonna text you then" I looked on my phone and there was a text on there that i hadn't sent it said "where are you?" He then got his phone out and said "whats your number and we can exchange" i looked at my phone and then woke up.

      Dream 2: I was at a restaurante with someone else and was getting some food, we had a choice of cooked fingers or cooked legs ((lol)) I had the fingers, the fingers were smaller and had less meat on, the other person had the legs ((yuck))

      Dream 3: I was in the bathroom with my hubby, he was having a shower and I was on the floor doing something. Suddenly my hubby threw his soapy foam at me and it landed straight in my eye, I said "you done that on purpose" he said "i didn't" and then he began laughing as he thought it was sooo funny