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    1. Ripped heart and the guy

      by , 07-02-2017 at 04:22 PM
      Finally, a vivid dream againxD and it was pretty long I thinkxD I had it two nights ago, so I can't explain everything in detail now, but I somehow know how...here I go!

      I was on my way to school I think..or at least, a place where there were lots of people.
      On this day, I was almost late, so I was in a hurry. I went on my bike.

      Than I was with friends somehwere in the dream, and arrived on the place where I had to be. It was on a car road and there was this small guy (an anime character from an anime I really like..) called Otani, who was really teasing me hard.

      I was so irritated and mad that I ripped out his heart out of his chest. That was so weird..Why did I do that? It felt really realistic as well..I throwed it away, and the guy (I usually like in the anime) was slowly dying. I had regret on taking his heart, so I wanted to safe him. Than there appeared this guy I now Always see in my thought during the day, who helped me to tell me how to safe him. He was super calm and kind to me, even though I did something that terrible..Anyway,

      The heart was on the car road, and there were riding lots of cars. It was to be lucky to not let it be crushed by a car..When the heart was on safe zone because of the wind, it moved away from the cars, I could pick it up.

      Than the kind guy explained to me to try to attach the heart to the blood vessels inside of him. I saw the hole where I ripped out his heart, I tried to put it in again. Explained to me, if I do it correctly, the heart would attach itself to the blood vessels. The heart was weird enough yellow, lol.

      I did it correctly, and the Otani guy lived again. I was relieved, and the guy who helped me was proud of me, still as calm and misterious as ever. I sticked with him more since I really liked him somehow. He let me fell good and happyxD
      The Otani guy also stayed with me and the guy and began to tease and pick on me again.. That was really stupid..but I couldn't get mad again, since I would rip out his heart again if I did. I tried to ignore him.

      The unknown guy tried to get Otani's attention by giving him a gift to get him to not tease me again like that. I was really happy with that. I saw at that moment that the unknown guy had unknown money that was rather pretty. He told me it was money from other countries to where he had travelled. I was hypnotized by the money by it's prettiness. He saw how cool and awesome I thought it was and gave me some of it with the number ''8'' on it. Really, only with the 8 on it. I wondered what that meant..but anyway, I really was happy by the gift, I really felt happiness>.< I maybe have a little crush on him lololol.
      He was happy that I was happy and had this really beautiful smile on his face. (wait a minute...Why did I not notice that this was a dream? I mean, money with number 8 on it doesn't exist...lol)

      Than the scenery changed to it of a classroom. I sat on a chair and I was injured, the unknown guy was nowhere to be found this time. but I had my Lucky charms were enough for me for now, but anyway, I couldn't do much and Otani had to solve the problems on the chalk board for me. He totally didn't want to do that for me and throwed the chalk to my face.

      Me and the teacher went mad and ran after him through the hallway of the school. It looked kinds funny on this part, but I woke up because of my mom at this point..I wish I could continue this dreamXD hahaha.

      Well, what my question is...Who was the unknown guy? before this dream, he would appear suddenly in my mind, not smiling, but really calm and misterious. I don't know his name or anything about him, but he gives me this warm and happy feeling when I see him. I also can't erase him from my mind, he keeps coming. I never thought of a guy, he is just there and I wanna know more about himT_T I know his figure by his black hair (and an asian look lol, but yeah) and a striped sweater. (HE'S SUPER CUTE)
      But yeah, he now appears in every dream of mine in another settingxD

      Next dream entry is about a LD I had last time^_^ I hope you enjoy them!
    2. Tomodachi

      by , 08-31-2016 at 10:47 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This morning's recollections come to you in two flavors: Creepy and sweet.
      I was in a haunted house of some sort. It looked kind of like my old house a few years back, with certain rooms being pretty much picture-perfect recreations. Most of this dream is a blurry haze to me, but what I do recall is going into the bathroom. All seemed to be normal in there, but the light switch wasn't working. I shrugged and started to head out of the bathroom, but heard a sort of sinister laugh behind me. I turned, and the entire bathtub was filled with this huge pile of towels. The pile was so huge that they were spilling out onto the floor. While this may sound really random and silly (and it is), my dream self was deeply unnerved and bothered by it. I slowly stepped towards the towels, but as I did, I heard a small hissing noise around me, as if the room was filling with some sort of gas. Before I knew it, I passed out and all went dark. The spooks are real. Piles of towels. Everybody's worst nightmare, really.
      Now for sweet.
      I was in a large school building that was eerily similar to my elementary school, but 5x larger and it housed college kids instead of being an elementary school. It was here that I met two Japanese friends. Sadly, I can't recall their names (it's pretty hard for me to remember DC names for some reason), but there was one boy and one girl. The boy, strangely, looked similar to Watari from Your Lie in April if you've ever seen that anime. Meanwhile, the girl didn't really look like anyone in particular. She had long, jet black hair, and a fiery air about her. Both of them hit it off with me right away, and a lot of the dream was spent hanging out with them in various parts of the school, just talking or doing random, fun things. Later on in the dream, when we were sitting by the big wall beside the stairs, I began to grow sour, as I realized I would have to go home soon. I explained it to them, and they both acted very understanding, trying to console me and saying that I'll see them again. When it came time for me to go, I headed out into the parking lot, found a bus (which had a lot of my old high school classmates on it), and rode homewards, the environments and dream scenes all looking exactly like real life, but with an ever present gray sky and a lot less busses. Glumly, I put my head against the window in my seat on the bus and thought about when I'd see those two again. I'll throw a new lucid goal on the list for future reference: Either summon or find these two DCs again. They were very pleasant people, and I was able to converse in some Japanese with them as well, since I have a basic grasp of the language. It would be fun hanging out with them while lucid.
    3. WW2 banned dance

      by , 04-17-2014 at 11:14 AM
      Sorry this is so long! It would be more detailed but I'm writing this a few hours after it happened

      My dream was set in WW2. I don't know how I know this apart from the odd mention of bombs. In this place we were not allowed to do dancing (which I am fond of) because we were meant to be serious because of the war. But, there was a secret club which we snuck into to dance and have fun.

      Non - lucid:
      It started of with me and my friend (I don't know who) running away from the patrol who were searching for people doing something wrong. They were on a motor bike wearing dark sunglasses with dogs beside them. Me and my friend were running away from them as we were dressed in our red dresses which we danced in. We ran until we reached the sort of speed where you can't go any faster but I used the near by cars to push myself to go further. My friend could not catch up but I did not realise. I ran into the corner sweet shop where I lived and dived behind the counter.

      The guard people came in looking to see if anyone was there but left. My friend arrived a few moments later and had a go at me for leaving her. My elderly friend Mrs. Dubose who I lived with was sitting in her chair:
      'Im coming with you to that dance whether you like it or not!'
      She always liked to protect us. I replied,
      'You can't, what if a bomb were to drop on us?'
      'A bomb is just as likely to drop on this house as it is to drop on the town hall!'
      But she agreed to stay.

      It was only a short awareness because my cat suddenly jumped on me:
      When I hugged Mrs. Dubose goodbye I felt her soft wrinkly skin. I felt like a pillow and I thought she must be at least 100. Then I smelt her and she smelt so nice. She smelt sort of like old people's talcum powder but when I smelt it I though 'is this a dream?' And everything sort of disappeared although I was still holding onto Mrs. Dubose

      I woke up I imagined where I last was I took off again

      Non - lucid:
      We walked to the hatch in our floor and down a flight of stairs, across a corridor, up another flight of stairs and through a door. We were suddenly in the town hall where the dancing took place and it has 15 people in there. Girls dressed in red and boys in suits.

      -gap which I can't remember-

      We heard people below us and all the dancers went down to investigate. All the towns people were there in one room. The elderly and young including Mrs. Dubose on beds and the rest of the floor. They explained there had been a sudden attack from the enemy. Mrs. Dubose invited her horrible friend over to her bed to share and wrapped her checked blanket around them both.

      We heard a loud lady's voice above us:
      'I know you're not in your beds. I know there's some people down there. Whoever is there will return to there own beds immediately. I will count down from 5. Go!'

      There was a rush of people. I knew we wouldn't make it.
      1. There was a jam of people at the door
      2. Mrs. Dubose would not be able to run and we would have to assist her
      3. Our house/shop was the furthest away

      However, I had a plan. The lady in charge had bad eye sight. However, she had very good hearing. If we went back the way we came she would hear the door. But if we went round the side door of our house she would not.

      We ran around and let Mrs. D go in front. She went ahead but the lady saw/heard us and stopped us.
      'Hello Annie and Jack!'
      She was talking to me and my brothers toys and obviously thought they were small children
      'Now you hurry back quickly, I'll give you two extra time!'

      We ran quickly back to our house. Usually we would all share the same bed even though it wasn't allowed. I went in the bed and Mrs. D and my brother hid in the cupboard. The lady walked in and the bell in the door chimed. She walked swiftly across the room and nodded. And walked back out. My brother let out a deep sigh and thumped out the cupboard loudly. I held my breath as he quickly hid again and the lady walked back in. She opened the cupboard and gasped loudly.

      I woke up. Sorry for the length again but it was a very vivid detailed dream.
      Tags: dance, old lady, red, sweet, war, ww2
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Japanese Dragons

      by , 11-20-2013 at 06:05 PM
      I used WILD to fall asleep as I do every night. I was lucid from when I first entered the dream. I was Charizard. I flew up into the air to go to Japan. After a while I was there. I went in a sushi restaurant and eat sushi. It tasted really really really sweet. Sweeter than any sushi I have ever eaten before. Then I crashed through the wall and wondered what to do next. I then remembered the task of the month. I saw a light blue dragon and a purple dragon walking down the street. I asked them what they were most thankful for. They said that they were most thankful for and the light blue dragon replied that she was most thankful for being able to lucid dream. The purple dragon said she was most thankful for being able to fly and she flew up into the air and flew away. I then throw a pie at the light blue dragons face. She liked her face with her GINORMOUS tong and breathed fire and burned down a few buildings. I then felt really really dizzy and I fell over. I began to panic since this has never happened to me before. The dream began to fade I then woke up. Now I think about it that always used to happen to me when I got excited in a dream or when I was about to wake up from a dream when I was younger. Maybe it has just started to happen to me again.
    5. Coloured circles

      by , 08-04-2011 at 11:36 PM
      I had a dream which had an old Buddhist kind of feel, or like something off airbender (haha) . Anyway i was there with my parents and it was like an opened huge section with stone walls surrounding it, it was very beautiful. I was there with my parents, and i found some kind of circle on the ground, i called my parents and told them. they got rather excited and we all went off to remove all the snow from these circles. as we got deeper through all the snow we started to see the circles had a colour and an inscription, as we neared to the floor all of the circles started appearing and we were all excited to recover such a mystery. Once all the show was pushed away we could see a huge circle.. of circles we then took the colour from the circles and put them into pots. My parents got each colour and put them in an individual pot but i had mixed them all together in a sort of mess. My colours had then started to go a browny colour but theres was all bright and beautiful. The colours had turned into those… sweet rollers. like the fruit rollup things. i took my sweet gooey colours and ate it, it was very sweet and overwhelming. the dream ended with that?
    6. Random Lucid Fun

      by , 01-07-2011 at 08:40 PM (The Orator's Dreams)
      First ever lucid c:

      I woke up in a false awakening, walked into my living room and lifted up my hand. I counted six fingers and became lucid. I got pretty excited (and I'm surprised I didn't wake up) I tried to summon wings because I thought flying would be hard, but it summoned a weird bird with a light blue head and a brown body. I killed it and it disappeared. Instead I took a deep breath and started flying and it was a success. Then I tried out telekinesis, but failed. So then I tried summoning George Lopez to no success. I said "Damn, whenever I try to summon George Lopez, nothing happens." My dad then said "Wiggle your toe." I tried this and summoned George Lopez. He came knocking at the front door. Then I was going to go out and explore, but I was quickly trampled by people coming out of limos. (it's like my subconscious doesn't want me to go outside for some reason, any time I tried to I was trampled by more and more people coming out of limos.) So then, noticing I wouldn't be getting out any time soon, I decided to see if anything changed in my house in my dreams. When i went into my sister's room I saw Peach, Daisy, and Mario having a threesome, so I just ran out and cringed at the thought of that. I grabbed my friend Gabe out of the storm of all the people and with him, tried to teleport to the roof of the house. Instead we teleported into a helicopter with exploding loaded guns. I, naturally, threw those guns down on whatever unlucky guy's house they would hit. Then all the non-exploded guns exploded and the loud sound woke me up.

      It's a shame I woke because it was so funnnn! I wish I could have explored more and noticed I could do anything in it, but I guess I didn't. >_>