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    1. Finding a Place for my Mother’s Remains

      by , 08-04-2017 at 09:00 AM
      Morning of August 4, 2017. Friday.

      I am not of my conscious self, though there are a few threads in which I am aware of a few facets of my identity. I am not sure of my implied age; perhaps it is only about twenty. Mostly, I am only aware of my mother. My mother has recently died. However, I think I can talk with her by initiating some sort of will.

      The scene is distorted and my memory is askew. My mother is in the baby cot of our present address, though the baby cot unrealistically accommodates her full height. I do not see it as my present address (even though it is) as I have no discernible memory of my conscious self’s present living location. I speak to her, trying to will her eyes to open, on thought alone. It seems to work at times, but is she really okay with this act, or is she angry at me for “waking” her? Holding her eyes open by my mental will alone eventually seems a bit strange.

      I go into a room that might be considered to be my room in Cubitis, last seen in 1978, although I have no memory or viable association with Cubits and the room is different anyway. I realize that keeping my mother’s remains in the box from the Barnabas Collins “Dark Shadows” board game is proving to be problematic. I do not even consider that, realistically, my mother would never have fit in this little pretend coffin of cardboard. By way of a false memory, I know that other people are known to keep the bodies of the deceased around their house. It is not unusual; it is a tradition, and yet, a part of my mother’s remains have leaked from the bottom of the box, like acid from an old battery, reminding me of my Kenner Easy-Show movie projector being ruined by leaking batteries so that I could no longer repeatedly watch the same short Thor and Flintstones cartoons on my Cubitis bedroom’s south wall. (My mother had told me to throw out my movie projector, which had been a combined birthday and Christmas gift from my older sister Carol, and to not touch the leaking batteries that had ruined it.)

      The gore may be toxic and I am concerned that I had better not eat or touch my face or mouth until I wash my hands, so that no decaying syrupy gore poisons me. I spend a very long time washing and rinsing my hands under the bathtub faucet. The light is bright and I am actually in our present home, though I am not my conscious self and I have no clue to my real life status. I still have to find a place for the Barnabas Collins cardboard container with the plastic lid, which contains my mother’s remains, even though it is just a little box. I have to bury it somewhere. It is in too poor a condition to keep in the open now.

      There is some sort of temporary offset dream, where I find myself living on Barolin Street. Two unfamiliar men seem to think that I have taken their truck. They come in through the back way without even knocking. Apparently, the truck was at the front of my house. I certainly did not steal it. I was not even aware of it. These imposers annoy me. They come back a second time as if I had put it back and taken it again. I certainly had not taken it and tell them so. I do not even know what it looks like.

      I have to take care of my mother’s remains in the little Barnabas Collins “Dark Shadows” coffin. Her whole body somehow fits in there, with room to spare. She is on her back in this toy coffin from a board game that I had not seen in real life for many years. I decide to bury it inside a set of concrete steps in the Loomis Street backyard, which is also somehow the Cubitis front yard at the same time. The small set of steps does not go anywhere in particular.

      For seemingly a long time, as long as it took me to wash my hands, I dig with my hands in the sand. I feel the sand flowing through my fingers. I do not question how a step in a set of concrete steps could be or become sand, but this is where I will bury the toy coffin.

      I dig and dig with my hands, and the oblong hole keeps filling back up, not being quite deep enough for burial. Still, I persist with confidence.

      The concrete steps have somehow separated, and have transformed into, or have always been, small cardboard boxes of mostly paperback Gothic novels. The area of the ground I had been digging in looks untouched, and it is now normal soil. Will this work out?

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    2. Ripped heart and the guy

      by , 07-02-2017 at 04:22 PM
      Finally, a vivid dream againxD and it was pretty long I thinkxD I had it two nights ago, so I can't explain everything in detail now, but I somehow know how...here I go!

      I was on my way to school I think..or at least, a place where there were lots of people.
      On this day, I was almost late, so I was in a hurry. I went on my bike.

      Than I was with friends somehwere in the dream, and arrived on the place where I had to be. It was on a car road and there was this small guy (an anime character from an anime I really like..) called Otani, who was really teasing me hard.

      I was so irritated and mad that I ripped out his heart out of his chest. That was so weird..Why did I do that? It felt really realistic as well..I throwed it away, and the guy (I usually like in the anime) was slowly dying. I had regret on taking his heart, so I wanted to safe him. Than there appeared this guy I now Always see in my thought during the day, who helped me to tell me how to safe him. He was super calm and kind to me, even though I did something that terrible..Anyway,

      The heart was on the car road, and there were riding lots of cars. It was to be lucky to not let it be crushed by a car..When the heart was on safe zone because of the wind, it moved away from the cars, I could pick it up.

      Than the kind guy explained to me to try to attach the heart to the blood vessels inside of him. I saw the hole where I ripped out his heart, I tried to put it in again. Explained to me, if I do it correctly, the heart would attach itself to the blood vessels. The heart was weird enough yellow, lol.

      I did it correctly, and the Otani guy lived again. I was relieved, and the guy who helped me was proud of me, still as calm and misterious as ever. I sticked with him more since I really liked him somehow. He let me fell good and happyxD
      The Otani guy also stayed with me and the guy and began to tease and pick on me again.. That was really stupid..but I couldn't get mad again, since I would rip out his heart again if I did. I tried to ignore him.

      The unknown guy tried to get Otani's attention by giving him a gift to get him to not tease me again like that. I was really happy with that. I saw at that moment that the unknown guy had unknown money that was rather pretty. He told me it was money from other countries to where he had travelled. I was hypnotized by the money by it's prettiness. He saw how cool and awesome I thought it was and gave me some of it with the number ''8'' on it. Really, only with the 8 on it. I wondered what that meant..but anyway, I really was happy by the gift, I really felt happiness>.< I maybe have a little crush on him lololol.
      He was happy that I was happy and had this really beautiful smile on his face. (wait a minute...Why did I not notice that this was a dream? I mean, money with number 8 on it doesn't exist...lol)

      Than the scenery changed to it of a classroom. I sat on a chair and I was injured, the unknown guy was nowhere to be found this time. but I had my Lucky charms were enough for me for now, but anyway, I couldn't do much and Otani had to solve the problems on the chalk board for me. He totally didn't want to do that for me and throwed the chalk to my face.

      Me and the teacher went mad and ran after him through the hallway of the school. It looked kinds funny on this part, but I woke up because of my mom at this point..I wish I could continue this dreamXD hahaha.

      Well, what my question is...Who was the unknown guy? before this dream, he would appear suddenly in my mind, not smiling, but really calm and misterious. I don't know his name or anything about him, but he gives me this warm and happy feeling when I see him. I also can't erase him from my mind, he keeps coming. I never thought of a guy, he is just there and I wanna know more about himT_T I know his figure by his black hair (and an asian look lol, but yeah) and a striped sweater. (HE'S SUPER CUTE)
      But yeah, he now appears in every dream of mine in another settingxD

      Next dream entry is about a LD I had last time^_^ I hope you enjoy them!
    3. 12/08/2016 - "New World Disorder"

      by , 12-12-2016 at 06:23 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "New World Disorder"

      Tony, BR, MR and I decided to infiltrate a Neo-Nazi rally.

      We were being led down into what seemed like an underground garage, surrounded by Neo-Nazis. Most were stereotypical - white, with shaved heads - but there were a few minorities speckled throughout the crowd as well. En route to the meeting area, we passed through several rooms that looked as if they were ripped out of the "generic haunted house" handbook; various torture chambers - both physical and psychological - with a number of digital monitors showing compilations of gruesome acts of violence that were, undoubtedly, being performed on the people being held captive within this place.

      We were herded into a main room and shuffled our way toward the back of the gathering of maybe a little over 100 people, trying as best we could to blend in as sympathetic to their cause, in order to observe their actions and rhetoric. One man spoke from the podium and, though I can't really remember much of what he said, it was all too constantly met with cheers and chanting from the mob.

      Before long, the rallying cries began to take on a tone of suspicion and accusation, waves of negativity progressing through the crowd and making their way back toward us. The group was becoming more and more alarmed that there were traitors or 'outsiders' among them. It didn't take long before we were confronted and discovered to be...disloyal. A long chase inevitably ensued, and we were soon sprinting through the halls of this expansive facility, which was gradually morphing from a dank, dilapidated, present-day industrial setting and into a sanitized, futuristic and seemingly state-funded Base of Operations with grayed-out metal and stone interiors that looked pretty-distinctly Sci-Fi. Armed sentries pursued us while we dodged and darted within the halls, at one point coming to an annex and staring down the barrel of a massive cannon that they had instantly erected in our path before we changed directions and ran down an other hallway before the group of henchmen manning the unnecessarily-large weapon could get a single shot off.

      Having split from my group while running, I was being tailed by a small squad of Nazis (now in even more militaristic attire), when I turned a corner of an apartment-style hallway, ducking into the first open door that I saw and closing the door behind me. Inside, I ran into a young woman who was quite startled by my having barged into her room. Frantically, I whispered a plea for her help and gave her a brief rundown of what had happened. Apparently, she was one of many people being held by these fascists against her will, so she was willing to aid me by shoving her into her closet. The patrol kept on searching, so I had to remain in this cramped space for most of the day. The girl ended up taking a nap on the bed across the room, and there eventually came a knock at the door. The guards were doubling back and checking the rooms, individually.

      The girl didn't hear the first few knocks, or the demands for the door to be opened. Fearing they were going to burst in and search the place, I picked up a shoe from the closet floor and chucked it across the tiny apartment, hitting her with it and waking her up just in time for her to respond to the guards. She tried to get them to leave her be, but they insisted upon coming in, just before I was able to fully shut the closet door - which the girl noticed. She tried to keep their attention from the closet but, from the darkness, I could see that they were starting to glance over toward my hiding place in suspicion. When they did, the girl raised a huge stink about how they were immoral thugs, disrespecting her privacy. She was even able to call in another female friend to back her up. The friend came in, immediately chastising the guards for being so cruel as the pair whipped up some crocodile tears and began to console each other for this apparently sexist infraction. The newcomer seemed to know all about the rouse, and was playing along perfectly.

      It worked. The guards, not wanting to get too caught up in this seemingly-overwhelming display of female emotion, ended up leaving the room without fully searching the place. The two strangers had saved me, and when I was sure the patrol was gone, I set back out to find my friends.

      I remember one last fragment about being on the outside architecture of the base, maybe a few hundred feet above ground and cornered by the patrol, yet again. I don't recall how the whole thing ended, though.

      (Possible inspirations: a topic recently came up, where some friends and I were reminiscing on a time when we created fake accounts for Stormfront.com, which is a "White Nationalist/Supremacist" website, and did a hilarious trolling raid on them, some 10 years or so ago. Obviously, with everything that has been going on in American politics, as of late, the subject matter has been on my mind.)

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    4. Strange dream with disturbing HI (hypnopompic)

      by , 11-15-2016 at 10:12 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I began this dream in the process of playing a video game. It was Smash Brothers and the image was mostly white with some people on a stage there. I was fighting and then something happened to when I was now back at the PS menu. I'm looking through files and I find on in the My pictures that was not there before. It had no name on it and was compressed. I opened it and this is what I saw. It was a black and white movie that looked to be from the 80s. It displayed an already dead mouse which had been cut up into different parts and who ever it was, was cutting bits of bone out. I can only see the persons hands but they were cutting and separating the bones out of the mouse and putting them in a pile off to the opposite side of the screen. I wake up but it was for a brief amount of time and this is where the HI took over. I watched it for a bit then turned it off and told my Mega buddies about it. Mega Voyager and Engine-o was there and I began to explain to them what I had found. I don't know where this came from but there is something on my ps3 that is disturbing about a mouse. Once I said that, Engine-o took the PS3 and in the process dropped it, busting open a side panel. Inside was an SD card stuck inside of what looks to be a homemade slot that was not supposed to be there. Mega Voyager took me away from the screen and while he was doing that, Speedor (who is part of Engine-o) began to look through my console. Even though I couldn't see it, the dream still allowed me to see what was going on. There was a hidden file tucked away inside of the images folder and when Speedor opened it, the view turned back to me and the TV was now behind me and I was standing in front of it. Speedor's eyes got wide and BeeBee (Bear RV) began to cry and cowar under Speeder and Buson, Buson was livid. From their expression I began to get scared. Something horrible is on the TV behind me, isn't it. I said to Engine-o. He didn't say anything, he just stood there, staring at the image behind me. I turned to look at it and immediately Engine-o grabbed me before I can look and carried me out room and as we did that he shouted to Mega-V Burn that card. We are now in the living room that was darker but had the kitchen light on and boy was Bee Bee terrified. She was crying and Speedor was trying hard to comfort her and so was Buson. I told them not to be scared, it was just a stupid mouse. I didn't know where it came from or how it got onto my console. I just wanted to tell you guys what I have seen since it was seemingly no big deal. Once they got BeeBee calm Speedor Explained to me what he saw. What I saw was no mouse at all. I was very confused and shrugged as he continued to explain. What I just saw, was a mutilated corpse of a human child. Now I was terrified. There were hundreds more files on there but that one was horrible. All this time I had been sleeping in that room with the game these things were there? What really got to me about this dream was the fact that I was standing in front of what I thought was harmless but something like that was behind me, and to top it off was the PS3 I had was Used, meaning that it could have been owned by a serial killer. Speedor then states. There is no telling what that game console came from but we need to get rid of it and now. I turned to speedor. I had this for three years, there is no use acting upon it now. Speedor shook he head angrily and then Buson spoke. That thing is coming up out of there and we'll get you a new one, who know what other vile things may show up. I'm just glad that all you seen was a mouse. Engine-o felt that I was now scared of my PS3 and he held me. I'm sorry, but I felt you needed to know about it. Since it has been right under our noses all this time. It was just by the grace of God that you didn't find the main bulk of the files. Had we not known about it, I'm quite sure those files would have shown up not just on your game but on your computer as well...We need to get that thing out of here. Beebee agree but can still tell that she was still afraid because I can feel her shaking but I knew she was glad to be in the middle of Speedor and Buson. I heard a loud sound coming from in my room. Engine-o and I both ran back only to see that Mega Voyager standing in front of the SD card. The SD card was on the floor, burned and broken up into three pieces. The PS3 was fine, still hooked and on the menu screen.

      Chained dream

      It is now daytime and I'm in a huge place. It was lacy, white curtains and robots there. I had done something and was getting chased by one of the robots. They were big in size and white with black colored joints. I heard him make a robotic whir sound as he tried to grab me but I ran up stairs and then asked what the heck I do to get into trouble. He tells me something and I apologize about it. He accepts at and stops chasing me. After that I ended up going downstairs in the basement for some reason and the robot followed me. No one had been down there for years but it still had things like heat and lights there. There was also a table there and in red spray painted or blood letters across the table was something threatening. For some reason that made me think of the last dream I was in with those crazy images. The feeling from the last dream was coming back and no sooner that happened I ended up outside, flying around in someones back yard. Now I'm lucid and just start playing around with how high I can go but being careful not to fly too high into space.

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    5. Death TV Show

      by , 08-01-2016 at 07:17 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was at a house with a few friends, among them Pau and Laura P. We were making fun of them for their use of the word Gonorrhea to refer to close friends. We started watching a TV show about a guy who was murdered and he came back as death to torture and kill those who wronged him. He first killed a redhead by cutting each limb. Her boyfriend came home and found her torso and head on the floor, with blood spilled everywhere in the apartment. The protagonist (Death) closed the door and froze the guy. He started cutting the guy's nose off with a knife and then ripped his eyes off.

      Paula complained about the show being too gory and we switched to soccer.

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    6. The Haunted Pirate Ship

      by , 07-23-2015 at 03:12 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #455 - DILD - 1:12AM

      I am on a haunted pirate ship and become lucid. I try to sink the ship by biting sections of it, but eventually find the remainder of a dead body. My wife helps me take the body out as I find the teeth in my mouth. I spit them out and wake up.
      I am trying to ship from some type of pirate ship. I have an encounter with a ghost that doesn't seem too scary, but then another ghastly one pops out of a wall and scares me. I jump back and find myself on the shore. I see P from work and I say something about only being able to take that in small doses. My heart is racing and take a moment to calm down. I notice that I am holding book and must have had my head in there. I actually enjoyed having such a vivid fright now that it's over.

      I walk down a long deck and get back on the pirate ship. I need to find the source of the haunting so all of this will stop. I think maybe I should sink the ship, but as I am walking around the deck I realize that I must be dreaming. The dream almost fades here, but I focus visually on the ocean and the dock below. Everything becomes much more vivid and I continue on my way.

      I wonder around many areas of the ship still caught up in the plot and trying to find a way to end the haunting. I see a section of piping coming out of a wall and wonder if I could just eat the ship apart. I bite the piping several times, but only feel as though me teeth pass through and clamp down on nothing. I give up and wonder to the aft of the ship.

      My lucidity slips and I somehow find myself standing outside the ship and I open it like a car trunk. Water spills out along with bags of human remains. There is blood and gore mixed in and I decide that if we free this poor person the haunting will stop. My randomly shows up and helps me out. As some point I stop because I somehow get the corpse's teeth in my mouth. I spit them out with gooey blood into the water. I'm in shock as I watch the teeth float with globs of blood as I start to wake up.

      Another super long dream about a boy meeting with Godzilla, but the police want to control the meeting. I help the boy try to avoid the police as Godzilla comes on a train. There is a confusing run from the cops and the boy gets away, but I am caught. I sit in a chair surrounded by some tough looking guys. They tell me this is my life now and I accept it.

      My wife wants to buy a house, but we have some agreement to stay a night before we decide. The more I look my more ridiculous things I find wrong with the house. I make the decide not to buy the house and my wife is very upset. I tell her that I might be able to over look a few things if it wasn't in town. I push the point that we need to actually sell our house first.

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    7. Strange Infection (warning: gore)

      by , 05-22-2015 at 11:22 AM
      Morning of May 22, 2015. Friday.

      There are a number of (seemingly) random facets to this dream. The first event relates to hearing about a comet on a collision course with Earth (the name of the comet not being known or mentioned) and to strike somewhere in New England (America); either Maine or Vermont. I heard the name of the city as well at one point, but do not recall it - or there could have been a “reset” to explain the Maine and Vermont confusion as I seem to recall both conflicting elements. The unusual detail is that it will supposedly not cause that much widespread destruction even though it is indeed an entire comet that had apparently passed by the Earth before. I am not that concerned as I am on the other side of the planet anyway. However, my (deceased) sister Marilyn is also an in-dream character, and she has never been outside the United States. I do seem to be living amidst some of my present real-life features and circumstances, though the setting is ambiguous.

      The next part of my dream seems set in possibly our Stadcor Street home in Brisbane (though it does have a few elements reminiscent of our present house’s kitchen). It involves an unknown family cooking an elephant bird (extinct birds from Madagascar - formally known as Aepyornithidae) as some sort of taste test or trial. It is not fully known of how ordinary citizens in a family got the body of an elephant bird, though there is a mention of someone having cloned one. There are only two smaller cooked pieces on the plate (which resemble distorted parts of normal-sized chicken legs with about half the skin removed - which unrealistically represents a part of the otherwise huge bird), but oddly, my dream “resets” twice - where I eat the two pieces as three different people in a sequence; a black female of about thirty, one of her sons of about thirteen (who I believe cooked the meal), and as myself as I am now. I do not question this strange transition and impossible series of events of the changing in-body perspectives - it is like spiritually “jumping” from body to body for a very short time to experience the essence of how the person is moving and what they are tasting. The female gets annoyed by a single small red ant crawling on the edge of the plate at one point and says loudly to “get that animal out of the house” and it seems to foretell failed cooking endeavors in the future until it is removed. This part is a bit unusual in that the two pieces of meat are “still” on the plate as if they had not already been eaten three times over in the few “resets”.

      After this is another somewhat confusing event involving my sister (appearing as she was in about 1980) chiding me (but without that much emotion) relating to having broken a CD case holder, which is somewhat drawer-like (so that it would fit in a larger cabinet in the kitchen). There is a part near the front on one side that is broken off, which is a cylindrical piece of plastic, which makes it difficult to keep the cases uniform. I explain how it had happened due to it being difficult to get the case back in, being slightly wider than what the holder seemed designed for. As I look around, I notice a couple dish racks which look very similar to the CD case holders (and almost the same size - but for smaller plates) and notice that there had been a breakage in the same area along the top runner of the “drawer” in at least two of the racks. I then say how I am not the one who had broken the other items, reflecting that my sister had probably done it, making the act of me having broken the other item seem less eventful and me less deficient. There are about a dozen holders for either CDs or small plates in the kitchen, all on the same side of the room. At this point, I am also still aware of the comet approaching the other side of the planet (but again, supposedly not to be a catastrophe even though I am somewhat wary of the idea).

      Finally, I notice that I have an open cut near the middle of my right middle finger, which seems infected. Green jelly is showing, which somehow seems to be coagulated blood. I start to reflect on the idea, as I pull out what seems like an entire “vein” that resembles a green-apple strand of toothpaste but more viscous, that I probably should have gone to the doctor and gotten antibiotics before it progressed this far. Still, I am somewhat relieved that I am able to pull out most of this green “vein” (all the way down to my wrist) before it infects more of my body, but as I do, I am aware that it will make my hand somewhat hollow and eventually useless. There is one area above the knuckle that seems more problematic and “lumpy” as a result of the infection and needs to all come out. In fact, as I mention it to my sister, my hand is already weakened and “hollow” near the wrist where it will probably just flop around unable to be used to pick things up. Most of the muscle seems to somehow be gone shortly after my act of pulling out the green “Gummy Worm”, even though it was only the one strand that I pulled out.

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    8. Kind of messed up

      by , 12-06-2014 at 07:03 PM
      So I should have probably written this down as soon as I woke up, can't remember too many details at this point, but the most memorable part was this:

      My teenage daughter has been kidnapped (I don't have any children IRL). Searching for her, finally find her in different room, in pieces in different containers. Little bits of her body all over the place. I have to assemble them and sew her back together. She comes back to life. Bandage her up. Later after lifting a bandage, I see she is healing extremely fast. At some point I shift from being her mother to her sister.

      IDFK. Some weird shit.

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    9. Goku and weird ritual sacrifice machine

      by , 09-14-2014 at 05:17 AM (Adventures in Dreamland)
      Last night I finally had a dream where I felt different emotions from the usual snippets of dreams I have been having. I dreamt first of a Tennis court, except on this tennis court was a system of pulleys and hooks, where you would sit somewhere and a machine would turn on and your organs and skin would be systematically ripped apart in some sort of orderly fashion.

      In the main dream Goku was fighting with some opponent. I remember he was battling him but he was just too strong. He started to fly away and was asking himself where was Nappa and Vegeta when he needed them. Then he lost his ability to turn super saiyan and fell towards the ocean, he managed to be able to fly again just for a soft landing. then he was floating on the ocean, the color scheme was very grey and cloudy/smoky/misty. The dream goes to the tennis court, Goku said learning about Jesus it wasn't long til he became a Christian (I personally see many similarities between Goku and Jesus, just me maybe). Says he would have lost the fight anyways and that he was going to put himself on the tennis court machine.

      I go into the tennis court and there is a giant crowd there. There are two people playing some weird tennis game right outside the gate to the tennis court. I walk inside and instead of the hook sacrifice machine there is a big crowd of people watching a movie in the tennis court. This dream seems a little spooky now that I mention it.
    10. "First Blood"

      by , 08-02-2014 at 09:13 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #66-67 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background: I Meditated before going to sleep. WBTB. This is the first time I have ever killed a DC, while lucid, and it was brutal.

      Lucid Dream # 66, day: 07/29/14, time: 3:30-unknown " The house in middle of nowhere":
      The dream started with an investigator that looked like
      Our ad banners.-143381.jpg He started a charity even in the lady's death. He bought all her stuff, before she died. People cheered him because they thought he was noble man. A screen pops-up and it asks to add a new character the girl that died. He looked dismayed by it. He didn't want her to come back to life. He killed her. The game say's new character added. She is transported to a new house. She is wearing 1600 cloth, the corset. I became her. I am using telekinesis to lift the couch and I see a glowing green thing around the object. I started to pay attention to it. It looks like an aura. The object started to move on its own. I see these twin sisters, old I mean really old. I became lucid without any cause.

      They tell me to a have a good day, as they smiled and walked away. I looked for a door and left. I see a front porch and the house looks old too. It had wood coming off of it. It had an old wild wild west feel to it. I wanted to go some where but I see only the house and grass that surrounds it. Everywhere I looked was white space literally just empty white space as if the dream hasn't finished forming. Maybe the dream doesn't want me to go somewhere else.I looked back at the house and I see an elevator man, he had the hat and everything to the red top. He shook his head with disapproval. I felt the sensation that I am about to wake up. I went to the floor to interact with the dream. I started to touch the grass and the dirt. I woke up though.

      I woke up to write down my lucid and then after some time I went back to sleep.

      Lucid Dream # 67, day: 07/29/14, time: unknown-5:02am " First Blood":
      I wake up in my room and I see that SN and his brother, YA were in my room playing on the ps3. It was night time so I didn't expect them to be over at my house. They left to get some food or something. I wanted to go back to sleep so I turned off the light. The light switch controlled controlled the ps3. That's strange. I plug the tv and the ps3 back on. I am suspicious now. My father brings another person and tells us to get along. The kid started to threaten us and he wants to play the next game because he is tall. I am angry now. I could beat him up. He couldn't do what he said. The guy from Doctor Who season 2-3 was in my dream. he summoned us all at once. We are in a room. He tells us that everybody has to obey their goddess and this creature with a head on her chest about 2 ft in diameter. She also has a big head where her head should be. She also had an uncanny smile. The color of her skin is green. And that ugly thing had the nerves to put on red lipstick, absolutely disgusting. I see her talking to her granddaughter. She tells her that she could do anything she wants and told her to fly. I see them fly. I then see the Doctor kiss goddess of his. It was repulsive. I asked them to stop kissing.

      I realized it was a dream and I am back at what looks like my house, but bigger. I see all these people worshiping one of the goddess' minions. She was told that she could have power over these group of people. I told them to stop worshiping her. They were too scared at first. I started to fly and they trusted me. They got up and came towards me. She started to yell at me. I use TK to lift her up and push her against the wall. I see one kid from church, the one that practices LD was there, he was also using TK. I told him to stop assisting me. He stopped. I tried again and further inspection led me to see that she was just on her tip toe. I was upset that I didn't have control over my power. I strained myself hard and I managed to get her up on the wall. I then lost control again.

      I wanted to create water out of my hands. I put my hand out and imagined sweat come out. At first it was just normal amount of sweat and then it started to rush, more and more. It was up to my ankle. The DC were all scared. I told them that I am going to kill them. They became terrified. I told them I am joking around. All the water vanished just like that. I wanted to try and do TK again since it is all that I love. I then tried to lift a table. I put my hand out as a gesture and it started to levitate. I then realized that lifting my hand was just a guidance for my will. It started moving up even though I didn't move my hand. I started experimenting with it, bringing it closer and further.

      "HOW DID HE GET THOSE POWERS", screamed a man. He continued, "HOW DO WE KNOW WE COULD TRUST HIM?" He turns to me and demanded, "HOW?" He said with a whimper , "my grandmother told me 'avoid the things you don't know' " . Look at him still wearing orange. He is still a slave. Even though I freed him from the cult, I didn't free him from his mind. I mockingly said, " Your grandma is not a very smart lady". I laughed at the Forest Gump reference, no one else did. We then went to tables. They were filling me in on what is going on. They told me that we are underground tunnel. I started dazing off trying to understand will power. I started to use TK to lift chairs around. I grabbed a ring about 10 inches in diameter. I threw it and I willed it or used TK, but I didn't use hand gesture. For the first time I understood that it was not TK but will. I would throw it and in mid flight I bring it back like a boomerang. I didn't quite master it. A man came in. He sat next to me and he had a metal neck brace that signifies that he once was a slave. It had cool designs. He had all these tattoos. One of a tear drop on his face. He didn't look at me at all. He just sat there. I look down at the table and see this 3 x 4 ash tray except it melts metal. It is red hot. I tried to do the TK thing. I kept dropping it and nearly hitting people. One time it fell and hit a chair and shattered it. I then accidentally dropped it on the guy's foot.

      He got mad at me and he grabbed me by the neck. He looked at everyone they looked scared. He said, "I don't care what they think you are but I don't care". He started to put a stronger grip on me. I tried to use TK on him but it wouldn't work. I then looked at the metal burner on the table. If only I could reach it. I stretched my arm. It started to move towards me. I thought, Maybe I have magneto's power control metal.I couldn't reach the man's throat but I now can use magnetism. I put my hand towards his throat and I start clinching my hands into a fist slowly. He grabs his neck. I then without hesitation put my hand in a fist and the metal around his neck just got so small that it was a decapitation. He died instantly. His head didn't fall though. This was the first time I killed. I don't care far too long have I let my DC kick me around. I see a hand on my right hand. It was frozen shut. I said jokingly, "how can I remove this hand?" I looked around everybody looked at me with fear. I said, "It is just human hand". I broke it off like it was just frozen meet. It was easier to break. I threw it into the metal burner. I saw his hand burn away. It happened instantaneously, I saw the skin burn right away and then the flesh with the bone.

      Everyone is rushing towards the exit of the tunnel. I wanted to leave. As we were leaving I see that the girl that was cloned by the game was what they used to make the tunnel. They were cloning her and grinding her body into mush.

      I do not get the ending.

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    11. thank you for helping me

      by , 03-20-2014 at 03:09 PM
      It starts with everyone in my school panicking or crying. The teacher looks out the window, and despite his normally rude ways, starts shaking and remains silent. Oh god, the school is on lockdown now. I notice one person missing from the classroom and I get shaky too. I peer out of the window and what I see strikes me with a pang of emotions- my only friend at school is laying on the side of the street, drenched on blood with a trail of blood around her. This girl (who I know in real life, call her L) helped me through everything. I am incredibly shy, but she is the only person I have considered a friend at school. I just sit and stare, and on the instant break out into sobs. The people who I knew were close to her in the classroom are also crying, all others are just sad and... stunned. I go to my desk and lay my head on the desk, covering it with tears. The power is out, so none of us can call a police or ambulance (even though she's basically dead by now). I can't take the stiffness of the room of grieving and crying people and I just leave the classroom, looking down. To my surprise, a few other people, those who were close to her, follow me outside. I leave with the group of people to the front yard of the school. While most of them stay at the front stairs of the school, me and her closest friend hobble over to her dying body. You can see where a tire skidded over part of her back and left her coated in dapples of blood. I sit down next to her, just staring at her beautiful face and shaking as I release heavy sobs. All I can think of is how much she has helped me. The other girl with me pokes my shoulder. Muffled by sobs, she beckons that we go back to the stairs with the others- so I do, choking on my tears. The weather is dark and somehow the gloom in the sky feels familiar. As we sit outside on the stairs, crying together, when a dark car pulls up in the parking lot behind the dying girl's back and a violent looking man comes out, wearing black. Another girl who came outside with us runs over to the man to defend us, but before she gets to the man, L makes a small huff as she rolls over and ever so slowly stands up, her legs shaking violently on her tall body. We all start to clap. The man left, but from afar I couldn't see what happened. Students start to flood outside. This is the time that parents will come to pick up the students. Cars pull up, and one takes L, and goes to the hospital. My mom pulls up and I get in the car. She gives her casual "What happened at school today?" whereas I had to explain that my friend nearly died. She was going to throw a party for some reason, and decided to invite the students outside in celebration that L lived.
      At our house, where the party was there were people I didn't know who were probably relatives of students or kids of my parents' friends. Suddenly, L walks through the front door, with bandage wrapped around her back and the rest of her fine. People gather around to hug her, and just as I get to her, she walks off, to which I feel extremely disappointed. I go to the kitchen. I see my mom with a cloth over her head, and a kid next to her has a knife in one hand and some kind of drug in the other. I snatch his drugs and pull the cloth from my mothers face- she is laying on the ground. She looks scared. I look at the kid and tell him to stop and leave or I call the police. He clutches his knife and says whoever gets cut by the knife must leave. I nod. I avoid his throws and grab the knife from his hand, twisting his wrist. I slash the side of his neck very lightly. He won't give up. I slash his neck again, this time near the front of his neck and this one cuts through his flesh. I throw away the knife. He looks scared of me now and simply runs off. I pull my mom up from the ground. My dad witnessed the whole thing, and came up to me. Both of my parents started to say something but I didn't know whether they were proud or mad that I slashed the kids neck (rather lightly at that) because that was when I started to wake up.
    12. Curious Story

      by , 02-06-2014 at 11:56 PM
      I don't remember much about my dream, but the things I do remember really are bugging me.

      In my dream, I was a person I made up in my head. I looked exactly like how I imagined this person. So I'm on some sort of quest looking for spirits that grant me magic powers such as pyrokinesis and such. Mid way through the dream, I'm walking through a cave where a monster that kind of looked like Lugia from Pokemon attacked me; it was one of the spirits I talked about. I somehow ended up out of the cave and at the beginning of a town. I turned around to get the monster out of the cave. I pulled a switch which was attached to a chain and it started pulling the monster out. When it came out, it was decapitated and I couldn't understand why. Maybe someone was chasing me? Anyways, I carry the head to the town (the town looked to be a run-down wood/brick medieval-esque town) and the town came to greet me. Apparently some of the people knew me and came to see me. I dropped the head and curled up into a ball, like any sane person would do once they've been holding a decapitated head of a monster. One of the girls in the crowd said "what's wrong with her?" and what seemed to be the village elder of sorts said, and I specifically remember this and I don't know why. He said "She just needs someone to hold".

      I really enjoyed the dream but I want to delve into it and learn what it was all about.
    13. Delve into hell

      by , 06-26-2013 at 02:22 AM
      I dreamed that outside my room which is on the first floor, everything was dark, and you had a strong feeling of something watching you, almost like ghosts creeping around the hallway with malicious intents. There were people with me, but I don't remember who, and I don't remember our conversations. I walk down the stairs and come to the floor below. The feeling of being watched is stronger and grows more toward the feeling of being chased. The air gets more dense, the light in this hallway is slightly more of a red tone instead of the nightly dark blue tone. I start seeing corpses and carcasses, bloody rib-cages ripped open with the limbs torn off, lying around. A guy I'm with says we shouldn't go deeper. We go deeper anyways, down the next flight of stairs. As we go deeper, the place becomes more horrifying. More violent carcasses, red hellish lighting, and you can almost see and feel the malicious spirits move around in the air, gazing at us. We start hearing the screams of people getting murdered. Bones and carcasses still lay scattered around, like some messy slaughterhouse dealing with humans, except the place looked more and more like a cavern and was too dark to see far. A guy I'm with says: "We should stop here. If we go any further, the ones with four eyes will appear, and any further than that, they will tear our limbs off." I'm curious what those four-eyed things would be, so I want to keep going, before I come to the sudden realization that the corpses, carcasses and bodyparts weren't just brought here for decoration; something might do that to us. "Alright let's get out of here." I say, and we rush up the staircases, panicking more and more until we get back into my room and close the door.
    14. Mon Mar 4 (0:45-8:25) *

      by , 03-14-2013 at 05:46 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      • "Kang in bowler appears"
      • "3D render in camera"
      • "ask it for time"
      • "no one near enough to call 911"
      • "is it even all in Spain?"
      • "video cuts, she looks bad" (this one was a nightmare: she looked so badly wounded that I woke up in a panic)
      • "stress (or not) about program material"

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    15. Sat Feb 2 (3:50-13:35) *

      by , 02-02-2013 at 10:50 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Baby Ghost

      I'm playing a video game. There are five main sections of the storyline and they all have a specific name.

      I've just finished a quest involving a baby child in a crib, the heir of a royal family. Somehow I start watching a trailer for the game, which I slowly realize is a cinematic retelling of a later section of this same storyline! Spoilers! But on the other hand, who really cares about spoilers, and the story is interesting. Apparently the baby later dies, and his ghost comes back to haunt the crib. I'm standing in a corner of the room at night when the ghost appears in that corner of the room. It attacks me, and I have to defend myself with a magic sword. Later on, Snape is having a conversation with someone when the person betrays him, stabbing a dagger into his side and cutting all the way around the outline of his body.

      [I've decided also to add a star rating system to the titles of these entries, since what's the point of titles if not to give some indication of how interesting the content is:

      *: fairly uninteresting
      **: mildly interesting
      ***: unusually interesting (e.g. unusually long, unusually detailed, or unusually important)
      ****: interesting in content and impressive technically (in dream recall or control)
      *****: life-changing, awe-inspiring, and the like]

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