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    1. The Duel At Cloud City

      by , 07-07-2015 at 03:01 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
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      Quote Originally Posted by tl;dr
      I was somehow lucid in the void and decided to have a lightsaber battle as Darth Vader. I started in a TIE fighter but ended dueling on some small floating platform over cloud city. The battle seemed planned and I got bored so I killed the Jedi.Another Jedi surprises me with an attack to my ankle. The pain wakes me up.
      I am at a low level of lucidity while floating in the dream bardo (void). For whatever reason, I have Star Wars on my mind and I seriously want a light saber battle. I am not sure how to get it started so I just say the mantra, "I am Darth Vader.", until something takes shape. First I am in the cockpit of a TIE fighter in a low orbit over some very cloudy planet. For the briefest moment, I marvel the curved horizon, but tell myself not to get lost in the details because, I know that space flight can get very tricky when I worry too much about visuals. Next, I get some imagery of myself morphing from Lord Vader to a Stormtrooper and It becomes very confusing. Luckily, I am able to shake it off as I focus on descending to the surface of the unknown planet.

      As my view tilts downward, I am suddenly out of the spacecraft and floating on a type of saucer-shaped, floating platform just big enough to stand on. I am above a very thick and infinite cloud barrier expecting to battle and I quickly search out a Jedi to attack. There is on that looks similar to my Co-Worker B on another floating platform. I move into attack as I flick my wrist and blind summon a lightsaber. I briefly heard the signature sound and see a red beam, then it vanishes. Again, I remember this is normal for me and I remind myself not to get caught up on the eye candy. The feeling of the lightsaber is very vivid in my hand as I swing to attack the man from behind. He turns to parry my attack just in time. I make several efforts to hit, but each one it deflected with ease. Both of our light sabers seem invisible until me make contact. Then, and only then, are our weapons visible and bright with the appropriate sound effects. I am disappointed with the battle and I get the sense of dueling my shadow. Each attack feels forced and each parry feels planned. I quickly tire of this and maneuver my feet back and out , aking an arching motion, causing me to spin around the Jedi and allowing me to quickly thrust my lightsaber into his left shoulder blade. There is some hesitation of the visual, but I force this one wanting to see my energy blade push out his chest. His sword arm relaxes and I catch his lightsaber, quickly pocketing it like some souvenir that I'll never get to appreciate.

      Before I have another thought, a second and identical Jedi attacks from my left. He zooms past me and deftly stabs a large hole in my right ankle. There isn't any sensation until he unexpectedly puts two fingers into my wound and lets his weight hang on my leg. An agonizing dull ache shoots up my leg and causes me to wake up.

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    2. 7/29/11 Steampunk Batman

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:44 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) WILD. -Skip- There is an urban cityscape built from stone bricks. Gray. I am Batman, sneaking in a room of villains at a poker table. Penguin, joker, others. I jump out the window down into a void, covered by fog. Joker jumps in after me.

      The two of us are on a stone roof top. Joker is half mechanical. Looking almost Mysterio like, with green glowing hands and head. I start chasing after him. I see over the buildings a massive robot, with a glowing green "heart". I believe they're souls, powering the two. As I chase him, I tell him that of the two of us, he's the one supporting order. He forces the guard to escalate in their conflict. As I talk, "-700" pops above his head, and souls fly out of him. "-200" pops up repeatedly. I'm convincing him I am correct.


      I am suddenly inside one of the buildings, fighting a group of guards and enchanted statues. They are unbeatable while "normal". I am controlling the dream like a video game, and the fight goes like Arkham Asylum. I walk forward. Suddenly, I am Darth Vader. As I round the corner, I run into Yoda and Mace Windu. Eep... I quickly walk off to the left, past the doorway. They didn't see me, but noticed SOMETHING, so they start walking after me. I throw a towel with the force, but they detect me calling on it and continue on. I get around the corner and try something different. Directing my attention to a wall behind them, I pull force from around it, intending for it to explode outward. It eats away at the wall and ceiling around it, spreading along the surfaces like a fire. I jump down a floor onto a balcony. I try the door, but it seems sealed off till the whole building collapses. A guard of a sort is down here. I go back outside, and am now Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. Six is instructing me about something...

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    3. Ultimate Battle...And Drums...4/5/11(Early Morning)

      by , 04-06-2011 at 11:19 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: I'm still working on DEILDing, so really font expect any LDs soon. However, I'd call myself a retard for trying a new method while on a dryspell...

      I find myself outside. The terrain seems like a normal desert. However, there is an epic battle going on here. An epic Star Wars battle. It appears to be the Empire versus the Rebels. From the battle, large amounts of dust, wind, and lots of noise. Near me, was a crashed space cruiser. As the battle goes on, pull out my iPod. I start to listen to "Haushinka" by Green Day. I see my Epiphone Les Paul sitting by the cruiser. I pick it up and play along. About halfway through the song, I see a drum kit sitting nearby. I put down my guitar. Then I walk over to the drums. I sit down and play along. These are some nice drums. They have a good Punk Rock sound to them. They're also silver with sparkles. After playing for awhile, I decide to leave. Suddenly, I end up in a city. I'm on a brick road in an alleyway. It's night time. I am wandering past apartments. Then, I stop at a back door. I realize I'm Darth Vader!!!!! WTF?! Well that's very interesting. Very...interesting. I enter the apartment. Inside, there's tons of Stormtroopers. Holy shit there's a lot of them!!!!! I react quickly, and pull out my lightsabre. I hit the button on it. At that time, a red laser blade shoots out. It glows with an ominous buzz. The Stormtroopers open fire on me. With my quick wits, cunning strategy, and common sense, I reflect the blaster bolts. Hey retards, a frickin' blaster rifle can't be a lightsabre. Herp-a-derp! I run in an start the massacre. In mere seconds, I manage to slash away over 30 Stormtroopers. Pathetic simpletons. I continue the slaughter. Now, they are resulting to grenades. Pfft, those shitty things are supposed to hurt me? I keep evading the grenades and slicing. Now there is one clan of about 30 troops. They are all throwing grenades. I zip forward at them all. I start slashing away again. Then, I see a grenade land next to me. Oh...shi-I awake.
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    4. Frags: More Vader, and a seriosuly disturbing sexual ritual with a darkside bitch in a coma

      by , 11-22-2010 at 11:42 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      22/11/10 Fragments

      Battling Darth Vader
      Using the force to steal an idle light sabre from him.
      Just the two of us in a star ship.
      He is planning to do evil.
      The force is failing me, bar the telekinesis.

      Awakening in a dark side setting.
      A girl is lying bound up on a medical table.
      She is in a coma.
      I am there in 3rd person view.
      Someone is there with me, he is naked as well.
      I think I refer to him ass my “uncle”.
      The girl is my girlfriend maybe.
      She communicates with my “uncle” telepathically.
      She sparks lust in him he cums on the floor.
      She is driving him towards sacrificing my arm for her to wake up.
      She is promising nights of passion.
      I refuse.
      I am lying on the bed and she tells me that it is indeed her telling my “uncle” to take my arm.
      I spin around and all of a sudden hold my “uncle's” neck between the blades of a garden shears.
      dream fragment
    5. Unclean Boxing Match, seeking education in sleep cycles, summoning Vader for a duel

      by , 11-17-2010 at 05:12 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      17/11/10 The dream was massive but I remember little before actually turning lucid.
      There was something about a mini LAN event.
      Thomas Marcusen (old school friend) was there.
      Stoffer was there.
      Then there is a massive park of some description, the sun is shining.
      We are setting up tables for a public event.
      I feel like I don't quite belong there, although I am a common face in the group.
      There is a woman from my study who is sort of taking the lead.
      I grab some milk and start drinking it out of the carton, but am careful not to let my lips touch it in case anyone else want some.
      Think there is a quick thinking process about mouth-mouth transmitted diseases.
      Rasmus is talking about how his brother has come home for the weekend.
      He has gone to a festival and returned a day later without saying he was going, now with a woman in his bed, although this woman later is a man.
      The boys and I are going to a fight between some random (played by the actor playing Cas is Supernatural) guy and Geaorge Foreman, who is actually Evander Holyfield, but we call him George.

      The fight is messy and unclean, but the crowd seems to love it so an atmosphere is building and the fighters embrace it. George seems to have the upper hand and at one point knocks the other guy clean out, that is the first time we see it. Although we are physically present at the fight there is still a replay function and seen from another angle the other boxer returns to his feet very swiftly, which I find a bit strange. There is a break up and Cas takes the opportunity to throw George to the ground and gets a stern warning from the ref, however there is limited the ref can really do at this point due to the intense atmosphere surrounding the fight. George knocks him through the ropes and to the floor and at this point I am standing in the ring and start a chant that takes the crowd with me “To the Floor!”. George takes it to the floor and starts stomping on the poor guys face, I feel a little bad for this.

      After this I am in a class room of sorts and here Cas is teaching something concerning sleep cycles. I feel very tired and I am walking around in a beige suit, hmm it has been a long time since I have worn this suit (technically I don't have the vest I was wearing either IWL). I feel like I have pulled an all-nighter, but I am there out of respect for the guy. We are old friends after all. It is a bit like a film scene where two main characters look at each other in silent understanding, except I don't understand at all why I know the man, but I know I am given the context of the situation. He is teaching something about re-arranging letters in words, that although slightly amusing seems pointless, but relevant somehow. He is walking around the class and spots me, I wink at him and he comes over. He abandons the class because we have something to talk about, which I think is a goodbye. We go to his flat and I lay down on the bed and shortly after so does he although he takes his clothes off first, which means it is getting slightly uncomfortable for me. We talk about something and towards the end of the conversation I give him a brief hug making sure he is covered in a duvet before doing it. I get up.

      I look around and my eyes fall upon a glass covered surface. It is dark, but still the surface doesn't produce a reflection of any kind. Hang on a minute this is what I was just paying attention to in waking life. I am dreaming. I talk to the professor who is supposed to be an expert on sleep cycles, yet he has never heard of the topic of Lucid dreaming. I spend a lot of time rubbing my hands and activating my senses while I talk to him about lucid dreaming in order to stabilise the dream. I try flying through the window as a demonstration, doesn't work, damnit. Ah ok, just going to try to fly through it backwards, success! I am now in a park of some description, the sun is shining brightly and everyone in the park seems to be wearing a smile of peace and enlightenment. I run over the grass and while doing so I try and pick up a ball using Telekinesis, which I am only somewhat successful with (The ball moves in the direction I want, but can't keep up with my pace). I leave it for a bit and try and think about what to do. I am not going to call Mitzu, as I am afraid she will just end the dream prematurely so instead I decide to try out something new, to see if I can make lightning shoot out of my hands, which I can't although my arm starts throbbing in the effort.

      I try and think if there are some tasks I should be doing as I am manoeuvring around the city paying attention to all the details to remain in the dream. Minka (very old and dear friend) appeasr on a bike and I think that there was something about being thankful, or was that last month? Who cares, I call out to her to stop, she is riding a bike. She says she will come back in one minute, I tell her we are dreaming, she stops pronto and gets off the bike. I tell her I am thankful for her always being kind and a good friend and hug her. I carry on down the street trying to get my phone to work, it sort of does, but I can't seem to get to the texting interface propper so I can't write kaiser, gah some other time maybe.

      I fly around for a bit thinking about what to do, damn I have a poor creative imagination. Ah well, I recently had a dream about duelling Darth Vader, where I wished I was lucid so I expect him to pop up around the corner, which he does. He hands me a sabre and we kick it off and I demonstrate my very limited force powers to my friends as they appear. Although it is great fun being in a sabre fight it was actually more entertaining when I wasn't lucid, when the sense of fear actually meant something however I enjoyed it enough for it to have been worthwhile, I mean it is after all a light sabre. I realise I have been focusing too much on Vader and the dream starts to fade as I wake up.