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    1. Lucid in the Purple Hospital (Failed task of the Month)

      by , 08-23-2014 at 11:47 AM
      Friday ,22nd August 2014

      Moon Cycle: 10% illuminated Waning cresent moving from Cancer to Leo (27) Days Old

      Tarot Card of the Day: 6 of Wands

      Mayan Calender: Yellow Planetary Wind

      Right nostril more open upon awakening(Masculine,logical,analytical left brain)


      I find myself in a long,wide,sterile and empty corridor.
      I somehow instinctively know that its a hospital, after passing a parallel corridor that is more populated with people that appear to be patients.
      The walls are purple and the windows are encased in a grey concrete frame.e i
      Standing in the empty corridor i become lucid. I figure i must have just completed a habitual reality check,as nothing seemed seemed to extra-ordinary for me to come to this realization otherwise.

      The usual rush of butterflies and excitement floods my system and i managed to hold on as the initial incline lucidity high passes.
      I look at my hands and rub them to stabilize the lucidity,shouting out "I am aware" to anchor.

      Having no DC's around to test the task of the month on (asking them to tell you a word in another language and its meaning),I begin to run to the more populated corridor that I was in before my lucidity struck.

      Suddenly I seel that everything is fading. I get a strange sensation that my astral body is being pried and pulled out of my dream body.

      I decide to surrender to the peculiar phenomenon, thinking I may get another task if a False Awakening occurs.
      I experience some vertigo/ washing machine effect and boom...I end up in my bed.

      I figured that I may have lost lucidity in the surrender as i didn't bother to RC,and had no recollection thereafter.
    2. Jumping Bags

      by , 04-04-2014 at 03:43 AM
      I recall fragments of this dream. I remember running in a very side-scroller, or platformer type fashion [EA] . I was leaping over some black bags left out in a perfectly uniform arrangement outside on some pavement [OF], this pavement happened to be near Whitefriars, and the Westhill (Danny's street) [SP]. The perspective was odd, while it was apparent I was in first person, the view would alter and shift into a 2D and Third Person view [P].

      I remember seeing someone after that in the middle of a street, it was foggy and grey, but I think I was near the park adjacent to the Odean Cinema [SP]. I saw Sean [CP] overhead I seemed to be jumping over him, or he was infront of me on the street, I'm not entirely sure. I've written that he was playful at first, I think he reacted to me flying, or being behind him, I can't recall him being aggressive, perhaps he just gave me an evil look [CA], that seems correct. I think I was also being chased by somebody or at least I had the imminent anxiety of being caught [E].

      Setting Place = 2
      Ego Action = 1
      Object Form = 1
      Character Action = 1
      Character Place = 1
      Emotion = 1
      Perspective = 1

      Context = 3
      Internal = 2
      Action = 2
      Form = 1
    3. Before a test.

      by , 01-03-2013 at 12:58 AM
      I am in school (in Cuba), in A college or something like a university. There is going to be a test about physics, but I reason that I have not attended all the classes and I'm not ready. I am approached by girl in a short green dress and we exchanged a few words that I do not remember. Then she walks toward a kind of balcony with brown slabs but no balcony railings. It is a colonial building and the height is like a multi-story building. I went out to the balcony and the height gives me vertigo. I warn the girl to leave the balcony but she does not listen. Suddenly the scene changes for no reason and I see myself approaching the facade of a house. There is a door and two windows and I realize I'm dreaming, but I wake up immediately.
    4. Interesting Journey

      by , 12-17-2010 at 05:08 AM
      I was in some sort of convention in a huge gallery complex of modern architecture (lots of glass and steel). I spent quite some time walking around looking at things but I don’t even remember if there was any art to see there. At one point I followed a friend up into an upper viewing space that was conventionally three storeys high via narrow steel stairs but all inside a huge glass and steel building. When I went up there were heaps of people there but there was nothing really to see except for the high up view, which out of my fear of heights (which is always greatly exaggerated in dreams) I refused to behold. I went back down the stairs but stopped at a platform about halfway down where I saw my uncle and was also soon joined by my brother, my cousin and her boyfriend, who was wearing my balaclava which I remembered I had been wearing a while before, and when I verbally noticed it I accidentally addressed my cousin instead of him, causing some confusion and he took it off before anyone else noticed.

      We were all sitting around a coffee table that had assorted snack food on it. There were these really delicious but tiny little biscuits that my brother would drop into the bowl of this sweet, sugary, caramel coloured sauce, and then with a teaspoon he would gather up the now sauce-coated biscuits and eat them. I had no such spoon, so when I wanted some I attempted to just scoop them up with my fingers, and my brother stopped me, declaring to everyone in a righteous manner the wrong I had done, and insisted I get a utensil – so I grabbed a butterknife and tried again. Though successful with the butterknife, he seemed to have some problem with it because it wasn’t a spoon. Anxious members of staff kept hovering around our table, waiting for us to finish anything so they could take the plates and utensils away.

      When the food ran out, we all departed from the building as everyone was leaving, causing a mass crowd to disperse into the dark streets outside. A whole group of us, which now seemed to consist of a random mixture of family, friends and probably at least one invented character, began walking away in one direction, down a wide street them seemed to be flanked with what looked like volcanic cliffs. The sky was the one of the most magnificent dream visions I have ever seen, as it looked as if no atmosphere existed, so it was a direct view of the intensely shining galactic sea of stars and nebulae. I kept stopping everyone so I could take out my phone and take photos of the view. At one point I saw that the formation of some of the rocky cliffs, when viewed from a certain angle, looked like a basic representation of a human face (like the face on mars), which I likened to Julian Assange. We walked to a point where there was no longer any other humans in sight excerpt for our group, and there was a glimpse of a view where we could see over the volcanic cliffs on the other side of street, it just seemed like the landscape continued on to the horizon with the dark, rounded, rocky landscape, and the stars burned intense in a galactic swirl above.

      We got to a point where the road stopped and we had to get onto a very old wooden walkway that dangerously had many parts broken or missing, and it ascended over the now small dark cliffs that we had been walking along all this time. As we went further along this wooden walkway, it seemed we were crossing some sort of threshold and entering a zone of a different nature. Suddenly the walkway ended and we found ourselves in a sunny landscape full of grass, rocks and trees. The dark galactic sky had now been replaced by a bright blue one, and for the first time we saw vegetation. It looked like some sort of huge natural reserve, where the landscape was basically flat and covered with dried out grass. Very prominently there was a wide gravel road flanked by horizontal logs of sun bleached wood along the edges (I frequently stopped to take 'texture photos' of this wood as it was a beautiful grey colour flecked with yellow and green lichen), and every once in a while there were tall wooden signposts that told us a number of distances to destinations. As we travelled along, we saw no sign of human or animal life, and on one side of us a vast eucalypt forest, and a continuous tall rock formation on the side closest to us, that had a concave form that provided relief to us from the sun.

      Eventually we got to a place where the rock formation diverged away to create a large grassy space where we saw a large multitude of strange prehistoric looking animals. Amongst them the ones I remember most were these woolly mammoths with patchy grey fur, and these other ones that had a large scaly body of a cross between a kangaroo and a therapod dinosaur, and the head and hands of an ape. For some reason, someone in our group suddenly had a soccer ball and kicked it out into the field towards the grazing animals. This caused all of the non ape-headed animals to stampede away into the forest in fear. However the ape-headed creatures kicked the ball back to us, and then we started kicking it back and forth between us and the animals and it turned into a kind of game. However, eventually the ape creatures approached us closer and we felt threatened. As we ran around trying to dodge them, I suddenly found some sort of ancient arcane tome on the grass right before me and I quickly flicked through its pages to find anything related to animals. I found something that looked like it had something to do with animal control, so I ripped that page out of the book and held it upwards, and this supposedly activated the magical powers within the text, and the ape-headed creatures seemed to stop.

      Then they started calmly walking towards me, so I flipped through the book again and found another article that seemed to mention something called “the authority of PETA”, and I ripped it out and activated its power in the same manner as the previous one. The ape-headed animals now started to speak English and were highly intelligent. They queried as to why we were here, as if we were not meant to be, and they threatened to kill us if we couldn’t come up with a sound reason as to why they shouldn’t. The last thing I remember in the dream before I woke up was trying to desperately convince these ape-headed creatures about why the survival of our group was important as I speculated that we might be the last humans left alive, but the ape-headed creatures seemed to regard the survival of humanity as a deeply negative outcome.