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    1. Saturday, January 19

      by , 02-02-2019 at 11:56 PM
      I am outside of the preschool (I only have the thought that it is the preschool - it looks nothing like it). I’m standing with my back against a cement wall. I think it’s a ramp or something, as the building is a bit above where I am. It seems more like an elementary school. Melissa and some other girl are with me. I am smoking a joint, passing it to this other girl at times. Now, Nathaniel’s mom and sister show up. I hold the joint down at my left side, partially obscuring it, but not completely concealing it, as I don’t feel the need to. They start talking with us and Beatrice, seeming older, casually takes the joint. Before she does anything with it, Stephanie asks sharply “is that a marijuana cigarette?” with a small, incredulous, and accusing emphasis on the last two words. It is largely rhetoric anyway; she already knows it is. She bats it out of her hand and the two of them leave. When Stephanie asked, Melissa had quickly said no and backed away a few steps. I pick the joint up, bending it back into shape a bit, feeling bad about this whole situation. Apparently word has gotten to Niki, as she is quickly coming over here. She seems mad as she tries to talk to me and I just walk away from her. Sometime later I am texting Melissa, telling her I’m very sorry. She says that Stephanie is livid. I get the impression that Melissa is more upset at her being mad than at me. I now go into a building here, as if I’m going to work. It looks nothing like work and more like an IKEA, but more ornate and with larger rooms with higher ceilings. There is so much furniture and things on the walls that it looks as if it could be a hidden object game. There are a lot of people walking through here. I am taking a few of the same fuzzy, zip-up sweatshirts back. I feel a little high, and it is agreeable. It puts a smile on my face. Without the sweatshirts now, I enter a room. This room has a dark wood floor and a velvety, mossy green tapestry covering two of the walls. There’s also a black grand piano on the left wall. James is here, and I ask if he can play. He tells me “a little” and sits at the piano. He starts playing something that actually sounds pretty advanced. It oscillates between low and high notes; the lows sound far too deep for a piano, and the high notes are pretty high as well. I think that I’d like to try this piano. I also think that there are two older men sitting in two chairs in the far corner.
    2. Thursday, January 17

      by , 02-02-2019 at 11:53 PM
      I am inside somewhere. There are 1-2 others here; I think they may be familiar [on second thought, they may be strangers - I can’t remember for sure, as I write this later in the day]. This is one room. It is large, cathedralesque, and has the impression of being somewhat ancient. I think there are tan stone pillars set against the walls. The far wall may be curved. It is dark enough for corners to be lost in deep shadows. There’s a body of water in here, the dark obscuring too its depth. There is a man here, closer to the far wall. He is white and I’m pretty sure bald and bare-chested. I think that he is going to really harm one of us (or Melissa?) in one way or another. It’s almost like this is some demented game and/or we can’t escape. We are/will be fighting him. There is blood dripping from one of my hands (*I noticed a cut on my knuckle last night and didn’t know how it got there). There is blood coming from elsewhere too (at this point, it almost looks more like a scene from a movie and like the blood may be on the lens?) I think this man ends up taking Melissa. There is now a screen that is playing a video of psychedelic visuals with weird and slightly disconcerting sounds. I and someone else watch this; it goes on for a while until finally we fast forward it. As it scrolls, I can see it continued until abruptly ending in end credits. Now, I am outside somewhere. This place feel familiar (possibly just in the dream). I think this is the Bay Area. There is a body of water, placid and sort of grey. It surrounds a chunk of land on which grows a large tree with pronounced roots. On the far side of the water is a small dirt bluff, out of which protrudes the end of a tube/pipe. A naked body suddenly slips out of it and into the water. It is Melissa, and she has a black blindfold on. I go grab her and carry her to land. She has come to now, and I talk to her. From what I gather, the weird psychedelic visuals were what she was seeing as she was passed out on the way from wherever to the end of the pipe.

      Melissa and I are lying in a bed. There’s a little bed to our left and on it are three little kids. I think they are ours. They seem joyful and content and around three years old.
    3. Two Nagas (FA-DILD-DEILD)

      by , 02-28-2015 at 01:31 AM
      Ritual: WTB 2:30am, after a little over four hours of sleep I strap the vibrating alarm to my wrist, set for 35 minutes. When it goes off it wakes me very definitely. I lay still and try to DEILD but can feel that REMA is broken. Turn down vibration strength to minimum, note time at 7:20am, and try again... same result. Remove alarm and go to sleep normally. Next time I wake up, try again with better success... at the time thought it was DEILD but realize now it must have actually been a DILD because I was not in my WL bed, so it must have been FA rather than real waking.

      DILD-DEILD: I wake up and remember not to move. I am lying on my right side, but I am in a bed in my grandmother's house. Momentarily I wonder why I am there, but "remember" that I am visiting her. Oddly, in retrospect it feels like my lengthwise orientation—the directions my head and feet were respectively pointing—was also the opposite from how I sleep WL, and that the bed was on the opposite wall, sort of like the whole room was a mirror image of my WL bedroom. But since everything was in the same relative position to everything else, I'm not sure where that feeling came from.

      I try to DEILD and at first I'm convinced I'm physically moving but REMA seems intact so I relax and explore my sensory awareness. Finally I just start to rock back and forth, until I feel confident enough in my dream body to get out of bed. The door to the hall is open, and on the other side I can see the living room, lit up by a Christmas tree with beautiful golden lights. I know it is my grandmother's house in Texas and don't realize that she hasn't lived there for years.

      My awareness is fairly low all around and I don't recall my tasks either. Aimlessly I go outside and spontaneously a magnificent chestnut horse canters up to me, already saddled. I used to ride a lot in Texas so it is probably the result of mental association. I caress the shoulder of the horse and put my left foot in the stirrup, barely able to reach that high as the animal is quite tall. I start to pull myself up and into the saddle but I lose my balance and get "stuck" with my right leg halfway over. I waver there with my left leg in the stirrup and my right in mid-air, somehow unable to complete the movement. Finally I force it with an act of will and get astride the horse, but it doesn't feel right, the proportions are all wrong. The mental dissonance wakes me (although I am now convinced this too was an FA).

      FA(?): On waking, I review the dream and recognize my mental error in thinking that I had been visiting my grandmother's old house and that it was Christmas-time, but I thought I was at least correct in the position of the tree, and remembered seeing in that spot one year. Now that I am fully awake, I have my doubts even about this: my "remembered" layout of the house was all wrong, and I don't think I ever even visited at Christmas time.

      DILD-DEILD: I didn't think REMA had broken yet so I tried to DEILD again, and there were some ambiguous successes that I don't recall well (I still suspect the whole thing was a DILD, and that even most of the "transitions" occurred entirely within the dream state).

      At some point I am back in my WL house, and I open the front door to go outside. After the stunt on the horse I wonder if the door will impede my progress and, probably in response to my thought, I discover that after I open the first door panel there is still a second one to go through, but I try not to cause unnecessary obstacles for myself and go through the second door easily.

      It is very foggy in the front yard, and it is also a wide grassy area with scattered trees rather than a busy suburban street. The fog is making everything vague so I go for the tried and true, "Clarity now!" I shout it a few times and the dream responds, a bit sarcastically overdoing it. Now everything is too sharp, almost pixellated. I can see white and black birds with incredible definition in their pattern and plumage, but the focus is too sharp to look comfortably real. This is preferable to the earlier fogginess, however, so I go along with it.

      As so often, I start instinctively singing as I explore the landscape. My voice is somewhat annoying this time, high-pitched and overly sweet, and there's nothing especially beautiful or memorable about the melodies I'm coming up with. It sounds like the sort of singing you'd hear in a mediocre mid-century musical. But I stick with it, hoping I can use it to influence the dream.

      The landscape is pleasantly pastoral in all directions now. I am walking in an open meadow, and there are scattered trees here and there. I can't see any other figures, and I decide things would be more interesting if I could interact with a DC, so I decide to request one. I sing something about the "view," and then in the next line ask the dream to "send someone to talk to..." — and hesitate, having botched the lyrics. If I could end the with line "to you," it would have proper meter and rhyme, but obviously I wanted the DC to come talk "to me," so I tack the word "me" awkwardly onto the end of the line. It sounds so stupid that I break character and laugh at myself.

      I give up on the singing and make my request again with a simple act of will. This works much better, and at once I can see a woman—of a sort—approaching me. She has a human torso but the lower part of her body is that of a large serpent, like a naga, and she resembles Medusa in having snake-like strands instead of hair. While I contemplate her unusual appearance, a second such creature shows up at her side. The face of the second one is thinner, with high cheekbones, attractive even, and her snake-hair is asymmetrically coiffed like elaborate dreadlocks. I find her appearance so striking that I want to complement her.

      "I like your... arrangement." It comes out awkwardly because I realized mid-sentence that "hair" wasn't the right word and had to choose another one, but I'm not sure if she'll understand. "I mean your snakes," I explain hurriedly, hoping I'm not inadvertently being offensive by naming them as such. The naga I'm addressing studies me with a twisted expression, like she's not sure whether to be flattered or irritated.

      I converse with them for a few minutes but unfortunately I can't recall what we discussed. Then they ask me for a favor: will I go up that hill nearby and tell their father that they're working on the project? It sounds like an innocent request, but I sense that there is something sinister behind it. I suspect that this is a ploy to lure me into their encampment, where I will be taken captive. As I hesitate, pondering their motivations, I can actually feel the pressure of their minds against mine, like they are attempting to work a subtle enchantment to compel me to go. I lash back mentally, and they both recoil.

      Now the veneer of friendliness drops, and the two nagas become openly hostile. I don't feel like getting dragged into a fight, so I instinctively put an end to the situation. At the top of my voice I shout wordless syllables that sound like a whiplash or thunderclap—"Kuk-KAH!"—and clap my hands together at the same instant. The two nagas vanish into thin air. I am satisfied with how well that worked, but feel a faint pang of concern... I hope I didn't destroy them; I only meant to remove them from my presence!

      The dream ends at this point. I wake up and start report around 8:45am.
    4. 6/22/2014

      by , 07-23-2014 at 01:29 AM
      I was driving around and did a reality check. I counted 6 fingers but didn't snap to it. I counted my fingers plenty of more times but still didn't snap. Some old lady, which I think was my grandma, went to my car and yelled at me and even opened my door. I pushed her around and was gonna beat her up but then she got in her car and drove away. I was then in an underwater base when the world first started according to evolution. I was with a few people and we were singing around getting food and stuff. While we were eating, Ace showed up so I ran out and saw Christa's car leaving. I went to get my phone to call her but woke up.

      I was walking down a street and into a parking lot where there was a huge gang of Bloods with their red hoodies and uniforms. I was freaked out because I was the only white guy so I said "I don't want any trouble" and kept walking. I saw another gang but with orange colors. I took out my phone and they all started fighting so I recorded the brawl and saying "World starrr". The guy that was winning the fight got jumped by some fat black girl and he slammed her to the ground twice. Some guy yelled out that the cops were coming and everyone split. I ran into a nearby Walgreens store. The door to the Walgreens was open but the shutters were down, so they were just barely about to open. I looked at the time and it was 7:50. I grabbed a cart and started getting stuff and heard the manager talking crap about me saying I could get hurt by the equipment they were using. I told him I wasn't going to get hurt and that I just wanted to get my stuff. As I was shopping around, I started humming a song. It was Alejandro by Lady Gaga. As I would sing a verse to the song, an employee would sing the next verse and then the manager sang the next verse. My turn came up and I sounded amazing. The song started playing on the speakers and we would sing along with it, each with their respective verse and turns. The bridge to Hips Don't Lie by Shakira started playing and I sang what I knew of that part. A black guy came up to me and high fived me saying I did great

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    5. suddenly sexual, trapped by Miley Cyrus, my soulmate, and a break in

      by , 04-18-2014 at 06:13 PM
      someone was telling me a story or something, and then it turned totally and unexpected sexual. It was nice too. And then they explained to me that it was like a joke of sorts, or satire, but that the sudden change was trying to make a point about something from the past that had been said about them

      I'm in the place and suddenly feel like I'm about to be caught/trapped, so I started busting through windows as the quickest way out. I go through several, and then, I see a change sweep through the room, and that tells me that I've been surrounded by another dimension, and that busting through the windows won't do me any good -- I'm trapped. The person who comes out to see me, who trapped me it seems, is Miley Cyrus. She seems to be there to actually tell me something about my friends, as a help/warning/alarm.

      I have scenes where Jason is a character. He's never manifest present, but I feel like he's all around, and that we are together. I was very nice.

      I'm talking to this group of people, I guess we're all like dead, and I'm saying that the nice thing about emotional pains is that you have a certain element of control. I guess I'm smiling as I say this, and this female is like, why are you smiling, that's some sick twisted shit, like back in the day. I say I guess I'm smiling over the control, the good part, not that one has a problem that needs controlling. She tells me about a problem she has, and my face turns somber -- I point out that I'm not smiling over that.

      This guy is trying to break into some place. He's about to come up this pipe that is jammed open. I want to make the pipe go back down, but it's lodged on some stairs, so it won't go down. Apparently earlier he had done something tricky, and like, gone down the pipe but not all the way, so that when the pipe was raised, it was raised more than it should be since he didn't descend the whole way -- something like that -- which ended up resulting in the jam. He comes up through the pipe and I'm the only one there. He goes over to this pool of water and just absorbs right into it. I think I'm going to follow him, and the water looks ominous, but I do go in and absorb into the water too.

      There are these people being "attended to" by "doctors", though a lot of this seems fairly coerced. The docs are putting this thing down the patients throats, and then it kinda spins and they pull it out, and as it comes out it's not kinda bristly and spirally, like a vacuum brush. It spins very very quickly on the exit, like a drill. I start to get the feeling that this is not good, and I sense that others sense the same thing, and that there is about to be a battle of wills as the patients begin to refuse "treatment"
    6. Dec 10 Dream Journal: Rollover, Beethoven

      by , 12-10-2013 at 10:38 PM
      I dreamed I got into a conflict with a very surly, very unreasonable man. The other guy was drunk, so my moral compass kept spinning between "diffuse the situation" and "diffuse the situation with FISTS TO HIS FACE!" I'm not sure how/when, but the other guy suddenly goes flying (I didn't punch him, I swear!), and it turns out the other guy is Beethoven. A drunk Beethoven. A drunk Beethoven who is now indignant and outraged. His bros goes to help him up, but he just shrugs them off (I think I'm in a frat bar, by the way. We are in modern settings, except Beethoven looks like he stepped out of a time machine and decided, "hey, pour me a brewsky!"). Sadly, I didn't get to see how this ends before waking up.
    7. Nov 12 Dream Journal: Drunken sailors ear-ly in the mornin'

      by , 11-13-2013 at 05:52 AM
      I knew I had a couple, but I can only remember one dream. I'm surprised I could recall a dream based on how little sleep I got, much less one as vivid, though. Anyways...

      I dream that I'm on a wooden ship, and I'm part of a guild or kung-fu school. I'm the senior-most student/member of our guild on the ship, and we are all dressed in light blue robes and white pants.

      We are in the middle of being boarded by a rival guild/bandit ninjas, who is dressed similarly to us, save for more black in their motif. They are after something on our ship, and Dream Knowledge says whether or not they find it, they are leaving no witnesses. Shit just gots real!

      At this point, they have breached the lower deck, and are surging up a flight of stairs, where two of my guild mates and I are defending the top. Everyone is fighting with oars (hence my theory we are on a ship), and using them like spears. It also happens we are all expert oar-fighters, which, I guess is a thing.

      My guild mates are fighting their boarding leader, who is also their senior-most student/member. He's a smug bastard. Despite the numbers and higher ground, it's clear my guild mates are just being toyed with by that guy, who is fighting with one-hand behind his back.

      I help where I could, but I'm also pre-occupied with their number two guy, who is a fat, grinning idiot who somehow made it past the stairs. He reminds me of the fat bad guy from Full Metal Alchemist. He somehow knows my every move, and all I can do is keep him at bay. Dream Knowledge tells me they have more guys near their level, and I'm the only guy on our side who can fight any of them one-on-one; therefore, it's imperative we hold them here. I feel crummy now, since my guild mates really wanted to help, but I dreamed them to be such pushovers.

      I also fight their leader, who backhand-compliments me about being good for something something. What a dick.

      My alarm proceeds to wake me at 5:30 to work for the next 15 hours. Death at the hands of smug dicks would've been more preferable.

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    8. The Dream of Harrison Ford's Revenge

      by , 11-08-2011 at 06:53 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of Harrison Ford's Revenge (Non-lucid)


      This was a dream entirely in third-person perspective. It shocked my housemate that I could be totally absent from my dream, but he liked it.
      Harrison Ford, or a character who looked like him, had a long-standing grudge against his father, who had died when he was 25. At the same time he was amnesiac, having forgotten most everything about his father, as a defense mechanism he thought.
      Harrison Ford worked with an older military guy. At some point, he discovers something about his father that completely changes the way he viewed him, and realized that his father's death was criminal.
      When he goes out on the carpark (of his work place?), he notices an old black car, and it clicks into place with what he's discovered earlier. This old black car... it means that the military guy killed/is responsible for his father's death!
      Harrison grabs his rocket launcher and starts shooting at the military guy to seek revenge for his father's death. He misses at firt and the rockets go flying over the sports field nearby. But then, he hits the fleeing military guy in the back, and instead of it being a carnage, it only makes his backpack explodes in sparkles.
      Harrison Ford feels at peace with his dad now.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. The Unnamed Mystery Manor, Round 4

      by , 10-22-2010 at 06:52 PM
      One of my favorites, a recurring scene that I've been through 4 times now, I believe: I find myself in this immense mansion. Things change quickly inside -- When I walk into a different room and look behind me, the room I just left is often completely different, or gone, and upon looking forward again, the room I just entered could be different too. Rooms are rarely functional -- almost zero bedrooms, kitchens, etc. They are, for the most part, divided into safe rooms and danger rooms. In the safe rooms, I might find something useful, like a friend, an artifact, or a weapon. In the danger rooms, I find danger... duh. Often there are others in the house, and they too behave like dreamers - they can shape themselves and their environment, to a degree.
      I'm never sure what my objective in the manor is, but I do know that leaving is not only very difficult, it feels very wrong to attempt to do so. I'm intrigued, because usually my dreams never stay in one area, perspective, or theme.
      This time I found an elegant black knife that felt delightful to wield (I'm used to objects, especially weapons, being uncomfortable, slow, weak, and heavy).
      I came into a small library with no books on the shelves. There I saw two strangers fight. One was very green (literally), and the other seemed to hate me. I think the green one was defeated, but I did not stay long.
      I received a gift of a powerful machine gun, but it was impossible for me to aim it straight and I quickly ran out of bullets.
      The dark rooms manifested mostly as half-plant zombie things.
      I remember finding a letter, but I cannot remember what it said. A shame...
      I ended up in a great hall with a dear friend of mine, and we fought with some vile old man who was in control of the plants.
      The whole ordeal tends to be very video-game-like. I guess that's just how my imagination works after 15 years of RPGs. I wish I could recall more of what goes on, or become lucid, in this dream more than most any other. Lots of action, but I feel like there's something of value to learn in there, too...
    10. Past on Fire

      by , 09-29-2010 at 12:29 AM (Dreaming on my feet)
      Non-lucid dream, kind of nightmare-ish full of tension/conflict, not enjoyable like most of my dreams have been lately so it stuck out.

      I'm part of some crime fighting organization, and we and our mad scientist design a helecopter to take out the bad guys and go inflitrate their base, which is like a generic military secret concrete geometrically squarish place. We infiltrate covert ops style, black suits and all, and wind up failing, they hijack our helecopter but we escape a-ok.

      The dream switches to a type of video game cutscene, with six of our helecopters, now retro fitted with nuclear missle and a dozen gunmen or so, rising out of the water! dun dun dun.. Created by their version of our mad scientist. evil mad scientist. So now my ex roommate it part of their organization, R, and we are texting for some reason, like we're trying to stay friends even though we're fighting eachother.

      The scene switches again, and they've just bombed a tropical island, perhaps to use it as a new base. The men that planted the bomb on the island are running frantically down the mountain as lava is flowing behind them, toward the shoreline below. I'm watching all this from an aerial 3rd person perspective, and see that R is on the mountain, and text him "Be safe!" and see him texting me back as he runs, the response says "No doubt here man" or something similarly macho. He is almost to the water when he slips on some rock, and the lava overtakes him and covers his left leg, leaving the rest of his body untouched. He begins to scream, howling in agony, and it is incredibly realistic and dominating my senses. It's like I'm standing next to somebody who has been mortally wounded and can do nothing.

      Now I'm in the water, swimming towards the island with lava flowing down toward my injured friend. I stop at a rock close to the shore, he is about fifteen ft away from me, and I start to splash water on to him as fast as I can, working hard, but it's doing nothing and he is still screaming horrifically. The lava is flowing down towards me and the water I'm standing in is getting closer and closer to boiling. I hesistate looking back at him and then jump into the water and swim away as fast as I can. At this point my organization comes zipping into sight on a white truck on a small dirt road on the island to save me, tropical trees and sand, dark grey skies. The dream then fades.

      This dream really stuck out because of how intensely real the screaming was ,and it persisted for about five minutes real time. Fortunately I haven't had a bad dream since this one.

      P.s. I'm going to make a habit of posting some dreams each week, interesting, whether lucid or not just to make a habit of it and I develop my RC and LD skill sets. Hope y'all don't mind.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    11. June 26, 2010

      by , 06-28-2010 at 01:57 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      University, Aquarium and Coolers:
      I was needed at the university to fix something. It seemed that only I could do it and time was pretty short. I was getting a drive there in a small black car from a lady who is a customer at my work IRL. She stopped the car near my house and waited for me. I saw her from the window and she saw me. I think we exchanged hi's and how are you's before I went to dress. I started to get dressed and so did my family, since, they were interested in coming with us. For some odd reason, we completely ignored the car instead deciding to take the bus. I ended up missing 2 different buses and time was almost out. After missing the last bus and walking back home, I spotted the same lady ahead of me walking in the direction of the house with my sister. It seemed that they were going to the university together and they have found someone else to fix whatever it was that needed fixing(this was somehow conveyed to me).
      The dream skips and I recall seeing an aquarium. It was a little bit bigger than average with black rims towards the top. It had yellowish-brown colored rocks at the bottom and there were rocks stacked up making two columns. Both of these columns were surrounded by bubbles which were continously rising to the top.
      Dream skips again and I'm in my bedroom at home. I looked out the window to my left and saw my neighbour, her son and another neighbour's daughter. They had a large blue cooler which was as big as a small swimming pool. It contained what looked like a mixture of water(ice melting) along with some juices and drinks that might have accidently spilled in it. The girl tried to take a large juice bottle which had several colors on its label(green, yellow, etc....) and was partially filled(very little left). My neighbour took the bottle back by force and put it back into the cooler. The girl took it out again claiming that it's hers. My neighbour once again took it by force from her saying that it's her son's bottle. I think she tried to take it a third time.

      Thoughts: Finally, a nice, long and somewhat interesting dream. Definitely one of the better ones when compared to my recent dreams. I'm starting to wonder whether they were separate dreams or not but since they seemed to be linked together when I wrote them down, I might as well leave them be.